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< Scott Seekins Familia Skateboard Shop, 2823 Hennepin Ave., hosts a show by local artist Scott Seekins, with an opening on Oct. 29, 7-9pm. (Self-portrait by Scott Seekins)

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November 2011 Volume 7, Number 11

Joyce Church: A Home For Uptown Misfits

Lets Face It
By Bruce Cochran

One-Sort Recycling Comes To East Calhoun

Tech savvy contractors still want a market to meet in person

If the the tech world is overrun with connecting devices and ways to form and maintain relationships, why would you need an old fashioned business-tobusiness fair? Local entrepreneur Blake Bensam says, You can start and end relationships on the web, but when building relationships...when you shake someones really get a sense and feel of them. Thats why instead of selling and bartering goods, Kareem Ahmed and Blake Bensman brought together aspiring and established entrepreneurs to expose, connect, inspire and showcase the talents, products and services that are infused throughout the Twin Cities. Their goal was to connect and inspire. The October event at Urban Bean coffee shop at 3255 Bryant Avenue was organized for a variety of contractors: designers, copywriters, programmers, developers, applicaFACE page 9
(Photo by Bruce Cochran)

A Strong Counter-current
By Shayna Melgaard

(Photo by Bruce Cochran)

People passing by Joyce United Methodist Church on the evening of Tuesday, October 11 may have caught some live music coming from the portico on West 31st Street. The community event, organized by church staff and local musician Barbara Meyer, was a candlelit vigil featuring peace and protest standards and original music, along with speakers calling for nonviolent action. David Booth, a local singer-songwriter-activist, was Barbaras musical counterpart at the vigil. Prior to the event, he had never encountered the building or the people who call Joyce their church home, but that night he could tell there was something different about the community there. It was a place where generations came together, Booth said. People were working to connect the immediate concerns of daily life to a larger sense of the meaning of life in general. People focused on, and celebrated, their common humanity and didnt much sweat their social differences. Joyce seems like a strong counter-current, where trust and companionship are the guiding spirits. JOyCE page 6

By Sarah Sponheim
East Calhouns new one-sort recycling pilot program shows solid success: 30% more households are recycling and the neighborhood is recycling 35% more stuff. This one-year pilot program, a collaboration between Minneapolis and Hennepin County, allows residents in the East Calhoun and WillardHay neighborhoods to commingle their recyclables in a single cart. In late August, crews delivered 96-gallon carts with blue lids to every eligible address (single-family to four-plex) in the two neighborhoods. At the same time, the crews removed the small blue and green bins that used to hold our pre-sorted recycling. The same materials that have been accepted by the City can now be tossed into one cart, greatly simplifying RECyCLINg page 5

Taking Community Building To A New Level

Smells Like Teen Spirit

The Beats pastor connects through a music hangout
Local fans enjoy an all-ages show at The Beat Coffeehouse.

(Photo by Bruce Cochran)

The Beats pastor connects through music venue

By Bruce Cochran
It may just be the way music communicates with our brain that tills the soil of our emotions. We cant always explain why we feel certain ways about different music. But maybe there is something about it that communicates directly with our subconscious that spontaneously generates the emotions we feel. However it happens, its clear that we listen to a variety of music to tap into those emotions. Its no wonder music is so popular with teenagers who are still struggling to find a way to speak but are sometimes short on words. It gives a dreamlike elocution absent most adolescent vocabularies. One of those genres, Rock n Roll, has been popular in the U.S. since the mid-50s and has never stopped inspiring with lyric and song. Its social issues have provided the score to a variety of cultural issues: civil rights, dissent, drugs, poverty, sex, war, lifestyles, as well as the many hopes and fears of youth. SpRIIT page 7

(Photo by Bruce Cochran)

By Phyllis Stenerson
Nancy Ward just stepped down as Chair of the ECCO Board after two years of stellar service in bringing people together to strengthen the East Calhoun neighborhood and the larger community. Nancy has been a very effective president, said Monica Smith, ECCO administrator. She is passionate about making East Calhoun a great place to live. She encourages neighbors to get involved with the community and invites suggestions and feedback. She has championed our monthly socials as a way to meet neighbors, share ideas and build community. She feels strongly that ECCO is not just a 12 member board, TAkINg page 11

No Pilgrim Ever had it This Good.

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2 Uptown neighborhood news


people power Or Money power?
Editorial by Phyllis Stenerson
What a difference one month can make! Toward the end of September a crowd started to gather on Wall Street in New York City to protest the significant role the financial industry played in causing our international economic crisis. People were expressing anger that major banking and investment institutions made huge profits from risky decisions but, when the bubble burst, were bailed out with taxpayer money instead of penalized. Meanwhile, millions of regular Americans lost Since the September 2011 issue Ive been writing about politics and government for the purpose of contributing to civic education and promoting dialogue. There was a time when subjects that were not considered polite conversation included politics, money, race, power, sex and religion. Thats what needs to be discussed plus much more. Previous editorials and context can be found at www. their jobs, savings and homes and got no help. Occupy Wall Street sprouted up from the grassroots and grew rapidly into a worldwide movement within a few weeks. There are now protests in hundreds of cities including OccupyMN in downtown Minneapolis where about 1,000 people showed up on the first day, some stayed and many return frequently. First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. Mohandas Gandhi While its true that some of the most devoted occupiers might be described as looking a bit different many are the people that you see each day in your neighborhood. Its a lot easier to march for a few miles in balmy fall weather than sleep overnight on cold, hard concrete so we fair-weather friends appreciate those who are toughing it out. Cautious, careful people, always casting about to preserve their reputation and social standing, never can bring about reform. Susan B. Anthony The Occupy movement is most certainly a phenomenon! Its incredible in its size, scope, volume, velocity and unity. Individuals may be promoting a dizzyingly diverse array of causes but its animating message is abundantly clear: The
Liz Mattingly and Brita Melom brightened the first day of OccupyMN at the Hennepin County Government Center on October 7. They gave away roses compliments of Amelias flower shop in Uptown. Don Portwood, minister of Lyndale United Church of Christ, was one of the surprised participants who received a flower. Lyndale UCC is holding services at Intermedia Arts, 2822 Lyndale Avenue South , until renovation on their building at 26th Street and Lyndale Avenue is complete soon. Amelia Flower and Garden Shoppe is at 36th Street and Bryant Avenue , 612.825.3019. (Photo by Phyllis Stenerson)

banks got bailed out, the people got sold out to quote a frequently repeated slogan. Deregulation of the financial industry over the past decades, along with an escalating amount of money being poured into Congressional campaigns and lobbying, have had a profound effect on the power balance in America. The top one percent of the population has amassed an obscenely large proportion of the national wealth while the middle class is shrinking and poverty is surging. We are the 99% is another message.

We learned long ago that power and privilege never give up anything without a struggle. Money fights hard, and it fights dirty. Bill Moyers Theres no doubt there are strong feelings for shifting power from the financial elite to the rest of us. A recent Time Magazine poll reported the OccupyUSA Movement has the support of 54% of the American public, surpassing 27% support for the Tea Party Movement. pEOpLE page 3

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Inform, Connect, Organize

Media Tools for the New Normal
The Twin Cities Media Alliances 7th Annual Fall Media Forum will be held on Saturday, November 12 from 9 am to 3:30 pm at the Minneapolis Central Public Library, 300 Nicollet Mall. This event is free and open to the public but advance registration is encouraged. For more information go to twincitiesmediaalliance. To register (and purchase a box lunch if you wish) go to We are living in a media New Normal in which ordinary citizens have unprecedented access to powerful media tools. This forum focuses on the media tools and information resources that can help citizens, communities and businesses inform themselves, communicate and work together.

UNN Wants yOU

Reporters, writers and photographers from the community are needed. Uptown Neighborhood News will be represented at the Media Forum and enthusiastically encourages others to attend. Sessions to help writers find their groove are also being planned. Contact Phyllis Stenerson, editor, to discuss how you can be part of the New Normal in Uptown.


