Agileo Quotes

1. "Our Father cannot and will not be bound by theology and He will be known only in that which completely embraces His truth which is love." ~ agileo 2. "A miracle is not the suspension of natural law, but the operation of a higher law also known as true love." ~ agileo 3. "Faith isn't just believing and accepting, we also need to gladly anticipate; so it is, too, with love." ~ agileo 4. "The wonder of the rose is not in its beauty when looked at, but in the fragrance it emits when crushed." ~ agileo 5. "The assurance of heaven is in following Jesus. His followers would be known by their agape love, not their theology." ~ agileo 6. "An artist's creation is not an expression of what he sees or feels; it is an expression of his consciousness." ~ agileo 7. "Don't worry about your path. When you immerse your mind, focus your will, engage your heart, feel your passion - your path will find you." ~ agileo 8. "The heart does not listen and speak alternately." ~ agileo 9. "A fish that is not in water dies, a plant that is not in the ground dies, a man not in God is already dead." ~ agileo 10. "What you see is your reality, see beyond it for the truth." ~ agileo 11. "You need to imagine and dream and live it or else you'll end up living a nightmare." ~ agileo 12. "If our thoughts and emotions are predominantly about love and loving, they are fertile seeds that would certainly materialize into our most cherished hopes and dreams." ~ agileo 13. "Jesus = Hesus = He's Us + person = per son. This equation makes lovin' easy. Well, 'tworks for me." ~ agileo 14. "If next to God, what matters to us are character and contribution, then success is expected for success is what we attract by the person we become." ~ agileo 15. “If you are a leader, your people follow what you say because they believe in what you believe, they unconsciously adjust to become like you because they accept the values you uphold and live by, and because they expect the successes you envision, they follow wherever you go.” ~ agileo 16. "Whatever makes you whole, that is your true religion." ~ agileo

you're sure to get it.." ~ agileo 21. women's rights. we miss happiness. and. we miss living." ~ agileo 23. we miss out on loving. "The law of attraction is really the law of love. “Mark Twain said. "If we 'see' everything as black and white." ~ agileo 26. If we get more of what we focus on. there will be collateral damage." ~ agileo 28. and built day to day by relating. “There aren't such things as gay rights. Intuition: when you're "into it" before it happens." ~ agileo 30." ~ agileo 25. So says Tom Clancy. "Relationships are the beginning and purpose of life and love. "Smile. Be clear with what you thirst for. conditions and our self. "Nothing is more liberating than knowing we are forgiven." 32." ~ agileo . but eternal life is the only truth. I say. the person matters not. "Talk less and speak more. all the more do we get more of how we feel for what matters to us. ~ agileo 24. as the wise do. our greatest act of love is to forgive. Do you know where you're going?" ~ agileo 27. "The first law of success is service.. consequently.17.” agileo 34. If we listen less. "Isn't it sad that some are quick to find what's wrong with others like there's a prize for it?" ~ agileo 18." ~ agileo 35.. "Shouldn't Sundays be SONdays?" ~ agileo 19. search for and live the truth beyond all your realities and you need not worry about anything in life. "Our habits indicate where we're headed. if we don't. "Earthly life may be reality. but so it is also with truth to most. Happy thirst-day! 33. if you tell the truth you don't have to remember anything. the person matters litlle.. "Faith is the substance of things hoped for (Heb 11:1) and the fiber of faith is thought. "In love and in war. all are human rights. "We consciously listen and pay attention to who matters.” ~ agileo 22. it has the power to positively influence others." ~ Agileo 29." ~ agileo 20. etc." ~ agileo 31. "The difference between reality and fiction? Fiction has to make sense.

" ~ agileo 37." ~ agileo 39. "Success is guaranteed not by working hard but by serving well. see if it bears the fruits of the Spirit." ~ agileo 38.36. "Attitude: how we are At-It with anything." ~ agileo . "We are the sum total of our own thoughts. "If you want to know if it's of God.

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