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(12:31:18) Fang: this chat is brought to you by Fang (12:46:24) Willie: Aubergine enters the channel.

(12:46:43) Aubergine: hello Fang (12:47:06) Aubergine: is the Doctor in? (12:47:56) Willie: Eileen enters the channel. (12:48:02) Eileen: Hey there (12:48:10) Aubergine: Hello Eileen (12:48:22) Eileen: sorry, I would have been here sooner but I got lost during my Wii Fit bike race. (12:48:24) Aubergine: how are you? (12:48:29) Eileen: How are you, Genie and Fang? (12:48:33) Eileen: exhausted (12:48:34) Eileen: lol (12:48:49) Aubergine: I'm doing well. Just got here myself. (12:48:57) Aubergine: I was having connection issues. (12:49:02) Eileen: i see (12:49:09) Eileen: i think FAng is elsewhere (12:49:15) Aubergine: I don't know where Fang got to (12:49:43) Aubergine: but with a tardis I guess the is no limit (12:50:03) Eileen: maybe enjoying his Dr. Who tea with the cup and pot? (12:50:18) Aubergine: maybe (12:51:01) Aubergine: I've never done the Wii fit bike (12:51:24) Aubergine: I usually stick with the step aerobics or the run (12:51:26) Eileen: its cute (12:51:27) Eileen: lol (12:52:05) Eileen: yeah those are good too (12:52:41) Aubergine: I should try the bike does it burn a lot of calories (12:53:45) Fang: Hey I go away for a few minutes and suddenly it's all busy, I d idn't even have time to make the tea (12:54:12) Aubergine: what no tea? (12:54:45) Aubergine: I guess there are no biscuits or cookies either (12:54:46) Fang: sorry,it's not my fault, KC normally does it (12:54:54) Fang: she buys them too I think (12:55:05) Fang: and I don't even own Wii Fit (12:55:18) Aubergine: why not? (12:55:24) Aubergine: it's good clean fun (12:55:32) Eileen: no tea? *sobs* (12:55:54) Fang: I need to gain weight not lose it, if they make Wii Fat I'm the re! (12:56:01) Fang: sorry Eileen (12:56:04) Eileen: lol yeah totally good clean fun (12:56:10) Eileen: lol (12:56:27) Eileen: watching interview with a vampire (12:56:29) Aubergine: you don't have to lose weight you can just maintain (12:56:29) Eileen: lol (12:56:45) Aubergine: which vampire (12:56:50) Eileen: or lose and then eaaaaaaaaat a lot!!! (12:56:58) Fang: careful Eileen that's dangerously close to a topic (12:57:34) Eileen: lol sorry (12:57:39) Fang: I did lift some weights earlier if that helps? not many though, they're pretty heavy y'know (12:57:40) Eileen: (12:57:53) Eileen: they are? oh (12:57:55) Fang: I see no pic (12:58:02) Eileen: for my pumpkin (12:58:04) Eileen: what? (12:58:04) Aubergine: they need to do something like the Annie bits to give us s omething to talk about (12:58:11) Eileen: no pic, pumpkin? damn (12:58:17) Eileen: tent/uploads/2010/10/doctor-wh

o-p umpkin-template1.jpg (12:58:23) Fang: yeah I want to see more of Annie's bits (12:58:32) Eileen: Tom cruise and brad pitt btw. (12:59:03) Fang: 403 forbidden, I think it must breaks the laws of time if I see that pic (12:59:06) Eileen: Fang! (12:59:07) Eileen: lol (12:59:16) Eileen: damn (12:59:24) Aubergine: what is that link. why is it forbidden (12:59:50) Fang: Leonra was in a show this week (12:59:52) Eileen: news/20-pumpkin-carvings-tv-fa nat ic/33748 (12:59:58) Eileen: very forbidden! (13:00:04) Eileen: you better hide! (13:00:04) Eileen: (13:01:00) Aubergine: What show was Lenora on? (13:01:00) Eileen: which show? (13:01:04) Eileen: can you see the link? (13:02:06) Aubergine: oh very cute pumpkin (13:02:59) Eileen: *hugs Fang* (13:03:22) Fang: She was in "death in paradise" with a Caribbean accent (13:03:56) Aubergine: don't tell me she played a ghost (13:05:06) Fang: my computer doesn't like that link, I've tried it in two browse rs (13:05:30) Fang: I get the Zap2it bit at the top but I can't see Eileen's pumpki ns (13:05:45) Fang: can you post a picture of your pumkins directly on here? (13:05:55) Fang: oh no you tried that too didn't you... (13:06:21) Eileen: lol (13:06:25) Eileen: your my pumpkin (13:06:34) Aubergine: tent/uploads/2010/10/doctor -who-p umpkin-template1.jpg (13:06:34) Fang: awww (13:06:36) Eileen: i only meant the dr. who carving (13:06:41) Aubergine: try that (13:06:51) Eileen: but i will not carve into you! (13:06:57) Fang: that's a forbidden link, I think Willie is censoring it (13:07:28) Fang: Leonra's show wasn't that great, she was pretty good though (13:07:30) Aubergine: i think it's you (13:08:01) Fang: the show wasn't terrible though, just uninspiring (13:08:08) Aubergine: who else was in it? (13:08:40) Eileen: i see (13:08:53) Fang: Ben Miller was the main guy but didn't reconise anybody else (13:11:09) Fang: I've killed the conversation again (13:11:12) Fang: it's a gift (13:11:17) Eileen: lol (13:11:29) Eileen: *googles Ben Miller* (13:11:35) Aubergine: I went looking for more info (13:11:56) Fang: do you mean that my in-depth analysis wasn't enough for you? (13:11:58) Eileen: ah i have seen him on Primeval (13:12:18) Aubergine: nope you didn't mention it was a series (13:12:19) Fang: that's the guy! only there are far fewer dinosaurs in this show (13:12:40) Aubergine: what no dinosaur in paradise (13:12:44) Fang: it was implied (13:12:49) Fang: (13:13:31) Eileen: lol (13:15:19) Fang: Terra Nova has dinosaurs if that helps, although that's not tha t great either judging by what I've seen of it (13:15:30) Aubergine: i like description of the first episode (13:15:46) Aubergine: I don't think Terra Nova will last long

(13:16:26) Aubergine: I barely made it through the first episode (13:16:38) Fang: it's so annoying as it could be good (13:16:43) Aubergine: well tha thad a lot to do with Hulu quitting in the middle of it (13:17:13) Eileen: did any of you watch Grimm? (13:17:26) Aubergine: and I keep thinking to myself that I've seen this plot som ewhere before (13:17:34) Fang: never even heard of it (13:17:35) Aubergine: I saw Grimm (13:17:41) Fang: sound a bit grim to me (13:17:52) Aubergine: I just love Sasha roiz (13:18:16) Eileen: i loved the pilot (13:18:25) Eileen: didnt watch terra nova thought (13:18:26) Aubergine: it's about the descendants of the Brothers Grimm (13:18:29) Eileen: lol Fang (13:18:35) Fang: hey that guy was in Warehouse 13 too (13:18:52) Aubergine: Yep and Caprica (13:19:49) Eileen: David Giuntoli? (13:20:03) Eileen: ah no you mean sasha? (13:20:25) Aubergine: Yeah Sasha. Never heard of any of the others (13:20:37) Aubergine: it was a good start (13:20:44) Aubergine: I hope they can keep it up (13:20:48) Eileen: i liked it, too (13:20:52) Eileen: me too (13:23:21) Fang: I know nothing about the Grimm brothers descendants, what do th ey do all day, and have you got a link to the describtion of Tera Nova you mentioned I can't find it (13:26:11) Eileen: lol they can see monsters etc. and hunt them (13:26:21) Eileen: but Nick didn't know that (13:27:57) Aubergine: you'd think if at some point in your life you'll start see ing monsters someone in the family might give you a heads up (13:30:13) Aubergine: I was talking about the description for death in paradise (13:30:34) Aubergine: 075/episodes (13:30:45) Fang: that might explain why I couldn't find it (13:31:44) Fang: yeah I'm guessing some preperation for the monsters would help (13:31:47) Aubergine: maybe (13:32:08) Aubergine: otherwise you end up in a psych ward on strong meds (13:32:16) Fang: some nice drawings, maybe a self-defense class, mythology lesso ns etc (13:32:20) Eileen: lol that was also what Nick said (13:32:39) Fang: are you saying that's where KC is (13:32:54) Fang: (yes I know she said she won't be here tonight but there's litt le humour in that) (13:33:33) Eileen: i thought we are there and this room is a mere illusion (13:33:34) Fang: oh wait you mean it's set in modern times, stupid me (13:33:59) Fang: I was thinking it was set in the Victorian era for some reason (13:34:31) Aubergine: no it's the here and now (13:35:00) Aubergine: the episode was all about little red riding hood and the b ig bad wolf (13:37:43) Eileen: the Blutbaden! (13:37:46) Fang: *stays silent so Genie knows what it's like to kill the convera stion* (13:37:55) Eileen: lol i winced at the name (13:38:15) Aubergine: sorry have to go. Company at the door (13:38:21) Eileen: baden is not the plural of bad (13:38:23) Eileen: lol (13:38:27) Eileen: awwwwwwwww (13:38:28) Eileen: okay (13:38:36) Eileen: talk to you soon, Genie!

(13:39:00) Fang: bye Genie (13:39:15) Fang: I wonder if I was too late (13:39:25) Fang: she's now thinking I'm rude (13:39:41) Fang: the sort of person that sticks my tounge out (13:40:17) Eileen: how dare you (13:40:18) Eileen: (13:40:22) Eileen: cary-youtube-videos/ (13:40:25) Eileen: to pass the time (13:40:31) Fang: but all German words have "en" on the end, that's how we know t hey're speaking German (13:40:33) Eileen: *tries to get her heart started again* (13:40:43) Fang: Italians have to have an O at the end (13:40:52) Eileen: lol but dont forget the famous umlaug (13:40:55) Eileen: umlaut (13:41:05) Eileen: plural of bad is bder (13:41:07) Eileen: baeder (13:41:16) Eileen: but that would have sounded strange (13:41:31) Eileen: blutbder = blood baths (13:41:36) Fang: *stays away from screamers* (13:41:37) Eileen: lol (13:41:47) Fang: wow this chat is educational (13:41:49) Eileen: come on fang (13:41:58) Eileen: just one screamer! (13:42:00) Eileen: lol (13:42:52) Fang: fine I watched the first mirror one, that's enough (13:43:02) Eileen: ok i died a second time (13:43:14) Fang: so you're a screamer then huh? (13:43:22) Fang: I mean screamer fan then huh? (13:43:26) Eileen: damn *tries to get her heart started again* (13:43:31) Eileen: lol not really (13:43:38) Fang: that's why I have a back up heart (13:43:42) Eileen: i try to be prepaid but never am (13:43:54) Eileen: i need one of those (13:44:10) Fang: it's a timelord thing (13:44:27) Fang: *massages Eileen's heart* (13:44:31) Fang: is that better? (13:46:10) Fang: uh-oh! she's gone silent! (13:47:05) Fang: I wonder if Genie's guests are secretly reading this and wonder ing what's going on? (13:47:20) Eileen: *comes alive again* (13:47:23) Eileen: thank you Fang (13:47:34) Eileen: *waves* Hey Genie's guests! (13:48:21) Fang: hooray! (13:48:31) Fang: *hugs Eileen in releif* (13:49:28) Fang: maybe we should be on our best behaviour, no flirting, swearing , general silliness, injokes, anyhting that will make Genie seem mentally unstable (13:49:31) Fang: etc (13:50:34) Fang: oh great now I banned all of that you have nothing left to say (13:52:12) Eileen: nope (13:52:16) Eileen: nothing (13:52:18) Eileen: nothing (13:52:20) Eileen: and nothing (13:52:26) Eileen: oh, how about nothing (13:52:33) Fang: what about nothing? (13:52:37) Fang: oh, too lat (13:52:38) Eileen: nothing (13:52:40) Fang: or late (13:52:45) Eileen: late? (13:52:49) Eileen: late macchiato?

