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People around me are kings and I'm Lamb but they don't understand lamb can become lion whom

will respect everyone but kings oftem are poisoned by their slaves Remember my darling don't trust everyone or one day someone will paralyze and poison you ;);) es sityvebi gaxsovdes ;);) [Ilona Volodina] დასმენა · 22:45 unfortunately you are right..... [თქვენ] დასმენა · 22:45 Yes I'm not lion yet but i know what kind of life and what kind of understanding must i have i just follow my way find your right way and follow it Now you don't understand my words but once girl declined them and now she is hated by everyoen even her friends [Ilona Volodina] დასმენა · 22:47 it's so difficult to find you own way in this life.... [თქვენ] დასმენა · 22:48 No it's easy if you have strong shoulder behind you. I didn't have but i find for you this is not problem I promissed you once and I'll never back down I don't like to repeat but I'll tell you again I"M YOUR SHOULDER FOREVER [Ilona Volodina] დასმენა · 22:48 you are a very strong person... but not me... i'm weak-willde person.... [თქვენ] დასმენა · 22:51 No it's not right. Do you know we are still childs and in our childhood when we have problems we think that it's end of our life we can't handle it but it's not true it's just beggining. You think that you weak but I know that you're stronger than me [Ilona Volodina] დასმენა · 22:51 what makes you think so? [თქვენ] დასმენა · 22:55 Do you known weak point of person is love. Once I loved . I can tell that i don't love bt i'll lie. Because my love was so pure that i can't handle it. This is my weak point. Don't understand me badly. You handled everything i couldn't I know you didn't love me like I you but you killed sense that i couldn't kill. you're strong. This is first step your power. You can kill feeling which is unacceptable for you. [Ilona Volodina] დასმენა · 22:57 but stil.... i don't think i was right doing that...

and what if she die and this thing made me crazy. I know if someone love He or she mustn't run from this feeling. Choose right way.. And if you'll need help you know I'm with you. And i suggest you Don't run. What if she will bore me.t want to lose our interrelation and to avoid this i'm ready to be just friend for you.) .. sometimes i even dont know what i want its so difficult.[თქვენ] დასმენა · 22:59 Why? This was you decision... I don. . I lost almost everythin that was precious for me because i was running I afraid 3 thing... You mean everything for me. Don't run or i promiss you from my experience future pain will not compare with it. Pain insulted from love will never desappear. sometimes i cant even understand myself. Just think and you'll understand. Don't think that I'm Declarating in love. Trust me. I respect it. ok.. What if she will leave me. But now i know I will never run again now I have hope. Because my feelings are still alive. I want you to be happy anyway. I'm your shoulder. Why you think you were wrong doing that? [Ilona Volodina] დასმენა · 23:00 can't explain.i must leave now [თქვენ] დასმენა · 23:14 No You think that you'll regret in future.).