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UNIT1 production workers senior management receptionist switchboard operator quality controllers personal assistant wages clerks research

and development chief executive officer clerks purchasers( buyers) personnel accountants the board of directors sales staff chief executive officer production department finance director marketing director production director marketing department board of directors personnel (human resource) finance department UNIT2 blue collar white collar bonus application clock on/off shifts earn retire income tax give in your notice

the group of people who make the product heads of departaments who directs the visitor to the right floor,office or person who direct incoming telephone calls to the correct person employees who check the finish product the persons who works closely with a manager employees who prepare salaries for the company the departement responsable for developing and testing new product person who has the control of a company general office workers employees who buy the raw materials department is responsible for recrutiment and weel being of the company check and manage the financial affairs of the company a group of people who are responsible for management of company employees who sell the company's product

"produttori" capi dipartimento call center generale controllori di qualit assistente personale coloro ke preparano le buste paga ricerca e sviluppo CDA=cons. di amministrazione impiegati d'ufficio venditori ufficio personale ragionieri tavolo di direzione staff di vendita capo ufficio esecutivo dipartimento di produzione direttore finanziario direttore marketing direttore di produzione dipartimenti marketing risorse umane dipartimento finaziario

manual workers non-manual worfers the way to reward the worker a LETTER OF application,to have a job in the factories there is a special machien that register when you enter if a company want to work 24 hours a day most peolple work ti EARN money when you hava 60-65 years old,you don't work tax to government on your salary if you want to leave a job

operai impiegati premio (per impegno) curriculum vitae TURNI guadagno pensionamento TASSE preavviso (prima del licenziam)

situation vacant worker qualifications employee work experience staff promotion wage unemployed salary overtime UNIT3 commercial bank saving bank mortgage bill merger merchant bank building society direct debit savings account acquisition internet bank cashier credit (or charge) card commission deposit account in the red/overdraw depositing cleared basic rate bank balance overdraft bank charges in the black commercial/high street

a section of newspaper that tou read if you search a job person who work EDUCATIONAL qualification,a thing that compay look person who work a thing that company look person who work..member of STAFF when yo work well,you hope to a --person who dosen't have a job when you work hours extra

annunci di lavoro lavoratore qualifica lavoratore esperienza lavorativa staff promozione salario settimanale disoccupato salario mensile o annuale straoridinari banca di credito ordinario cassa di risparmio mutuo bolletta fusione banca mercantile istituto di credito addebito diretto conto di risparmio acquisto/acquisizione

bank where many serviced are offered on-line the person who serves you in the bank a small card which allows you to buy things a percentage of the trandasction that you pay a bank account which you use for saving and which pays interest when you spend more money than you have in bank putting money into an account the lowest rate you can pay for a loan tho know how much money have in your account you can arrange it,to withdraw more many than you have the money that you pay for service on your bank when you have money on your bank a bank that is used by ordinary members of public and small business

banchiere carta di credito commisioni (bankarie) deposito bankario essere in rosso,oltre la soglia deposito rata base estratto conto mutuo bankario spese bancarie banca commerciale

withdrawing current account bank statement direct debit/standing order loans cash dispenser cheque/cheque guarantee standing order payee merchant bank draft UNIT4 lamps breakthroughs acquired patent manufacture at the leading edge flow healthier established landmarks concentrated on diversification key led to launched UNIT5 cd rom monitor keyboard printer virus software hardware

take money from an account a bank account you use day for day living the information about the financial movement of your accont when a bill is automatically deducted from your account sums of money which must be repaid with interest the machine which allows to take money when banks are close cheque BOOK or cheque garantes CARD the bank regularly pays a fixed amount from your account to a specific person the person to whom the cheque is written merchant BANK,a bank who offes service to other bank

prelievo conto corrente resoconto mensile rimessa diretta (paga la banka le bollette) prestito sportello bancomat:P libretto d'assegni destinatario di pagamento banca merchant??

table or standing lights new developments bought legal documenti produce in the firs position fast movement stronder and more secure crated important events focussed on creation of man differente things important events produced introduced on the market


the programs which you use to carry out certain tasks on the computer computer,monitor,printer,keyboard,scanner and esternal modem

spreadsheet personal computer portable (computer) modem mouse highlight UNIT6 brand loyalty brand identity own brand brand image unbranded intangible asset premium brand marketing managers stretching branding UNIT7 product price promotion place people packaging phasing decline phase introduction phase maturity phase growth phase product form product brand product category niche

EXEL computer portatile a parti of text which needs emphasising sottolinea

when people always buy some product fedelt al marchio means that product iss immediately recognisable to the public identit del marchio many shops try to create - - products,which are usually mych cheaper proprio marchio (esempio prodotti COOP) the - - means that constumers feel different when buy the product immagine del marchio products are cheap because the producer is not asking the consumer to pay extra INT.ASS.of brand name the products which can be sold for highest price who make sure that the brand name keeps the power responsabile del marchio brand name used in order to introduce new products es.malboro produce maglie the process of naming and creating an image for a product

fase di declino fase introduttiva fase matura fase di cresctia

a small specialised market

marketing brochure upmarket selling marketing campaign downmarket selling endorsing a product crowded market sponsoring brand UNIT8 letter of credit free in board bill of landing cost and freight special export price bill of exchange documents against payment documents against acceptance cost insurance and freight insurance company freight charge UNIT9 model workforce a stike benefit system Gross Domestic Product Unemployment To sack Wage differentials Deregulation Trade union Public sector Monitor Accountable Corporate guru

matching a company product with what customers want a small booklet giving information about company's products to aim at the luxury end of the market to promote a product over a specific period in spedicif ways to aim at the most possible buyers when a well-known person recommends a product to the public when there are too many similar products competing for costumers when a company brand name supports a sports or enrertainment event a product which you recognise by its name


if goods are damaged in transit,the - - will reimburse their value cost to transporting goods frome one country to another

freight=trasporto modello forse di lavoro sciopero sussidi aziendali prodotto interno lorso disoccupazione licenziare forbice salariale deregolamentazione sindacato settore pubblico controllare essere responsabile verso qlc esperto aziendale

Entrepreneur subsidiary Welfare state UNIT10 a bear market a bond a bull market a broker/dealer stocks and shares a rights issue to float commodities equities dividend PLC shareholders' equity contingent liabilities income statement balance sheet statement of retained earnings statement of cash flows inventory revenues net income UNIT11 to shoot up to increase to go up to boost to improve to get better to climb to soar to rocket fall price

imprenditore filiale stato sociale

obbligazioni pacchetto azionario prodotti a prezzo fisso

to get worse to go down to crash to drop to fall to collapse to shrink to plummet to stay steady to stay same to level off to fluctuate AVVERBI: dramatically sharply slightly steadily UNIT12 globalisation UNIT13 consumer prosumer UNIT14 ageism

produttori + consumatori fobia