fig. 3

\Vork only in bops lndlcated

b~1 arrows

(Fjg. 3).

Work cufv tn loops lndlceted bv urrows (Fig. 4).



BEGINNING CLUSTER (use, on. <'1,·1 Ch 1. YO, insert hook in same sp. YO and pull up <J loop, YO and draw through 2 loops on hook: repeat Iron I once more. YO and draw through ell 3 JOOt)s on hook.





Work around post (If st indicated. direction of anQ1,V (Ag. 5).

inserting hook ~n

CLUSTER (uses. one ch-I sp] YO.lnSl2rl hook in ch-Lsp indicated. YO and pull up e loop. YO and drew throuqh 2 loops on hook: repeet from 2 times mOTC. YO and draw t hrough all 4 loops on hook.



Vv'ith YI?J!u~..., ch 6; join with slip st to Iorm () ring. '

Rod 1 (Right sJue)= Ch 4: (de in rina. ch 1} 11 urncs: join with slip :::;1ro third ch of beginning ch-q.. finish off 12 ch-I sps.

Loop a short piece of ~~rn around any stitch merk Rnd 1 as rlght :::;ilL


Rling needle up at L \',)rap yam desired number of Urnes around needle and Insert needle (:It 2. holding end of ~Iar'rj ~ i~h non-stitching v fjnge.r.s (Flg. 6). TJ~:}hti:::[1 knot, then pult needle thruuqh, holding yarn until it must be. released I';g.6

Rnd 2: Wtth right slde being. join Whtte wnb slip ~t tn .any ch-I sp: '..... Beaioning Cluster, ch 3, (l,. vrork Cluster ork in next c11-1sp: ch (1.} urourtd: join with sllp st If) top of Beqfntunq Cluster, finish off: 12 Clusters and l2 ch-S sps. Rnd 3~ \"-.1jm right side f<1cing, join Green v.xtb sc in <:!ny cb-S sp (see With Sc, page 1;, eli 5, Isc in next ch ;) sp. ch 5) around, join with slip st to first sc. Rod 4= Slip .'i-t in first ch-S sp. chS, in same sp work [dc, ch 1. 2 de. eh 3: (2 de. ch 1) twice], sc In next ch-Ii SP: ell ,'1: sc in next cb-S sp, .... in next ch-S sp work [fch 1. 2 de) twlce, dl ~1,{2 de. ch 1) PN"lCe]. fie in next ch-5 sp, r:h 5, sc in next cb-S Sp, TI~p(;"nt from ... 2 tlmes more, ('11 1. [oln wi Ih slfp st to top of begi! ITljng cb-S. flnL~h ofr.



cheery smtles 0/ sunj/('}wers to ~h~ rich rcdrcnce of !)loieIS, 99 Flora! Motifs to Crochet .offers pqrterrts for many of ~'Our'prcked fll:[.,'(')jI'"il:e-~.,. These hiJl1d"1"ofted blD.!1..'iorrts CQt~ be used to em.beIIJ,sh l.ot'1:.of oroecis, lnc!uding afghans, pillows, (lnd pot holdersl.4nd no mQU~t U.+,lIjj your sklille.uel, !)Ou'li Iir~dfloral' fancies to f~tyour needs.
'w,#h this oompl~t~ CQllec!iOrl, Ii/€. t!: rtJ(}r~ f na7l just ,(1 bed of roses' destined'


Now you con ""grow ....a garden Df spectacu!ar blooms her you h:::fUe a green th !..1mb or 7100 f r 1=:rom the

When tnatructed LO [ctn with ::;1;, begin with iJ. slip knot en hook, Insert hook in stitch or space. indicated, YO and pull up a loop. YO and JT~\.I,.' lhro~h both locpa on hook.

eech round

Markers are: used to help distinguish the: beginnlng of each round being ~'O.-ked_ Place a 2" scrap piece of yam ... before the first stitch of each round; movtng marker alter
is complete.

ro be

Work only in Ioop{s} indicated fig. b~ arrow (Fig_ 1)_

back both front

BPsc ,hi,)
do dtt: Back Post ,mgt. creche 1(» choinl,) double crocheusl double treble crcchers)

""LSC R'd,
Pl'tr bdc

extended Long Singfe Croche'I') From Post double erochetlsl
From Post treble crochet helf double crocbettsl Lcnq Treble Crochetlsl


,pis) ,"{s) tr YO



times as indicated in addition to the first Um-3, work all instruct tens f rem flrsr t to second t es mall!J times as specified. ( ) or '~ I- work enclosed fnstructtons ~!!:I many nroes es specllted by me number immediately foUo' or work all enclosed lnstructfons in I he stitch O~ space. Indicated or contains explanatory ternerks . cclcn (:) - the. nuroberlsj given after a colon at the end of a row 01" round dencrels] me number of stjtchas you should have on that row or round,


s.ingle crochetlsl '1'",,0(,) stitchjas] treble crocbe«,) vam over

After working in Back or Front Loops Only on a row or round, I here wi n be a rktge of UTlIJS€d loops. Th(;:S€ are called the free loops. Later, when instructed to work In the tree loops of the 5am.13 TOW OT round, work in these loop' (fig. 2a). When instructed to work in free loops of a chain, work III loop 1,,",.1(2,<>1hy errow (f;g. 2b). ftg.


work instructtona f ollow:ing

* as rn.any more

t to t -

FIg. 2b


There is no gauge. or hook size specified because each Mottl can be worked in your choice '01 yarn or thread ro V'~I"Y th{;": ~2£ and appearance of the design,



.S.. * * \. Insert hook in cb-S sp indicated. 6 ch-Z sps. 4. 2 de.. mark lind 5 ~ Ch 4. Loop a !:ihorl piece of ". ch 4. sc. dl 4.ter. ch 4.. YO and puU loop (41(_}(_)p. [ec m ring: !'.Vith sllp st in any ch-S sp: en 1. ch 4. skip first petal. 8 ch-S >P'_ * * TREBLE CROCHET (ahbreviate<! t. ~ sc in noxr ch-S sp. ch 4. jom 1. Rnd 2: * Ch 1: (slip st. skfp next petal. 2 rlrnes more: YO and draiv through ell 4 loops on hook. de 01.!' ch. (5C in next sc. ch-4 sp: repeat from ercund.s de.. (sHp st. YO and draw thruuqh i~1I loops 4 STITCH GUIDE Design b~' Maggie Vi/eldon. YO 1IDQ pull up Clloop. finish off: 8 ch-S sr~..lip st [0 Ijrst sc: 8 ch-3 sps.Hth right slde facing: jOln Green l. join with slip st to st at besc of bC'!Jinn~ng ch-I spa.'JlIh slip st [0 first SC. repeat from 'If around: JoIn lNlch slip st to st at base of bc::ginni)1g Rnd 1as right side. [inlsh off: 16 -lh-4 sps. sc. .. join with slip st to form (Right :5ide).Rnd 6: '/If eh 1.on hook) 3 tunes. ch 4. * * DOUBLE CROCHET CLUSTER (abbrevi(]ted de Cluste. ~lring. Ch 1. join with shp st to st at base of ocg'inning ch-3.ls1E!T) n next ch-S sp.. ~Iorklnq behind petals. repeat from around. * W~th R06€. work (de Cluster. 4 (k in euch of nex 14 ch 4 spe. slip s1 irr next ch-I sp.l stllch [0 . * Rod 8: \A. finish off.sdcje Ch 1. work (de Cluster. mrw. ec. ch 3.l 0::11. ch 4. _~lip al} in TlP_:. * on hook TREBLE CROCHET CLUSTER (abbreurated tr CluS'te-r) [uses one ch-Ii sp) . SC.\. joln wtth slip st LO firs.. sc in same sp.. YO twice. working behind petals. 6 sc in riuq: join with slip sr to Ilrut sc. ch 2. (YO und draw thrr)~lgh 2 loops. Insert hook In ch-S sp Indicated. fir_~. :-. ch ~1. LT Cluster.'1 YO twice. ~JJ) n STITCH GUIDE Rnd 4:* Ch 1. {YO and drew I hrouph 2 hops on hook) t. sc 'in wmc-: around. IT ':ll lsIer. ch 4. slip srl in next ch-3 sp. ch 2) first sc. repeat from around. 'i[ll Rose. \. de OllSl [-rr~ in nex! ch . 011-4. 2 de) in next tr Ckt:. Nole. ch 3.~:rn around <'1fll. 'P'. slip sf in next L:h-3 sp: repeat from ercund. 3) 8 Rod t with Nol e ~ ch tlmcs. 4 de in each of next 4 eh-4 (2 de. '1 de} in surne ul.<l~ from around.1 ch n join Loop a short piece of yarn around uny I() merk End 1 ')!:1 righl side. ch 4. join Ecru with slip S[ in . * "* Rnd 9: Wtth right side facing. join with slip st 10 Itrst ch.. rapeut from 'ice. 8 petols. * .'ot'.I'ip sl. Rnd 2. sc.5-f)n hookl. skip first p3t(11. Insert hook in ch-S sp indicated. rqw":ll from 2 tunes more. repeat from 2 times more. ch ~1Tskip next petal. YO and flr~w throuqh 2 loops on hook.lrl::"T Ir Cl1J:'i!£~r. ch .~ sr. e . ch 4: _1oinwirh slip st 'EO form a ring Rod 1 (Rlgj1r..) fuses one ch-f sp) YO. (::. skip first petal. st. sc. YO and pldl up <l loop. ~kir} next petal. repeu 1 lrum 2 times more: )Din wfth slip st to top of beglnning ch-S. Ch J.king behind petals.. ch '1. [de. Join wlth slip st to 3 . sup st in next ch-I sp. * Rod 3! Ch 3.1 join with slip st to Rod 7: Ch 5. slip st in next ch 1 SJl..

finlsh off: 20 dl-4 ~p. tr Cluster. YO end pull up a loop (4 loops on hook). join with sbp sf to st at base of beginning ch-1. ch<)I.atea tr] YO rcsce. YO and draw 1hrough all 4. Ch 1.. now and throughout}.. sklp next Po::!l11nnd next sllp st. de Cluster] In next ch-q :-.. I!.de. [oln w](h sltp st to first slip st: G petals.lrJ(~}: (Slip!'. (YO and draw through 2 loops OTl hook} 3 times. STITCH GUIDE TREllLE CROCHET (nbh.Rnd G: Ch 4. join ~ -ith slip st to form ~ ring. (ch 3. +th slip 5t to first ch. Insert bunk in ring. ch 3.lot ~p:-. Z tr. sklp next petal and nc-xl sltp st. jojn lv slip st to at at base of beginning ch-S: 6 ch-o sps. Rod.p. .rlL.h slip:-. sup sr to st at . tr. * * TREIILE CROCHET CLUSTER (abbre~liatedtr C!r.. * MOTIF With Ecru. 5: Slip st in next eh-() sp. * Rud 1 (Rl!)ht side:)~Ch 3 (COWll!!P <":IiI fiTst . 3 de in each of next 5 ch-a sps: repeat [rom 2 times more.stol. ch 3. en 3. tr Ouster..}(. YO and pu. * * im Rod.~. sl:p sl in nex I slip at.I. ch 4. slip st in ncxe slip st.)ln I. around: lnln .ch 4. YO <'11'\d drew [hrough 2 loops on hook. 2 de) in next IT Cluster. Ch 6.l. DOUBLE CROCHET CLUSTER (ubbr£L'ialp. ch 5.'iLJ~ right ~id(~f. Noie: L(l()[J n short piece of yarn around any stitch merk Rod 1 as rlght slde. be in next ch-1 sp. [(J *" Bud 2. repeat from 2 times more..:. fintsh off. <1TOlmJ: jn'in . repeat from 2 times more.. of beginnlnq ch-q: (j ch-zl sps Rod 3. de Cluster] In next ch-a :. h( )tlk: I * ()r1 With Ydl. repeat from 2 times mos e: join with slip st to first SC"..l I[] lirst de: 24 de... RPd 4.1 * J\-f-crggle We.. tch 3. ~YO end draw Ihmuqh 2 loops on hookj tv... ch 4. ch 4. slip st in next ch-4 sp. Rod 1 (Right !. slip ~L) twice in same so: repeat from .join Whlte with slip sr In eny tr Cluster. ch 4) around. {sUp SI:: In first slip st of next petal...lip s. 2 dr. ch 4. ch 4.5 ch-c sps.. sltp st in next slip st.e insert hook in ch-4 sp tndicered. c:h-4 SPJ YO...p. ork (de Cluster. ch 4. de in same st. skip first 2 petals..ow.r(}IJ])U. (YO rrnd draw .!. * * lind 8: 'l"1.ldon.. 5 .n up a loop.. ell 3.. 12 ch-c sps. . [olr I wlth slip sr to top of beqinntnq ch-S. ch 4. slip srl Iwft:« in sm n« ~p.. re peat Iron I <::. YO and pull up e loop. ch 4. slip SL In nexl ch-I sp.f.d de Cluste'r) (uses one..'gh 2 loops on hook) 3 times..12 petals. . ch 4. 12 petals.cing.I!> right siA:. (de. ch 4. 2: Ch 4. sc in next cll-4 sp.YO LWJc.. DC"slgn D_l.. Insert book in sp tndicered. STITCH GUIDE TREBLE CROCHET (abbrevIated lr) YO twice. work (de Clustcrch 4. 1 1 de in ring: join with slip st to ftrst de 12 de.. ch :). Ch J. (2 de. ch 6. ch 4) twice.! to Iurm n ring. * Rnd 7: With r-ight s\de facing.e".-)n same !11. ch 3) fl times in rin~. skip first petal. wtL! L slip st join to first sltp st. working behind petals. worklnq behInd petals. :1 ~k in I each of next . IT. ~"'Orkin8 behind petals. join Green with slip 50t in any' ch4 sp: ch 1...lce.. mscrt hook in ch-4 sp indicated. YO and pull up a loop {4 loops on hook}. sklp next 2 petals: repeal from around.'!:r)U!:'<35 one chA sp} ( -e.. YO and drec v· through all 1 loops GTl hnok. 2 de in next de and in enrh de around: Join wtth f.. Note: Loop a short piece: of yam eround any stitch to rnnrk Rnd 1 . sc In same sp. finlsh otf. repeer Irorn . skip next petal.

slrp sf) in next ch-S sp: repeat Ircm "* llTfJ'. skip next de) {} times.'{lTlting behind petals. (clc. 4. page 1)~ (5 II'" Cluster.. Itntsh off.lf.. insert hook in ch-S sp indicated. 3. working in free loops of sc rrn Rnd 1 (Fig. ch 3. loops of first slip st.:.I) p(~r'lb.. join Dk Ro5C.:.Aild) sll p ~1 to :'it . loop . finish off. YO and p1l1lnp <J loop. 5 eh-3 sps..l ~n Ilrst ::. 4 .56sts.. Rnd 5: \\lilh right sid(.:t2glnning ch-S. SC ln same sr. ch 6} twice ill each sc around. Isc. 2 join with slip st tu Lor..-i~1 from 2 times more.. join Green with 3C in. \'I. ~ rfth sc in v any ch-S sp (see JQining WIth Sc..Vilh Black. skip next 2 sc. tr Cluster. lind 8. s:-: ill next ch 3.. (2 de. tln~1 ch-S sp: r~nd1 an:!. [oln Ecru wi I t I slfp st in 4. 6 sc in second ell from f rook: do not join. short piece of ynm around n. ch 3. Design b~' .:o: dc~ YO. loops on hook. sc] in same xp. STITCH GUIDE Rod 9: Wilh right side facing: join Ecru ~. sps_ Rnd 9: Wtth right stde rocJnq. times. YO und pull up ..II base of b(~inrling ch :~. Ch 1. ch 1. * Hod 7: \Ii. ch 1. skip next de. 3 (r} in next ch-S sp. YO .J. join with sJ:r sf to both 12 ch-6 sps.Rnd :!iillnE~ 3: 3C. page 1). join with slip sr to sr at base of beqfnning cb-t.3 tr) in same sp. Ji(_:} in {~. aJ1~' OOUBLE CROCHET CLUSTER (([bb.rlning ch 4. [sll p st in LirSL sc: of next rJ02tl1L c:h 4} llf(}U):tl. ttmes. ch 1. ch 3. Rod 4: Wiih Tight side fadng and wurking lJesign by Cynthia Lurk. repeat frorn • 2 times more. in both loops of sc on Rnd 2.rking in Beck Loops Onl~' (Fig. 2 de in eech of next ~ ch ~{ sps. de.. fsc in next ( 5) around: join with slip sr co si 8!Lbese of I. .tlchch-J sp around.11 ::l. ch 3. ch 3.. Tight side. ch ~1.:s more: finish off. ch 4. sc in same st.C: (:. (3 IT. 2 de In eecl l of next 9 ch-3 sps. insert hook In de fndtcated. ch :1. (YO end drew through 2 loops on hook) 4.1agg i"'-' l·v~ l&m. ch :t . tsc in next de. insert hook in de indicated. Rod 5: . de Cluster) in m~xt de.! fadng. join with slip st to first sc.Tlg ch :~: . join Rose with slip st tn ar11i SC. [sllp ~t. nf * beginning ch-B.s-kjpnext de) across: j01T1 with slip st to first sc. Rod 2: ~V(. ch 8.".t rc third ch of t:eglnni.C€. repeat from "* llnn. ch 3. ~] 5C ill next sc.. [slip st in [lrst sc of next petal ch 3) around: join l. slip st in i~h orw 0" Cluster: ch 3. Rnd 6+ Ch 4. re'p(". 10 dtr. Rnd 7 e Wi th right sld[~ being. 2 sc In next f. Brush off: 36 cb-S sr):.1jjTh Rnd 8~ Ch 2 dt":) in next tr Cluster. finish off. work (de Cluster'.k}.-eviated tr Clust. Ch L [sltp st. ch l t. :=1(:) in sp urul in euch ch 2 sp around: join wfth slip st to 6 peeels. jolrl ~viLh :!ilip:o. ch 3. working behind petals. working behind petals.~thright afdc filcing.:'J 1(0)P (. ch :~: :2 de) in same sr. 11 de In serue sp und in each ch-S sp around: join wah slip . 1. eli :1: Ci IT: ch 1.join with slip st to ftrst en: . 2a.1'I. join Green 'oIJli. repent from around.. (2 tr. ch 3. YO Mel pLlI!Up u loop. (sc. ch-I SPi (6 de.-(wiated de Cluster) fuses D!I. Note: Loop a. t ch 1: (3 dc: ch 1: 3 tr) In next eh-5 sp. worktnq behmd leaves.. iinif.. skip next 2 SL. llrnsh off: 5 (1-8 sps.h off 6 ch-J Sp5. 6 ch-a sps. de Cluster) in next de. sldp Ilrst Pr:!Inl. slip sr In both loops of uex t sc: 15 5C. first Slip st in rirsc eh-2}: ~. 3 de) in next ch-S S[J. sc) in each ch-d sp around. (slip at in Brst sc 01 next le:. nn hoc . d I :1. Rnd 4: Ch a. Ilnlsh of I~ 6 r h-r. Rod 6: Ch 8. slip s1 in next ch-I sp.: join with sllp sr to lop or ~)E!gi. * en "* DOUBLE TREBLE CROCHET (abbrev'ated dtr) YO 3 ttmes. * "* SC..=:kipnext de. sc) in same sp.1 stitch to tI. . ch 2. (sc. page 1). YO und druw through Gil 4 loops on hook * TREBLE CROCHET CLUSTER (abh.HJd draw through 2 10ot)S Or I hook. skip nex! petal: repeat from around: JoJn wi Ih sli p st to st at base of beqlur ling ch-S.. (YO and draw throuch 2 loops on hook) twice: repeat fJ'NfI once tuses one ck) YO twice. en Rod 31 Ch 1. joln wnh slip st 10 hrsl S(. skip next de. work «Ic (Juster. * "* Rnd 1 {IDaht s:. repeat from t to t Of. li de. !. YO and drew through ~1.h slip ar in im~1 ch-8 sp: ch 3. leaves.C):J.

