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Chapter 6 : Mutation

A. Choose the most correct answer. 1. If there are gene in the chromosome of an organism whose original structure has changed, it is called . a. Adaptation d. variation b. evolution e. hybridization c. mutation 2. An error in DNA replication on metabolism can cause a . mutation. a. chromosome d. gene b. synthetic e. big c. natural 3. Mutagen is . a. gene mutation b. damage in chromosome c. the changes of gene chemical unity that causes the change in organism characteristics d. the change of chromosome multiplication (aneusomy) e. materials that can cause mutation 4. Example of mutagen is . a. cigarette smoke d. DDT b. X-ray e. all are correct c. UV ray 5. The statements bellow may cause mutation, except . a. Mating within the same species with different characteristics b. mispairing at nucleotides during replication or DNA synthesis c. non-disjunction at anaphase d. aberration of DNA packaging into chromosome at prophase e. mistake of chromatid pulling by spindle fibers at anaphase 6. A pregnant woman is exposed to carcinogenic substance that results in her born baby having cleft lip and palate. From the site of the mutation, this can be categorized as . mutation. a. Gametic d. gene b. Somatic e. chromosome c. gametic and somatic 7. An individual seems to undergo major change compare to others. From research, it is known that the chromosome of the individual is still the same with others but the content of the chromosome changes. The individual experiences . a. Regeneration d. gene mutation b. crossing-over e. aberation c. recombination 8. The change of glutamic acid from the amino acids sequence of hemoglobin A to valine from amino acids sequence of hemoglobins is an example of . a. chromosome mutation b. gene mutation c. great mutation d. artificial mutation e. biology mutation 9. Frame-shift mutation is caused by .

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a. b. c. d. e.

nucleotide insertion nucleotide deletion nucleotide substitution nucleotide transversion a and b are correct


10.A worker in laboratory has a normal body, but her offspring is abnormal. The abnormality is predicted to originate from mutation. Based on where the mutation occurs, this is . a. gametic mutation b. somatic mutation c. gametic and somatic mutation d. gene mutation e. chromosome mutation 11.If a DNA fragment wirh a triplet bases of AAG undergo substitution of the first A with U, it will cause . a. transition mutation b. non-sense mutation c. silent mutation d. frame-shift mutation e. missense mutation 12.Observe the sequence of the following RNA: AUG-AAG-UUG. Omission of UUG from the sequence causes . a. silent mutation b. missense mutation c. frame-shift mutation d. the omission of one amino acid e. non-sense mutation 13.The breakage and reattachment of a gene fragment but with reversed orientation is mutation of type . a. duplication d. deletion b. inversion e. insertion c. translocation

The mutation above is called. a. catenation b. inversion c. isochromosome d. deletion e. translocation 15.The chromosome change of an organism is called . a. chromosome mutation b. gene mutation c. synthetic mutation d. natural mutation e. gene mutation and chromosome mutation 16.Normal gene

Which one on the figure bellow shows a deletion . a.



d. e. 17.A plant has a total 20 chromosome. The plant is given a certain substance that causes the plant to

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have 40 chromosomes. This new plant is said to have . chromosomes. a. monoploidy d. tetraploidy b. diploidy e. pentaploidy c. triploidy 18.Observe the following picture. Number III has undergone .

21.A person that has monosomy will have a disorder called . a. Down syndrome b. Klinefelter syndrome c. Turner syndrome d. Cri du chat syndrome e. leukemia 22.Down syndrome caused by . a. Monosomy d. trisomy b. Poliploidy e. aneuploidy c. modification 23.An organism that loses a pair of chromosome because of a mutation is called . a. Monosomy d. aneusomy b. Trisomy e. nullisomy c. tetrasomy 24.The following figures show the type change of chromosome I into chromosome II.

a. inversion b. duplication translocation c. deficiency

d. deletion e.

19.The following chromosome will

experience from intercalary deletion and becomes . a. b. c. d. e. 20.If an organism experiences not disjunction on one of its homologous chromosomes during meiosis, mutation that possibly occurs is . a. disomy b. monosomy c. trisomy d. disomy and monosomy e. monosomy and trisomy Alan Amir Satrio

That cause of chromosome damage is . a. Deletion d. translocation b. Aberration e. catenation c. inversion 25.The change of chromosome number because of mutation in sex chromosome causes . a. Down syndrome b. Patau syndrome c. Edwards syndrome d. trisomy syndrome e. Klinefelter syndrome

26.Based on the following figure, the gene change process is called .

a. inversion translocation b. duplication catenation c. deletion

d. e.

