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My life in art

By Giulliana Giorgi

Chapter I: Painting.
“Each morning when I awake, I experience again a supreme pleasure - that of being Salvador Dali.”

Salvador Dali is, up to present times, a highly controversial personality in the life of artists worldwide. Painters have always been associated with the stereotype of the starving artist. However, Dali was different. He is one of the few who managed to use his talent genuinely but also in the direction of fame and fortune. Dali was a dazzling personality, he was overwhelming for every person who had ever met him. He considered himself a divine gift, a pure genius. It may sound naïve from my side, but I will admit that I do consider him a genius. Not only that his paintings are unique and express a fully new view upon the surrealist movement, but they also awaken in me diverse feelings. In my view, a painter/writer/singer/actor is truly brilliant when he manages to make his followers be moved by his art, and Dali achieves this entirely.

. “Domnisoara Christina” or “Maitreyi”. However. he presented. As I grew older. This man.Chapter II: Literature. I came across his work as a child and preferred his novels. it is the famous and the infamous Mircea Eliade. My favourite writer is a Romanian one. subtly or less subtly. I am going to deny this statement. In each of his works. such as “La Tiganci”. Romanian writers aren’t respected and admired. They had the optimal dash of mystery and adventure and actually some sort of intriguing romance. his points of view regarding religion. a speaker of Sanskrit and Latin was a very intelligent person who used his intelligence to put some important questions to his contemporaries. One could allege that across the world. oriental lifestyle and the world he lived in. I started to understand Mircea Eliade’s philosophy. At first. He became interested with the supernatural and with the actual meaning of life.

Reading his works makes me wonder about so many things at the same time… about life. One could say that they are frightened to “dig deep” into his work for they may find out things they are afraid of. Eliade always tackles difficult subjects. . about love. all in the shape of a thrilling line of action. about art. Somehow. such as religion. Chapter III: Music . he makes his reader initiate himself in a constant search for the truth and for explanations.

Liv Tyler. but another aspect of him that I profoundly admire is his unconditional love for his daughter. in my opinion. In addition to his extreme sensibility. is. Steven Tyler dedicated everything to her. His life. the lead singer of “Aerosmith”. During pieces such as “I don’t wanna miss a thing” or “Dream on” his feelings are so overwhelming that an entire stadium’s hearts are pounding at the same time. this man also possesses an inexplicable sex-appeal that draws everybody’s attention. Who doesn’t love them? Steven Tyler.Rock stars. men or women. . to himself. It may sound childish. to make them feel his songs as strongly as he does. his music. different from all the other rock stars. his love and especially. He has the incredible power to empathize with his fans. boys or girls. After not being able to see her until she was the age of 10.

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