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A brief introduction to know different kinds of libraries and their functions and how LMS can be used for the same.

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Type of Libraries
Software Co, Construction, etc.

Corporate Library


Special Library
R&D Libraries

Academic Library
School Library University / College Library

National Libraries Institution Library Local Libraries Achieves, Museums, etc

Different Functions in a library

Purchase Dept Acquisition Process Dept Cataloging Easy Access Digitization Newsletter Dept Serial Control

Management Dept Reports

PRO Dept Circulation

Security / Stock Dept RFID

Company Website Web OPAC

General Office Section Library Function

To manage the library budget, following are the common features of an acquisition module. • Preparation of Annual budget • Dividing budget into different categories like budget for books, periodicals (magazines), miscellaneous, IT, etc • Preparing purchase orders for different documents (books, periodicals, miscellaneous items) for the library. • Placing order to the vendors online / printing the PO • Tracking the expenditure Main Head wise or sub category wise.


The Data entry of library collection in the LMS, data entry is done in a very systematic way. Following the prescribed laid down by library for eg AACR2, MARC21, etc. • Entry of book details like author, title, publisher, place, date, etc • Entry of classification details like class number, subject, etc • Defining the type of document like reports, reference books, text books, etc.


Management of issuing and returning of library resource as well as management of users records, the same module is used for the managing the late fine, security deposit, library fee. • • • • • Users / Library Staff issues/self issue the books. RFID Based circulation is implemented here Shelving part is management by Circulation staff Crucial to the library earning part Very hectic section during the peak hours.


Serial Control
To manage the magazine collection of the library, they are in different formats, different frequency for example some are called journals, magazine, newsletter, newspaper, etc. some come by daily basis, weekly, monthly basis, bi monthly, bi annual, annual and some come in season wise like Winter, Summer, Spring Summer, Fall Winter, etc. • Entry of magazine details like publisher, volume number, issue number, list of articles, etc. • Maintaining the receipt of issues, missing issues. • Contacting the vendor with the reminder for missing / damage issues.

Serial Control

They are basically used by the library administration to generated different kinds of reports. Reports vary from Circulation list, fine list, bibliography to advance level reporting like subject wise circulation statistics, members statistics, high and low book circulation statistics, etc. These modules are used to specify different preferences for different modules, like circulation, cataloguing, etc.


Online Public Access Catalogue is similar to the printed catalogue displayed in the libraries around the world. In w3 age they are replaced by OPAC which is available both within the campus or on internet. • OPAC is used to search the library database and to check the status of specific book/resource in the library. • OPAC act like public face of the library available on Internet/Intranet • Some OPAC service can be customized for user preferences • Sometime users can renew and check their library account via OPAC also • Users can contact Library staff via OPAC


RFID technology mainly used in library to reduce the theft security to zero, they also provide good stock management and shelf management tool. The stock taking which took months in many libraries can be done in few days if not in hours. RFID also help in proper shelving of books in their respective location.




Circulation Desk


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Library Procurement Process




Rebinding Replaced


Old Edition Weeded Out


Store House

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