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and finished to the highest quality possible. Our sales and marketing team will make sure that each and every one of your projects is handled in a timely and cost efficient manner. Our desire is to be your printing partner and your print solutions provider. Over 40% of our business comes from referrals. It’s all part of the service ethic of a family business. Savvy marketers understand that the printed word on paper. . No more “hand holding” a project. THE PRINTING CONNECTION will put you at ease with our friendly and knowledgeable staff. We give you a staff that is very dedicated to meeting the most exacting customer demands.Relax Welcome to a partnership in communication solutions. enhanced with effective images. Our professionals are eager to help you. You are always welcome to visit our plant and meet our great employees.” Our creative and production specialists work to increase your results in any print campaign you launch. We’ve Got You Covered Since 1983 We’ve been regarded as the standard bearer for high end printing. We’re happy to help in creating a message that will connect you with your audience. Our commitment is “total customer satisfaction. the more we can help. The more we know. The quality and craftsmanship of our work shines through every single order we produce. We would also be delighted to take a tour of your place so we can learn as much as possible about your business. we feel that is only a part of the solution. With our state of the art technology and world’s best machines. has enormous power to communicate ideas and drive sales. We are proud of the reputation we have earned in our industry with our core values of service and integrity. Our many long-term client relationships are a testament to our every day practice of exceeding your expectations.

Since 1952 the us forest inventory has increased by 39% even though our population has doubled. preventing deforestation. By recycling waste and scrap paper. and increasing carbon sequestration. THE PRINTING CONNECTION is careful to obtain all our raw materials from sustainable sources. Using more print creates for a greater incentive for plantation forestry to exist. Greater than what is harvested. but it is also renewable. recyclable. Print is a 570 year-old communication vehicle that is preferred by 68% of adults versus electronic media. tree farms replant trees after harvest. We at THE PRINTING CONNECTION are also proud to have implemented an effective recycling program. In todays world. A majority of paper comes from sustainable forests. this will be important to your clients. • • • • • • • Fun Facts about Print & Paper Print Grows Trees. America recovered 53% of paper consumed and that number continues to improve. inks and printing plates we have been able to further reduce our carbon footprint. In 2006. Paper is a completely renewable resource.The Printing Connection Thinks Green print is not only a powerful and effective communication medium. . preventing deforestation. Instead of cutting down trees and selling the land for other uses. and sustainable. The us forest products industry is responsible for more than four million trees being planted each day. whatever your business. In the average year the united states plants five new trees for every American.


folders and stitchers allow the printing connection to keep your job moving forward without delay. Forms Management & Storage Program Our free forms management and storage program really allows you to relax and not worry about space for your printed materials or ever running out of them. Ever job is carefully planned from inception to run smoothly from pre-press to bindery. From simple trimming to elaborate multi-page technical manuals. Ask your representative for more details on this service.Bindery Services A multitude of high tech cutters. . THE PRINTING CONNECTION will warehouse and monitor any item that we print for you as well as keeping you informed of low inventory levels. our bindery is experienced and efficient. this is a headache free program for you. the buyer.

Services Professional Services • • • • • • • • Complete Graphics Capabilities Graphic Artists on Site Web Design Single and Multicolored Printing Embossing & Die Cutting Bindery Services Direct Mail Services Shipping Worldwide Pre-Press Equipment • • • • • • • 3 G5 Mac Pro Workstations PC Workstations Flatbed Scanners Epson 9600 Color Printer (44” wide) Epson 9900 Color Printer (44” wide) Harlequin Rip Computer to Plate (CTP) System Presses Products Offered • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Brochures Newsletters Posters Mailers Full Color Printing & Coating Press Kit Folders Post Cards Catalogs Labels Booklets Letterheads Envelopes Business Cards Multi-Part Forms High Speed Copying Direct Mail Services • • • • • • Six Color + Coater Mitsubishi (20” x 28”) Five Color Sakurai (20” x 28”) Two Color Heidelberg SORMZ (20” x 29”) Two Color Ryobi (12” x 18”) Two Color Chief (11” x 17”) Xerox Digital Press (13” x 19”) Bindery • • • • • • • • Muller-Martini Stitcher/Trimmer MBO Folders (2) Heidelberg Die Cutter SBB (22” x 32”) Heidelberg Die Cutter SBG (20” x 30”) Heidelberg Windmill Programmable Cutters (2) Multiple Drill Presses (2) Shrink Wrapper Storage Services • • • • • Store your printed materials (Free) As needed releases (Free) Nationwide/Worldwide shipping (at Cost) Customized Inventory Setup (Free) Monthly Inventory Report (Free) .

improves accuracy. utilizing the latest Technology. For peace of mind. Our completely digital workflow. our knowledgeable Pre-Press Staff are available to help make your files ready to print. A closed loop color system calibrated to our equipment reduces press make-ready costs. computer to plate process reduces waste.Pre-Press Our systems-in-place. and improves quality. and reduces material costs such as ink and paper. rigorous quality checks are built into every step in the process. benefit our clients in many ways. . We accept an array of file formats as well as offer custom web portals for online ordering and file submission. Graphic Services include: • • • • • • • • • • • • Concept Development Graphic Design Web Design Logo development Digital restoration File reconstruction Print and Web optimization Product Photography Medium Format Scanning Wide Format Proofs CD & DVD Duplication Digital Printing Additionally.

THE PRINTING CONNECTION has a fleet of high quality and diverse printing presses which allows you the opportunity to develop creative materials that will get your company noticed. By having a variety of presses we are able to be extremely competitive with our prices. THE PRINTING CONNECTION has the presses that impress on any budget. . From one color jobs to large six color jobs.

. we can die-cut.Packaging With our finishing equipment. and custom make your printed collateral. all under one roof. emboss.

all done with great quality and consistency of colors.Stationery Put your first impression forward with your corporate communication items. . two. One. and four color stationery. each and every time.

and other visuals that promote your company as a leader in your field .Marketing collateral Show your clients beautiful and powerful brochures. catalogs.

. unique custom printed pieces that make your company stand out. Ask your representative for samples and more details of what we can do for you.Specialty We love the challenge of producing.

5490 FAX: 818.5490 800.782.786. CA 91406 TEL: 818.5491 .printcnx.782.7242 VALJEAN AVENUE VAN NUYS.