SERVICES Both Post-Paid and Pre-Paid Ufone subscribers can enjoy any/all Ufone services

including GPRS based services (MMS, Ufone Internet, Pocket Stocks), Global SMS, etc Ufone is proving these all services to its consumers:• Internal Excess • Online Billing Payment • Power SIM • WAP • International Roaming • Voice Mail • Call Management • Messaging ► CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP
With 28 million mobile users in Pakistan, Ufone is having a subscriber base of around 7 million. Ufone is showing a remarkable growth rate. It is maintaining a healthy customer relationship through its “customer service centers” and “call centers”. Its department of “Customer Operations” is specially designed for maintaining Customer Relationships. Customer Relationship Strategy: Ufone strategize to build and maintain strong customer relationships in order to build long-term customer loyalty and to capture customer lifetime value. In this context Ufone has been training its internees and permanent employees in the fine art of interacting with customers. It is also strategizing to offer gifts & rewards for its long-term customers in its PostPay to match the wonderful customer relationship strategy of INDIGO.

► TOTAL MARKET ORIENTATION Total Market Orientation is about understanding and meeting customer’s expressed and latent needs.

Ufone believes in Integrated Marketing Communication which is a carefully blended mix of promotion tools. Ufone employ different marketing activities and channels to communicate and deliver value to customer. These activities are coordinated to provide maximum communication output. These communication channels includes:-

Ufone uses following sales promotion tools Contests: Ufone carried out contest for cricket talent hunt in the year 200_______. public relations. Strategy : Advertising (discussed later) Sales Promotion (discussed later) Public Relations : Ufone is less conscious of developing its general public relations. But Ufone holds future plans to carry out such activities in more effective and profitable ways. Games: Ufone is currently running its game show on ATV prime time. Personal Selling : Ufone administer personal selling facility to sell their PostPay connections targeting well to do people and businessmen › It won’t be an exaggeration to say that Ufone has placed itself where it is now through brilliant promotions. direct marketing & personal selling. It avoids getting in news stories and controversies but sometimes it proves inevitable. REPORT TOPIC : SALES PROMOTION & ADVERTISING “SALES PROMOTION” “Sales promotions are short term incentives to encourage the purchase or sale of a product or service” Ufone utilizes sales promotion activities to boost its sales. Premiums: . The problem we see in this activity is that Ufone is not properly advertising it. But recently it has launched its “Hajj Guide” service on Ufone. Direct Marketing : Ufone employ on-road umbrella franchises where the directly market and sell their connections and Sims. Ufone updates its customers every now and then to participate in this game show. sales promotion. competitive parity method and objective & task method. Our renowned Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Akhtar was used as patron for this contest. percentage of sales method. Ufone strategize to carry out promotion in order to increase its market share.Advertising. However this contest didn’t do much good to Ufone’s image or sales. This game show rewards the winning participants. It follows all four of the promotion budgeting methods viz affordable method.

It was a promotional offer By Ufone where it offered a mobile phone.999. It was Ufone’s first Eid offer. This premium is offered. goods. Promotional Products: “Phone bhi Ufone bhi”.e. free air time. Another recent promotional offer by Ufone is that with your HBL Credit Card. It was definitely a risk to take such decision. Ufone applies sales promotion schemes continually in order to keep its customers loyal and happy. SALES PROMOTION STRATEGY: Ufone strategize to take aid of sales promotion whenever it sees a minor drop in its usage by its customers. Ufone connection and Rs. or services by an identified sponsor” ADVERTISING OBJECTIVES: Ufone use advertisements when… It has to inform the customers about new or available services It seeks to persuade people to purchase their service or switch to their connection from any other connection ADVERTISING BUDGET Ufone is a heavy spender on advertising in electronic media as well as other media. ADVERTISING (& DEVELOPING AD COMPAIGNS) “Any paid form of non personal presentation and promotion of ideas. Recently Ufone invested a huge amount on mass advertising. The more calls you make.100 airtime all for Rs. They mostly go for pull strategy in promotion i. you enter the lucky draw to win a return ticket to Dubai. Existing as well as new HBL Credit Card customers may avail this offer. They are developing and playing new advertisements on electronic media not even with a month’s gap or so. .All the cellular services are now offering premiums for their customers. more is your chance to win. they spend a lot on advertising and consumer promotion to induce final customers to avail their services. a Ufone PostPay connection and airtime. Every time you make any international call of 5 minutes or longer than 5 minutes. get a free handset of your choice. in the form of extra credit balance delivered to their numbers for free Free tickets: Ufone recently offered free trip to Dubai. when a customer don’t use his/her sim for more than 3-6 months.And now Ufone also offers Blackberry mobile sets with PostPay connection.