13: Ch 3 (counts as first de). working behind petals. * 7 .. repeat from e.. slip st in serne spl 4 Lirnes: repea! from iJrOI md: join . slip st in nexe ch-I sp..rnd pullup d loop. YO and drew through 2 loops on hook. turn: de in next de end in each sr . join with slip sr to first ch: 21 ch-S petals... Rows 2 and 3 ~ ell 3 (counts 8S first de. Mark Row 1 as right sid«. insert heck ln e:h-6 sp lndlcated. (dl . STITCH GUIDE * CWSTEB. Loop a short piece of yarn around anv stttch to mark Row 1 as right akle. join vvHh slip xt to top of Beginning finish off Design by MaDDie with sUp st In Cluster) in each th-6 ~p Cluster.. skit) next ~~ch 5 petnls. Ich 5... 3 SLS_ Note. sp...lrkiTl9behmd petals. YO and draw through 2 loops on'.1s. I (Rl']ht side): Ch L. BEGlNNlNG CLUSTER fuses one ch-f . ch 5. re-peat from arOW1c1.. work (B~hming Cluster. repeat (rom around. inln .lS No'e~ Loop a short piece of yarn around any stitch co mark Rnel 1 Rnd ch-5 ch S base right stele. worklftg behind perais..~lme st and in Dr: in fourth ch from hook and in ea-ch.5_ Rod 3: Ch l . skip next p(~l'll. ring.. [oln wlth slip st to stal of be..pi Ch 2 . slip sl in 1)(::::-:1 ch-zl.5. YO i. skip first 1 ch-5 petals. 32 ch-5 petals * Rnd 8: Ch 6. more. (sc in ring.ork Cluster.. ell 1. join with slip st to first ch: 16 -ch-5 petal.Rnd 7: 11:" Ch 1.. ch :2 7 loosely.. Row I (Righ( stdce V. 8 ch-S St)S.c. * * Rod 4: Ch 4. sldp next 4 ch-Fi r~L'.:[l. 2: Ch 3.• YO."3CjcJ\ across: st fi dc.. n~r~<"3t Irom . Note. ch 4. iinish off: 8 ch-f sps * * st 'XIIDC Rnd 9: \Vith right side tadl19: join Green any ch"':.h-5 sps. (uses one ch-S sp} YO. ~p.h-4 sps. w(}rklng behind petals. slip st th to first ch.h Cold. FLOWER (Meka 21 Rnd 5. slip st in next ch-I S(). * Finish off. YO .md druw Ihmu~h ell :~ loops on book.. ch 4. * SQUARE \. repeat [rom around. slip st in next ch-I sp. ch 4} twlce in ' a. slip bi in next ch S ~1J:(ell 5: slip ar in sonne ~p) twice: repeat from around.g. i. * * Hnd 6: Ch 5: ~w. ch :3. sltp st in next c. YO and draw through ell 4 loops on hock. now and lhrougJumt): Iurn: de in ::. ch 6. en across: 25 sts... skip first 2 cb-S petals. repeat from Lim&. repeat from onoa more. 21TOund.'1: slip s! in Sill ne ~p}3 times. Row I (t{iqhl !. lfl5Crt hook in sp indicated. 2 de in fourth ch from hook.around: josu 1.J1K3. YO and pull up a loop. sklp [trxt 3 ch-S petals. ch 4. * *~ Wi!. (v.1(:11"0. join with slip sr to at base of "beginning ch-G. 8 c.5) 8 times: [otn shp st [0 fjrsc sc: 8 ch-Ii petals. ~~ip ~L L[) nb sr at base: of b-eginning ch-S. Rows 2 . VI/ddon. skip next ~ ch-fi petals.h-5 sp.innjng ch-S.!. cb . skip flrst petal."!th Blue. ch 4 i loin with slip st Rod wi Ih EO form c.\I'i Ih Fern. 111: slip st in ncar sc.tth slip st to st at base of beginning c:h-4: 8. ch 4.~. !..

2 de: In next de) around. Desi:Qn by Mag_qJe Wt'ldorl. sc in next ch. insert hook ln first de O! -l-dc grOllp. ch 3. finish ott.t ch..X( de.':cc-: of yarn rnnrk Rnd 1 as right side. :1 dd in same sp. repeat [rom . Join YO end draw through aU 3 loops On honk STITCH GUIDE * sew R01J.Iipst to top of beginning ch-S. 2 de ln J)8'xL de. join with slip st to form a ling. YO end pull up a loop. flnbb ofi. work Cluster In next ~:). Roo 3~ Wtth right slde f~cirlgend working in Back Lcops Only (Fig.2 next rk) around: jotrt de in L1(. (de in l".:j around. ch 3: repeat from 2 tlmes more.g_ FINlSIfiNG With Yellow.. (YO t~_nd raw through 2 loops on hook) 3 d times. insert hook in same sr. TepC1'-Itfrom 1r 2 tunes mOM. :{de) in ne uu ch-S sp. Rnd 4-: With right side.t::} 'III' YO:~ nrnos...'ork!ng in free l'OOPS of b8gl. hook dropped loop and drew through.Rnd 1 (Hiq:hl side): (eh 4. ch 5.rrth right side facing... [de itt next :2 de.facinq. :3·6de.. slip _<. loin. page I)... 2 5C in same st and In €!iid l join wfth sllp st eo HrSI ac. (YO and dTi1\. de in nexr S cbs.. around at1~' SLiLt"J l I n Rnd 2. Lea'i!€s to right side of Motif.F) ringj do not jcm. 3 dcl ln next ch-S sp.qh' stdeu Ch 3. ch 1. repeat from .): Slit) st in second c11 from hock. add 3 French Knots to r:kw. repeat from .nnJng ch (Fig_ ill rill~. 3 de It! each f)f nexr 3 ch-i sps: repeat lTOlll* ~ tlrncs more. (ch L. 2 de in WiLli slip:. slip SE In next ch: do not [cln...n times in . join with slip 51: to first de. fr. :1 de} in same Sop. ch :{.. hck: in ilo£:!:X... 2 times more. 2 ric: in nex I d(. work Cluster in next st::) :1 liHU.. join with slip st to top of Jje~jTlnin~ Cluster.. 3 de in puch ul next 3 ch-I S[)S.' through 2 loops on hook} 3 limes. . Join with f:.1. sc in next ch.. ch 4: join with ~psl ln Iorrn e 1. Ilnfsh off. Rod 5: Ch :3. FWWEK (Jvlake ) 3 With l uv . (ch 1. Rnd. ch 2..:-mll 16 sps .1hite with slfp st in any sc: work Begl.... hook dropped loop a. YO and draw through all 4 loop!. 50::: jL1 tiLlg: SUp:sL 10 Note: Leo p a sl rot! pi(. page 2)_ UsiTlg photo i. with slip 51 to fiTS~ de. de in next 2 de. nn hook.. {2 dr. C€'rIL£'r of each BEGINNJNG CLUSTER (. 4~ Ch 3. eh :1. \.. insert hook in Lop 01 Hod 1 (Rlgh[ sldeu Ch 1. finish off: 16 Clusters .Rod 3: Ch 3.~". 48 de.Hd drew through. join Green wl[h sllp st irl r:b-:~ Sf1. ch 2.drop loop from hook. ch I.15 u guide (or placement. Hod ~[l).. ch 4. join Green wtth sltp st in any' cb-S sp: ch . LEAF 1M.h Yellow . slip st jL1 last ch. lind I IR. mder.: Ch 'I. de in nex! . finlsh off leaving a long end for saotnq. . bdc tn next ch. YO and pull up a loop. finish off. 3 de -In rU1Q. ke 3} Wltb Green. h 4. 2 LT. de In next de. 2 tlrnes more. drop loop from hook. ch 5. with V\hth LN-'"!TiPf![-rr. YO 3 times. \A.o' )'"ZIrTI around any stitch [0 2: V.d 1 as rIght side. * * (3 de. PQge J). ~ * * Noie. (2 de. finish off: Il ch-S sps. '*" 4.l short p'ecc or mark R.. 2 de in nCXI de. c11 8 loosely_ Rnd 1 mf-!}ht sid('. ch .-'"irlg e IOl1g end for ~~"ir. S Ilrst sc.3. (de in next de.sign by CGTok Prior. work Cluster in next sc. join wlth shp st 10 third ch of beginning eh-3. 16 sc.~ to first de. 6 . join with slip I S[ to form join jj ring. I . insert hook in sc lndlcated. one sci Ch 4. ch 1_ ch 3.:cr (Fig_ 6. join wlLll slip st to I[]p (l b(-::ginning (1-3.""_S. ch 1. once more. (3 de. Ilnish off 1(~i:1\.QOr i.) chs.Iext 3 de./). ~: around: b~Djng ch-S.i bmes.'I.ICrs and CWSTER (uses OJ)~ !:.

h 11)twice: repeat Irorn . Ch 3.'. Rnd.1 Irorn once more. iac1ng.~ chs.I.)(:ing end workinq In Back Loops Only (Fig. hdc Jn next ch. LO And 2: \. 8 . c Rnd 1 might stdcu Ch 3. YO ued draw thmlluh 2 loom on book H-!fl{~.onrkingin fT0(-! loops of beginnjng ch (Fig. (2 sc. Lu third ch ol beqinrdn~ ch-S.::11L. joln wlth slip SL 10 form (I rlng. YO and draw IJIn)~ll . <':iTOLJrI( (uses one de) Cb 2..sign b~' . *" CLUSTER (11:=. !. ch 3. 2 de in each of next 4 de and ~T1 each of next . * S:: Vhth right side f~dng. en Rnd 3~ \l". YO und drew through 2 loops on huck. ch 4.. Sof!W 1:. stitch to . 2: :. Note~ Loop a short piece of yarn around an~' sdtch murk Rtal 1 . 1 1'2. eh . YO and draw thr(p'j~h i111 loops 4 on hook. h 4. (work Cluster in l:tt~l de. ch 6.lS(~S one scl YO~ in~rt· hook tn SC indtcated. YO and draw through all 3 Icc ps hook * * STITCH GUIDE With Yellow. YO and pull up e IO'". ch 5: ~o:n wlth slip S[ to Ilrst rlc Rnd Z: Ch 3. slip st to first sc.2 sp around: joln ~].(lt from once more. Add Ecru accent lines to Flowers. \I "'' ' .. !il~pst) i>l next ch. do not tum. 10 lop of Bcqinninq Cluster.' "--.~rn . va and pull up a loop.* Rod 2: V.join Green with slip st in sp: ch 1: I. C h 2.n with slip sf to fjTT:it sc. ch 8. work Cluster in next sc .cl in liLst Chi '.. join Lacender with slip st in any sc: ch 2: de in same at. [oln Cold wh. (2 5( join wtth slip st to first de. ch 4) twlce. _ I ~. 1. 2...]:-. dc in same st. '[15(':1t hook in same st.-·Tor r_1lKimbro llgll..(~!5 one do:.. YO and pull up a loop. T<!TW. finish off Rod any ch-4 Wlth BroCAI. c. De.(:) in next ch-d sp. ' .Maggie STITCH GUIDE We 1do~1. with sc in a.ny ch-z sp (see Joir!il!g Willi &. O ~lTld draw through 2 IQ(lPS on hook: repeat Y from . de [rt next 2 chs.. ch 2.!'!::i more. join wlth slip st. finish off ~ 12 sps. ch 2) around.\"illl Green.:. 21 ~~ .I. paglE:: 1).!(~r!:'i and Lea·~'CSto Square. SC) in same sp.[ in anv de. [sc in next ch-Z sp.:jth sllp st to ilrst 92... rlnl~J~(if. right ~ido. YO. (sc.littright side j. ch 4: (sc in rl~~xtdl4 sp. 2 times more. wlrh sll P st to both loops of first dc.: '. finish off: 12 ch-2 sps. work Cluster in next sc) twice.Rod 1. LEAF (Make. finish off lea uitlH a tong end for se: Ning.lth right side facing. join Green.:l YO. 2b~page 1). finish off. Me in next ch. joi. r:h 11 for stern: Hn15h off leaving a long end for sewing. . (2 de. page 1).. 12 sc in ring: jom will.. t:h 3. :i eel in same 5P.h slip:-.. 2 times more. 1 1 de in rin1]. work ChJsr-e·r in ncxtsc: repeat Irom 2 I ~rTI.. . Note: I cop ~ short piece of yam mark Rnd 1 r!:IS right side. ch 4. join with slip st. 1 ~ sis. join wlth slip st to Iorm a rinq. . BEGINNING ClUSTER Rnd I (Ei8-hL !---ide):Ch 1.rigbt side.. 1 (HiQhl sldelt 2 De ill Iourlh ch (rom hook. finish oft.a Quid-e-for placan 10.. (ch ~..)[J. rum: de in next de and in each de across. ' ..). work Cluster I.'Jl. insert hook in de indicated. de In next 'l chs..)I).k. DE:"slgn b!.)U :1Io[]ps on hook: * I ~·IT1"'" . lee. 2 eel in ea-ch ch. '''. ch 4. slip S[ In thltd ch fmm hook. ch H lOD!il!l!J. work Beginning Cluster. CLUSTER (1. ch :). join. ch n...n flex! SL:. On fiNISHING Uslnq photo a.

.. join wlth s. ch 2. de in same :..3 tim-es.Jlp 91 to [irat de.:. ch :3-. * one * Rnd 5: With right side fadng. YO iHIU pull up sr loop (4 loops en hook}. STITCH GUIDE * * Rnd 3= With right snle f'J(:ing. .. YO. YO and draw through all 3 loops on hook. f:.~ rr in next ch. YO and Pl1Uup a loop (4 loops on hook). dc) in next ch-Z sp: repeat from 2 tlrncs more. sltp st In next ch. I * With \o\~1lte. * 9 .. ch 2) 3 times: Join wlth sllp st to first d·:. join wtth slip st to tOI) of be~~innuN dl-l.'!·k in next ch . ch altp st in next ch.iJjcfted tr) YO twice.k. 2 hdc in lase ch. }oin Yellow with 5C in first de to ]eft of jolning (see Joining Wi .113 "p) . join GrC-Rn with slip st m serue st <1:'i joining. ch ~1. :3 IT in next ch.. skip next :3 tr 'to ide. repeat [rot] L once mere. 205ts end 20 sps. Y() and dTi:J1).. no."' and througbcne].1:'. join \'Vhi~ wllh sllp s! in sarn« st .1T1d pullup tJ loop YO and draw through one loop on hook: repeat from .pnexr :3 chs. YO and draw Ihrough 2 loops on book. repeat from 2 times mOM. ch 2} twke in next ~C. 3 IT in next ch.. YO l~ ice. finish off: 24 tr and 4 K.. then repeat from '1" (Q l' once.aJid pull up a loop..Rnd 4: ~\. lnserr book in cb-S sp Indcated. * TREBLE CROCHET (ahhl"ti~. ch :3. TREBLE CROCHET (abb".. ch 4.. tlmes.. sc fn next cl L.L. 't skip next 3 tr. ch 3. (3 de in rlnq. joining.ltb rlght stde Inclnq. Insert hook in ch todtcered. (YO and draw through 2l(]ops on hook) .once mote. ch 2. . Insert hook jn same sp.. work tr Cluster in next ex LSC CI~J:-iL·(~r...2 ~p. ch 5... ch ·1. skip next 3 d1S. YO 1111[1 druw through ell 4 loops. finish off.d ~r CJuster} (uses one ~1} jI. 4. Ide. ch 4. CLUSTER (uses Or I"'.I~ &. slip sL lo r rrrm e ring. YO and pull up a . pag~ 1). . de in next 2 de.. ch 4.. firtish off.:: 2 de and 4 ch-2 sps. insert hook in de lndlcured. ch 4.. hdc in next sc. sr: in next de. * * +. hdc in next st} . rE!'p<-:rll fTOrTI 2 times more. YO . EXTENDED LONG SINGLE CROCHET CWSTER (abbreviated ex LSC Cluster) (US(-!!> one <..Jt:) b~ next L:b-2 sp.. ch 4. work tr Cluster In next oI:1X LSC Cluster.!hrough t all 3 loops on hoo~... cb 2. YO and pull up a loop. [de. skip next 2 de: re peat f rOI~ I 2 Llmt:::!i mere: join with slip:-it LO Ilrst sc. repeat from once more. 1 Note. de it! next :1 de. eh 2. (YO nnd dT11W through 2 loops on hookl 3 times. VO and draw IhTOIJ8h ~I] ~~loops on hook (connrs as one sc) I STITCH GUIDE TREBLE CROCHET CLUSTER (abbrevolate. ch 1 spj Y(). work ex LSC Cluster in ·ch-3 sp rr-d below slip st. 2 de in ring. ~~ki[1' ne-xt 2 de. 3 tr in next ch. (2 hdc In next ch-Z sp. Loop a short piece of yarn around an~' stitch to mark Red 1 ee Tight skle Rod 2: Cb 3. YO. joiu with slip :-itto thtrd ch of bcglnninq ch-S..ated Ie) YO twice. insert hook in ch-I sp lndmeted. YO nod draw tluoLigh 2 loops On hook. (2 h.. skip nexl 2 de. .h 2 sp. on hook. insert honk in sr inrhcared.:o:::. sc In next ch.. loop ('YO end drew through 2 loops on hook) [wi.. BEGINNING CWSTER I:U~ one ch-I sol Ch 2. firlish l)H: :to de und 4 cb S sps. h Hod 1 {Right side)! Ch 3 (OOW'HS as fir!lt dc. worklnq around nexr slip st. 4il" next L': de. hdc in next ~t) twice. ch ·1. [oln wh. hdc in next sc: repeat [rom ~ Hnw:!:'omere..

* * Rod 7: Slip st in first ch-a sp. 2lu:!r: in each of n~xl[ 2 de. de. ~kip next :3 sts.VilhTight side factr. of st tndxeted (Fig. t. ch 2. (ch 2. 2 hoc in each of next 2 de. de In next 2 de.dee.. ()T1 STITCH GUIDE Rnd S: With right side facing. 5C in sp before next . tr) in next cb-S sp on Rnd 7.. de In next 2 de. ch 1. v. Wilh Ecru. 3 de in next (:h-3 sp.. de In r1. join wlth slip st lo for ot beginning ch-c. Note: md any stfrch to Loop e short piece of yarn around any stitch to mark Hnd 1 as right slde. ch q. 4 tr..:2 de. :1 de. skip Tlf::)( I 2 flc on Rnd 7.:(~ varn of TT'. Ir in next de." dr: in n(~)!.. YO and PLlIJ lip a lonp (4 loons hook]. rtl~i~ll (if .. lr. De.. join with slip S[ [0 Ilrst de.. msserthook from fwnt 10 back around post .s. (3 tr. cb 4. repeat from nruund. Rnd 4: ~. 4 df: in each of next 2 ch-4 sps.ated FPtr) YO l~ tee. 21] de and 6 ch-I sps.lnVch-I sp: ch 3.1 sp .. [oln Greer I with sc in sp between any 2 FP[f (see J Din ing With SCI page 1)..'( [1(~>::~ * fiTltsh oFf . sklp next !=l sts on Rnd rapeu! from 2 times more.. now and throughout). ec in next de. ch ..L sp.~T!!u in next 2 de. on Rnd. fl.h :Jj repeat from 2 times more.. i With right side faclf~Q.. 'il!.. Il de in fourth ch from hook. ir rsen he mk in sp tndfcuted. work Cluster in next ch. In seme so. in same sp. sl. [oln £(. ell :::3. tr) m same sp. (:Iustr-:r. Rnd 6: \... (ch 2. join Green with slip :u in . [otn wnh slip at co top or beqlnninq L:b-4. 3 de in next cb-S sp. skip next 2 de.i... skip next de: repeat front .. de in next 2 de. 7.. ch 2~ 3 de.P. 4 II'.. . eli 4. * 1). ~\ork FPtr around next sc em Rnd 6. skip next 3 sts. 12 10 umes. 3 de i..Rnd 5: Ch :1. 010 and draw through :2 loops [WI hook) :llimp-.. ch S..'i Spj dt:1 (c.n!~h nCf: (. * * . tr ln nexr dc.ilh slip st in any eh-3 sp: ch 4.. 3 de.:ou nts as flrst de. sts Oil Rnd 7. Itnlsh off: 12 Clusters. ch 1) around... join with sup st [0 first sc.l"udny ch-4 to form I~St ch-Lsp: 12e:h-lsp5. 4 IT} in next ch-a sp.. ch 4..g. ch 4. ell G. Rod I (Right side): Ch 1.n P next de. sps: 4 reoect From 2 times more. 'ork 2 FPtr around next FPtr} around to li1S1 2 de.[oln Groen with slip st in anl_.j !i. srk FPtr around next sc on Rnd 6.i in '. work Cluster In f next ch-I sp) twice. (YO and dmw through 2 loops on book) 3 times ... hr.. ch 4. 2 UtTL>12S more. page 2). Rod . 12 ch 4 Sp5. (2 de in next ch·2 sp. join with slip S[ [0 Ilrst sc. 2 hdc in each of next . join with slip st to top of BeginnIng Cluster. I de in next Cluster) twice. join with sllp st to form <1 rir 19. jotn ~I.:.!ii!h slip S[ [0 top of oegl. (3 de. (ch 1. work FPtr around nexr sc on Hnd 6. work 2 FPtr around next f7Ptr.. * * Rod 3: Wtth right side facing. * * TREBLE CROCHET (abbreviated Ir) YO L~ vlea. * Bud 2 i Ch 1. work rPlr around next 5C on Rnd 6. 4 de in each of next 2 ch . skip next 3 sts. finish off. un Rnd J. flnlsh ofl. (de in next 5 de. (2 de: in next ch-2 sp. SoC in same st. e. 111: de in next ch. (4 de: in next cb-S sp.'ryr"kkginning Cluster. 3 de.l I2h-. FRONT POST TREBLE CROCHET (abb"'tI. sc in next de.nning ch-S.111 ~.h :1.ip next S. YO and pull up a loop f4 loops on hookl.nnext tr ami in next ch-.. join with sllp S[ [0 firsl de: 30 de: and 6 FPir . ch 3. ch 3. in last 2 de join ~~11h slip sf 1'0 first de. 5igrl by Jan lIatfic!d ----------------- 10 . repeat {rom .. Nul e'~ Loop a sl 1!{1TI piP. slip st to top of baAimling <~h·4..lI:VR Rnd J as right side iln)1 Rod 1 {Right side). (4 Ir. de in r[ng. work Cluster in next ch-I sp) t . and 16 sps. same !i-I joininq: ch :"i. work fP(T around next sc on Rnd 6. 5.'3. finish off. ch ~-l. sc I.. sc In thlrd ch of beQi. work FPtr around slopped de on R nd ! below same st.Witb Pink. 2 We: In eecl I of 2 de.I"ii Ih right side rac.. cb-S sps.?: de iu nex I Ir er rd in next ch-:"". s-kip next 3 sts. . vrork FPo' around next !:J:: on Rnd 6. Join Ecru with !Jip. rith L2 sts. join l. work FPCI' around sklpped de on Hnd 1 below sante st. de in next <liS Cluster) twice..... Hod 2: V.iP next de... '{IL: in next 2 de on Rnd 3: repea I f rom around.

