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Human reproduction:

Existence for survival or survival for existence

The “reproduction system” is one of those actions which are being practiced since

the eve of mankind. Now a days, since has gifted mankind with both pro-

reproduction and anti-reproduction technique. If we say more elaborately, the pro-

reproduction techniques are those developments which help to increase the

population rate to increase. Like the test tube baby process. Some of the people

who were unable to reproduce before are now able to bring new lives in the

world. Babies are now born in test tube reactions. On the other hand, tough

practicing the ancient process of physical pleasure a lot, people now are now not

bound to reproduce. Various types of anti reproduction techniques are available,

now a day’s. The most common technique is the “Barrier” method.


Ours is a capitalist society. Market is the spirit which controls and decides value

of every thing available. One of the most influencing-factor for any government is

- the economical condition of that country. And market directly and indirectly

influences economy and government policy making. We have seen many

economically sound nations taking action to generate human being to keep the

society intact. Many countries invite emigrants from all over the country to keep

there wheel of economy moving. In other words, market decides how to shape the

society in order to generate more benefit. Industrialization is at its pick. And

population growth rate is at it’s down.

“All across the industrialized world, birthrates are falling - in Western

Europe, in Canada and in many regions of the United States. People are

marrying later and having fewer kids.”

(DAVID BROOKS, NY Times. December 7, 2004)


Population growth rate in percent, as listed in the CIA World Factbook (2006 estimate).

Why? What are the reasons for which the parents are not willing to have more

children and the young are running away from getting married? Are they heartless

or love less people? Do they not care about the society and its future? Or, do they

not have the physical ability to reproduce?

The market is the only reason for which these people are not having children. And

as job security is not available, people are now less willing to add any thing to

there permanent and regular expense list. So they do not think about getting

married with great importance.


A movement is on its journey naming – ‘Natalisim’ (NY Times. December 7). This

concept influences people to growing bigger families. The natalists are the people

who have enough time to rise up there children, enough respect to religion,

enough money to maintain there large families, enough space to raise a large

family, friendly environment to grow children and lots of other rare facilities. It

might be a plan appropriate for rich people but, what about the majority people?

Baran Stanley, in his book Introduction to Mass Communications explains

the market as source of defining people’s needs.(4th edition).

At the same time market is creating newer needs and pressurizing the people to

work hard to effort those needs. So people are getting busy like a hell. As a result

challenges are rapidly getting harder and harder. Family ties are getting weaker.

People are having less time to spend with there families.

The advertising media is constantly re shaping the value of the society in order to

sell more products. Again media is selling its audience to the market. The more

audience a media has, the more customers can see the products of the sponsors.

That means more sell. So what are people creating by reproducing? Loving family

members or the consumer who will full fill the needs of the market by needing

those which the market sells?


Survival for existence or existence for survival

Do we require any more new product or brand to furnish our remaining life or the

lives of our children? But still newer products are being realized every day and

the market is going stronger day by day. As a result, the market is holding its grip

over our society, culture and belief more strongly then ever.

A child in such influencing world will never be able to learn and think naturally.

New techniques are applied such as ‘advertorials’ (BARAN, STANLEY ,

Introduction to Mass Communication. Cultural forum. Fourth edition. P 131.) to

increase the sell which are damaging the scope of natural thinking of people under

12 years of old. These type of advertisings look like an editorial but they are

really providing positive values for any particular brand of product. So the

advertorials are being taken seriously by people who do not understand the

difference between an advertise & an editorial. Specially, children are the ones

most effected by these kind of marketing processes.

Spirituality will be something far away from the understanding ability of our

future fellow human being. Looking at the increasing power of the market and

people becoming the slave for this market, I cannot decide to be a father and bring

a life in a place like this-one which we call our home, the earth, the universe.

Some time it feels like the market is cultivating us to keep its existence. And the

one who are missing or losing the power, time, happiness, trust on each other,

dreams, faith are the one who are reading this writing, us, the human.

Some time we feel good when the society recognizes our success. But society is

such an invisible character which has a lot of tools to make the mass people slaves

of the powerful ones. Social taboos are one of those tools. As taboos were

transmitted over generations, media messages are being transmitted carrying the

voice of the market & believes that the market want mass people to have. So,

living in such a system and expanding this system shows the sign of praising the



Consumer mentality should be omitted

Natalist’s should stop bringing in new life, they should take care of people, who are

living miserable lives all around the globe

Parents should not influence deciding the child’s career

If the parents are not well-off enough there right to reproduce should be taken away.

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