31.The characteristics of Klinefelter syndrome are . a. the sufferer has mongolism face, short legs b. the sufferer is female, but her ovaries dont grow c. the sufferer is male, but his testis dont grow d. the sufferer has oval skull, short but wide chest, and low ears e. the sufferer is female, but her ovaries dont grow 32.In mutation, there is a inversion. It is . a. the addition of three nitrogen base b. loss a part of chromosome because of being broken c. reversion of some nitrogen base in a chromosome d. the fractures addition normal chromosome e. the transfer of a chromosome piece to another piece of nonhomologous chromosome 33.A trisomy on autosome number 13, 14, or 15 can cause . a. Turner syndrome b. Edward syndrome c. Down syndrome d. Klinefelter syndrome e. Patau syndrome 34.In a gene mutation, GTT codon, which is glutamine producer, changes its structure into GTC. GTC codon is producer of codon glutamine creator. The mutation is called . a. silent mutation b. missense mutation c. nonsense mutation d. insertion

27.Poliploidy produces organism with . chromosomes. a. 1n d. 2n+1 b. 2n e. 2n-1 c. 4n 28.The following mutation that does not give benefit to human is .... a. the production of superior seed b. prevent the shoot growth in garlic and potato c. the production of seedless fruits d. sterilization e. the formation of HbS 29.Colchicine is a mutagen that causes . mutant. a. poliploidy d. altered-DNA b. cancerous e. lethal c. quick-fruiting 30.between these mutagens, the natural mutagen is . a. colchicine b. DDT c. virus d. radioactive substance (such as X-ray) e. cosmic rays

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e. deletion 35.The following statement that is true about mutation is . a. frame shift mutation belongs to chromosome mutation b. gene mutation is also called point mutation c. gene mutation and chromosome mutation are classified based on the effect d. mutagen is an organism who suffers from mutation e. somatic mutation can be inherited 36.The mutation that causes albino skin is harmful because . a. the skin looks fairer b. the sufferer can suffer from skin disease easily c. sweat is produced more d. the skins looks wrinkled e. the skin is not resistant to sunlight 37.If the number of initial chromosome of an organism before the mutation are AABBCC, and after the mutation it becomes AAAABBCC, it is called . a. disomy d. trisomy b. monosomy e. tetrasomy c. pentasomy 38.The chromosome sequence of Turner syndrome is . a. 44A + XY d. 44A + XY b. 44A + XXY e. 44A + XX c. 44A + X

39.If 1 set of haploid chromosomes is ABC, the type of monosomy chromosome is . a. AABBCC d. ABBCC b. BBC e. AAABBCC c. AABB 40.Mutagen that doesnt come from our earth is .... a. X-ray b. electromagnetic ray c. cosmic ray d. radiation of 60Co e. radiation of 14C 41. Look at the picture below! (chromosome mutation event)

The right image is ... a. Inverse d. duplication b. Delesi e. translocation c. Katenasi 42.Guava seeds soaked in colchicine changes doubled the number of chromosomes, called ... a. poliploid d. aneupoliploid b. Otopoliploid e. monoploid c. tetraploid 43.A change in the living body considered as a mutation when ... a. enable changes in genes b. resulted in changes in DNA structure c. lead to changes in chromosome d. bequeathed to his descendants e. can always be improved

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44.Examples of mutagens are ... a. Cigarette smoke d. UV beam b. DDT e. All correct c. X-ray 45.An individual seemed to change than others of its kind. From the research it is known that individual chromosomes had remained the same as the others, but the contents of chromosomes changes. The individual is experiencing ... a. Regeneration d. aberration b. gene mutation e. recombination c. crossovers 46. Human that have chromosome monosomy and still alive will experience disorder called .... a. Down syndrome b. Cri du Chat syndrome c. Klinefelter syndrome d. Leukemia e. Turner syndrome 47.Precise statement associated with mutations (1) may occur at the gene / DNA and chromosomes (2) are not always passed on to offspring (3) can occur naturally or induced (4) living things the result of mutations have better properties than its parent

a. 1 ,2,3 correct correct b. 1,3 correct correct c. 2,4 correct

d. 4 e. all

48.Down syndrome is caused by ... a.extra X chromosome so that the chromosome become XXY b. extra Y chromosome so that the chromosome become XYY c. excess chromosomes on chromosome number 21 d. chromosome deletions on chromosome number 5 e. monosomy X 49.Mutations of genes located on chromosome gametes and sex is perpetuated by a genetic mutation called ... a. Somatic mutation b. Mutai autosomal c. Sex linked mutation d. Point mutations e. frame shift mutation 50.Loss of use of radiation to the discovery of plant seeds poliploid is ... a. cause lethal on the nature of plant b. plants become resistant to pests c. extinction of certain plasma nuftah d. plants become sterile e. generating plants that varied


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