(~rlhook ln same st..:~giHning Puff St. * * BEGINNING PUFF STITCH (abbret1. * CWSTEH "fr YO. rimes. * * Rod 4: V. YO twice. de in next 3 sc.g With . jotn wtth sltp sl to first hdc. (YO and draw LIu·ollAh 2 loops on hook) t. 2 times more.. ch . Y() <". Rnd 3: \Nltb right side fadng.Rnd 4~ Wlth right slde fc. 'icc. ch 3) ?. ch 5. join \. ch 4: join with slip st to form e Ting. Ilnish oft 32 hdc.. ch 1) around.C~ ch 2. (I)..()OP <l short piece of yam around ~lT1ystnch to Rod 2: Work R. [oln Green wlth slip st ~1 'ilh i. * 8 ch-I sps. Rod 5: Ch 3. c:. 3 hdct in same 5P. right slde f<Jdng. join will! sllp S[ [0 top of Beginning Cluster. ch 2. ill rmq.. bdc. in next SC. YO and draw through ~Il 3 lor)p!:' nn ho()k. finish off... insert hool. join with slip at to first de. * * I CLUSTER (uses oue Plll! SI) YO twice.. Rnd 3: \Il. ch 1. . (YO and draw through 21(JQr·'HlH book) t'J]J02: repeet from J tirnwi mere YO and draw through ell 5 loops rm ~Look. . (work Puff SI in next . \Vith Purple.. insert hook in Puff St indtcn! ed. YO und drav . through all S loops nn hook. In next 13 sc. join with slip silo flrst hdc. YO and pull up a loop e. d I 2.!orl< Cluster.5. Rnd 1 {Rjght tildeh en 2. VO. ch 4. ch 4: skip next ch: repeat [rom '111: around. ruark Rod 2: \Vith rjght ssdc facing. 1 Note: Loop ~ short pfec« of \o'21rn around any stttch to nark Rnd 1 as r1ght side.cing. (iLLh:JL o-ff: 12 ch-t sps.. 11 ..' in rin!. YO and pull up a loop. ch 3) 3 times: repeat from jc 2 times mOn. 1hdc in cecb ch-I sp around. repeat from 4 limes more. ec \n next hdc.ated l1eglrmin:g Pt4f St) fuses one scl Ch 2. de in la~t~ de. fitlish oIf. ioin Lt Green with sc ill any hdc (see Join. {2 hdc. ' STITCH GUIDE * * PUFF STlTCtl (abbreuiMed Puff SI) (uses one scl YO. [ YO and dmw thruuqh ell 7 loops on hook.. rh 1. join Green with sltp st tn anv ch-I sp: cb l. YO and draw I hroll~h all 6 (rJOf1S on hook. finish off. * Yeilcw... join White wtth slip sr in any ch. YO end pull up eloop. repeat from 2 ttmee more.. -page IF ch 2: skip next hdc.iork B(~illnlng Cluster. 2 de in next :-n::.lie. 3 hdc] tu next ch-Z so..:.. 0':.!.11 sd pull I fTJ a loop. 2 de in n~x1 sc...h.!:. skip next hdc.-ilh ~ip st tc (OP of b2g"inning ch-B. cb :t c (sc in next ch-z sp. join '. slip sl 10 LC'P of Beginning +th Puff St 12 Pllfi $1. 5 5(: in snrne "P ur I(] LTieecl L ch-4 sp ercund: join with slip SI to first sc: 60 5C. 12 sc in Tins: join wlth slip sr to first sc. 2 de.' h-Z sp: ch 2.. repeat trorn around: join wrth slip 51 10 [irsl sc: Hnlsh (' 16 ch-Z sps. YO and drew LJ ~rou8-h 2 loops on book: repeat from once more. Insert hook in sc lndicetcd.. YO and pull up d loop «ven with loop on hcok: n~fl'=:~[rom . T. sktp next . 3 hdc in same sp. de..1 sp: ch 2 {counts as first hdc. . ch -'1: Join with slip st to form a Tin8· lbuI 1 (Ri~hl ~ld8): Ch 1. ch 3: (sc in next ch-2 sp. • work Cluster in next Puft 51. * STITCH GUIDE BEGINNING CLUSTER I\ISO-'one Puff SI) ClL 4.. 2 de in next .'iK!J1 wtth loop 0[1 hook: repeat from once rrtor'e. now and throughout}. WJtb ch 1) 7 Li[llf!!ii. 'n:. Insert hook in 5Iiilme st. Roo 1 as right sid(~.

.l: in second ch from hook. (de.Design bl-' Judy Bolin. tr.4.I1:. :2 Lirm~. de in next 2 Sits.!j. insert book in same S[ Or SP: YO and pull up ~ loop.Rnd 5: Ch 3. de in next 3 SIS: repeal from 2 tlmes more. 'een petals: ch L. ch I} around.. 2 de) in :'. in fourth • ch from hook. 2-1 ch-I sps. 5: V.. hook in 501 or sp Jndlcated. fsc in next sc between petals. join Green ~ tth slip SLin t .. C1'. YO.. (de.' next sc and in last ch-I !:>Pi joj[1 with slip st [0 first se: 28 sls and 4 ch-J 5p5.!. 2 de in each L"\eK[ 6 ch-I spa.s~ (2 de. sc In next de. del in next SiC: b:k in next ch-I 51) .. ch 2.1 !o t up of Bc=:-ginnin-J Cluster. de. Ide. work Cluster in next Cluster. YO and druw through 2 loops on hook: repeat from once more."C with sup sr In any de: work Beginnln1 Cluster. join wi I h slsp st to top of beqlruur 19 ch ::"L finish off. ch 2.. finish 011.. de) in next ch-S sp. ch 1. tk) in TlP-:< I cb-S sp..:0!i(~. in next S(:. Rod I (Rlgh~ side): Cb :3 [counts as fiT~t de. ch 3. Ilnlsh off: 12 de..ign b~' Anne HaliidCl_l. work Cluster in next ch-I 5P. insert hcok m ch-I sp tndtcered. ch 1) S times. ch 1. "* \ .. (de..:.): V'Jlth Lt Blue. c:h :1. YO und up a loop (4 loops on hooki. YO and drew [h.:ing. * * No'e~ Loop a short piece of vern around any stitch 'ITk"'lrjl: (Q Hnd 1 as right side. (work Cluster in next de. ell 1.r.-liJll:-.1t [rom around: . 2 de) ln next ch-I sp.:. page l)j [ch 3. Rod 2: \. 1.. workmq behind petals.loin will ~slip :=. join Blue with SiC IlL same ~I <'I:'. * .. 2 del in next d1-2 sp. ch 1. de: In next 3 sis. ch 3. lind 2: \Vi.thright sid« (udng. ch 1} .2ITrI CLUSTER *. ch 2. ch 1: re PE::. join with slip st to ii:r.~ 12 sc erd 12 ch-I sps.'ith right slde f~. any ch-I sp: ch 3. ch S. [oln Dk Rose with slip st in env ch 1 sp i work Beginning Cluster. finish off. Ilrush off: 12 sts. ch 1.. de ln next 3 ill. finish off. de in next 7 sts. 11 de. ch 1. de in next 3 sts. ch 1) around..r. repeat r times more: de in last 4 sts.Vith wrong slde I'. Green wlth sc: ill iHl\../ilb right stde {aciog. . finish off: 12 Clusters and en 12 ch-I ST. y() erul drew Ihr(}ug h 2 loops on hook. hUl: in TI(~t ch-I sp: repeet fTOtTI 2 times more. * * Hnd I (Right Side.iml(~ -""P... hdc lrl next ch-I sp. TREBlE CROCHET (abb. repea L f rrn r1'. (sc in next ch-I Sip. ~'. [sr: in next ch-I sp. SlTfCH GUIDE pull BEGINNING CLUSTER {uses one st or spl Ch 2. sc In next ch-I sp and in next sc. * J()rTI *~ Rnd 4: ~Vi h right side fn cing.. 2 de In each [If next 6 ch-I sps. 28 sps f... tr.. 6 !'. [de. now and throuqhout].h::::.. sc . ch 1 . 2 tir:) in eomc sp. 3. NotE!~ Loop n short piece of mark Rnd 1 Q~ right side. jnlrliJ1g (fjee JofrJ jJlg W·ll h Sc. YO <md pull up a uruund any stitch to lncp. repent from arcurtd: join wlth sllp sl I0 Hrsr sc. * * or .Rnd. 11 de in ling. join with slip st to [trsn dr:. join with !51)p 51: to top of Ikglnning Cluster. 6 sc in second ch Iroin hook (petal made)).!:IJfated tr) YOCI.!:>lipt in -lth s i1rly ch-Z sp i ch 3: (de. finish off: 12 sc and 12 pp.. ch 1: work Cluster in next Cluster.WllHh 'lll 4 loops on hook. join Ro.YO. Rnd 4: Ch 1: 5C in same st.' join Seebett . * 12 . LI 1J. Insert [uses one sl [_l !:>lJ! .mOTII. repeal from 2 times more. (YO and dITJWthrough 2 loops on hook) 3 times... tr. sc in next sc. hdc in next ch 1 sp. join Ecru \. jOLn with 'lth slip st co torm a 1. YO and draw Ihmllgh ell ~ loops on hook. join with slip st to top of be~trming ch-q .ch 4.. ch 2. (2 de. Rnd 3: \\.lt. ttmes. * en Rnd 3: \\o'ith right side fecinq... join with sllp st L(} (irsL de. ch 4.! j join with slip st to first de.

ch 5-. t de Cluster..h otf. then repeal: from t lu t once. racing. STITCH GUIDE STITCH GUIDE * * CROCHET CLUSTER (abbnwiated de Cluster) (uses one 5[J'l . one SL)) Ch 2.. job) wlth sllp 51 10 top of B~g~rJnlng de Cluster. ch 5. ch 3: 3 de) In ~rTW. ch 4. IrIse-rt hook in ch 1 ~1J indkated. YO.hili right side.. YO and draw through 2 I(1Qr:'ion hook. YO and draw through all ~1.s Otl02.lslt~).'i 1h right side faring. YO. sc in next ch-S ap. join Ll Green with ..h un. page 1):. ch l) 11 time>. W()rk Be!)innin8 de Cluster in Tin8. join with !'ilip:!iL [0 top of beginrLing cb-S. YO und pull up a loop. YO ~nd c pull up a loop.. {\~'i)rk Cluster In next ch. ie ch-I SPI or YO. work de Cluster in ri(1g. join Purple 1. CLUSTER * * on hcol. fnserr hook in sp indicated... de In next stl m. (3 ric. Itntsh off: 12 sts lind 15 'T". 13 . ch 4.. _ (LJ5{ YO.<ilh !. YO and (hmr through ..(:I2.::.'stitch 10 Note: Loop a short piece of yarn around any stitch 10 I'E erk Rnd 1 as right side. Rnd 3:: \\. tr Cluster. * * TREBL~ CROCHET CLUSTER (abb r evlat-ed tr CI ust.loops on hook. repent Irotu once more. )Olt1 wub slip st to form ri. de Ol.:1Tn around an~.. Note. work de Cluster in ring.'3) ercurtd: j()in ~ .. s + 4 de in next ch-4 ::ip. more. de In n£. ftne . [ofn with slip st t (} top of Baqfrmtnq de Chl~. p &ginnil1g Cluster. juin Green with 5C in m I~ eh ~)sp teee Joining With Sc. repent from once. finish off 12 ch-I sps. POUBLE * BEGINNING CWSTER Iuses OT1(~ ch-I sp) Ch 2.Lgh ell 4 loops on hook. ch 4: de C1LJ51~r)...J sp. Picot. lce. And 2: With right side feeing.). 4 de in next ch-c !'ip t. jcm wuh sllp st [0 third en of l~gjMlng ch-q. sc In next ch ~-l sp . Hnd 1 (Rig"' . ch 3. . i1 \'-.. ch J. YO end pull up a loop. (2 de.{!r) (uS€. ch 5. Hni!::. Loop * * .. ch 3. (de in rin8. ch S.. YO and draw through 2 loops on hook: repeat from 2 Lilr1!l!s. work Baqfnntnq Cluster. repeat from once more.ncl1 as right :. loops on hook. ch 4. YO and pull lip ~l Joop.. (VO and drew through 2 Jeeps on hook) twice.. ch-S sp) YO tl. Ch Whrte. Insert hook in 5p LmJiCatOO.. YO end drew Ihn)l. sp. YO and dreo. slip With Yellow. d~ . work de Cluster in ring. [sc In next cb-S sp.. ch 3. ch 4. jmfsh on: 12 Clusters and 12 ch-3 sps. !=i. tr Cluster. ch 3. repeat from 2 Limes more.. YO and. repeat (Torn 'If 2 times more.t ttl fourth ell from hook. Insert hook in ch-o sp Inc treated. YO end draw through 2 loops un hook. draw throuqh ell 1....ide faclng: join Green with slip st in 0:::11-3 p of tm)' Pfcot...thror J8h all 4 loops ' * PICOT ell ·1.Rnd 2: V. (3 de ill x next ch-S sp.::: loops on hcol . 'im slip at TO form 81 ring.~ip :'il Jrt OI[lYch-S sp: in same ap """ntk (Beginning de Cluster.. Hod 1 (Right side) .Vbm slip !51 in arty ch-I sp..(-:r: Huish oH: 6 sps..iJ4!. * * rk~iQn b~' Co-ote Prim: BEGINNlNG POUBLE CROCHET CWSTER (abbreviated BegiHning de Cluster") ~1. ch S.1 shore piece of murk I{. Picot.J<. repeat Iron I once more. ch 3.. cit 3: 3 dd in ch S sp of nexr Picot: n~pea( Irom once J[lOTe. * * And 3: Wrth right !-.. YO and pull up e loop.h ~11 S~to top of ./tp st to first SG. in next L:h-S sp work Ide Cluster.1'1 :. ch 3. more.lSe:s. insert hook in same sp. YO and drew throuqf 2 100 ps on hook. y.. ch 5) around: join ~l.. unn ~ .

.oop a short pi(~(....).J) [(}P of b(~~inrlinB ch-Z. (2 de. Rnd 2: Ch 3. YO and draw through . YO end pld] 1l[1 il loop (41nOfl:<i on honk).ext sc. (~J5(>":. page 1)· d 1 1. working behind next Popccrr I: S(: in r. YO <. * * * V. [YO and draw through 2: loops on hook) 3 times 2~TR CLUSTER "\IS(~!!. (YO and draw lhn)ogh 2 loops on hook) P. YO and drew through it!J ~ I():)r:':'i orr hock.. one ch-2 sp) Ch 3. STITCH GUIDE * V. 4 [1[: in next ch-S sp. finish off: . 8 S(: in Ting. finish of[: 16. I. insert hook I. lnscrt hook In same sp.. ch L. : ill next ch-S sp: repeat from .Rnd 3 ~ Wtth right slda J aclnq. ch 2: (4 de fn ring. join wlth slip st to top of beg~nnul!-:ch :t 1)T1iShotf.111 S loops on hook. joln Green wtth !5C fn any' sc Ibctweeu Popcorris] {see ~J(Jinrng With Sc.:. Hnd 1 ij{:qllt siJt:): 01 :'L :{ de in de} YO twice.:tJ mark I~n. 4 hdc in next ch-S sp. en 1... No'e~ l. (_~C. 1_ page 1).::(. ch 1. Hnd 3: V.·H.(~ of ynm around ~n:!.. flnlsh cH * * De"Sjgt~ by j\iQir cQT . ch :1) ilJQllrld.} tr) in saroe sp. ch L 4 ~T) in next ch-3 sp.'. IJ.mtl pilII lip u loop. work B~Binning 5~tr Cluster.~giT1ning ch-I. 5··TR CWSTER (uses one ch-Z sp) YO I~ tee.JS[(~"" in next de. ch :1: (work ~ Ir Cluster in next ch-Z sp. join v.. 2 de) in same :-:. 4: de !.. 1c YO twice.. dJ()r ~ I()OP from hook. !i. h 1. TRE8LE CROCHET (ahb"evioted M YO rwtce. Rod 1 (Ri!]ht side}: Ch 1... pull up a loop: ('lO and draw' throuqh 2 looj». 4 de: In next ch-3 sp. ch 4: (:~ tr. Rod 4:. (4 rr. (work 2-lr (:I-. hook dropped lou P end draw throuqh z. v}f):rk Popcorn.' ch~2 sp. jnirt Green 'with sltp st In any' cb-S sp.H Popcorns. 14 .: 1 ilS right std« to '* Rod 4: Ch :l Ide.. ch 2) 3 times: join wah slip S( [0 top of beglnrLIJ)!{ ch-S: 16 sts and 4 ch~2 spa. 4 hdc in next ch-S SP: 4 d.1 stitch to rrmrk Rnd I as right slde. finish off.]. c ch l ] twice in eech sc around. ch . repeat from around. Note: Loop a short piece o! yarn around eny "tih. YO and druw thruuqh .U6 loops on hook. YO und '(lull up . STITCH GUIDE POPCORN Ch :J hac in sc indicated.h-2 sp indicated...'ith right side facing..~:jce~ repeat from .ps. Wtth right side fecmq. BEGINNING S~TR CWSTEH.n~.1100[1": (YO ilT1d dmw through 2 loops on hook) twice: repeat from e 3 times more. OJl hcx ik] h.ith slip st to ' Front Loop ()nly of first 5-C (Fig. ch 2. 2 times more: join with slip st to rep of '·:-. insert hook in (.n de indicated. YO and ..J1 next c:h<) !:'p. Rad 2~ Ch L working in Front Loops Onl::. once more. ch 4: }011"1 with slip :oiL to f urrn a nng. join with slip sr to Ilrst SC: S sc.hth Blue. tr in same st.':: repeat Irorn 4 rtmcs more.. lnscn hook in st or sp tnchcared. insert hook !.. join with sltp st to top of Beginnlrl8-'~ lr Cluster..I~. ell 2) In same st and in (~rj[:n 5C around: join with slip SL LO both loops of first sc.1\-2...'ilhBrown. join GM with slip st in a. join wilh slip sr ro to r m a lin..1. ch 2) around: join with slip' S( to first tr.

