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Filmmakers bring creativity to life
Inde e de t film fetivals bring us the et cine atic p n n s b s m productions of filmmake s around theworld. Ther work r i capture s our imagination. Weapplaud theSan Die o Asian Film Fe tival. g s Friars Mission 5624 Mission Center Road • 619-209-6740 Fashion Valley 1350 Fashion Valley Road • 619-296-4951 Eastlake Village 2265 Otay Lakes Road • 619-591-4340

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we not only serve the people of San Diego County — we are the people of San Diego County.Sharp Health Plan is a proud sponsor of the San Diego Asian Film Festival As the only locally-based commercial health . Family We believe our members are important. We believe in the art of ca r ing . and health care should be personal. SHP68A ©2011 SHC (619) 228-2300 or 1-800-359-2002 | www.SharpHealthPlan. Advocate We believe our members deserve a trusted health care partner and advocate. work and play in the same community as our members. Neighbor We believe it’s important to live.


to the deliciously delightful closing night film. this season is also bittersweet as we bid farewell to Artistic Director Mye Hoang. As an agent of civic and cultural change. family. a free online showcase of 23 full-length feature films available to anyone in North America. and a chance to take our imagination to new heights. Whether you’re an old-timer or brand new to SDAFF. we have much to celebrate as the San Diego Asian Film Foundation (SDAFF) has expanded our year-round offerings with a new Spring Showcase. who has earnestly served this organization for the last five years. Instrumental in expanding our international programming and membership. and the launch of DigiFest. Mye’s impact on SDAFF will be felt for many years to come. Lee Ann Kim FOUNDER AND ExECUTIvE DIRECTOR 6 the 12th annual san diego asian film festival . Along with this year’s Festival.Message from Executive Director Welcome to our 12th Film Festival season! Our programming team has packed 160 films from 21 countries into nine glorious days of rich cinema in San Diego. JIRO DREAMS OF SUSHI directed by David Gelb. and diversity. This year’s film selection provides a window to the world through unique perspectives. While there is much to celebrate. From our opening night film. a romantic comedy directed by the talented Bertha Bay-Sa Pan with an all-star cast in ALMOST PERFECT. innovative storytelling. monthly film forums. we connect audiences to the human experience through film. we invite you to enjoy the Festival and experience the enchantment of Asian American cinema. we hope you will take full advantage of this year’s expansive offerings which reflect universal themes of love.

....................................................................................................... 142 SPECIAL THANkS ..........50 NANCy kWAN LIFETIME HONOREE ....38 FILM AND PROGRAM GUIDE ............................................................................................................................................... 15 SPONSORS ...........26 WHy MEMBERSHIP MATTERS ................................................................................................................................................... 25 MEMBERSHIP ROSTER ............................ 28 2011 JURy .................... 12 BOARD OF DIRECTORS .............. 11 ABOUT SDAFF ................................................................................................................................. LIN MEMORIAL FUND ..............................................................................................6 LETTER FROM ARTISTIC DIRECTOR ................................... 146 the 12th annual san diego asian film festival 7 .........................................................................34 FREE FILMS...........................................................41 ASIAN AMERICAN FILMMAkING IN SAN DIEGO ............................................................................................................................................................14 WELCOME LETTER FROM THE CHAIRMAN ..........................................122 STAFF LIST .............................................. 52 vIRTUAL FILM FEST .. 22 TICkETING .........................................................................................16 GEORGE C.................... 23 CELEBRITIES ....................................24 SPECIAL EvENTS .............................. 144 FILM INDEx/PRINT SOURCE LIST ............................................30 FESTIvAL SCHEDULE ................................................................................................Table of Contents MESSAGE FROM ExECUTIvE DIRECTOR ...................................

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SAMSUNG 4G LTE MOBILE HOTSPOT SCH-LC11 Verizon is proud to support the 12th Annual San Diego Asian Film . So now you’ll be able to download 20 photos in a minute and seamlessly stream TV shows from your computer.COM/4GLTE • VZW. © 2011 Verizon Wireless.THE FASTEST 4G NETWORK IN AMERICA.COM/STORELOCATOR LTE is a trademark of ETSI.4646 • VERIZONWIRELESS.. brilliantly powerful Mobile Broadband that’s up to 10x faster than 3G.256. Welcome to the most advanced 4G network in the world. 4G LTE is available in 55 metro & 80 major airports in the U. What is Verizon Wireless 4G LTE? It’s blazingly fast. Speeds may be reduced for top 5% of users for up to 60 days when in congested networks areas. coverage maps at vzw.S. 1.800.

Southwest Airlines is devoted to serving the community ® Southwest Airlines is with you in the air and in your community. A destination that’s close to our hearts. we are proud to be part of the community. Official Airline of the San Diego Asian Film Foundation .©2011 Southwest Airlines Co. because your community is our LUVing destination. sharing our spirit of LUV at every destination along the way. It’s a pleasure to serve you. From celebrating cultural events to partnering with local community organizations.

however. Brian Hu. and Lina Park who have worked so diligently (and many late nights) to fulfill SDAFF’s mission – true community heroes in my book. members and friends I have made in San Diego. I very much look forward to returning to the festival as an attendee – and as a member – to discover films that I would not otherwise have access to.Letter from Artistic Director As my 6th and last year with SDAFF. It is hard for me to look back and realize how much this foundation has grown – tripling in budget. I will always be grateful for the opportunity. My departure next month. Dan Matthews. leaves the foundation in good hands with my colleagues Phil Lorenzo. for providing me a place to unleash my passion for film. Please bid me farewell at our Centerpiece Film (SURROGATE vALENTINE) and reception on October 23 where I will moderate my final filmmaker Q&A with the cast and crew – I promise a most memorable evening and festival week! mye hoAng ARTISTIC DIRECTOR the 12th annual san diego asian film festival 11 . Thank you. this festival week will be filled with bittersweet excitement. I will miss them all as well as the volunteers. films. SDAFF. and thank the board as well as Lee Ann for giving me this dream job. audience and year-round events. fairly oblivious to the speed at which the foundation expanded in my first 3 years onboard. I came to San Diego in 2006 from New york after having been lured by Lee Ann kim and her vision to double the length of the festival (from four to eight days). I hope that my contributions to the Foundation are as plenty as the memories I am taking from it.

We fulfill our mission by: • Presenting unique. HARD-WORkING ADvOCATES OF ADvANCING QUALITy ASIAN AMERICAN AND INDEPENDENT CINEMA. • Engaging the public in meaningful discourse and positive social change. WE BELIEvE OUR WORk BUILDS HOPE AND UNDERSTANDING THROUGH THE SHARED ExPERIENCES OF ARTISTS AND AUDIENCES. • Strengthening San Diego as an arts destination. WE LOvE TO HAvE FUN! miSSion Our mission is to connect audiences with the human experience through the Pan Asian media arts. 12 the 12th annual san diego asian film festival .About The San Diego Asian Film Foundation WE ARE A GROUP OF PASSIONATE. NOT TO MENTION. • Promoting artistic excellence. culturally-enriching programs that would otherwise be inaccessible. innovation and the independent voice.

If you are a digital subscriber.SdAff. we offer year-round programs that include: ( the 12th annual san diego asian film festival 13 . and choose the film you’d like to see. a youth documentary boot camp Spring Showcase monthly film forums free fiLmS on demAnd We offer a free selection of SDAFF films throughout the year on TIME WARNER CABLE. CA 92106 619-400-5911 | | info@SdAff. go to Channel 144 and search for the SD ASIAN FILM tab. SAn diego. SuiTe 140. The SAn diego ASiAn fiLm foundATion iS A 501 (C)(3). TAx id # 33-1001523 2508 hiSToriC deCATur rd.) Community and outdoor Screenings reel Voices. Click on the tab.About The San Diego Asian Film Foundation progrAmS While we are best-known for our annual Film Festival.

Inc hArLen BAyhA – Wells Fargo rAnjiT dhindSA – Jeet Media LLC 14 Andy hoAng – Salk Institute SheiLA KAnoyA – Port of San Diego jeff KreBS – kaiser Permanente BenjAmin Lee – Bank of America Home Loans joe mendozA – katcam Real Estate STeVe peACe – JMI Realty ArT riVerA – Fusion Marketing LouiS Song – Proven. Board members are in charge of governance. CHAIRMAN EMERITUS – Focuscom. gAry wong – Union Bank If you are interested in joining the board. SDAFF CHAIR – Sharp Health Plan LAni LuTAr. TREASURER – Automated TeleMedicine. Inc. SECRETARy – Matador Enterprises STeVen hong. vICE CHAIR – SD County Taxpayers Association AmeThyST griffiTh. STephen Chin. ensure adequate resources and help guide the Foundation’s strategic direction.2011 Board of Directors The San Diego Asian Film Foundation is overseen by a passionate group of business and community leaders who volunteer their time and expertise to help grow a dynamic organization. please contact us at info@sdaff. Inc. dAn the 12th annual san diego asian film festival .

” – orson welles Film is a collective experience. As Orson Welles so keenly observed. we are an army – yet each of us helps to define SDAFF in unique ways. new progressive multi-ethnic program The festival is that special time of year when our SDAFF army comes together to celebrate what we love best – Asian film and the San Diego community. the members of SDAFF. Thank you for your support and generosity. Welcome to the 12th annual SDAFF film festival! STephen r. I am honored to partner with each of you. It has been a year of tremendous change and exciting new initiatives for us! • • • • • NTC Promenade. new headquarters Spring Showcase. new online film festival Connect San Diego. staff. But most importantly. and hundreds of volunteers. which has the power to transcend our views of the world and bring us together in new and wondrous ways. new film festival Film Forum. the San Diego Asian Film Foundation (SDAFF) is also a collective experience. we have delivered meaningful experiences for San Diegans and the SDAFF community. an artist needs a brush. Much like the films we share. I am grateful for the talents of our dynamic board of directors. We couldn’t do it without you. In addition. I am privileged to partner with Lee Ann kim and SDAFF to enrich the cultural landscape of our San Diego community. Together. Chin SDAFF BOARD CHAIRMAN the 12th annual san diego asian film festival 15 .Welcome Letter from the Chairman “A writer needs a pen. but a filmmaker needs an army. new member screenings and discussions DigiFest.

2011 Sponsors MAJOR GRANTS lARGe TheATeR SpONSOR SMAll TheATeR SpONSORS 16 the 12th annual san diego asian film festival .

GAlA pReSeNTeRS Reel vOiceS SpONSOR educATiON pARTNeRS SpOTliGhT Consulting | Staffing | Solutions fRee filMS AT fOuR the 12th annual san diego asian film festival 17 .

ScReeNiNG SpONSORS Michael Rozzen eveNT SpONSORS yOuTh dAy OfficiAl AiRliNeS 18 the 12th annual san diego asian film festival .

OfficiAl TeleviSiON SpONSOR OfficiAl RAdiO SpONSOR OfficiAl NewSpApeR SpONSOR MAJOR MediA SpONSORS cOMMuNiTy SpONSORS MUSICAL EXCELLENCE Beyond the 12th annual san diego asian film festival 19 .

Postage Paid Permit No. PRST STD U.MediA pARTNeRS The original and first Asian Journal in America Philippine Radio AM 1450 M-F 7-8 PM San Diego’s first and only Asian Filipino weekly publication and a multi-award winning newspaper! Online+Digital+Print Editions to best serve you! 550 E.asianjournalusa.474. | www. 8th St. 203 Chula Vista CA 91910 The National City Times The Filipino Times “serving our community” iN-kiNd dONORS BLACkLAvA | BOB HOFFMAN vIDEO | BMW SAN DIEGO | CHIPOTLE | COkE BOTTLING CO.S.474.0373 | Email: asianjournal@aol. National City.. | DEL MAR RENDEvOUS | IkEA | kASHI PHUONG TRANG RESTAURANT | RAW MANA | SANSAI | SAFFRON | SHARPIE | SPIRITS GRAPHICS AND PRINTING 20 the 12th annual san diego asian film festival .0588 | Fx: 619. San Diego County CA USA 91950 | Ph: 619.

Asia Poker and others. Enjoy resort-style amenities. like our full-service spa and eight amazing restaurants.Also come and enjoy top-notch performances of artists. Seafood Chow Mein and many more. Join the non-stop action of your favorite slots and table games including Blackjack. If you’re looking for a perfect escape. For more information. Roasted Duck. all built around 662 well-appointed. Fortune Pai Gow. including Fortunes restaurant with authentic Asian dishes such as Honey Glazed Walnut Shrimp. Don’t wait to begin. bands and comedians at Harrah’s Rincon. call 1-800-HARRAHS or visit www. look no further than Harrah’s Rincon. luxurious rooms ready to accommodate your every whim.HarrahsRincon.YOUR PLAYGROUND . Your getaway is waiting.

loving. SuiTe 200 SAn diego. 2008. Lin Memorial Fund provides grants to emerging filmmakers and for cancer research and awareness. George co-founded the DC Asian Pacific American Film Festival in 2000 then joined SDAFF in 2003. after a long battle with cancer. Quirky.George Lin George C. CA 92106 22 the 12th annual san diego asian film festival . THE FESTIvAL HAS PROUDLy PRESENTED AN EMERGING FILMMAkER AWARD IN HONOR OF FORMER SDAFF PROGRAM DIRECTOR GEORGE LIN. music. The Festival is supporting the Memorial Fund this year by donating ticket sales from the screenings of THE LULU SESSIONS (pg. george C. Lin memoriAL fund C/o The SAn diego foundATion 2508 hiSToriC deCATur rd. The public is also welcome to make direct contributions to the Fund at the San Diego Foundation. A scientist by trade. George passed away in San Diego on October 14. The George C. 92). 85) and OCEAN HEAvEN (pg. and passionate. art. he championed all things independent – film. Lin Memorial Fund EACH yEAR SINCE HIS PASSING.

SoLd-ouT SCreeningS | ruSh LineS When a program is sold out....................$15 online/$20 at door* General Admission ..... inquire at membership booth in theater lobby and take advantage of discounts immediately......... Exchanges are only available when a program is oversold...............................$7............................ “SdAff moBiLe” on IPHONE APP STORE the 12th annual san diego asian film festival 23 ....................................$62 All Festival Pass ........................................................................................................................................................................... $34 (online and at door) Festival 10-Pack ............. To guarantee seating............................................................................................................................................................ † To sign up for membership.............................................................................. $5 Festival 4-Pack..Free! Pick up tickets at the box office starting Oct...... and students....$9 online/$11 at door Panels ..............................................................$25 Festival 10-Pack ............................................... $84 (online and at door) All Festival Pass ..................................................... 20 SdAff memBerS† Opening & Closing Night Films ...................................... 4-packs.. 10-packs. or all festival passes....For Members only Free Films ............................................... patrons are advised to arrive at least 15 minutes before showtime....... generAL Opening & Closing Night Films .. We will offer all open seats 15 minutes before showtime on a first come basis to those waiting in the rush line....................................................................................................... military...... $175 refund poLiCy No refunds for unused tickets..........Ticketing Starting October 18 you can buy tickets onsite at the UltraStar Mission valley Cinemas box office........... download the official 12th San diego Asian film festival iphone Application * Create your Own Festival Schedule * Complete Program Details * Up to the minute News * Interact with the Festival Community search the Festival on the Go * Includes post-film reception................................................. Rush lines take place outside the theater as early as 30 minutes before the show....................50/door Panels ........................................................................ there is a very good chance seats will be available through “rush line” at the theater..... Free (must get ticket from box office) Festival 4-Pack................ $2 discount at box office is available for seniors..................... $12 online/door* General Admission .............

