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“True Knowledge can break through the boundary of our ignorance and allow the mind to achieve great success”
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Kamou Emerson – Editor Eric Cathey Howard Guidry Moyo Nuru Willie Trottie Sandie Blanton - Distribution assistant - Nation correspondent - State Writer - Legal Correspondent - co-editor Kamou Emerson - State correspondent

Allow me to Began this with my sincere apology for the delay in our production of this fifth issue of the P.U.R.E. Report. Unfortunately prison oppression on Texas Death Row has increased dramatically, and that caused an interference with maintaining our efforts to acquire material from prisoners in a timely manner. Thankfully we have managed to obtain enough material to present this predominantly spiritual issue of of our newsletter. Why the spiritual theme? Well, as I've stated above, there have been an increase in prison oppression on Texas Death row, and we at the P.U.R.E Report found it quite inspirational that despite the challenges these men face, some of them still manage to obtain spiritual tranquility. And mind you, the atrocious treatment a death row prisoner endure in Texas is very draconian. This penal regiment style of solitary confinement (aka their super max facilities) creates a ferocious mental and emotional assault on a person incarcerated in that environment and when you combined that struggle with sensory deprivation, it truly gives a great testament to these mens constitution and perseverance to develop spiritual awareness. So I hope that their actions may encourage other to pursue a course of victory despite any dire situation you may encounter. Now within this fifth issue we have included a very touching article written by Maria.M it's a rather compelling piece which illustrates a profound spiritual bond between two friends.Then there is the exceptionally intelligent Ms.Silke Wimme who presents us with an insight on the movement for liberation within the middle East. Now Ms.Wimme's article isn’t' one that is of a spiritual element. However we at the P.U.R.E. Report must maintain our goal of bringing our readers informative material. So we hope you will enjoy this fifth issue of our newsletter. Take care, and peace and solidarity to you all. P.U.R.E love Kamau P. Emerson.

Chuong Tong Preston Hughes III Charles Chucky Mamou Ramiro F Gonzales Silke Wimme Perry E Williams Jr. Abel R Ochoa Maria.

“For the oppression of the poor,

For the sighing of th eneedy, Now I will arise says the lord, I will set him in the Safety for which he yearns”

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Exclusive Interview.
Revealing Claims of Innocence Part 3
Preston Hughes III In issue four began sharing with our readers his tale of injustice and wrongful incarceration. Now we bring to you the conclusion to his Interview.

Preston Hughes III
The arresting officer let me know that he and other officers did conduct an illegal search of my appartment, and he said too that evidence was planted in there to make sure I get convicted.

PURE Report
Once you were taken to the police station did you report what this arresting officer told you to his superiors?

Preston Hughes III
While in the custody of the Houston Police Department I told them everything that was done to me but nothing was done about it because the officers denied committing any wrong doing.

PURE Report
Precisely what type of evidence did the grand jury have to use for their indictment?

Preston Hughes III
The grand jury had two false confessions and a knife as evidence.

PURE Report
How was these false confesssions created?

Preston Hughes III
The false confessions were created and typed up by the police, after being assaulted and threatened by the HPD detectives I was in fear of my life so I signed those confessions. Page 5

PURE Report
And the Knife? How was it connected to you?

Preston Hughes III
I was taken from my home. The knife was a tool I used to kill a rabbit back in late february or early march of 1988...

PURE Report
So during your trial did the prosecution use those confessions and that knife as part of their evidence to convict you?

Preston Hughes III
Yes, they did. The knife was considered as the alleged murder weapon.

PURE Report
Was any DNA testing done on the Knife?

Preston Hughes III
It sure was! The forensic experts chemical analysis on the knife tested negative for human blood. But positive for animal blood.

PURE Report
Will you please back up for a second Mr.Hughes. Are you implying that the prosecutors were aware that the blood on the alleged murder weapon was actually the DNA of an Animal?

Preston Hughes III
Yes they knew it was animal blood.

PURE Report
So why was your jury able to hear proof of this from the expert's testimony?

