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Test 2 Sample

1. Critics of “Shoah” felt that the documentary: a. Focused too much on Polish anti-Semitism b. Focused too little on the individuals who helped Jews c. Showed interviewees who did not know they were being interviewed d. All of the above 2. Which of the following television shows aired an episode that was an allegorical account of the Holocaust? a. “The Twilight Zone” b. “Star Trek” c. “This is Your Life” 3. The US theatrical preview for The Diary of Anne Frank (1959) included a clip of this song, meaning „let us rejoice.‟ a. Hamalach Hagoel b. Hava Nagila c. Shvil Habricha d. Haneirot Halalu e. Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel 4. The Sorrow and the Pity was banned from television until 1981 in __________. a. France b. Germany c. Poland d. Holland 5. Claude Lanzmann‟s film The Shoah features primarily ________. a. historical footage b. Clips from other films c. Archival photos d. Fictional portrayals e. interviews The name of the character whose raps were inspired by Anne Frank was __________. a. Frankie Anne b. A.F.D. c. Anne B. Real d. Anne B. Frank e. Annatoldya The only voice heard in The Ambulance was that of: a. Elie Wiesel b. Joseph Goebbels c. Adolf Hitler d. Dr. Korczak e. Roman Polanski concentration



8. Who was the only surviving member of Anne Frank‟s family to live through the camps? a) b) c) d) Anne Frank Margot Otto Frank Peter

9. Why does Shoah begin with four minutes of text before showing any other visuals?

c. In which film the main character tumbled from one adventure to the next without learning much along the way. It has an original score.a. In what year was the word Holocaust introduced to the American vocabulary? a. 2000 b. 1944 12. Night and Fog b. It uses no archival footage. 1953 c. c. b. Shoah d. The Diary of Anne Frank 14. 17. Shoah has detractors. Lanzmann wanted to save visuals of the camps for later in the film. Lanzmann wants viewers to focus on the topic without distraction. Because critics accused the film of sugar-coating a difficult topic. Because the audience was forced to view the film. Europa Europa c. 1951???? 13. One of their major criticisms is that the film unfairly focuses on? a. He is sentenced to death c. Poles who were anti-Semitic c. 1955 d. In what year was first English edition of The Diary of Anne Frank published? a. It doesn't use the words "Nazi" or "Jew" b. Why did The Sorrow and the Pity create a controversy in France? a.The SS leader goes insane b. How is justice served in the episode Death‟s Head Revisited from Twilight Zone? a. 16. Germans who were not anti-Semitic b. d. He was experimenting with a new form of narrative. 10. the romance between Jews and non-Jews . Because of its assertion that a widespread resistance to the Nazis was a myth and its suggestion that the French liked the protection of a paternalistic state. what happened to Jewish pets during the Holocaust b. What makes Shoah unique from other Holocaust documentaries? a. 1950 c. b. Because of use of violent content and racial slurs. c. a. or inserts of old films. 1947 b. In spite of its overwhelming success among audiences and critics. newsreels. d. He is starved to death 11. Polish women 15. He is put in a gas chamber d. The Attic: The Hiding of Anne Frank belongs in the genre of Holocaust movies that focuses on: a. the good deeds of the many non-Jews that helped Jews avoid deportation c. Famous Jews d. It is only 30 minutes in length.