Saving Face) judiTh hiLL (This Is It) KeLLy hu (Almost Perfect. Fast and Furious) ArChie KAo (Snow Flower and Secret Fan. X2) Sung KAng (Fast Five. Book of Daniel) SheeTAL SheTh (American Chai. TOP TO BOTTOM . Vantage Point) joy oSmAnSKi (Surrogate Valentine. People I’ve Slept With) miKe reLm (Pioneer video Mash Up DJ) iVAn ShAw (Almost Perfect. Better Luck Tomorrow. World Unseen) hArry Shum. (Glee. CSI) nAnCy KwAn (Flower Drum Song. World of Suzie Wong) CS Lee (Dexter) LeonArdo nAm (Perfect Score.Celebrities Scheduled to Attend ediSon Chen (Almost Perfect. jr.Am. White on Rice) rAndALL pArK (Larry Crew (America’s Best Dance Crew Season 6 Winners) Lynn Chen (Surrogate Valentine. Infernal Affairs) i. The LXD: Legion of Extraordinary Dancers) 24 the 12th annual san diego asian film festival PHOTO ORDER: FROM LEFT TO RIGHT. Scorpion King.

or $10. and Myx-Tv. winner takes all. Free to attend. 401 4th Ave (Across Horton Plaza) Mingle with the director and stars of our Centerpiece film. Free for passholders. $10 to enter contest. Free admission + complimentary appetizers. with special Lifetime Achievement honor to Nancy kwan. SD. $200/seat presented by: HARRAH’S RINCON CASINO and WELLS FARGO. oCT 22 the 12th annual san diego asian film festival 25 .com. gALA AwArdS dinner | 5:30 – 9:30pm Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina | 1380 Harbor Island Drive Dress to impress and mingle with the stars of SDAFF as we honor top films of the festival.Special Events Thu. 335 6th Ave (between k & J St). oCT 21 BLowfiSh: inTerSeCTion of SighTS And SoundS | 9pm – 2Am Culy Warehouse. sponsored by: CHRONICLR. CA 92108 Celebrate opening night with the director and cast of ALMOST PERFECT. $5 via Chroniclr. oCT 28 CLoSing nighT pArTy | 9pm – CLoSe Randy Jones All American Grill | 7510 Hazard Center Drive (next to kinko’s) Enjoy sushi and sake and other delights as we wrap up our 12th season with the director of JIRO DREAMS OF SUSHI. sponsored by: COALITION OF ASIAN PACIFICS IN ENTERTAINMENT Sun. fri. SAT. Gaslamp Dance the night away to the beats of Mike Relm. Free for opening night ticket holders/passholders or $10 sponsored by: UNION BANk fri. oCT 20 opening nighT pArTy | 9pm – 1Am Maria Maria Restaurant. Hazard Center 1370 Frazee Road. Free for closing night ticketholders/passholders or $10. with live performance by Goh Nakamura. CApe KArAoKe pArTy | 9:30pm – 1Am Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina | 1380 Harbor Island Drive Sing for bragging rights and some spare change at our latenight karaoke party. oCT 23 A Very SurrogATe pArTy | 9pm – midnighT Hard Rock Cafe. MySPACE.

Membership Roster George Lin (AS OF 9/15/2011) LifeTime Allan Camaisa Johnny Chou Matt Jumper Pat Pepper produCer Theresa Battle and Michael Frazier Jesse and Pearl Charfauros Sandra Chong and Paul Bergman L. Pete and Todd Futa Tom and Loretta Hom Chong Lee Ed Lee Diana Mar Jip-Chuh virginia Mar Jip Steve Peace Eddie Wang Rodriguez Ryun Song Dominic Tong and katherine Bowdish Sarah yang pATron Mike Avila Perla and Zachary Brownlie Bruce Chin-Lee Thomas Dring Lois Fong-Sakai Amethyst and Robert Griffith Dan and Lisa Hom Dale Inahara Sheila Abrenica kanoya Jaejung kim Marcia kingzio Jeff krebs and Fritz Friedman Marichu Magana Joseph Ongsiapco and Fawn yang Sudarma Pokta and Tomomi Ushii Louis Song and Lee Ann kim Charles and Linda Tu Patrick van Schoote SupporTer Emil Ayoubkhan karen Beeson Corey Buuhoan Michelle Cheung Stephen Chin Wendy Gillespie Nancy and A Hobbs Timothy Tau Hsieh Dae Lee and Lina Park Rich and Soang Lee Phil Lorenzo Ildiko Lutar Johnny Mah Jerrilyn Malana Lynne and Paul Matthews Joe Mendoza Joff Morales Elizabeth Nolan Joy Pakingan Roberto Pelia Greg Penetrante Jeremy Pizzola and Gayle Ta Elise Prosser Luis Ramos Miyo and Mitchell Reff Robert Sanchez Cuong Trang kenneth Wade Tai Quiaug Wang Ryan Wong donor Elgin Aguilar Elias Almazan Rommel Andaya Jason and Tomomi Arcand Gale Barlow Steven Barlow Sumi Barton Harlen and June Lee Bayha Brian Blake Jeanne Burch Maria Cabuang and Chris Cate kristine Chang Lee Chang Han Chiu and Wendy Wong Leeva Chung Jeet Dhindsa Tammy and Bill Dodds Bill and Melissa Eisenhamer Toshiye Estes Matthew Fite Salvador and Shirley Flor Carlton Floyd RB Francisco Allen Fuqua Marty Goldman kikue and ken Graeber Steven Hadley Sylvie Hinh Erika Hiramatsu and Michael Cheswick Andy Hoang Steven Hong Takeo Hoshi Shan Huang and Paul Brown Robert and Edna Ito Jeff Iwami Marleen and yosh kawahara David kawamoto Janet kaye Jinah and Matt kim-Perek Susan kim Ed and Grace Lallana Eric and Elaine Lallana Benson Lam Jeffrey Lee kent Lee Thomas Lee kate Leonard and Richard Forsyth Tommy and Bonnie Lim Sophia and Steve Lukas May McLean kuei Lan Mentz Nicole Miller-Coleman George Ng and Janet Cha Laurel Nishida Erica-Anne Okamura and Jegan Chen Jeanette Ollivier Shirley Omori and Efton Woodford Lynn Owens Jacqueline Pablo Chris Paffendorf Sue Ann Park Raymond Park Mariette Pascasio Ty Phimmasone Guy Poirier Allan Regala Craig and Silvia Reid Trent Reid Abigail Rivamonte and Andrew Alcantara Art Rivera Brent Rockwell Jessica Ann Ross Chris Rule Armando Salvador Shirley Sanz Steve Sato Randal Schober Angela Shiao Jill Shun Jonathan Soohoo John Skrentny Mark Stabb Ryan Suda Serena Tam Joyce and Bill Teague kent and Hye Joung Tibby Maria Torres Greg Toya Joanna y Tsai and Mark Ayers 26 the 12th annual san diego asian film festival .

) Forrest Chu Adrianna Chuh kassandra Chuh Jane Chung Judy Chung and Benjamin Lee kathleen Clavero Dan Cornthwaite and Alexander Dumas Melissa Croteau Jessie Crozier Helen Cruz John Dacapias Andre Dacio Gary Davis Emmanuel De Guzman Maria Elena Delgado and John Weaver Stan Donn yul Eblamo Christopher Ekren Scott Eriksson Amador Rey Estrada. Liu Jennifer Lo Jonathan Louie and Andy Schell Robin Low Jerry Lu yen Ly Joel Machitar Marichu Magana Daniel Matthews Bridget McDonald Brian Mehl Sarah Meland Michelle Mentz David Molina keith Momon Stephanie Moy and katie Moy Lynne Murphy Ed Nesfield Lyman Ng Nancy Nguy Stefan Nguyen Thanh Nguyen Glen Ong James Paguyo III kevin Pao Judy Patacsil kristin Pearey Will Pedranti Darlene Portades Hector Ramos Jr. Jr.Membership Roster donor (ConT.) Benjamin Tu Wendy Urushima-Conn Rainer Wagester Christina Wang Susie Willemsz-Geeroms Gary and kathy Wong Alex Wu Cynthia yee James kW yee friend Jireh Advincula Rick Ahumada Andrew Arvai Ruben Arizmendi and Frida vissuet Eloise Bienvenu Jack Bolado Anahid Brakke Jeffrey Brosbe Dennis-Michael Broussard Ellen Brown and Zoe Merewether Greg Brown Jose Bucud Marilyn Cachero Arthur Carbonell Allen Chan David Chan katrina Chan Chong-Ren Chien Sidnee Chong Garrett Chow (CONT. William Reeve Reggie Regala Jason and Sunshine Reyes Nika Reyes kR Ridge Andrea Rocha and Salvador Rivera Dyllan Ronque Anne Louise Ross Bruce Rowe Brian and Lori Rueger S&D Property Management Aneeza Salim Ruth Marie San Filippo Timothy and kiyomi Sankary William Saung Dan Schreiber Miriam Seva Jini Shim David Shina Randy Sivila Shawn Skinner and Huong Duong kurtis Stecker Jackie Szitta Nancy Taylor victor Tecson Annamarie Till Duke Tran Long Tran Peijean Tsai Mei-Hui Tu and Ron Miller yen Tu Felix Tuyay Erica Ueland George Uy Jan vangrov Mike vasquez Chris voight karen Wang Michael Wells and Sung Ae yoon Jon Wesick Judy Wong Peter Wong and Jenny Lieu Sabina Wong Wilda Wong William Wong and Samantha Hoeung Lisa yadao Momoyo yamada Wendy yamamoto and Steve Teo Everly yeo the 12th annual san diego asian film festival 27 . Bruce Farmer Ashley Fifield and Sylvie Estrella Dieter Fischer Lesley Fisher Michelle Floresca Marie Gabriel Russell Ginns Jasmine Gipson Matt Goldman Andy Gonzalez Jim Gottlieb Punvipa Grice Lori Guild and Louie Tejeda Monica Gutierrez victor Gutierrez Steve and vicky Hadley Amy Harris kaori Hashimoto and Tom Jacobson yvette Hawkins Julie Haza kathi Heiser Mye Hoang and Dave Boyle Anthony Hom Nancy Hom De Dzwo and Ellen Hsu Brian Hu Carole Huston Larry Huynh Pamela Huynh Bruce Inman Marko Iwashita Mark Wayne Javier Susan Jenkins Clare kanoya Trace and Mildred kawasaki Francesca kemp Judy kesaris Albert kim Steven and Tracie kim Hana kwon Trinh Le Melanie Le Forestier George Lin Tamara Leach Quyen Leba Donna Lee Jimmy Lee Myungsik Lee and Lucia Jun yam Lee Gerardo Leon Grant Lewis Ed Lim karen Lim and Nathan Ginoza Nancy S.

but also our mission of connecting audiences to unique. all members are entered into a drawing for a 7-day cruise for two on Holland America Line to Mexico or the Caribbean. To join or renew. Many of our independent artists can only exist through media arts organizations like SDAFF.400.5910. 28 the 12th annual san diego asian film festival . invitations to members-only events. Help us reach our 200 new member goal and join the SDAFF community! As a thank or 619. The winner will be selected in November. your membership not only supports our year-round programs. stop by the Membership Table during the Festival or contact Lina Park at lina@sdaff. caring community that loves film and its power to transform lives. you are part of a dynamic. all new members (who sign up at any level) will receive their next film on us at the 12th Annual San Diego Asian Film Festival.Why Membership Matters As a member of the San Diego Asian Film Foundation (SDAFF). Memberships start at only $55 /year (less than $5 per month). Members receive exclusive benefits including discounts on tickets and merchandise. and access to sneak previews of films prior to their theatrical release. culturally-enriching Asian and Asian American cinema. PLUS.

Elegant Ships Gracious. Award-Winning Service Worldwide Itineraries Extensive Activities & Enrichment Programs Sophisticated Five-Star Dining .HollAnD AmErIcA lInE is honored to support the San Diego Asian Film Foundation Spacious.

Ohio. Mike teaches film directing at the University of Southern California. In 2011. phiL yu is the founder and editor of popular Asian American news/culture blog AngryAsianMan. He worked previously at the Center for Asian American Media in San socially conscious.” Mixing humor with criticism. he has exhibited his own work as a professional artist throughout southern California. Prior to his time in San Diego.2011 Jury ALexAnder jArmAn became Manager of Public Programs at the San Diego Museum of Art in September 2008. Christine has a background in journalism and film criticism and also works on the production end as a freelance writer and editor. New york Times. both in Los Angeles. and more. Mike studied under Thom Anderson at the California Institute of the Arts. and currently serves on the Board of visual Communications and Projekt Newspeak. Over the last five years. National Public Radio. which has screened at over 20 festivals internationally and has won numerous awards. ChriSTine Kwon joined the Center for Asian American Media in 2007 and became Managing Director of the San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival in 2010. Los Angeles Times. including a Gotham Award for “Best Film Not Playing in a Theater Near you” and Best Dramatic Narrative Feature at the 2010 San Diego Asian Film Festival. Phil’s commentary has been featured and quoted in stories for the Post. Alexander was Gallery Director for the Time Warner Cable Gallery at ArtWorks in Cincinnati. he won the “Someone to Watch” Spirit Award. pop-cultured Asian American. She graduated from UC San Diego where she studied world literature and film. notably assisting with JeanPierre Gorin’s tribute to film critic Manny Farber during her time there. Spurred by her interest in youth voices. where he received his Masters of Fine Arts degree in Film/video. Alexander received his B.F. as well as curated and juried several exhibitions in the area. she initiated SFIAAFF’s Student Delegate Program in 2009. which the Washington Post has called “a daily must-read for the media-savvy. Presently. miKe oTT is the director of the 2010 feature Littlerock. CNN. in art history from Northern kentucky University in 2006 and is currently finishing his master’s degree in art history at San Diego State University. 30 the 12th annual san diego asian film festival .A.

com ©2011 Union Bank. CA 92037 Sandy Bayne. CA 92008 Paul Johnson. N.A. 858-551-4702 Clairemont Priority Banking Office – 425 Genesee Avenue. La Jolla Priority Banking Office – 7807 Girard Avenue. Carlsbad.You are an artist. You strive to elevate our culture. Priority Banking Relationship Manager. La Jolla. 858-569-2314 Business Banking – 840 Carlsbad Village Drive. . Priority Banking Relationship Manager. You believe the arts make our community and the world a richer place. San Diego. VP & Sr. we salute you. 619-229-6467 unionbank. For your dedication and your passion. CA 92117 Rowena Holloway. VP & Sr. Union Bank is proud to sponsor the 2011 San Diego Asian Film Festival. You see the true beauty in creative expression. Business Development Officer.



org or text SdAff to 53137 for cell phone updates. visit www. hAzArd CenTer Friday. 26) take place at the Mission valley ultraStar cinemas at hazard center. Times and films are subject to change. Oct 20 TheATre 7 – BAronA 7:00PM ALmoST perfeCT (OPENING NIGHT FILM) 106 mins TheATre 6 – ShArp 4:00PM houSe of The riSing Sun 101 mins (FREE) eTerniTy 110 mins TheATre 2 – CherpLe 7:40PM Sd BLoCK pArTy 95 mins TheATre 1 – Verizon 9:30PM nighT fiShing 60 mins 7:50PM 9:00pm opening nighT pArTy @ mAriA mAriA reSTAurAnT.Schedule of Programs All film programs (except for OXhide ii on Oct. and additional screenings may be added. Thursday. Oct 21 6:30PM KnoTS 77 mins TheATre 7 – BAronA TheATre 6 – ShArp 7:00PM gLoVe 144 mins TheATre 2 – CherpLe 5:35PM Summer pASTure 75 mins Senior yeAr 95 mins TheATre 1 – Verizon 4:00PM where Are you TAKing me? (FREE) 72 mins QueerS on The Verge 93 mins 8:40pm BAng BAng 99 mins 7:45pm 7:30pm 10:00pm CoLd fiSh (sdaFF eXtreme) 144 mins 9:00pm BLowfiSh pArTy @ CuLy wArehouSe. gASLAmp 34 the 12th annual san diego asian film festival .sdaff. for the latest schedule.

