Business Communication - 1
LIST OF ATTEMPTED QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS True/False 1. Question Vision should be based on talents, dreams, hopes and passion. Correct Answer True Multiple Choice Single Answer 2. Question If a person taps his feet/foot, it is the indication of :Correct Answer Impatience Multiple Choice Single Answer 3. Question Written communication is a Correct Answer Non-Direct Communication Multiple Choice Multiple Answer 4. Question Stress at times works :Correct Answer As motivator , As positive force Your Answer As positive force Multiple Choice Multiple Answer 5. Question As a leader following is your responsibility to keep the discussion in :Correct Answer Order , Control Your Answer Control

True/False 6. Question In a Negotiation both the parties have pre-determined goals. Correct Answer True Your Answer False Select The Blank 7. Question No one can achieve his dreams with ________ energy and ideas. Correct Answer Average Your Answer Weak Select The Blank 8. Question The missing step in Software lifecycle is Analysis, ________, Coding and Implementation. Correct Answer Design Multiple Choice Single Answer 9. Question What is teleconferencing ? Correct Answer It allows a group of people to talk simultaneously using telephone or email group communications software Select The Blank 10. Question In a letter________ consists of name and address of the person or organization to whom the letter is being sent to. Correct Answer Inside address Multiple Choice Single Answer 11. Question Who controls the agenda? Correct Answer Leader

Multiple Choice Single Answer 12. Question Barrier for written communication can be Correct Answer Language Multiple Choice Single Answer 13. Question It can be used as legal record which may be used in the court of law Correct Answer Written communication Multiple Choice Single Answer 14. Question This is a letter written inside the organization? Correct Answer Memorandum Multiple Choice Multiple Answer 15. Question Time management is :Correct Answer Using time judiciously , Using time carefully and prioritizing it Your Answer Using time judiciously , Using time carefully and prioritizing it , Take the things as they come Match The Following 16. Question Correct Answer Your Answer Unsuccessful They confuse activity to output Practical person He knows how to get what he wants Philosopher He knows what people ought to want Goals It promotes enthusiasm in the organization It takes about one to five years to accomplish

Multiple Choice Single Answer 17. Question These are permanent records for business Correct Answer Business letters Multiple Choice Multiple Answer 18. Question Advertising material is :Correct Answer Leaflets , Brochures , Pamphlets Your Answer Leaflets , Pamphlets Multiple Choice Multiple Answer 19.Question Endomorph would mean :Correct Answer Fat , Round , Soft Your Answer Fat Multiple Choice Multiple Answer 20. Question The broad purpose of a meeting is to :Correct Answer Inform , Persuade , Instruct Your Answer Inform Multiple Choice Single Answer 21. Question The most effective way of communication Correct Answer Written Your Answer Visual True/False 22. Question Lateral communication is between co-workers. Correct Answer True

Multiple Choice Single Answer 23. Question It is very useful in collecting dues from customers Correct Answer Business letters Multiple Choice Single Answer 24. Question This number can be used in further correspondence for ready reference. Correct Answer Outward Multiple Choice Single Answer 25. Question What type of letters are useful in collecting dues from customer? Correct Answer Business letters True/False 26. Question Manager communicates the vision of the company to his team mates. Correct Answer True True/False 27. Question Visual aids are used to emphasize the most vital points of the presentation. Correct Answer True Select The Blank 28. Question ________ normally consists of outward number and date of any previous correspondence. Correct Answer Reference Multiple Choice Single Answer 29. Question It is the most convenient channel used by companies to increase sales revenue, reducing cost of selling and promote customer satisfaction :Correct Answer Telecommunication

True/False 30. Question Advancing at the expense of others may hurt you in the long run. Correct Answer True Multiple Choice Single Answer 31. Question What gives a sense of accomplishment? Correct Answer Achievements Multiple Choice Single Answer 32. Question It makes communication easier :Correct Answer Being friendly Your Answer Cooperative Select The Blank 33. Question Examples of environmental stress is ________. Correct Answer Humidity Your Answer Traffic noise True/False 34. Question One way communication informs the receiver whereas two way communication is an exchange of information. Correct Answer True Multiple Choice Multiple Answer 35. Question This makes communication difficult :Correct Answer One party talks and the other listens , One party gets angry , One party keeps focus on themselves

Multiple Choice Single Answer 36. Question The most effective way of communication is :Correct Answer Written Your Answer Visual Multiple Choice Multiple Answer 37. Question Objectives of Communication are :Correct Answer Information , Motivation , Education Your Answer Information Multiple Choice Single Answer 38. Question Unjust assumptions are :Correct Answer Misinterpretation of message Select The Blank 39. Question ________ can prompt people to find a better way of doing things. Correct Answer Stress Your Answer Distress Multiple Choice Multiple Answer 40. Question Parts of voice quality are :Correct Answer Pitch , Speed , Volume True/False 41. Question Management can function smoothly without Communication. Correct Answer False

Multiple Choice Multiple Answer 42. Question Elements of communication process are :Correct Answer Channel , Decoding , Communicator Your Answer Channel , Communicator True/False 43. Question Vision is an idea about how your present should be. Correct Answer False Match The Following 44. Question Correct Answer Your Answer Inward address Receivers address Receivers address Head Address Senders Address Senders Address Written Communication Non- Direct communication Non- Direct communication Business letter legal evidence legal evidence Outward Number Further reference Further reference Select The Blank 45. Question It is said that Indians are good Planners but bad ________. Correct Answer Executors

Select The Blank 46. Question ________ communication occurs when superiors intimate messages to subordinates. Correct Answer Downward Select The Blank 47. Question Emotional problems arise when speaker uses ________ language. Correct Answer Biased Your Answer Unethical