Why did The Sorrow and the Pity create a controversy in France? a. Because of use of violent content and racial slurs. Absolute power corrupts absolutely b. None of the above 25. The episode “Deaths-head revisited” of The Twilight Zone parallels what event in history in 1960‟s? a. Adolf Eichmann. Because of its assertion that a widespread resistance to the Nazis was a myth. Night and Fog c. d. should not get involved c. Geobbels was executed in Germany 23. b. Who was the president of the Lodz ghetto? a. 21. An episode about The Bay of Pigs d. Referencing to the Vietnam War and how the U. c. "good" Nazis 18. Albin Michel b. Shoah b.In the Film “Shoah” Which of the following did the director use.S. c. Elie Wiesel 26. 19. How was the international trailer for The Diary of Anne Frank different from the American trailer? It builds up the suspense of the film It plays up the romance in the film Portrays the film as more of an art and is more about the impact of the story instead of the actors Spoke of all the awards and good reviews from critics a. Explain the stories of everyone who was affected during the holocaust d. Because the audience was forced to view the film. a. Which French film strongly suggests that many French people accepted or tolerated the German occupation? a. Archival Footage of the camps b. What is the main message behind the episode “Patterns of Force” from Star Trek? a. had returned to Germany after escaping to South America b. Blaming the holocaust on power and not Hitler c. b. The Sorrow and the Pity d. To explain the why the holocaust happened b. Chaim Rumkowski???????????????? d. Focusing on anti-Semitism 22. d. a famous Nazi war criminal. Uncovering the remnants of anti-Semitism in the polish bystanders 24. News Reels of historical events c. What was the main cause of tension during the wedding reception in the miniseries Holocaust? .What is the main theme of The Sorrow and the Pity? a.d. That the resistance was less wide spread than reported in France and a significant number of French populance welcomed German occupation c. Because critics accused the film of sugar-coating a difficult topic. Miklos Nyiszli c. None of the above 20. Inserts of old films d.

c. b. Which two films that we discussed in class show examples of characters experiencing a loss of identity through “hiding in plain sight”? a. 29. c. b. Usually the show featured a well-known celebrity or public figure. All of the above. The bride‟s family was famous and the groom‟s family was just ordinary. The diary and its theatrical interpretation remain the canonical way to tell children about the Holocaust since children‟s literature demands that we teach the lesson that people are really good at heart. it‟s the airing of the miniseries called “Holocaust” in 1978. 30. suspenseful. apart from the diarist‟s other prior acknowledgements. The groom‟s family was wealthy and the bride‟s was lower class. 27. Europa Europa b. b. a. a. b. which of the following arguments does he make about Frank‟s famous entry. The emphasis put on the passage too often makes us forget that less than three weeks later such a shattering occurred when the Frank family and the others hiding in the secret annex were betrayed. The relationship of the United States to the Holocaust is different from countries like Germany and Poland in that there are no direct connections either through population or through geography to the event. d. Which one item of the following is false? The Holocaust has become a part of the moral landscape of American public culture. Black Book c. The bride‟s family had members in the army and the groom‟s family was Jewish. and the way we engage with television have no distinctive power over the way Americans perceive the Holocaust. the television show This is Your Life featured a Holocaust survivor. c. d. spy and resistance movie revolving around the exploits of a young Jewish woman passing herself off as a gentile during Nazi occupation of Holland during World War II? a. Europa Europa & Ambulance The Pianist & The Diary of Anne Frank The Aryan Couple & Caberet Europa Europa & The Aryan Couple . c. In Ralph Melnick‟s review of The Stolen Legacy of Anne Frank. David 28. this episode was one of the only to feature an “average person”. This show was one of the first of its time addressing the Holocaust on popular television. The survivor‟s story was told by other people. The Pianist d. In the 1950s.a. If there is one watershed event in American Holocaust television. “in spite of everything I still believe that people are really good at heart”? The passage continues to be quoted in isolation. How television has presented the Holocaust. Which of the following are notable characteristics of this episode? a. c.It was an arranged marriage. d. Which film is an exciting. d. the way television works. All of the above. 31. d. b. she did not have any input on what was to be said about her experience.