.r.d 3: With right aide h1ciTl8:joln Green with slip st first ch-.. I hen repeu I f rom t to 't once: join wtth ~IjpsL to Ilrst SC.. finish and working behind Green with . ell :1) Iwfce. G times more..:~d: YO and pull up a loop. 1 (Right sjde). 3 in next ch 5 <p.'()l'k 6g.. Rnd 3: Worklng in cb-S sps on Rnd 1 and ln front of ch-':'-Ol1 Rnd 2. sc In semc sf. ch * Bud 2~ ell 1. YO nrnl drew through all 4 lonps orr heck.. slip st to torm e rillg.ch1: (tl( ch 1) !J rhues. OU5t(=:T..:1 sp.:.:::ttmore. '{O and draw t hn)l1~h all 3 loops on OOUBLE CROCHET CLUSTER ((lbbreviaJcd de Cluster) [uses one ch-3 Sp:l "'IT YO. work meg: nnin8 de Cluster.~t irom * 2·o t(lP of beqlnumq cn-3. Ch I.::. d L 6. L: )OP . ch :~: de Cluster] In same 5[J.. cb-S sps.:. Notf'!..iatecl * "* OOUBLE CROCHET CLUSTER Beghming de Clu:!i!i!?:r') ch-S sp) YO. (!j:: fu rir I~: ch :1) 8.P: . r(~~& once more. repeat from 2 times mOT'E!. hdc in LK'. (=:.:. ch ::! n"f1(~~L [rom . YO and Pl1U \IP n Il)(. ..nltlg IT Cluster.<·. 1t ..tL . [cln with slip sr to top ()I B~i. loop . from :2 urnes more.lip :'i...ginnjng de Cluster.l..:-1 JL: IJ) next cb-S sp. Note.)]LJ 2 times more.join 1..::d-l. fwork de Cluster In ness ch-3 sp.lip fot tn rm~' eh-~ pe! ~I:ii..1 to top of Bc-ginniliB de Cluster. (work de..(er. finish oH.. ch 2. dr: CII. (3 tr.WP.1T)..Ihth Ecru.J~ter) in same «p.. ch 2: t (skip next ch-I sp. ch 3} 7 I trnes.j) twtc«.join .5(-!~1 book In rin!]. tn * JJeslgn by Terry EirnnT()1Jgti.Rn. Cluster) YO 1~tee. * * :1.) short piece of y~!rn ~~.h-~~gp . B fwork I T Cluster.)LI11dny stitch to a murk Hnd 1 as right sule. YO t\. repeat from :z I in 10::::-. 12 c:b-3 Sl~6..(~. insert hook 1J) ch-S sp ind'tci)t. YO end draw through 2 lucps on hook repent r !t"'(:....'1 sp:-.~):\1. STITCH GUIDE * O[1.. in next s...:ning TT Clus! (-!T. _R)ln wid". ch . :i.:ITOI meI merk Rnd 1 as right std«.in'!J.. rncrre: ~(Jln with ::.:'s. ch 3. Rnd 1 (Rtght ::. ch 3. Rnd 5: Vv'li1L :riQ:hl slde cac.. ch S: (sc in next i urout I( I.. 2 de in snrn« sp. i I. a lOf. 5(.LiL. YO end put .:. YO end draw t hrnlJ~ll <111 3 loops on 1mck TREBLE CROCHET CLUSTER (abbre[. L::l3. rirucs: join with .!ip ':Ot in IksL St.Tl). (YO and drat . eli 3: . rh :2: :1Ir) .sf}.(~ ~-pi1T1din each eh-3 sp arOIJL1 Join '_\n:h slip st to first sc S petals Hnd tJ.!{)rk de Cluster in next • (. YO and pull I JP c loop. finish off.:: 8. finish off 8 ch :1 sps. ibid 2: \l. ch :.U4 loops on hook * BEGINNING TREBLE CROCHET CLUSTER (abbretJiated B~ghmIng tr Clusie.3 :'-ip.'LCC.) \. mp[~<11 r Win TREBLE CROCHET (abb"'dated te) YO L 'lee.(~~ one (abbrel. STITCH GUIDE BEGINNING Ch 2.l"i(Itro I. join with slip sr to form a ring. slipSL in ftrst ch-S sp.' * :-. sc ill next _'c. . more. VO and pull up YO and drew thn_'II!J8h 2 loops on 31 twice in next ch-S sp.'ith right skle fac. [cin with slip . work (~. ch 2) 6 times 1'. ch 1. 15 .[1 next ch-S sp.:..<:i d. ch r(~r:o::-:... (ll!'. YO and ornw Ihmu~.through ' 2 loops Oil hook) 3 hm.1 GI(~(~rl'A'ILhslip st in arty ch ?.ch to sc.. il1. sc] In .:. slip st to kh top of BcgiJming de Cluster.:lrn. j( lin wlth slip st to first 5(:: g ch . ch-S sp fndtcnted.) l. insert hook in rtnq.-) Ch 3. (YO ~mrl drew through 2 loops or I f louk) tcv icc. (YO and draw t hrcarq h 2 loops on hc..!:'-(:r r SilHIE::: st. hdcin m~~L L:h-3 sp . up a loop «l lonps on hook].1iith Blu«. repcet lee.! Ch 1.jr.a short piece of 1_i. in * ~"slgn b!-' Cynthi(l Lark. tnsert hook LO sp indiculed. [rom hook.. \. [olu cp on Rnd 2.. (:{ tr. ch 3} twice ln next cb-S sp. ch 6. ch 3: fwork or: CI~L..... Insert heck in.. finish off.. Rnd.

h S sps. 2 times more. Bud 2. through 2 loops on hook) ' twice: repeat from .('nwith sc ln anv ch-I sp between j")e1r)l:. de. ch ?t. sc in ( c next ch-f sp. repeal from once more. Rnd 4: Stir st in first ch-Ii sp..u. Cluster] in EI(~xj b-S sp.side:t: Ch 1. S) twice in ch next lr ClLJsl(~r. YO and drew through '1. ch 2.-eviuted de Cluste. (de In ring. YO arid pnll ep a loop: YO end dmw l"hrotlgh 2 loops OTl hnok.. YO and pull u[> j'l< klop.5'-ip st (0 first sc. page 1). '* CLUSTER ~u~(:":!:> ch-S sp) one YO.!lth slip st to jo~nillg slip st of Rnd 1. 2t:l.. wotkirtq behind petal . l cop a short piece of yi~rnaround any stitch I(] mark Rnd 1 I:!.sp. on 3 hook. !t")inGT{'. :'ic) in :)tlim0.p) YO twice. 2 sc In cech sc 5. ch S.TJ indic(lted..STITCH GUIDE DOUBLE CROCHET CLUSTER «lbb. page 1).3 ck. loops on hook..') fuses one ch-S :.. 5C in next ch-S _~p. work tr Chester..n _~r. Clusler.. en 5: repeal from 2 tirues more.: 12 ch-3 sps. (de.·iate.!:'C: A r.')) 7 times: [cln with slip st to third eli of heginning ch-c: 8 0:.. * f)/?'$rgn b. [c)in with sltp 51 to first sc. ch 3: tsc in uext ~c..!.. jo!n with . YO and draw through ull :11oopt. 8 petals Note~ Loop a short pie-ce ol merk J tnd 1 i:_~S ~!i2[ll around (my stitch to right :'i1rk 2: Wmking In Prout Loops Oni~·.. ch 3.~.:::.'orK .. slip sf i. 1. slip st to ith Front Loop Onlv of fiT~t xc (Fig_ I. page 1).-i(rr. 6 . Brush uIL.!i~h ahp st to first '::C: 12 5. insert hook in ch-f ap indicated. finish oft. page 1).. (see Joining With Sc.Rn:d 3-: V~fithright slde faclnq.-) fuses one stl YO. ch 5) around ~ join with slip st Io [trsr .. (:11. jorn Yellow with sc U1 any sc (5€e JojPJj~g With Sc. iini:':ih off. * * * on [urok. work (Beginning ClIL"[(~. YO r1T1ddruw through 2 loops on hock: repeat from .: (sc in I1('Xt ch-I sp bel ~.. c:h 5.dn dth .. dl 5) Iwkc ill next IT Cluster. once more.'U Blll~~: ch {).. ""It (sc In ["102>:.rn(~!:it pushlnq de: to wrong sfdo..join . m dn!=!.. TIlEBJ. SC·. en 3. on hook.5(". ch 3.. ch 2: .1 h: tr Cluster. Insert honk in sp indicated: YO and pun up a loop. .. jrrirt '.(:_ J(":(~ Rnd .~ right side. Cluster. YO and draw through 1)11 loops. ch 3i around. finish off.. Cluster) In S. In Rod 5: SUp st in first ch-S sp.1!.:HJlo:. 16 . Slip SI ill first t:h-:-l. Join wl th Jir) st I(~ form il ring. (sllp st. ch 1: ( III same st. join with sllp sl Io forrn a h I'm!]. Hod 3: \\ii Ih right stdc facing and workinq In f loops of sc on Roo 1 (Fig. ch 5i twice. Rod I (Righ( .' Jane Prows.11<-1 sps. (work de CILJ!'>I(-IT. Ilmsh on: sllp 12!rCll.~n: ch 3. (so.. 1 (I~ighl _':>idc)+Ch 6. Rnd 4: Ch 1. * * \I".>1 first .!lp s! In lop of Bq~iDning Cluster. insert hook in ch<i !.loops on hook.I. insert hook in tr Cluster ij)dkitlc~. sp. * Hnd 6: Wllh right side facing. With Br01. ch S.d tr CJuste._it YO and pull up ~ JOOft. slip sf) in each sc around pushlu~ de to '\k"TQng stde: join ·.. YO and draw L brough i1JI'I loops STITCH GUIDE BEGlNNlNG CLUSTER {uses one ch-S spi Ch 2. ch S.I. Note.i.! J"far). ch 1) ir I surne sp and in each ch :} sp mound.:.n~rxml from 2 times more: _h:. (YO and drav ..E CROCHET CLUSTER (ahbret. YO. [cin with slip _. join Green \\1l0) sc ill <m~i IT Cluster: ch 5: sc in next tr Cluster. t-en perels.. repeat Irorn 2 rimes more: YO and drew through all 4. ec in sam(::!:=.3 and in each ch-S ap sp around: join ~~:iil:h st to Hrsl sc. T \<lor}.. ch I.

. ch 4) twice. working in ht1(~krldg..slip st.:n:r]._. 7) and draw th'fQ1lSh. ch :1) 10 times . slip sr in nex I cll4 sp. fwcrk leaf.1 in brst de..slip st in STITCH GUIDE TREBLE CROCHET (abbreviated tr] YO twice. (de in next de. (0'. 2 de in rlnq.. C~Jt old \I~m.O Rnd . finish ott. ch 1. Isc in n(~J(1 Sf. [oin ~ith slip sl .. Hncl 8:. iltlish off. sc] (large petaJ mad-e) . skip next .f. fch 3. Rnd 7: Ch 3. join with 5~ip. Loop u aiun-l place of yam around snark Rnd 1 as right sfdc. same st as joiTiing:.hs(Fig. Rod 6: I. sltp st in next ch 4 sp. * * Rod 41: Ch 4. * :) dd ch-S (small petal made). ~3de: in rtr IH) 3 limes changing to Yellow in last de (Fig.5C in next. . IT in l~sL 4 chs (leal madej]. Ic.!OC and in each sc around.. join Ecru with s. sktp nexl de. 7). In same sp work [sc. (5 de. YO nnd pull lIP a loop (4loop~ on hook'.:undch-S sp [0 right of _1(linin~.. join io Hrst de.. de. (woTking ~n next ch-q SPr 4 sc on each sule of sllp st) tv vice (Fig. ch 1. sc: TE!f. 8}. sc tn next sc. work large petal In next en-S sp. de m with slip sc TWX!. 17 . wOrklf19 behind leaves .:.3-. join with slip st to form a rinq.: petals.'ith riyht slde facl. 1)'0 end draw through 2 loops on hook) 3 riTT1~!> CHANGING COLORS \\iork the last stitch to vvritbin one step of Wrth right stdo f ermq. now and throughout). in next ch.. de. Isc in next sp.J1g. in next sp sc in next de. Ilnish off: 3le. 9).!8:5.Vitb Black. 2 de in next ric) around. ch S.e of o.jrlg behind petals.'1lllDOPS on hook. Join with slip st to filf!'il 1. j01l1 wttn slip sL lO Itrst sc: 48 3C. 2 de in next de. slip st ir. ch 4. Rnd 1 {Ri~ht ". ch 4..2 tunes more: join ~~i1h slip s! to Ilrst ~C: 5 petals. (sllp st In center tr 00 [. sc in next de. Rno 2 of next het'lo. sc in thfrd ch from hook. ch 4.. ch S.. ch 3.Note. next ch-4 sp} t~. 3. de. . tee. . sc around rjng in sp between second and third UL:groups (Fig.Ch 3. page. join Lavender with sllp st in sp. 8 sc in same sp and in each of next 2 ch-t Sp.shlp next sc. honk new yarn (Fig. repeat from e.idf!j! ell 3 (CQ\mt!ii as first de.\:ilh right sid~ facing and worktnq behind large petals. join Green with . Rnd 3: ell 3. [eh 8 loosely. ch 1.n:ystitch to Rod. sJ i:~Lbase of beginning cb-a.!lt!en !:. ch 4) 3 nrres. 2: \\. ch 1) 7 times. v.Je~[ from once more. fLriishofl: 6 ch-4 sps. skip next de. insert hook in ch or so indicated. 8 ill in next c::h-4 sp before next slur st. I.lV(": :1 small petals unworked.up st in same ch-a ::or us Iesa sltp sl..! 2). petal.IT!:i:P.

join Green wlth slip ~L in ilny ch-4 sp cn. ch 3.Rod .' nd e throllghout). 12 sc in ring: [oln wlth ulip s! EO llrst sc.l ring. YO and drew . (. CLUSTER fuses next 5 de) YO: mser! hook in next de. sc IJ) . (5 de in next ch-? SP: ch 3) around: Join with ~iJl!>1 to first de.. [oln wl! h slip sr to first sc. de in snrne st and in next :3 de. ch S. "+:nd(-rr wtth sltp st in aJl:!:-' ch-q sp on Rnd 2..01t.~S next 4 (If:) Ch 2. fch l. {:'it. repeat from around: Join wlth sllp ~I 1 fir..: ch ~L skip last 5<. '.[ de. YO end draw through ell 6 loops on hook. slip st to Hrst ~C: 6 rith * Rod 1 (RL!Jbtside): Ch 1. * * Rnd 5: cb-S sp. now and throughout). repc-m [rom . ch 4. so:": in nest sc. sc in next ch-S sp..t)) 1' . YO and draw through 2 loops on 1)('(")[.\:iLal Yellow. de) 6 times. indicated. join with slip st Note: Loop a short piece of vam around any stitch to mark Rnd ] i:. ch ~~. ch 3.. (YO and draw thrcuqh 2 loops on book:! :{. joln La . ch 6: Join wlth sll p :sL to r n r rn . ch S.:. YO and draw through 2 loops on hO[~k: repent {mm times more.'it. ch 6: join ..j: \s[: in next ch . ch 2.1.. in:<i(~rt hook in ::. ch 3. SC [[1 ring._my stitch to Rud 2~ Ch I. ch 5) emund. on Rnd :-{to back of work. Rod 5: With right side facing and \vo~'kin9 behind petals. Rnd 7: Sltp . in same st. . 4 liltw!-' more.. STITCH GUmE * * :) \..l' from .. YO end pull up a loop {4 loops on hook). ch 3 (counts M fir!J>-t e. * * 1). . finish off. ch 4) uruund . V.:.. . fmlsh nIL 1H ch ~ epa. dl 4. 5-c. * * TREBLE CROCHET (abbre". ch 4. d 4 de in anmc 5P.. De:<::rgn by Terry' Kimbrough. 30 de. '1 de in same sp. (ch L. Rod 6: Ch 3.lth slip st ~J• 10 form a ring.I in ftrer ch-5 sp. slip sf] trt same sp.Rnd 3. nOl1.c. \-~rrl Rnd 3: Ch 1. page 1)~ ch fi. YO and PUll]lip a loop....sJrj~ nexr sc. YO: lnserr book in next de. sc in next ch-f sp..:.. 2. J.:0:. repeat Irom around: jom with srip st to first de.. ch-S sf): slip st ro WorK J3. (5 de In next ch 4 sp.. finish off. de} 6 ttmes. ch 2} around. S(.-.. de in next 3 de. (5 de.. Rod Z: Ch 1. ch ::L [de. [sc in next ch 5) twice. ch 5. slip st] 1[1 each d-1-4 sp around: join witJ( Slll1!jot to first slip st. ch :t de irr ne-xt :=) de ch :). ch 3) twice ln n(l:xl cb-S sp.~ V. Islip st. d) . 51: in same ::..::.... o te d "i YO twice..'1. ch ~.around: joln Ilrst de..-. 5 dcl tn same sp. finish off: G petals.through all 5 loops on hook. join with top of Be. ch 3. l Rnd 4: Wtth rlghl std« fttCing and Jooeping Chi. ch ~1. tr in first 5C to form last ch-? sp: 6 ch-? sps... de in next 4 dc.(1:z (:h-~~ sps .. sktp next sc: repeat f rem urourd..}'51 S(. join st: and 6 cb-q 5[}5. Notes Loop a short pJec€! of mark Roo 1 as right side. skip next ~C. ch 7. (4 de. ch 3. join Green with so ln ch-f sp to riaht of JolniJLg (see Joining W1IJI Sc. [oln wlth slip st 10 Hrst de: 30 de.htb White.'ilh right side fac-ing. sc in next ch-S sp.. :l de in nex! de. r(~r-:~. 36 sts [} ~1T!. in next ch-5 sp. ch 3. 5C in nexr ch-S sp.r work Cluster. repeat from around.. repeal from . ch 5. in next around. join wi th sllp st to first 9:::. de In next de.1 h shp st to 18 . sc in next ~C. YO and pull up a loop.Siml(-! ul. RDd 4: Ch 3..l!> right stdc.times BEGINNING CLUSTER (L1i.ginntL1g Cluster. *" Rnd 1 (f~i9ht side).around to i. 2 de in next de. Ch 1: 12 [0 first sc. sc In next ch-S sp. . finish off. ch 3.. v: in next ch 3 sp.:~9innin9 Cluster. en :1. * * Rnd 3: Ch ~{(counts as ficst de. ch 5.

de )t) next ch-S sp. sc in S~ITl(:!.~. around.. fini-sh off.h slip :::. th slip st in top of bcg~nning ch-S.. de in next ch-S sp. skip rvexf 2 de.rne~ mOM~join with slip st tc top of begiTming ch-d. ch 3.jt Irom 2 times more.. (de: In next de. * . lnin ~\1lm slip st to third ch of bcgtnrttnq ch-S: 24 ch-3 5PS. ch .8::. 19 de in nr IS: [oin with slip st to first de. -SKipnext ch-I sp. [oln Green with slip st in any S(.l i:JI besc of first Double Cluster.. de 10 third ch from hook. Note: Loop a short ptccc of ~/. ch 1..v. ch 3: (sc. . ch I... 18 s~ ilnd I l6 ch-I sps Rnd t (Rig ht !:>id(~): Ch 3 (counts. ftntsh off 20 55 end 20 ch 1 ~p. ch 2. ch same sp. sc in next de. ch 3) MCC in n'?:d SC.c in second ch Irom hook: _loIn wl[h slip st (0 fiT!'. ch 3) h .as flrst de. Hnd 3: Wlth right ~jd(~ fuctrq. join ~ -ilh sJip:-:.. up a loop (4 loops on hook). (sup sr In next 5(. ch 3.()OP a 'Short piece of murk Roo 1 as right side.. Isc m next ch-S sp. ell 3.~ Rnd 2 ~ Wtth right side [~cing: joln Whit~ with slip st in an~' de. Brush {lff: ~() de. sc in next d. 1 . Rod 2+ Wurk LJOL~bleCluster. TREBLE CROCHET (obb'-"L'iafed Ir) YO twice. skfp next 2 de.... * Deslgll by Ann~ Ha[. ~t: ill next ch-3 sp. 3 de: in «nch of next 3 ch-I SPS. ch 4.ldng" join Green with slip st ir any ch-I sp: ch S.. de in next ch-S sp. join Lavcnd« r wuh SiC In center or an'>. ch 1. de in next ch-3 sp. join with slip s! I[] s. de in same «lIth Sc.l in form . ch I) uround. ch 3) :3'times. h-:1 sp. join ". :-"i"inl STITCH GUIDE around any 51uch 10 wnh Vel101. ch 7. repeat from 111: :2 t.1 sc. ch 1.iim right side f<.-3 sp. finish off. now and throughout).h ~1)~~tunes. en Hnd 3: V. Cluster (se€ J()jPi.::'rnurouud eny stltch to mark Rnd 1 as right akle...' Double. skip next ch-l sp: :n:~pt!. de in next ch-S sp. s-~ir next 2 de. ch S. joi:n .ay. ch 3.. skip next 2 de: repeat from . Join with sbp e to third of beginning ch-sl.lid. 24:.I'lh VeUQ'i)"I.. a ring. * Rnd 6! Slip st in first ch-S sp..around.. (sc in next ch-S sp. Imish off.Rnd 5! V"nth right side '<. (YO and draw through 2 loops on hookl :~ tenes DOUBLE CWSTER Ch . 7 tr in TU:::<:t (':h-3 sp.. work Double Cluster) ~lroLJrld. sc in next de.. Insert hook in ch-B sp lndicaf . ch 4: 6 tr in same S(J. (dc. '1 de in same sp.1 tc fits! de.. ch 7... Rod 1 (Right sideh V. "* 3 de in each of next 4 ch 1 sps. ch 3.J. YO and pull ::d.. !iI * 19 . c. ch 1.Icing. I)CJg<'! J): ch~3." de in third ch from hook. Rod 4: Slip sc in first . repeat from . Note. ick! ln center of each Double Cluster around: ~lin wich slip st to first sc 16 (:h-3 sps. fln~sh off g Double Clusters.