Monday & Thursday 10pm

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News tips, story ideas, articles, photos with captions, letters to the editor and commentary are welcomed and encouraged. Send by the 15th of the month to or UNN, 3612 Bryant Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55409. All submissions must be relevant to Uptown. Letters to the Editor are limited to 250 words. High resolution photos are required. We reserve the right to decide whether or not a piece will be published and to edit for space, clarity, appropriateness or legal concerns. We need to know your name, address, phone number, e-mail and neighborhood. UNN is a monthly publication of Calhoun Area Residents Action Group (CARAG) in cooperation with the East Calhoun Community Organization (ECCO). UNN covers the news of Uptown and is delivered free to households within the area bounded by Lyndale Avenue and Lake Calhoun, between Lake Street and 36th Street. Copies are distributed to businesses in the Uptown area. Circulation is 5,200 with a pass-along readership of 10,000. Publication and distribution is before the first of every month. Contributors are area residents who volunteer their time to bring the news of the area to residents. UNN is managed by a board of local citizens with the ECCO and CARAG Boards each appointing three representatives. Monthly meetings are held at St. Marys Greek Orthodox Church, 3450 Irving Avenue from 7 pm to 9 pm the first Monday of the month, unless otherwise scheduled. Meetings are open to the public. Contact to confirm and/or request time on the agenda. Copyright 2011 Uptown Neighborhood News Editor Phyllis Stenerson (CARAG) 612.331.1929 Art Direction and Production Bruce Cochran (CARAG) Advertising Susan Hagler (CARAG) 612.825.7780 Managing Board Ralph Knox, President (ECCO) Elizabeth Walke, Treasurer (CARAG) Linda Todd, Secretary (ECCO) Ruth Cain (ECCO) Samantha Strong (CARAG) Contributing Photographers Bruce Cochran, Anja Curiskis, Kay Nygaard-Graham, Phyllis Stenerson Contributing Writers Carol Bouska, Bruce Cochran, Scott Dibble, Marion Greene, Frank Hornstein, Shayna Melgaard, Judy Shields, Monica Smith, Sarah Sponheim, Phyllis Stenerson, Meg Tuthill, Nicole Valentine Newspaper Circulation CARAG/ECCO/Uptown Circulation: Bill Boudreau, Justin Jagoe

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Uptown neighborhood news 3 .

State Budget Means Higher property Taxes
If youre a homeowner paying the second half of your property tax bill this month, pay special attention to your statement. Many of you should notice a line called the Homestead Credit, a direct property tax relief program that lowers homeowner property taxes. Any home valued under about $414,000 automatically receives the credit. The maximum credit is $304 and the average credit is $202. Ninetyfive percent of all homeowners receive this benefit. Wed like all residents to take notice of this special property tax relief now because next year, the Homestead Credit no longer will exist. The state budget fix that Republicans insisted on and voted for during the July special session and which the three of us voted against included an irresponsible decision to eliminate the Homestead Credit, meaning the property tax reduction you see on this years statements disappear next year. The Republicans replaced the Homestead Credit with a new scheme that will require cities and counties to factor a lower percentage of homeowners total market value when applying levies. This new program provides $0 in property tax relief, eliminating a program that provided $538 million in relief; it only shifts which THE UPTOWN NEIGHBORHOOD NEWS IS NOW AVAILABLE AT THESE SELECT LOCATIONS Bremer Bank Brueggers Bagels Bryant Square park Cheapo Records Chiang Mai Thai Common Roots Cafe Dunn Bros (Hennepin & 34th) Dunn Bros (Lake & Bryant) Falafel king Famous Daves BBQ gigis Caf Health Resource Center Hennepin-Lake Liquors Isles Bun & Coffee Its greek to Me Joyce Food Shelf Joyce United Methodist Church kowalskis Market Magers & Quinn Lagoon Theatre parents Automotive pizza Luce Rainbow Foods Sebastian Joes Ice Cream Cafe Southwest Senior Center Subway Spyhouse Coffee Shop Uptown Diner Uptown Theatre Tea garden Treetops At Calhoun Vail place Walker Library Walker place The Wedge yWCA (Uptown) property tax payers bear the burden expected to be homes that have increased or maintained their values, residential rental properties and commercial spaces that are increasing in value. Probably most upsetting is that unlike the old system, there is no guarantee that this new so-called Homestead Market Value Exclusion will result in lower property taxes for even one homeowner because the deduction no longer is applied directly to individual tax bills. Instead, many homeowners and business owners, commercial property owners, renters and owners of highly valued homes will see an increase in their tax bills next year as cities and counties are forced to spread their levies across more properties to make up for the artificially lowered tax base. This is nothing but a bait and switch by Republicans trying to appear as though theyre keeping property taxes flat, but actually forcing them up by their very action. Its a sneaky way to once again push the states budget troubles onto property taxpayers. Minneapolis is just one of many cities proposing a zero percent levy increase for 2012, but the citys hard work at maintaining costs is for naught because of the Republican legislatures changes. Minneapolis is predicting at least 35 percent of residential homes in the city will see a city property tax increase of up to five percent in 2012, even though those homes have not changed homestead status, have not had any improvements, and fall under the citys 0 percent levy increase. We are especially dismayed that the tremendous property tax relief delivered from the hard won reforms on the Citys Police and Fire pension obligations will be eroded by this action. Property taxes in cities and counties across the state will be increasing in the same manner even if local governments dont spend one additional dime next year, but simply maintain the current level of basic services. Its a simple arithmetic fact: raising the exact same amount from an artificially reduced base, absent the offsetting reimbursement from the state, means property taxes have to increase. And. as is always the case when property taxes go up, some properties have to carry more of the freight if they have maintained their value better than others in the same jurisdiction. With a cut to the renters property tax credit of 13%, renters are hit twice. The three of us stood with our DFL colleagues to oppose this change in

By Minnesota State Legislators, District 60 - Representative Frank Hornstein, Representative Marion Greene and Senator Scott Dibble
the first place. We fought for longterm solutions that wouldnt shove the states problems onto property tax payers once again, and were prepared to launch a similar fight in 2012. Democrats have proposed legislation for 2012 that would reverse this years decision and restore the Homestead Credit. Minnesota property taxpayers already are on the hook for more than $3 billion of former Gover-

nor Pawlentys budget problems over the past decade. Theres absolutely no excuse for them to pay even more. State Senator D. Scott Dibble, District 60 651.296.4191, sen.scott. State Representative Frank Hornstein, District 60A 651.296.9281, State Representative Marion Greene, District 60B 651.296.0171, rep.

pEOpLE from 2 Only time will tell if and how this spontaneous, egalitarian movement will evolve into a force that will influence elections and public policy. Participants and observers are increasingly realizing that passions go much deeper than just economic justice and encompass the very moral values on which American democracy is based.

Signs have emerged recently that say Pardon the inconvenience. We are changing the world. Time doesnt change things. People change things. Andy Warhol Comments from readers are welcome. Send letters to the Editor at or UNN, 3612 Bryant Avenue South, Minneapolis 55409.

Citizen ACtion
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4 Uptown neighborhood news


crime & safety

Busy Fall At kenwood Elementary School
By Nicole Valentine
Beautiful weather was a welcome player in Kenwood Community Schools 15th annual Kenwood Crawl September 10. Almost 500 kids, teachers and family members crawled, or more accurately, walked, by grade around Kenwood Park as part of the schools Kenwood Elementary School Principal Cheryl first community building Martin is holding the Kenwood Walking Stick awarded to the class that raises the most event of the school year. which isfor the schools PTA through pledges for money Students collected over walking around the park at the annual Kenwood $11,200 in pledges for the Crawl. With Martin are students Abby, Ann, and East walk with the funds going Calhoun resident, Julia. (Photo by Leslie Nall) to support arts residencies and field trip expenses. Event co-chair and ECCO resident Brad Ehalt said, Our community is so lucky to have this beautiful park available to us. Were pleased that we can utilize it for one of the schools most loved community building events. Related activities at the Crawl included a treasure hunt for younger kids, a community mural project, and an acorn collection effort. In addition, a group of parents brought musical instruments and jammed, providing a musical backdrop. Kenwood alums from middle schools including Anwatin and Anthony acted as safety monitors at park corners. Refreshments were provided by Isles Bun & Coffee, Lunds, and Kowalskis. For the first time Kenwood hosted a curriculum night for parents as part of its fall PTA meeting. On September 27, classroom and specialist teachers presented overviews of their curriculum and goals and expectations for the school year. Parents with more than one child at the school were able to rotate through different classrooms as the presentations were made twice. This new event, which resulted from parent input to the schools Site Council, brought in over 165 interested parents and family members. Principal Martin said she has received numerous positive comments about the evening. Shortly after the school year began, the Site Council and PTA Board teamed up to support the schools current middle school pathway in a letter to the School Board. As part of its boundary changes in 2009, the District changed the schools pathway from Anwatin Middle School to Susan B. Anthony Middle School at 57th and Irving. In their letter, the Site Council and PTA Board praised the current pathway, noting that it has fostered more unity at Kenwood as a vast majority of families are choosing to follow it. Last year, for the first time in at least seven years, 90% of fifth graders at Kenwood continued onto Middle School together because Anthony Middle School was the pathway. The letter continues that parents are delighted in the path that has been set out by the District. A proposal for the District to address increases in enrollment was released since the September letter to the School Board, and it does not include any changes to Kenwoods pathway. A series of community meetings to discuss the proposal has been scheduled for October and the proposal is to be formally presented to the School Board November 1. For more information visit Nicole Valentine is the parent of a Kenwood student and a PTA Board member.

