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‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Namrata Dedhia Allen Lopes Poonam Mane Yukti Marvah Sanket Mazgaonkar Jeet Mehta 16 48 51 53 54 55

‡ In 1929 a small factory was set up in the suburbs of mumbai city, to manufacture sweets and toffees. ‡ A decade later, in 1939, parle products began manufacturing biscuits. ‡ Parle glucose and parle monaco were the first brands of biscuits to be introduced .

‡ It has a 40% share of the total biscuit market & a 15% share of the total confectionery market in India. ‡ Hygiene is the precursor to every process at PARLE. ‡ PARLE appeals to both health conscious mothers & fun loving kids. ‡ The value for money positioning allows people from all classes & age groups to enjoy PARLE products to the fullest.


there was no looking back for the Parle¶s. ‡ They started with biscuits in 1939.Beginning of a new era ‡ Once they started with confectionary business. After a decade PARLE came out with soft drink spearheaded by Prakash Chauhan. ‡ As the company flourished over the years. the chauhan brother decided to part ways. ‡ Now the companies are separately known as Parle Products and Parle Agro. .

Parle Products Pvt Ltd ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Headed by ± Ajay & Vijay Chauhan Products manhufactured. 15% share of the confectionery market within the country. 40% share of the Indian biscuit. major biscuit brands principle confectionery brands It is the largest supplier of biscuit to the world. .

.The Parle Empire ‡ More than 10000 members ‡ 1st factory in Mumbai ‡ More than 65 contract manufacturing & mother units.

000 retail outlets. ‡ Parle maintains a 200 strong dedicated field sales force to service wholesalers and retailers.500 wholesalers.Distribution Network ‡ The company has around 1. . serving in excess of 425.


Africa. South America.International Operations ‡ Parle¶s international operations consist of serving markets in the Middle East. . Australia and North America. Sri Lanka.

.ACHIEVEMENTS ‡ Parle products have been shining with the golds and silvers consistently at the Monde Selection ever since they were first entered in 1971.

INDIAN FMCG MARKET ± BRAND PENETRATION Category Within Category (%) Highest penetration Brand (Company) Lifeboy(HLL) Wheels(HLL) Double tran mustard Lipton Taaza Nirma (Nirma) Tata salt (Tata) Parle G (Parle) Fair & Lovely (HLL) Pond¶s (HLL) Toilet soap Washing Cakes/Bars Edible oil Tea Washing powder/liquid Salts Biscuits Skin cream Talcum Powders 91 88 84 77 70 64 61 58 65 .

In % Company HLL Nirma chemical works Colgate/ Palmolive Parle foods Household penetration 88 56 33 31 .Indian FMCG companies ± Overall Rural Market Penetration.

while Must bytes is becoming a favourite snack with the youth.PARLE¶S PRODUCTS ‡ PARLE has its wide range of biscuits. confectioneries & snacks. . ‡ Parle-G & Monaco tops the biscuit segment. Melody is the most famous among the confectioneries.

PARLE-G ‡ For over 65 years. but a source of strength for both body and mind. ‡ not just a treat for the taste buds. ‡ ³Hindustan Ki Taakat´ . Parle G has been a part of the lives of every Indian.

KRACK-JACK ‡ The original sweet and salty biscuit is one of the most loved biscuits in the country ‡ taste of relationships captured in a biscuit. .

A mouth watering delicious combination! ‡ A light crispy biscuit sprinkled with salt. .KRISPY CREAMS & MONACO ‡ Combination of crispyness of Krackjack and sweetness of cream biscuit.

Parle µKreams¶ These kreeeeeeeemy biscuits are available in 6 flavors- .

MILANO ‡ Choco biscuit that flirts with your taste buds.HIDE & SEEK. ‡ The ingredients that go into making this prized cookie are a wellguarded secret .

It¶s crispier. making it even more appealing than before. And it¶s tastier. With lower fat and calories than other digestive biscuits ‡ It¶s lighter.DIGESTIVE MARIE & MARIE ‡ With five times more fibre than the regular Marie. .

.MILK SHAKTI & 20-20 ‡ The Shakti of milk fortified with the goodness of honey ‡ Parle presents 20-20 Cashew and butter cookies where every cookie is baked to perfection to deliver the perfect taste and aroma.



Competitor analysis ‡ ³Britannia and Parle together command a 75-78 percent market share. The glucose segment accounts for 35 percent of the overall biscuit market. ‡ It has recently launched Hide and Seek. chocolate chips biscuits which will compete with Britannia¶s Bourbon. ‡ Salty biscuits (Parle¶s Monaco and Britannia¶s Snax) and sweet salty biscuits ( Parle¶s Kracjack and Britannia¶s 50-50) are the other two most popular segments in the biscuit market. Parle¶s Parle-g is the leader in the Glucose segment. . wherein is has 55% share.