Oct 22 TheATre 7 – BAronA 12:00PM ninjA KidS!!! 100 mins 2:00pm 5:00pm 7:45pm AfTerShoCK 135 mins don’T go BreAKing my heArT 115 mins A Boy And hiS SAmurAi 109 mins TheATre 6 – ShArp 12:30PM my wedding And oTher SeCreTS 88 mins foreVer young 82 mins SALAd dAyS 81 mins rAKenroL 110 mins TheATre 2 – CherpLe 12:40PM greAT dAy 91 mins Big in BoLLywood 70 mins The dAy he ArriVeS 79 mins norwegiAn wood 133 mins TheATre 1 – Verizon 10:00AM ni hAo KAi LAn (Free) 72 mins 12:15pm 2:20pm 5:10pm 7:00pm The ABC’S of ABdC (paneL) 90 mins wonder women 88 mins i Am 71 mins ShAoLin 131 mins 2:45pm 5:20pm 7:35pm 3:00pm 6:00pm 8:00pm Sunday. gASLAmp the 12th annual san diego asian film festival 35 . Oct 23 TheATre 7 – BAronA 12:00pm reeL VoiCeS (Free) 90 mins 2:00pm ninjA KidS!!! 100 mins heLLo ghoST 111 mins SurrogATe VALenTine (centerpiece FiLm) 75 mins 10:00pm yAKuzA weApon (sdaFF eXtreme) 105 mins TheATre 6 – ShArp 12:20pm oCeAn heAVen 96 mins AnimATion: The iLLuSion of Life 85 mins TieS ThAT Bind 102 mins operATion TATAr 90 mins TheATre 2 – CherpLe 1:15pm we Are The worLd 88 mins TALeS of The wAriA 60 mins LefT By The Ship 80 mins The STooL pigeon 113 mins TheATre 1 – Verizon 12:30pm ASiAn AmeriCAn women in hoLLywood (paneL) 80 mins TrouBLemAKer 92 mins fuLLmeTAL ALChemiST: The SACred STAr of miLoS 110 mins udAAn 134 mins 2:30pm 3:30pm 2:40pm 4:20pm 7:00pm 4:50pm 7:40pm 5:30pm 8:00pm 5:10pm 7:30pm 9:00pm SurrogATe pArTy @ hArd roCK CAfe.Saturday.

Oct 26 TheATre 7 – BAronA 7:00pm gLoVe 144 mins TheATre 6 – ShArp 4:00pm 6:30pm 8:30pm hiding (Free) 60 mins TheATre 2 – CherpLe 5:30pm LefT By The Ship 80 mins The piAno in A fACTory 119 mins TheATre 1 – Verizon 5:20pm 7:30pm 9:20pm my wedding And oTher SeCreTS 88 mins Big in BoLLywood 70 mins nighT fiShing 60 mins AnimATion: The 7:45pm iLLuSion of Life 85 mins ShAoLin 131 mins The LofT AT uCSd (offSiTe) 8:00pm oxhide ii 132 mins 36 the 12th annual san diego asian film festival .Schedule of Programs Monday. Oct 24 TheATre 7 – BAronA 7:00pm AfTerShoCK 135 mins 5:30pm 8:00pm (CONT. Oct 25 TheATre 7 – BAronA 7:00pm LoVe in A puff 104 mins TheATre 6 – ShArp 7:30pm A CiTy of SAdneSS (Free) 159 mins TheATre 2 – CherpLe 5:15pm 7:45pm The dAy he ArriVeS 79 mins norwegiAn wood 133 mins TheATre 1 – Verizon 4:00pm 6:50pm 9:10pm open SeASon (Free) 57 mins The whiTe meAdowS 92 mins fuLLmeTAL ALChemiST: The SACred STAr of miLoS 110 mins Wednesday.) TheATre 6 – ShArp houSe of The riSing Sun 101 mins eTerniTy 105 mins TheATre 2 – CherpLe 7:15pm in The fAmiLy 169 mins TheATre 1 – Verizon 4:00pm 7:30pm To whom iT mAy ConCern (Free) 104 mins heLLo ghoST 111 mins Tuesday.

Thursday. Oct 27 TheATre 7 – BAronA 7:00pm 9:30pm A Boy And hiS SAmurAi 109 mins rAKenroL 110 mins TheATre 6 – ShArp 4:00pm 7:15pm 49 dAyS (Free) 65 mins The power of Two 93 mins TheATre 2 – CherpLe 5:20pm 7:30pm 9:40pm diSorder 91 mins Summer pASTure 85 mins The STooL pigeon 113 mins TheATre 1 – Verizon 5:30pm 7:40pm greAT dAy 91 mins The LuLu SeSSionS 88 mins Friday. hAzArd CenTer the 12th annual san diego asian film festival 37 . Oct 28 7:00pm TheATre 7 – BAronA jiro dreAmS of SuShi (cLosinG niGht FiLm) 81 mins TheATre 6 – ShArp 4:00pm we Are The worLd (Free) 88 mins TBA TBA TheATre 2 – CherpLe 5:00pm TBA TheATre 1 – Verizon 6:00pm TBA 7:30pm 9:50pm 7:20pm 9:45pm BAng BAng 99 mins CoLd fiSh (sdaFF eXtreme) 144 mins 9:00pm AmpheTAmine 97 mins 9:00pm CLoSing nighT pArTy @ rAndy joneS ALL AmeriCAn griLL.

Oct. 28. or become a member.’s adorable kai-lan journeys to the monkey castle. Oct. Oct. 25. 4:00pm North korean refugees hiding in China struggle to escape through a 3. Oct. 4:00pm A special big-screen presentation of the hit korean Tv drama 49 DAyS: episode 1. 67) Directed by Hou Hsiao-hsien Tuesday. 118) Directed by kimi Takesue Friday. But as far as discounts go. 4:00pm An intimate look at the life of legendary Hollywood actress Nancy kwan and her family. 26. 78) Directed by Justin Wheeler Wednesday. 4:00pm A Hmong immigrant is convicted of killing six white hunters during deer hunting season. 10:00am Nick Jr.500 mile modern-day underground railroad. which you can pick up at the ultraStar mission Valley Cinemas box office starting oct. recently named the greatest Chinese-language film of all time. 22. where Are you TAKing me? (pg. 79) Thursday. 27. Oct. Oct. Oct. 20. Oct. you can’t beat free! you’ll still need tickets. 24. 7:30pm A special presentation of the classic 1989 Taiwanese film. open SeASon (pg. 54) Thursday. 117) Friday. reeL VoiCeS (pg. To whom iT mAy ConCern (pg. KAi-LAn And friendS (pg.Free Films Free screenings at this year’s festival: There are numerous ways to save on SdAff tickets: buy online. 20. Oct. 21. 4:00pm Discover the unexpected in this journey through the vibrant streets of Uganda. ni hAo. 4:00pm From five countries and in ten languages. 49 dAyS (pg. free fiLmS AT four courtesy of All 4pm screenings on weekdays are free: houSe of The riSing Sun (pg. 38 the 12th annual san diego asian film festival . Oct. 25. A CiTy of SAdneSS (pg. Noon Ten high school students from San Diego create documentary films based on subjects in their lives. 4:00pm Past meets present in these short films from Japan and Japanese America. we Are The worLd (pg. 103) Sunday. hiding (pg. these short films open a window to the world. 23. 93) Directed by Lu Lippold and Mark Tang Tuesday. get 4. 114) Directed by Brian Jamieson Monday. 87) Saturday.and 10-packs.



2011 film and PRogRam guide the 12th annual san diego asian film festival 41 .

20. With Face. her younger brother. Pan remains that romantic with street cred. – Brian Hu diRecTOR Bertha Bay-Sa Pan pROduceRS Bertha Bay-Sa Pan. maybe it’s because we sense unreleased energy in vanessa’s frantic worklife and crazy family (her parents’ relationship is on the rocks. played by the one-and-only Edison Chen. Maybe it’s Dwayne’s disarming goodlooks. Ivan Shaw. Ivan Shaw. she perfects her craft and ups the stakes. kristy Wu has enough on her mind – an interfering grandma. women don’t fall in love on purpose. Kelly Hu. an absent mother – such that she doesn’t court love. Tina Chen Director Bertha Bay-Sa Pan. Co-preSenTed By: uniVerSiTy of SAn diego. And through it all. doubling the size of the family (and comedy of dysfunction) and transforming attraction into magnetism.Opening Night Film Thursday Oct. Pan proved to be one of Asian American cinema’s foremost storytellers. is in town on an aptly feckless surprise visit). a go-getter with a New york state of mind but who knows that sometimes you have to let yourself go to remember what it is you’re trying to get. Riva Marker. Derrick Tseng cAST kelly Hu. In the long-awaited ALMOST PERFECT. rather love has to court her. Edison Chen. SAn diego ChineSe women’S ASSoCiATion SponSored By: 42 the 12th annual san diego asian film festival . 7:00pm USA | ENGLISH | 106 MINS | vIDEO | 2011 almost PeRfeCt In the urban comedies of Bertha Bay-sa Pan. but we know from the film’s opening moments that these two attractive young professionals need to be together. second feature. uSd CenTer for inCLuSion And diVerSiTy. Edison Chen and Tina Chen are scheduled to attend. no matter how chaotic big sisterhood can be and how cynical everyone else seems to get about that thing called love. and with ALMOST PERFECT. in her best role yet) runs into an old acquaintance Dwayne (Ivan Shaw) at a company event. Pan’s lovely. They don’t flirt and they don’t play games. and yes romantic. Opening Night Reception immediately following Q&A at Maria Maria Restaurant. vanessa (kelly Hu. In Pan’s breakthrough Face (2002).

the 12th annual san diego asian film festival 43 .

Profiling all aspects of the craft. which even Gelb has claimed in interviews is unrivaled. one of which will inherit his father’s legacy and carry on the family business. – Mye Hoang Director David Gelb and producer Kevin Iwashina are scheduled to attend. It doesn’t look like a gourmet destination. Official Selection. uSC CenTer for inCLuSion And diVerSiTy. Closing night sushi and sake party at Randy Jones All American Sports Grill. LighThouSe mAgAzine SponSored By: 44 the 12th annual san diego asian film festival . SAn diego yu yu. 7:00pm direCTor David Gelb produCer kevin Iwashina Sukiyabashi Jiro must be the smallest 3-star Michelin restaurant in the world. BuddhiST TempLe of SAn diego. no credit cards accepted and no printed menu. 2011 Tribeca Film Festival Co-preSenTed By: jApAn SoCieTy of SAn diego And TijuAnA. JIRO DREAMS OF SUSHI provides an intimate view into the world of a genius and innovator. Poignant and inspiring. artisan’s spirit. His customers can taste the difference. a film as perfect as the dishes that Jiro creates. 7510 Hazard Center Drive (next to Kinko’s and Doubletree). SAn diego jApAneSe AmeriCAn CiTizenS LeAgue (jACL).Closing Night Film JiRo dReams of sushi JAPAN/USA | JAPANESE WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES 81 MINS | 35MM | 2010 Friday Oct. yet filmmaker David Gelb chose its 85-year old master sushi chef Jiro Ono as the subject of his mouthwatering documentary JIRO DREAMS OF SUSHI. It is a highly disciplined way of life inspired by passion and dedication to one’s craft. right down to the rice. from picking out tuna at the fish market auctions to proper techniques of massaging an octopus. Gelb explores the Japanese tradition of shokunin kishitsu. or. The film celebrates the art of sushi but also centers itself upon the importance of family. tradition and hard work.28. A basement eatery in Ginza Tokyo with 10 stools. The film’s score is a combination of classical selections from Mozart and Bach and modern orchestral pieces by Philip Glass and Max Richter who are known for their minimal and repetitive qualities which beautifully complement Jiro’s methods. Jiro’s methods require years of practice and can take his apprentices nearly a decade of repetitious practice to win his approval. jApAneSe AmeriCAn hiSToriCAL SoCieTy of SAn diego (jAhSSd). Gelb reveals the complicated relationship between Jiro and his two sons Takashi and yoshikazu.

the 12th annual san diego asian film festival 45 .