Crimes By Location

September 23 - October 23
burglary of Dwelling includes garages, attached or unattached.

Chelsea Adams, Crime prevention specialist 612.673.2819 or 5th precinct: sectors 1&2: (Uptown)

36th St & Bryant ave S 612-825-3718

c Uptown Neighborhood News


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Uptown neighborhood news  . the sorting are 98% accurate. We saw fewer than a dozen workers manually sorting the remaining 2%. Initially, fans and vacuums separate fibers (mixed paper) from containers (glass, plastic and cans). Paper diverges further into corrugated cardboard, newsprint, office paper and magazines. Machines use magnets, gravity and scanners to sort the containers according to material - aluminum, steel, glass and plastic. Each material stream eventually falls through a chute to a chamber on the floor below, where bobcats transport the material to a baling station. Glass gets trucked to one of two local plants that utilize optical scanners to sort it by color clear, green and brown. Wagner walked us to one end of the building to show off neatlystacked bales of crushed cans, flattened white plastic bottles, clear and colored plastic, newspapers, cardboard and office paper. Each material is sold to brokers. Aluminum brings the highest price: a 900-pound bale sells for as much as $700. As it arrives at the MRF, East Calhouns mixed recycling gets blended with recycling collected from schools, businesses and suburbs. Minneapolis pre-sorted recycling, which also comes to this facility, can bypass the conveyor belts and proceed directly to the baling area. According to Paul Wagner, Allied is focused on the bottom line: Theres money to be made from our recycling, which comprises valuable commodities. If we do our part at home to get recyclables out of the trash and into the recycling cart, Allied will no doubt hold up its end of the bargain. Sarah Sponheim lives in the East Calhoun neighborhood with her family, serves on the ECCO Board and is Chair of Waste Watchers.

10th Ward News

From Council Member Meg Tuthill
Contact Meg at 612.673.2210,, Office Hours: Monday-Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Visit us at

Fall Street Sweeping begins

Fall street sweeping began Monday, October 24 and will take the usual four weeks. Watch for temporary No Parking signs so you dont get towed.

City Council begins 2012 City budget consideration

The Minneapolis City Council has begun the process to consider Mayor R.T. Rybaks proposed 2012 Budget. The City Councils Ways & Means/ Budget Committee began budget hearings on September 22. Budget hearings will continue through mid-November, with final approval of the 2012 budget scheduled for December 14. Two public hearings will be held before the budgets approval, offering you a chance to comment. The Mayors proposed budget calls for no property tax levy increase in 2012. For a schedule of all departmental budget hearings, please visit www. All budget hearings will be broadcast live (and rebroadcast) on the Citys cable channel 79. You can find the rebroadcast schedule and view the hearings online at Public hearings on tax levy and 2012 City budget at City Hall, 350 South 5th Street, Council Chambers (Room 317) on Wednesday, November 30, 6:05 p.m and Wednesday, December 14, 6:05 p.m. For more information on the Mayors proposed 2012 Budget, visit www.
Bales at the recycling facility.
(Photo by Anja Curiskis)

RECyCLINg from 1 the household task of recycling. The program will enable Minneapolis and Hennepin County to evaluate whether the mixed system leads to a significant increase in recycling and a decrease in the amount of recyclables that we throw into the trash. Waste sorts conducted at the beginning, middle and end of the program will provide exact measurements of how our habits change over the course of the year. There will also be a financial analysis to project the cost of expanding this recycling system city-wide. The outcome of the pilot will inform the Mayor and City Council as they develop strategies for reducing Minneapolis waste.

In early October, four curious East Calhoun Waste Watchers followed the recycling trucks to Allied Wastes Materials Recovery Facility (MRF, pronounced murf) in North Minneapolis. We wanted to see what happens to our recycling after its picked up. This particular MRF (Allied operates a second local facility in Inver Grove Heights) has been running since 2005. It now operates at or above capacity, processing 18.5 tons of material per hour. Outside the building, in-coming trucks tip their loads of mixed recycling into large bays, while inside the vast warehouse, elevated conveyor belts carry swiftly-moving rivers of materials in all directions. The din of motors and breaking glass is engulfing. According to manager Paul Wagner, the machines doing

pension Merger prevents $20 million in Added City Costs in 2012

Minneapolis taxpayers will avoid more than $20 million in costs in 2012 now that plans have been approved to merge the Citys two remaining closed pension funds the Minneapolis Police Relief Association (MPRA) and the Minneapolis Fire Relief Association (MFRA) with the States PERA pension system. The merger is a result of years of work by City leaders, staff and partners to reduce huge increases in pension obligations that have posed significant financial challenges for the City. This merger protects taxpayers and offers pensioners benefit increases and stability into the future. With the PERA boards approval on October 13, all parties have now approved the plan. The approval of the merger helped Mayor R.T. Rybak to propose no increase in the property tax levy for 2012 when coupled with cuts to City departments. Without the merger, the Citys obligations to these two funds would be $23.1 million in 2012. With the merger, the Citys pension levy obligation for these two funds is $2.6 million.

Battle Of The Bands

Free Concert at First Universalist Church

The Macalester College Jazz Band and Universal Jazz will play their 13th annual free concert on Friday, November 5 at 7:30 pm. Universal Jazz is the jazz sound of First Universalist Church, 3400 Dupont Avenue, where the concert will be held. Universal Jazz, the jazz sound of First Universalist, is led by John Jensen. Music Director and pianist. He is well-known as a solo performer, ensemble player, accompanist and recording artist. John is equally at home with the classical repertoire and modern jazz. The Battle of the Bands will be conducted by Joan Griffiths. For more information go to or call 612.825.1701.

Its Ash Tree pruning Season

As fall puts an end to the growing season, a beetle that attacks and kills ash trees is going dormant until spring. The emerald ash borer is present in Minneapolis and is inactive between Labor Day and May 1 most years. If you have an ash tree in your yard that needs pruning or if you would like to take it down, now through May 1 is the best time. The emerald ash borer is a major concern because it has caused the deaths of millions of ash trees in 15 states, and approximately 20 percent of the tree canopy in Minneapolis consists of ash trees. The Minnesota Department of Agriculture has issued a state quarantine on firewood, ash trees, and ash tree products in Hennepin, Ramsey, Houston and Winona counties to slow the spread of emerald ash borer. To learn more, visit the Minnesota Department of Agriculture Save Our Ash at or their Pest Management-Emerald Ash Borer webpage at aspx. You can also visit the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Boards Emerald Ash Borer webpage at asp?PageID=1059.




