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THE SEVEN AURAS Tony and Robyn Abbott are Spiritual Writers and Teachers who have conducted Spiritual Development Groups for both beginners and advanced students of the paranormal, over many years. They felt there was a need for a practically written course that an individual or small group, could follow at their own pace, to encourage their psychic/spiritual gifts, teach them about Spiritual matters on an easily understandable level and also be lots of FUN! Please read on …..


PREPARATION: Obtain a sheet of white cardboard or thick paper 25cms x 25cms (10 inches x 10 inches) and a sheet of black cardboard/paper of the same dimensions; a white/cream wall for a person to stand against; a full length mirror to observe your reflection; a small quartz crystal ; calming background music, i.e. New Age music, flute music etc from music store; notepad and pens.

We recommend that you begin and end each Lesson with a short meditation of ten minutes duration, as your body and mind need to be calm and relaxed to achieve the best spiritual/psychic results.

THE SEVEN AURAS The Aura is a device through which you create our own experience of reality, of health, emotions, mind and spirituality. It is a major energy field which surrounds the human body. There are seven major auric layers, known at this time. There is a symbiotic (interdependent) relationship between your auric layers and the seven chakras of your body. AURIC AND CHAKRIC CONNECTIONS AND COLOURS

The Etheric layer lies close to the human body approximately half an inch wide (1.3cms). It is usually grey, white or blue in colour. Its vibrancy indicates strong or weak health. It is primarily connected to the Base or Kundilini chakra (life force). It is the most easily seen auric layer or etheric field. This field can also be seen around trees, plants, animals and even inanimate objects such as furniture. A white or black background will often highlight the etheric field. The Emotional body lies beyond the etheric field and extends to one to three inches (8cms.). It is strongly connected to the pelvic chakra. It contains, when healthy, beautiful, bright blobs of energy and colour. These primary colours are emitted as the emotions change.

The Mental body lies beyond the emotional body and is composed of clear yellow, green or blue colours when healthy. It indicates the thoughts and attitudes of the person. It is connected to the solar plexus chakra and extends three to eight inches (19cms) out from the body.

The Astral body lies beyond the mental body and is closely connected to the heart chakra. It is full of beautiful pastel colours such as pinks and blues when healthy and unblocked. It extends up to one foot (30cms.) from the body and indicates your capacity for conditional and unconditional love.

The Etheric template layer lies beyond the astral field and is a type of x-ray or blueprint of the physical body. Illness or blocks can be observed and treated in this field and this is relayed to the physical body. It extends one to two feet (60cms.) from the body. This field is connected to the throat chakra. It is usually observed as grey/blue in colour.

The Celestial body is the sixth auric field and extends two to three feet (90cms.) from the body. It is connected to the third eye chakra and is filled with mother of pearl colours and energies. It is the layer through which you can experience spiritual ecstasy. The Causal body or Ketheric template is connected to the crown chakra and is a type of photographic negative of the mental and spiritual aspects of the person. It is usually filled with golden shimmering light and is surrounded by a gold or silver halo or outer rim of protection. It extends from three feet to four feet (130cms.) outwards from the person.


The auric energy can be most easily felt in the palm of your hands and on your fingertips. Protection should also be used before and during any spiritual exercise. Protection techniques include surrounding yourself in an auric egg of golden white light with a strongly protective outer shell of golden light; calling in your Spiritual Guides or Archangel Michael to protect and defend you when necessary; becoming more aware of the negative vibrations of areas, people and situations by using your intuitive powers and leaving the areas quickly and surrounding yourself with Archangel Michael’s vibrant blue light of protection.

You can do this easily by stating; ‘ I ask Archangel Michael (or similar angelic being) to surround me with an auric egg of blue light and protect me on all layers of my being , as I do this exercise. Please continue this protection throughout my day.’

