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TRX Metabolic Training What are Metabolic Circuits

TRX Crossing Balance Lunge Med Ball Burpee

Speed Skater

Demanding, Integrated Exercises

Performed Near Maximal Output

Large Muscle Groups High Speed High Eort High VO2

Multiple Joints


High Metabolic Cost

Minimal to No Programmed Rest

Anaerobic Endurance Very high metabolic output

High O2 Demands & Calorie Consumption

Exercise groupings performed as an intense circuit

Minimal to no rest between exercises & sets

Short Intense Workout Time

Limited rest

Focus on time

So What Is EPOC?
Source: Len Kravitz

Normally 10 to 20 min of intensity

Excess Post-Exercise O2 Consumption

Light to Moderate Exercise

Excessive Post Oxidative Consumption

O2 Debt
Oxygen Consumption EPOC Rest Exercise STOP Exercise Recovery
Source: Len Kravitz

Excess Post-Exercise O2 Consumption

Heavy Exercise

Pitfalls of Metabolic Training & Current Practices

O2 Debt

VO2 Max

Oxygen Consumption




STOP Exercise


Source: Len Kravitz

Psychological Commitment Finish At All Costs Mentality

Popular versions have bred a culture where form is encouraged to go beyond a safe range

Extremely dicult eorts

Highly committing

Dicult to work at such uncomfortable intensities

Create a motivational barrier

If you say, I will not take my intensity past where the form goes bad, I say the INTENSITY WILL NEVER DEVELOP.
Greg Glassman (Crossfit founder)

How bad is bad?

10 8

6 4 2 0 1 2 3 4 5 6
Fatigue (reps)

10 11 12

Load Prescribed by Gender



Exercises that Work

TRX Chest Press

TRX Exercises
TRX Row (Single Arm Variation) TRX Pendulum TRX Crunch/Pike TRX Balance Lunge with Power TRX Single Leg Squat TRX Sprinters Start TRX Lunge Progressions TRX Burpee TRX Scorpion TRX Handstand Press TRX Atomic Push up Matrix TRX Body Saw TRX Side Plank with Reach TRX Dive Bomber TRX Mountain Climbers TRX Rollouts TRX Row to Triceps Kickback

Mini Met Con Sequences

TRX Sprinters Start Push Ups Tubing Chops Tubing Rows Crawl TRX Burpee

Programming a Metabolic Circuit

TRX Row Floor Sweepers Med Ball Partner Throws

TRX Chest Press

TRX Crossing Lunge


Tuck Jumps

Med Ball Slams

Med Ball Lunge Matrix

TRX Side Plank w Taps TRX Pendulum Push Ups Power Clean Pull Ups Crawl Floor Sweepers Sandbag Step Ups TRX Single Leg Squat


TRX Mountain Climber

TRX Atomic Pushup Matrix

Power Split Lunges

Speed Skaters

KettleBell Snatch

Double Arm KettleBell Swings

TRX Metabolic F Fusion Workout

Sets 60 sec 30 sec per pattern 2 30 sec 60 sec 10 min determined by 1a 3 min ALAP AMAP determined by 1a 10 cycles / 10 determined by 1a 3 min AMAP determined by 1a 30 sec each side 30 sec each side 2 30 sec each side 30 sec each side None None 10 min ALAP 10 min 10 min 10 each side 10 min none none 10 min Reps / Time Set Rest Transition Rest Run Time

(TRX / Med Ball / BW Calisthenic)

TRX Metabolic Workout A

Weeks 5-6 6
# Exercise 1 Single Leg Squat with Tempo 2 Alternating Oblique Atomic Pushup 3 Elevated Low Row 4 Crossing Balance Lunge with tempo 5 Side Plank with Reach Through Week 5 - 3 Week 6 - 4 Sets Reps / Time 45 sec each side 45 sec each side 45 sec 45 sec each side 45 sec 3 min Set Rest Transition Rest 20 sec 20 sec 20 sec 20 sec 0 sec


1 Light fast feet

Warm Up

2 Body Weight Lunge Matrix

3 Overhead Squat

4 Floor Scorpion

1a TRX Lunge

1b Med Ball Diagonal Chop & Lift

Main Set

1c BW Mountain Climber / Speed Squat

2a TRX Oblique Atomic Pushup / Mid Row

2b Med Ball Slams / Sprawl Burpee

2c BW Speed Skater / Split Lunges

1 Lunge with Overhead Reach

Cool Down

2 Side Lunge w Overhead Reach to Side Bend

3 Swan Pose

4 Floor Scorpion

TRX Metabolic Workout B

Exercise TRX Suspended Lunge Set Rest 20 sec TRX Alternating High Torso Rotations (1) 45 sec Exercise TRX Single Leg Squats TRX Atomic Pushup with Pike TRX Hamstring Combo (curl & hip press) 45 sec TRX Shoulder Combo (T & Y) TRX Side Plank (hip drop progression) 0 sec 2 circuits c c s Sets Week 5 - 3 Week 6 - 4 45 sec each side 20 sec 45 sec each side 3 min 20 sec 20 sec TRX Power Pull Transition Rest TRX Suspended Incline Press 2 circuits 12 / 10 / Reps 12 / 10 each side 12 / 10 / 12 / 10 / 12 / 10 / 30 sec each side 4 min each i it circuit Time 12 / 10 or max possible 12 / 10 each side 12 / 10 each side 3 min each circuit Sets Reps Time Sets 45 sec each side Reps / Time

TRX Military Express

Weeks 5 & 6 e


1 Swimmer's Start with power

2 Deep Chest Press (moderate speed)

3 Single Arm Row (tempo)

4 Suspended Lunge (with power)

5 Suspended Pendulum with hold

Mid-Life Crisis
Reps 40 Sets

Exercise Time Sets


Step Ups or Squats 40 1 round for time 40 40

Burpees to Pull Ups


TRX 45 Degree Row

TRX Side Planks with Taps

15 each

Clean and Press

2 rounds for time

TRX Deep Chest Press

Tuck Jumps


Terminal Crawl
Time Sets Exercise Time Sets

Two Minute Trauma


Lunge w Frontal Plane Arm Driver

15 each

TRX Suspended Burpee

2 min

TRX Suspended Pendulum


3 rounds for time Tubing Rotations

2 min

2 to 4 rounds

Low Crawl Pattern

40 m

Floor Sweepers

2 min

Down Ladder
Time Sets

Single Handle Hell

Exercise TRX Suspended Press Reps 6, 5, 4 TRX Suspended Burpee 12, 10, 8 6 rounds TRX Suspended Leg Extension 12, 10, 8 TRX Single Leg Oblique 12, 10, 8 Sets


Diagonal Heavy Ball Lunge

15, 12, 9

TRX Body Saw With Pike

15, 12, 9

3 rounds

Get Up, Get Downs

15, 12, 9

The Finale Breakdown

QUESTIONS? Thank you

Exercise r



Suspended Burpee

Atomic Push Up Matrix 60 sec

Tuck Jumps

Plyo Lunges

60 sec

2 rounds

Breakdown Drill o 60 sec

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