The Lady on The Los Feliz

Jonny Sharples
The Writers Treatment, the Step Outline & Other Pre Docs

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Jonny Sharples 2 The Lady on The Los Feliz

The Treatment Act One: Introduce Problem Scene 1 Ext. Los Feliz Blvd – Night,
Opening Shot – Camera fades and we see a road sign – Los Feliz Blvd [Dialogue – Dorian Narrating]. The camera pans down as we glance at Dorian walking down a dark street from an elevated position just under the sign. Tracking Dorian as he enters the building on his left (camera’s right); the camera turns to face the building and climbs until reaching a window [Steps can be heard]. As we gaze in from the window; Dorian enters from a door on the left which has Dt. Dayle written upon it. Int. Dorian Office - Night, Camera cuts fully body shot as Dorian walking around his desk in the centre and sitting down as his chair. The camera goes to close up as Dorian picks up a case file upon the desk. [No sooner the sound of high heels can be heard] Dorian turns to face the window. Camera cuts to an over the shoulder view as we look to see a woman walking in and out of the light which beats down on the side walk. As she comes into the light for the final time the camera cuts to a close up as she slowly turns towards camera her eyes looking up at Dorian (off camera). Dorian sees her looking and walks out of sight into the shadows of his room. Once again we get a close-up of Mave as she brushes her hair behind her ear. She smiles and turns back to the sidewalk. Final shot of is mid-shot as Dorian leans on the sill from the shadows as he tries to peer and see her walk away.

Scene 2 Int. Cafe – Midday, The Cafe is dimly lit as we see a pan shot of Dorian reading a broadsheet; a hot cup of coffee beside him. The camera goes to a mid shot of Dorian [as high heels are heard again] dropping his paper he looks to his right through the window as the figure of Mave walks past. The camera takes an off centred position to the right as sun blinds the view of the environment inside leaving it white. As Mave walks across the window she get mid-way before she stops as she sense eyes staring. Turning, there are a bright light flashes and blinds Dorian’s view of Mave before white noise takes over as the scene transition to a static shot of Mave beaten face appears for a second before white noise takes us to the next transition. Scene 3 Ext. Los Feliz Blvd – Night After the transition, the camera fades in to a behind full-body shot of Dorian silhouette standing under a street lamp; lighting his cigar. A cab comes in to screen from the right as he pulls off the

Jonny Sharples 3 The Lady on The Los Feliz

lamppost and stick his arm out hailing for the cab. The rain is hitting the street hard bouncing up as the cab screeches to stop. As Dorian moves towards the cab the camera cuts to a close-up of his hand reaching for the handle of the cab. Suddenly a voice is heard from behind. The camera has a close-up of Dorian face; he stands up and turns to face the voice. The camera zooms in as Mave looks towards him with drenched hair and a magnificent smile. [The converse briefly] as the camera pans back to a full shot of the taxi we see Dorian opens the back door and makes way for Mave to enter before swinging round the other side and getting in. Scene 4 Int. Taxi – Late Night The pair converse at an intimate position from one another as we see from a mid-shot of the back seat. They appear to get closer as again Mave pulls her hair behind her eye once again. The intimacy gets frustrating, as they begin to whisper as their lips get closer. Ext. Street – Late Night Camera sits on the street floor as the car comes into scene and screeches to a halt with the front wheel skidding nicely into shot. Int. Taxi – Late Night Camera goes back to mid shot of the back seat as both characters correct themselves after being hurled forward. Dorian now showing a facade of anger pulls himself towards the divide as the camera cuts to an over shoulder shot of Dorian. As he goes to converse a dark figure turns and hits him with an object in a similar shape to a guns handle. Dorian falls to the floor as the camera remains at the same position. This time the figure retracts his arm [Mave can be heard screaming] and moves into the light and for the first time we see Sammy. His torso in the shadow we see him lift and point his arm out once again through a hole in the divide. The camera zooms in on what appear to be the silhouette of Sammy holding a gun. The scene fades out to next transition Act Two Scene 5 Int. Taxi – Morning The scene fades in as we look over Dorian as we see him stir a wake. The camera cuts to position on the backseat as Dorian rise and we see a side shot of him. Fury present in his features. Dorian looks around to find a dim light abandoned taxi [followed by the sound of him grunting] he lifts him arm and reaches of screen [sound of door handle opening] as he goes to lift himself out the cab the sun invades and bleaches out the screen followed by static. A second image appears of Mave lying motionless on the floor beside the sofa in nothing more that bra and panties. Several puncture wounds are visible as the scene is cut short by white static.