Special Jury Award. Danny tags along Goh’s roadtrip to Seattle and Los Angeles. With an idea to shoot a shoestring budget movie with a very simple story. but also the skeptics. Chadd Stoops Director Dave Boyle and cast will be in attendance with live performance by Goh Nakamura. Free after-party following Q&A at Hard Rock Cafe.Centerpiece Film suRRogate valentine diRecTOR Dave Boyle produCerS Gary Chou. Lynn Chen. Boyle offered Goh the role to play himself in SURROGATE vALENTINE (entitled after one of his songs). – Mye Hoang Preceded by: ViA TexT USA | ENGLISH | 10 MINS | vIDEO DIRECTOR Abe Forman-Greenwald A relationship conflict unfolds entirely through text messages between sparring partners. Audience Award. The filmmaker was a fan of Goh’s music – Goh didn’t believe him at first – and the two struck up a friendship sharing stories about life on the road as artists. Duane Andersen. director Dave Boyle kept running into San Francisco musician Goh Nakamura who was also touring from city to city. forcing him to confront his unrequited crush. giVing BACK mAgAzine Sunday Oct. 7:00pm USA | ENGLISH | 75 MINS | vIDEO | 2011 While traveling the globe with his previous film White on Rice (SDAFF ’09 Audience Award Winner). Boyle’s latest serves as a cinematic valentine for not only the romantics. Michael Lerman cAST Goh Nakamura. and most of all for the artists everywhere struggling through life to do what they love. Despite Goh’s introverted tendencies and Danny’s annoying chatterbox nature. When a filmmaker friend asks him to teach guitar lessons to Tv star Danny Turner (Chadd Stoops) for his upcoming movie role. One of the best independent films of the year.23. San Francisco Int’l Asian American Film Festival Best Actor. 801 4th Avenue. The romantic comedy starts in San Francisco and follows Goh as he barely scrapes by playing live gigs and teaching guitar. Dallas Int’l Film Festival Co-preSenTed By: VoiCe of SAn diego. Goh reluctantly takes on the task for a small paycheck. Shot in black and white with elegant rhythm. Wanting to study his every move. the unlikely duo embark on a comical adventure. Boyle navigates an amiable road movie with outstanding natural performances from Chen. 46 the 12th annual san diego asian film festival . newcomer Stoops and of course leading man Goh Nakamura. Danny even ends up being helpful to Goh’s career and maybe even his love life when Goh’s high school flame Rachel (Lynn Chen) shows up.

the 12th annual san diego asian film festival 47 .

most pissed-off gangster is ready to kill all who stand in his way. and fears. this time as its women’s soccer team won the hearts of fans around the globe in a nail-biter that brought the World Cup trophy to Japan for the first time. 25. 22. the 12th annual san diego asian film festival . the win showed the world a different side of Japan’s struggle: one of resilience and sportsmanship. 4:00pm Oct. 7:45pm Oct. 21. These films range from the endearing to the irreverent. transforming the lives of a single mom and her adorable son. and characters that reflect the effervescence of the Japanese culture. 66) Directed by yoshihiro Nakamura Oct. shimmering take on infatuation in a time of rock ‘n roll. fuLLmeTAL ALChemiST: The SACred STAr of miLoS (pg. 8:00pm Oct. 2:00pm Takashi Miike brings us Rantaro and other ninja apprentices battling at an elite ninjutsu academy. 25. 9:10pm In this second film developed from the everpopular anime series. the San Diego Asian Film Festival wants to continue to spotlight Japan. the whole world watched Japan. 79) Oct. 7:00pm A 19th century samurai magically appears in modern Tokyo. 7:45pm Haruki Murakami’s novel becomes a sumptuous. That’s the spirit of Japan assuming our bodies and willing us to cheer. sweat. ninjA KidS!!! (pg. In its own way. 20. Noon Oct. 48 jiro dreAmS of SuShi (pg. values. 27. A Boy And hiS SAmurAi (pg. 23. 44) Directed by David Gelb Oct. not by highlighting struggle. 74) Directed by kazuya Murata Oct.Spotlight on Japan In March of this year. In July of this year. houSe of The riSing Sun (pg. hopes. yAKuzA weApon (pg. the delectable to the dangerous. 68) Directed by Sion Sono Oct. Support from all nations and peoples relieved many of the financial and pragmatic difficulties. 7:00pm (Closing Night Film) An 85-year-old sushi master in Tokyo brings passion to perfecting his life work in a worldrenowned restaurant. the world’s deadliest. 91) Directed by Tran Anh Hung Oct. the whole world watched Japan again. 9:45pm Parents find their troublesome daughter work at a fish store but soon discover the horrific truth of the store’s owners. 90) Directed by Takashi Miike Oct. 10:00pm Oct. 5:30pm Past meets present in these five short films from Japan and Japanese America. chuckle. and cinema has a way of spreading that culture across borders in the visceral immediacy of picture and sound. Culture has a way of capturing a society’s contradictions. 22. 5:10pm Oct. That’s not just the power of movies. Tragedies of historic proportions compounded one after another in previously unfathomable ways. sneer. 22. and even water at the mouth. This October. but by showcasing the diversity of stories. 28. norwegiAn wood (pg. the Elric Brothers get involved in the rebellion of the Milos people. 23. These stories will make you cry. 121) Directed by Tak Sakaguchi Oct. CoLd fiSh (pg. 10:00pm With a machine gun arm and rocket launcher leg. 24. 22. 28. styles. while political tremors continued to rock a nation in healing mode.

the 12th annual san diego asian film festival 49 .

Though beginning humbly on the UCSD campus. a Dukes of Hazzard actor. Dustin Nguyen. San Diego locations are conveniently located. Cinematographers R. 62) doesn’t take San Diego as a generic American city or even a generic Asian American one. Enter UCSD-alum Byron Q. the ethnically-diverse San Diego reaped the benefits of some Asian-themed productions. Emmy/Genie-winning vic Sarin twice used San Diego for his Tv films: 1996’s Hearts Adrift and 1995’s Texas-set Wounded Heart. in the 1990s. and especially Balboa Park. the Gaslamp district.J. In the process though. respectively. Which is what makes Byron Q’s BANG BANG all the more exciting. spent seven weeks in San Diego shooting the 3 Ninjas knock-off Black Belt Angels. In a city where the rich brush with the notso-rich. though by BRIAN HU Francisco and Taipei. Lozada and Sean Marc Lee (who shot the luminous short HUAN DAO in this year’s fest) are now working in San 50 the 12th annual san diego asian film festival . kashmir-born. San Diego doubled in some scenes of the Pearl Harbor attack in the US-Japan coproduction Tora! Tora! Tora! (1970) Later. Rather. many of whom passed through the classrooms of legendary filmmaker Jean-Pierre Gorin. Wong Fu Productions has become the single most influential force in Asian American media production. and Philip Wang – better known as Wong Fu Productions – whose 2006 campus-set short Yellow Fever is now a viral legend. The Tv film-turned-Tv series Vanishing Son (1994-5). UCSD. Chi kim. started to turn out creative. Filmmakers take advantage of the city’s many ecological and historical resources: the beach. something was going on in another part of La Jolla. as much of Hollywood and American television was outsourced to Canada. In 2003. in addition to the usual San Diego locales. Russell Wong returned to San Diego to film the pilot of the San Francisco-set Black Sash. unleashed a merchandise line. which featured not just Wong but other familiar Asian American faces (Ming-na Wen. it jumps right into the thick of the ethnic logic and social fabric of the city as it’s lived by everyday Asian Americans there. which takes advantage of another San Diego treasure: its biotechnology. vivian Wu. Chi Muoi Lo) filmed San Diego as Los Angeles and other parts of the American South. Jy-Ah Min has travelled the world with her 2010 feature M/F Remix. which has no shortage of Asian American students. reared on the French New Wave and Tupac Shakur. In 1994. But more on that later. The film’s Campbell Center. tech-savvy. His feature debut BANG BANG (pg. The trio has since released the feature A Moment With You (SDAFF ’06). professor in UCSD’s Department of visual Arts. was none other than La Jolla’s Neurosciences Institute. two of which starred the then-omnipresent Russell Wong. and teamed up with Far East Movement to forge the multi-city concert series International Secret Agents. Taiwanese American parachute kids hang the production moved to vancouver as soon as it was picked up by the WB. Ted Fu. produced countless shorts and music videos. which playfully documents the curious stasis of Southern California’s Asian American youth living in disjointed time. that facility where psychiatrists dive into the secret mental maps of psychopath killers. which features a former Miss USA. Tamlyn Tomita. Ngor. and a swarm of progeny of semi-famous karate and taekwondo practitioners. In five years. UCSD’s most famous Asian American filmmakers are undoubtedly Wesley Chan. And given its proximity to Hollywood. Around the same time. and ambitious filmmakers.From Tora! Tora! Tora! to Bang Bang Asian and Asian American filmmaking in San Diego is a lot like most of the productions in the nation’s seventh-largest city. Haing S. yet not as overexposed as the usual LA haunts like Griffith Park or Rodeo Drive. another Asian American filmmaker. With its military resources and geographic convenience. Wong Fu’s outlook is now national (and international with their One Days HK series) and San Diego no longer plays a significant role in their productions. or it becomes a stand-in for a better known city or place. Far more memorable is Tarsem Singh’s The Cell (2000). San Diego is often made into a generic city without an identity.

They knew how to borrow (or steal) locations that outsiders wouldn’t have access to. because he and his cast and crew lived in San Diego. Each side becomes curious about the other’s way of life and the ensuing drama is distinct to the geographies of ethnicity and class in contemporary San Diego. the spirit of San Diego Asian Americans has been captured on film from the ground up. But for the first time. The characters and situations are true because San Diego was the filmmakers’ home.out and cause havoc with vietnamese American gang members. and the scale of the Ocean Beach Pier. and in doing so. but the look and feel comes from the homes of Mira Mesa and Clairemont Mesa. the BANG BANG team could take advantage of a film-friendly city and the helpful local film commission. Many of the themes resonate with other cities on the West Coast. the 12th annual san diego asian film festival 51 . they knew niche spots and they knew how the city breathed. While creating a quintessentially San Diego film wasn’t Byron Q’s intention. Like their predecessors from Hollywood. ironically. can speak to audiences of all cities. Many thanks to Katie Outlaw of the San Diego Film Commission. They knew how to talk to local gang members to give the film authenticity. the texture of Convoy. and to Byron Q and James Bak for their insights.

52 the 12th annual san diego asian film festival . TO WHOM IT MAy CONCERN: kA SHEN’S JOURNEy (pg. the San Diego Asian Film Festival is proud to present Nancy kwan with a Lifetime Achievement Award. In honor of her work. Since then. a beautiful young dancer from Hong kong became one of the first Asian American leading ladies in Hollywood. she has appeared in more than 55 films and television shows. 114) on Monday. The public is invited to meet Nancy kwan at a free screening of a documentary about her life.Nancy Kwan Fifty years ago. Charismatic and charming. October 24 at 4:00PM. Nancy kwan quickly rose to stardom through her groundbreaking roles in The World of Suzie Wong and Flower Drum Song.

too. to the hottest must-know artists and actors. We have TGIFree Fridays every Friday (and surprise giveaways midweek.Are you ready for fall? Check out what’s new at AudreyMagazine. to can’t-miss restaurants and recipes. Happenings From film and TV premieres. we keep you in the loop on Asian! Free Giveaways Win amazing goodies and tickets to the hottest events. so check back often)! Behind the Scenes Want to know what happened behind the glitz and glamour of our photo shoots? Our online recap has exclusive videos and outtakes. Don’t miss out! Go to now! .

but gets in a car accident involving yi-kyung (Lee yo-won) that intertwines their fates – and their bodies and souls! See how it all starts in episode one of SBS’s 49 DAyS. check out DigiFest. that’s your head getting faint at the thought of Bae Su-bin setting the screen on fire with that solemn. yes. No. because you’ll be at home watching the rest of the series with English subtitles on DramaFever. – Brian Hu direCTor Jo young-kwang CAST Lee yo-won. SDAFF is proud to present this year’s hit korean drama 49 DAyS in eye-popping high-definition on the big screen! yes. those are your tear ducts automatically firing off at the thought of Lee yo-won baring her soul on screen in what’s sure to be another award-winning role. Then. Nam Gyu-ri. Bae Su-bin Co-preSenTed By: mneT SponSored By: 54 the 12th annual san diego asian film festival . we’re not kidding when we say that this is a supernatural romantic comedy about adorable Ji-hyun (Nam Gyu-ri) set to marry the most perfect fiancé (Bae Su-bin). 4:00pm 49 daYs (ePisode 1) SOUTH kOREA | kOREAN WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES 65 MINS | vIDEO | 2011 In collaboration with DramaFever. And while you’re there. that’s your heart pounding at the thought of superstar Nam Gyu-ri projected bigger than life. SDAFF and DramaFever’s landmark online festival of the best in Asian American cinema – free until December 31.27. clear the schedule for the rest of the week. 2011.FREE! Thursday Oct. yes. sexy stare.

the aBC’s of aBdC (ameRiCa’s Best danCe CReW) Saturday Oct.Com the 12th annual san diego asian film festival 55 . Enjoy an intimate panel discussion with contestants of MTv’s America’s Best Dance Crew (ABDC) and members of the LxD as they talk about their experience on the show and in the industry. Scheduled to appear are members of America’s Best Dance Crew Season 6 grand winners. artists now have a platform to catapult to rock star-esque levels and inspire a new generation of dancers. Due to increasing accessibility and the mainstream success of shows like MTv’s America’s Best Dance Crew and the online-driven The LxD (The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers). Music video directors and industry professionals will also be on hand to chime in on the evolving integration of dance in the film and television industry. 22.ME Crew and Season 6 Finalists Instant Noodles Crew along with Shelby Rabara (The Dark Nurse) from the LxD: The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers. 12:15pm 90 MINS Dance has become an integral part of Asian American youth culture.AM. I. AngryASiAnmAn. More panelists to be announced. uniting the community in a unique and expressive way. moderATed By: phiL yu.

Zhang Jingchu. 2010 Asian Pacific Screen Awards Co-preSenTed By: ChineSe SChooL of SAn diego. Hours after the earthquake. and to save one means to crush the other to death. but survival. And yet their resilience mounts to one of the most powerful and uplifting works of family drama China has ever seen. In choosing. She also sets on a life of emotional abandonment the other child who miraculously survives and who heard every word of the mother’s sacrifice. Chen Daoming Best Film. AFTERSHOCk is not about the disaster but about the cracks that continue to rupture a family in the decades that follow. AFTERSHOCk is a Titanic-sized work of collective mourning for a nation reeling from recent earthquakes. long the most popular director on the mainland. Director Feng xiaogang. But AFTERSHOCk is not about death. which the film depicts in uncompromising detail. epoCh TimeS SponSored By: 56 the 12th annual san diego asian film festival . a mother (played by xu Fan in a spine-tingling performance) is told that below the rubble are her son and daughter. when the Great Tangshan Earthquake leveled cities and became arguably the world’s deadliest natural disaster of the 20th century. AFTERSHOCk takes its audience back to 1976. Cleverly evading PRC censors sensitive to depictions of modern suffering. As its title implies. 2:00pm Monday Oct. goes beyond his usual comedic populism and creates a life-affirming cinematic epic. 24. 7:00pm CHINA | MANDARIN WITH ENGLISH AND CHINESE SUBTITLES | 135 MINS | 35MM | 2010 afteRshoCK Shattering domestic box office records and unleashing torrents of tears.Saturday Oct. 22. – Brian Hu direCTor Feng xiaogang CAST xu Fan. she sets off a life of guilt for her and the child she saves.