SEEING AURAS Auras can be seen with the eyes open or seen psychically with the eyes closed. Do not focus your sight on an object or peer intensely at it, but look beyond the object with softening of the eyes. The aura pulses and is best observed around the hands and between the shoulder, neck and head region. Most people will see the emotional, mental and etheric layers as they are quite colourful.


We suggest that you prerecord this exercise on a cassette tape and then replay it when relaxed.

1. Relax for a few minutes, holding your quartz crystal. Ask your Guides to help you with this exercise to see auras. 2. Place in front of each of you, a sheet of the white and a sheet of the black cardboard squares and place your hands palms down, upon the white sheet first. 3. Gently gaze beyond the hands and between the fingers. After a minute or so you will observe a vague greyish/white smokey energy field, one centimetre width, beyond your hand and between the fingers. It will appear to move and pulse. 4. Now try seeing the etheric aura against the black piece of board. Note. Everyone’s Etheric aura will be slightly different. Some auras will be white, others grey or blue, some strong and clear and some weak and indistinct Record your findings..

AURA COLOURS AND MEANINGS Aura colours change depending on your health, mood, spiritual connected-ness etc. The most common colours seen around people and their various meanings are listed below:

PINK love, femininity, unconditional love, pregnancy MAROON life work, vocation, ambition DARK RED anger, hate, violence, passion BRIGHT RED passion, life energy, vitality ORANGE ambition, vitality, creativity, artistry ORANGE RED sexuality, energy YELLOW joy, purity, happiness, optimistic GREEN intellect, nature connection, interest DIRTY GREEN envy, spite, illness, jealousy BLUE teacher, spiritual feelings, higher connection

PURPLE ideals, deep spiritual interests GREY depression, tiredness, illness, addictions, lack of spiritual connection BLACK extreme illness, addictions, close to death

SILVER strong connection to Godforce, angels, unconditional love, Master qualities GOLD connection to Godforce, purity

EXERCISE TO SEE AURAS AROUND PEOPLE. We suggest that you pre record this exercise and then replay it when relaxed. 1. Relax for a few minutes, holding your quartz crystal. 2. Ask your Guides to help you with this exercise to see auras. 3. If you have a willing model, place one person against a white or cream coloured wall. If you have no model stand in front of a full length mirror with a cream background. Again don’t peer, but soften your gaze and look at the area around the head and neck. Again the auras will pulsate. Look for the grey/white etheric band close to the head and neck. 4. Also, observe slightly further out, the lightly coloured bands of auric colours, that show the emotions and mental thoughts of the model. These are usually green, blue, yellow, pink or purple in colour. 5. Keep observing the auric layers, further from the body. Some of you may be able to see the etheric and ketheric templates, although this usually takes a great deal of practice. 7. Take notes of the colours and strength and relate colours to meanings. See chart above..

Note** Practise observing the auras of others in queues, trains and buses and at work.

It is possible to feel the vibration of another person’s aura both consciously and subconsciously. This is one reason why you can immediately feel comfortable with some people (their auras are similar to your own) or why you are immediately repelled by others, (their auras are in contrast to your own). Positive, loving auric fields usually attract others to you, while negative, weak auras repel.

Sickness in the body is reflected in the auric field. By working on your auric field, it is possible to remove illness there or avert it and later this will be reflected in your body, as better health.

Now affirm: " My auras are all clear, healthy and pulsating with beautiful bright lights. This is reflected in my mind, emotions, body and spirit."

BRIEF SUMMARY: You have seven Auric fields which extend out from your physical body, which affect your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. All living things have an aura. By cleansing the auras of negativity, you can avert or rid yourself of illness. By observing the colours of the auras you can understand the emotions and mental mood of others. Your next lesson will be focused on the latest inspiring information about the Upper Chakras which link you into the Higher Dimensions. We will teach you how to use them for healing, spirit communication and self development.

**************** We hope you have enjoyed this complimentary SECOND lesson. We believe that everyone is psychic and that you can easily develop your powers! We wish you success with your spiritual journey. Love and Light Tony and Robyn Abbott.

The Abbotts.

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