(13:52:52) Eileen: nothing (13:53:05) Eileen: latte (13:53:21) Fang: but I don't like coffee (13:54:29) Eileen: okay then chai? (13:54:33) Eileen: nothing chai (13:55:25) Eileen: no flirting? (13:55:27) Fang: what's a chai? (13:55:40) Fang: you just noticed that? (13:57:04) Fang: oh no more silence (13:57:13) Eileen: chai is tea (13:57:16) Fang: nothing (13:57:20) Fang: followed by more nothing (13:57:58) Eileen: no i noticed before but i only had nothing (13:58:24) Fang: you were too shocked to say anything (13:58:29) Fang: it's understandable (13:58:36) Eileen: yeah (13:58:41) Fang: but this isn't a normal conversation for Genie's guests (13:58:59) Fang: they must be reading this as Willie hasn't give Genie a timeout (13:59:35) Fang: or maybe KC showed up at her door as she saw her as a threat to her and JD's twarriage (14:00:37) Eileen: lol( 14:00:41) Aubergine: back (14:00:54) Eileen: wb (14:01:04) Aubergine: thanks (14:01:11) Aubergine: what have I missed (14:01:17) Eileen: nothing (14:01:26) Eileen: latte and chai (14:01:55) Aubergine: oh I don't like either of those (14:01:56) Fang: oh no KC is pretedning to be Genie in order to cover up her cri mes (14:02:10) Eileen: ohoh (14:02:35) Aubergine: why would KC be worried about her twarriage (14:02:44) Aubergine: How am I a threat (14:03:00) Aubergine: I wasn't the one who had JD tied up in the next room (14:03:08) Fang: you're not (14:03:12) Eileen: *coughs* (14:03:18) Eileen: uhmmm (14:03:22) Fang: but in KC's crazy eyes you might be (14:03:42) Aubergine: OIC (14:03:47) Fang: oh no she's going for Eileen next (14:04:15) Eileen: *locks her door and hides under the covers* (14:04:23) Fang: I should really book a flight to Berlin to protect Eileen (14:04:41) Fang: but I've already wasted money on canceled trip to Paris (14:04:42) Eileen: yes Fang, please come! (14:04:45) Aubergine: yes that would be the right twoyfriend thing to do (14:04:50) Fang: As Eileen wouldn't come (14:05:11) Aubergine: you should have sold your tickets on ebay (14:05:12) Fang: maybe I could hitchike (14:05:20) Eileen: the trip to Paris wasn't canceled FAng (14:05:34) Fang: I don't think I could, passports probably have to match or some thing (14:05:35) Aubergine: I'm sure there are plenty of people who want to go to Pari s (14:05:55) Aubergine: those are details for the buyer to deal with (14:05:58) Eileen: your in the eu (14:06:06) Eileen: lol (14:06:34) Fang: I'm not sure a practice trip to Paris would have prepared me fo r an extended stay in SE Asia anyway (14:06:50) Fang: but at least EIleen would have been there (14:07:15) Fang: you still neeed a passport though don't you

(14:07:49) Fang: well in theory maybe not but in reality you do right? (14:07:51) Aubergine: on TV they only check your passport when you try to leave a country (14:08:11) Aubergine: so you'll be fine (14:08:16) Aubergine: until you try to leave (14:08:28) Fang: that's the bit I'm worried about (14:08:52) Fang: you'll just have to go into hiding Eileen (14:09:02) Fang: but somewhere with an internet connection (14:09:17) Eileen: lol (14:09:19) Aubergine: oh do they have witness protection in Germany (14:09:37) Fang: what should her top secret name me? (14:09:45) Eileen: they do (14:09:53) Fang: or what should her top secret name be? (14:10:21) Aubergine: Ursala (14:10:47) Aubergine: Edda (14:11:04) Fang: Pumpkin (14:11:19) Aubergine: Guinevere (14:11:21) Fang: as I'd be forbidden from seeing her if she was in witness prote ction (14:11:39) Eileen: lol (14:11:48) Aubergine: Angel (14:11:54) Eileen: so no witness protection? (14:12:01) Aubergine: Oh I know Eye Candy (14:12:33) Aubergine: that's a great witness protection name (14:14:09) Aubergine: how do you say Eye Candy in German (14:14:41) Fang: her new look, combines eye candy with pumpkin: (14:14:58) Fang: KC wouldn't reconise her (14:15:25) Aubergine: the short dress might be a give away (14:15:40) Aubergine: and a little chilly for the