AMPHETAMINE explores love in Hong kong’s fast lane. a high-octane color palette. stylized visual portrait full of panoramic views. After several adrenaline-laced adventures. – Michael Chen Michael Rozzen SponSored By: the 12th annual san diego asian film festival 57 . David falls for kafka and pursues him aggressively. 2010 Hong Kong International Film Festival ADULTS ONLy – CONTAINS STRONG SExUAL CONTENT Co-preSenTed By: guyS LiKe uS. and Scud’s unique brand of cinematography. Thomas Price. 2010 Berlin Film Festival Closing Night Film.amPhetamine Thursday Oct. as the speed limits of passion are tested. Quickly. 9:00pm HONG kONG | CANTONESE AND ENGLISH WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES | 97 MINS | vIDEO | 2010 As swimming instructor expert kafka (Byron Pang) is breaking up with his girlfriend at a Hong kong cafe. direCTor Scud CAST Byron Pang. their addiction to love proves just as dangerous as the drugs they use to explore their relationship. a finance hotshot in the city on business. Anchored by two convincing lead performances. Winnie Leung Panorama Competition. even when kafka tell him he’s straight and they can never be together. their love for each other grows despite the hurdles. Long yAng CLuB of Sd known for themes usually deemed too controversial for Hong kong cinema – including gay nudity – filmmaker Scud (aka Danny Cheng Wan-Cheung) paints a striking. Ultimately. he shares a lingering glance with handsome David (Thomas Price). including kafka’s drug addiction and mental afflictions. 28.

feeling neglected and unloved by his owner. and how we tend to destroy each other. PHOTOGRAPHy DIRECTOR Lily Sun A girl struggles to revive her beloved dead dog. Sour: Tone of eVerydAy DIRECTORS Avner Geller and Stevie Lewis A washed-up detective’s imagination runs wild as he tries to solve the most critical case of his career.Sunday Oct. and sheer vigour. handdrawn animation. what we fight for. decides to leave his rotten home in search of a better one. enriQue wreCKS The worLd USA | 4 MINS | 2010 | 2D TRADITIONAL How do you coax life out of thin air? Find out in this program dedicated entirely to the magical art of animation. STOPMOTION DIRECTOR Masashi kawamura A global music video shot entirely using webcams by fans of the Japanese band Sour. 26. 2:30pm Wednesday Oct. defeCTiVe deTeCTiVe USA | 4 MINS | 2011 | CG DIRECTOR Sam Chen Seth and Maria are addicted to marijuana and they will stop at nothing to keep getting high. a motley crew of RUBBUDS embark on an unforgettable journey of ecstasy. 58 the 12th annual san diego asian film festival . SeTh And mAriA USA | 4 MINS | 2011 | CG. David Chai. new digS SOUTH AFRICA | 2 MINS | 2010 | CG DIRECTOR David Chai Enrique learns the hard way that actions speak louder than birds! guArd dog gLoBAL jAm! DIRECTOR Martin Sen A little hamster. 75 different artists combined their talents (and styles) for this crazy-quilt remake of an Oscar-nominated short. SOME MATURE CONTENT Cast and crew scheduled to attend. Co-preSenTed By: ArT inSTiTuTe. 6:30pm 87 MINS animation: the illusion of life deATh By LemonAde CANADA | 2 MINS | 2010 | 2D TRADITIONAL dAiSy USA | 2 MINS | 2010 | MIxED MEDIA DIRECTOR kyu-Bum Lee A little girl running a lemonade stand has a run in with Death.23. etc. ruBBudS JAPAN | 4 MINS | 2009 | LIvE ACTION. Perry Chen. USA | 8 MINS | 2010 | 2D TRADITIONAL DIRECTOR Erick Oh An exploration into the meaning of life. aliveness. heArT USA | 3 MINS | 2009 | CG DIRECTOR Jan Chen On a boring night. Vigour CANADA | 2 MINS | 2011 | 2D TRADITIONAL DIRECTOR Rohitash Rao A little girl learns the dire consequences of pulling petals off a daisy. SKeTChi CANADA | 3 MINS | 2010 | 2D TRADITIONAL WORLDWIDE | 5 MINS | 2011 | vARIOUS DIRECTORS Bill Plympton. pLATT CoLLege DIRECTOR Chang Dai A celebration of joyful movement.

no more QueSTionS USA | 4 MINS | 2011 | 2D TRADITIONAL DIRECTOR Rauch Brothers Based on a real-life interview for StoryCorps. this animated short is inspired by the flying fish of Orchid Island in Taiwan. the 12th annual san diego asian film festival 59 . The LoST Thing AUSTRALIA | 15 MINS | 2010 | CG DIRECTOR Shaun Tan and Andrew Ruhemann 2011 Academy Award Winner for Best Animated Short. The LighThouSe USA | 7 MINS | 2010 | 2D TRADITIONAL DIRECTOR Po Chou Chi A poignant story about a father’s undying support of his son and his dreams.LiBAngBAng USA | 5 MINS | 2010 | 2D TRADITIONAL DIRECTOR Chia-Chi Tseng Through the lens of poetry. who escaped prison to find safety in South korea. kay Wang takes her son and granddaughter down memory lane before her death a few weeks later. A boy finds a strange creature on a beach and decides to find a home for it in a world where everyone believes there are far more important things to pay attention to. A purpLemAn SOUTH kOREA | 13 MINS | 2010 | STOPMOTION DIRECTOR Tak Hoon kim Based on the true story of North korean defector Hyuck kim.

kim has brought the discussion to the present. UC Berkeley. CSuSm ApifSA (ASiAn pACifiC iSLAnder fACuLTy STAff ASSoCiATion). Over twenty years have passed. demographics. interrogating not only more recent Hollywood representations. 23. Preceded by: SLAying The drAgon: reLoAded USA | ENGLISH | 30 MINS | vIDEO | 2011 DIRECTOR Elaine H. and became a staple of Asian American classes around the country. and the internet. University of San Diego) Co-preSenTed By: Audrey mAgAzine. kIM (Professor. so too do representations and opportunities for Asian American actresses to hone and showcase their art.asian ameRiCan Women in hollYWood and BeYond Sunday Oct. and famed UC Berkeley professor Elaine H. uCSd women’S CenTer 60 the 12th annual san diego asian film festival . Asian American actresses have had a continued presence in cinema. 12:30pm 90 MINS Since the days of Anna May Wong. The Trouble with Romance) ELAINE S. As technologies. kim Deborah Gee’s seminal documentary Slaying the Dragon (1988) broke down the stereotypes of Asian American women into dragon ladies and lotus blossoms. We’re Open. and audiences transform. Ethnic Studies. but also Asian American self-representations on film. pAneLiSTS: LyNN CHEN (Saving Face. Surrogate Valentine) SHEETAL SHETH (Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World. Slaying the Dragon: Reloaded) moderATed By: Leeva Chung (Professor. from icons of the Orient to Oscarnominated actresses to directors and producers behind the camera. Director/Writer. This panel brings together a legendary professor of Asian American Studies and two actresses who have become familiar faces in film and Tv – and who will star together in next year’s Yes. Communication Studies. Tv.


both Justin and Charlie become embroiled in a conflict that will change both of their lives forever. 28. 2011 Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival CONTAINS STRONG LANGUAGE AND vIOLENCE Director Byron Q and the cast are scheduled to attend. 7:20pm USA | ENGLISH | 99 MINS | vIDEO | 2010 Bang Bang Justin (Thai Ngo) is a troubled teenage gang member who runs away from home after a fight with his mother. 8:40pm Friday Oct. Shot locally in San Diego.Friday Oct. SDAFF ’08) and Jessika van as Justin’s love interest. When the murder of a fellow gang member ignites a violent street war. the film brings hard-hitting authenticity to its characterizations and situations in a way that will stay with you long after the credits have rolled. In this astonishing feature film debut. his best friend Charlie (David Huynh). Despite a real desire to pursue a career in music. despite his wealthy upbringing. director Byron Q has crafted a tale that deftly balances gritty realism with stylized visuals in a manner that transcends the “gangsta movie” genre. Not just authentic in its depiction of life on the streets. Co-preSenTed By: myx TV.21. Jessika van Best First Film. the film also features outstanding performances from hip hop artist Thai Ngo in the lead role. gang life has trapped Justin in a world he cannot escape. – Gene Huh direCTor Byron Q CAST Thai Ngo. has become completely infatuated with the gangster lifestyle and seeks a way in. uCSd ALumni SAn diego CLuB 62 the 12th annual san diego asian film festival . Conversely. David Huynh (Baby. David Huynh.


house with his grad student wife. so he goofballs his way through the audition and somehow lands a role as a comedic sidekick. Shot by Omi’s old college buddies. 3 Idiots. 3:00pm Wednesday Oct. BIG IN BOLLyWOOD is one of those can’t-make-this-up star-is-born tales with a comedic twist. Omi can’t really speak Hindi. Then fate comes knocking. dance. BIG IN BOLLyWOOD follows Omi as he travels to India for the premiere of the film. A major Bollywood studio rolls into town to cast a supporting role in an upcoming film starring Aamir khan. What they discover is beyond any of their imaginations. mows his own lawn. – Brian Hu Preceded by: i wAnT To Be A deSi CANADA | ENGLISH | 6 MINS | vIDEO | 2010 direCTorS kenny Meehan and Bill Bowles produCerS Tyler MacNiven and Matt McCroskey Filmmakers scheduled to attend Oct. and struggles to make his dreams come true as an actor – no small task for an Indian American in a white-majority industry. The film skyrockets to the top of the box office. 22. Audience Award.A. 7:30pm USA | ENGLISH AND HINDI | 70 MINS | vIDEO | 2011 Big in BollYWood Omi vaidya is an ordinary Angelino. a titan of the Bombay film industry.Saturday Oct. bus getaways. 22 screening. 26. He lives in a plain L. is swept away by the Bollywood typhoon. 2011 Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles DIRECTOR Allan Tong Roger finds a fix for his mixed-race quandary: become a desi! 64 the 12th annual san diego asian film festival . and is expected to deliver publicity speeches and present at award shows in a language he barely understands. and of course. A uniquely Asian American story about being an outsider in both Asia and America. becoming the highest-grossing film in India’s history. Thing is. and suddenly the California son is mobbed by the world’s most feverish movie lovers. featuring red carpet crashing.

8:00pm $10 GENERAL | FREE FOR PASSHOLDERS | FREE FOR GUEST LIST kick off opening weekend of the Festival with our annual party celebrating the deadly but delicious fusion of music and video. dance the night away and enjoy the latest music video premieres from the best in the Asian American indie music scene. Featuring pioneer video mash-up DJ Mike Relm.BloWfish: an inteRseCtion of sights and sounds Friday Oct. Cast and crew for films scheduled to attend. GASLAMP SponSored By: the 12th annual san diego asian film festival 65 . For guest list consideration. sign up for a FREE account on www. More acts and special guests to be announced. 21. 335 SIxTH with “BLOWFISH” in subject line. vENUE: CULy WAREHOUSE. Party will be the official after-celebration for Friday night film premieres of kNOTS and BANG BANG. Free admission available for those on the guest and send confirmation of registration to blowfish@sdaff.

27. Not long after. 2011 Fantastic Fest West Coast Premiere Co-preSenTed By: LighThouSe mAgAzine. played by Japan Tv star Ryo Nishikido. it is audience-pleasing without dumbing down.22. A BOy AND HIS SAMURAI recently won the Audience Award at the New york Asian Film Festival and it is easy to see why. 66 the 12th annual san diego asian film festival . After they enter a highly competitive cake contest together. 7:00pm JAPAN | JAPANESE WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES | 109 MINS | vIDEO | 2010 In this entertaining and enchanting tale. their world turns upside down – kajima is discovered by a top upscale restaurant. moChi CAfe. and learns to master every domestic duty from laundry to dishes. Then through Tomoya’s fondness for custard. – Mye Hoang direCTor yoshihiro Nakamura CAST Ryo Nishikido. While mom is making progress up the chain at her work. 2011 New York Asian Film Festival Audience Award. proVen inC. the boy and the samurai stay home and master the art of pastry-making. even claiming that the custard must be from the heavens. 7:45pm Thursday Oct. Rie Tomosaka Audience Award. although not seriously believing yet that he has time-traveled. this endearing and visually appetizing box-office hit with strong family values is not one to miss. kajima makes a profound discovery. BuddhiST TempLe of SAn diego. ends up being “spirited away” to present day Tokyo where he is understandably lost and confused. and an opportunity he can’t refuse threatens to tear the family dynamic apart. as yusa repeatedly works late at the office. Among all the choices in this year’s Japan Spotlight. jApAneSe AmeriCAn hiSToriCAL SoCieTy of SAn diego (jAhSSd). SAn diego jApAneSe AmeriCAn CiTizenS LeAgue (jACL). kajima steps into the role of a surrogate father. With sincere lead performances and a heartfelt storyline that also touches on the role of women in modern Japanese society. Anime Conji. Single-mom yusa and her 6-year-old son Tomoyo take in the lost samurai and offer food and shelter.a BoY and his samuRai Saturday Oct. Fuku Suzuki. an Edo-period samurai named kajima.

loyalties to be breached.25. Many will die. Those left standing will go on to build the Taiwan we know today. how to tell a history. Co-preSenTed By: TAiwAneSe AmeriCAn CommuniTy CenTer After the second world war. daring to be the first work of mass culture to address the infamous “228 Incident” and daring to remind the political dissidents and conservative stalwarts alike that in the end. SHANGHAINESE. And then there is the deaf youngest brother. Li Tian-lu Golden Lion. – Brian Hu the 12th annual san diego asian film festival 67 . played by the great Hong kong actor Tony Leung Chiu-wai. there is money to be made. It also changed the course of Taiwanese political history. rewriting the rules of how to shoot violence. political possibility. 1989 Venice Film Festival Presented in a new 20th anniversary 35mm print. In this moment of confusion. and hope. direCTor Hou Hsiao-hsien CAST Tony Leung Chiu-wai. The younger generation is released of Japan’s colonial grip. Chen Song-young. and how to stage a shot. MANDARIN. a nation that suffers together will cry together. who has no voice but can be the quiet observer. the moral rock of family. and most humane. 7:30pm FREE! TAIWAN | TAIWANESE. a patriarch and his sons are torn by economic gain. and social inertia.a CitY of sadness Tuesday Oct. love. This is cinema at its most challenging. AND CANTONESE WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES | 159 MINS | 35MM | 1989 Recently named the greatest Chinese-language film of all time by the Golden Horse Film Festival. and languages to be learned. but is now lost in the dizzying centripetal forces of the transition from one colonizer to another: the kuomintang government from the mainland. Hou Hsiao-hsien’s A CITy OF SADNESS is a monument of world cinema by any measure. JAPANESE.

and all of their other scantily-clad female sales workers. and family can sometimes cross paths and reveal ugly truths. murder. but there is no fire in the marriage. 21. His wife (played by Megumi kagurazaka) may be hot. Megumi kagurazaka ADULTS ONLy – CONTAINS ExTREME vIOLENCE AND SExUAL SITUATIONS Co-preSenTed By: fiLm SChooL ConfidenTiAL. 9:45pm JAPAN | JAPANESE WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES | 144 MINS | vIDEO | 2010 SDAFF ExTREME Cold fish Conflicts in most family dramas are resolved through patience and civility. Most family dramas are not directed by Sion Sono. a strange proposition: Murata asks that Mitsuko live and work with him. In this masterwork. and other very perverted and disturbing acts. 10:00pm Friday Oct. A special SDAFF Extreme selection. Anime Conji SponSored By: mediA ArTS CenTer SAn diego DIRECTOR Jennifer Thym 68 the 12th annual san diego asian film festival . CinemA junKie. where the line between blood. yet are an unavoidable part of the fabric of everyday life. disturbed path to confronting family dysfunction. which leads her to getting caught by another fish shop owner. Murata. Sono reminds us that the dark and depraved are often unnoticed. Sono takes the most twisted. Thus begins a strange relationship between two men that leads to a downward spiral of adultery. Then. 28. his wife (Asuka kurosawa). sexuality.Friday Oct. socially-repressed family man (Mitsuru Fukikoshi) runs a small tropical fish shop. A stressed-out. which for him is less a social ill than a reflection of the darkest tendencies of the human condition. – Phillip Lorenzo Preceded by: BLoodTrAffiCK HONG kONG AND AUSTRIA | ENGLISH | 11 MINS | vIDEO | 2011 direCTor Sion Sono CAST Mitsuru Fukikoshi. Compounding his stress is a daughter who is starting to act out in criminal ways. COLD FISH is a classic Sion Sono film reminiscent of previous works like Suicide Club and Noriko’s Dinner Table. With COLD FISH. Denden. Asuka kurosawa.