Preston Hughes III
No the jury didn't hear it, the forensic expert was questioned out of the presence of the jury. But the judge heard it and still allowed it to be admitted into evidence.

PURE Report
What about your defense attorney? Did he or your co-counsel object to this being admitted into evidence to get their objections on record?

Preston Hughes III
There were no objections and when the jury returned my trial attorneys never mentioned to them the fact that there was animal blood on the knife.

PURE report
Now even though the jury didn't hear the forensic expert's testimony court records should show evidence of his testimony am I correct?

Preston Hughes III
That should be true but in my case it's not! The court reporter was instructed by someone to alter the record and leave out the forensic experts reponse. The record actually appear as if it was my lead attorney that brought the animal blood being on the knife during the final arguments of my trial and it's very sad that such dishonorable behavior has my life in jeopardy. That is why I need some proper investigation doine in my case to expose this miscarriage of justice.
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PURE Report
Earlier you said something about evidence being planted. Exactly what was that evidence?

Preston Hughes III
What would be the eyeglasses of one of the victimes.

PURE Report
Was there any DNA testing done on them?

Preston Hughes III
Yep. The eye glasses were tested for finger prints. And this testing was done by the Houston Police Department and there wasnt anyone's prints on them what so ever, according to the police. And for the record those eye glasses were planted in the cushion of my couch.

PURE Report
Now since your trial you have spent well over 20 years on Death Row, Mr Hughes tell us how has that experience been for you?

Preston Hughes III
Man, let me tell you, May 17th of this year has made it exactly 22 years that I've been wrongly imprisoned and it has been a nightmare of a roller coaster ride filled with ups and downs. Ive met and gotten to know so many men that have been killed by the state that I've lost track of the count.

PURE Report
That must've been hard for you losing so many friends and fellow acquaintances.

Preston Hughes III
It sure was, and still is hard, I've met some good people on the row, and seeing those people get put to death it made me wonder many times if i'll be given an execution date and be murdered for a crime I didnt commit and considering how many people the state of Texas has executed, I must say that I am very blessed to be alive today....

PURE Report
Now it's of my understanding that you have managed to acquire some evidence that will assist you in proving your claims?

Preston Hughes III
I certainly have! The evidence I got proves that the police illegally searched my apartment prior to my arrest, and allow me to explain: The evidence and property invoice document clearly illustrates that crime scene officer F.L Hale on September 27th 1988 at 2:58am logged in evidence collected from the crime scene and personal belongings of one of the victims that was collected from the hospital, plus items number 9,19,11,12,13, and 15 were illegally seized from my apartment and logged in, Now remember I was arrested at 9:30am on september 27 th 1988, and it was at 2:58am that all these things were logged. Therefore, my apartment had to have been searched prior to 2.58am on september 27 th 1988.

PURE Report
Thats very interesting Mr Hughes do please continue …..

Preston Hughes III
Thank you. Now if you pay close attention to the copy of the consent for search and seizure form you can tell it's a fabrication.

PURE Report
How So ? Page 7

Preston Hughes III
By observing the horizonial lines that appears in the copy. When pieces of the paper are put to together and xeroxed such lines will appear and the police created this by piecing it together to make it appear to have been signed and witnessed by Detective Sergeant Bloyd and Sergeant Ross at 5.:30am and 5:35am on September 27 th 1988

PURE Report
So what steps have you taken to get this evidence to the courts?

Preston Hughes III
I've been trying to get this matter and other issues exposed for over two decades, but due to the fact that I.ve been misrepresented by court appointed attorneys nothing have occurred.

PURE Report
Now you've just elucidated that for many years you've been trying to expose these issues right?

Preston Hughes III
Mm-Humm that's right

PURE Report
Then have you tried contacting the Texas Defender Service or the Innocent Project?

Preston Hughes III
Yes I have.

PURE Report
And what was their reply?