Auschwitz-Birkenau was both a labor and death camp. Poland d. Holocaust b. True ?? b. The Diary of Anne Frank c. the Belsens. They must remain standing because they are a monument to a moment in time when some men decided to turn the Earth into a graveyard. True b. then we become the gravediggers. In the United States. their logic. False 37. Frances Goodrich b.000 c. Millie Perkins d. None of the above 40 Anne Frank died at Bergen Belsen of Typhus a.500 38. _______ is the established signifier of the Jewish genocide. Anne Frank hid in an attic with her family in which country? a. True . La Shoah. a.all of them. And the moment we forget this. The following quote is from which clip shown in class? “All the Dachaus must remain standing. The Final Solution d. 39. the Auschwitzes . La Shoah. The Final Solution c. Star Trek b. the Buchenwalds. in France _______ a Biblical Hebrew word meaning destruction and annihilation and the Nazis refer to the implementation as ________ a. the moment we cease to be haunted by its remembrance. Night and the Fog Decree # 1 takes its name from the December 7. Miep Gies c. 5. Star Trek – Patterns of Force c. Into it they shoveled all of their reason. False 36. a. The Final solution. Of the 75. Holocaust. The Twilight Zone d. a. their knowledge. Germany c. Which viewing selection was summed up at the end by the quote “Absolute power corrupts absolutely.721 Jews who were deported from France. a. None of the above 1. Netherlands b. 2. La Shoah. only _______ survived. Denmark 36. but worst of all their conscience.” a. 200 b. False 33.32.” a. Who supplied the Anne Frank and her family with food and news? a. The movie The Pianist depicts the comparatively easy life of a Jewish musician in Warsaw during WW II. Holocaust. The Dachaus. True b. Holocaust (miniseries) – The Gathering Darkness d. 1941 Decree of the Fuhrer. The Twilight Zone – Death’s-Head Revisited b. Night and Fog 34. None d. Cabaret 35.

c. Spoke with survivors of the Holocaust at the remains of the concentration camps. Carbon Monoxide c. Showed archival footage of the concentration camps. The Jews b. What is played in the beginning of the Ambulance? . By gas in Auschwitz d. 46. Removal of the Berlin Wall d. He had no idea that they were singing because he is hard of hearing 42. False 50. was able to enroll in a Hitler Youth School? a. French people d. The Watts riots in Riots b. In Star Trek-Patterns of Force. He‟s handicapped b. All of these.b. Attacked by the SS dogs 43. Lived and wrote a book d. In Shoah how did the director connect the audience with the Holocaust? a. Civil Rights Movement c. Vietnam War 45. What happen to Anne Frank? a. Why didn‟t the old man in the film Cabaret sing along with the others? a. How were the kids in Ambulans killed? a. He gets caught pointing a gun at Russian Officers c. An orphanage and their guardian where forced to die d. True b. Died of typhus b. a. after being brought back to life John Gill says he shouldn‟t have interfered. An ambulance was turned into a mobile gas chamber c. Shot by the SS b. d. All of the above 49 Night and Fog avoids direct mention that the primary victims of the camps were Jews. At this time in America what conflict is going on that this statement could have been referring to? a. He helped the SS find several Germans in hiding d. Panned shots showing up close the incinerators and the open toilets one by one. Polish people 48. He is Jewish and does not want to be associated with the Hitler Youth d. A symbol for help was turned into a symbol for death b. False 41. b. On whom does the Sorrow and the Pity focus? a. How was it that Solomon. He was adopted by an SS Officer who enrolled him. b. Was liberated from Auschwitz but later died 47. He was mistaken for an Aryan and was invited to join because he resembled the perfect Aryan 44. the main character from Europa Europa. What happens in the experimental film Ambulance? a. He is not optimistic because he‟s been through these times of need and knows how things will turn out for them. Put to death at Auschwitz c. c. The Nazi c.

Shoah has an investigative interview method that reminds us of LeChagrin et la pitie. They were prevalent in the resistance. A term used to define justice and redemption. d. 55. newspapers. Both makes those who experienced the events. Both use clips of newsreels. It brought Vichy and Resistance together as parts of the same history. They were important for supplies and communications. Short stories and interviews. They were mostly unresourceful. a clip of a death camp 51.. They had nothing in common. b. What role does The Sorrow and the Pity show women played in France during the Holocaust. A recording of one of Hitler‟s speeches c.a. What was the term used in class to describe Shoah? . An Arabic term meaning rejoice and celebration. 52. 56. b. Science fiction and anecdotes. Historical Fact and the remembered experience of such facts. Myths and true facts. c. showing the emotional dimension involved in recalling the past. the reconstruction of the past is done purely through the verbal narratives of those being interviewed. 54. b. Which of the following is true? a. and subordinate. d. A term used to call Jews disgusting names. c. the center of their investigation. photographs and documents to explain or illustrate specific questions. The song “Tomorrow Belongs to Us” b. A blibical Hebrew word meaning destruction and annihilation. c. Why was The Sorrow and the Pity so critically important? a. dependent. b. Both presented visual evidence of the camps but did not interview deportees. They substituted for men when their husbands and sons were killed in the resistance. d. Define the word „Shoah‟: a. b. d. What did Renais‟ and Ophuls‟ films have in common? a. It only displayed the Resistance against Germany‟s Holocaust. 57. passive. It only displayed Vichy and how they collaborated with Germany. c. c. b. Le Chagrin et la pitie is apparent in the repetitive travelling shots of the train tracks leading to the entrance of Aushwitz. An ambulance siren d. the visual depicts the present while the voice evokes the past. 53. It was the only film that displayed the importance of women. d. Olphus‟ Le Chagrin et la pitie juxtaposes which two narratives? a.? a. In Shoah. In Le Chagrin et la pitie. d. c.