Ufone also hired three lollywood queens i. This brand would have Orange & Black as its corporate color instead of conventional Orange & Green color. It includes the electronic media television and radio. This advertisement created a big controversy regarding the erotic and sexually attracting acts by the three female models. Hum. Mag etc Broadcast Media --» It is the prior choice for Ufone. Ufone place its ads in all leading magazines as well i. The shocking Orange & Green colours used by Ufone have always attracted people. Sunday magazine.e.Waqas Anjum (Senior Marketing Executive-Multan) is of view that you must bring changes in marketing to attract customers. But Ufone is not carrying out direct mail or direct e-mail advertising . Display Media --»This type of media is the second choice of Ufone where it carries out its most of sales promotion and advertising. Ufone has already generated much revenue through it. Ufone has the following strategies regarding the Message and Media of advertising:ADVERTISING MESSAGE: Message Content --»The very first content of Ufone’s advertising message was humor. posters etc overnight. Nawa-i-Waqt. Libas. posters. Ufone’s painted rickshaws Online Media --» Internet is the online media. Message Format --»The format of Ufone’s advertisements has always been very colorful and eye catching. But now Ufone has again hired a comedian trio featuring Faisal Qureshi. Ufone places flashing ads on famous portals like coolbuddy.e.e. Message Source --»The very first Ufone advertisements had Faisal Qureshi as its message source. Ufone always hire endorsers in group Mr. Ufone advertise in the following media types:Print Media --»Ufone tries and print ads in all leading newspapers including The Dawn. SME Multan has used a new and innovative vehicle in display media i. For this purpose Ufone is re-launching itself under the name of one single brand called “UFONE”. Ufone advertise using billboards. Meera. Jung. The strategy behind hiring this trio is that they are economical and are personal favorites of people. These colors look beautiful on wall printing of Ufone. Afterwards Ufone hired noncelebrity young models for its youthful message theme. single Ufone advertisement played 15-20 times per day on a TV channel costs millions varying with the time of day when it is played. Jia Ali and Veena Malik with Mikaal in an advertisement of “Baat Ban Jaye”. Ufone spends 20% of its profit on advertising and sales promotion. Mikaal & Hammad. Khabrain and local Sindhi newspapers as well. Due to negative response by people Ufone had to vacate its billboards and eradicate its banners. ARY. signs (on Shop boards etc). ADVERTISING MEDIA: To increase the reach and frequency of advertisement Ufone is using repetitive strategy for its advertisements. Indus. HBO. ADVERTISING STRATEGIES Advertising strategy consists of two major elements: Advertising Message & Advertising Media. And the humorous theme always makes the ads more appealing and engaging the minds of customers. and then in its blooming stage it shifted its message content to youthful excitement. This time Ufone is winning the hearts of people through humor and it has increased RPI of Ufone. Recently Ufone has again adopted humorous theme for its message content. Cartoon Network etc (except MTV Pakistan). Ufone also plays its ads on local channels like WASEB and Punjab TV. hoardings. Ufone is advertising in all Pakistani channels including GEO. TV one. wall paintings etc. etc. as directed by CEO and CMO of Ufone.

Human Resource Department at Ufone UFONE considers their employees to be the asset of the company. Cyprus. Tunisia and Kuwait with lowest rates. Mission Statement To become the best cellular communication option available in the country for “u”. During the year July 2005 to June 2006. The company commenced its operations. But the PostPay ads are shot in foreign locations. Recently Ufone shot in the picturesque locations of northern areas of Pakistan in its advertisement of UWON “sabse sasti call” Company Introduction Ufone PTML is a wholly owned subsidiary of PTCL established to operate cellular telephony. it named UROCK AD SHOOTS: The ads of Ufone are shot mostly within Pakistan. Ufone currently caters for International Roaming to more than 200 live operators across 121 countries and introduced International roaming facility for Prepaid subscribers in Saudi Arabia. The famous event sponsored by Ufone in 2006 was a series of musical concerts did all over Pakistan. so in order to retain their employees following practices are followed in the company. GPRS Roaming facility is available with more than 100 Live Operators across 80 countries. Portugal. Singapore. Bangladesh. featuring Mikaal Hassan and Junoon. under the brand name of Ufone. The Company further expanded its coverage and has added new cities and highways. HR PRACTICES F Recruitment and selection F Orientation F Training and development F Compensation and Benefits F Performance Appraisal WORK FORCE HR at UFONE is divided into the following two major categories   Permanent Employees (1500-2000 Approximately) Outsourced Employees (2000 Approximately) . Being part of PTCL.Events --» Ufone has sponsored many events in the past and holds future plans concerning it. from Islamabad on January 29. Ufone has network coverage in more than 3475 locations and across all major highways of the country. 26% of its shares were acquired by Emirates Telecommunication Corporation (Etisalat). 2001 During the year. Thailand. as a consequence of PTCL’s privatization. Ufone continued on the path to success. Uzbekistan. the management of Ufone has also been handed over to Etisalat. featuring no security deposit and activation charges. United Arab Emirates. United Kingdom.