And sex. 5:15pm SOUTH kOREA | kOREAN WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES | 79 MINS | vIDEO | 2011 direCTor Hong Sang-soo CAST yu Jun-sang. strange women who clearly like him. And awkwardness that shows how quickly men will crack when properly inebriated and when placed in the same room together. which Hong started to develop in his last masterpiece Hahaha. knowing that this is a Hong Sang-soo film. Is Sungjoon reliving the same arrival? Is it still the day he arrived? Is the butterfly effect playing tricks on us? Or are Sungjoon’s days and encounters with people all so random. But we. kim Sang-jung CONTAINS MATURE CONTENT Official Selection.the daY he aRRives Saturday Oct. know better. 26. And tears. 6:00pm Tuesday Oct. fans he doesn’t remember the names of. Sungjoon. Hong is able to play with structure to explore new themes in each. repetitive. runs into a curious cast of characters: some old colleagues. In Seoul. an erstwhile filmmaker. Nobody shoots soju banter better than Hong Sang-soo. kim Bo-kyung.22. And of course there will be drinking. waitresses who look like ex-lovers. collaborators who want nothing to do with him. situations start reoccurring in uncanny ways. Partway through the easy-going minutiae of DAy HE ARRIvES. 2011 Cannes Film Festival West Coast Premiere Co-preSenTed By: SAn diego ArThouSe moVieS SponSored By: yoo Sungjoon (yu Jun-sang) has just arrived in Seoul from the countryside and tells us through voiceover that he’s just passing through and that he’s going to see a friend and take it easy. – Brian Hu the 12th annual san diego asian film festival 69 . and even though his films all have the same basic subject matter. Un Certain Regard. and strange that this could simply be the daze of his drunken stupor? The Groundhog Day-type repetitions become a lovely (though deliciously awkward) rumination on chance and love.

to focus on how everyday economic realities and cultural change are transforming the agricultural landscape in China and beyond. WHAT’S FOR DINNER goes beyond the “save the environment” slogans (which the government spits as readily as any NGOs). but a city cacophony: men collapsing in the streets. pigs running loose. China is on the brink of implosion and humanity is put to the test. The film is shot on digital yet looks like grainy 16mm. But DISORDER isn’t just urban violence. This is no city symphony. you can call it “one of the most mesmerizing films I’ve seen in ages.” as Hua Hsu wrote in The Atlantic. The streets are alive with the absurd.Thursday Oct. Disorder turns to dehumanization. murky water flooding to the knees. But none of that gets to the sheer poetic force of how director Huang Weikai has assembled images and sounds of a city at a boiling point. The film’s Chinese title (“Now is the future of the past”) gets to the odd sense of time and history coming to a head and exploding. The chaos builds to the point of no return. It’s Sidney Lumet reporting from the future. and an ominous blimp floating above like a dead fish in an aquarium. the demand for meat in the world’s most populous country puts pressure on environmental sustainability. It’s the preindustrial meeting the post-apocalypse. 5:20pm CHINA | MANDARIN WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES | 58 MINS | vIDEO | 2009 disoRdeR you can call it a Chinese city symphony. It’s also an artful invective on a world spinning out of control. 25. 70 the 12th annual san diego asian film festival . – Brian Hu Preceded by: whAT’S for dinner? CHINA AND USA | JIANGxI DIALECT WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES | 33 MINS | vIDEO | 2011 direCTor Huang Weikai produCer Li Jiuchu DIRECTOR Jian yi As food habits become a sign of social status.

To serves the romantic and comedic charms with signature slickness. men and women work. and others). Hong kong is a city built vertically. and propose.don’t go BReaKing mY heaRt Saturday Oct. 22. Enter the calamitous. steel. and keeps the audience guessing to the final scene. and through the giant windows they stare and spy. – Brian Hu direCTor Johnnie To. fresh off a breakup and a little jaded by love. 5:00pm HONG kONG | CANTONESE AND MANDARIN WITH ENGLISH AND CHINESE SUBTITLES | 115 MINS | 35MM | 2011 A finance executive (Louis koo) is in search for the love that’ll free him from his playboy ways. Gao yuanyuan. but facilitate it. DON’T GO BREAkING My HEART has no obvious good guys and bad guys. flirt. though willing to entertain the idea if the right man comes around. and one of the pleasures of the witty DON’T GO BREAkING My HEART is how it is a true city romance. though anyone who’s seen his heartmelting Needing You… or My Left Eye Sees Ghosts shouldn’t be surprised. where the city’s iron. Lam Suet Opening Night Film. In the city’s giant skyscrapers. famed action director Johnnie To is no slouch. An architect-turned-alcoholic (Daniel Wu) is in search for the inspiration that will unlock his artistry once again. 2011 Hong Kong International Film Festival the 12th annual san diego asian film festival 71 . Even in the romantic comedy genre. As in To’s thrillers. Daniel Wu. innovating with space and expectation. lovable yen (Gao yuanyuan). Wai ka-fai CAST Louis koo. Mad Detective. Collaborating once again with Wai ka-fai (the dynamic directing duo of Vengeance. Or comes up. and glass don’t impede love.

rustic setting. 20. 24. patient strokes the romanticism of floating down a river or rocking in a hammock with the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. Deauville Asian Film Festival. a love that knows no end – that haunts. ETERNITy is achingly romantic. in these everyday rhythms of life. The puzzle of the film.Thursday Oct. ETERNITy captures in long. but to never let go. under the tall trees and beneath the wooden awnings of Wit’s youth. even in the way they breathe in the countryside air when together. Bookending these scenes of youthful tenderness is a ghostly presence that stretches that innocence into infinity. the young couple falls in love. Wanlop Rungkamjad. 8:00pm THAILAND | THAI WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES | 105 MINS | 35MM | 2010 eteRnitY Wit has just brought his schoolteacher fiancé koi to his rural home. 2011 72 the 12th annual san diego asian film festival . Characters don’t have to proclaim their love to each other – it’s palpable in their gentle glances. 2011 Best Film. not to frighten. 7:50pm Monday Oct. In some sense a paean to puppy love. Director Sivaroj kongsakul has worked with other Thai masters of artful romanticism (Pen-ek Rataranuang. Apichatpong Weerasethakul) and with this award-winning debut. Rotterdam International Film Festival. is how to discover. as its title suggests. – Brian Hu direCTor Sivaroj kongsakul CAST Pattraporn Jaturanrassmee. Hong Kong International Film Festival. emerges as perhaps the most romantic of all. 2011 Silver Digital Award. in their playful asides. In this quiet. Namfon Udomlertlak Tiger Award. but it’s as calm as a summer’s afternoon.

whAT’S up in The fuTure! USA | 2 MINS | 2011 DIRECTOR D. and rehearse for some hot first dates. huAn dAo TAIWAN. pArAChuTe KidS USA | 15 MINS | 2011 DIRECTOR Allen Ho With the parents gone. and no puny electric car is going to stop him! the 12th annual san diego asian film festival 73 . USA | 20 MINS | 2011 DIRECTOR Chickie Otani The heart may be young. this is what one man does when he has five minutes left to live. keith and Marion primp. TiCK ToCK USA | 5 MINS | 2011 DIRECTOR Ien Chi In real time and reverse motion. 22. 2:45pm In these shorts. it’s a state of mind.foReveR Young 82 MINS Saturday Oct. shave.B. expoSure USA | 15 MINS | 2011 BoyS And girLS USA | 5 MINS | 2010 DIRECTOR Chris Tipton-king Nerves abound. youth ain’t a number. Christmas isn’t the usual party. TAKe A muLLigAn USA | 10 MINS | 2011 DIRECTOR vince Duque A reset button for bad pickup lines? If only life were like this. Cheng Familiar faces from Quest Crew and kaba Modern battle it out for love. DIRECTOR Michael Sorvino Legendary actor James Hong is back. my nAme iS SeVen USA | 7 MINS | 2011 DIRECTOR Mia Trachinger Jesse realizes there is nothing black and white about governmentenforced vaccinations. but the body has some other ideas… no eV TrouBLe in LiTTLe ChinA USA | 3 MINS | 2011 DIRECTOR Norbert Shieh Two brothers have an unscheduled reunion in their old Taiwan home.

We join Ed and Al as they travel through Table City. rebel against the Cretans and reclaim their land while also discovering the secrets surrounding the city itself. – James Paguyo direCTor kazuya Murata CAST Romi Park. 25. 5:10pm Tuesday Oct. Once Ed and Al discover the Philosopher’s Stone is somewhere in Table City. a circular valley next to the country of Creta. known as the Milos. comedy and a whole lot of action into one film. Maaya Sakamoto Co-preSenTed By: Anime Conji 74 the 12th annual san diego asian film festival . including two mysterious strangers. Murata successfully mixes drama. Set in a fictional universe where alchemy is common practice.fullmetal alChemist: the saCRed staR of milos JAPAN | JAPANESE WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES 110 MINS | vIDEO | 2011 Sunday Oct. brothers Edward and Alphonse Elric search for the Philosopher’s Stone to restore their bodies after a failed attempt to bring their mother back to life through alchemy. but Murata is able to seamlessly blend light-hearted humor throughout to form a satisfying result. The people of Table City. Intense action dominates most of the film. 23. The inclusion of new characters and a separate side story from the anime series make FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST: THE SACRED STAR OF MILOS a must-see experience for hardcore fans as well as newcomers to the series. they must help the Milos people. Rie kugimiya. had their land taken by the Cretans and are forced to live in the valley where they are constantly persecuted. 9:10pm FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST: THE SACRED STAR OF MILOS is the second animated film based off the popular Fullmetal Alchemist manga and anime series.

7:00pm SOUTH kOREA | kOREAN AND kOREAN SIGN LANGUAGE WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES | 144 MINS | 35MM | 2011 Best known for his action and crime thrillers. the team gets a new coach – a hot-tempered champion pitcher Sang-Nam (Jung Jae-young) who took the job to rehabilitate his image after a well-publicized drunken brawl. At each base. meanwhile. believing deaf students have no future in sports. 21. He gradually develops a bond with the kids. veteran director kang Woo-suk hit a homerun at the korean box office with GLOvE. humor. yet for these boys who are treated as outcasts in society. 26. eliminating baseball would take away the one thing that makes them feel “normal. Sang-Nam is rather unenthusiastic about taking on a motley crew of deaf country boys with whom he can barely communicate. It affirms our love for underdog stories while shedding light on a community that is rarely portrayed on film. the young players dream of competing in the national baseball championships. Jang ki-beom. and dignity. familyfriendly sports drama. kim Ho-won Co-preSenTed By: weLLS fArgo. Jaded and unmotivated. an uplifting. The school’s head nun. 7:00pm Wednesday Oct. mNET SponSored By: the 12th annual san diego asian film festival 75 . Though winless. whose rebelliousness reminds Sang-Nam of his own early years. especially a talented young pitcher Myeong-jae (Jang ki-bum). – Lee Ann kim direCTor kang Woo-suk CAST Jung Jae-young.glove Friday Oct. GLOvE is loaded with sentimentality. plans to dissolve the team. yoo Seon. Based on a true story.” Fortuitously. GLOvE centers on a struggling baseball team at a rural school for the hearing-impaired. kim Hye-seong. But their dogged determination to go to nationals begins to win over Sang-Nam.

Saturday Oct. 22, 12:15pm Thursday Oct. 27, 5:30pm

gReat daY

Director Chiu keng Guan’s heartwarming comedy portrays Chinese Malaysian family values against the backdrop of spectacular Malaysia locales and featuring an all-local cast. Displaying both the beauties of the rural Perlis countryside and the capital, kuala Lumpur, the film shows Malaysia’s vibrancy through intersecting stories of Chinese Malaysian families. In the rural Perlis kampong, two older men (called “uncles”) in a retirement home squabble over who has better children. Determined to win the argument, the uncles sneak off to the city to better shove their children’s filial piety in the other uncle’s face. However, one uncle underestimates the different pace of his children’s hectic city lives, and struggles to give his family the caring support they secretly crave but openly disdain. With the help of a widower who inadvertently smuggled the uncles into kuala Lumpur, all of the families learn how to connect to simpler and happier lives. Combining both the tranquility of the country kampong, the bustle of kuala Lumpur, and the Chinese Malaysian family values that weave the two together, the film comically portrays how time and love is a precious commodity in the clash between the modern and the traditional. – Wendy yamamoto

direCTor Chiu keng Guan CAST Wan Wai Fun, Jiang Han, Jack Lim North American Premiere Co-preSenTed By: SingmA CLuB of SAn diego


the 12th annual san diego asian film festival

hello ghost

Sunday Oct. 23, 4:20pm Monday Oct.24, 7:30pm

A box office hit in South korea, HELLO GHOST showcases what korean cinema does best – take a morbid storyline and turn it into a kneeslapping comedy with a dose of melodrama, side order of tears, and a sprinkle of romance. So good, HELLO GHOST is already slated for a U.S. remake by director Chris Columbus (Home Alone, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone). Festival favorite Cha Tae-Hyun from My Sassy Girl (SDAFF ’02) and Scandal Makers (SDAFF ’09) stars as Sang-Man, a depressed lonely young man who is so pathetic he fails at several attempts to end his own life. After waking up in the hospital from a near-death experience, four pesky ghosts enter his life: an old, alcoholic perv; a chain-smoking taxi driver; a weeping woman; and a rambunctious boy with an insatiable sweet tooth. visible to no one else, the annoying spirits follow Sang-Man everywhere he goes until he acquiesces to demands of carrying out their unfinished business. Hoping to get rid of them, Sang-Man allows each ghost to possess his body, forcing him into hilariously awkward situations. Despite the trouble, Sang-Man finds new purpose in living. With his quirky entourage, Cha Tae-Hyun does not disappoint, once again emerging as an endearing, hapless hero whom fans should be dying to see. – Lee Ann kim

direCTor kim young-Tak CAST Cha Tae-Hyun, kang Hye-Won, Lee Moon-Su, ko Chang-Seok Co-preSenTed By: KOREAm mAgAzine, mneT, KoreAn AmeriCAn BAr ASSoCiATion SponSored By:

the 12th annual san diego asian film festival



Wednesday Oct. 26, 4:00pm
USA | ENGLISH | 60 MINS | vIDEO | 2011


North korea is a country under much political scrutiny and debate, but one issue that often gets overlooked is the hundreds of thousands of North koreans who are still enslaved in prison camps in modern day. Those lucky enough to escape often end up in China, despite the threat of repatriation, where third party NGOs offer them assistance at starting a new life in a new country. Starting a new life is not nearly as easy as it seems, however, and an enormous percentage of female refugees are trafficked and sold as sex workers. Justin Wheeler’s HIDING explores this issue as well as the phenomenon of 21st century prison camps in North korea with the help of LiNk’s networks, including the struggle of refugees to escape through a 3,500 mile long underground railroad.