Intercultural Relationship Death/Concentration Camps 61. served 63. Silent Films Represents a family of Jews going into hiding. b. A silent film based on a true story displaying an ambulance that is turned into a mobile gas chamber that kills off a group of children along with their teacher who ultimately knows their fate. c. None of the above. Which of the following film clips viewed in class about The Diary of Anne Frank is considered to be closest to the original play. b. It sees everything through the perspective of Anne Frank. 60. What was the biggest contrast shown between the European and American trailers of Anne Frank? a. “Talking Heads” “Excessive Talking” “Boring and Plain” “Action Packed” 58. c. A Jewish man refusing to leave a radio station that is airing his piano playing while bombs are being dropped. Why was The Attic (1997-1998) different from other Anne Frank films? a. The American trailer began with a minor key instrumental and showed an innocent Anne Frank penciling absent-mindedly into her diary. 59. b. The European trailer had scenes of bombs attacking the house they were hiding in and Miep picking up the diary at the end. later claims to refuse to move out of his own home. almost losing his Jewish identity in the process.a. What did Europa Europa and The Pianist have in common? a. the man commits suicide b. c. The European trailer was solemn with barely any dialogue and relied on mostly the subtitles to describe the film. 62. . It shows everything during the time of the war. d. The American trailer was seen as serious and somber while the European trailer was uplifting and hopeful. Later he is captured as a Nazi only to be freed by his brother. it was all a dream d. d. It shows positive scenes such as making jam with the family. d. Which of the following is the best description of Europa Europa? a. c. the man goes insane and there is no suffering???????????????? c. it was the same trailer shown everywhere. d. A boy living in Poland who flees to Russia and attends Hitler Youth Elite School. b. while Anne smiles at Peter. The American trailer had much influence on famous actors playing the role. b. In the Twilight Zone episode „Deaths Head Revised‟ justice is said to not be fully because a. They had no contrast. c. the love story and suspense. It was shown from the perspective of the protectors. justice was served. d. then is reduced to selling his piano for money to feed the family.

What distinguishes the American relationship to the Holocaust from that found in other countries? a. Anne‟s Jewish faith is overemphasized. They allow other voices to speak. c. c. d. None of these 70. The director didn‟t show his respect for his subjects. People cannot agree on what it says and what it means. They put her forward as a voice for Jewish youth. What film features a young blue eyed blond haired soldier singing “Tomorrow a. ?????????????68. . tells him who turned him and in family in. version of The Diary of Anne Frank 64. Jeffrey Shandler sees the miniseries Holocaust as . b. b. d. The 1959 U. d.a. Anne Frank in the Hood b. How were Holocaust survivors labeled in the early days after the war? a. The diary has become too big a phenomenon. They found his wife. Why does Cynthia Orzick believe that it would have been better if Anne Frank‟s diary had never been found? a. c. As victims As Jews As refugees As Israelis 71. c. It was poorly translated. They overemphasize her adolescent crush on Peter. c. The film unfairly focuses on Poles who were anti-Semitic. c. They universalize her suffering into an American moral lesson. b. 66. belongs to us?” 67. d. The Darkness Gathering d. His daughters have died in the camps. His family is coming home. 69.S. Americans have a firsthand relationship with the Holocaust. b. The film was edited from 350 hours of interviews. Holocaust c. In the film The Attic Otto receives mail that? a. Americans have a mediated relationship with the Holocaust Americans approach the Holocaust as a historical problem to be solved.Which of the following about the film Shoah is false? a. The director interviewed his subjects mostly at a World War II museum. d. Cabaret b. the 2009 version of The Diary of Anne Frank d. b. Ambalia 65. d. b. How has Anne Frank‟s voice been lost in the works based on her diary? a. The Japanese animated version c.