Preston Hughes III
I've written to several Attorneys at the Texas Defender Service, bot none of them responded to my letters. I've also contacted the innocence project in Houston. Now they sent me a questionaire to fill out, which I did and sent it back to them, but I have not heard anything else from them and I also contacted the Innocence project in New York but they were misled to believe that the Knife was not introduced into Evidence at trial.

PURE Report
So what did you do then?

Preston Hughes III
I sent them a copy of every page of the record that mention the Knife, This was done to show them that the knife was in fact admitted into evidence and that it was referred to by the prosecutor as the murder weapon, But even after I sent them this information I still not receive their help.

PURE Report
Well Mr Hughes I do hope you succeed in your fight to prove your innocence and I thank you for sharing your time with us.

Preston Hughes III
You're welcome it was a pleasure to speak with you and thank you for your wishes I do sincerely hope that I'll have success in proving my innocence before its too Late.! Preston Hughes III 000939 Polunsky Unit D/row 3872 FM 350 South Livingston, Texas 77351

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YES LORD... But Even The Dogs Under the Table Eat the Childrens Crumbs!
So said Mark in chapter 7 V.28 Of course what made such a reply so compelling is the testquestion from Jesus in v.27 that created such a passionate and powerful perlocution. “Is it not right to take the children's bread and throw it to their dogs?” Allow me to be perfectly clear here: I was asked to write something spiritual/religious for a righteous Newsletter (P.U.R.E Report) that is trying to connect the dots with people of all walks of life and beliefs. To educate people on what is or isn't reality, using the best explanations awarded our intellectual capabilities. So that there's not any misunderstandings here, to the best of my knowledge none of this newsletter's contributors are licensed theologians nor do any of us boast stylish titles before our birth names, such as Doctor, Professor, Bishops and so forth, Instead; our sole claim is that what we wrote came from our hearts for whatever reasonings our words exploded into its own evolution on paper for you all to read, and digest... most importantly for you all to consider what we are saying. We come as brothers who do not harbor judgmental views nor any malicious intent. We simply hope that you all see things with a open mind, from our point of views. My first impulse was to write a snazzy, full of all that fire and brimstone rhetoric. With a pop tart title that would leap up at you. I also thought about catering to and focusing with prejudice towards a certain base of religious people and leaders, since so many bicker over what denomination a person belongs to. But society as a whole has too much of that on Sundays as it is, eh? To give you all... those that are interested, that is, an understanding of how long my procrastination took before I came up with an idea to write- I debated on a direction for months before I woke up on Tuesday morning with Mark 7v.28. I wanted something to express reality and my infralapsarianism, and while avoiding pretentiousness, I wanted to invite all to my unpleasant milieu, where loneliness is a cancer. I'm a innocent man on Texas Death Row.. a fact even many of my persecutors wont argue, But my innocence isn't my means of writing. My God is my Shelter, My Rock, my judicial impasse- to which all things through Christ Jesus is pardoned for those of us who are willing to except such a humbling gift of salvation. So my cares are not embedded within man's winsome assumptions, rather a sought after explanation of why?”Why can't dogs under the table eat the children's crumpbs? I've written to many Mega churches and their influential preachers who speaks of compassion and reaching out to all, during their weekly sermons. But what about the inmates? Our loving creator and faithful Savior quotes is noted throughout the bible “Remember those that are in prison” (Gen.40 v 1415: Ezek 34 v4-6; Heb.13v1-3; 1st Peter 3v.19; Matt.25v.36) because even society's dogs … those that are outcasted, put to shame, disowned and dehumanized those of us whose faces could be your brother, sister, mother, father or friends-still need crumbs to live. Regardless to the errors and mistakes one makes. Crumbs can come in many forms: a simple hello or genuine love, a sincere thought or prayer, a letter or a visit, or even a grandiose solution towards community activism and biosocial parenting—a la Big Brothers/Sisters of moral socialism that targets at risk schools or poverty stricken areas in inner city environments, in hopes that a message sent wont return void. That if we can spend more time directing our youth as many direct their flock (congregations) that they nexus links within the cycles penal incubation will decrease its life support and craving for our ignorant childrens who are convicted of crimes and incompassionate elders that's convicted with shame.
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Martin L King Jr (my pastor) once said “No longer will America cash its checks on our backs. For now it is returned nil and void” and to me that shold be our approach to solving America's injustice problems. Lets all stop cashing nelectful checks You can not be a Christian in heart if you do not embrace Redemption as spiritual logic and the divine birthright to all believers in Christ. Where would have the Apostle Paul ended up if no one had given him a second chance? Many of you may be successful now but once many of you were drug addicts or dealers, thieves, adulterers, and criminals of some sort too (Jesus called us all, “sick People in need of a doctor”) But someone(s) gave you a second chance. Someone thought you were worthy of the children's crumbs. Now many of you are in positions of being the children, so whose mouths shall you feed with your crumbs? We don't need people who claim to be Christian leaders, but lack Christian hearts. And to truly help resolve a inhumane situation, humanity need voices to speak out against the tyranny and atrocities of questionable judicial practices that treat human beings like trash; and not blind-eyed silence nor materialistic aid that only bandage open wounds temporarily. Civil war-era poet Josiah Holland was quoted “God give us men. A time like this demands strong minds, great hearts, true faith and ready hands, men whom the lust of office cannot buy, men who will not lie, men who stand before a demagogue and damn his treacherous flattries without winking; tall men, sun crowned, who live above the fog; in public duty and private thinking” The Men and women of penal society seek out such leaders. Will you help Us? The way us men is being treated and constantly caged in isolation violates many legislative laws. We need outside support. I also ask for you and your congregations prayers that the Death Penalty is abolished and rehabilitation be available to all inmates, to restore the value of Redemption. That people are looked at as people, not dogs begging for crumbs. In Jesus name I pray. Thankyou.
(For More information about the inhumane conditions on Texas Death Row, please visit) : www.solitarywatch.com www.executionwatch.org