:sp. work DOLJblo:: Cluster. ch 3. skip next ch-z sp. 5 de.. ( I right side feclnq. ~ifrishoff. ch 2) :~ ttmas. join with sllp st I[] hr~t 1. i ndicatcd. Vesigrl hy Anne Hflifiday.nv ~~ikh to mark Rnd 1 right stdc. sc in next ch-Z sp. Cll.TREBLE CROCHET (abbreoiated Ir! YO twice. joln Plnk wi Ih slip 51 in same 50t as jcinirtq. skip next hdc.C in each of next 2 ch-S :-. (-)petals. ch 4.I~r. join \\. skip nex! ch-Z sp: sc. ch 1. ch 2) twice.. rnoee.L'.. v Hnd 3: With right side facing. 3 sc in each of next 2 cb-S sps. ch II 7 times in fifth ch from hook: jnin rith slip at to fourth ch of beginning ch-S.o. slip st In nex! ch-I to top of be~intliTlg ch-Z. ~X~I(11.. YO end drew thrO'!Jgb <. sc in next hdc.. ch :i. Ch 2. Ilr"i::. work Double Cluster: repeat from Rod 2: Ch 1. insert hook In ch-S sp fndtcated.'i[h slip s! to .te:r.' repeat from rlT1ish off_ * 2: tb in next [l(~S cb-S Sop. 11 hdc in r)ngj join w~th slip . STITCH GUIDE STITCH GUIDE CWSTEH (use one sc) YO. cb 7. 12 sis.. (:'i(: in first sc of next tcin '. [0 Rnd 4 ~ Ch 1. Rnd 4: Shp st in first ch-2 sp. ch :. fmtsh off: 16 Double Clusters. fk in third ell from hook. ch 2. ch 5. (rr. finish off: 8 ch-I sps. (de. skip next ch-2 sp.::. work Double Cluster.around. . page 1). (YO and drew throuch 2 lonps on nook) 3 times.. join with slip st to Ilrst 7: \'\. skip next hdc: repeat from .d.:lC facing. 'fr slip er in next dr:. page 1). st. * * Wlth Plnk. ch 4. [0 or hrec !:'C: 20 5pS. de in third ch from hook. sc) ln center of next D( mbla 5. .. en 2~ repeat from '#I( 2 Ijnl(~:5 mOTe. sc in center de of next 7-dc group. finim off: 1. cb 5.repeat from L1muTl. 6 ch-? sps. I . ch 2. (sc in center of n-ext Double C11J!. Cluster) in Ilrst sc of next petal. sc iTI next c h 2 sp. join Green ~ ith sc in v center de of any 7-dt. work {CIU::it(:!T.R !:o1J5- * * 8nd..• ith sltp st to first ac. ch 1.:n..o'l. - sr. (sc it I [:'::-:[11 er next Double Cluster. ch 3. ch 1) 7 times Rod 6~ Wi-.lHp (see Jolnlrlg With Sc.1114loops on hook. scl In S(1JI1!3 st at base of first Double Cluster. 7 de. join Green whh s(: in center of any Double Cluster (!i€e Joining lVlth Se. 5 sc it I S<Jm(. ch 6j join with sllp st to form a rU)Q.':hl side}. repeat from 2 times more. cb 1.h right side faclnq. Bud 1 O{i!:. sc m same st.'i}. sc) in center {)J [Ik:X! Double Cluster. YO und drew through 2 100[15 on hook.tch-J sp. ch I] 7 rimes in n~. ch 3.:: !J. (1S Note: Loop n short mark Rnd 1 as right ptcce of y'arn around an)! stitch to slde And 2: Wirh right SL. Loop a shore plece {)r yarn around a. DOUBLE CWSTEH Ch 3. toin ~ vith sbo st Fiest _~C. join wt Ih _'i-li st to first S(:~ 6 ch-S !:'ops_ P * Rnd 3: Slip st ill first ch-S sp. insert hook in :!ic. sc in sema sp.. skip next ch-2 !iop. Note. YO and pull up a loop. finish off: G petals. ch 3. And 1 [Right side)~ With Yellow. (5 St: in next ch-f sp. 51i[) st in next ch-I Sf": work Double Cluster. join Ecru with slip 51in ch 5 sp: ch 1. work (ctus..-ps) around: }oin WiLbaltp at (Q first sc.. -* sc in next ch-Z sp. 20 . tsc. ( sc in same 7) around. ilh snpst to sp and In each ch :) sp around: join wtth sup st first sc.Rnd 5: Slip st in first ch-? ch L (sc. s[:) irt same sp and hl «ach ch-? sp Mound.. ch 3. . * around: j(Ji!l ~. YO and pull up a loop (4 Icops em hook). ch :1.tcrl in first sc of next petal. [sc. . dl 1.

2: del to next ch-2 sp. sc in same ch :.]ipst tc first sc::J petnls Rnd 3= Ch 1: working behind!'>L first de: 28 scsand 4 ch-Z 5p5-. ch :1. vice. 2 tlmes more.. sltp . sts and 16 sps. finish oft * .>ttl: in next de. de In Lase5 sts: join wrth slip st to first de.v rirh slip st co top of beginning [:1. 5C in eeme sp) twice: repeat from . sp before next de.. Rnd 4: Slip:-oL in Itrst ch-3 sp. de in next 3 de: (2 de . repeat (min once more.J'!3hl1!:. ch 2 de) In same sp. 5 de. 2 de) in next ch-S :sp.:x1 c:h-:i ch 3) tcvice. ch 3: 2 de) in next eh-3 de in next de.r(~~:rrl j wilh sc it! <my ch-Y sp (see JoInIng WU/.nlng. place marker around Last sc made for Leel placement. 44 de. cb 2. page 1).}= \. (~C: ch 9) 12 times in second ch from hook join with slip at to first iilli:'ih off: 12 dl-9 sps. hook dropped !. sc-in L:b-:1:sp on Rnd 1 before firsl S(:. de irl Li~L sc h) r form itLst (:h:1 Hop: 16 d1-3 sps. ch :l. 2 de) in next ch 2 !:ipj repeat from 2 thnes mOI'I!!: de In last 7 de. de in next 7 sts. finL~!I ofJ. de in next II de.. Join with s~ip st to first de. de. ch 1 (de.t):) tfmcs. working behind Rnd 4. de in next de and in last ch..:. repeat from . ch 3.L sp: join l. sc In sp. ch 2. ch 3. de) In next ch-Z 'P. de) in next ch 9 sp. drop [(lOP front hook: insert hook in first de of 6-dc group.>t to tiT:-iL sc.ffL€' st as Joi.. cls ~i:kfp next 7 sts. repeat from . < *" Bud 3. '* * Rnd 1 {\~IWll8 ~id. ch 1. sp. tofu with dtp st to first 5(:: 25 de: urui 10 sc.l ch-S sp. s sc in ncxc ch-S sp on Rnd 3 before next sc. (ch 3. now and throughnut] . ~(k. repeat from . reIWr~L From . {fnish dL: 5 ch-S SlJ5· Rnd 6: WlLh right side faclstq. join with . * 21 .. 5(. sp.:..:.-. (ch 3. skip next ~ sts.ound. finish off. Design by Tern . .tS(:. around. ic in next ch-S sp. 8C in next ch-S sp on Roo 1 before ne):t sc. Rod 5: Ch 1.\i'iLh Rose. * ~ 2: With right alde kll:... Ibid 1: Ch L 5C lLL same ch. ch 1.>1 in d L I1l base of 6-de group.. . join with sRp!. sc in next ch-3 sp. Note: Loup a short piece of ~Jarn around back of any' stitch to mark right side. scln same sp) 3 limes. de in b!5-1 3 chs. ch 4: f.* LEAF With right side facing. {2 de.. c-h 1) twice.sidd~ Wttb Ptnk.p. lLl:-::lI. lu z. Sc. 3. ch 2. jotn wlth :-. join Green w:ith slip st in rnnrkcd ec on f~ld5. * Rnd 9: ClL :1. sklp L1f'XI 7 SIS. pag~ 1). ioin v -\11th shp it to fe-st 5C: 1(. hdc in next ell':'.lip sL Lo Ilrst sc: 3 ch-3 sps.scl in same sp and in each ch-S sp ilTOLJrld. (s::: fn [1. 5C in next c:h-9 sp. hoc in next c h :1 sp(:d de. de in Iourth ch from hook. (de in next ch-I sp and in next !'it) t.. [oln wlth slip st to Sa. •. ' Row 1 (Right .. sc in second ch from hook. (de. page 2).. ch Fi looselc.. (de in next ch-J sp and in ne»t .. hdc In next ch-S sp....:h-3 hoc In next ch-S sp.. ch 2.. 2 del i~ next rh.2 times more. (2 de. sc in c-h :j sp em Rnd 3 before fiT. Co dc. [2 de. ch 2. join wi I h slip sL L() Ilrst sc: 5 ch-J :Sp5. ch 1. (2 de.. Si1T1LO::: ~P: Hod 2-. :!ik~pnext S SCS.. ch 1: (sc. Ch :3. sc) in sp end in cech ch-J sp nround.:-_lOP end draw through: ch :3.Rnd join Lt Green with sc in Iirst ch-3 sp (see Joinjng Witll Sc. join with !o.. ell :1.oin G. lSI: In next ch-9 sp. ct-L:).... Klmbrougll. * Rod 7! Ch 3 (counts as first de. 2. (sc. ch 3: skip T1C-'!xl 7 sts.) in nexr ch 9 :o.. ch :{. ch 1 ~ repem hOIT1 -it 2 times more. ch 3. Slip st in llrst ch-S sp.i :sp.=".. 2 tlmes more. 2 dd in next o:. ch :3.':1. wcrklno in back rioge: of chs (F1g. ch 2. {2 de.

ch 1. hook dropped loop and draw through. de ln next sc. slip st: repeat from xt amund. Rod I (\I". Rnrl. Note: Loop a short piece stitch 10 1 nurk right side.0 top of Beginning Pcspccrn.. hdc in lase ch.-. ch 2) a. jOjrl wtth slip st tc first sc.. of pam .Killg. ch 1)11 times in fifth ch from hook: join with slip silo fQUlth·ch of b~iTlninB ch-S.. page 1)~ in same 5[. (1 1... ch 1. repeat from 2 lln I(:-:S mOTe. H 5(. insert hook In flr:Ude []f:1 de group.. sll p :st in nexr sc~ around: join wrth s.join lit vlender . up a loop (4 loups on hook}. work Beck Puprom in snrne st. ch 1. hook dropped loop eod draw lhC()I.dth st. ch 1. 2 de.. (YO and druw rhronjb 2 I( xrps on hooli) 3 tl.[Bh.. bdc in next 2 sr 10 top of fjrst FXIc. :-. sc 2 sc in each 5iC aruundcic .2 sp~ ch 1. (sc in next 5C. 4 de in ne.1.. BACK POPCORN 4 Sc in sc lndlceted.. insert hook In ch-Z . de In [1(":>:'\ de * w"oj"k~p(jJ-1t.. join wlth slip . sc in center ch of next Picot. de in next sc. .1. de in next de.. ch 1. ch 1.. J * * Rnd 5: Slip st in first ch-Z ~p.!j. 22 .lJp next sc. Rnd 5: Wfth right side fnfn ~ ir:h slip st to v Ilrst sc. 40 sts. in second ch from hook: jt1in wlLh slip:'. sltp st in third ch from hook. drop loop from honk. ch L (tr. STITCH GUIDE PICOT (SI-:. de in next sc. (tr~ ch 3. finish off.h Popcorn.m around any stitch to mark Rod 1 as right ~lI:k~. liLh Ecru. ch 3. join with slip st to flrsr SoC. finish off: 8 Picots .to ftrst SC. With right side f'. hdc ln ll~xt 2 de.hright side facing. finish orf .. ch TREBLE CROCHET (abbrevlaled Ir) YO twice. ch 1. finish off. join wfth slip st [0 firsl sr.:nnext. sp indicated. POPCORN 3 De in ec tndtceted.:. "* STITCH GUIDE BEGINNING POPCORN C11:). ch 1 to c103e. ch 1j around: join w~th slip st I() firsl sc.'rong side): VJhl!. fin~!>h off: 8 Back Popcorns. F Rod 4:: Wilh right side lildng. sc) in st lndlcatcd.ln wi I h slfp 51: to first sr: 16 sc Rnd 3: Ch 1. ch 3."Ilil. Popcorn} In I)e. Join Ecru with sc in any ch-I sr: ch 2~ {sc in next ch-I sp.111(1 pull ::!. slip st in S[:. 5C in same ::.:nm. (SC LI1 next ch-I tr) ln naxf (. finish off.l(. ch 2) around... (work Pfcot in next altp 51. 2 de in 5C indicated.·cb 3. slip :!jl in next Beck Popcorn. skip r rex! _'i!.flth Sc. Rn. de in next de. tt) in next ch-2 sp.tth SoC in any sc (see Joining \<\. _ioin Green with slip st ill any slip sr.t 1. lnsort hook ~n top of beginrlin'g ch S. Rod 1 (RighI side)= \. work Picot in same st. join Ecru with slip st in (:~I!I(~ ch of ~myPicot.I S(:. drop loop r rom hook.). ch I. nrex I Note: Loop a short piece of ~'. ch 3. ch 5_ [de.h-2 sp. sc in next 3 sts. Yellow. join wlth slip st 10 second ch of be~in["ling ch-J. drop l{JOp rrom heck.Rod 6: Work {Beginning Popcorn.rnes. finish on: 1~ ch-L sps.... iii arty ch-I sp (see Joining Hi1tfI SC page 1). RDd 3: \/. ch 1) twice. ch 1: repaut from 2 tlmes more. s. join PiTJk ~I. Ihdc in next ch-2 sp. {I de U1 next slip st. hdc in next 2 de. insert hook [torn hack to front in first sc of q-sc group. slip st in next Buck Popcorn) around. (work Rack Popcorn in next se. de in next sc. hook dropped loop and dr<. hdc i. Popcorn] in semc 5t.L: if 1 next 3 S~. YO .. ch ~. fiTll!:>h off.l . de in next de. * ~sjgn by Anne He Wdo y.!':ImLJ["I( heck I of anc ~ ~J• Rod 2: With wroua slde r<~cjTl9.. through. 4: WiIh right side f ... ioin Green wlth sc in env sc: ch 2.d 2.

ch 2. 3 dL:)it I next d) 4 sp: repeat from 2 rirnes mOTE!. repeat from ecrcss: finish off lca\oing a lon~ end for sewinq. r:r rtsh f) H: 12 petals. st as jninhl8. t ch 6.. ~kip next de] 9 Hrncs. (2 de> ch 2: 2 de) ln next t. H:nd I (Right sid(~):Ch [counts as ftrst de.". fini:. sew Rose and MOTIF \Vith Ecru. (10 de. ch r seme sp iJT1d in next 11 de.LEAF Wtth Cree».\!~d~ ]nn!"! end and stitch thruuqh bese several limes to secure. around imy mark Rnd J as right side. -5-kipnext de.o~rl1. 3 sc ln Si1. hdc in next ch. ch 2..VilhBro~I. Bud 2~ \oI. page 2). ch S. No. skip next del across: . ch 3: sc) In next de. Rod hy Tf:'rrv KimbrOU[jh.. ch :{. Rnd 1 {Jli"8hl ::.~e}i ell 3.ide): D::: in fourth ch from hook and in ncxr ct. 3 sc in Mel! (If next ::2 ch 4 Sp5. Lit 7 loo~ely. sc} tn samc SP: skip next UL:: [(~C. page .. Thread y'atn needle I. ch ~). ~ ROSE \Vitll PinK. hdc next ch. finish off. -l in next ch-l sp. ~. 2 de) in next ch. IjNilh right side [~dng end b(~inning wtth first sc...fJth right side facing. ($C. c vith sllp st In form a ling.oing. de ill 11~::<:1 1. j~ Y. 11 de In ring. scj in next ch. ill :'iilTno:. join \. roil piece Hghtl~' to form Rose. (3 de.. Ilntsh off: 12 sts.:. ch 2. Ch .). join with slip st to first sc. worklnq in free loops beginning ch (Fig_ 2b. Note: Loop a short plece of ya. Rod 4. ch 11 de) In ring. de in last 1 4 chs t..' iin with slip st In same.ljt1.::h: ln (Fig_ . sc} in next d. join with sttp st to ttrst sllp . Rnd 1 (Right.'i d(:) ill next ch-t sp.. to first Soc: 12 ch-4 sps.lid) right side f(l:(":ing. (2 de.::h-2sp.~ de.:h-2sr» 22 de. ac in hrst de to form last cb-2 sp: 30 de and 2 ch-2 sps..lQrltiLlg beck rklq« of.. .s firsl de. * * Desf_ifrl hy T~rrv '(imorou[jh. e.-2 sp: 38 de and 2 do-2 sps.3. skip next cb.. slitc:h a ~. repeat from 10 lirTlor~5 more. (Make 21 or In Using photo as a guide for placement. (3 de. de. ch 4) around.2 sp.lirl _~I in r1(-!X~ de.Hl(-': sp (1T1.:::'ipi'lS fi~t de hdc in first de (0 form lest &.. sl'ip. de in next 11 de.. De.!ilov. {SC.. cb 6: join with slip st to form a rinq. ch 3.oin Green with $or: in ch j <1t Up n/ i. then repeat from + [0 t once. * * * * t-c. slip sf in same ch as first de.L[]()I" ~1shore pi-ece of yarn arnuml •. 2 de.m~'petal (see Joining With Sc.. 3" 5C in lase ch. ch 20 JooseJy Row 1 fRight side:): (Sc. ::. v stitch to m mark Rnd 1 as right slde.I..lL Irurn hook.: to Rnd 2: Ch :~. 5C in second r.. (de.:... de in next ch. erd 2 ch-Z sps. eel in next ch-Z sp. ch 2.\!lLh slip ~r to fir~t sc. ell 3.TI. sc) in second ch Ircm hook. de in same 51} and in next 15 de. Leaves to right side of Motif. now and throughout). Ch 1.. '.ch 1. 23 ..rn. join with sltp 51 10 top of bcginuinq ch-S. 2 de in same sp . Rod II: Slip st ir I fi~t ch~4 :3P.h of I. fini:'ih off leav ing a long end Io:r 5(~~\. [Isc. h 1: join .:. lJt:lge 1): eh 4 (sc in ch at Up of next petal. ~ Rod 3: V. ch 5. ln Ilrst de to Iorm last <. ClUSI·(~. ch 2. page 1). . . 2. page 2).'$nne ch 2 ..BEGJNNING CLUSTER {tJs(o. sc) in same sp and i. YO and pull up. insert hook in same sp. v. de til first sc to form lnst c. finish off. Ve. ch 7: (so::urt ~1 mrl Tl(.p) eh. same sp.. join with sllp st tn form a ring.:h-2::ip indicated. YO and draw L. juin Cirf!("~rt with slip st in any' ch-d sp: ch 1: (sc. Rod 3: Ch 1. * With YeUO'(J.1sc.':>ide):Ch 1.h-3 sp: 8 ca-S sps Note: Loop merk Hnd 1 Bud next cb-S C! . ch 2 . YO end draw through all 5 lnops un hook. finish off. STITCH GUIDE STITCH GUIDE * * BEGINNING CLUSTER (USf:S one ch 3 . ch 5) around: joln with sllp at to lop of &gitlltin~ Cluster.. ch 2~ 7 times: join with slip sr to first de. YO and pull up loop.j * CLUSTER [uses one (:1:. v 'Orking around post of . working around Ch-5: de in next de on Rnd. Loop a short piece of yarn around auv stitch mark Rnd 1 as :right side..Rnd 3: ~·I. HPd 5: Witb right side fadng. 2.Sign * bV Terry Kim brouqh Rnd fln:it:'i tl: Wlth right side f i3:dn~ nnd working around fir. on Rnd l (Fig. ch 5.= ch 4. YO and draw through 2 loups on hook. Hnd 1 (RighI! side): Ch 5 (counts as nut dl. ch 4) around: join l. YO. YO nnd draw through ell 5 loops on hook.}1J8 h 2 loops on hook.!j. short place of yarn around any stitch to right :'ikk.:::O( I de ch 7) around: join with slip sr to first sc. de in next de on Rnd 1 below ch-S.• sc in T1(~:<1 Cluster on Rnd ~. ch-S sp) YO twice. * * CWSTER (LJ!. [work Cluster in next ch-2 sp. 10 Rnd. 3 times more. lnser! hook in. ch 5i L~. 1 below ch-S.-2 SrJ) YO.. sante sts on Rnd 1 and behind sts of Rna ·1. join White with sc around any de (see Joltli.p~ Ch 3. repeat from . v. (work Cluster in sp.'g {(lilh Sc.. (YO und draw throuqh 2 kx )rlS on hook) twir:(:":. ch 2.-ce: repeat from 2 rimes more. wnh Whif(~: ch 6..'.: plus ch 2).ch 6~ [oln wlth slip xl 10 fOITrJ e1 ring.m)l md each de around j join with slip 5I [0 ftrst sc finish of I. finish off. repeat from 2 times more. dl-2 s[i'.1[. DC'sfgtl n' by CQ rotc f-'rlo{: 24 . 1 [Highl . sc in ring.n each (:1'1-4 sp around.h slip sr around any de. flnlsh off! 8 ch-Z sps. YO and draw through all 4 loops on hook.._. join wsh slip sr W fir.:. YO and draw throuqh all 4 loops en hook. [sc. ch 1. finlsh nIL..:. (de in ring. Rnd 2: 'ith right sfde facing..f~ Qt1('. _ioin Yellow ~\. repeat f rom around: join wtth slip::.{) r k Fk~ginning ChL5t('. YO and pull up a lonp. 5. 5 hdc. Insert hook in r.i1 loop... Insert huck irl ch :3 sp indicated.iiIh right side faciuq. 111" YO twlce. YO and pull up <l loop.1 IQ Hrst 5'. {I'O and drew rhrcaqh 2 loops on hook) tw! 2. rtepcar iron I :l lil rl(~f:. }D!t1 (ire~ll wtth slir st in .. \Vorl~ Beglnnl.·iG:! umund anrne :!i! iJT1d .:vrking around ch-5.1::.T. sf: ln same st.virh SUP:!iL Lo top of [k~gi:rtning Ouster. (ell ~i: in ring) 7 sc times.

