A Huge Thank You to My Enemies - Worse Than Mafia Wars Can you imagine if you have a child who’s

going to school and you’re only a parent at that place but want to be the part of the parents’ circle? I’m sure you do. I did not want more than talk about the school staffs, homeworks, a bit about the children’s development, nothing further. I was not allowed to do so. After I joined the Parents Club I became the target of a Gossip Hound. I was not aware of this till the Boss of the Circle had let me know that I was. She attacked me verbally in front of my two children and did not let me explain anything. Therefore I was laughing – I always do when I’m disturbed. She took it personally – as I tried to do – and started a campaign against me. I was portrayed as a liar, a manipulator, a con-woman, everything but not good. She thought and for sure spreaded that I wouldn’t live in an apartment if the all who found on Internet was true. I did not want to explain why I was living in an apartment rather than in a castle, - it’s simply not her business. She was aware that I had a website fulled with writings – as I’m an author. She claimed that not I was the author of the writings found on the website. I had no clue where this came to in her mind but I had no fears to prove my truth. I did nothing. My website had a Guestbook – (huge fault!) and it started to be fulled. There were a lot of letters, messages under fake names and with non existing email addresses. The letters content was exactly about what occured in my life and what was rarely known in the community. I became scared. If you receive such disturbing and harrassing letters which are asking „Have your son removed from your care yet?” - trust me, you too became afraid. Rather than if it’s there’s a custody battle going on and haven’t resolved yet. Some days later a parent called me and told that the Boss of the Circle started to spread the same gossips and she refused to hear it but wanted to let me know what’s going on. I was thankful and we became friends. I told her and proved her how I was harrassed and bullied. She was devastated because as a teacher she hated gossips and rumors. Plus, she was not interested in others’ lives, so she simply didn’t have interest what the others’ doing. That’s their business –she said and she was right. And the day came, our children had a huge ballett show where all the parents were attending. I was scared to death to go there despite my husband was with me and encouraged not to afraid of these stupid and undereducated people. But the feeling was there. I was literarry bullied. A huge part of the parents were demonstrating with the Boss of Circle and did not answer my greeting. I realized that I was almost alone. Then this friend of mine came to us and hugged me in front of everybody. She told me that there’s no lie, rumor or gossip which could make her not to love me. There’s no way to think that I was wrong in anything. Can you imagine what was I feeling? I felt that there’s love in the word - no matter what. I need to confess: I was aware what had got angry that Boss of Circle. She asked me to help her finding a new job rather than her current one. She was a police woman. She was sure that she had

more rights than others. She thought that only because she’s a cop she deserved more attention, more help and more appreciation. I told her that I couldn’t help her as I’m a writer and had no opportunity of offer jobs. I am not a human relations manager who is able to find a job for her. She felt offended that I refused to help her though when I told the news her she reassured me that what a straight and honest person I was. (I told her in private, in face and with understand and caring mode) . Back to the ballett show. After it we went home and I checked my emails. There was another from the Boss. She claimed that she contacted to law enforcement (it was not a huge step as she worked there) and she handled my case to them. Which case would you ask? That the writings aren’t mine, the book’s cover was stolen from a different person (not knowing who) and I was eager to trick her to a job and tried to con her into a new job with huge wage so I wanted to damage her. It’s a felony – the letter stated and for sure she was who determined this. She referred to herself as the country’s top cops group which was very funny as I knew she’s an officer at the department of motoring offences. So as I was proclaimed as a con woman I had to something with this. Especially when she claimed that she informed my child’s form master too. It was really scary because no parent on this earth want to put the blame on her child. I was headed to the form master and waiting for her. When she arrived I tried to figure out her opinion on me. We met before a lot of times and I did not realize that she would have problems with me. But now she look liked embarassed. I asked her if she heard about the lies and rumors. She admitted that she had heard from the Boss of The Circle but wanted to calm me down that she wouldn’t willing to make a huge problem from this. What? She’s going to deal with this at all? A form master of the class? In a school? Parents vs Parents and not Parents vs Teachers. Then I learned what you would have realized that the Boss of the Circle built a solid friendship with the form master as her child was an almost blind girl and needed more help than the other children in the class. After I found out that I wouldn’t have gotten help from the form master lady, I had to do something on my own. I wrote a letter to the Boss of Circle, to the form master, to the principal of the school and had let them know about the real facts with written proofs. The principal tried to set a meeting with all parts but the Boss of Circle refused to attend. She claimed that she had never have problems with. Great. I was standing at that point to blow up what I could find. Fortunatelly we was the end of the school year, and my son received his school report. I was amazed. His assessment was worsened from straight A he always was to B. I noticed the blush on the form master’s face. She was ashamed. She deserved it. I took a look to the Boss of Circle. She was proud. Her daughter got an assessment which was unreal but great. Level B. I learned at that point that we had to move to another school. I made arrangements to the next week and started to find a great school for my son. At last I found it within 2 weeks. He was evaluated and the principal was glad to join him at the school. I got the paper about enrolling him here, so there was time to go to the previous school.

The principal was sitting in his chair and acted friendly. I told him that we’re leaving his school. He asked me why. I started to laugh at loud and couldn’t imagine WHY was he asking this. The proofs were on his table for weeks. He did not do anything. He asked me whether if it did not stop? The Boss of Circle continued to bully me? Oh, yeah, - I answered. I told him that it’s not enough from a principal to only TRY to set up a meeting and get the things right. HE would have to done something to protect my child, to prevent the further stuffs she had done as he had the tools to do not I. I told him that I allowed him only one minute to check out my son from the school and I did not want to find out that he told anyone which school we went. He asked me to do this with his secretary but you know, the secretaries are the midst of gossips so I did not watn to do so. I asked the principal to take a seat at the computer and do his work. It was uncomfortable. For him and others. I was determined to protect my child no matter what and I did well. I think. In this new school there’s no gossip at all. There are no rumors, nobody has interest in others lives and they don’t want to make troubles only for their own entartaining. I relieved. My son has learned that sometimes we have to travel more to reach a great thing than to go to the corner and get the worse one. He enjoys the new schools, still hase made a lot of frindships, and he’s loved by others. His classmates are great boys, his teachers want only to teach them and not involved in parents’ things. But there’s no parents’ things at all. Do you know what? It’s because that’s a school. Not a parental circle doing problems and gossipping around the world only cause we thought that we were treated not the way we wanted. I enjoy my writings again. I deleted the guestbook and receiving emails only from I want to. Our life became greater, with more peace and joy. Thanks to the Boss of Circle. J.P. /1/11/11