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FRASER MUGGERIDGE Fraser Muggeridge studio (Fraser Muggeridge, Sarah Newitt, Stephen Barrett and Joe Hales) is a graphic

design company based in Clerkenwell, London. Throughout a wide range of formats, from artists’ books and exhibition catalogues to posters, maps and postcard invites, the studio prioritises artists’ and writers’ content over the imposition of a signature style. By allowing images and texts to sustain their own intent and impact, each project is approached with an elegantly pared-down aesthetic, with colour, typography, paper stock and format playing a key role in arriving at a sympathetic yet subtly alluring object. Fraser Muggeridge founded and is a tutor at Typography Summer School, a week-long programme of typographic study in London for recent graduates and professionals. This website has been designed with and coded by Wolfram Wiedner. Teaching 2010– Typography Summer School, London 2009– Visiting tutor, MA Book Design, Department of Typography & Graphic Communication, University of Reading 2004 Visiting tutor, Chelsea School of Art & Design, London 2003–2008 Visiting tutor, BA Graphic Communication, Department of Typography & Graphic Communication, University of Reading Talks 2011 July Bloomberg SPACE, London April University of East London The Gopher Hole, London (part of Pretty―Ugly) March London College of Communication Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, London February Royal College of Art, London (part of Open Books) Symbiosis Institute of Design, Pune, India National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, India January Cafe Curio, Camden Arts Centre, London 2010 December Focal Point Gallery, Southend-on-Sea November University of Huddersfield Royal College of Art, London Galeria Design, BWA Wrocław, Poland October The Russian Club, London (part of ISTD-Stammtisch 1: Talking Books) May Camberwell College of Arts, London (part of Key Ideas Design Symposium) April International Project Space, Birmingham Royal College of Art, London March Winchester School of Art February London College of Communication 2009 October Royal College of Art, London May The University of East London September Rochelle School, London (for Art on the Underground) 2007 October London College of Communication Exhibitions

gaining a number of awards along the way.STUDIO 8 We are an independent graphic design studio with a reputation for delivering intelligent and engaging creative solutions. exhibition. Matt Willey and Zoë Bather set up the studio in 2005 and have since worked with clients both large and small. websites. corporate literature. . and brand identities. We produce a diverse range of work across multiple disciplines that includes editorial. in the UK and overseas. signage.

an independent platform for self initiated design projects. Thibaud has been on board as artistic director of onlab since 2007. onlab explores ways to stage complex content and convey relevant topics while changing and playing with common perceptions. He was born in La Chauxde-Fonds in 1984 where he studied graphic design at the Design Academy. The focus of the commissioned work lies in editorial design and visual communication projects. Various platforms and activities enable onlab to develop innovative approaches and strategies as well as solution-oriented and structured working methods while looking at cultural differences and similarities in a subjective manner.ONLAB “onlab – specializes in graphic design with a compelling story to tell – is not an ordinary design studio. He was born in Switzerland in 1975 where he studied graphic design at the School of Design in Biel. it both works with clients and creates its own books. and operates around a single philosophy: that design is a narrative that can change how people approach the world. In 2003 he co-founded the independent publishing house ‘etc publications’. M1. onlab Nicolas Bourquin Oderberger Straße 11 10435 Berlin Germany T: +49 (0)30 80 61 58 80 U2. Germany – works on commissioned. Dos and Tres Logos” and “Data Flow 1 + 2” (Gestalten). He lives and works as a creative director and publisher in Berlin. She was born in Tehran in 1980 and she was trained in architecture at the University of Karlsruhe. cultural management and design consultancy. The team is headed by Nicolas Bourquin. Niloufar Tajeri recently joined onlab as managing director. Based in Berlin. the design and conception of the German contribution to the architecture Biennale in Venice 2008 and various successful book projects. onlab’s core strategic goal is to link content and production aesthetics with elements of topicality.” The Swiss graphic design agency onlab – founded in 2001 and based in Berlin. Before joining she had been operating in the field of publishing. Germany. the redesign of the Italian architecture magazine ”domus”. Since April 2010 Nicolas and Thibaud Tissot have been holding a visiting professorship at the Bauhaus Weimar. M10 Eberswalder Straße . Some of the main projects of onlab involved the visual identity of the city of Tramelan. collaborative as well as self initiated design projects. Nicolas was co-editor and designer of “Los. Until 2007 he had been operating ‘Dynamo’. The essence of a task and of a project is always perceived as the guide to solving and unfolding an emotional and accessible dimension to it. founder and creative director of onlab.

