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Fall 2011

Hope for Sunnyslope
Teens in the Sunnyslope area that we interact with generally have not experienced life outside the city—let alone their own neighborhood— and don't know what the world has to offer them other than drugs, gangs, and violence. If you are a teen girl , the likeliness of making it to 12th grade without having a baby are seemingly slim to none. Giving these teens hope is a main goal of ours by showing them other possibilities for their troubled lives through weekly Bible studies and Teen Nights at Aim Right. Hope is Rising We see hope in one of the teen girls opening up about her life at school and at home. She shared how she does not have any friends that she can talk to and know they have her back, and also how she is raising her younger siblings at home due to her parents working to support them. We also see hope in the recent baptism of four teen guys. It was an awesome testimony for the younger kids who watched in awe. They don’t often see positive examples of teens who are not afraid to break the mold. Sadly, one of the guys was later ridiculed by his dad for getting baptized.  Pray for courage and strength for these youth!

By Jewel Miller

“We have this Hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure.” Hebrews 6:19

there going over ramps as fast as you can set them up. Praise the Lord! We are hoping to make Skate Club a weekly occurrence beginning in January.  Pray for willing volunteers to commit to a weekly Skate Club. New Opportunities We are continually looking for new opportunities to partner with already existing ministries in the Sunnyslope area. Our newest possibility is partnering with Child Evangelism Fellowship’s after school program already in place at the elementary schools every Wednesday afternoon.  Pray for this opportunity! Hope can bring light into the darkest of places. “May our labor be prompted by love and our endurance inspired by hope in our Lord Jesus Christ.” (Paraphrased from 1 Thessalonians 1:3b) Will you pray and hope with us as we continue to interact with the children and teens of Sunnyslope, Phoenix each week?

Sunnyslope Mountain

Skate Ministry We have high hopes for Skate Club in the Sunnyslope area. We have been assisting a local church in facilitating the club every other Friday night. Results have been above and beyond, from more than expected showing up the first night to relationships already growing out of those connections. A.J. shows up early and helps set up skate ramps, and by the time I get there (still 30 minutes early), there are about a dozen kids

A.J. and Jewel Miller have been serving as ministry interns in the Sunnyslope area since May 2011 after moving to Phoenix from Ohio.

Do you have a message or testimony to share with youth? Or know someone who does? Opportunities are available for you to share with 13-19 year old’s at Teen Night. (TBD) November—May Help a 1st or 2nd grader sharpen their reading skills through the encouragement you give one-on-one.m. Donations of candy.M. —Edmund Burke If you don’t believe one person can make a difference. eve. to all the the people you can.PAGE 2 New Arrivals August brought the arrival of three new interns. the Titanic was built by professionals. in all the ways you can. or Thur.stephreed@gmail Tiffany Graber from Cannelburg. Noah’s Ark was built by volunteers. If you can read. Since children only attend school half-days on Wednesdays. Cell: (614) 582-2873 E-mail: caleb. Volunteers Needed! How can you serve? Kids Klub Fall Festival Wed. You make a life by what you give. Teen Night Fridays 7:30-9:30 p. small prizes. You make a living by what you get. you have never been in bed with a mosquito. make balloon NOVEMBER 12. —John Wesley Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could only do a little. OH PHOENIX POINTE HILTON Tapatio Cliffs Resort Attendees RSVP to banquet. Each student is referred by Garfield Elementary. 2011 6:00 P. 26 Come help us with a fun event for children and their families. evening Oct. Dec. —Jesus Acquire the Fire Sat. PERCEPTIONS . Contact Caleb Reed if you would like to help with teen events. —Winston Churchill Don’t ever question the value of volunteers.aimright@gmail. lead a carnival game. Do all the good you can. paint faces. by all the means you can. as long as you ever Laura McDowell from Kalona. or cupcakes are needed as well. IN Any of the children’s outreach events up your alley? Contact Amy Unrau at (602) 462-1987 or amy@aimright. —Anita Roddick The Son of Man came not to be served. at all the times you can. Serve food. but to serve. Tutoring Tue. in all the places you can. 2011 Provide lunch or dinner for the group of teens and staff (20-25 people) who will be attending Acquire the Fire. IA STILL NEEDED: Table Sponsors ($450 / table) Table Hosts (Invite 7 guests to dine with you) Evan Stoltzfus from Archbold. we would love to plan some museum outings and invite you to come along as a chaperone. or dress up as a clown. you can tutor! Museum Outings Wednesday afternoons The Children’s Museum of Phoenix donated 50 free passes to Aim Right. 3.

