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City Tower Lahore (Umer Group)


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Introduction About Umer Group Location A dream comes true

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City tower is none the less yet trend setters and another divine venture of the Umer
Group. A unique architectural edifice, providing an insight into the international standards. It also manifests a bold step towards modernized construction and the expectation of a new millennium. City Towers is one of the top commercial buildings of Lahore - The second largest city in Pakistan with a population of over 5,000,000. City Towers is an integration of four independent towers, each of which has a separate entrance and is interconnecting by interlinking bridges and a central atrium which provides air and natural light from all sides. The project is gaining a respectable repute day by day as large international chain stores have already started their business in City Towers.

• • • • Construction of City tower was started in the year 1997. The construction was completed in the year 2003. Tower ‘s operational activities stared in the year 2004 Inaugurated by Chairman’s mother.


About Umer Group
Established in 1982, Umer Group of Companies headquartered in Karachi, Pakistan, today enjoys an annual turnover of 9 billion Pakistani rupees – approximately US $150 million. The group has invested more than US $10 million in recent years to expand its textile facilities to meet the international demand for its yarns and fabrics. The Umer Group is involved in textile, power generation, footwear, and tannery and construction activities. The textile group comprises of three companies: Bhanero Textile Mills Ltd., Faisal Spinning Mills Ltd, and Blessed Textile Ltd., all three operating both spinning and weaving facilities. Umer Group has a total of five spinning mills with an installed capacity of 140,000 spindles supported by the latest European and Japanese machinery. The spinning and weaving mills are equipped with state-of-the-art laboratory equipment to test every step of the spinning process to ensure high quality. The yarn is produced for the domestic industry, in-house consumption and export to the European Union and Far East. We also produce yarn using organic cotton, linen cotton and are certified vendors for supima, DuPont and Cotton USA. Umer Group’s weaving mills feature more than 500 air-jet weaving machines from Japan and Belgium. Greige fabrics – produced for sheeting, denim and apparel – range from 170 centimeters to 340 centimeters in width. The weaving mills produced over 6 Million meters of fabric monthly. One of the associated companies Firhaj Footwear has the exclusive manufacturing license of Hush Puppies International USA and the distribution license of Caterpillar in Pakistan. The growth rate of Hush Puppies shoes has the second largest growth rate in the world. Umer Group of companies currently employs more than 6,000 people. Umer Group of Companies recognizes the importance of expanding its business all the time. It is always on the lookout for new ideas and possibilities, is ever present in the research and development field. Looking to expand its outlook, the Umer group of Companies is aggressive but most importantly diligent in fully researching and testing the markets before entering a new field. In short, Umer Group involve in following key businesses; • • • • • Textile Power generation Foot wear Construction Tannery


Location’s Description
Some of the famous towers in Lahore are;

A. Eden Towers B. PACE Towers C. Sheraton Karachi Hotel & Towers D. Ashrafi Towers E. F. G. H. I. J.
Ali Towers Marhaba Towers Sun City Towers City Tower Al-Hafeez Tower Alamgir Tower

The locations of these towers are mentioned in the map which shows that towers are nearer to each other and become a cluster. This location provides benefits not only to owners but to buyers as well because buyers get one place for shopping where they can found the entire thing they want. For owners, although there is some competition but they can also gain benefits because of volume buyers. (Gulberg in Lahore is like a Tariq Road of Karachi)


Location of City Tower In Lahore

Located on M.M Alam Road, Main Gulberg Lahore.


