SELVA MALAR A/P ARIPITRI BS 09110082 Topic: The Importance and the Side Effects of Food Additives in Industries.

Essay Map

Introductory paragraph

Include the definition of food additives, basic information about food additives, gives examples of food additives, and thesis statement.

Thesis statement:

The industrial use of additives in food processing is important but at the same time it has negative effects to human such as hyperactivity among children and cancer.

Background paragraph Topic sentence: Food additives have been introduced since thousands of years, starting with the discovery that salted meat last Question to be answered in the forever. What are food additives? (general


knowledge) What are the terms related to food additives that need to be defined? What are the major sources of food

Nitrate and nitrite-preserve meat. Potassium bromated-increase the paragraph: volume of bread and to produce bread with fine crumb. and the production of food additives? Support: Historical info (on how they improve the quality of food additives) Development industries. Question to be answered in the How food additives improve nutritional quality? How food additives maintain product quality and freshness? Why need the food additives to fresh the food? Sulfites-keep cut fruits and vegetables Support: looking fresh. analyzing. .additives? Where food additives are first develop? Who are involved in finding. Body paragraph 1 Topic sentences: Food additives improve nutritional of food additives in quality as well as maintain product quality and freshness.

containing food. Body paragraph 3 Topic sentences: Artificial colouring in food taken by children contributes to hyperactivity also learning and visual disorders Question to be answered in the What is mean by “hyperactivity” in children? What are the examples of food contains artificial colouring taken by children? paragraph: . in chewing gums. Monosodium glutamate (MSG)-flavour of protein. Acesulfame K-sugar substitute. Question to be answered in the Why want to make food more paragraph: appealing? How food additives enhance the taste of the food? How food additives make food more appealing? When food additives are added in the processing or preparation of food? Support: Artificial coloring-colours.Body paragraph 2 Topic sentences: Food additives enhance the taste of the food and makes food more appealing.

.How artificial colouring causes hyperactivity and visual disorders? What Support: actions should be taken by parents? Archives of Disease in Childhood in June 2004-A group of scientists at the University of Southampton completed a study Body paragraph 4 Topic sentences: Overdose uptake of food additives on artificial colourings and preservatives. Ideas on how to choose our food-read the label for packaged food. What are the food additives that paragraph: contribute to cancer? What are the types of cancer cause by food additives? Support: How additives cause cancer? Hydrogenated vegetable oil-colon and breast cancer. Nitrates-form powerful cancer-causing Concluding paragraph agents in stomach can cause death. contributes to cancer and might cause Question to be answered in the death.

. Final comments on the topic.“FOOD ADDITIVES: A Shopper’s Guide to What’s Safe & what’s Not”. Remind readers of main points-food additives do have importance but it also have side effects to human body.

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