Contact : Charles Chucky Mamou 999333 Polunsky Unit d/row 3872 FM 350 South Livingston, Texas 77351 U.S.A

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Sepember 6th 2006
The sunlight was unable to penetrate the brick walls of the cell I was encaged in. However, that morning when I awoke, the light of happiness within my heart illumanated it's brilliance, like the radiance of the sun throughout the area I was held captive in. And as my dreams faded away, I laid there in reflection on the dreams I had experienced during the night and I recalled those dreams being of New Life: experiencing the joy of family, marriage and of freedom...... So I arose out of bed feeling strong in faith. My oh my, on that day I felt so certain that my faith was indeed so strongly established, that is assurely had reached the throne room in Heaven! Therefore I was convinced that my God wouldn't allow his child to be sent to Death Row. And boy was I wrong! I remember how speechless I was after the verdict was delivered. That event caused doubt to snap viciously at my mind like a ravenous god, because I could not understand why the lord would allow me to be sent to die, when according to his word he promise one life? But even as doubt endeavored to cloud my mind I could hear the word of God speak softly within me: “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not rely on your own understanding; think about him in all your ways and he will guide you o the right path (Proverbs : 3 v.5-6) And surprisingly, even after I received those encouraging words, I still found my heart profoundly discouraged. But even when we don't remain faithful (or strong), most assurely the most High God does. And the Lord continued to put his word into my heart: “Be still and know that I am God: I will be exalted amongh the heathen, I will be exaled in the earth: (Psalms 46 v.10)

September 27th 2006
When I arrived on Death Row, the spirit of hopelessness still chased after me, like a ferocious Lion. But I needed to have the heart like the lion of Judah because I was now in a nightmarish situation that only the grace of God will be efficient enough to see me through. So through prayer I once again became strong in the lord and the power of his might. And put on the whole armor of God; for the Lord is the soul administrator of my life and I would rather be ten steps behind him instead of one step infront of him..