City Tower; A dream comes true
Before you enter the City Tower, hold your breath and let loose your imagination to think freely about something which is truly beyond the ordinary. In fact, City Tower is no less than your very own imagination being transformed into reality. So, get ready to step in and discover what the Tower offers you. What is the City Tower all about? City Towers is an integration of four independent towers, each of which has a separate entrance and is interconnecting by interlinking bridges and a central atrium which provides air and natural light form all sides. It has been specially designed to house corporate business offices and sophisticated shopping mall air conditioning. Within the building there are three level car parks which have a total capacity of 400 cars and another car park with a capacity of 100 cars located outside the building. City Towers has (09) Lifts and (08) Escalators, There is also a service lane which will be able to accommodate traffic on either side of the building. What does the City Tower have in store for you? The City Tower is not just a shopping complex. It’s a place for all to come and relish each and every moment in the company of their families and friends. It has food court to serve the finest cuisine from all over the world, shops and showrooms catering to the diverse needs of the discerning customers, strong rooms to store cash and valuables, game arena to lure both kids and grown ups, rest rooms and rest areas to relax and get reinvigorated, a well carved out prayers facility, spacious parking lot for shoppers, and self power generation to ensure uninterrupted power supply round-the-clock in a user friendly environment, with escalators and elevators for ease of shoppers' movement and aesthetically pleasing and centrally air-conditioned surrounding for their comfort. What prospective does it offer? City Tower, strategically located main Gulberg and M.M. Alam Road, is a great promise into the future. In fact, the place has its own exclusive significance as a posh and plush shopping venue in town. The Tower with all its razzle and dazzle will serve as a bait to attract a host of tourists and visitors from across the country and abroad putting up at the hotels in and around the Gulberg area. The City Tower is exclusively devoted to retail


outlets. It is only ground plus three floors intelligently designed for maximum ease and optimum comfort.

The dream Projects A huge central City Tower tastefully laid out with lush green indoor plants, a fountain, a waterfall and grand metallic monument on the basement, has been planned so as to make visit to the City Tower, a thrilling and exciting experience, the City Tower has been designed like a hub with walkways radiating to all the entrances. It’s a place where people can mix or just relax while the children play about. City Tower-Unveiling the facts A legend in the making required real hard work. The City Tower has long been under a rigorous process of planning and execution. The face of the structure is clad with Aluco Bond, the modern, maintenance free cladding material, configured in an innovative and creative manner. The City Tower is crowned with a huge skylight, which gives it an ambience of the outdoors, enclosing and containing its environment with the advantage of natural light and view of the sky in a controlled and comfortable atmosphere. At the City Tower, Buyers have the opportunity to purchase the shops of their dreams, among a variety of sizes, designs and styles on ownership basis. Recreating and development of the City Tower is an unparalleled feat of architecture and engineering. Truly speaking, the City Tower is destined to be like no other shopping Tower in Lahore. Shopping Facilities-You name it and we have it The City Tower offers an oasis of shops and boutiques, all within close proximity to the residential communities. Ranging from sports super stores to fashion and jewelry boutiques, gourmet outlets and supermarkets. The City Tower will provide a comprehensive array of opportunities. Window-shop in a beautiful outdoor retail environment, or purchase what you need for day to day requirements cruising across the whole Tower, in the comfort, convenience and security of a Tower of international standards.


Cost & Area
City Tower has been specially designed to house corporate business offices and sophisticated shopping mall air conditioning.

Area: City Towers has a total area of about 500,000 Square Feet. The total salable
area is only 250,000 Square Feet

Cost of Project
• • • • • • • • • • • Total cost was incurred is estimated to 720,000,000 Time limit 7 years Average labor cost per year 71,428 Average labor cost in 7 year 500,000 Total labor worked 300 Labor cost 150,000,000 Say the built up area for the stadium 500,000 Sqm Cost of construction per Sqm in 1996 Rs.500 Therefore, Total cost of construction 3,000 x Rs. 500,000 000,000 Cost of total material used 420,000,000 Total cost incurred was 720,000,000


Financing of the project
• • • • Project financing was done by 60:40 ratio Equity was 432,000,000 Debt was taken by Umer group 300,000,000 This loan was syndicate loan which was took from three different banks.


Benefits of City tower
Social benefits of City tower:

A pleasant, safe, comfortable, year round shopping environment.

• Excellent shopping atmosphere having symbolic convenience for; Clothing Footwear Fashion accessories Leather goods Drug stores Personal care Books and magazines Sporting goods Toys Jewelry • •
Most shops in tower have better discount options than retail stores in city centers. In modern cities, there are few public places to meet and socialize, other than city tower.

Economic benefits of City tower:
City Tower Create Jobs; Shopping centers are major creators of employment, especially for women and the young. From the start, the construction of new stores and shopping centers generates many temporary skilled and unskilled job opportunities, related to the building activity. Once operational, the malls represent a significant source of job creation, typically requiring one worker per 20 square meters of space. Thus a medium-sized, 50,000 m2 shopping center employs approximately 2,500 fulltime retail staff, plus 50-75 workers in management and support functions such as tenant relations, administration, marketing, cleaning, security, maintenance, gardening, and parking.


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