the MICA in Baltimore. 5. bespoke and retail typefaces. Switzerland Items 6/2006. With an interdisciplinary network of other committed creative professionals. House Industries) that released them. we develop interactive and web solutions. installations and exhibitions. UK. The Situationist Manifesto by Debord. UK Grafik. UK Graphic No. 6/2007. 1979) and Kai Bernau (Germany. We are based in The Hague. Switzerland Graphic magazine. 6/2011. 10/2006. Winter 2010. We design printed matter (mainly books). 343. Jorn. both graduated from the prestigious Type]Media postgraduate course in Type Design and Typography at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts (KABK). Netherlands . 16. you can do so here. The Netherlands.6/2006. but not directly from us. 11/2007. Japan Wallpaper*. and identity programmes. If you would like to read an in-depth explanation about how we work and how we think about design. the Arnhem ArtEz design school. others from our friendly distributor Village (soon!).. How to work better by Fischli & Weiss. THE PEOPLE Susana Carvalho (Portugal. the Typographic Society in Vienna. idPure. UK AddMagazine. The sample texts for showing the typefaces on this website are taken from the following sources: The Cluetrain Manifesto by Levine. What are Master-Pieces and Why Are There So Few of Them by Gertrude Stein. Korea Idea No.Atelier Carvalho Bernau Design Atelier Carvalho Bernau is an independent practise for graphic design. the Écal in Lausanne. 1978) met in The Hague. the Danish School of Media and Jounalism’s Typo08 conference. Switzerland Creative Review 2/2011 “The Type Annual”. We have lectured and set workshops at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon. THE TYPEFACES Unless otherwise noted. 11/2010. Searls & Weinberger. Germany Items 5/2005. Sentences on Conceptual Art by Sol Lewitt. Netherlands Page 4/2006. 1/2008. 12/2007. our typefaces are only available directly from the respective type foundries (CommercialType. among others. typography and typeface design. Topography of Typography by El Lissitzky. 5/2011. 238. 25. Germany idPure No. 1/2008. Belgium SoDA. Histoire(s) du cinéma by Jean-Luc Godard. Locke. UK Grafik. Constant et al. where they moved to complete the design educations they started in their respective home countries. 9/2007. PUBLISHED Form No. Netherlands identity matters.

So far. Fondé en 2007. Cire Trudon. Headed by Léonard Vernhet and Thomas Subreville. graphic design. it also brings together Nicolas Malinowsky. typography and motion design. etc. GQ. The New York Times Magazine. qui rassemble également Nicolas Malinowsky. Orange. Christophe Lemaire. Uniqlo. Thierry Audurand. Le studio évolue dans de multiples champs de la création tels que la direction artistique. Christophe Lemaire. Thierry Audurand Pierre Dixsaut et Sébastien Michelini. Ill-Studio is a multidisciplinary platform based in Paris. Adidas. . GQ. The studio evolves in various creative areas such as art-direction. le design graphique. Ill-Studio est une plateforme de création pluridisciplinaire dirigée par Léonard Vernhet et Thomas Subreville.ILL STUDIO Founded in 2007. Cire Trudon. autant pour des projets personnels que pour des travaux de commandes. Institubes. Orange. and Domus magazine to name a few. Pierre Dixsaut and Sebastien Michelini. for both personal or commissioned works. la typographie et l’animation. Supreme NYC. Jusqu’ici. Adidas. Institubes. photography. Uniqlo. Ill-Studio has collaborated with various clients such as Nike. Domus magazine. Ill-Studio a collaboré avec différents clients tels que Nike. The New York Times Magazine. Supreme NYC. la photographie.

I mean how are you supposed to learn if you don’t try. working for companies that are starting off and need some assistance in establishing themselves. or simply initiating something ourselves.e. creating a visual connection with some music and it’s listener. A creative playground. working for the big guns i. Right? Whether it’s an illustration for WALLPAPER* or THE NEW YORK TIMES. √ It is encouraged that you don’t see the work displayed on this website as a library of ideas and visual styles to pick and choose from. NIKE and UNIVERSAL MUSIC. An unconventional working environment. A place where ‘work and play’ can be said in the same sentence.a direct translation of the studio’s mission. and a place that is still growing. A place to learn. a place to grow. under the previous stage name of EIKES GRAFISCHER HORT. illustrating a companies personality by developing a brand. Not just a studio space. working with or for people and companies in other creative fields. √ . Now. We like to inform people creatively or in a way that makes information easier to understand. endeavoring with smaller companies like GET PHYSICAL MUSIC. but a showcase of our capabilities and achievements.UK HORT began its inhabitance back in 1994. Whether it’s a poster for a theatre company. a catalogue for an art exhibition or working collaboratively with people of other design disciplines. HORT has been known to draw inspiration from things other than design. HORT are willing to give most things a go. Who the hell is Eike? Eike is the creator of HORT. HORT .ORG.HORT HORT Hagelberger Straße 52/HH 10965 Berlin/Kreuzberg Germany TEL +49 (0)30 818281-08 FAX +49 (0)30 818281-07 CONTACT(AT)HORT. but an institution devoted to making ideas come to life. translating the artwork of an album beyond its sleeve. Not a client execution tool. creating an interior hotel space for Volkswagens PROJECT FOX. a multi-disciplinary creative hub. Once a household name in the music industry.