direCTor Justin Wheeler Director Justin Wheeler is scheduled to attend. Co-preSenTed By: LinK (LiBerTy in norTh KoreA). KOREAm mAgAzine SponSored By:


the 12th annual san diego asian film festival

a factory worker. the 12th annual san diego asian film festival 79 . 5:30pm 103 MINS FREE! Past meets present in these shorts from Japan and Japanese America. TSuyAKo JAPAN AND USA | 25 MINS | 2011 DIRECTOR Mitsuyo Miyazaki In postwar Japan. ThiS dreAm of ourS JAPAN | 7 MINS | 2011 DIRECTOR yusuke Sato While in deep meditation. jApAneSe AmeriCAn hiSToriCAL SoCieTy of SAn diego (jAhSSd) SponSored By: hidden BooKS – The ArT of Kumi Korf USA | 30 MINS | 2011 DIRECTOR Sam Hampton One-time aspiring architect finds fame in various artistic disciplines. 20. a Japanese American boy finds a way to see the world in new colors. must decide between duty and love. CONTAINS MATURE CONTENT Co-preSenTed By: BuddhiST TempLe of SAn diego. Tsuyako. an aging poet struggles to write his own death haiku. henry’S gLASSeS USA | 20 MINS | 2010 DIRECTOR Brendan Uegama Despite being locked in an internment of the Rising sun Thursday Oct. The VirTueS of Corned Beef hASh USA | 21 MINS | 2010 DIRECTOR kerwin Berk A young journalist must alter his approach and diet to interview a Nisei war veteran. 4:00pm Monday Oct. 24.

this film beautifully portrays the identity struggles of South Asian LGBT people. Similarly. such as the dubious clinics that specialize in medicine that will “cure” homosexuality.Saturday Oct. Hauntingly framed by Gulati’s own regret that she never came out to her mother before her mother’s death. women’S inTernATionAL CenTer 80 the 12th annual san diego asian film festival . fascinating exploration of the lives of South Asians living inside and outside of India. whose identities are complicated by sexuality. This documentary invites us into the hearts and minds of people whose struggle for social. and the political efforts to overturn punitive colonial laws against homosexuality in India. gays. 5:10pm USA AND INDIA | ENGLISH. we can also marvel at the bravery of a prince. 22. and bisexuals evokes the question “who are you?” Director Sonali Gulati presents multiple faces on this question through stories. Asian Film Festival of Dallas Co-preSenTed By: pfLAg. Throughout this film. Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles Audience Award and Best Documentary Film. who openly proclaims his homosexuality and risks losing his throne rather than hide who he is. cultural. However. SAn diego gAy And LeSBiAn TimeS. Gulati does not shy away from showing us multiple and differing points of view. – Wendy yamamoto direCTor Sonali Gulati Grand Jury Prize for Best Documentary. and political acceptance for lesbians. HINDI WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES 71 MINS | vIDEO | 2010 i am I AM is a bold. such as the tale of two lesbians who were forcibly wrenched apart by one woman’s furious family which cannot accept their love. we learn how to answer the question “who are you?” with the answer I AM.

but not the audiences’ sympathies. with each surprise of creative daring. IN THE FAMILy takes no dramatic shortcuts and makes no compromises. The result is a transcendent experience that. this is a civil rights drama with no miracles. John. with patient and unusual long takes. achieves uncommon dramatic heights. who. Brian Murray North American Premiere Co-preSenTed By: fAmiLy mATTerS. pulls off an unforgettable feat of unflinching filmmaking. IN THE FAMILy is a singular work that kicks convention to the curb: a story set in Tennessee. The CenTer the 12th annual san diego asian film festival 81 . leading to a custody battle that challenges legal conventions. The resulting legal standoff is a thing of incredible sensitivity that never mocks the conservatism of the American South. writer. until a tragedy that leaves Joey to raise Chip on his own. 7:15pm USA | ENGLISH | 169 MINS | 35MM | 2011 Asian American cinema’s most striking debut in years. Trevor St. creeps just beneath the surface. SAn diego gAy And LeSBiAn TimeS. Breakfast is served. That the parents are two men. but rather treats it as a living being constantly in search for the dignity of man. and the young son Chip is whisked off to school. The only miracle perhaps is that the film’s director. and a running time that can only be described as bold. Discrimination. producer. and lead actor is one man. – Brian Hu direCTor Patrick Wang CAST Patrick the familY Monday Oct. Joey (Patrick Wang) and Cody (Trevor St. Out of respect to the reality of struggle. in his debut. thanks to Wang’s stirring performance as a most tender and wise father. but the brilliance of the film and its extraordinarily clever script is how one gay Asian American crusader fights for his son by being the most gentlemanly southern man in the entire film. 24. The film opens on the ordinary daily routines of an ordinary American family. both racial and sexual. Susan kellerman. John) is hardly the point – that is. Patrick Wang.

21. no family is too non-traditional.Com. matriarch Miriam (Illeana Douglas) is three times divorced. Illeana Douglas. Co-preSenTed By: KoreAm mAgAzine. she decides to return home to Hawaii for family support. If things couldn’t get worse. – Eric Lallana direCTor Michael kang wriTer kimberly Rose-Wolter CAST kimberly Rose-Wolter. no relationship too unexpected. delightful 77 minutes. ASiAn reAL eSTATe ASSoCiATion of AmeriCA (AreAA) SponSored By: 82 the 12th annual san diego asian film festival . West 32nd. SDAFF ’05. Mia Riverton North American Premiere Director Michael Kang and cast scheduled to attend. director Michael kang (The Motel. iLoVemuSuBi. for the ties that bind. SDAFF ’07) vibrantly interweaves multiple storylines together in a brisk. and it’s left to Lily to get things on the right track. When eldest daughter Lily (kimberly Rose-Wolter) rejects her boyfriend’s marriage proposal. Lily’s ex-boyfriend kai (Sung kang) enters the picture. with one daughter born from each husband. Sung kang. Their wedding planning business is being run into the ground by Lily’s two half-sisters Twinny (Mia Riverton) and Hoku (Janel Parrish). 6:30pm USA | ENGLISH | 77 MINS | vIDEO | 2011 Knots In the kooky romantic comedy kNOTS. As the title kNOTS implies.Friday Oct. It turns out the family is having wedding troubles of their own. What ensues is a recipe for comical family strife as the daughters finally reach the breaking point of addressing feelings repressed thanks to mom’s poor choices in men. as does a surprise reveal that makes reconciliation no easy matter. With kNOTS.

forces pulled out of the Philippines in 1992. uCSd CroSS-CuLTurAL CenTer SponSored By: ThereSA nguyen-muTh.S. servicemen and Filipina sex workers. 26. which explores the deep psychological consequences of militarization and the universal need for acceptance. 5:30pm PHILLIPPINES | TAGALOG WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES | 80 MINS | vIDEO | 2010 While American sailors left Subic Bay after U. – Lee Ann kim Preceded by: eAST of mAin STreeT USA | 10 MINS | vIDEO | 2010 direCTor Emma Rossi-Landi. 5:30pm Wednesday Oct. Their lives are overshadowed by poverty. At least they are derogatorily labeled Iniwan ng Barko (left by the ship). Over the course of two years. creating a generation of fatherless.S. directors Emma Rossi-Landi and Alberto vendemmiati followed four Filipino Amerasians in pursuit of a better life. their legacies remain on the faces of abandoned offspring.000 children were born to U. social stigma. the 12th annual san diego asian film festival 83 . mixed-race children in limbo.S. citizenship automatically being granted to Amerasian children of U. 23.Ap of The Black Eyed Peas.S. STATe fArm AgenT DIRECTOR Jonathan yi A poor. For the first time these Amerasians are given a voice in LEFT By THE SHIP. Alberto vendemmiati Co-preSenTed By: ASiAn AmeriCAn journALiST ASSoCiATion (AAjA).left BY the shiP Sunday Oct.S. half-African American boy in the Philippines rises above poverty and blindness to international superstardom as Apl. government (despite U. servicemen in other countries). Unable to elude discrimination because of their physical features. and the denial of their basic birthrights by the U. fiLipino AmeriCAn nATionAL hiSToriCAL SoCieTy – SAn diego ChApTer (fAnhS Sd).

Cherie is as refreshing.” or basically alleyway smoke breaks during work. 2011 Hong Kong Film Awards Co-preSenTed By: uniVerSiTy of SAn diego 84 the 12th annual san diego asian film festival . smart. after the government imposed an indoor smoking ban in 2007. Shawn yue Best Screenplay. 7:00pm HONG kONG | CANTONESE WITH ENGLISH AND CHINESE SUBTITLES | 104 MINS | 35MM | 2010 love in a Puff This year’s SDAFF has a plethora of romantic comedies to choose from. The simple premise blossoms into an extremely enjoyable romantic comedy that unlike most Hollywood offerings. they end up exchanging numbers. For festival go-ers who need just one film pick that is sweet. None are as charming and colorful as LOvE IN A PUFF. LOvE IN A PUFF will make even the skeptics out there feel like they’ve been on a romantic rendezvous in Hong kong. Although Cherie is in a relationship. Just be sure to stay long enough into the credits for bonus footage. with camerawork that is loose enough to recall the French New Wave. The film chronicles what happens between the two over the course of the next seven days. and not to mention her awesome purple hair. Cherie (Miriam yeung) is a cosmetics sales girl who has become smoking buddies with a the staff of an ad agency. – Mye Hoang direCTor Pang Ho-cheung CAST Miriam yeung. and sassy. they SMS each other and soon they begin to harbor feelings for one another. They talk. feels authentic from beginning to end. Cherie meets the younger and good-looking ad exec Jimmy (Shawn yue) who has just broken up with his girlfriend. The performances are immensely likeable and even believable. complex and multidimensional as they come. As they meet in the alleyway to smoke and gossip. LOvE IN A PUFF provides the perfect fix. a film whose premise stems from a Hong kong phenomenon called “hot potting.Tuesday Oct. 25.

The only thing for certain is the unfailing dignity of the most undignified and untamed of spirits. life and death. On the other side is Casper’s best friend. We’re never quite sure whether to laugh or cry – there’s something diabolically perverse about the whole scenario – in part because the film is so full of curiosity and unrest when it comes to the porous boundaries between friendship and love. LuLu is also a world-renowned cancer researcher. alcoholic. most tenuous topics of all. and indeed love. THE LULU SESSIONS has no illusions about such topics. Holding the camera is then-film student S. Casper Wong Filmmaker S.the lulu sessions USA | ENGLISH | 88 MINS | vIDEO | 2011 Thursday Oct. with Casper’s playful camera in tow. Casper Wong is scheduled to attend. In the final 15 months of LuLu’s life. free-swearing life of every party. a regressing body that becomes a testament to immortality. Louise “LuLu” Nutter. 27. And she’s just been diagnosed with cancer. professor. – Brian Hu direCTor S. 7:40pm It’s hard to think of a fiction film without death or love. ones that defy the genre of realism precisely because we have such a hard time believing that they are real to begin with. SAn diego gAy And LeSBiAn TimeS the 12th annual san diego asian film festival 85 . these are perhaps the uncanniest. yet when it comes to documentary. Lin Memorial Fund Co-preSenTed By: pfLAg. each other. Proceeds from this screening benefit the George C. she and Casper stare down death. yet brings us to the brink of grasping both. chainsmoker. Casper Wong. A piercing work of personal documentary. and the priceless gift of just being there for each other: a companion for the dying. their families.

Based on the director’s real life relationships. but necessary and interlocking parts of a joyful life. familial love. attends university in Auckland under the guise of studying computer science to please her parents. and career are not separate problems. – Wendy yamamoto direCTor Roseanne Liang CAST Michelle Ang. Asian American International Film Festival (New York) Co-preSenTed By: iLoVemuSuBi. and an ambitious young woman who will do anything to make a film. Emily stumbles into a romantic relationship with James. family. At its heart. a clandestine filmmaker. the film reveals that romance. sweet. 12:30pm Wednesday Oct. but is surreptitiously pursuing her real desire to make horror films. 22.mY Wedding and otheR seCRets NEW ZEALAND | ENGLISH | 88 MINS | vIDEO | 2010 Saturday Oct. Cheng Pei-pei Audience Award. All she needs to do is get married and keep it a secret.Com. the film centers on the attempts of a Chinese New Zealand woman to reconcile her white boyfriend with her traditional Chinese family. women’S inTernATionAL CenTer 86 the 12th annual san diego asian film festival . 5:20pm My WEDDING AND OTHER SECRETS is New Zealander director/writer Roseanne Liang’s endearing portrayal of multicultural romance. Emily Chu. Emily realizes that she can have it all—a student allowance to make the slasher flick of her dreams while keeping her boyfriend and showing her parents her filmmaking talents. My WEDDING AND OTHER SECRETS features the funny. While juggling her personal ambitions with the concerns of her traditional father and overprotective mother. a Caucasian fellow nerd who’s better at developing computer games than at kissing. 26. Matt Whelan. and surprising balancing acts between the different loves of Emily’s life.

The LoST Thing AUSTRALIA | 15 MINS | 2010 DIRECTORS Shaun Tan and Andrew Ruhemann A boy finds a home for a strange creature he discovers on a beach. boldly adventures on MuWa Island. 22. journey To The monKey King CASTLe USA | 45 MINS | 2011 PRODUCED By Nickelodeon kai-lan and her friends meet their favorite superhero. the 12th annual san diego asian film festival 87 . Co-preSenTed By: BArnArd eLemenTAry huBo USA | 2 MINS | 2009 DIRECTOR Erick Oh Hubo. a fun-loving sea hao Kai-lan and fRiends Saturday Oct. a robot. mumuhug – iT’S oKAy To Be BoLd! TAIWAN | 5 MINS | 2011 DIRECTOR vance yang Mumu. mumuhug – douBLe The BuBBLeS TAIWAN | 5 MINS | 2011 DIRECTOR yen Ling Mo Mumu and friends enjoy blowing bubbles on the beautiful Island of MuWa. kAI-LAN television series. 10:00am 72 MINS FREE! Our popular free program for youngsters returns with another funfilled morning headlined by kai-lan. encounters a not-quite-typical ball that refuses to play nice. the adorable adventure-seeking character from Nick Jr’s NI HAO. the Monkey king.

