Marketing Strategy Report

July13th 2005

• Depth of marketing experience & expertise in DLCs • Notable success stories • A range of partnership models developed • General agreement on cooperation …but • Widely varying expectations, approaches & goals • Limited marketing resources – need to prioritize

• A diverse set of start-up businesses established in varying environments • But they were established to interact • an integrated corporate entity, perhaps a franchise.

more cheaply. . It makes possible regular. short interactions to change the format of knowledge sharing activities and make them much more effective.Value Proposition The GDLN helps clients reach more participants within the same time frame.

Client Project Management Units.World Bank & Donor agency staff . Capacity building for Projects .Development Agencies’ Operations Services: 1. 2. Training courses for: .What is the EAPA marketing? Business Line 1 .funded by World Bank and other agencies .

Crisis management Videoconferences and training programs .What is the EAPA marketing? Business Line 2 . Conferences and formal events 2.Communications Services: 1.

What is the EAPA marketing? Business Line 3 .Networks & Communities of practice Services: Policy dialogues among peer groups .

Courses for individual fee-paying students .What is the EAPA marketing? Business Line 4 – Structured courses and training programs Services: 1. Courses for groups 2.

g.To whom are we Marketing? • Corporate Level (BDQC/TDLC) Partnerships with: – – – – – – Content providers WBI. institutions funding agencies International organizations ASEAN APEC etc. managers Professional organisations • Assistance to DLCs in the network .. Educational institutions Practitioners . officials. e. researchers.

Using GDLN in regular business . Unaware of GDLN benefits 2. Aware and interested but not as yet committed 3.Corporate (TDLC) level Partnership Strategy Three stages of partner engagement: 1.

To whom are we Marketing? Retail Level (DLCs): – – – – Client governments Line agencies/PIUs Funding agencies at national level The “right people in the room” for activities • Eminent persons • Technical specialists/practitioners • Course participants .

Retail level Marketing Strategies: Identifying and responding to local opportunities Generally aimed at building utilization rates more focused as business plans develop liaison with local partner representatives Getting the right people in the room Ensuring local relevance and impact Under corporate model .

Issues/Constraints • Is there an EAPA region? • How well does it match market needs/expectations? .

Current EAPA DLCs Planned EAPA DLCs Priority:Recruit USP ASAP .

AusAID Regions JICA Regions East Asia South-east Asia Regional Pacific Oceania .

CAREC GMS ASEAN BIMPEAGA ADB Regions EU Regions Pacific Pacific IMG-GT .

Corporate level constraints • • • • • • Time and resources to bring partners to fully committed stage Sustainability of some services Internal WB marketing required Client geographical Spread – HQs in USA. Manila Agency decision-making decentralized Donor regional structures don’t match EAPA region – global reach . Australia. Europe. Japan.

Constraints • At Retail Level: – Limited personnel & access to marketing expertise – Lack of a clear regional strategy. etc . responsibilities and funding – Project cycle long term – Diverse clients. changing representation – Need for centralized marketing data – Marketing resources. both HR and funds for advertising. printing. roles.

so:• Focus on larger clients. build corporate partnerships – also include project-based partnerships • long term. labour intensive marketing • can provide sustainability • retail revenue streams • Move to regional corporate model – Agree roles. responsibilities. goals from outset – Develop and share resources and data – Address retail marketing resource issues • Set KPIs for partnership development – Reporting against KPIs – to BDQC? .Strategies • Regional interdependence & limited resources.

related • Build into DLC business plans? .Marketing to Funding Agencies Funding agencies’ involvement includes: • Partnerships for DLC establishment and development • Generalised partnerships – funding untied to countries or sectors • Project-based partnerships – Can be sector.

Marketing to Funding Agencies World Bank – internal marketing AusAID:Policy decisions centralised Country Program Strategies Regions don’t neatly match EAPA Management decentralised Center defers to Posts for decisions ∴ DLCs must market centrally & locally .

. but …. empathy and adding value..Marketing to Funding Agencies • • • • Long-term strategy Target funding agency decision structures Opportunities occur everywhere Success through repeated liaison. .have end of financial year proposals ready .

Marketing to Funding Agencies • Follow project cycle – LAC conducted successful World Bank virtual mission • Include local government agencies & consultancy firms • Share partnership development information & procedures • Track projects – http://www1.aspx ?TID=009/05 – SAGRIC International Pty Ltd.List of Shortlisted Firms for Technical Assistance Projects ~ Philippines – Business Opportunities .au/tenders/displayetender.

To ensure EAPA regional coverage. . recruit the University of the South Pacific to the EAPA.Recommendations 1.

As marketing resources are limited. Consider a project-based partnerships strategy . focus on clients with the capacity and potential to become partners in long-term. Continue the TDLC corporate level partnership development strategy 4. multiDLC activities 3.Recommendations 2.

Recommendations 5. Adopt a corporate structure that best fits the strategy and client needs • • • Corporate level – TDLC/BDQC Retail level – other DLCs Issues: • AusAID & ADB locations within region • Build local capacity for project-based partnerships .

Let a tender for design of a logo and generic EAPA marketing materials for use by DLCs in local and regional promotions. .Recommendations 6.

Give DLCs the opportunity to use the same platform to develop/upgrade their sites. The EAPA website should include a secure intranet to house regional resources .Recommendations 6. 8. Information sharing. Use the TDLC website redevelopment as the basis for a cost-effective EAPA site 7.

Recommendations 9. Regional Newsletter – TDLC to seek competitive proposals from regional DLCs to publish EAPA newsletter – Print and distribute most cost-effectively .

Recommendations 10. – – – – – Other Marketing Materials regional brochure and logo poster layouts standard application forms accessible from the regional website Designed for production in different languages and characters .

Recommendations • Develop & publicize region-wide content & liaison with Donors:– Regional Newsletter – Latest News on website – can be printed directly from site – Quarterly reports – to donors? .

follow partnership development procedure. direct them towards other partners. If so. communities of practice.Recommendations 11. thematic workshops . – If not. Dealing with community groups & unsolicited proposals for collaboration – Determine whether they are potential partners.

Marketing KPIs Could be based around:– – – – – – – Establishing client needs Conversion Rates Marketing budget effectiveness Diversity of offerings Client/partner satisfaction Dealing with cancellations Handling complaints .

Thank You .

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