75. The Anne Frank Foundation refused to grant the rights to the text of the diary to the producers of Anne Frank: The Whole Story (Robert Dornhelm. The comment from Anne‟s diary when she says “I never utter my real feelings about anything…. d. c. b. c. 74. gives cheeky answers. The film David ends with a. What is one of the criticisms of the miniseries Holocaust? a. David arriving in Palestine. shrugs her shoulders indifferently. 77. b. It is upbeat and uplifting. Implicated a specific person for turning in the Franks to authorities. The 2001 version Anne Frank: The Whole Story. A travesty of good taste An error in judgment on the part of its director A watershed event in Holocaust television An aesthetic triumph 72. The 2009 Masterpiece Theatre version by Jon Jones. c. 78. d. d. b. d. b. It is too long and drawn obscure. b. The 1959 George Stevens version based on the play. It is overly complex and ironic. 2001) because the film: a. None of these. The cheerful Anne laughs about it. d. 76. David being deported to Auschwitz. David reuniting with his mother and father. What is one striking result of the exposure of the Holocaust on American television? a. They did not pay for the rights to use the book. c. It has raised awareness of Western European politics. c. A wedding between a non-Jewish German and Jewish German b. b. David finding his brother from whom he was separated during the war. How does Black Book begin and end? a. It is sentimental and banal. d. b. They granted the rights but only after changes were made in the film. c. the quiet Anne‟s reactions are just the opposite” is captured best by which version of her life? a. At a war criminal trial. It dulls American sensitivity to foreign atrocities.a. In a farmhouse in Holland. The Attic: The Hiding of Anne Frank. A camera tracking along a path in present day Auschwitz . The opening scene in Shoah shows a. behaves as if she doesn‟t care…. c. 73. In America. On a kibbutz in Israel. It has heightened the way Americans see other atrocities.

b. 750. His beauty. The Golden Rule d. a. a. Sacrifice some to save many b. Various historians. Triumph of the Will d. His belly button. None of the above 89.000 to 900. have provided estimates which range between ________to________.500. ears like fine china.c. The Sacrifice/Victim is about… a. The disabled c. True b. False 83. stayed the same b.000 to 7. The Eternal Jew 80. The ghettos usually consisted of a Jewish council who would decide on who went to concentration camps and who did not. The Great Dictator 82..000 Jews b. In Life Is Beautiful what did the actor mockingly use to prove to the children that his race is superior? a. False 87. 1. Jews could be German citizens as long as they would give up being Jewish and side with the Nazis. c.. In a social realism based film.000 Jews d. False 81. a. The Survival of the Fittest c. 79. The Victim d. The number of Jews killed by the Germans in the Holocaust cannot be precisely calculated.000. After the Wannsee Conference. a. Jews who escaped the ghettos and camps joined partisan groups where they engaged in all aspects of guerilla warfare against the Germans. 4.000 Jews c. Death camps b. the plan to exterminate the Jew's was. Which of these films is an example of a Nazi propaganda film? a. Facial Measurements b. An interview with two farmers in their field. Europa Europa b. You Nazty Spy! b. was given up 86. Neither of the above.True b. True b. Jewish resistance did occur. Which one of these concepts would best fit this ironic situation? a. Both A and B. The fact that he is German/Arian d. intensified d.204. Jews d. however. What movie‟s sole purpose was to frighten viewers into believing the Jews were trying to take over the world? a. d. 5% to 15% of Jewish population 88.000 to 1. the ending typically ends on a depressing note. Leni Riefenstahl made the film Triumph of the Will to expose the horrors of Hitler and the Holocaust. To Be Or Not To Be c. A man singing seen from a distance as he sings in a boat floating down a river. a. What did the Nuremburg Laws state? a. Germany after WWI 85. blond hair and blue eyes c. was lowered c. Jews were no longer German citizens. Life Is Beautiful c. . d.000. and dancing hips 84.

