November 1, 2011 Contact: Alan Melamed, Melamed Communications, (216) 752-4900

Opponents to Oakwood Rezoning Use Deceptive Campaign Practices “Front Group” Funds Campaign, Distributes Misleading Materials
group that claims to be affiliated with the prestigious, a non-profit, non-partisan Pennsylvania. SOUTH EUCLID, OHIO (October 31, 2011) – South Euclid voters have received mailers from a

consumer advocacy organization affiliated with the Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of In fact, there is no connection between this “sneaky front group” and, according

to a statement posted on by Director Brooks Jackson. “But the fact is we have nothing to do with ‘’ and don’t endorse the statements that group is making in mailers and on a website… What we find most objectionable, however, is for any group to use a name that

implies it is associated with us when it’s not, especially when its true identity and sources of funding are deliberately hidden. That’s the very definition of a front group. We hope the voters of South Euclid, Ohio, are not deceived.” “No on 96” opposes Issue 96, which is on the ballot in South Euclid to uphold rezoning the

former Oakwood Country Club property to allow for commercial development. The Ohio Campaign

Finance Report filed by the “No on 96” committee lists a $25,000 donation from “Ohio Fact Check” with the address of attorney Donald McTigue in Columbus. Jackson said his organization was “able to track down and contact an Ohio election-law attorney, Donald McTigue, who told us that he had recently incorporated ‘Ohio Fact Check’ as a tax-exempt advocacy group. But he told us by telephone that he could not tell us who his client is or give any information without first obtaining permission. We also Fact Check’ or ‘FactCheck.’” could find no corporate registration with the Ohio Secretary of State for any group calling itself ‘Ohio -- more -- Rocco DiLillo, Treasurer • 1153 Dorsh • South Euclid OH 44121

YES 96! – Page 2 The “Fact Check” campaign materials claim that Issue 96 “will cost South Euclid nearly $500,000

per year.” In fact, an independent study conducted by Team NEO for the Greater Cleveland Partnership found that the proposed development would create more than 700 new jobs and generate nearly

$750,000 in new income and property tax revenues for the City of South Euclid, in addition to more than $1 million in property tax revenues for the Cleveland Heights-University Heights public schools where some South Euclid children attend. A subsidiary of First Interstate Properties acquired nearly 63 acres of the former Oakwood

County Club property last December and has been working with South Euclid to create a 21-acre park nearly doubles the amount of dedicated green space in South Euclid, will include nearly one mile of walking and biking trails and other amenities for local residents.

alongside 325,000 square feet of LEED-certified and sustainably designed retail space. The park, which

referendum placed the zoning change on the November 8 ballot as Issue 96. Voters must vote “yes” on Issue 96 to support the development in South Euclid. ###

South Euclid City Council unanimously approved rezoning the parcel for the development, but a Rocco DiLillo, Treasurer • 1153 Dorsh • South Euclid OH 44121

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