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Artur Sotskov DBQ 14.

1 The American people had a large scene of unity and identity as a different country from England up to the Revolution. The Revolutionary war was not just a spark in the air, it was the American people truly deciding to rebel against England. People felt that without unity, they would be forced into worse and worse conditions. Altho sprouting from a few people, the idea of revolution quickly spread threw propaganda, such as Document A. soon, with real people dieing and everyone picking sides, it was hard to not feel united. Starting from the end of the french Indian war, the American people have started to slowly drift away from their British rulers. With the proclamation of 1763, they felt restricted for the first time, which did not settle well with the entrepreneurship that was rapidly expanding during this time. The inability to settle west upset the Americans, possibly for the first time. With later Acts and laws, slowly but surely the Parliament was pushing the Americans further and further away from wanting to be controlled by them. As seen in Document A, even before the french Indian war, the Americans stuck together. The snake represents the nation, being cut up into parts, or states. No part can live without all the others, just like the nation can do nothing without all of the states. This original related to the war at the front, but later came to represent unity against what they felt was the British tyrannical rule. Even the British is America saw that this was becoming a different country. Document B shows that even the rulers saw that treating America as just another part of the great British empire was not going to work. The largest reason that they felt separated was because they where so separated geography, that it was like a stranger ruling them. It seemed ridicules to force a county to follow the British constitution when it was so far away. “carry across the ocean into the woods and deserts of America”. This sentience in particular highlights this opinion of not succumbing to rule of someone so far away. Some people felt very strongly about this issue. Document C show that Richard Henry Lee believes that the British have did horrible acts, and is ready to fight for his rights. The unity of all of N. America was being challenged. The parliament had almost insulted the very core concepts of the American people, which is to make money. The unity of the people defending the people of Boston, who where in a problematic state do to the harbor being closed. Even tho most people sided with who we now call the patriots, there where some groups apposing them. They where the minority, but they still caused the nation not to be in complete harmony. They where known as Troys, and they sported the crown. Their basic arguments where: meet the new boss, same as the old boss, and one tyrant thousands of miles away or thousands of tyrants not even a mile away. (D) altho this ideology was not wide spread, there was a core of deep believers. People really started to feel altho America was becoming its own country. Altho it came from an European heritage, America was truly its own country. It was a man, born from the old world, but living in his own. The people shaped it into a completely different kind of person. Maybe it had the old blood, but the flesh was its own. It wanted its own life, not the old world life. He wanted to live, not sit around and work for his grandfather. This newly united nation was ready for revolution (H)