season (14:16:34) Fang: you mean that Eileen always wears a short dress so it would be a giveaway (14:16:37) Fang: good point (14:17:04) Fang: brb (14:19:38) Fang: I'm back (14:19:51) Fang: I was going to ask what I've missed but clearly it was nothing (14:20:07) Aubergine: wb (14:20:15) Aubergine: ight-Up-Witch-Costume-64882.gif 14:20:24) Fang: we were worried about your visitor(s) seeing this chat and think ing that you/we were crazy (14:20:34) Aubergine: (14:20:49) Aubergine: how that for a disguise (14:21:08) Fang: it's a great costume but the lights would stop her from hiding in the dark (14:21:09) Aubergine: No my guest is computer shy (14:21:39) Aubergine: have younever heard of hiding in plain sight (14:22:01) Fang: that costume would stand out anywhere (14:22:15) Fang: except the national convention of light-up fairies (14:22:23) Fang: and even then she's taller than the average fairy (14:22:42) Fang: I'm not buying that's a witch (14:22:47) Aubergine: she's a witch that's why (14:23:10) Aubergine: obviously the good witch side of the family (14:23:15) Aubergine: hence the wand (14:23:23) Fang: damn too late to cover up the fact I called her the wrong thing (14:23:51) Eileen: eye candy = Augenschmauss (14:24:00) Eileen: sorry I had to do my laundry (14:24:03) Fang: but in my defence witches aren't usually that attractive, if yo u exclude Sabrina and Emma Watson (14:24:44) Aubergine: Augenschmauss, huh. I guess we can call you Augie for shor t

(14:25:09) Fang: but that's a bit close to Aubergine (14:25:37) Eileen: lol (14:25:37) Aubergine: yes it is. (14:25:51) Eileen: but posting them on here is risky (14:25:53) Aubergine: oh well I'll think of something else (14:25:55) Eileen: KC will see them (14:26:05) Fang: Ok don't wear anything then (14:26:53) Aubergine: I have some invisible ink maybe that might help (14:28:00) Fang: actually camo in general may hide her well (14:28:03) Fang: (14:28:07) Fang: something like that (14:28:36) Aubergine: that doesn't really hide anything (14:28:44) Fang: the only slight problem is if KC can't see you at all she might bump into you (14:29:06) Eileen: hmmm (14:29:11) Eileen: yeah she might (14:29:26) Eileen: or i need an invisibility coat (14:29:30) Eileen: wow what a word (14:29:33) Aubergine: maybe that outfit needs a mask (14:29:46) Eileen: *checks that she has all the i's* (14:30:36) Aubergine: I thought invisibility only came in cloaks (14:30:43) Eileen: would a new haircolor be enough? (14:30:53) Eileen: oh (14:31:01) Aubergine: depends on the color (14:31:08) Fang: hmm blue like her username (14:31:15) Aubergine: do you fancy being a ginger (14:31:16) Fang: although that would be obvious (14:31:19) Eileen: blond? (14:31:24) Fang: I'd like to see her with blue hair though (14:31:48) Aubergine: electric blue? (14:32:00) Fang: I found something that combines the aforementioned masks and Ha lloween even if has no relation to Eileen (14:32:03) Aubergine: powder blue? (14:32:04) Fang: (14:32:19) Aubergine: hahahahaha (14:32:22) Fang: er... nice blue? (14:32:44) Aubergine: superpug (14:32:52) Fang: you could try blond but then people might think you were a blon d bimbo (14:33:42) Eileen: looool (14:33:55) Eileen: baby blue (14:34:00) Eileen: blond bimbo? (14:34:16) Fang: maybe go for the whole rainbow at once (14:35:14) Aubergine: /public/dI98GsqYl9ldzsJF7nh _4Pel4 FjW4kiAVznpLk6P0s0ECfebdSRTwn40WM nmd2d12hlR2FpqCK5 (14:35:35) Aubergine: (14:35:37) Fang: damn it that link don't work either (14:36:05) Eileen: are blond bimbos bad? (14:36:07) Fang: or that pic (14:36:11) Fang: dumb blon (14:36:18) Fang: dumb blond would be another word (14:36:18) Aubergine: (14:36:18) Eileen: awww no doesnt work (14:36:31) Eileen: but blond can be intelligent, too (14:36:38) Eileen: (14:36:49) Eileen: *add s* (14:37:07) Eileen: cannot see this one either (14:37:13) Eileen: brb (14:37:18) Willie: Eileen leaves the channel. (14:37:20) Willie: Eileen enters the channel.