Illegal Immigration d. False 93. The science of __________ was used to explain Jewish racial inferiority: a. The Battle of the Bulge b. It is an action film that shows the meaning of the phrase “An eye for an eye” c.90. True b. d. The Battle of Stalingrad d. Protests from families and churches b. It is a self-reflexive film about the making of films. Einstein c. All of the above 94. What is the film Inglourious Basterds about? a. Why was the Euthanasia program officially shut down? a. Invasion of Normandy D-Day) c. The Civil War 91. Women's Rights b. Adolf Hitler and Josef Goebbels were found guilty after the war and executed. Darwin d. The Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki . Not enough resources 95. Riots c. Early discrimination of Jews during the Third Reich is most similar to what US historical reference? a. Genealogy 92. a. Which event/battle caused the Nazis to accelerate the killings of the Jews because the Germans realized the war would be lost? a. It is a fantasy that shows what people wished what would have happened b. Jim Crow Laws c. Oppenheimer b. Not enough funding d.

Germans bombed the location b. homosexuals. 1100. d. Why did the Evian Conference Fail? a. The Stranger and Jew Suss 101. Lawrence of Arabia . Europa and The Eternal Jew b. An efficient method for disposing of large numbers of bodies c. many b. Jehovah‟s Witnesses. So that we can start to identify as group members with a collective past. Who hoped to convert Jews to his beliefs. So that we can look cool. Constructing a positive role for the Jews who fought in WWI d. Europa d. Which movies are satires of the Nazis belief in the Aryan race? a. What objections did critics have to the books that Benjamin Wilkomirski and Rigoberta Menchu wrote? a. Accepting blame for Germany‟s defeat 102. The Nazis made roughly _____ films from 1933-45. Decide what to do with the increasing number of Jews wishing to emigrate c. Pope Pious XII d. The Evian Conference was convened to: a. 2500. None of the above 106. few c. ____ of them were overtly propaganda. Decide how to best put Nazi war criminals on trial b. and disabled persons were all persecuted by the Nazis. Both B and C. The books trivialized traumatic events. A prejudice against a group of people or ethnicity d. True b. Life is Beautiful and Europa. a. Jews. Socialist. Gypsies. A relationship between the business owners (capitalists) and the Nazi Leaders resulting in large profits 98. Why do we remember things that we never experienced? a. Europa. A pogrom is: a. d. a. True b. False memories of the past c. all d.96. An organized killing or persecution of a group of people b. Protests by the Red Cross and Catholic Church d. c. b. 1100. None of the participating countries wanted to liberalize its migration laws c. but turned against them when they did not? a. Martin Luther c.” c. The Eternal Jew and The Victim c. The Jewish Councils were composed of Jews appointed by Germans to maintain law and order in the ghettos and also to fulfill quotas of Jews to be sent to the death camps. 2500. The books were the authors‟ way of reconstructing their memories from personal experiences. The events in their books were a complete fabrication. The events in their books were true but did not actually occur to them. False 99. many 105. The effect of The Eternal Jew relies partly on: a. False 100. a. Cover up the mass killings of the Jews from the rest of the world 97. 103. Adolf Hitler b. Strategize the Ally attacks and liberate the concentration camps d. So that we can say “I was there. b. True memories of the past b. 104.

b. A movie to show how the Nazis avenged themselves against America 108. d. 1945 109. According to R. c. Great Britain c. Which of the following countries had no quota for Jewish immigrants a. A satiric movie making fun of the Jews c. China d France 110. 1924 b. 1933 c. When did Adolf Hitler come to power? a. Reimer‟s brief entry on Jud Süß.107. None of the above. What does the film Inglourious Basterds. Reimer‟s and C. It did not fortify anything. . what was Jud Süß meant to fortify? a. That Nazi propaganda had little or nothing to do with the feelings of the German population. An alternate history in which the victims of the Holocaust achieve justice and revenge d. Already anti-Semitic feelings among the population and the prevailing anti-Jewish policies of the government. USA b. A true story b. 1938 d. provides us with? a. directed by Quentin Tarantino.

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