selection and payroll etc. Compensation The total returns which an employee gets against his or her work. On the job and off the job both the trainings are given according to the need of the employee. Training and Development HR team of training and development make a performance evaluation of all the employees and the see where the gap occurs between the actual performance and the desired performance. HR operation team manages all the employee activities gathers all the information and make use of it for further processes.   Operation Training and Development Operational Department It covers all the areas including hiring recruitment. Then training is designed for area which needs to be improved. market movement and internal/ external equity adjustment. Revision of compensation is based on total pay and monetization of benefits. Employee Benefit & Compensation F Training & Development F Employee Motivation F Retention of Employees F Career Planning/ Succession Planning F Employee Relations/ Communication F Employee Awards F Employee Events Management F Medical & Life Insurance COMPENSATION AND BENEFITS Ufone follow the performance base pay structure and pay for their performance and work output. It maybe: Employee Health Plans Employee Insurance Employee Leave Employee Retirement Income Security Act Executive Compensation Maternity & Paternity Benefits Pension & Retirement Plans Wages & Salaries Workplace Programs Compensation strategies are usually market based and is linked with the performance with a greater emphasis on variable pay. Levels of Ufone: . Salary adjustment is based on the performance.Permanent employees HR Permanent employees are further divided into following two categories.

M.Hierarchy 1.P 3. Outsourced Executive 10. it also varies from department to department.5-k 2. Work Analysis Evaluation & control Market trends Employee J. to compete with others in the same industry. Current Base Pay: (Job Based Structure and competitive) The Ufone follows the job based structure. Manager 6. Parents.D Surveys Policy Lines Total Compensation: Example: 60% 30% 10% Basic Pay House Rent Utilities OPD Hospitalization 15-k 7. V. Wife / Spouse . Senior Manager 5. To develop this structure Ufone conducts some surveys.5-k 2 Gross salaries Employee and children’s Provident Fund Gratuity 50% Employee. and compensate its employees for the work they have done.E. Permanent Executive 9. Assistant Manager 7. their work content.O 2. Senior Executive 8.T Individual Salary Fixation: The Ufone seeks the market trend and try to compete with market for individual salary fixation but they also analyze their own financial positions and budgeting. for their tasks and duties they performed. C. 50% Org If work for 10 Months siblings.M 4. behaviour and for their responsibilities. G.

M.T so on Rs 65 Rs 95 Company A. Leave fair assistance 1 year 20 holidays 40 leaves 1 Gross salary 2LFA’s Permanent Employees: Number of employees: Around 1500 – 2000 Minimum scale starts from 15000 – 20000 Maximum C. Employees who is working in Ufone for seven years or more then seven years gets Cash Rewards.Bonuses Incentives 1. If the scale is 15000-20000 then the increment is the 20% of the base pay. At each stage the amount is different. Grade A 500 minutes + 500 Rs mobile usage. Same like this all other benefits.M and Above 160 RS Increments: The increments are totally based on the performance of the employees and their seniority level. Food Subsidy: S. Assistant Manager Level: 25000 Car allowance + 200 Liter’s petrol / Month Manager level: Car + Blackberry Senior Manager: Islamabad Club Membership + BMW Car + House + Foreign Tours Further Ufone has developed some grades for employees. Trophy. After every Two years Ufone give the amount of Rs 6000 to lower level employees if they want to purchase a new mobile and this limit increases as grade increases. Managers: Innovative ideas Silent Warriors Recognition of The work: On Jan 29 (anniversary of Ufone).O (Not disclosed by the organization) .E.4% Of Gross salary Only Sales department depend upon their performance. AH A is the minimum grade and H is the maximum grade and they compensate their employees on the basis of their grades. badges and other things. but if any employee shows the performance then this may increase up to 35% to 50%.E. Exe.

