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Brief History nimir chemicals

Nimir Industrial Chemicals Limited ("NICL"), previously known as Ravi Alkalis Limited and owned by a local business family was incorporated on February 6, 1994. Subsequently, the company was listed on the Karachi and Lahore Stock Exchanges in 1996. In the year 1997, Nimir Chemicals Company Limited, a Bermuda registered company, took over the management of the company in 1997 and consequently the name of the company was changed to Nimir Industrial Chemicals Limited in March 1998. In 2004 due to internal restructuring, the name of the parent company was changed to Knightsbridge Chemicals Limited ("KCL"). The senior management of NICL acquired the majority shareholding of the company from KCL on June 28, 2011 through a management buyout scheme. In this regard a SPV under the name of ZM Associates (Pvt.) Limited was formed. These senior management employees are engaged with the company for last many years.

Company Information
Registered Office / Factory 14.8 km., Sheikhupura-Faisalabad Road, Mouza Bhikki, District Sheikhupura. Phone: +92 (56) 3883001-10 (10 Lines) +92 (56) 3882199, 3882742 Fax: +92 (56) 3882198 Auditors Ernst & Young Ford Rhodes Sidat Hyder Chartered Accountants Legal Advisor Cornelius, Lane & Mufti Advocates & Solicitors Shares’ Registrar Corplink (Pvt.) Limited Wings Arcade, 1-K Commercial Model Town, Lahore Tel. Nos. 042-35839182 / 35887262 Fax No. 042-35869037

Products Nimir Industrial Chemicals Limited is the pioneer in establishing oleo chemicals business in Pakistan. The company’s ability of providing matchless after sales technical services at consumers’ end has made it the first choice for all customers to buy the products from NICL. A lot of effort was expended by the management of the Company for the development of the downstream market of their products in the country. Khalid Mumtaz Qazi Mr. Over a period of time the products of the company are well established in the market and are considered to be the best in quality and meeting all international standards. Aamir Jamil Mr. Abdul Jalil Jamil Mr. Oleo Chemical Products     Palm Bright (Pure white 80:20 Soap Noodles) Stearic Acid (Triple Pressed) Stearic Acid (Double Pressed) Glycerin Chlor Alkali Products    Caustic Soda Sodium Hypochlorite Hydrochloric Acid Board of Directors         Mr. Zafar Mahmood Mr. Amar Hameed Mr. Umar Iqbal Mr.T Non-Executive Director Non-Executive Director . Imran Afzal Mr. Saeed-uz-Zaman Chairman Chief Executive Officer Director Finance / CFO Director Sales & Marketing Technical Director Director Accounts & I.

Abdul Razzaq Nominee.  Mr. The Bank of Punjab Audit Committee     Mr. Abdul Jalil Jamil Mr. Saeed-uz-Zaman Mr. Abdul Jaleel Shaikh Mr. Pak Brunei Investment Company Ltd Nominee. Imran Afzal Chairman / Non-Executive Director Non-Executive Director Non-Executive Director Executive Director Feedstock The company buys the following major feedstock:         RBD Palm Stearin (PORAM Specs) RBD Palm Stearin (Soft) RBD Palm Oil RBD Palm Kernel Oil RBD Coconut Oil Lauric Acid Palm Fatty Acid Distillate Barium Carbonate .Abdul Jaleel Shaikh Mr.

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