‡ Through yet another image-building exercise.Marketing ‡ Parle plays a high volume. it is giving scholarships to the children of West Bengal and Tamil Nadu . But Britannia and Sunfeast look at two-pronged strategyHigh margins in cream variants and volumes from the Marie and Glucose segments. low margin game.

‡ Enhancing the packaging & communication ‡ Introducing new variants ‡ Maintaining social equity & CSR. .

‡ Parle organises Saraswati Vandana in the state of West Bengal during the festival of Saraswati Puja.CSR ‡ Parle Centre of Excellence-an institution dedicated to enrich the lives of people through conducting various cultural programs across all regions to facilitate the all round development of the children. Thousands of families participate and celebrate the occasion on a grand scale.platform to all the members of a household to showcase their creativity and being judged by eminent personalities. ‡ Golu Galata in Tamil Nadu. inviting schools from all across the state to participate. held during Navratri . .

Parle offers a range of products from biscuits to confectionaries to snacks. ‡ Promotion.Raw-material testing ± mixing ± baking ± cooling .From introducing new is very crucial to any product.Includes the staff & the customers.Packaging ‡ Packing. ‡ Price.The Parle empire stretched its arms far & wide. to changing packaging techniques. Parle has done it all! ‡ People. Its competitors cannot even think of reducing their prices! ‡ Place. ‡ Process. .Parle has adopted an efficient pricing strategy.7 P¶s ‡ Product.

and knowledgeable . courteous.Strategy ‡ PR means getting people to talk and think about your business in a positive way.P. not what you say. ‡ Golden rule of maintaining PR ³You will be judged by what you do. It can be a vital weapon in your business' armory.´ 6 Rules followed by Parle to maintain Public Relation with customers ‡ 1) Answer your phone ‡ 2) Don¶t make promises unless you WILL keep them ‡ 3) Listen to your customers ‡ 4) Deal with complaints ‡ 5) Be helpful ‡ 6) Train your staff to be ALWAYS helpful.R .

colleges ‡ Invitation of suggestions .schools.‡ Customer care number behind every pack of Biscuits ‡ Public visits .




Bailey. ‡ It has successfully launched some of India¶s leading beverages like Frooti. and packaged drinking water. over the last two decades. . Appy Fizz and Njoi.Parle agro ‡ Parle Agro has been a trusted name in the beverage industry providing wholesome and health agro-based drink brands. Appy nectar. ‡ Frooti is India¶s first national mango drink.

Appy fizz.Fast facts ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Headed by ± Ramesh Chauhan Products manufactured ± Mineral water & juices 65% share of the national market. 2. ‡ Largest supplier of mineral water in India. Bought Bisleri plant from the Italian firm µFELICE BISLERI¶ in 1969. Frooti etc.40 crore bottle sales a month alone in mumbai. . ‡ Major brands ± Appy.

‡ Bisleri has 8 plants & 11 franchises in India.Parle agro empire ‡ 26 factories all over India. ‡ 21000 outlets among 300 towns. .

‡ Free delivery.5 % to 5.5% ‡ No incentives & schemes for its distributors. ‡ Distributors commission ranges from 3. .Distribution network ‡ 2000 trucks operating over the country.

. ‡ Also planning to launch its products in Europe countries by 2011. Saudi Arebia & UAE. Nageria.International operations ‡ Consist of serving markets in malaysia. UK. Australia.

‡ PARLE AGRO MISSION Their mission is to be the leaders in business by maintaining high quality. They will stand apart from the competition by being a first in the market to innovate. to introduce new product & create new categories. introducing new & innovative products. . constantly upgrading their knowledge & skill. reaching very part of India.‡ PARLE AGRO VISION Their vision is to be the leader in business. remaining customer centered.

Reentered in Australian market Performs exported to Nigeria. .International achievements ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Entered in UAE & Saudi Arabia market. Entered UK market Entered Malaysian market US market being catered by one buyer.

Current scenario 35% 43% 15% 7% fruiti N-joi Appy nectar Appy fizz .

‡ Its operation run throughout the subcontinent of India. ‡ It has 8 plants & 11 franchise allover India. .Parle Agro¶s Products Bisleri ‡ Its has 60% market share in packaged drinking water in India.

‡ Light & refreshing beverage. ‡ Offers dual benefit of both health & taste. .FROOTI ‡ Unique flavour and taste which is widely accepted & has an amazing consumer appeal.

Appy Nectar ‡ Refreshing drink made of juicy rich apples . . ‡ Black slim tetra pak with packaging ‡ containing more fruit pulp as compared to other fruit drinks. ‡ No preservatives making it completely natural.