Friday November 25th escape to calhoun square for Black Friday Bridging the Gap
St. Marys Greek Orthodox Church hosted the 5th annual Youth Connect: a onestop shop youth event that connects youth to services. Above is Angel Sandro, at left, networking with other services providers as youth and family counselor with The Bridge For Youth. The Bridge is a non-profit located in Uptown at 1111 W. 22nd St. It provides emergency shelter for youth, counseling, street outreach, crisis intervention, homeless youth services, case management and transitional living programs. More info at (Photo by Bruce Cochran)

Make your own breakfast with purchase at Kitchen Window Visit our restaurants for take out menus enjoy special sales and much more Visit for more information

6 Uptown neighborhood news JOyCE from 1 Standing in front of Joyce Church, youd have no idea theres a beautiful sanctuary lined with stained glass windows and stunning architecture inside. Joyces white stucco exterior tends to blend into the background but the people of Joyce decidedly do not. They refer to themselves as a community of misfits, a phrase they say was coined by pastor emeritus Bill Morton. Its a namesake the congregation has embraced. her way to Uptown on Sundays, despite the churchs lack of parking, because Joyce misfits are very good friends. Part of becoming better people for Joyce members, it seems, is not only embracing the LGBT community, but fighting for its inclusion in the church marriage covenant, even if it means their church is going rogue. Joyce pastor John Darlington explains: congregation ebb and flow with the years and changing cultural climates. My story has changed over the years, said Marsh, a junior high teacher. I am currently the wife of a nursing home resident who has dementia. My husband was an active member [at Joyce] until he became too disabled to attend. You can imagine that I have had some struggles over the past few years with my husband. But my church family has always been there for me.

the needs of our community. Dental student Allison Zank, a CARAG resident, stopped in at Joyce one Easter Sunday eight years ago and has been there ever since. For the first time in my life, I felt that I had come home, Zank said.

Meet the Misfits

Mary Cravens has been a member of Joyce since 1988 when she lived in the neighborhood. Now a Richfield resident, Cravens still makes

Joyce Church Is My Other Family

New Biz in Calhoun Square

Geetanjoli Sari Fashion has opened its sister store, India Home Dcor & Gifts by Geetanjoli on the second floor. They will offer a diverse line of North Indian home dcor and gifts. The chair shown above is an Indian royalty chair. Hart & Soul is a new kiosk on the first floor that creates and produces organic skin care, hydrotherapy and aromatherapy products. MyStudio Demo allows you to create a professional demo tape at their recording studio to share with your friends. Located on the second floor, the studio is capable of recording stills and video footage as well as audio tracks. (Photo by Bruce Cochran)

Flower & Garden Shoppe
612.208.1205 | 910 W 36th St. . Find us on facebook | Mon-Sat: 11am-6pm | Sun: 12noon-5pm
c Uptown Neighborhood News

The church operates the Joyce Uptown Food Shelf across the Joyce is a Reconciling Congrestreet from the church that serves gation. That status within our par1,400 people each month in the ent denomination means that we Uptown area. It vehemently protest houses Joyce PreMethodist policy and school, a two-way official language that Spanish-English discriminates against immersion instituand marginalizes the tion (one of only two lesbian, gay, bisexual in the nation). and transgender community, Darlington But, can being hip said. We also protest to the culture and and are working to located smack dab defeat the proposed in the middle of a marriage amendment residential neighborin Minnesota that hood compete with would enshrine disMinneapolis other crimination against options for commugay couples in our nity and spiritual state constitution. At exploration? Joyce we are unabashedly devoted to marWe have all walks riage equality and of life in our congre- MARY CRAVENS, CHOIR MEMBER the inclusion of the gation, Marsh said. LGBT community The poor, the poorin all facets of society. We believe I am the mother of a wonderful er, the comfortable and a few who that our compassion and inclusive young man who is not a Christian, are more than comfortable. We ways do not go against the bible but a humanist, and in many ways have gay and straight. We have but honor its basic intent. more moral than many churched folks with physical and mental dispeople I have known, she said. abilities. We make no distinction Meredith and Matt Pfister, a You dont have to believe to be [at about whom God chooses to love. young couple who live in North Joyce]. We have many people who We are multi-generational. I love Minneapolis, drive to Uptown on are seekers. that some of our newer younger Sundays because the church and members are joining because they Pastor Darlington do not shy away Joyce Choir member Sharon Mon- want that multi-generation piece from difficult and sometimes con- thei says the thing she loves most in their life. Perhaps its because troversial topics. He could avoid about her church is that people our birth families have all moved those topics, but he doesnt, and actually sit down and talk about so far away. Joyce Church is my I appreciate that. We might not their lives with each other after the other family. always agree, but at Joyce its o.k. service. Joyce has the distinction of to have different points of view, lasting for 125 years so far. It was For details about Joyce Church, its said Meredith, a science teacher. slated for closure as long ago as the mission, and programs, visit www. 1980s but were still here, growing As a Joyce Church member of 23 and changing with the times and years, Susan Marsh has seen the

Sometimes people dont like to go to church because they feel like everyone who goes to church thinks theyre saintly. Well, let me tell you, I dont know anyone at Joyce who thinks that way. We all know we are imperfect, and we just want to become better people.

Your earth friendly neighborhood florist and greenhouse

RediscoveR southwest Native Plants are still available and can be planted thru the fall.Pumpkins available soon!

That doesnt mean you have to hibernate.

Winter is coming.

The Joiners Fee in November is just $79.

Memberships include full use of our centers including pool, child care and more than 250 free classes every week. This winter, get active.

Offer good on new Adult, Family and Young Professional memberships. Some exceptions apply.

NOVEMBER 2011 But perhaps the most revealing characteristic of The Beat is that it is conspicuously absent any reference to religion: no art, icons, crosses or symbols. The only art youll see will be part of artists official shows but nothing is permanent. Gross says he allows all art in the door as long as there is no nudityWe are an all-ages venue after all. People get mad at me because we dont have anything up (religious art, symbols or messages) on the wall but we have Lavender Magazine available.

Uptown neighborhood news 7 . whole lot of people who arent coming. How do we get the dialogue started? Whenever you are at this place you are welcome. We all come with baggage. We want to provide a safe place for people to a new job in Rapid City, South Dakota at WestGate Community Church. But the vision of Church in Uptown and The Beat Coffeehouse will continue along the lines of the next pastors personal style. Grosss daughter Taylor, a barista and music organizer is staying on while she finishes college.

Inside the music hall of The Beat, Pastor/owner Joel Gross describes how his journey led him to Uptown and the forming of Church in Uptown. Gross has never shied from contrast. Before Uptown, Gross led a fellowship of 1200 adults and 200 kids in Lincoln, Nebraska. He held No Temptation Night discussion nights inside a late night dance bar called Temptation during their off nights. (Photo by Bruce Cochran)

SpIRIT from 1 take the spokes from your wheelchair and a magpies wings and tie em to your shoulders and your feet ill steal a hacksaw from my dad and cut the braces off your legs and well bury them tonight in the cornfield put a church key in your pocket well hop that freight train in the hall and well slide down the drain all the way to new orleans in the fall -Tom Waits Kentucky Avenue Hoping to tap into this language is Pastor Joel Gross of The Beat Coffeehouse. His business at 1414 West 24th Street is a coffee shop, cabaret, live music house and home to Church in Uptown. He rents the adjoining performance space out to groups for a flat fee. In return they get a very basic sound and light operator and modest performance space. Groups are entirely responsible for promotion, ticket sales and watching the door. In return they get 100 percent of the profits from their show. The front of the venue is a modest coffeehouse with a few seats and bar stools. The adjoining performance space is a simple black box space but perfect for local all-ages bands looking to get their first taste of a live crowd. Finding a late-night all-ages venue to play or spectate can be tough for the under-age crowd so this place provides at least one option for those late night hormones.

The Beat has had lyric & song writing workshops, plays, comedy and variety of musical styles perform: country, rock, blue grass and hard core. Performances dates will be updated frequently on Taylor Gross and Julian Flores rehearse before the Sunday serAnd then with almost vice. (Photo by Bruce Cochran) a new calendar coming Voltaire-like execution, in December. For more Gross has decided that he will also information please see www.thelet anyone play his place. Anyone ask questions and what-ifs? My he doesnt care what the band job as pastor is not to give people name is or what the lyrics say. He a list of sins. God has called pastors Bruce Cochran is Art Director and says hes had groups with satanic or to be good news proclaimers. in charge of Production for the even anti-Christian names and lyr- This month Gross will be taking Uptown Neighborhood News and ics play. So, similar to French Revlives in CARAG. olutionary philosopher Voltaire, Gross recognizes the free speech of artists even though he has strong disagreement about what some of them stand for or what they play. He recognizes the metropolitan nature of Uptown and to wit his church brochure describes a recognition of the challenges faced by his church to connect with people there. Uptown represents a culture as much as a neighborhood. The home of creatives, inventors, healers and artists Uptown is spiritually alive. It is the epicenter for many religions and philosophies. The community is both skeptical and open to talk of God. But for varied reasons, they do not explore spirituality inside the church. Gross explains his motivation. The Church has behaved extremely un-Christ like. The Church has a mechanism and it does something...but there are a


Thepeoplewhoalwaysthoughtrealfood wasagoodidea. Stilllistening.Stillserving.Stillpioneering.