.in next de..: loop a short plece of vam around mnrk Rod 1 (lS right side. t ch-l sp (see Joining With Sc page 1): ch 4: sc In same sp. skip first 3 de on Rnd 5. t:h ~1.h to R:nd 7: V• llth right side f<:1dn~-I:otn Green wlth sc in any . ch 1. joi.. j~)in wtth slip st to third ch of beqim ling ch 5: 8 sta and 8 sps. '.. de in fifth ch from hook. ch L 't.f! st..oin Green with slip £1 to j ..C i. worK Bobbl-e in next ch.:. 7 de. iJ rser! hook in ch indicated. Note: l onp 08 short piece of yarn mark Rnd ] as right stde.more..h Blue. 1. de) in next cb-S sp. Nole. work Bobble in next ch. . {'to and draw through 2 loops rrn h ookl tcv icc. ch 1.r'l ~'1!I.lSJ::. work Leaf. skip next chl 3 times.Rnd 9: Ch 4. flmsh off DE?Sfgr. :4:!tJ tl~xt 7 de on HJ1d.. * * Rod. ch L.:. ch 4. de:) in next ch-S sp.. [sc in next sc. lind 6t Ch 3. ch 1~ repeat from 2 times more. ch 4. join v. skip next ch. 5 de.dt. SiC ln second d I i:!Irl'~1 stitch to . ch. fiTl~!-:>b 4 ch-4 !-:>ps_ off Hod 1 (RighI stdeu Wh. ch I. ch 4) around. ch 1. skip ncxt sc.:>pn End (. .my ch-S sp: ch 6~ de in same sp. join · -ifh slip sf to Itrst 5{:.dtp ~l in . 5<:) in next ch-q sp.In same ch. sp before next de. Had 2: Ch 1. {de ~n next de. Rnd 1 {Rjght side): Wtth Rose. (de in next st.. vith sllp _~.. ch l .n with shp st 10 fir.. 't ch 1: worklnq behind nexl L(~~f. repeat from :-'10 iirrw!:. st) i'V •. ch 1. slip st) hi each r:h-:j sp Rud 4: Ch :{. * Rnd 5~ (Sllp st. de in next de. Rnd 3: (Slip st.. de..0:"1. ch :-]. ch 5. repeat from 2 rfmes more.... * * And 8: \~hlh right side f<:1(:nI4:ioill Ecru ~ ilh .. jcln wlth slip st L() (ir..YO (U5('. Ide.1 sc: 4 r:b-4 sp. (".:.Ide. worjd[ LA behind petals anrl tn ch 4 sps on Rnd 4. de.. ch S. then repeat hrnn t It) t once. jcln \J vlth ~ip silo third en of beginning ch-4. YO and dsew thrcuoh fIJI 5 loops on hook Push Bobble I(} dght atda.5 001('. ch 1) 4 ueres.. de in next it! t. ell 2. de) in next d1-3 sp. ch 3.'i-. do not join ~4 petals.b nf(_ * De5ign by i\nne Ha/!l&w. sc in. dt:) in next ch-J sp.... work Uilt.:. HaHrday. ch 1. * Rnd 3: Wlth right side r~c"ing. YO BInd pull U[) o loop. h_IJ Ami"". cf 1.2 lin Lf!:s more. 2 de in third ch from hook. (de. ch 1) 4 times: "'* (de.. repeat from 2 tlmes more. ch 1.(skip next ch. o ch 1. any ch-t sp: ch :1. ch 11 sllp Sl) ir I each d 1-4 :'ip around.(de. sc in next 5(. de irt ch a sp on Rnd 6 to right of sc. ch 3.5('.. sc III next sc .nnlng ch-e: 20 sts and 2-D sps.. Bnfsh off: 4 ch 4 !:'P5 and 8 I .eavC5..H1\oo' $lil(:. 25 .:h-4 _. ch 1. ch 3..~'Ork u~af..L sc: 4 t:h-:1 SfJ!:>. de in same sp.. ch 1) 1 times: repeat Ircm w 2 tfrnea more~ _:toitl1.l sc.'LLe.h4.l _~C. ch 3. around * . kiin wtth slip st to third en of b0]innlno!] d1-4: flf'tis. ch 3) 3 droes.. jotn wtth slip st to third ch of begi. Ide. repeat from *" 2 times more: Join . ch 1. repeat from 2 times more. ilh * * STITCH GUIDE BOBBLE . snTCHGUIDE LEAF Ch 3. finish oiL [6 5tS and ·1 Bobbles.t 10 fir. ch around: do not jr)jn~4 petals..J in next ch-3 sp. de in next de. ch :i. de) in next ch-4 sp: repeat from . (de in next de. sc in next sc on Rnd 7: ell 1: workinq behlnd r I"=!xt Leaf. 2: Ch 4: turn. working behind petela ord in skipped S(' on Rnd 1. (sc. de in next de. ch 1. ch next de. to left of sc. skip noo. slip st ItJ flr..'1: St: ln ap before next .vlm slip sl to third ch of beginning ch-ti. work Leaf sc in next .. 5. {dc. 8 from hOCJ~.

Insert hook In sp lndlcated.. join '* :sr. ~T( * Rnd 4: Sli p ~t ir I [1(-::>. skip next 2 SC.Rnd I (Vi. ch 1.. YO and draw •hr0l.2il ne st. YO and drew thruuqh 2 loops on hock.8h 2 loops on hock. Wi. wim slip st in top of Beglnnlng Cluster.. skip next 2 SC. 21 sts.once more. skip next sc. join v nth slip st (0 top ol b(~inn. * Rod 3: With right side racing. Cluster) in next ch-2 sr.""ttrncs.l to first sc: 12 ch 3. ec. repeer from . (2 de. finish off l st iH " r:h 2. YO und draw rhrouqh ullsllocps on hook. (Jll!5'1er)in next ch.'.Vith wrong side r i1dng.'"" one 5pl Ch 2. sc) in next rr..und: join with . 1]'. in coch st around: join with ~!ip In first 5C. Note: Loop a short piece of yarn erourxi beck of an). .. Rnd. (YO und draw through 2. ro top of B~inrliE'lg (luster. CLUSTER luses on. ch L :{ tid in same sp. fmtah of!: 8 ch-Z sps. Clu5t('.. join with sllp st L() fir~1sc.h orr: :~6 sts. join wrth slip st to form a ring.!'}: 1.:sp) YO. .I:U'i Cold.~lp s! Ir) top of Beglnnh'B Cluster.. finish of I. !ilip:!it In first cb-S spc ch 3. en 3. * Rod 6: Tutu. join Pink 'with sc In st (see Joining 'With Sc.. 0-) 6 times !n ring: join ell 'V. fill6.. YO and pw! up a loop. ch 4.STITCH GmDE TRE8LE CROCHET {abbreoiated tr) YO [""ice. repeat from around. ch 4.. :1 de in next ch-S sp.. [oln GT(~(m.. .. (~. tr.ork Cluster ln rln!:i:. ch 2) twice in each eh-2 sp . * 26 . ch 1. finish off: 16 ch 2 sps. ch 2. work Begiruunq Cluster in same sp ..i~h sup st to first sc. in nex! tr. sc in s.r) in same sp. 3 de} ill next ch-<i sp.V1th wrong side ft)cing. repeat from l' times more. '*' Sf. .. ch 3. Hnd 5: \. a !'ln~.sltp st .2 ch 1. jIr (5C. YO end r::'1JJI IIp e ch-S. Insert hook in sp indicated.1 stitch to mar}: right sld«. tr.~vork Cluster. i. Push tr to right stde. finish off. Rnd 2: \. (5( tT. ch 2) 7 times: join wtth .th an:' ch-z sp. 3 de In next ch-S -p(3 de. ch 1. ':S(. * * Rod 2: \. Rnd 3! Slip s! in next IT. _ioin\''V'ithslip .aJ)\.. work (Cluster.Vlth dght side factuq... ch I. 1 (Hight silk): Work 8egirU1~r18Cluster in rlng. ch 2. tr in next 5(" (sc ill 'rellow. slip i. loops on JH]( )k) . insert hook in st or sp indicated. joir I Blue with sltp st ir I . around.' ch 2 sp: l. YO end dr a'N throuqh e ll J loops on hook..1 t r.:.SP5..~c}11"1 seme st. page 1)~tr In ~U[1(~st. ch 2..rwnq ~i{lE.vrcrk (B~giHrringCluster. ch 1. work Cluster in next ch-Z sp. STITCH GUIDE BEGINNING CLUSTER I. tr ln next SL) around. :likip next st: repeat from around. join Green wah sc in . jOi.. ch work (Cluster. 12 sis. repeat from around: _ioin wlah sllp s. ~1 ~Ery tn \l".t to form. YO und puli IJP CI loop io1 loops on hocld.. ch Z. repeat (rom . Note: Loop a shor-t plee:e ot yam around any stitch to mark Rnd 1 us right sjde.1 wtth slip st to first SC.YO.

. 3 sc In next ch-S sp.girlT1ing Popcorn. ch ~-... Rnd 4: With right 5idf~ [.vjth slip st to first hdc. * Thread yarn needle wlth long end and ~""""(~iH!P. Insert hook m top of bf:'gll1ning ch-d. [work POPCOTll.!.. finish off. STITCH GmOE BEGINNING POPCORN Ch 3. finish off: ~2 ch-S SP:? '''>\l!l!>'i& Loop short picrc of ~. jc iin Cold wfth slip st in i an:!.:ith .~~iil'"Ofi. ch ~~:(work Popcorn [I'll. [ctn with shp xl to cop of BL?. Ide.e:ginning Popcorn.Qrn around mark HJ)d 1 as right side . slil) sf in some st and in nex t hdc. ch 3·) t. * "* D€'5ign hy M('fr'tha Brooks Sl~il1. in sanne sp. join 1. repeat Irom . Note._ Rn..{ttmes: join with slip 5"[ STITCH GUIDE TIIEllLE CROCHET (abb". inin with slip . finish off.("= of Rnd 1.. (U in So:"UTlCi"l(:k.. 2 del in tlf!xl ch-S sp: repeat from 2 umes more. t 2 de. (2 dr. 2 t Ide in next ch-3 sp.:1 de In sp indki.!:9.1 10 lOP of I1egitU1ing Pnpccrn. cb :). merk Roo 1 as right std«. drop loop from hook: msert hook in fjr~t de of zl-dc group.TlV ch-S SPi 1. finish oft: an}' ::. chop loop front hook..JVi.. 6 limes more. slip sf in tnp of o..iTlrll[IA ch-S. join slfp at Lo f.vMed t. 2 sc in next ch-S sp... Pu ucom. ch :1) l~ice in v cech t:. 8 hdc in third ch from book. Hod 2: \1J.J I [0 Rnd 2: \Vith ..l around: join ~•-ilh slip st to top of Heginrilng Popcorn.:. pull tightly to close and secure end.Ol'L1L a ling. hook dropped loop and draw through WiLh Ecru.1) Plnk with 3-lip ~I i! l any ch :1 SP: work (D(~giTlnln-g Popcorn...1dng. 8 petals.. "through 1<.. ch 3. Rod 1 {Righi stdek \'Vork BP-ginning Popcorn ir r ring.. ch 3.. ("/1 4. 2 de) irr same sp.""". YO end pull up loco (4 loops on honk)...... join Green wtth !.::DrJ1.. finish flff: 16 ch-S Sl)5. tL to 10p of Bcqinninq POpr.:').l$W\t. Popcorn) in same sp. PICOT Ch 1. ch :-{.~1i£l'''. rjng. Popcorn} ill sarue sp.ld I cb-S !:>l. ch 4. 2 de In MKt ch-S sp t. ch 2. work Picot) "P.) wice In each t ch-S sp around.Picot) twice. join next color ~.viG3. slip st in si:ml~ st: finish off.d I ~Rj!)ht sLdG:l: \·ViLh Yellow and Icenvi)1g. (work Popcorn. hook dropped loop mid drew through. ell 3. 27 .\!(_)Tk (B. loin Dk Pin k I.Up sr in any ch:1 ap: ch 3. -------------------with ch f. . insert hook in hdc lndfcmed. ~~mk (BcgiTlnillg POPCOTL1~ ch :::.l imlH end for S(':"Wir1g.3.rjth right side Iaclnq. ch .'kh right ~d~ facing.h-3 sp around.t". Id 4 dL-3sps.h slip st in iJ. In next ch-S sp. POPCORN 4 De in:.iL~d. fYO and draw throuqh :::!: loops on hook) :1 tunes. Ifntsh off: 8 hdc. 1oop a short piece of yarn around any stitch to slip st in ..= __ ..sp. vlcc in e.!ch-S !:-ll.IJi[.Hnd 5: \". ghl side: racing. a ..lfl~' hdc: ch 4.p mdtcesod. ch 2. (IT in s. 3: \OVithright sldc ~ac. Note. [c ).1:'. 8 ch sps. then repeat from t In -.nme IKk.. :.just made. 2 lalc in next ch-S sp.. cb :]" {wL"JTk Popcorn.ill 2 "lth 'Pi FLOWER (Make :31 And.. WOI'J. (:h 4.) YO twtoa. 2 !5{: i[ l next cb :~ .once: join with slip sL tc EOp of br...

my peral..{ 'P.. working In bad . (ch 5.0 maintain square shape. sp.:. flnlsh Rnd 2~ Ch 1. ch . work BPse around Bpsc on HII(I 4 below same.) In ::. sc In nex! tr f-. ch 3.>p.1 Terry KlmbroL(~h 28 .dr:)in next ch-S sp. de in first sc to JOlTn bot ch-S sp: 12 ch-5 sps. ch 7) around. repeat from t 10 t once.£.skip next sc: repeal from around. ch 7.. (ahhnwia. jcln \l. page I). skip Ib-st shp st and next hdc OJ) same Leal. Rnd 4~ Ch 1. skip first tr on . slip st in second ch r rom honk. skip first tr on any petnl nnd join Ecru wlth STITCH GUIDE BACK POST SlNmE CROCHET {eee Joining With Sc. ch 2.{lking in r he-.' ch I ells.:loops of be9jntdn~ ch on Second Leaf (Fig... repeat from . D""Si_g71 bl. ch 3: with right side of Bluo Hower facing. hdc in last: en.!h !jlip st to first BPs!. workiuq hehfnd petals..imK~. sc ln (! sps. (work BPsr. 2 de in next eh-2 sp. de in ned :-..o~T:!i and LC". (sc in next ch-S sp. SL.. en L [sc.Vith Greene ch 9 looseiy. 5: Shp st in first (:11-4 _. h£k: in next ch de in next 5 chs.:. L'sln!J photo ~s i1 guid(~ f f) r pleccmcnr. ~I. hdc in rLo<JK[ ell. 2 times mare. de in next dc. ch 4) around.2J: slip ~1. 3.:: (-..vorkin!-l. (work Bl'sc around next sc on Rnd 2.. de in next de. . ch :::.:h-:3 sps. join Green wlth sc in <ln~I ch-? sp (see JOining l.. repeat Irum t to t once. {)[I \'\o'ilh Pink. ch I. ch 3: with right slde of Levendcr Rower facing.. do not finish ufi Second l. _~ip ftrsr 7 cbs.i Ch 11 loosely. * * on. ch :i. de in next ch. ch 2. de in next sf 3 times.!'. sc in next tr. rtdqe uf cbs . wcrklnq In b~dl.. skip first 0' on any petal. ac in next sc.l1'. de in next tr. ch 6: join wllh sllp st to form a rlng_ Hod 1 ([{[gIll sicJc). sc) twice ln «nch ch-? sp around. sc ill next 0'.o"eS sccurefv in place on wrong side. S(: in same sp. de in next . ch 5} uround. [sc. YO and drew l]1r(M. ork BPsc around sc on Rnd 2 below surne st as [clnlnq. [de. 2b_ page 1). :3 del in next th-. sllp st in second ch from hook. \. (dc.. ridge of Last Leaf:: Ch 9 loosely. de in next de. ~l.:IV('5 as needed 1.Vltn Sc..][ i~ iong end tor ~1. ch 4: with right slde [If Leaves f(lcing. ch ·5. Mea~~JJO'. sc] itl same sp and ln 02.. hrk in next ch. ch ~1. slup flrst tr en next pet.eet l eal.3 de in next ch-3 'sp .p and in each ch-S sp around. I. «en Pleats}. ch :1. Ch to Itrst se. page. . r-h 4: 'oc>ing careful not to I~'i:!:'. page 2) .srgn b~'Terry 1{Jn'lbn:m~h Rnd. jotn with slip L() SE L: >op a short piece of mark Rnd 1 CIS right . skip next sc. Slip st in ftrst ch-. ij~T(.ed BPsc) Insert hook Irom back to front around post of sc sndtcetcd (Fig.LEAVES Fir-lit Leaf:. in beck ridge of ens (Fig..:'iS square and v'C5 adju~t placement f Flowers and [. sc in end of First Leal.::.{:.(:hch4!jp around: join wt Ih slrp st to first see 6 pel ala. join with slip st 10 first sc. sc in :02Jmp. ch 4. t ell 3.YO and pull up u loop. join with slip st to first BPsc.1 Last Leef and stitch Flowers and Lc. I~ I C'I[ BORDER PInk :iiL~ Hod 1: \oVithTight $idc fadng and v'!oJ'ltitlg 1Il r~lills on R1)I"!""ef. NOle~ It 12 sc in yi1rTl ring. cO I) 3 times. :j .lrle_ eround any stltch Rnd 2: Ch 3. Rnd 6: Ch 1. sc In Siltr1(~ !.S. de: in next de. finish off. finish off: 6 ch-? :-.0 lop of beginning ch-S. around next BPS(: Oil Rnd 4. de in next tr. ch 1.lgh both loo~ honk. Rnd 8: Ch 1. join willi slip st to first sc: 6 petals.o::I and pin in place.-t ork.. overlap HO~I..e:af.!j.o. 16 sIs and t 6.. do not frnsh off.. de In . page 1) in ncxr tr (be-L~ .11.. (3 de.l]jng.1 1. skip first tr on next petal.l 1.t.Rnd 7: \\o'ith right side [~(:i!~:j. in second from honk. hdc in les! ch.~ chs hdc [rt last ch..r.. de in lasr ch-I sp: join 4 with shp s.wx£ 7 chs.5PS. 5.:. ch 5. {J ~l Dc--. sl as 1. ch 5. (3 de. * (:1 de ln next sp. Thread yam needle v rth long end 0. ell :2. ch 1) 5 times.. slip st in ell base ol h:. Rnd 3. of w join with shp st to ftrst sc.f hdc on First Leaf: tinlsh off 102~\.P":i . [cln wfrh slip s~ [0 flrst sc: fJ r. skfp Hrsf IT on next petal. workirtq bebted petals.l.