Jonny Sharples 4 The Lady on The Los Feliz

Scene 6 Ext. 6th Floor of Los Feliz Apartment Block 1 (Sammy’s Home) – Late Night White static open the scene as we look from behind as we track the silhouette of Sammy walking down the corridor. Only to be lit by the lightning coming through the windows on his right. As he nears his apartment he turns to the left and we cut to a close up of Sammy hand going towards the lock with his key before noticing the door ajar. The camera swings up with vicious pace as we look from beside Sammy face. A flash of lightning shows Dorian face as he grabs Sammy. The camera cuts down the hall to down the hallway as we see Sammy slung into his apartment. [Sounds of a struggle can be heard, followed by punching] Finally Dorian and Sammy emerge back in the hallway Dorian gripping him with two hands slamming him against the wall. [Dorian screams a question at Sammy] The Scene fades out. Scene 7 Ext. Alley – Late night The image of a door appears as from the fade in. The words crimson can be seen. We look upon from a downward position as a leg appears flying from stage left. It flings the door back with force leaving the abyss behind it. The clip fades once more. Int. Gang Hideout – Late Night We fade in to see an over head shot of Dorian coming out of the stairwell. His gun raised, he comes out in to the opening, static disrupts for a millisecond; pivoting left we follow. Dorian drops his gun as before him he sees Mave bound to a chair under a light. The scene disrupted by static but continues as Mave showing her weakness, bring up her head to see the figure in front. [We hear Mave exclaim Dorian’s name in hope]. Static disrupts again for a bit longer as [the sound of a phone ringing can be heard]. Dorian looks to rush towards Mave as Static takes over and is replaced by white noise [however the ringing remains] White noise takes over. Act 03 Scene 8 Int. Living Room – Late night We begin to track back from the white noise as we appear to pass through a transparent barrier. As we continue we see a black matte border encircle the white noise which seconds later we gather it is a TV set [meanwhile the ring has come to a stop and we hear two voices conversing one crackling as it from the phone the other clear]. As we see ourselves in a dark room which gradually as we track further band from the TV becomes more visible as the light fades away. The camera will reach mid way when it will slop upwards

Jonny Sharples 5 The Lady on The Los Feliz

and we see Mave on a big poster above the TV and as the distance between TV and the camera increase other posters littering the wall appear. [Meanwhile we engage with the fact Dorian is being spoken too by Sammy on the phone making arrangements]. Finally the camera pans back enough to see the silhouette of Dorian watching the TV screen. He hangs up the phone and places it on the table on his right. Finally his head drops as the camera fades. The image reappears with a close-up of the Mave poster above the TV. A sudden flash [followed by gunshot heard] as we see the bullet makes contact with the image of Mave just right of her rib cage. As we zoom slowly in we begin to see trickling of liquid before a nice flow of blood comes from the poster before the white static cuts the clip.

Jonny Sharples 6 The Lady on The Los Feliz

The Step Outline Act One: Introduce Problem Protagonist sees the female for the first time in the street and is bewildered by her looks. He sees her again as she passes by the window of the cafe. Dorian halls for a cab and sees again Mave inside. They converse before Dorian enters. The car comes to a harsh stop as they continue talking. But as Dorian goes to enquire he’s knocked unconscious by the Driver – Sammy Jones. Act Two: Fighting The Problem Dorian regains consciousness and peers around the cab. Noticing he’s alone he lives the cab Dorian tussles with Sammy in alley and knock him unconscious. Dorian smashes through the door in the alley and walks in. Entering the gang’s hideout, Dorian peered down the room and sees Mave tide up behind a small group of the gang. Mave cries out Dorian. Act Three: Twist ending The image turns to white noise and we peel away to see we’ve been watching the TV in a littered room. We hear a conversation between Dorian and Sammy negotiating an event that night. We then see the entire room as we pan back and see Dorian’s silhouette in an army chair looking glum. Audience focus on poster above TV, suddenly flashing as a gun goes off and blood sprays across the poster. The camera pans back to see a different room with a body lay on the floor and a shadow figure walk out the door. The Premise Story of a Detective, who faces his corrupt lifestyle which destroys his dream film noir career when the women he loves, dies because of him. The Logline Story of a Detective, whose dream to be like detectives, in film noir is trampled on his corrupt lifestyle causing the death of his

Jonny Sharples 7 The Lady on The Los Feliz

damsel in distress. Thus leaving him to solve the crime and put his bad past behind him and be that perfect detective he dreams about.

Jonny Sharples 8 The Lady on The Los Feliz

Character Biographies

The Initiate Name Height Age Back story

Samuel Jones 6ft 2” 18 Sammy Jones grew in the neighbourhood at the end of Los Feliz Blvd and had been accustomed to crime from an early age. This became an influence on his life as he began to hang with gang member whilst at school and at home. However when trying to initiate into the local gang (The White Fences – Whom would later join part of Latin Kings) he wasn’t excepted to due to his colour even though his mother was from south American origins. In result by the time he was 16 he was isolated at his school and received a beating by the gang 20yds from his house. This was a nearly the end from SJ but lucky for him a Crip gang where riding by and saw the white fence beating a fellow African American. The gang where shot down in an improvised drive-by and SJ was escorted to the car and driven to the nearby set safe house. His allegiance to the Crips grew as he began to hang with the member at school and saw himself accepted into the group. But as a child he remained not a member until he came of age. However it was a month after his 17th birthday when he watched the awful image of his mother being mowed down by a drive-by. At first it appeared to be another gang but after an investigation began it appeared to be that of the White fences. In conclusion, SJ began to commit crimes against South Americans; be it steals from a shop or beating on locals walking home. In result his racial hate grew and his ambition to be part of the cribs grew. By the time it came to his 18th SJ was ready to become a fully fledged crib and to locals had became known as Diablo Muerte (- Devil’s Death or DD for Short). As standard this began his initiate progress but for his reputation the (Now known) Crimson had set him a bigger task this one would be a famous actor of Latin background.