April 14th 2011
Death Row is an invironment that is dominated by strong spirits of Negativity; Anger, Frustration, Pain, Depression and Hatred snakes their way through the minds of some of the prisoners as well as the guards, So for the last four years, my faith in Christ has guided me to not walk by sight, but by my trust in him, and in the middle of this ocean I endeavor earnestly to let my light shine... furthermore I am truly thankful that my lord Jesus Christ continues to be my refuge, my protector and beloved shepherd who has never allowed me to suffer from lack of peace, joy and love since my arrival here. For me Death Row, from a christian perspective has been the greatest opportunity in my life to witness to my fellow prisoners about the love of Christ and share my testimony. Page 11

And as I continue to journey through this experience of being on Death Row, I can't help but wonder if whether or not this sentence I was given was one of Life instead of Death? Because being here not only have my life been greatly enriched by Christ, but I have the opportunity to bless the lives of others through Christ Jesus and even though by the State I was defined as a Dog and a menace to society I praise God for his mercy and Grace and for looking at me with eyes of love, and discerning my true worth as a child of the most High God. Yes I have made some bad and very painful choices in my life, But thankfully God is faithful and just and will forgive us of our sins and cleanse us of all unrighteousness. And though my mistakes and trials in my life have caused me a great deal of pain, I bear in mind the words of Martin Luther King Jr, when he stated that: “My personal trials have taught me the value of unmerited suffering, as my suffering mounted I soon realized that there were two ways I could respond to my situation, either to react with bitterness or seek to transform the suffering into a creative fore” And this creative force was impowered by the God he seved, who also gave Doctor King the very dream he had, which became a creative reality. And I find it truly amazing that he and I serve the same awesome God! One who can help me to be triumphant during any form of suffering. And if My god can facilitate me with victory over suffering then most assurely he can help me to achieve my goals and dreams. For I too have a dream and I have faith that God shall create the ways to allow it to become a creative reality. But I have no desire to leave behind a legacy as powerful and passionate as Doctor King or all those other great individuals that came before me. But instead I simply want to my legacy to be the righteous principles of Christ, and may it live on in the hearts of those who truly understood and knew me best. And if it's God's will, my legacy will be embraced by them and they shall carry every word I've spoken and pass it on to their children and their children's children, which will allow my dream, my legacy to never be forgotten or die. In closing I would like to thank God that even in this place Christ is able to pour out his goodness into the hearts of people. And may all the guys on the row never loose hope, continue to fight for their lives, and may they put their faith and full assurance in Christ Jesus, who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we can ask or even imagine... And remember In Christ we are sentenced to live and not die, for there is therefore no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus (Romans 8 v.1) Ramiro F Gonzales 999513 Polunsky Unit D/row 3872 FM 350 South Livingston Texas 77351 U.S.A friendonline.org/ramiro lostvault.com www.writeaprisoner.com