2105LyndaleAve.S. Minneapolis,MN55405 (612)8713993


ay aturd S 011 r 3, 2 be ell cem ndsh De Ba arriet MN H Lake apolis, ntest e e Co stum Minn
o m. C tart 30 a. . Kids 1K s rt 8: .m Sta 9:10 a . 5K Run tart .m lk S 9:30 a . 5K Wa .m 9:40 a


ei ww.r w



n.c eerru


Save $

proud supporter of:

2841 Hennepin Ave. 612.870.1918 Hennepin Ave. in heart of Uptown

c Uptown Neighborhood News

with purchase of $20 or more

with this coupon Food only exp. 11.30.11

 Uptown neighborhood news


CARAG report
Lake St. 36th St.

Calhoun Area Residents Action Group

The CARAG Board meets the third Tuesday of each month, 7 p.m. at Bryant Park Community Center, 31st and Bryant. All CARAG residents are welcome and urged to attend.

Calhoun Area Residents Action Group (CARAG), Monthly Neighborhood Meeting Minutes, October 18, 2011. DRAFT: Subject to approval at the November 2011 CARAG Meeting. Minutes recorded and submitted by Carol Bouska.

Diana Boegemann, Carol Bouska, Melissa Davidson, Steve Green, Dan Jenney, Jason Lord, Erick Peterson, Nancy Riestenberg, and Samantha Strong

Introductions: Diana Boegemann

The meeting was called to order

at 7:04pm Board Officers were introduced. Diana Boegemann, President. Nancy Riestenberg, Vice President. Carol Bouska, Secretary. Samantha Strong, Treasurer. Board Committee Assignments were announced. Livability & Community Engagement, Diana Boegemann and Melissa Davidson. Personnel, Carol Bouska, Nancy Riestenberg and Samantha Strong. NRP, Carol Bouska Jason Lord, Samantha Strong, Diana Boegemann and Steve Green. Zoning, Dan Jenney, Jason Lord, Erick Peterson, Steve Green and Melissa Davidson. Note: Most Committees will have non-Board members who will be re-committing this year. Board and non-Board Organization Assignments were also announced. Midtown Greenway Coalition, Holly Buchanan. Lyn-Lake Business association, Samantha Strong. Uptown Business Association, Nancy Sjoquist. Uptown Market, Dan Jenney.

Uptown Neighborhood News, Samantha Strong and Elizabeth Walke.

alskis has applied first. Uptown Spirits applied afterwards. Only one can move forward.

Agenda & Minutes: Diana Boegemann

Motion, Seconded to approve the meeting agenda. Approved. Motion, Seconded to approve the August 16 and September 20 CARAG Neighborhood Meeting minutes. Approved.

Bryant Avenue Bikeway: Shaun Murphy, Minneapolis public Works

The new pavement markings on Bryant Avenue have recently made TV news and a Star Tribune article. In 2007 City received Federal funds to improve biking from north of Franklin Avenue to 60th Street. North of Lake Street bump outs and a median at Franklin. Green shared lane south of Lake Street in CARAG because traffic is heavier and the bus runs through the area. Bike Boulevard sections are narrower and parking removal was a non-starter. Public Works looked at many options for the section south of Lake Street. Green lanes are intermittent to save on cost and are located away from the door zone. Public Works wanted bikes to be visible at intersections closer to middle of the driving lane. At 14ft fewer tires will run over lanes and help with maintenance. Public Works is monitoring how people will use lanes and drivers react to it. Educational info will go into place this winter. The City will consider bike boxes at intersections - possibly at Bryant and Lake- to make bikes more visible. The green color paint is too dark and isnt visible at night. The City will consider moving to a reflective thermal plastic material. Bikes May Use Full Lane signs are being considered. Bikes are allowed and encouraged to ride in the green lane. However, bikes can ride to the right. Metro Transit drivers were trained about new markings. Call MT if buses dont pass with 4 feet between the bus and the bike. Call 311 and City Bike Web Site for Shaun Murphys contact info.

Bryant Square park: Julie Sandin

BSP soccer started in September with tournaments this week at Parade Stadium. MEA trips planned to an orchard and the Mill City Museum. Halloween Party on October 31, 6-8pm at the park. The summer lunch program was a partnership with MPS providing free lunch & snack to kids under 18. BSP served 750 lunches and 1,000 snacks over the summer.

connects to a new library and the Uptown area VJAA Architects created a concept design and it goes to County Board in November. Budget issues will affect exterior. Design will evolve. Close Landscape Architecture will try to design connection to the Mall. Most important to connect Hennepin Avenue down to the Mall. Need to connect a bike path down to Humboldt. Hennepin County needs to determine spot for future transit service. Greenway was off limits because Hennepin County has not decided what to do yet. The Walker Community Advisory Committee will meet next after January 1, 2012.

Hennepin Ave.

The New Crew

The newly elected 2011-12 CARAG Board of Directors from left to right: Dan Jenney, Executive Coordinator Scott Engel, Carol Bouska (Secretary), Erick Peterson, Diana Boegemann (President), Nancy Riestenberg (V.P.), Samantha Strong (Treasurer), Jason Lord, Melissa Davidson and Steve Green. (Photo by Kay Nygaard-Graham)

Bryant Square Park (3101 Bryant Ave)

On the agenda CARAG NRP Year 1 Town Hall Council Member Meg Tuthill Zoning & Development Updates And More

Join the CARAG E-update at to receive emails about CARAG activities and events.

CARAG | 3612 Bryant Avenue S | Minneapolis, MN 55409 | | 612.823.2520

Lyndale Ave.

NRp Implementation: Carol Bouska

November 19 at 10am is the Bryant Avenue Market mosaic unveiling at Bryant Square Park. CARAG volunteers will help clean up windows and graffiti at Bryant Market prior to the unveiling-likely early November. CARAG Safety Coordinator Paul Buchel discussed his efforts to get CARAG neighbors to help implement the Safety Action Plan. So far, he has received a light response from folks who previously said they want to help improve safety. The group discussed ways other than the internet to connect with CARAG neighbors including using existing flyers from CCP/ Safe.

Council Member Meg Tuthill, Leslie Foreman

Recreational fire issue is not CM Tuthills initiative, but she has been interviewed. Tuthill believes it is a health and safety issue, however. Current recreational fire rules: 25 feet from burnable structure. Max 3 ft in diameter, 2 ft off the ground. An outright ban may be considered by the City Council. They are also considering a free permit. No ordinance or policy changes are currently proposed at this time Dupont and Emerson Avenues south of Lake Street have been getting poor removal service during snow emergencies. November 1 both streets will change from Snow Emergency Routes to regular residential parking streets. Liquor stores on Hennepin. Kow-

Treasurers Report: Samantha Strong

Financial reports were available including balance sheet, last months register report and en of the year budget reports. Motion, Seconded to approve the Proposed 2012 CARAG Accounting Procedures. Approved. Motion, Seconded to approve Diana Boegemann, Nancy Riestenberg, and Samantha Strong as account signatories for the CARAG Operations and NRP accounts at Bremer Bank. Approved. Motion Seconded to approve the Proposed 2012 Conflict of Interest Policy. Approved.

CARAG Neighborhood Meeting

Tuesday, November 15, 7pm
Hennepin Lake Community Wine Tasting
Thank you to all the volunteers who made the wine tasting event another great success-especially Pat Fleetham who coordinates the entire event and Cindy who organizes CARAG ticket Christian sales and volunteers. Thanks also to event sponsors Hennepin Lake Liquors, Calhoun Square, Great Clips, and Il Gatto for their support. Finally, thank you to Uptown Association for supporting the Zero Waste initiative during the event.

