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Lightning's First Mission

Sunshine pierced through layers of translucent glass, gently touching her soft skin. Lightning walked to the edge of the glass, clear azure sky gave way for solar blinding light. Its always sunny in Balamb. The room was half full of students in their last day. Each was wearing the same dark blue attire. Here, uniformity was emphasized, despite students having outlandish hair style or tattoo on their face. Classrooms were always pristine and clean. Study terminals scattered in each seating, their internet connection had been disconnected due the large number of students playing online games in classes. Lack of entertainment, card games were on the rise. Distant chatter hummed on the background. A group of juniors have attended the graduation ceremony. Headmaster was late even on the last day. At least, he must show up now, unlike the times he left the class without information while the students waited for hours just to found out that the faculty skipped his obligation of giving education properly. After a brief waiting, Headmaster Cid came and delivered the speech. The students quickly entered auto-pilot mode upon hearing his lecture. Minutes of boredom passed by, then Cid called out the valedictorian, May I present our first folding gunblade specialist. Claire Farron. The attendants applauded gently. She walked to the podium and shook the headmasters hand, Its Lightning, sir. Congratulations, Claire. You made your familys name proud. We are naming a class after you. Everyone will remember your true name, the headmaster blabbered on. Lightning sighed, Whatever, sir. Okay, for the rest of you. Good luck on finding a job. Menial trivial tasks are ready for you to grind in information office with low salary. Hopefully, youll find your role as unmemorable characters pleasant. Thank you for your tuition money for these four years, Have a nice life. The crowd was expectedly disappointed. They ranted while they exited the room, lamenting their fate, voicelessly. As Lightning about to left, the headmaster stopped her, Not you, Claire. I have your first mission for you here. That was fast. She thought to herself.

They both went to headmasters office. Cid sat down and began writing on a mission briefing document. From now on youll be one of the elite forces that many wish they have the privilege to join, but only a few chosen ones have the opportunity and ability to do so. This is what inspired generations of legendary soldiers, a trembling cautionary tale for our foes. You are now member Battle Oriented Offensive Babes Security, otherwise known as BooBS. Eh? Subject name, Claire Farron. Its Lightning, sir! She protested. The headmaster stopped writing, You know, I always wonder, why Lightning anyway. She thought of her childhood hardship and her little sister who motivated her this entire time, Because it represents strength and fortitude. The values I hold dear. I have to be strong and vigilant. Okay why not Cloud? Yeah, that sounds nice. Cid asked her ignorantly. Its indecisive. It just flutters all over the place. How about Squall? I dont want to blow someone to death, Lightning was annoyed. Okay, Lightning then. In my opinion, its too violent and aggressive. You might want to start slow. Like Dagger. Oh, for gods sake, just write Lightning down, she began her swinging motion, but stopped mid-way. Excuse me, would you kindly write me as Lightning? Fair enough Claire, Cid laughed relentlessly. Okay, I was just joking. Lightning it is then. Moving on, here is your mission assignment. Lightning resisted the urge to stab him and remained calm, What is the mission objective, sir? I wont give you anything hard on your first time. You are to assist a rebellion force to assassinate a sorceress, in which failure to do so will result in cataclysmic chain of events and ending with dimensional rift that will kill us all. Cid spoke unsympathetically.

Holy Are you serious? Lightnings eyes widened. Dont you need an army to do that? Yes. In fact, we had one, but the recession has decreased our fund. Beside, all of our resources are now allocated to Project Highwind. What? I never heard anything about that. Its a classified project, Clai Lightning, Cids words were evasive. Are you sure you dont use it for your personal gain, a lifetime hobby for example? She investigated further. Of course not! Preposterous accusation, he lied. Very well then. I mean, if you want to send a fresh graduate on a near suicidal mission to save the world, its your prerogative right. Ill accept, Lightning complied with heavy remorse. Good. Dont be afraid. I have prepared a suit of armor for you, Cids mood was conspicuously brightened. Yeah about that. I dont do armor, Lightning remembered how awfully lame instructor Steiners armor was. But why? Well, its heavy, it sticks to my skin when Im sweating and it smells bad, Lightning explained. Cant you see I have very sexy shoulders and arms? My body curves beautifully from my breasts to my hips and these long slender legs are meant to be flaunted. I dont want to cover my perfectly toned body in some ugly armor. Wow, I never know youre so into fashion, But you see here, this armor Ill wear the armor after I die! Lightning persisted. Fine, suit yourself. But according to Fantasy Character Law and Body Protection Articles, we must insist that you choose an equipment of some sort. Otherwise, youll be just some scantily clad of Street Fighting Whore, Cid tried to persuade her. I understand. She concurred. Ill take the shoulder pad then.

Excellent choice. These pads are made from Just one, thanks, she grabbed the one of the pads and equipped it on her left shoulder. What you cant do that. They come in pair. I dont need the other one. Do what you want with it. What do you expect me to do with just one? Its not like some other guys will coincidently want just one! I dont care, just throw it away or sell it. Its yours now. Why should I do it? Why are you tripping? I dont want it. Just take it! For the love of Odin Take it! Fine! Lightning took the other one, and then threw it on the garbage bin beside the headmaster. Youre happy now? Cid looked down and scribbled a note on the document. No respect for authorities. Seriously You cant just Lightning paused after Cid held one finger near her lips. Next subject, he turned his attention to the papers again. This is your lunch money I mean mission fund. Five hundred fricking Gils? She stared flabbergasted when receiving the small ouch of pennies. What can I do with this? Again, the recession and Project Highwind We cant spare any more coins. We are happy to give you a raise if you take BooBS test and level up in ranks. What? I just graduated and I have to take tests again? No, thanks, she inhaled and exhaled in

attempt not to throw a tantrum. Look here, Im on this mission on BooBS behalf, right? What will people think if some random monster kill me and they found me poorly-prepared? Wouldnt it lower BooBS reputation? I mean, Im still using the gunblade I used for practice and wouldnt it better if you throw me, say, a few elixirs or such. Youre right. Cid seemed like hes contemplating hard. Thank you, sir. I have this set of armor and one half of incredibly matching shoulder pad with the one youre wearing right now. Which one will you choose? Lightning slammed the table and pulled the mission sheet, Ill be fine! Thank you, sir! She then marched from the office with malice intent. Too bad though. The armor will fit you snugly on all the right places, Cid lamented as she left.