‡ it is real fruit based & all flavoured .Appy fizz ‡ light sparkling blend apple fruit with mild carbonation.

‡ India¶s first packaged fruit plus vegetable juice. Uttar Pradesh. available in 125 ml packs. ‡ The plant procures fruits worth Rs 6 crore from West Bengal. ‡ The 6 layered tetrapak carton helps in retaining the freshness of the juice for longer period of time. ‡ the largest range of 9 juice that comprise orange. grape. ‡ Real junior. litchi & Cranberry. Competitors . It has the highest capacity utilization of litchi. pineapple. NorthEast Bihar.DABUR ‡ Real was launched in 1996. is a combination of juicy orange & sweet carrot. Maharashtra & Andhra Pradesh. ‡ 100% preservative free. guava. mixed fruit. ‡ market share of 55%. tomato. mango. pineapple. mango & grapes round the year. targets children below 6 years . ‡ Dabur Food produces around 50 million liters of juice annually .

available in mango. apple. & cranberry flavours & a cocktail in Ruby.Red . They come in tetra pack of 1 liter & PET bottles of 500 ml & 1 liter.Pepsi¶s Tropicana ‡ India is a very important market for Tropicana . grape. among the top 10 biggest markets for the brand. .

250ml in RGB & 125ml. ‡ In 1993.cola India. . a drink that offered the same real taste of fruit juice& is available throughout the year. ‡ Maaza currently dominates the fruit drink industry.Coca. 200ml in tetra pack . Maaza was acquired by coca.cola¶s Maaza ‡ Launched in 1993. ‡ ³Taaza Mango Maaza mango´ ‡ available in 200ml.

15. 20 & 25 liters bulk jar for in home consumption. 2 liter PET bottle. 5. .Kinley ‡ Introduced in August 2000 ‡ Kinley is available in 1 liter.

200 2.017.728.944.091 2.293.469 6.759.895.752) 3.287.781.684 .117.868 4.348.254 (2.283.944.279.703.018.920 2 Loans Funds: Secured Loans Unsecured Loans 3 4 4.025.887.210.000 3.501 3.981.984 (2.487.673 6.720 3.808.000 7.911.808.726.232 Less: Provision for Impairment Add: Provision for impairment no longer required Net Block 5.249 2.191.104 (299.Particulars SOURCES OF FUNDS Shareholders Funds Share Capital Reserves and Surplus Schedule 31st Mar.764 10.991.745.467 4.001.785) 3.256.232 12. 2007 Rs 1 1.496.218 494.386.895.424.249 Total APPLICATION OF FUNDS: Fixed Assets Gross Block Less: Accumulated Depreciation 5 7. 2008 31st Mar.895.278.349.956.043.303.5028.715.237.000) 299.707.537.256.

743.456.521 356.335.086 4.604 101.062.358.744.085 4.046 730.579.010.364.261.411.268 1.134.283 8.256.686.196.320.748.170.101.922 1.915 2.335 757.Capital Work-in-Progress (including capital advances) Investments Deferred Tax Assets (Net) Current Assets.588 10.890 417. Loans & Advances a) Inventories b) Sundry Debtors c) Cash & Bank Balances d) Other Assets e) Loans and Advances Less: Current Liabilities & Provisions a) Current Liabilities b) Provisions Net Current Assets 6 7 8 645.467 20 1.693 57.015 447.945.143 3.774.970.837.001 259.811.850 2.075.393 301.097.339.903 826.191.684 Notes forming part of the Accounts .733 2.124 3.034.257 9 4.513 7.380.791.536 4.078.830.803.707.581 4.731.149.796.318.405.171 Total 12.331.681.941.283.570.

depending on the root causes of the distress one or more of the following turnaround strategies may be selected and presented to the board: ± Change of top management ± Divestment (Dispossess. deprive ) of certain assets (Give eg) ± Reformulation of strategy ± Revenue increase ± Cost reduction ± Strategic acquisitions . Assuming the firm is worth turning around.a situation analysis is performed to evaluate the prospects of survival. free. Situation analysis . rid.Turnaround strategies ‡ ‡ Management change ± they call upon the consultants to manage the turnaround of the firm.

The management team begins to focus on achieving sustained profitability. reducing staff. Empl oyees regain confidence in the firm and emphasis is placed on growing the restructured business while maintaining a strong balance sheet. adjusting the product mix and repositioning products if necessary. ‡ Business restructuring . the strategic plan is implemented. improving continuing operations.once positive cash flow is achieved. ‡ Return to normalcy . .the company becomes profitable and the changes are internalized.achieve positive cash flow as soon as possible by eliminating departments.‡ Emergency action plan . etc.

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