English Guided Language Analysis • Ideally a news report should be impartial and objective.

Under no cirumstances should a reporter try to influence the views of the reader.

What are your views on this statement?I believe the above statement is true. A news reporter should only report on the news issues and not take a side. It is there job to provide an un bias and factual report on what happened. What do you think Wayne Flower has set out to do with his report? What is his contention? With the contention that the prisoners are being fed high quality meals which they don’t deserve, I think Flower has set out to expose prisons in cooking and providing high quality for the prisoners while they do not deserve to be fed as some of the foods are ones that even some every day non criminal citzens can not afford for themselves. Who is the intended audience? How could you describe the writers tone throughout this piece? This piece is written with very logical reasoning and a slight sense of anger in the issue. He uses many quotes from all different people both in and out side of the prison as to not take side and often uses emotive language when he something seems to particularly anger him. Prisoners Worst criminals Murderous fiends “Some of them shouldn’t be given anything. They shouldn’t be alive” Inmates Sex fiend Crims Flower uses language to portray the criminals in the worst possible light. He uses langauge to expose their real selves and why they are in jail . He is Prison Conditions They are living like kings Meet prisoners dietary and religious requirements Prison resort Prison Food Buckets of tim tams, lobsters etc… Indulge their sweet and savory cravings Prime cuts

There are often treated Its so f***n yummy better than the people on the outside. Whipping up a gourment menu from prison grade grub Extensive shopping list Fantastic products Fresh herbs He makes prison sound like Langauge is used to brag a place you would want to and boast and all the great be. However he does quote cuts of meat, expensive from inmates letters and seafood and savory items other sources that make it that prison inmates get. It all seem a lot more believable. sounds very well cooked

makes you feel angry that they receive such treatment! • Pictures of some of the criminals and why they are in jail make you also believe they are not worthy of the food that surrounds their pictures. and put together. It sounds extravagant and fancy so that when remebering the fact that it is in a prison it seems unbelieveable to think this the treatment they receive. The quote from Halvagis has us sympathising with his lost and his struggle to make ends meet while potentially those who killed his daughter is eating better than him. o Executive cheft Scott Pickett who says “they have some fantastic products and a lot of stuff I wouldn’t have expected to see on there” All quotes position the reader to feel different. seems intriguing so you want to read “our worst crims are spoilt rotten” States contention of the article Images • Show fancy platters of food as proof of what the article is saying is too. The letters from John Xydias have been included so readers have insight to what prisoners think of the prison life and executive cheff scott Picketts quotes and input have been included so that readers who may not be expertise in food. . The corrections spokesman who justified why they had duck but could not for any of the other food. especially as some inmates are better off than those who have not broken the law outisde of the prison.making the point that these people who have done so much damage in our communities are not fit to be eating the way they do because of what they have done and put people through. • An extensive shopping list of the foods they receive. The way language is used makes you think prison is the preffered way of living . Quotes • Quotes have been used from o George Halvagis whose daughter was murdered and can not afford to eat the way the prisoners do o A corrections victoria spokesman o Perverted foodie John Xydias . Headlines • Big bold healdlines have been used • Sum it all up . makes readers believe he too does not believe they are worth what they are receiving. It makes readers feel sorry and angry that this is occuring. will understand that this is not normal and the foods they are receiving are not merely your staple foods but rather expensive and good quality cuts . rapist who raved about prison food to his girlfriend in letters.

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