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What is Vandalism?

Vandalism is the intentional abuse, damage or destruction of any portion of someone else's property or common or shared property such as our residential facilities, furnishings or public property.

Why Vandalism occur? from the view point of Psychology.

Individual- because at the end of the day, only your own WILL and POWER is what's needed to overcome the
seduction of vandalism We should play our own role by not easily affected by others people and the environment. We should not follow what others doing and have to make decision to say no to vandalism. Personal self-control, no one can really help u unless your ownself coz people around u can only guide u or give advices Individual- Stress. (violence show), watch too much violence movie.

Individual- people's boredom, anger, defiance, alliance, peer pressure, hostility towards the school and wanting revenge. Some people take out their aggression while on drugs or drinking. It can also be done by racial views on other people, or political conflicts. Most vandals are between 13 and 14, and over one half the crimes associated with vandalism in the U.S. occur in high school.

Research on vandalism is divided into two categories. Some studies look at vandalism from the point of view of the individual who commits it: personal traits, difficulties in adjusting to society at large and to school in particular, and emotional problems. This perspective is derived mainly from epidemiological studies. Other studies look at vandalism in a broader social context. Research on vandalism as a social phenomenon began in the 1930s with ecological studies by the Chicago School. Vandalism was explained as a malaise of modern society that is characterized by alienation and meaninglessness. Zimbardo (1969) used the term deindividuation to describe a situation in which individuals lose their uniqueness. According to Zimbardo, the malaise of modern society is related to a high level of social mobility, rapid growth, and instability. Erikson looked at modern society from the point of view of adolescents who experience social mores and values inconsistently and therefore become involved in nonnormative behavior.
We should play our own role by not easily affected by others people and the environment. We should not follow what others doing and have to make decision to say no to vandalism.

Parents- because they may have troubled lives and have nothing better to do because their parents may have neglected them. Or that may just be their way of having fun.

Parent is the root of vandalism Parent is too busy to follow the run of the economy. So they will neglect their children at home or repose to other people. So, some of the children will feel angry and sad because of neglect of parents. And they will found some way to vent their feeling likes vandalism, smoking, drug. Other children will feel freedom when their parents neglect them at home. They will go out to make some new friend. Sometimes Friend will affect our whole life, most of the vandalism is a group. Parent must spend more their time to accompany their children. Parents and brother should not use violence to punish their children or brother. This way of punish will hurt the mental of children. Parent and brother or sister at home is always the model of children .If we use this type of punishment, we will misleading their true view .And they will feel that the vandalism is the right way, so they will try to do that. Some of the parents is spoil their children .When their children is enjoying the vandalism , they will not stop they , because they the emotion of children is most important .There is a wrong way ,parents must stop their children doing vandalism before it is too late

Parent- , vandalism occur.

vandalism mostly is influence by friend de ma . then , he can control himself whether want to follow his friend or not de ma friends- because the peer are the one who always with they may influence us by persuade us to do something such as smoking, vandalism.....if we not dare to do,they might say ["u r mummy child"..."not dare to do"...etc...]


persuade to do something bad want to maintain the relationship influence by peer that always be with us

full time work so they pay less attention to their child less communication parents divorced to attract parent's attention

media massa
watch violent drama/ shows WWE