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An insight on the movement for liberation within the middle East
What is freedom? We are free when our behaviour is not determined by an institution or a person. It is important in our life, but we only realise what it is the moment we do not have it anymore, the moment when it is taken away from us. There is a lot going on lately in the Arab world. Western people are wondering what is happening, why there was a revolution in Tunisia and Egypt and what is happening now In Libya and the rest of the Middle East. There is only one right answer: people are fighting for their freedom. Most Arab leaders (such as Mubarak, Ben Ali …) have a military background and became leaders after a political incident (coup d’état, murder of a president …) in the midst of the 20th century. Bit by bit they gained more power, thus becoming absolute rulers. Meanwhile their population was giving up more and more of their freedom. The revolution did not start in December 2010; it grew silently around 2004-2005 among intellectuals, common people and youngsters who have never known freedom. For example there were the protests of Sidi Ifni (Morocco) August 2008 and the Revolt of the Gafsa Mining Basin in Tunisia 2008. The will to become free became stronger and stronger, until the real revolution started. In Tunisia people did not only want better living circumstances and less unemployment, but also freedom of speech and political freedom. Certain websites and books were forbidden such as “La Regent de Carthage” from Nicolas Beau. Certain Internet sites, containing oppositional and political news were blocked (www.tunisnews.com, tunezine.com,… ), sites that were criticising Tunisia’s human rights record (Amnesty International, Freedom House, Reporters without Borders …), sites criticising Islam and pornography sites. Other sites, mainly social network sites such as Facebook and You Tube, received filters. Later You Tube became completely blocked. Many Tunisians, such as journalists, who were fighting for freedom of speech and against censorship, or who were member of an Islamitic party became political prisoners. Many of them later testified of having been tortured. Commonly used torture techniques were ‘roast chicken’, where the body is put in a bound position and huddled up small for hours, cold baths, beatings with a stick, waterboarding, where cellophane is wrapped around the head and water is poured over it to simulate drowning, never been able to sleep by noise or light …One of these unfortunate people was Zouhair Yahyaoui, awarded in June 2003 with the ‘Prix Cyberliberté’. Under the pseudonym ‘Ettounsi’, he wrote an open letter to Ben Ali, the former Tunisian president, denouncing the judicial system of Tunisia. In 2000 he was sentenced to two years in prison, where he reportedly was being severely tortured. In 2005 he died of a heart attack at the age of 37. Over the years there were some small protests, but on 17 December 2010, something changed. This was the day when Mohammed Bouazizi set himself on fire, in protest of the confiscation of his wares and the harassment and humiliation that was allegedly inflicted on him by a municipal official and her aides. Many people came on the streets, starting demonstrations and riots in protest of the social and political issues. In Arabic, they called it the ‘Sidi Bouzid Revolt’, derived from ‘sidi bouzid’, the city where the initial protests began. The media used the name ‘Jasmine Revolution’, in keeping of the geopolitical nomenclature of ‘colour revolutions’. One month later, on 14 January 2011, president Zine el Abidine Ben Ali was forced to step down. Page 13

After the Tunisian revolution and the step-down of Ben Ali, Egyptians thought it was finally time for their own revolution. ‘Thawret 25 yanayir’ or the Revolution of 25 January started. The protesters focused on legal, political and economic issues: police brutality, state of emergency laws, lack of free elections and of freedom of speech, uncontrollable corruption, high unemployment, food price inflation and low minimum wages. Martyr Khaled Said became the symbol of the Egyptians’ struggle for their rights and freedom. After he posted a video on the Internet, on which officers were shown sharing the spoils of a drug bust among themselves, two policemen took him into the entrance of a residential building where he was brutally beaten and kicked. Human Right Watch reports show us some other examples of people being detained for simply expressing an opinion or for peaceful activism, like blogger Hany Nazeer, member of the Muslim Brotherhood and lawyer Abdelmoneim Adelmaqsood, human rights defenders Mus’ad Abul Fagr and Yehia Abu Tesht. On 25 January 2011, ‘the Day of Revolt’, protesters started gathering around Cairo and other important cities. On 28 January, ‘the Friday of Anger’, the protests actually began. People were motivated by the arriving of Mohamed Al-Baradei in Cairo on 27 January. In 2005 he won the Nobel Prize for Peace and in December 2010 he announced that he was considering running for president for the September 2011 elections. He gave hope to the Egyptian people: students, women, children and men alike… they all came protesting peacefully until finally on 11 February 2011 ‘the Friday of Departure’, Mubarak resigned and the Supreme Council of Egyptian Armed Forces was entrusted with the leadership of Egypt. The people of both Egypt and Tunisia are now having high hopes for democracy and freedom. The nearby future will show us if they will achieve this goal, but let us hope they will. After many years of suppression and their fight over the last months, they definitely deserve it. Other Arab countries are now following. What is happening now in Libya, Yemen, Syria… are fine examples of the people’s desperate cry for freedom. What you have just read is the voice of local people and eyewitnesses. I simply wrote down what they told me and did a research of the facts. (Sources: Wikipedia, Al Jazeera, Amnesty International, Human Right Watch, elshaheed.co.uk, and Reporters without Borders, amazightv.net, prof.Sami Zemni, Eric Gobe (arabuprising2011.wordpress.com) Written By Silke Wimme 2011.