(14:37:21) Fang: of course they can be, I'm just saying people may assume you we re dumb (14:37:32) Fang: wow you were right back (14:37:36) Fang: 2 whole secs (14:37:39) Aubergine: (14:37:55) Aubergine: fast turn aroun, eileen (14:38:11) Aubergine: someone find my d (14:39:08) Fang: damn that d (14:39:16) Eileen: lol (14:39:18) Fang: I was thinking a darked blue (14:39:22) Eileen: i like this one (14:40:08) Fang: your d replaced my r (14:40:38) Aubergine: tricky little d 14:40:46) Eileen: (14:40:59) Eileen: aww (14:41:46) Aubergine: kk_01_md.jpg (14:41:54) Aubergine: (14:42:05) Aubergine: for the blond/blue look (14:42:19) Aubergine: with a little white (14:42:42) Fang: NO! Eileen will not have silly har (14:42:49) Fang: or silly hair (14:42:57) Fang: (14:43:08) Fang: she will have sensible rainbow hair (14:43:12) Fang: or blonde (14:43:16) Fang: but preferably rainbow (14:43:30) Aubergine: that wig changed her eye color too (14:43:38) Aubergine: that's not good (14:43:52) Fang: (14:44:05) Fang: the dye must have ran (14:44:15) Fang: EIleen make sure they use good quality dye (14:44:42) Fang: I'm gonna have to get going in the next 9 mins and 41 seconds (14:44:53) Eileen: lol (14:45:13) Aubergine: how about this one (14:45:20) Aubergine: (14:45:20) Fang: you don't like any of the looks we suggested? (14:45:33) Fang: the Marge Simpson look?( 14:45:35) Fang: interesting (14:45:56) Eileen: okay: My new haircolor: (14:45:57) Fang: but no good if she needs to hide in a small space as her hair w ouldn't fit (14:46:11) Eileen: lol marge simpson (14:46:32) Aubergine: Isn't that your old hair color (14:46:38) Eileen: no my new (14:46:42) Eileen: my old was darker (14:46:58) Aubergine: oh my mistake (14:47:03) Eileen: (14:47:19) Aubergine: but the point is to be very different so KC won't find you (14:47:28) Eileen: yeah (14:47:28) Fang: oh you Germans , you just change shades of the same colour (14:47:43) Aubergine: is that the pendant we were looking at before (14:47:48) Eileen: hmmm i think i'll just take the invisibility cloak (14:47:56) Eileen: yeah it is (14:48:07) Aubergine: it does look good on you (14:48:10) Eileen: lol we do, Fang (14:48:23) Fang: you're so crazy (14:48:23) Eileen: but we also have black and brown and red hair (14:48:27) Eileen: rofl (14:48:49) Eileen: lol i hope the hair, too (14:48:59) Fang: maybe we should go for style over colour (14:49:04) Eileen: i love the pendant

(14:49:11) Eileen: lol (14:49:17) Eileen: the cloak! (14:49:35) Eileen: not very stylish thoough (14:49:38) Aubergine: oh okay just the cloak (14:49:42) Eileen: *steals the o* (14:49:45) Fang: something like this (14:49:55) Eileen: uhmmm (14:49:56) Aubergine: oh dear (14:50:04) Eileen: no she will never recognize me (14:50:04) Eileen: rofl (14:50:19) Fang: OK, leave your hair how it is, it may not protect you but it lo oks good (14:50:44) Aubergine: is she meant to be the statue of liberty (14:50:54) Fang: maybe just wear a motorbike helmet wherever you go (14:51:03) Aubergine: because she looks like the statue of liberty (14:51:09) Eileen: hmmm maybe she willthink ah some crazy girl with sun hair tha t cannot be eileen and walk past me (14:51:11) Fang: that or Lisa Simpson, we could get the whole simpson family bef ore long (14:51:23) Fang: only werid people have Lisa as their favourite simpson though (14:51:37) Eileen: lol (14:51:44) Eileen: damn I'm weird (14:51:54) Aubergine: lmao (14:52:01) Aubergine: in a good way I'm sure (14:52:32) Fang: maybe orange dresses and pearl necklaces are the way to go (14:53:17) Eileen: hmmm (14:54:01) Fang: actually you and Lisa are both the brainy sensible ones surroun ded by crazy people, I can see why you like her (14:54:31) Eileen: looooool( 14:54:49) Aubergine: hey I resemble that remark (14:54:50) Fang: right I should be off (14:55:15) Fang: goodnight (14:55:19) Fang: have a good week (14:55:21) Aubergine: well nighty night then (14:55:25) Fang: I'll sent the chat log to KC (14:55:34) Fang: up until the saving stars (14:55:36) Fang: ***** (14:55:42) Aubergine: that will work out just fine (14:56:13) Aubergine: are you leaving too Eileen (14:56:33) Fang: I like the way you say resemble instead of being a direct fit (14:57:13) Aubergine: no the shoe doesn't fit (14:57:24) Fang: damn how do you save in chat form, mine just comes out as one b ig sentance (14:57:45) Fang: that's good, keep the crazy in a limited area (14:57:57) Fang: and othewise stay sensible (14:58:01) Aubergine: don't ask me (14:58:14) Eileen: bye Fang! ^_^ (14:58:20) Eileen: *hugs* (14:58:22) Fang: can you try saving it please Genie? (14:58:41) Aubergine: don't know how to save it (14:58:43) Eileen: yeah i will leave, too (14:58:51) Eileen: its 11 pm here (14:58:55) Aubergine: that's why you shouldn't ask me (14:59:23) Eileen: should i save it? (14:59:38) Fang: yeah what you can, you left thoug (14:59:41) Aubergine: yes( 14:59:43) Eileen: from when i came in okay? (15:00:03) Eileen: ah yeah sorry (15:00:04) Eileen: lol( 15:00:18) Eileen: could you save it then please, Genie?

(15:00:35) Aubergine: tell me how (15:00:35) Eileen: you just need to mark the text and copy it into a document (15:00:41) Fang: oh don't worry I think I've worked out a way (15:01:06) Fang: yeah it should just be copy and paste but I can't do it at the mo (15:01:51) Fang: right I'm off, could you PM me if you manage to save it please? (15:01:53) Fang: cheers (15:01:55) Fang: goodnight (15:02:06) Fang: *tardis noise* (15:02:14) Aubergine: will try it (15:02:19) Willie: Fang logs out of the Chat. (15:02:19) Aubergine: night all (15:02:21) Eileen: goodnight Fang (15:02:54) Eileen: btw Link for the pic: ums/y376 /e_lee13/DSC_0125.jpg (15:03:07) Eileen: does it work for you, Genie? (15:03:30) Aubergine: not yet still trying (15:06:12) Aubergine: okay I think I have it copied and pasted onto a document. (15:10:15) Eileen: awesome (15:10:25) Eileen: good night then! ^_^ *hugs* (15:10:38) Aubergine: Night (15:15:37) Willie: Eileen has been logged out (Timeout).