... :~ u.und an~' stftch to mark Roo 1 Cl5 ri-ght side. lnser! hook in c. de.I loop. ch 4. work Regirmins Cluster.l to Iurm a ling. 5 ch-. finish off * * JA'slgn by Maggie Vi/e-ldoll._ Rod 3: \I". join Green . next 3 del Ch 2.~C. Rnd 5: Ch 3. ch 4') twice In next ch-4 sp... YO and pull tip . * ruses * CLUSTER (1l5e5 one i. RPs". YO ir rsert. ch 3.!. 1. ch 4. :=. insert hook in sc indicated. cb 1. Rnd 3: Ch I..-4 ~.. 3 de in next ch-4 sp.sp indic:~*~d. en 29 . decrease. 4 sc in same so. with slip st to L() Note. ch Si join wah Slip:.. YO and draw through all o 3 loops on bOOK. ch 1..5. ch 2. sp. times more.:. 8 firsl sc.. Ifnlsh off.! [f15ert hook [rom back to front around [.11off 5 chA spx. {3 de. iYO ertd dr CiW' through 2 loops 0[1 hook) :~ times.h-3. YO <'. ch 1~tepen! from if 2 times mor-e: jotnwtth ~Iip st tu LOp of beginning ch-S.. ch 4) around. ell 4. (work Cluster in next sc. YO and draw thrcuoh ~ loops on hook repent from 3 rirtue. Jnln wlu) slip st to top or beqlnnlnq decrease. ch 4) around. * -----_sc * Wilh Lavender. (vvork BPsc sc. ch 1. ..: L: )LlP21snort piece of !F~rn . [c)iT: ln ring: join. (YO't1nd draw throuqh ~ IOOpi. de.lip !:olto Inst.It IJ pull up a h)()P: VO end drew through 2 loops on book.J sps. ~t:.. YO end pull up a loop... short piece of ynm around . Nole: Loop c. Rnd I ':Righl sid{~l: Ch 1. repeat Iroru 2 times more.)OO. ce more. mora. 3 de} in next ch-e sp. :~{k) ill sume ~p. ch 1.. ch 4: (de. Rod 2: (Sc.1 10 first sc. repeat from . un hook) twtce. ch 3) I).m .p:-. work Bl'sc around fiT!-:-L ch 4. (2 de ch 2.ginning Cluster. join Green with slip st ir~ny ch-zl sp. ch 4) around: join ith . YO and pull up (.:f I iii! !J loops on hock.-.-. in.olaled IF) YO twice. slip ~1 iTI Ith any ch-4 sp... I_ . join Lavender wtth slip 5t In any !YC. do not jOil1: ~ petals. I * .1 loop 1.Rnd 6: \Volt bcginn~ng decrease. ~. YO and dr(J:l.J CLUSTER (u~~ UH~ :<') ~" 1'0 twtce. STITCH GUIDE BACK POST SINGLE CROCHET (abbreviated 13P".C) YO twtce. YO and draw through II 4 IC'DPS 2 on hook. 5{:_ slip fol)in each ch-S sp uruund. YO and pull lip a loop. de: itl rl'::::-:'[::..'n off: H (:1.l sc: 16 sc. on hook).4loops... \iI"lith Yellow.\Sf: in «uch ch-4 sp atnund. (~C in with . repeu! from c. (de.'itJ l right stde facing..i::. in next 4 sr.JOSL or S(" lndlcatcd (Fjg. fir.iIIJI Rnd 2: I. *' -* DECREASE T!{~X! 4 de) YO.!orklng behind petals nnrl around sc on Rnd 1. ~l de in next ch-zl. insert hook in same st. * Rnd 4: \Vith rig}" ~}dH bdn~. ch 4. joinwith sap st to top oi P.!ip mark Rnd I r-ight xaie.\!thTOIJSh ell '1 loops on nook. book in next (1(. ch 4) twice in next ch-q sp: repeat from :£ Hmes mote. juin \v:ith slip ar to [irj. YO and drew thror J!.. 16 de and 4 4 sps. 11. Rnd 1 [Rlqht skkJ: (] I 1... (de. finish off. [oln with slip 51 In lop of begJnning ch-3. join with sllp st to form a ling.'/ilh right side facing. ttmcs. pnge 2). YO and draw thrcuqh both loops on hoo1t STITCH GUIDE BEGlNNlNG Ch REGJNNING DECREASE (use. TREBLE CROCHET (abb"..S(~rl hook In next de. IYO and draw 1h)"()llSh :£ loops on hook} t'J_. ring. YO and pull up a loop. around next -a.

loops on hook. to form And 1 (Rt.5 ·':.-er. YO und draw through ell 4Io[Jp!j * Hod 1 If{i~hl s!. ch 3.~ sc 12 d1-!J ape. working behind rct. ch 2. YO end pull up a loop YO end dre .. join Green wjth slip sf in i1rlYch-f sp. ch 2. :{ sllp st in last sr: join with slip sl If) sf at base of be~iTlFling ch-S. Join Green ~v. repeat ' fsom unc« rmrre. !. Unlsll (lif_ * *- lJe. YO and draw through all :-. worn BPsc around Hrsr Bf'sc on Rnd 5. 7 de . Rose. 5 de in next ch. [de. CJlJsL(~r)if! same sp. ch 5) around: join with sup st to fir.. ch 4.v. Rnd 9: Slip st in first ch-S sp. ch 3..Psc around next sc on Rnd 1: ch 4) aruun. repeat from around to last sr."'JrTI(-!.l!s and in free loops of cha on Rnd 1 (Fig.1 next 2 de.l". . Rod Rod 2: \Vid) rJght :-. finish off: 12 sts 4 chs. page 1)..".. SiC in nexl cb-S 5P.:g~nningch-S..H)I:5.>t... ell 2: in 3 J. (abb. I Ilrst Bud 6: Sllp st in first ch-5 sp. toe« 2). ch 2. sc ln IlE-!"X I 01-. Htush off: G cb-S spa.facing and working In From Loops ()Ttl~'of sts and chs (Fig_ 1.e~ one cb 5 sp) Ch 2. with Rnd 3 r Wtth right side lacing. work (C111!. nrnes more~ jOl[l wilt! slip sr to third ch of b(. Nule~ Loop a piece of yeru PICOT Ch 5: slip Wlth.. rh 3. BEGlNNING CWSTER {u.Rod 5: Ch ] working behind P<:.!i-1ip !.sc) In same S[l nnd in each eh-!'i:!i-p around. YO eod pull lip i1 loop. a rtn~~. (work BP~t. !1 de. 2 de in snrna cb: join with slip st to fourth ch of and * on hook. se in nex I ch-f sp. repeat horn 2. repeat YO from 2 times more. 5. ch :1.lil·h right side facb~~.. st. ch 3. skip next petal.P. work Picot.f1gehind b petals. page 1). Insert hook in ch :::. 2a..1 ch. Rod 8: 1. sc in next ch-S sp. and draw through 2 loops [JTi hook. join with fkst sc: 6 petals. ('3 dt:.:iP end in each ch-S sp around.p:)in with slip st to cop of rkginnioB Cluster. ch 5. join with slip st to first BPS!":: n ch-q sps Hnd.! sr on Rnd 1. 3 de. work Picot.1 totop of bcqinnlnq dl-:~: 0 sts and 4 ch-S sps 2 "* * eel in sllp s! ln Hnd 4: SUp :::. ch 2. 4: Slip st in first ch-1 sp.I. 3: Ch 1. Isc.. finish off: H petals. repeut from 2 times rmrre: join with SJ!p:-.IS right side.I 10 first sc. working behind petals. ound i join Ilrsr sc. YO. ch 5} twice in same sp end in each ch-S sp around.' Lamh r~(:J.. rh ~"'lt. (work i:l.. 011 1U-Kl ~~. 3 de..~ign by Mar]. cl1 5.ier. same sp and in each t. join with shp st lo fir.'Orki. ch 2. ch L (sc. ch 3.g. bcginninq ch-5. Cluster) in next ch-S sp. YO and pullup ~ 1()(_1p.!:tt BP:. _t\ro'e~ Loop <l s. work Picot. ell 1: (sc... work Picot.t I anv slileh 1(10 mark Roo 1 as right sk I(~. work (B2g1nTlirrg Cheter. shp st) ill same...h-4 sp a . ch 2.c. ch G. around next Brst:: on Bnd.. ch 3: sllp st) in sume !. [work 13P~: eroursd next BPS(. joln wlth sllp sr to first 5C: -6 pe luls.di(:. 6 rx~l<lls. de in anme st.Ol!1 i eny :!iIi I ch to :'it:) in sup sr co caru around mark Rnd 1 (.. Rnd 7: Ch 1.!h slip st in em!:. I. 'hfte wtth slip st in i31t"1y chi (ch short st in third eh hom hook. 6 ch-3 sps. * STITCH GUIDE BACK POST * Insert book I rorn back [0 front around post of ~l iTl.. {~C in Ting. ch 5) around.ated BPse) SINGLE CROCHET Design bs. 30 . eh 7..' Terry Kimbrough_ * * I CLUSTER (uses one ch-5 ~p) YO. sllp sL in next 2 sts. de} in center de or next S-dc group.. [sc. -crk BPsc umund first Bl'sc on Rnd :~.ap mdicated.hslip:-. [ch :1. en 1. ch 3. 2: Slip at in first en-. jrrirt with slip st to BPsc: 6 ch 5 sps.5. ch 1) :1 limes in fifth ch from hook. '... loops on hoo}!. ch 7. YO and draw through both loops em hook. l.ev. join \. Insert hook in sp indicated. ch 2.J sp. work BPS(' around fin.through 2. ·1 de in same sl. ~i e in center ch of d next ch-S.. ch 1. repeal from 2 times mOT!!: . ch 4: around )011 L ~vih . .:.. * slde): Ch With·YdlO1.. skip next pe 11:11..h( ~TIpi(~C(~ of 3:! 6 dn·H:?~-. ch 5. fi:ni!:'ih off.::: ill cantor ch of next ch-S.

join \. slip st ln second ch fmtl L hook.J1 with ['. wOTkinq in.·()rking free loops of sc on Rnrl 7. join wlth slip ~·I10 first hdc. (4 hdc in next !'"C..1 sp on Rnd 1. sts. slip sl ln next sc.j1l11"t€ st and in reach st erotmd: joln with slip sL to Front loop Only' ot first sc: 10 sc. ftnfsh off. hdc). sc tn next 3 sts. repeat from 2 tunes mOTIE!. join wkh :<.{2 de. wOTKinH ~n free loop. bdc in next In both loops. 2. skip next s(.".slip st in next 5iC.orkiTIgn both loops. hdc in n£x~ de. ~I. tsc Hnd 3: wnh right cdc hlCin8.more. -llh sllp st to fin:. 3 de in lhiTd ch from hook and in each oJ last 2 cbs..1.5id~): With Gold.lHLIQUE Ch 5.Jnrklng ~ll Pron! Loops Only. 4 hdc in same sl'ip s! in next 5(:. pUge 1).""ith 'l.. join Grceu wsrh S[: iu i1t11J :-:iC between Curltques.. bdc i in next sc. 5 hdc in next SC. slip st in nex I Sl:) around.. Rod t (Right . Rnd. V. . Hn. de in next :3 !o'. tit"lisb off: 8 sts and :3 ch-l sps. d~:)in next sc.111 sllp st to Back Loop Only of first 5(:. de.1 sc. 1 i..(: in same st. 25(. de.. st CI. ell 3.1. in s. (hdc. ch 1. sup !jf in Back Loop Of1I~'of next sc. Note... jcln with . aklp next :~~ st:'i. * * Rnd 11: \Vith \Ilrrong side iae. skip nex I :i sts: repent Iron 1 around.-.Rnd 12: Slip st in Itrst ch-q sp. page..L de: repeat from 2 hrm~:-.or:.~ Ldc ill next ac (petal mad-e). ch Oi joln with slip sL LO form a :ri:ng_ Rnd. slrp S[ in Beck lnop Only of next :<. finish off. sc in same .: ill same and in each st around ~ join wlth slip ~I I() Front Loop Only of flrst ..d 8: \\.. _loin (jree. skip next !'C. 10: Worlting in Prom Loops Only. !.VTong side facing.ILJ[~zlth ec in J rom .md. ch 2.. * * *" Rod 4: Cit 1.. st :Qsc. 2 de) In next cb-S !-'-P. hdc in TLf!}:. hdc in nc»t de.: 16 end \\-'Orking in Iree loops of sc 0T1 lLtd 4). Ith slip st to ftrst sc. de.1' P st in same st . sllp st In. 2 de) in next (~h-:i sp.irlinJng (see Joining Willl SCI page l)i wor_.t mid in next de. Loop a short place of yarn nrounrl any stitch mark Rnd 1 a!..: in same st. p[)ge 2). sklp next sc. rh 2. de In next -. 4 hdc in sun IG! i>1 • slap next sc. r(~~~~ * * Rnd 5: (:J! 3. skip next sc. sf [inish oft: H petals.-' of fir. * * Design by Aml~. workinq behind next Cunique. ch 1. ul sc on Rnd 1 (Fig. iuln wlth slip sf 1n first hoc.. :2 !j''': in same st and in each 51: around. Rod 3: Ch 1.Right side): Ch L S S(: ln ring. d 1 4.::1. sc in :-.. sc in ron . repeat f tom around. R. join wtth slip st to fourth ch of beglru1lng cb-S. ch 1. Hnd 6~Worki. ch 5.' H~1IHdCly" 31 . Note: Loop it short piece of ITI~TkHnd 1 as right akie.repeat from 2 ttmes more. hac in next sc) around: join . 92 in next 5{:.~. skip next ::i(:.'0rlting ehind t rext Curliquc.!ip to From Loop Only of fi~L sc. in nci« ric. working under top loop and hack ridge of chs (Fig_ 4. .1 ch :~ !>1JS. 2a.rI. 2 de b ir-.l st. luin with slip sLtu first hdc. 4 hdc in next -5(:. ()f 10 Rnd 2: Ch 1.Iip to first shp st. (2 de. ). join with slip st to Front Loop Onl:!.. around i join \. ~. lind 2: \.::IS any ell 1. 1. slip st in second ch from hook. ~~2hclc.'. Rnd 4: Ch 3.lTI(~ sp worf'..nt Loop Onl::'1 same st and (!rK~Lsc eroowt... (. in sllp st In firsl . fmlsh off.f.slip st lc both loops oJ Ilrst sr . ch :~. 2 de in eli. * an}1 stit-ch to ibid 7= ell 2. :sUpst in iir. ch :).ell 1) 7 times in fifth ch from book. de in l(lsl 3 sts: [oln with sltp st In top of beginning ch-S. [de. join [i.. repeat from 11: around. slip st in first st. sc In Front UK)P Only of san ne sr and each xc around.iilb Rose.~ sc. joln with slip st to firsl S(:. hdd. 51. de. free loops of sc on Rnd 4. ~'~lm around STITCH GUIDE Rnd 5: Ch 1.nd 9: Ch 2. ~1.::: 28 sis and . sc in lest d£:i [cln with sllp st to firs! s. "': in next [:]1-4 sp work (hdc. sc in next SoC between CmUQue5on Rnd 2. \t.4 sts. 8 ch 4 sps. ch 4..5(..L sc (Fig. sc. ch-I sp on Rnd 1 i r(:':[)l"!. right side.. join wtth slip st In both loops of fin. join with !. ClJrlique. (de. nexr 5(" skip next SCI .:ork CllruQue) tll'"()I. 1). ch 3. de) in next. slip sf in next S''::. Iac in next SC. samc st as .

. join wah ~ip 51 to first sc: 12 sc und [2 ch-Lsps. 11 de in lourrh ch from hook. repeat from 2 Elmes more.:11: 1 sp. 1 '1 Curls and 12 sc. [sc in next de. 8 sc in second ch From hook: join with slip st to Hr5iC :-. same: 51: as joinlng (see Joining to ".lOrhln~ behind Curliques.'1 STITCH GUIDE CURL Ch :t working under [Of) loop and back fjdQ..1. Curiiquc.Vilfl Luvendcr. de:)in next ch-S sp. ch 1: repeat from 2 tlmes more.: in second ch from book and (?iJch of last 2 chs.!~U1 slip st to third ch of beglnnb)~ ch ::k brush off. hdc In next <. * Rod 5: 01 :1. ch . 2 de) in TI{-!:Xt (:h-:~ sp. repeat (Torn 2 times more: jOi. cb I) around.::. (sc in lU-!'X\ sc between Curls.: With r1ght ~jd~ f..nclng. ch 1. page 2). :i s. ch 3.. ch 3. 6 sc in second ch from hook IARGE CURLIQUE Ch 5. 2 de in third ch nom hock. (2 de. (dr:. sklp next ch-I sp.-Jlid<ty'. z Note. • Isc.:2 times mON.l sc. en 3. sc} in next t:h-3 sp. (2 de. With right sick faclnq. ide..icllf. ch I. de) in next Ch-.:-h-3 sps.J. 4 fin~sh off_ * * Rud 5.. sps. page 2).1 sts: join with sllp silo third ch of be~i!lTlinB ch-S. H. with page 1). 1. workinq under Lop loop und bock ri~e of chs (Fig..>_ join BLue . Ide. hdc in next ch 1 sp.t1l) sc between Curts: ch 1.:. sts. ch 2.1: on Rnd . iinisllofi: t sts. join Green with sc in (see Joining Wid. workin~ behind next Large Curllquc.:':If"~". Sc. ch L: repeat from 2 times more. work Curl[q~) <lT01JrlQ. sc in same 51:.rroilg skle {{l(ing.. (de. cb 3. ell 3. de) if} next SC.) short piece of yarn around mark Rnd 1 as right side. then repeat from t to t once. 4. W(}:r'J-:Jtlg in front of nc»t cb-S and in srs and Spi> (In J tnd :3. de in lest E". (de. de in next 7 sts. * Rnd 6: Ch :3. st i Ich Rnd 2~ ~. No~e= U]o. jnir I IJLrjL b slip st (Q first sc: 28 sts i1T1d 4 c. i~)ln Ecru with sc in Ilrsl sc to rigbt of ~t1\} Lng". join Green wi tis sc in .)P . sc in next sc between Curjques ch 1: sc in nexr ~c between (:1 n+tques. work Curl) around: urst sc. j<Jin I). finish off. de ~n JiB. SL: U) seme st. Rnd 3: Cl I 1. md in next ch-I sp. ::2 de) in next cb-S sp: repeat [rom e . ch 4.T1 wah ::. Rod 1 (Right ~]de): I.lip sl I(} €lrst sc.-ong side f2ld[IY. dl :i. (sc in next join wlth slip st to ti:r..1:. 4.e 01 cis (Fig.5. Hod 3:. 5C in next sc . de) in next sc.P. CVrl'it]llC'-5 and 8 sc. de) in r:h-3 sp on Rnd :1(between sc). Rnd 2: Ch 1.:. sc in next :-. sc in same sc. de in next 7 sts. workf 18 behind Curls. sc in next sc ond in next ch-I sp: re pea! f TOm 2 times mere i join w~tb slip st tu Ijrs~ . v.'ith Yeltow. * 32 .. de in next 2 sis.STITCH GUIDE CURLIQUE ell 4. de in next sc. sc itt next !SoC on Rnd 4. work join ~1_. page 2). in Si~Tr1C sp. ch 3. SC in next 5C. skip next ch-I sp.1 !.sp. Rnd iiH\l '* r:h :)!:o"p S(. ch 3.'J[hslip 51: to v"L)rJI {:I mtque. SL: Rnd I (Right side): \\. 4. en 3.: Ch 1. [tnish oft: 8 sps.- Design by ArU1f-~ Hc. join wtrh slip st [0 Ilrsl :-. finish off: 4 Laroe Curllquea end ·1cb-S sps.!~)Tking under top loop and back ridg(~ cbs of (Frg. de ln next ch-Lsp and in next 5C 1'.:.'Hit Curl. work Large Curlique. hdc in next ch-I . 5C in next SL: I'X'-! I wccrt C\Jrfiqut. hdc in next ch ·1 sp. de in nexf de. ~jde in «ech of last 2 ells. ch 3.1. page 1Ji work L:irge Curllque. Rod 4:.\.Vilh w. * -. Loop e short piece of yarn around mark Rnd I M- any stitch to sc in right . *' * * 4: With U.':'C: 28 sts and 4 ch :3. join with slip st to top of heginrJin!Jch-4. . ch 1. &.