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The Devil
No Longer will I allow the Devil to tempt me He's just a disraction with all his well crafted lies I have a long way yet to do, But I'm not going to fall victim to his whispers and cries.


Do you walk daily by faith? Walk by faith in Jesus and you will walk on water And not sink. Peter Walked on water with his eyes on Jesus But when he looked away from Jesus and saw that the Ive seen his different faces wind was boisterous, he became afraid and began to sink. Ive heard his many voices Fear is not a fruit of the spirit, But I'm on the road to a better life Its a fruit of the flesh For I now see that I have other choices. And God has not given us the spirit The Devil's arms are cold and empty Of fear His words don't sound good anymore But he has given us power, love and a sound mind. I have found my true savior So when we walk in the flesh, the negative One who loves me and has so much in store for me Situations we face daily will cause us to sink. But when we walk daily by faith, I have done a lot of foolish things Negative situations won't make you groan For his love and the objects I couldn't keep, you will be able to use them as stepping But that's all in the past now stones No more years of useless seeking and crying in my sleep. and you wil grow in faith.. The Devil has tried to scare me Faith in Jesus, the creator of all, By displaying all of my failing and wrong turns the one who is over all and through him all things consist But he's only succeeded in showing me Jesus will lead us to live a God still loves me and will not let my soul burn Victorious life...... Then we can walk on water and overcoming When it's all over Negative situations. And I've seen my final day
I'll close my eyes and take God's loving hands And let him carry me away ...or lead the way. By Perry E Williams Jr 999420 Polunsky Unit. D/row 3872 FM 350 South Livingston Texas 77351 U.S.A

By Abel R Ochoa 999450 Polunsky Unit D/row 3872 FM 350 South Livingston Texas 77351 U.S.A

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Those we love remain with us for love itself lives on Cherished memories never fade because one loved is gone Those we love can never be more than a thought apart For as long as there is a memory they live on in our hearts
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A Long Journey
On May 20 2002 George Alaric Jones Jr. and I became friends. On June 2nd 2010, shortly after his 36th birthday, the State of Texas Killed him. George lived most of those years in Polunsky Unit 12, Livingston, Texas. I lived all those years in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. He was black. Iam white. He was a man I am a woman. He was convinced muslim. I was raised a (less convinced) Roman Cathalic. The government put him behind bars. I work for the Government. He was trained to be a hair dresser. I have a MD in Public Relations. He had two children. I have no husband, no ex-husband, no kids. He had no freedom at all during the last 15 years of his life; I had all the freedom he longed for. As you can tell, at first glance we had nothing in common, George and I, but as he wrote in his very first letter on that May 20th 2002, one should never judge any book by its cover. First impressions are, well, just first impressions. So let us take a closer look. What we both loved: Reading. Writing letters. Calligraphy. Drawing. Listening to jazz music. Sewing clothes. Beautiful quotes. Children. Our Parents. God. Developing our mind and body. Justice. Or, related to the darker sides of our lives: he trafficked drugs at age 12. I smoked joints at age 20 (hey even Bill Clinton did) He was accused of killing a man. I once reached the point I almost did the same. People might say: God was not merciful on George. But wasn't he? George named himself Malik ar-Raheen Bilal. It took me until after his death that I looked up these names and found out Malik and Ar-Raheen belong to the 99 names of Allah. Malike: the King. The absolute ruler. Ar-Raheem: the all merciful. The meaning of Bilal is: The first one to be convicted to Islam. So he gave himself a name that was full of praise for his God, Allah, the One he turned to and confided in, prayed to, worshipped, loved and respected. Did he feel loved by the God he choose? I like to think so. He was fortunate in another sense: Both his parents wee still alive and together. They loved him deeply and did visit him during all the years George spent in prison. When we started corresponding, his parents used to come out twice, three times a month. Later on, when they were ageing and getting ill, sometimes it was less. Still, he knew he was loved by them and could count on them. As he could on his children, on other relatives. During his last hours, he was aided by a minister who was also a relative. So his family surrounded him with their care until the end. How grateful he was for this was shown in his last statement, in which he called his parents his “pillar of strength” thoughout this and thanked “my brothers and sisters and all of his family members who have supported him and who have loved him dispite his faults and imperfections. Imperfections. We human beings are so much more than the sum of our actions. Thank God we are. At the other hand: our personality speaks through our actions and words. George was a faithful penpal. In all the years there was only one year I hardly received a letter. This was the year in which he was transferred to Dallas County Detention Facility. It was also the year after his execution was arrested shortly before the planned date January 27 th 2005 How hard this must have been on him I only could understand later when he slowely revealed some of his emotions about this. Page 17