Walker Library, Aaron Rubenstein

Hennepin County has a process to rebuild Walker Library. It will close in Spring 2012 and the new library will open in 2014. MPRB has started a series of meetings to discuss how the mall

CARAg page 9

Lake Street Council Fundraiser On November 17

The Lake Street Council will hold its 15th Annual Wine Tasting and Silent Auction on Thursday, November 17, at El Nuevo Rodeo, 3003 27th Avenue South, from 5:30 pm to 8 pm. Guests can bid on auction items while enjoying music and sampling tasty south-of-the-border treats plus wine, beer and soft drinks. Tickets are $25 for members and $30 for non-members. To purchase online go to or call 612.822.1912. Parking is available at the US Bank lot across Lake Street. The Lake Street Council is the business association for Lake Street from France Avenue to the Mississippi River. The annual fundraiser helps support our local small business community with services, programs, marketing and more. For more information contact ZoeAna Martinez, 612.822.1912 or 612.821.6219,,

NOVEMBER 2011 the Kashmiri Room at the Ambassador Motor Lodge on Wayzata Boulevard and the Emporium of Jazz. The book sells for $19.95 and includes a CD with music samples of Hughes with the Red Wolfe Quartet. It is available at Barnes and Noble, or by contacting Jim at jswanson33@ FACE from 1 tion makers, idea creators, handshakers, illustrators, media moguls, content creators, public relations people, marketers, social media folk, SEO people, producers, video people, musicians, artists, fashionistas, bloggers and virtually anyone else who was interested in meeting other entrepreneurs, discussing start-ups and possibly working on projects together. And nine-to-fivers were more than welcome. This event was created because Ahmed and Bensman heard too many people say I have this great idea for an app but I just dont know how to find a programmer, or I have this great idea for a product I want to manufacture, but I just dont know anyone who can help me create a prototype, or I want to shoot this really cool video thing, but I dont really know how to shoot video. At the event they took the opportunity to discuss and figure out what the next Flea Markets would look like. Ahmed and Bensam are planning on holding another event on November 16 at Urban Bean. They like the space, coffee and their relationship they have with Urban Bean. For current information on the next contractor Flea Market see their website at http://letoilemagazine.blogspot. com/2011/10/le-talk-kareemahmed-and-blake-bensman.html or http://entrepreneursfleamarket.

Uptown neighborhood news 9 .

Sports And All That Jazz

Uptown resident writes Percy Hughes Story
by Phyllis Stenerson
East Calhoun resident Jim Swanson has written a book about Percy Hughes, a leader in the Twin Cities music scene for more than 70 years. Sports and All That Jazz is an inspiring story about a truly remarkable man of many diverse talents plus rock solid character. Percy has been a leader in the Twin Cities music scene since the 1940s when he returned from serving in the U. S. Army. At the age of 89, Percy is still playing music with the Normandale Community Band and teaching tennis to seniors and inner city kids. For many years Percy Hughes and his Orchestra performed at a wide range of venues and often included big names in the music business. All this while he worked a full time job as a letter carrier for the U. S. Postal Service and occasional gigs as a model with the citys leading agency. Jim and his wife, Vonnie, are having an open house book signing from 3 pm to 5 pm on Saturday, November 5 in their home at 3337 Irving Avenue. All are welcome. An RSVP to is appreciated. Percy grew up in South Minneapolis with a father who had a full time job even during the depression, a mother who was devoted to the Christian church, her family and jazz and a brother, Clayton, with whom he played baseball and music. He was not confronted with the worst of racism until he was stationed with the segregated Army in the Deep South. Leigh Kamman, the leading voice of jazz in the Twin Cities, wrote the foreword where he described Percy as one of the best band leaders and innovators of jazz music in the Twin Cities. Kamman says the book tells of the black music scene that prospered in the Twin Cities after World War II and up to the present day [and] describes the struggles of black musicians to break the social barriers that divided the professional music scene Long time Minnesotans may remember venues where Percy played that were once part of the music scene but are long gone The Point Supper Club in Golden Valley, the Flame Caf at Nicollet Avenue and 16th Street, Bar Harbor on Gull Lake near Brainerd,

Bass clef

On bass is Ron Fosse, center. He leads the Jazz By Fosse quartet at Dunn Bros. on Hennepin and 34th Street every other Thurday night at 7pm. (Photo by Bruce Cochran)

Hart and Soul Herbal

Now Open
on the first floor of Calhoun Square 3001 Hennepin Avenue South visit for more information

Personal Care Products Hydrotherapy & Aromatherapy

CARAg from 8

Community Input & Announcements:

Cindy Christian is coordinating CARAGs Hennepin Lake Community Wine Tasting ticket sales and volunteers. She urged neighbors to buy tickets since all proceeds from tickets purchased from CARAG go directly to the organization. Christian is also coordinat-

ing the effort to make the event zero waste with most items being composted or recycled. Thank you to the Uptown Association for their financial support of the zero waste initiative. Motion, Seconded to select Nancy Riestenberg and Elizabeth Walke to fill 2-year terms on the UNN Managing Board. Approved.

Meeting Adjourned: 8:45pm


Thursday, 14th1Th - s Wednesday, July Thursday, JuneJune 1 ThruaTurday, July 4Th 4th
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India Home Decor & Gifts by Geetanjoli

A wide variety of Indian inspired home decor

(At Cowboy Slims & Wine TastingStellas Fish Cafe, Campiellos Benefit at Lake St at Girard)

Wine Sale noW 27th Annual Community to 25thhankSgiving T Annual Community Wine Tasting Benefit
June 10Th, 6-9 pm

Grand Opening October 28th at Calhoun Square

In-Store Wine Tasting Each Day Throughout the Sale.

Hennepin Lake Liquors Will Beat Any Other Stores Prices, Just Try Us!

1200 WeST lake STReeT, MinneaPoliS (612) 825-4411 1200 WEST LAKE STREET, MINNEAPOLIS (612) 825-4411

10 Uptown neighborhood news


ECCO report
Lake St. 36th St.

East Calhoun Community Organization

ECCO meets the first Thursday of each month, 7 p.m. at St. Marys Greek Orthodox Church, 34th & Irving. All ECCO residents are welcome and urged to attend.

Approximately 50 residents attended the Annual Meeting including Board members: Nancy Ward (President), Sarah Sponheim (Vice President), Brad and Kaitryne Durham, Gael Ellis, Tim Norkus-Crampton, Judy Shields, Jim Smith, Linda Todd and Heather Wulfsberg. The event began with a free pizza dinner compliments of Mesa Pizza and a social hour with elected officials.
Lyndale Ave.

ECCO Board President Nancy Ward called the meeting to order at 6:50 p.m.

Midtown greenway Coalition: Soren Jensen, Executive Director

Soren Jensen is the new Executive Director of the Midtown Greenway Coalition. He encourages everyone to become a member of the non-profit coalition because more members mean a stronger voice for the organization. The Coalition is looking for volunteers to tend green spaces along the Greenway. Please send an email to to help.

for a question about loud parties. Call 911; phone calls from more than one neighbor are helpful. If it is an ongoing problem, send an email to with dates and times of the loud parties and she can see if it meets the criteria for further action.

tion and service will be relocated or closed during construction. Dorfman also reported that the federal government gave approval for the preliminary engineering to move forward with the Southwest LRT. Issues involving the location of freight trains remain unresolved. The County remains committed to transit along the Greenway to connect Southwest LRT with the Hiawatha line.

Hennepin Ave.

ECCO Meeting Minutes for October 6, 2011. (East Calhoun Neighborhood Monthly Meeting) Minutes recorded and submitted by Monica Smith.

Leslie Foreman and Martha Bolinger at the October 6 ECCO Annual Meeting at St. Marys Greek Orthodox Church. (Photo by Phyllis Stenerson)


Anita Tabb: Minneapolis park and Recreation Board Commissioner

The Park Board hosted four community meeting to review design possibilities for the Park Board owned land just north of the Walker Library (on The Mall) to enhance the area once the new library is built. Citizen feedback is encouraged but the comment period will be ending soon. For details go to, click on Design and Planning, then Current Projects, and then select The Mall and Walker Library. The funding for the redesign has not yet been determined.