sc In next sc between Petals) twice. 3 hdcl in same .p. hdc in De>:·1 :l hdc.y petal: ch 1. Hnd I (Rlght stdcu With mLlE~·. Wtth Yellow. jom Ecru wlth slip 51 in i31ny ch-I sp: c.E h sli P st to first hdc...-!:S more. sc In second ch Irom hook. STITCH GUIDE POPCORN 5 Sc in ch tndtcaled. 2 del in same st. Rod 3: With right side facing. t.!:'ol I n first hdc. I~!.o. join (.. finish off: 4 petuls. Petal) twfce ln next ch-z ~11: .Wi th rlght sldc facinq..l. YO Mild PL'~IIp a loop. 5 t~ In next sc. hdc: in last ch. ch 6 looselYi ~J(-:ingcareful not to join with sllp st to [orn I a ~lng. hoc ln next 6 We. c.'-!xl ch 1 sp. ----------------- sc in second ch an'!.'1 tunes..:: in next ch 1 !-. ch L.:mnmd to lase 3 Me. Ilmsh off. CLUSTER (uses one ch 1 !-. ch 2.L ch. sc in next sc between Petals. * (2 <I. pr..!jJl. 36 hdc.::k.. ch 1.Rod 6=. hdc) in next ch-I sp. hdc] in next ch 1 1). now a nd throughout). drop l~lp r run) hook. Cluster) in next ch-I sp. 2 de in fI. bdc in sam€ 50pand in neAI. sc in seme sp. work Petal..(.11. de in next 3 ctt5. 12 spa. heck dropped In. YO and dTiJW I hrt )u:. ch 1.h off: 9 Petals end 9 5('. I a short pk'.n~E!'[''1 with sc in any sc between Petals. repeat trcrn 'lnll_ntJ. IJ1dc.pcorn in semc ch Ch ch 2. insert he )ui:. finish OIT. sc if! next SC' between Petals) l~j • . work (Cluster."* sc J: next ch 1 sp. [oln wlth slip st to top of flrsr POPCOITI. YO and p\.:h 4 l. ch 2 (counts as first hde. ch 1.h2. * * Des ign hy 7~rr:v Ki rn brough.. (n. fin~::. sc in next ch :l sp.(:(-: of murk Hnd 1 ns right stdc. work p( . L[J()p Note. 2 del in next sc. :3 de ir I next ch. Ilnlsh off: 48 (YO and draw thrnuqh 2 loops on he)ok) . hrlc) in next ch-I sp: «epees from .+. he lc in last :i hde: join ~1. 2 de in next ch-I sp. Cluster) In next ch-I 5P.~llp. [ch 5. 4 t:r in aerue st. insert hook in firsl of fi-sc groltP. finish off.h·5 . d L 1. (S('. hdc in next ch. truhcated. ch 1. unn Green wlrh sup 51 if! auy sc: ch 4.2 sp.. work Pdi1I) twice in next (:h-2 :'>P:repeat from once more: join with slip st to Ilrst sc.::eT1I{~T ch-I sp of an.:>idli:!}~ 1. join l. * to top of * Rnd 4: Sup S[ in f~r~1ch-S sp. repeat from 2 IlrTLi. working behind Petals. 3 tr. 3 0-. [otn with slip sf to second ell of beqinrunq ch-S..:. Petal. h.op short piece of ~'t1rn uround c mark Rnd 1 as right sfd«.oOPS all on hook.. join Dk Blue with 5~ip sr in r.. ch J. :1 de I next ch-Z sp. 33 . ch 1. )01n with slip st 10 top of begi.R lalc. lnsert hook in 5(:. ch 1. Ihdc. ch 1. ch 2.: PETAL Ch 7 loosely. ~)ln with slip st besinrll[l~ ch-S. (SC. * * ~'aJTLaround ()ny :!i li tch to Hod ch :2 wurk work Z. (3 hdc.'i-p around: join with ...n::! sp (see Joining Wjth Sc.I11\IP it loop (4 loops on hook).. ch 1. lnlc In next 8 hdc. (de. Rnd 5: Ch 2. ~1tr.4 from hook i jnLrl ~'irh slip S~ rc first 5(:. ch 1: repent from 2 tlmes more. [inish off: 6 ch-2 ape.h 3. Hnd 3: Wtth right xide [<iCIng. (ch 5. STITCH GUIDE Hnd 1 (Right .'~L!1 sllp st to firsl sc. t:2 fide. :1 hdc) ln each c.l}) YO. Wi Ih dght side heing: lnln Rose 'With !:'l: ir I jj. TREBLE CROCHET (abbreviated tr) YO twice. ch L repeat from 'Ie onc« more: join with slfp st lo first sc nch-5sps. oek Popcorn in next ell: ch 2) around.l stitch Note: 1. YO and dre v_' thY<)IJ8h2 loops on hook. ch 1.. * * Tack wrong side of each Patel to Rnd 5.. 2 d( In next ch-L sp. In ch-I 50p tndcercd. * * * And 4: WHb right side fa-cing. SJ.:. 2 di. work (Cluster. :1 tr. to * Rod 2: Ch 3.nnin8 ch-4.:)(_) and draw through. re peat from 2 ttrnes more. ch 1: repeat from 2 times mOTe.

&:1. ~OQP (5 loops on hook}. dl I. Bud 6: \Vil. through 2 loops on hook):1 nmes. ch 1: 7 de} in next ch-S sp. (work Puff St in next S(. de. * "* V. 7 de In sarue sp. jam ~'vithsltp st to first sc. Rod 9+ Ch l . ch 4. Imtsh off: 6 ch-? sps Rnd. slip S[ in next S(. [dtr.05 one "I Insert book . work Leaf] twtce. ch 7.:.\litb right side fQcing: l[Jlrl Green with slip st in sume sf joining~ work Leaf. ch 1. sc tn nex 1 sr . * * NDte: Loop a shore piece of mark Rnd 1 as Tight :. ~'aT\1 tll"otlT!. join with slip st to top of begJllnjng ch-S.~th ydkw v. . de in ring. ch 3)-i:1rOlmd.JnrI.vla/ed * Puff Stll". Rnd sltp st in ned ch 7 sp.7 .]!. {YO and dr al. jOj[1itlg sbp :-.tJ sp) twice: join w. 6 che spe. jcln with slip st to form Hnd i'l riT~.1'iJ(-t.:. YO und pull up a Ve" loop. tnst 1 (Right S(. tr in next :{.'ithPink... (Sf: in CoP. tr.d i'jn). ell 6 loosely..hall 9 loops on hook. 10[n with slip sr ro both loops of firsr slip:-il in first sc: 5 st indicated. ch 4. STITCH GUIDE PUFF SlTTCH (ubb. (7 de. ch 6:1 (lrry.a'i.... sc in second ch from hook. ch 4.Sc.:c~of yarn around an\<"!'o[lLch to mark Rnd I .Rnd 5: . [oln with s]j9 st to first sc... ch 3: sklp next ec. ch :i: skip next sc: repeat from urtnn tel. mscrt honk in st or sp indicated Y() ur «l pull up a loop (4 loops on hook). repent Irorn ::!. ch 5. join with 51i!) st lo form a ling. sc In . And I (Right stdeu Ch :" 2 de ln fina. Ch 1. I! page 1). ch 1. * YO. 35 . SC In same sr. finish off !e.._worklnq behind petals. }oln .l!:> right side.0. 8. Insert hock in ctil 5 sp it dtcated. tlmes more.." loop. {7 de.5(:. . stdeje Ch 1.:.l<le .. YO and pull up a.J)lE:!:r du' on Rnd 2 of next. ch :-1. ch 7 . ch 1.~repeat from once more lea v'e remaining sts unworked. {:h 6. finish off: 8 ch-3 sps.~ group: repeat from de once more. ch 7) 11. in J1(. And 2: WiLlL right side f.. ch 5) 4 l'irnt!s."'Xi ell-S sp work [ac.h tight stdc factug and working behind petals and Leaves. Rod 7: Siip . chs LEAf \oI.. ec in serne st.. urin with slip st to first sc. (:J. work Puff St in same 51.e".1}](:e. page 1). slip SI in ruec 1 S~:... [sc in center de of ne»r 3-dc qrcup. st: in same st and in each de around. de. vith sltp ss to top of beqlnnlnp c11-3.. (J.1 Puff St. (S( in next sp. skip next .. ch 7) I~ tee. (sllp st in next ch 7 sp. YO and draw LlmmS!. 7 de) in nex! cll·. de in each ch-6 sp around. finish off 15 s1'5 i:md " c:h-5 sps N(Jte~ Loop a short pi.L between next :2 unwcrkcd: 3 1. ch 3.. sc in center de of next ~..I1:. I DOllJIIE TREBLE CROCHET (abbreviated rit'l YO 3 times. 18 SIS. vorking in Beck Loops Only (Fig. de tn next ch.. ch in first dl·6 ~11: 01"d /r) YO twice..oin Rose with sc in fiT51 j de In left of joinfnq s! (see Joining With . join Ecru wit h ~c in allY ch-? sp Oil Rnd 4. * "* Des!gn by Terl'\..oj:l1!) rcruairunq 3 ch.'.. [sc in sc between next 2 petals. Z+ PU!1l!p it Y. J(imhrmJg~1. (sc in next ch-7 sp on Rnd :1. ~YO and draw I h rnuqh 2 loops on he )ok} 4 Urnes. ch 3} 12 ttrncs. jl)in wlth slip sc to top of r. finish off. petal. ch 1) 7 times.~.. S !'l: in rirlg: join with slip st it Rod 3+ Ch :j. STITCH GUIDE mERLE CROCHET (~bh.'stnch to I Hod 4. ell 1.

ch 3: sklp next ec. skip next . de in each ch-6 sp around. ch 1. 35 . {7 de. join Ecru wit h ~c in allY ch-? sp Oil Rnd 4.. stdeje Ch 1. finish off. YO and pull up a. tr in next :{. And I (Right stdeu Ch :" 2 de ln fina. sc tn nex 1 sr .:.. ch 1.~.J)lE:!:r du' on Rnd 2 of next. finish off !e..~th ydkw v.. Rod 7: Siip ..I1:. ~'aT\1 tll"otlT!.JnrI. finish off: 8 ch-3 sps. * * NDte: Loop a shore piece of mark Rnd 1 as Tight :. de tn next ch. sc In .h tight stdc factug and working behind petals and in first dl·6 ~11: 01 S.r. 7 de) in nex! cll·.:c~of yarn around an\<"!'o[lLch to mark Rnd I . slip S[ in next S(. [sc in sc between next 2 petals.e".:. ~OQP (5 loops on hook}. tr. Rod 9+ Ch l . Z+ PU!1l!p it Y. [sc in center de of ne»r 3-dc qrcup.~ group: repeat from de once more. ch 7) I~ tee. (sc in next ch-7 sp on Rnd :1.. tlmes more.'ithPink. mscrt honk in st or sp indicated Y() ur «l pull up a loop (4 loops on hook).Rnd 5: .5(:. petal.oin Rose with sc in fiT51 j de In left of joinfnq s! (see Joining With .l<le .. * YO. SC In same sr.'stnch to I Hod 4. ch 3} 12 ttrncs. ch 5) 4 l'irnt!s. ch 7. YO und pull up a Ve" loop. Insert hock in ctil 5 sp it dtcated.tJ sp) twice: join w. Ch 1. ch 4. STITCH GUIDE PUFF SlTTCH (ubb.a'i. jOj[1itlg sbp :-. ch 3. sc in center de of next ~.0..1'iJ(-t. ch 4. (J. jam ~'vithsltp st to first sc. ec in serne st. (Sf: in CoP. 6 che spe. [dtr. 8. st indicated.1 Puff St. ell 1. Rnd 8. ch 7) 11. (work Puff St in next S(.:. ch 3)-i:1rOlmd. join with slip st to top of begJllnjng ch-S... &:1. chs LEAf \oI..L between next :2 petals. sc in second ch from hook."'Xi ell-S sp work [ac. Imtsh off: 6 ch-? sps Rnd.~repeat from once more lea v'e remaining sts unworked. S !'l: in rirlg: join with slip st it Rod 3+ Ch :j. {:h 6. finish off 15 s1'5 i:md " c:h-5 sps N(Jte~ Loop a short pi.'. * "* Des!gn by Terl'\.. ch 4. vith sltp ss to top of beqlnnlnp c11-3. 18 SIS. st: in same st and in each de around. de. * "* V.05 one "I Insert book . jl)in wlth slip sc to top of unwcrkcd: 3 1. ell 6"d /r) YO twice.. 10[n with slip sr ro both loops of firsr sc.d i'jn). ch 4. (S( in next sp. I! page 1). J(imhrmJg~1. YO and draw LlmmS!. ch 1) 7 times.. repent Irorn ::!. . sltp st in ned ch 7 sp. de in ring. page 1). vorking in Beck Loops Only (Fig.. Bud 6: \Vil." loop. . through 2 loops on hook):1 nmes. 7 de In sarue sp...l!:> right side. tnst 1 (Right S(._worklnq behind petals. ch 5.7 .1}](:e. {YO and dr al.vla/ed * Puff Stll". And 2: WiLlL right side }oln ..Sc.]!. (7 de. ch :-1.hall 9 loops on hook. join with 51i!) st lo form a slip:-il in first sc: 5 petals.. (:J. urin with slip st to first sc. slip SI in ruec 1 S~:. work Leaf] twtce. dl I. ch 1. in J1(.. jcln with slip st to form Hnd i'l riT~. ch 7 . [oln with s]j9 st to first sc. ch 6:1 (lrry. I DOllJIIE TREBLE CROCHET (abbreviated rit'l YO 3 times. work Puff St in same 51. ~YO and draw I h rnuqh 2 loops on he )ok} 4 Urnes.\litb right side fQcing: l[Jlrl Green with slip st in sume sf joining~ work Leaf. STITCH GUIDE mERLE CROCHET (~bh..oj:l1!) rcruairunq 3 ch. ch :i: skip next sc: repeat from urtnn tel.. ch 1: 7 de} in next ch-S sp. (sllp st in next ch 7 sp.

LSe. YO. bdc in same st.:h-. STITCH GUIDE TREBLE CROCHET (abbreviated tf) YO twice. ch 1. decrease. join Gr.:ginning ch-Z. Qr yarn around 21ny stitch to * * Rod 2: Slip S[ tn iirsl ch-S sp. fin{~ off: 36 sts end 4 ch 2. ch 3. (YO end draw through :l fOOP6 on.:.i:) work (Be. skip next s<:. s::: iu next ch-!i sp. YO and. repeat from <'HOIJnC!.. YO eud draw through ell /1 loops on hook. de in next sc.. ell 5. page 1}. altp st in next de. mw ch-Z sp: ch 3: (2 de. (2 rr. SmCHGUIDE Nate: Loop a short pi~·u~ mark RnJ 1 . i work (Cluster. ch 3.:. join with shp :.7 de. (skip ne»t de. 2 tr) in nexl ch 2 sp.. joln wirb slip st to flrst sc. JDin l. ch 1. ch 3. Cluster) lfl rwxr ch-S sp..Rnd 3: Ch 3.:><t ch-S sp: repeat from 2 tlmes more: join ~ Ith v slip st to top of b£'qbltliltB cb 3... jcln '1iLLh slip 51 to first sc: .g Cluster ln l'h)Q. ch 2.. ch 1. sklp next sc. join Green Ik'Jth S(: in <m~. ch :). sc in de below n(~xt cb-S. ch 2. YO end PL1U a loop. * * * \o\. finlsh oH: :=1. * * Rnd 4! Will! right side fadnol]. s.. 6 ch-f sps. jotn Green with sc in de below center ch-S on nny petal (see Joinin. (work Cluster in rinq.c. Itnish off.S one epl Cb 2. * Rnd 3: Slip st in flrst L. NQt~. pull up a loop. :j {k) in same sp.3 loops on hook (oounts as one sc)_ Hod 1 (Right stdels I.. join V.{ de in T].rhlt~ wlth slrp st in . finish oft: 8 ch-S sps. InO[} (4 loops on hcolc.5. .YO. ch 3. DECJlEi\SE Insert hook in skipped de below lip-xi cb-S. Hnd 4: Wil. working behind ch-S 21nJ in skipped de on Rnd ~. YO f1f)lj pull up a loop: YO and drew thruuqh L: loops on hook re peal Irorn 2 rimes more.' r ch ~)sp (see Joining Wltl.)11 ._. [sc. e: ill n(!XE d 9 sts: repeat from 2 rimes mOTe.g V/Uh &. hmutgh :(. ch 2. ell~) around.5-1 in next de. ch 2.p. lnser! hook in sp indicated. 3 de) in next ch-S sp. dd tn same 5P: de in nex! 9 :!il:!. st to top of Bcglnnluq ClL1~teT. skip next 2 cJi-:j sps. 3 de in next cJ)-3 sp.hight sid[~ bdng.j:-.hright side: facing. (:b 3. (2 lr. finish off. insert book In skipped de below next ch-S.3.-Iipst in [m~'ch-S sp: ch 3.ark Red 1 . (2 de. 2 runes more. (5(: jn next ch-S sp. ~) in same sp and In each ch-5 sp ercurd. ch :j} 3 times. en 1. join with ~lp ~I to ~1at base of beqlnntnq ch-3. ch 2.iJ~. YO and draw [J It""Ollgh~111 loops on 3 hook... b. ch 1j repeat from ..\"ric.. ch ~I 6 times in second ch f rOTt1 book. cb 5.11-2 ~r. 3 hdc in ncxt sc. ch S.J)J dra . Rod 5: Ch 2. ch 2. ch 1.\. ch S. right side. join with slip st it) iirsL sc. YO 8.~s right side. ch f.t tn lop 01 beqmnlnq ch-3.". ch 3) 7 ttmes.'j! h Rose ch 2.pi . de in next SC. * * arty stitch to Rnd 2~ \. de in next sc. page 1). 2 tr) ill next ch-z sp... ch L de in next sc. . one .ouJ~ :1 l fmea.'H:hBI. . BEGINNING CUlSTER h. :1. de. d! S. slip st ln next de.. 3 de) in next (.'Jith slip st eo top of b. mora. slip st in next de. sp. Join wfrh slip st to form 21Til~~_ Rnd 1 {Right side}: 'v\/( irk B(~innir.en with !. {:1 de. Loop a short piece of yarn around m. * {ksign by Anne HaIlid(1~" * 36 .. ch 2. loops on hook: I"(. slip st in next sc. 1..Rnd 3: Vv'ilh right side fectna. ch 2. ch . finish ott * (:) "* De_~ign h)) Ccro'c RLIJ"icr np~~rr. ch :1}:) times.. repeat from uround: join wlrh sllp s! to first sc 12 sc end 12 ch-Z sps. [sklp next de.0h 3 sps.0. Clusl("~:r)n same sp.'1SP. YO. [oin ~ vith slip. YO end draw up through . ch :1. 6 patnls..e. 5-1ip.:!p~!i) 'j I f rum once mor-e. join with sltp st to top of BegumJn~ Cluster. decrease.. c CLUSTER (use. insert hook in e:h-2 sp indicated: YO and pull up a.ginning Cluster. insert book in sp lndfcafed. sc in next Ch-. repeat h-orn 2 times..and pull IlP u loop. 2.

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