One quote: “Someone once stated that, that the worst death in which an individual can endure was suffering or torture by those whom hold you captive.” But I now understand that those assessments were wrong because the worst death an individual endure is the anticipation of death of death”! But he continued “Nethertheless, being within such a situation genuinely did bring enlightenment into my existance” A little over 5 years later, this word, enlightenment, was the key word in his last statement. After thanking his relatives and after acknowledging the family of his supposed Victim Forest Hal ( I write supposed, since George always denied he killed Forest Hall to me and only God knows the truth), Saying he hoped his death would bring them some sort of closure, he said-andit touched me so when I read it through the internet. “This has been a long journey, one of enlightenment. It's not the end. It's only the beginning.” Enlightenment. God became more and more the rock he trusted upon. He once asked me to write a letter to God, to ask his assistance in George's case. But here it comes: he asked me to put in this epistel a request for why MY desire for George would be. He did not ask me to ask God for his freedom, or a review of his case. Just what I would want for him. Every year around New Year's Eve I wished George that all his dreams would come true and most of all, that he would receive the gift that seems the most wonderful of them all: Freedom, but did I really wish that for him? Of course I longed for him to be free, out of Polunsky, out of the horrible system that the USA call 'justice' but that we in this part of Western civilization call' violation of human rights' and inhuman'. More than for his freedom, however I longed for him to be strong of mind, to feel serene inside, to have the ability to enjoy all blessings that would turn up on his path, wherever that path was set, to be able to keep his hope an spirit up. And to feel loved and cared This is what I wish for anyone everywhere. I think that when we are capable of seeing the Light instead of the darkness, we are able to follow the path that is set out for us- our pathway through this life. George did not sail easy through the last 5 years of his life on this earth. More and more, however he was not suffering because of things that happened (or did not happen) to himself, but because of things that happened to his relatives and friends, we all lose relatives to illnesses- it was very hard on him to see his relatives suffer. Our friendship was not always easy either. I never came to visit him and that really did hurt him, like my response to his love for me did as well. In his last letter to me he referred to that, saying that he decided not to walk away from me since “within life it is numerous imperfections which make each individual perfect. Especially since every imperfection is nothing more than a tool that assists us in building our actual character” All I can hope is that he indeed could find it in his heart to forgive me my imperfections. What I know for sure is that he left that last letter saying he would pray for me. He was going to get killed inless than a week and he prayed for other people than himself... And in his PS he left me his best friend to write to me from then on in his place. He has touched my heart and my soul way more than he ever might have, had we met in real life. Maria. Page 18

Spiritual Humor

A Rabbi said to a precocious six year old boy: “so your mother says your prayers for you each night? That's very commendable, what does she say? The little boy replied “Thank God he's in Bed “ A sunday school teacher said to her Children: “ We have been learning how powerful Kings and Queens were in Bible times, But, there is a higher power, can anybody tell me what it is? Little Johnny blurted out “ It's Aces!” A sunday school teacher asked: “Tommy, do you think Noah did a lot of fishing when he was on the ark?” “No” replied Tommy “How could he, the man only had two worms!”

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You'll find when you smile Your day will be brighter And all of your burdens Will seem so much lighter. For each time you smile You will find it is true Somebody, somewhere will Smile back at you. And nothing on earth Can make life more worthwhile Than the sunshine and warmth Of a beautiful smile.
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