Celine. Chloe. Pucci. design and commerce. Homework creates advertising. lifestyle and publishing. pushing forward to achieve that little extra. Homework was responsible for kick-starting a visual presence and direction for international men’s fashion magazine HE and Cover magazine. packaging as well as art direction and overall creative brand communication. Homework creates objects of desire. Homework is balancing art. visual store kirkestraede 3 3rd floor copenhagen k 1073 +45 2072 8885 . or when nessesary simplifying so that the essential can shine. info@homework. Colette and Jil Sander. Established in 2002 by Jack Dahl.HOMEWORK Homework is a graphic design studio and creative consultancy focusing on leading international brands within the arts. Among others Jack Dahl has worked with Self Service magazine and the strategic and creative Paris agency Work in Progress on a selection of the World’s leading fashion and beauty references including Prada. fashion.

Brussels and Cairo for a while. brand identity. Eps51 have worked on numerous intercultural projects over the past years. web. Before settling down in . In 2008 they published the book “Arabesque – Graphic Design from the Arab World and Persia” [Die Gestalten] – the result of a long lasting. intensive research on the Middle Eastern graphic design scene. Ben and Sascha lived and worked in London. Paris. illustration and photography. Eps51 Möckernstrasse 68 Aufgang C 10965 Berlin Germany tel: +49 (0)30 700 941 37 e-mail: mail@eps51. mostly for clients from the cultural field.EPS51 Eps51 is an internationally working design studio covering a wide range of projects including print.

project specific and grounded on analytic thinking. and emphasise the intrinsic characteristcs of each project to create innovative.TILLWIEDECK HelloME is a Berlin based design studio focusing on art direction. social and business clients. graphic design & typography. dynamic and useful. With a systematic design approach the studio creates and implements innovative communication strategies and distinctive dynamic visual system for cultural. We believe design to be experimental. . well crafted design solutions and slef initiated projects for detail and typography. Therefore we approach each commision individually from across media perspective. The studio’s mentality is ideas led.

Denmark. The studio was established in the spring 2010 by Stine Holst and Nina +45 2783 9060 +45 2783 9061 CVR 33100728 . Education 2010 — Berghs School of Communication. Sweden. typography.NOR STUDIO NOR is a graphic design studio based in Copenhagen. Paris Award 2010 — Merit award winner for corporate identity Oneshow 2010 College Competition Scholarships 2010 You Can Scholarship in Graphic Design -Supported by Canon 2008 Berghs School of Communications Scholarship hello@nor-studio. illustration. We work across disciplines such as art direction. Sweden -Professional Diploma in Graphic Design 2007 — Danish School of Media and Journalism -Basic course in advertising Internship 2009 — Ill Studio. branding and printed matter. both with a Professional Diploma in Graphic Design from Berghs School of Communication in Stockholm.ill-studio. Stockholm. We strive to create functional design that reaches out to both the head and the heart and our approach is to work open and collaborative.

Rinus: ‘Þú Ert Sólin’ by Ólafur Arnalds. Which influences do you recognise? At the moment we are doing a lot of research into ‘communication within organisations’. In addition. a project for Kesselskramer and more books. can no longer be defined. We see ourselves as editors and directors of communication. Evelyne: I have favourite music for each mood. As editor the designer interprets the content and context of a message. Good projects and study (again). The final solutions are the result of an analytical and rational way of thinking and working. Do you work collaborate with other people? We regularly work with people from various disciplines such as photographers.g. . This research significantly influences our thinking about the designer’s position. interior designers. What are your ambitions? Many. What is your favourite music? Marco: ‘All is full of love’ by Björk. What is your favourite place? New York! New York! Copenhagen! What are you working on at the moment? We are working on a campaign for PAR+RS in Scotland. definitely. Our way of working distinguishes itself by being conscious of the position the designer can take in the process. How do you go about this? The freedom that we know from cultural projects and projects for the Dutch government. we recognise design influences such as Modernism/Swiss style. a visual identity or a long-term organisation communication project. The design is simple. or a communication query. And of course music. the ‘80’s and contemporary art.STOUT / KRAMER Stout/Kramer? Marco Stout. a new essay for Fonds BKVB. Evelyne Kramer and Rinus Van Dam. architecture and fashion. What does Stout/Kramer do? Are you graphic designers? We are trained as graphic designers. Dutch. Does your work have a recognizable style? Yes. art historians and experts in organisations. As director the designer is responsible for the appropriate means of communication. The profession is constantly changing and as we see it. clear. fashion designers. We don’t want to set ourselves up as merely designers of a message. Besides your projects you work on commercial projects and projects for the Dutch government. without fuss. Likewise we try to reintroduce the strategic aspect into the cultural projects. e. Projects which need a structural solution. This could be a purely design related commission like a book.

Pride and passion drive design innovation. .informed by observation and a curiosity of contemporary culture.COOP Coöp is the studio of designer Paul Marcus Fuog. Coöp’s work is always current and often personal . Studio success has been built on lasting partnerships with creative and commercial clients. Positivity and experimentation are at the core of the studio’s practise. He was a 2010 AGDA councillor and teaches at RMIT University. Collaboration with other designers is a constant source of renewal and inspiration. Paul is an active member of the design community. Since opening in 2004. Coöp has undertaken a variety of projects ranging from small art-based briefs to expansive design contracts. Constraints are explored in optimistic and creative ways resulting in inventive new directions. government and educational institutions.