2012.Matching Grant Opportunity Mission Increase Foundation recently awarded Aim Right a $15. visit our blog. we will be happy to arrange a pick up of your items at your convenience. Stay in the Loop! For weekly updates. As we prepare for this event.000 Major Donor Matching Grant. E-mail amy@aimright.400! This grant opportunity extends until November 30. PAGE 3 $ → $$ 2012 Benefit Auction Plan now to join us for the 17th annual benefit auction on March 10. comforters. If you live in the Valley. A major donor is defined as someone who gives $1. and stories of how God is working in your donations of quilts. quality furniture. 2011. and your $1. at: aimright. photos. You may also pledge to give $100 or more per month for the next year. The Corner of 13th & Roosevelt. antiques. .000 or more in a given year. If you would like to contribute toward this or call the office at(602) 462-1987. one-time gifts of $1. collectibles. and other hand-made items are welcome.200 becomes $2.000 or more will be doubled.

and whites around 3 1/2 hours. Over 31% of Arizona’s children under age 18 live in poverty.htm Arizona’s national rank in the rate of children with valid reports of child abuse and neglect. http://www.J. however.Mission Statement: Established in 1991. with Hispanics just under 5 1/2 hours.S. Arizona’s rate is nearly twice the national average. President/Founder: Darrell Bacher Board Members: Chris King. Generation M2: Media in the Lives of 8-18 Year Old’s. Black and Hispanic teens only represented 35% of the total population of 15-19 year old The number of hours a Hispanic child age 8-18 years old spends in daily media use. Sept. Website: www. Leads Nation by Mark Hugo Lopez and Gabriel Velasco. teen births attributed to a black or Hispanic mother in 2009.blogspot. and moral and spiritual training for at-risk youth and children living in central Phoenix. Art Montoya Teen Ministry & Intern Director: Caleb Reed Office Administrator: Amy Unrau Ministry Interns: Tiffany Graber.htm Arizona’s rank in poverty in the nation in Jan. 20. 2010 . AZ 85006 Phone: (602) 462-1987 Fax: (602) 462-9686 E-mail: info@aimright. 12 News Today. Centers for Disease Control. Laura McDowell. Kaiser Family Foundation. of Protective Services. Arizona Poverty Level 2nd Worst in Country by Nicole Blog: aimright.aimright. Black and Hispanic children daily use media nearly 4 1/2 hours more than white children. we desire these youth to be evangelized and discipled for Christ. Evan Stoltzfus By the Numbers: Sobering Statistics The number of Latino children living in poverty in 2010 The Toll of the Great Recession: Childhood Poverty Among Hispanics Sets Right Ministries provides after-school recreational activities. Working in cooperation with local churches.azdps. http://zipatlas. Young children are more likely to die of abuse or neglect in the Phoenix metropolitan area than in any other metropolitan area in the U. A. Arizona Dept. Sept. John Yoder. just behind Mississippi at the #1 slot. Arlen Godshall. and Jewel Miller. educational tutoring. James Miller. Black children spend nearly 6 hours per day viewing television. 2010 Percentage of U. 28. Pew Hispanic Center. Aim 1013 North 13th Street Phoenix. 2011 Percentage of the population that are Hispanic and live in the community in which Aim Right works. Seth Roggie.S.