AvaTax™ for Sage Peachtree

Sales Tax Compliance. It’s smooth sailing from here.
AvaTax from Avalara is the fastest, easiest, most accurate and affordable way to manage transactional taxes. Integrated seamlessly into Sage Peachtree finanical and accounting systems, the on-demand solution provides instantaneous address validations and sales tax calculations along with comprehensive reporting to fully automate the complex, burdensome process of sales tax management. Cutting-edge technologies and superior processing logic help manage even the most complicated tax issues, such as situs, nexus, tax tiers, tax holidays, exemption certificate management, and product taxability rules.

Benefits of Using AvaTax for Sage Peachtree » Accuracy: Incorrect sales tax calculations could cost you
an audit. AvaTax is your in-house, seasoned tax professional. It has the most comprehensive jurisdictional assignment capabilities, extensive sales tax research and the most up-to-date rates and boundary information available.

Development Partner


» Speed: AvaTax quickly applies sales tax calculations in

Avalara provides seamless integration with Sage Peachtree solutions to provide you with unmatched ease and accuracy. » Sage Peachtree Complete Accounting 2009 -2011 » Sage Peachtree Premium Accounting 2009 - 2011 » Sage Peachtree Quantum 2009 -2011

the background as the transaction is taking place via a secure, encrypted Internet connection. AvaTax calculates sales tax in less than a second without disrupting the existing workflow.

» Reports: AvaTax offers a crucial component to sales tax

compliance: detailed, on-demand reports provide you quick access to the information needed to prepare and submit sales tax returns. You can easily and quickly generate reports, which can be exported to the file format that works best for you.

Getting started with AvaTax is Easy
Take the next step toward eliminating your sales and use tax management headaches. Go to www.avalara.com/contact and sign up for a free demonstration of the power of AvaTax. Or give us a call at 877.780-4848 for more information.

» Rules and Regulations: Taxes are complicated. The

calculation of sales tax is based on more than just a simple sales tax rate. Your company’s nexus—its physical presence within a state or jurisdiction—as well as product or service taxability rules, will impact whether or not you’re required to collect sales tax. That’s why AvaTax provides the ability to easily manage nexus and taxability.

» Ease: With a few quick steps, you can quickly complete the

set-up process and immediately begin saving time and money with powerful sales tax automation. With automated updates, Avalara researches and maintains the most current taxation statutes and tax rates—so you never have to make a tax rate decision again.

AvaTax can have a positive impact on the bottom line of your business.
AvaTax is affordable and comes with the training resources you need to get up and running quickly and hassle-free.

» Affordability: While most sales tax solutions are complicated and expensive, AvaTax is affordable. That’s because it provides a flexible pricing model that works for small to large businesses alike. For a nominal one-time set-up fee and monthly subscription based on the number of your transactions, you’ll be up and running on AvaTax. » Training Resources: AvaTax University documentation and classes are available online to help you implement and activate AvaTax. There’s no limit to the number of classes you can attend—from the comfort of your office, at your convenience.

Completely Automated, End-to-end Compliance
Seamless integration to Financial, Accounting, ERP, POS and third party applications.


Nexus Import Items Taxability Returns Scheduler Exemption Certificate SST Remittance

Additional Services
In addition to the features already included, the following add-ons are offered to further assist you with your sales tax compliance.
SALES TAX $51.56

Save time and resources by using a single solution, integrated into your financial application to submit one remittance. Let Avalara handle all filing and payments for you. Avalara not only takes care of the forms you need for each jurisdiction where you have nexus, but also remits the liability on your behalf. Whether the tax region in which you owe accepts traditional or electronic filing, be certain an accurate return will be filed for you in the correct format and at the correct time.










Returns from Reports

AvaCert raises the bar on accuracy and efficiency in managing sales and use tax exemption certificates and significantly reduces time spent requesting, collecting and managing certificates. Its electronically generated certificates can virtually eliminate the hassles and costs of this cumbersome process.





Electronic or Paper Remittance

» Tax Services: Avalara provides a full complement of outsourced professional tax services, ranging from registrations, nexus studies, process advice, risk assessment, and audit defense. » Streamlined Sales Tax: The Streamlined Sales Tax Project* is an effort created by state governments to simplify and modernize sales and use tax collection and administration. Avalara is one of only six Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Agreement certified service providers. For more information, visit www.avalara.com/Streamlined-Sales-Tax.
* This project is funded under an agreement with the Streamlined Sales Tax Governing Board, Inc.

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