Affiliations SJ, Sammy, Diablo Muerte, DD

Jonny Sharples 9 The Lady on The Los Feliz

The Dame Name Height Age Back story

Maryese Moreau 5ft 7” 23 Maryese had dreamed about becoming a model. But received much rejection at the start of her career. She instead for the time found work in a local fashion shop and worked on her figure which due to numerous rejection and comments by people within the industry became her obsession. By the time she was 19 see became the ideal woman, the fashion industry icon but at a huge price. Maryese had become bulimic; vomiting after every meal, she became prone to fainting but pushed passed health issues as she loved the attention her body had given to her. The obsession became curse, as much as it was a gift to her. She remained ill most of the time suffering from starvation. Her personality out of the limelight became vacant and impassive; rendering her to, the nickname of Sad Beauty to her friends as they watch her old self deteriorate to a fashion zombie. As her modelling career spiralled in legendary status she was given by her agency, a mansion on the top end of Los Feliz which she moved into from her home town in Florida. This gave her more Job opportunity but most of all entered her into the world of acting. By the next summer she had starred in her first feature film and brought her more fame and financial backing. As the money came in, she used it to help the less fortunate; setting up foundations and charities across the states of America. Her work helping lower youth unemployment and crimes nationwide. Her name soon became The American Dream but to many she became The American Saviour. With this came stalkers and other psychopaths whom would send e-mails and letters to her. Many of which mentioned her beauty and although they frightened her they made her happy because of this. No sooner her obsession turned to OCD as she became focused on nothing more than maintaining her voluptuous body to get more praise and in some terms stalker mail.

By the time she was 23 she was national icon and a woman adored by the nation. Idolized by the women and romanticised by men. She represented the best of America but as the recession hit. Accolades meant nothing as Maryese was about to find out. Affiliations Sad Beauty, The American Dream, The American Saviour, Nations Princess

Jonny Sharples 10 The Lady on The Los Feliz

The Detective Name Height Age Back story

Dorian Dayle 6ft 5” 27 Dorian past was full of accolades, from a young age he excelled in school and he was awarded special recognition for his extracurricular activities in school. Playing the basketball team and American football during his free time. By the end of high school, he looked towards a career in law, whilst still maintaining his physical abilities running track for his college Yale. During his time there he fell in love with Film Noir. Idolizing the likes of Sam Spade (The Maltese Falcon), Philip Marlowe (Murder, My Sweet) and Mark McPherson (Laura), whom became influential as the first semester, came to a close. Before his second his ambition had changed and his work in law had shown so much corruption that he came out and entered in to a Police academy. By his 23rd birthday he graduated from the academy but due to his knowledge and quick initiative during his final police trials he was promoted immediately to detective. During his career as a Dt. He became notorious to gangs as he fished out cells one by one. Taking out big hits which previously seemed untouchable. He became infamous as The Crippler to Crips and The Vampire to the Bloods. As his legacy continued, his fame gained between the Los Angeles community and infamy between gangs. When the recession hit an all time low, things changed as gangs came into power over local enforcement. The Crips and Bloods especially had become a joint gang which profited more than ever from their joint drug ventures and as a collaborative force known as The Crimson they began to run the streets. Organizing themselves into stronger cells with different agendas making it implausible for anyone to bring them down. For Dorian this became a big hit as all cases went cold and his great name in the community was dragged through the dirt. By the first year of the depression he became impatient with his failure to bring justice. It was on a small gun crime charge turned his world upside down as a Crimson Lieutenant was cornered down an alley by Dorian. Before the arrest took place the Lieutenant tried to bribe Dorian. As his mind tossed over his choice he became aware of his possibility to become a legend once again. Taking the bribe he told

Jonny Sharples 11 The Lady on The Los Feliz

the Lieutenant to contact him once more to discuss an agreement. By the end of the week Dorian had made a pact with the Gang, As they made transaction with each other to supply their needs. Dorian would pay off members to stop crimes in certain areas or a planned hit. Whilst he would take money for initiations. When a gang recruit would kill a person to gain entry to the gang, he would pull cops from that area giving them false evidence of a crime on the other side of town. With this he became the man of the hour once again and he felt that during this time he became another hero of the recession.

Dt. Dayle, The Crippler, The Vampire

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