Sarah Sponheim: green Team

Sarah Sponheim, on behalf of the ECCO Board and the neighborhood, thanked Nancy Ward for her service as ECCOs president. Remember to water trees in your yard and on the boulevards during this dry period. The Green Team is working on two projects:
Composting pilot (one of three sites in the City of Minneapolis). 40% of eligible households are participating in the pilot program. The goal is to increase participation. Curbside composting is easy and free. Thanks to a grant from Hennepin County the Green Team is promoting waste reduction through a program called Waste Watchers. Contact to sign up and receive free goodies such as kitchen compost pale, cloth shopping bag, lawn sign and compostable bags.

Minneapolis police
Chelsea Adams, Crime Prevention Specialist, Lt Jack Kelly and Officer Chard (Uptown beat cop) attended the meeting to give a crime update. Bike thefts have increased. Use a U-lock (80% of stolen bikes were locked with cable locks). Record your serial number and make/ model of bike for better chance of getting your property returned. Burglaries have increased; many have been crimes of opportunity in unlocked garages. Keep garage service doors locked. Remove items from vehicles, or place items in your trunk before arriving at your destination. Call 911 to report suspicious activity. The police offered this advice

gail Dorfman: Hennepin County Commissioner

Commissioner Dorfman gave an update on the Walker Library. The Community Advisory Committee (CAC) created a vision statement for the design of the new library. Vincent James Associates Architects has been selected to design the building. The design features a one-story building with a twostory presence scheduled to open in the first quarter of 2014. It has not been determined if the collec-

ECCO page 11


Thank you!
Calhoun Square, il Gatto (Parasole), Great Clips and Hennepin Lake Liquor
the fundraiser sponsors.

T H U R S D AY, N O V E M B E R 3

The East Calhoun Community Organization greatly appreciates and would like to thank the following for making the 29th Annual Wine Tasting Fundraiser another great and successful event:

ECCO Board and Neighborhood Meeting 7:00 -9:00 p.m. St. Marys Greek Orthodox Church, 3450 Irving Ave S
Meet new ECCO Board members and learn more about your neighborhood.
T H U R S D AY, N O V E M B E R 1 0

Candle Light Dessert Social 6:00 - 7:00 p.m. Meet at 34th Street entrance to the Loon Lake Trolley Path
Bring a candle or lantern and socialize with neighbors. Hot cocoa provided. Bring cookies to share.

Pat Fleetham, event director and Phil Colich, owner of Hennepin Lake Liquor
for all their effort to make this fundraiser happen.

Uptown Business Association and EcoLitin the zero waste sponsors.

And all of the volunteers who helped make this a wonderful event.

watch your waste

One-sort Recycling pilot program underway in East Calhoun! Compost with a Green Cart! Sign up for this free service by emailing or calling Minneapolis Solid Waste & Recycling at 612-673-2917. Save space and money: downsize from a large trash cart to a small one. Call Minneapolis Solid Waste & Recycling at 612-673-2917 to request the change.


Thank you all, and we are already

looking forward to next year! Sincerely, The ECCO Board
Sign up for our monthly e-newsletter to learn more about our events. Send a request to or call Monica Smith at 612-821-0131.

For more information, visit or contact us at

Its all free & fun!

TAkINg from 1 rather is it is the community at large who have a have a say in what happens in the neighborhood. Ive enjoyed working with Nancy and will miss her energy and commitment. The feeling is mutual. Nancy gives high praise to Monica for helping to make her job as President fun and fulfilling. Nancy emphasizes that collaboration is the key ingredient for community success and that the individual hero archetype is fading away. Having lived most of her life in Wisconsin, Nancy moved to Minneapolis five years ago. She intended to rent for awhile, but instead found herself drawn to For Sale signs on houses near the Chain of Lakes. When a realtor showed her a house in the East Calhoun neighborhood Nancy said, I knew I was home. In learning about the neighborhood and getting to know people, Nancy connected with long time resident, Ruth Cain. Ruth invited her to the ECCO Annual Meeting where she was recruited to serve on the ECCO Board. The next year she was elected President. Nancy thinks of Ruth as a role model for civic involvement and seeks to emulate that way of living in community. Next steps for Nancy include doing more of what shes always done working with plants and people. She is involved in numerous urban gardening projects. A priority is Gardening Matters, a nonprofit dedicated to promoting and preserving community gardening across the Twin Cities by connecting gardeners to each other and to the communities in which they reside. The organization also provides training and resources to support community gardeners in achieving community gardens that are successful and sustainable. Nancy is involved in fostering healthy local food systems which draw out the knowledge and experience that exist in many communities in the metro area. She is especially interested in worm composting to create urban scale systems that produce clean soil and healthy food. I get to live into my values, says Nancy. I feel very blessed. ECCO from 10

One sort recycling pilot (one of two sites in the City). New bluetopped recycling bins were delivered to eligible households. The list of recyclable material remains the same but you no longer have to sort the items. So easy! The first pick-up with the new system showed a 30% increase in participation and 60% increase in weight.

Uptown neighborhood news 11 . been extended until June 30, 2012. ECCO will receive 50% more funding for the program. The guidelines for the 2012 program will be published in February with applications due by June 30, 2012. The following grant and loan programs are available to East Calhoun residents through our NRP program (details at, NRP tab):
Community Energy Services (CES): Energy workshop and home energy visit. Free to first 150 households. Up to $400 of services and installed goods. Home Improvement Grants: 25% NRP funds to 75% homeowner funds, $3,000 max grant, no income limits Home Improvement Loans: 4% interest rate loans with flexible terms, $7,500 max loan. Household limits apply Home Security Grant: Grant of up to $250 per household for security upgrades Rain barrel and/or compost bin grant: One time grant of up to $100 per property Tree Treatment Grant: Grant of up to $250 per property/per year to treat diseased trees. Coming soon: new neighborhood boundary signs

were open for election (Nancy Ward, Tim Norkus-Crampton, Glen Christianson and Katherine St. Martin). Elected to fill these positions were: Anja Curiskis, Harry Savage, Kate Davenport and Glen Christianson (re-elected). Tim Norkus-Crampton will serve as alternate.

Tree Committee
The ECCO Board is starting a task force for a healthy tree canopy in East Calhoun. The group will study conditions and work on a proposal for the neighborhood. Residents are encouraged to participate on the task force. The first meeting will be set up soon. Contact for more details.

The Green Team is looking for new members and ideas. Contact Nancy Ward thanked Sarah and the Green Team for their work.

Financial Report
Nancy Ward reported that ECCOs finances are in good order, however, NRP will be phasing out and future funding from the City remains uncertain.

Community Suggestions
Attendees offered the following suggestions for neighborhood improvements:
Pavement painting for traffic calming Welcome committee for new residents Repairing potholes Organizing around property tax concerns Networking with Uptown Association and retailers Increasing employment in the neighborhood Pedestrian safety Community garden Restricting cell phone use for motorists

Heather Wulfsberg: Zoning Committee

New developments in the area include CB2 at 31st and Hennepin; a mixed-use development at Knox and Lake; Mosaic; Walker Library; and a new single family home will be built on the 3300 block of Irving. Mesa Pizza generously donated pizza for tonights meeting and will be opening a location at 1440 W. Lake Street.