overnight stays on a business tour etc.g. F Mobile deduction Claim: Such an expense claims which are made if an employee has made long duration call for the official purpose and they have exceeded the limit given to them then they can make a claim by attacking a copy of mobile bill and if its valid then HR department approved it and pay the employee their claimed amount along with their monthly salary of the following month.20000 to 25000. half is given in mid of the year and remaining half will be given at the end of the year. Finance. F Leaves: 7 Casual and 10 sick leaves are given to each employee at all level. so if any employees make use of this facility they can claim for the amounts to be return next the month while submitting the hospital receipt. Overtime claim have to be approved through HR department. further HR head office send it to the regional HR departments their concerned . F EOBI: EOBI is contributed as per the standard F Children Education allowance: 1 gross salary per year F Provident Fund: All permanent confirmed employees are eligible for membership of Ufone Employee Provident Fund Scheme. they claim for the overtime amount other than their salary which they receive the next month.UFONE focuses on providing a large number of the compensation and benefits to its employees in a form of the following categories: F Minimum wage: The minimum salary for “Drivers” is Rs. F House Rent: 10% of the basic salary is given to each senior/ executive level employee. employee number. F Overtime Claim: If an employee has worked for more than the regular time. F Travel Policy: Revised and categorized different levels such as the senior level. signature and number of book and date at which it is issued has to be recorded. The reason for maintaining the record is that the company pays 60% of the expense came over the food while 40% has to be deducted from the employee’s salary. if they travel on local transport. F Transport allowance: Rs 2500 are given to female employees only.20000 and for Engineering it is Rs. F Overtime: All employees are entitle for the overtime more then 130 hours per month . F Medical Claim: Different medical facilities are provided to employees at different level of hierarchy. designation. F Loan Insurance: At Ufone loan insurance policy is also provided to their employees through banks.33% of month basic salary in a year and an equivalent amount is being contributed by the employer. F Medical Allowance: 1 gross salary per year is given to each employee. F Health Insurance: Like all other cellular companies Ufone also provides health insurance policy to its employees. F Expense Claim: The expense Claims are the expenses which an employee make on the behalf of the company E.For overtime UFONE have specific formula that apply on the employees gross salary. F Dispatching of Salary Slips: Vendor prepares the salary slip and dispatch it to the HR department. such claim are made while returning back to the office . An employee contributes 8. etc it is Rs. Their medical clearness is done by the HR department.6500. fuel used for business travel. the middle level and the junior level staff. due to which every employee have different per hour overtime rate.7000 for “Tea Boys” it is Rs. F Meal deduction Claims: Meal books are to be maintained of each employee who issues it. for Administrative Staff like HR. Marketing. their name. after the whole process the HR pay them back the next month along with their salary.

job specifications. They construct “Job Analysis form”. Ufone Job Analysis Following steps should be taken by the Ufone. The present basic salary structure of Ufone is based on Job description (Tasks and duties performed). inflation indicators. The job is evaluated on the basis of appraisal reports. Because on this. It is a technical procedure used to define the duties. job evaluation etc are made. salary budget averages. The value of any job can be increased if the employee on certain post has performed very well and his appraisal report is very outstanding then according to his performance value of job is increased and this process is carried out by the HR department of Ufone. equipment. Step 2: Ask about more general aspect such as the job purposes. tools.employees salary slip and they either give their employees through cash or transfer to their accounts. If any post is vacant those past performance on that post is evaluated and the market conditions are observed and then the job is evaluated. and accountabilities of job. the job evaluation is linked with the merit. So at Ufone experts do job analysis. Moreover. responsibilities. Whenever the appraisal report of any employee is generated he is being paid according to his performance. The job evaluation method was not very much good in the past but now it is linked to appraisal system of Ufone. The value for the job is concerned with the performance report. Ufone conducts its own market survey and match its standards with other telecommunication companies specifically with Mobilink and telenor. Salary Surveys Collections of salary and market data. Job Analysis Job analysis is systematic exploration of activities within a job. cost of living indicators. pay packages. compensations. and work aids used Job-related tangibles and intangibles Work performance Job content Personal requirements for the job . Step1: Obtain Documentary information such as procedure manuals and written instruction. the main activities. it includes average salaries. (Research firms and personally) Job Evaluation Method The job evaluation method of Ufone is lined to appraisal system. Step 3: Ask the jobholders about the job. job descriptions. It is proved that job analysis is almost first activity of HR department to be done. Step 4: Observe the jobholders to see what they actually do. Any person who is employed on merit and is performing very well will be given salary on the basis of his performance and merit. Information Collected in Job Analysis Work activities Worker-oriented activities Machines.

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