A Home Of your Own

By Judy Shields, Guest Columnist
First time homebuyers are keeping realtors busy these days. They continue to be the majority of the markets buyers. The good news is that there are buyers The other side of good news for the sellers is that Goldilocks is in the house and they want it JUST RIGHT! They dont want a fixer upper. The overwhelming majority of first time homeowners dont have the time or the desire to finish the basement, update the kitchen, or make the attic a master suite. They want it finished and ready to move in. They are buying at a great time and they understand that. The market allows you to get more for your money in the neighborhood you wanted and at an interest rate most can afford. This adds up to very happy buyers! There is a healthy supply of homes on the market and there is a steady stream of new ones coming on the market. Buyers are taking their time and looking at a lot of homes before they make a decision. Sellers should consider updating the kitchens and baths first. These are the two most important spaces the buyers are concerned about. New/updated mechanicals are also a consideration especially with the first time buyers. So sellers, make your house shine so that you stay on the buyers short list. There are 16 single family homes in the CARAG/ECCO neighborhoods with an average sales price of $645,000. The other good point to make is that we are in a highly desirable area based on livability and walkability. Judy Shields lives in the East Calhoun neighborhood and serves on the ECCO Board. She is aRealtor with Coldwell Banker Burnet - jshields@cbburnet. com or 952.221.1723. Editors note: Real estate experts are invited to send suggestions for columnists and topics to

Monica Smith: NRp Report

ECCO received notification from the City that NRP as a separate entity will conclude on December 31, 2011. The administrative of NRP will be transferred to Neighborhood Community Relations department. The current Community Participation Program contract has

Residents are encouraged to apply for these programs and share the information with neighbors.

Social Committee
The ECCO Social Committee has been hosting monthly socials. The next event will be candlelight social in November.

Meeting adjourned at 8:35 p.m. Next meeting: Thursday, November 3, 7 p.m. at St. Marys Greek Orthodox Church.

Board Elections
Four seats on the ECCO Board

the Uptown Neighborhood News

If We Were Any More Local Wed Be Sitting On You.

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Commercial classified ad sales are 40 per word, 10-word minimum and mUSt be prepAID. Ad and advance payment are due the 15th of the month. please send a check and ad copy to: Uptown Neighborhood News, Attn: Classifieds, 3612 bryant Ave. S., mpls., mN 55409.

Coffee Fest
November 19th, 2011 10:00am - 3:00pm
proceeds to benefit

Buying LPs, 45s and related. Ken 612.600.7075,

Sheetrock (Drywall) Taping, skim coating, textured ceilings. Ceiling & wall repair, water damage, wallpaper removal, power washing, deck staining. Fully insured. References. 24 years experience. A lifelong uptown area resident. 612.825.9959, 612.991.6384


Calhoun Square 2nd level. $55Wednesday specials. 612.396.2016, www.


Fast-Reliable-Professional: Graphic Design, Copy Writing, Illustration, Photography. www.satellitedesign. com,, 612.202.3045.

Windows and doors. Siding. Fences and decks, finish carpentry. Custom tile. Sheet rock, taping. Local references, free estimates. Tom 612-824-1554

12 Uptown neighborhood news


community events calendar

(Editors Note: We will run community event listings every month on this page. Contact to submit your event information by the 15th of each month to be included in the next issue.) all over the map from self identity, capital punishment, perception and anything else in between. Bring your questions and prepare to engage your mind.

3, 10, 17 ThuRSdAyS
Bryant Lake Bowl - 7pm 810 W. Lake St. 612.825.8949
Ghostbridge Theatre, a new Minneapolis based theatre company, will be presenting Ask the Question, written and directed by Jeff Nichols, the Artistic Director of Ghostbridge. A series of character monologues, spoken word, movement, and live music, Ask the Question explores faith, ideology, and loss of certainty in contemporary America. Can the Pakistani engineer accused of terrorist ties convince you hes innocent? Will you drink the Elixir of Enlightenment offered by Loreleiis radical free-market Leader? Is the Iraq vet suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder or completely insane? And did that poet make the whole show up or is she just a creation herself? Answers are impossible to pin down, but the struggle to find them makes for a fascinating journey. Tickets: $12 at door/$10 with student I.D. or Fringe button.

10 ThuRSdAy


Bryant Square Park - 6-7:30pm 3101 Bryant Ave 952-926-4205
Attend this FREE workshop hosted by the Uptown Association and the 5th Precinct Police Department to learn: how most real-life attacks start and techniques to de-escalate an assault; how to use distance, body language, and tone of voice to avert an attack; practical and easy-toremember options if you have no choice but to physically defend yourself. Reservations are suggested at

3 ThuRSdAy
First Universalist Church - 7pm 3400 Dupont Ave. 612.825.1701
Rise Up Singing: Community Song Circle on the first Thursday of each month. All singers and instruments are welcome. Contact group leader Allan Steinhauer, 612.309.5632 or for more information.



Dunn Brothers - 7:30pm 3348 Hennepin Ave. 612.822.3292

The Socrates Cafe is an open meeting. The evening is spent discussing a short list of questions of philosophy that range

desire and fantasy, social awkwardness, top-down management, old age, waiting, and being of service. A lonely excerpt of an evening length performance work that was made from the material of taking many walks, always while carrying a book, probably a book about place, containing of lengthy visual descriptions; Here, when the skywriters write includes lines taken from northern Iceland, Brooklyn, and Minneapolis. August 19, 2011, a video piece, was made after being asked the questions, When/how are things living together? Can you commit to non-fixed situations? and When is stupid compelling? Tickets aret $10-$15 pay what you can.


ThRu NOv. 13

Novembers Contest: The UNN is Giving Away . . . 1 Dinner for 4 at Chipotle!

(Courtesy of Chipotle)

HUmor From my peN

INtroDUCtIoN to SACreD Geometry

Regla De Oro Gallery 3007 Lyndale Avenue 612.886.1247

An exhibit of political cartoons by Gerardo Hernndez. The exhibit will run November 1-13. The opening reception and benefit for the Minnesota Cuba Committee, will be held on Sunday November 6, from 2-5pm. Food and drinks will be served. Gerardo Hernandez, one of the Cuban Five imprisoned in the U.S., is serving a double life sentence plus 15 years at the Victorville federal prison in southern California.

First Unitarian Society - 7pm 900 Mt. Curve Ave. 651.414.0545

The Theosophical Society hosts a free public screening of the documentary, Introduction to Sacred Geometry in the Dietrich Room. The program covers The Golden Ratio, Phi, The Fibonacci Series, sacred geometry in music, The 5 Platonic Solids, and the 13 Archimedean Solids. The once esoteric study of sacred geometry today is showing science proof of intelligent design of our universe.



JUNGLE THEATER - 4:00 and 7:30pm 2951 Lyndale Ave. 612.822.7063

OR 3 pairs of Movie Tickets! (Courtesy of Landmark Theatres)

RULes: 4 entries will be chosen by Nov. 14 from answers to this question: Aside from humans, is an animal capable of acting mean, and if so how?
email your answer to

(Previous months winners are not eligible. One entry per person)

Jazz 3GThree Generations celebrates the ageless aspect of jazz with a concert featuring vocalist Connie Evingson and a stellar band spanning three generations. Equal parts tradition and innovation, jazz is an art form without age boundaries. When musicians of different ages combine forces on the bandstand, generational differences melt away. Featuring Connie Evingson (vocals), Tanner Taylor (piano), Gordy Johnson (bass), Dave Karr (saxophone) and Trevor Haining (drums) and with nearly 60 years age difference between themthe band will explore their musical influences and their mutual love of the music that unites them.





Bryant Lake Bowl - 7pm 810 W. Lake St. 612.825.8949

Dances: Ginger Krebs & Andy Braddock (Chicago) + Anna Marie Shogren (Brooklyn). Portable Heirloom is a butoh duet addressing the partial, faltering and occasionally miraculous meetings between two beings who nevertheless generally fail to be in sync. Their attempts to connect are both served and thwarted by

Running Ventures - 8am Lake Harriet Pkwy. 612.644.8185

The Drumstick Dash 10K is fast becoming a Thanksgiving Day tradition for many runners. Join in and start your own tradition. The Drumstick Dash is an individually chip timed run on a USATF certified course around Lake Harriet in Minneapolis. The 10K course requires two laps around the lake. New this year we will be recording 5K splits so everyone will also know their 5K time.



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By doing regular clean up and being a watch dog against grafti, you are ACTIVELY shaping POSITIVE PERCEPTIONS of your business and your community, while showing neighbors your willingness to give back.


Join the Uptown Association in our effort to collaboratively combat grafti and other instances of vandalism in Uptown. The program is committed to infrastructure maintenance, beautication efforts and community building.

1406 West Lake St., Lower Level C., Mpls, MN 55408 612.823.4581 or

FREE grafti clean-up materials available through the Uptown Association. Your out-of-pocket expense = $0