In 2004. but hooks more than he can handle. I’m a Cyborg but That’s Okay (SDAFF. ‘07). 88 the 12th annual san diego asian film festival . Paradise City is establishing the brother as a major talent of his own).Thursday Oct. 9:30pm Wednesday Oct. And because it’s Park Chan-wook and Park Chan-kyong (whose award-winning Anyang. Park Jin-woo The Park brothers weren’t the first korean auteurs to experiment with everyday video to spin an unconventional story. director of Memories of Murder (SDAFF. 2011 Berlin Film Festival West Coast Premiere Co-preSenTed By: KoreAm mAgAzine SponSored By: DIRECTOR Bong Joon-ho CAST yun Che-moon. 26. the mad-genius renegade who brought us Oldboy. Lee Jung-hyun Golden Bear. The kurosawa forest fable meets the 21st century. Bong then collected the footage from the building owners and cut together an elaborate drama of a man pushed to the edge and into a world of crime. ‘09). Demons meet fishhooks. staged a fictional thriller in actual city spaces in front of actual security cameras. – Brian Hu Preceded by: infLuenzA SOUTH kOREA | kOREAN WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES | 28 MINS | vIDEO | 2004 direCTor Park Chan-wook and Park Chan-kyong CAST Oh kwang-rok. 20. A fisherman casts his bait in the night. ‘03) and The Host. 9:20pm SOUTH kOREA | kOREAN WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES | 30 MINS | vIDEO | 2011 night fishing Park Chan-wook. and Thirst (SDAFF. A nautical adventure by the man who once showed us an actor eating a live octopus. ko Soo-hee. Best Short Film. there will be blood. teams up with his brother Park Chan-kyong to produce the world’s first iPhone film to be shown in movie theaters. Bong Joon-ho.


Miike has put together a world that is fun. 22. jApAn SoCieTy of SAn diego And TijuAnA. – James Paguyo direCTor Takashi Miike CAST Seishiro kato. 2:00pm JAPAN | JAPANESE WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES | 100 MINS | vIDEO | 2011 ninJa Kids!!! Acclaimed director Takashi Miike is back again and there are exclamation points to prove it! Leaving behind the blood-spattered samurai in 13 Assassins. and where Mr. including kirimaru. 12:00pm Sunday Oct. young Rantaro was born into a family of unsuccessful ninjas. and crazy enough to entertain fans and aspiring ninjas of all ages. a young boy who babysits during class to support his family. this is the kind of film where characters get baseball-sized lumps on their head when hit. konnamon. jApAneSe AmeriCAn hiSToriCAL SoCieTy of SAn diego (jAhSSd) 90 the 12th annual san diego asian film festival . the dean of the academy whose old age seems to be catching up to him. a live-action adaptation of the Japanese anime series Nintama Rantarō. As with The Great Yokai War and the Yatterman films.Saturday Oct. When rival ninjas try to kill a classmate of Rantaro. Roi Hayashi. silly. your friendly ninja trivia commentator. 23. and Okawa. he joins the Ninja Academy’s first-year class where he meets a crazy cast of characters. BuddhiST TempLe of SAn diego. Mikijiro Hira West Coast Premiere Co-preSenTed By: Anime Conji. Miike returns with the family-friendly NINJA kIDS!!!. the ninja kids engage in an exciting battle that includes a race to the top of a mountain where Rantaro can finally prove his worth as a ninja. To make his family proud. As if ripped out of the anime series itself. breaks the fourth wall to educate the audience.

NORWEGIAN WOOD brings the cyclone of awakening to swirling heights. time-hopping novel to its narrative basics. Naoko (Rinko kikuchi of Babel). 22. and Radiohead composer Jonny Greenwood’s 21st century spin on the 60s sound that gives the novel its title. Vertical Ray of the Sun). Rinko kikuchi. 8:00pm Tuesday Oct. 7:45pm JAPAN | JAPANESE WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES | 133 MINS | vIDEO | 2010 The most beloved novel by Haruki Murakami. direCTor Tran Anh Hung CAST kenichi Matsuyama. dazed and confused. the hyperventilating gasps of crying in a lover’s arms. Their story of doomed. if not the most internationally-beloved contemporary Asian novel of all. jApAneSe AmeriCAn hiSToriCAL SoCieTy of SAn diego (jAhSSd) Tran has stripped the sprawling. celebrated. 25. dazed and paralyzed. haunted almost-lovers is brought to life in renowned cinematographer Mark Lee Ping-bing’s glorious images. in which characters glow in rapturous light and shadow as fleeting as innocence itself. who wants nothing more than to relive her 18th year forever. who teeters quietly toward adulthood. and dissected – the only consensus being that NORWEGIAN WOOD is a shimmering work of beauty. As dark. dazed and effervescent. – Brian Hu the 12th annual san diego asian film festival 91 . focusing on the three leads: Watanabe (kenichi Matsuyama). and Midori (kiko Mizuhara).noRWegian Wood Saturday Oct. As with any adaptation. diving into chromatic depths never suggested by the book. the result has been debated. kiko Mizuhara Official Selection. and alive as the Beatles’ song. Oscar-nominated director Tran Anh Hung (Scent of Green Papaya. More enchanting than the dialogue and the voiceover are the sounds of infatuation: winds through the woods. mysterious. 2010 Venice Film Festival CONTAINS STRONG SExUAL CONTENT Co-preSenTed By: SAn diego yu yu. while remaining true to Murakami’s exploration of sexual awakening at its most beguiling. whose ever-present smile hides deep scars of abandonment. Norwegian Wood has received a big-screen adaptation by none other than venicewinning.

The subject of autism has been tackled many times in cinema. xue was inspired to make the film after his own experiences as a volunteer at an autism school. Li’s character tirelessly sets on a mission to teach Dafu how to live on his own by training him to take the bus and perform simple household chores – and essentially. Lin Memorial Fund CONTAINS MATURE CONTENT Co-preSenTed By: epoCh TimeS. OCEAN HEAvEN plays out completely unsentimental with a daring performance by Li as the conflicted father trying to figure out how he is going to care for his 22-year old son’s special needs after he succumbs to illness. roBerT pAyne SChooL of hoSpiTALiTy And TouriSm mAnAgemenT SponSored By: 92 the 12th annual san diego asian film festival . fAmiLieS wiTh ChiLdren from ChinA – SAn diego (fCC-Sd). with Jet Li as a single father trying to kill his autistic son Dafu (Zhang Wen) and then himself by drowning in the ocean after he has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. how to live life with dignity. SdSu L.Sunday Oct. Jet Li will be performing no martial arts whatsoever in OCEAN HEAvEN. 23. he is an ordinary and loving young man unable to grasp the formidable future without his father. the directorial debut of xue xialou. and composer Joe Hisaishi who also scores the films of Hayao Miyazaki and Takeshi kitano. It is a heartfelt story that got the attention of one mega star – Jet Li reportedly took a salary of one dollar to star in the project in hopes to inspire others to pay attention and to dedicate their passion to charity. who is known for writing Chen kaige’s award-winning film Together. Dafu is not a superstar athlete nor can he count cards at a casino. Other notable talent on this film includes renowned cinematographer Christopher Doyle whose work with Wong kar-wai is best known. The film starts out in the darkest possible way. – Mye Hoang direCTor xue xiaolu CAST Jet Li. 12:20pm CHINA | MANDARIN WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES | 96 MINS | 35MM | 2010 oCean heaven For the first time in his 25-year long movie career. Zhang Wen. kwai Lun-mei Proceeds from this screening benefit the George C. but never has the torment of the parent been shown so honestly in a non-glamorized way.

Part courtroom drama. and family interviews to explore the root causes and the reverberating impacts of this tragedy and brings to light the simmering tensions – racial. In a county where trucks bear bumper stickers that read “Save a Deer. claims that he acted in selfdefense when the confrontation with the eight hunters became racially charged and aggressive. both in and outside the courtroom.oPen season Tuesday Oct. cultural. began shooting at them without warning. Hesebeck and Willers (the two that survived) claim that vang had trespassed on to their property and when asked to leave. Wisconsin. kill a Hmong. part intimate portrayal of those involved. vang. many questions remain unanswered. Was this a racially incited incident which was committed in self-defense? Or was this the result of a violent and methodical killer? direCTorS Lu Lippold and Mark Tang SponSored By: Even after vang is convicted of the crime and sentenced to six life terms in prison. OPEN SEASON successfully weaves news coverage. 25.” both the Asian and non-Asian communities are forced to come to grips with the ever growing racial tension that seems to have been propelled by the unfolding events. courtroom recordings. economic – that lurk in America’s heartland. a former National Guard sharpshooter. – Jimmy Lee the 12th annual san diego asian film festival 93 . 4:00pm USA | ENGLISH | 57 MINS | vIDEO | 2010 FREE! A Hmong immigrant is convicted of murdering six hunters and wounding two others during deer hunting season in Sawyer County.

tensions mounting at home.2 million in cash. 23. and the result is a bloody good time for those looking for off-beat fun. This is action where the emotion. but are led through difficulty by Taivnaa. His daughter is sick with cancer. OPERATION TATAR is the classic heist film with a Mongolian twist. Enlisting the help of good friend Ulzii. let alone professional criminals. whose hope for his daughter’s well-being is the catalyst to getting the job done. his wife is not speaking to him. The film. characterization. Taivnaa decides to take control of his own destiny by robbing the very bank that he used to work for. and the high-stakes plot are amped as far as the form can take it. like its characters. and he has just lost his job as an accountant. but none of these men are anywhere close to being their Hollywood heroes. Taivnaa puts together a ragtag team of four to steal $1. including their own incompetence. Enkhtaivan Batkhuu West Coast Premiere 94 the 12th annual san diego asian film festival . 7:40pm MONGOLIA | MONGOLIAN WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES | 90 MINS | vIDEO | 2010 oPeRation tataR Life can’t get any more difficult for Taivnaa. They encounter numerous obstacles along the way. With hospital bills piling up. Ganbold Erdenebileg. can’t help but take itself seriously despite dips into hilarity. and no new job opportunities in sight.Sunday Oct. – Brandon Coyle direCTor Bat-Ulzii Baatar CAST Borkhuu Amarkhuu.

UCSD PRICE CENTER CHINA | MANDARIN WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES | 132 MINS | vIDEO | 2009 With 2005’s Oxhide. With 2009’s OxHIDE II. thus limiting our vision to close-ups of the domestic world of the family. All tickets are $8. in mouth-watering detail. Liu. Liu ups the ante again. In one of the boldest moves in feature film history. the camera slowly circles the table in 45-degree increments. and dialogue. a single table. Like Monet to the Rouen Cathedral. Liu captures everyday conversation and mundane work with mathematical precision. The scene plays out in real time. Jia Huifen. masked down to a ‘Scope 2. edits. then 24-year-old first-time director Liu Jiayin shocked the film world by shooting a narrative film completely in her family’s Beijing apartment with her. but this is no improvised indie slack-fest. It is the table on which her father does his leatherwork. setting off a series of aesthetic surprises and new ways of looking at domestic space and listening to conversation. the 12th annual san diego asian film festival 95 . and on which the family will. focusing this time on a single room – in fact. and the world of the family has come alive. Liu Jiayin Official Selection.oXhide ii Tuesday Oct. returns to her family’s cramped living spaces. make dumplings for dinner. and by the end. 25. San Diego in conjunction with ArtPower! Film.35 aspect ratio. and her father each playing themselves re-enacting scenes from their actual lives. we’re where we started. The entire work was shot on a consumer-grade Dv camera. her mother. 2009 Cannes Directors’ Fortnight This is a special presentation held at The Loft at the University of California. – Brian Hu direCTorS Liu Jiayin CAST Liu Zaiping. forcing the looseness of the ordinary to confront the obsessive exactness of her framings. 4:00pm THE LOFT. with the same masked frame.

the Piano in a faCtoRY
Wednesday Oct. 26, 7:45pm

The second feature from emerging writer-director Zhang Meng (Lucky Dog), THE PIANO IN A FACTORy is a unique amalgam of black humor, postindustrial landscapes, and Sino-Soviet musicality wrapped in an absurdly endearing story of one man’s mission to build a piano for his daughter. Chen, an unemployed single father and leader of a local band of rag-tag musicians, has a passion for music and wants to share that gift with his daughter. Given his money troubles, Chen finds creative ways to give her piano lessons, building a wooden keyboard into their bookshelf and breaking into the local women’s school so she can practice. But things become complicated when his ex-wife returns, locking him into a custody battle that hinges on which parent can provide a real piano for their daughter. After exhausting all other options, including failed attempts to borrow money and steal a piano, Chen is left with only one logical choice: to build a piano from the scrap metal in the abandoned steel factory! With Chaplin-esque sensitivity, Zhang moves between the tragic and the comic with beautifully visual punctuations. Between the surreal musical outbursts and the physical humor there is a deep and sincere pathos, and by the end, the satisfaction of having seen something one won’t quickly forget. – Jason Low

direCTor Zhang Meng CAST Wang Qian-yuan, Qin Hai-lu, Jang Shin-yeong, Liu Qian Grand Jury Prize, World Competition 2011 Miami Film Festival Co-preSenTed By: epoCh TimeS, ChineSe ConSoLidATed BeneVoLenT ASSoCiATion (CCBA), houSe of ChinA, SAn diego ArThouSe moVieS


the 12th annual san diego asian film festival

Thursday Oct. 27, 7:15pm
Anabel and Isabel Stenzel are identical twin sisters who have defied all odds and endured a lifelong battle to breathe. THE POWER OF TWO is the story of their lives and all the lives they continue to touch.

the PoWeR of tWo


At an early age, the sisters developed the fatal genetic disease cystic fibrosis (CF), which has no known cure. Despite spending much of their childhood in hospitals, the half-Japanese twins remained joyful and optimistic, providing inspiration for others with the chronic illness. Thanks to a miraculous double lung transplant, “Ana” and “Isa” emerged as authors, athletes, and global advocates for organ donation. Their crusade takes them to their mother’s native country of Japan, to inspire change in the hearts and minds of a culture resistant to transplantation. More than a story about CF, THE POWER OF TWO is a celebration of unexpected life milestones and a reminder that there is a miracle in every breath. direCTor Marc Smolowitz Co-preSenTed By: BuddhiST TempLe of SAn diego, jApAn SoCieTy of SAn diego And TijuAnA, CySTiC fiBroSiS foundATion, jApAneSe AmeriCAn hiSToriCAL SoCieTy of SAn diego (jAhSSd)


the 12th annual san diego asian film festival

1 in 4 may die from liver cancer or liver failure. Inc. All rights reserved. .IF WE KNEW THEN WHAT WE KNOW NOW… HE MIGHT STILL BE HERE. Talk to your doctor about hepatitis B testing today. © 2011 Gilead Sciences. UN9449 6/11 Protect yourself and your family. Without appropriate monitoring or treatment. Hepatitis B can be managed and serious complications of liver disease may be prevented. 1 in 10 Asian Americans is living with chronic hepatitis B… and most don’t even know it.

21. as the lines between romance and obsession blur – then break. SAn diego gAy And LeSBiAn TimeS. life is quickly dragged to the edge. pride@STATe.QueeRs on the veRge 92 MINS Friday Oct. BoyS And girLS USA | 5 MINS | 2010 DIRECTOR Michael kam A Chinese boy in Singapore develops a protective bond with an Indian storekeeper. mirror imAge USA | 20 MINS | 2011 DIRECTOR Narissa Lee A woman sees the person of her dreams on the train and must made a split-second decision. fiLmouT SAn diego. TSuyAKo JAPAN AND USA | 25 MINS | 2011 DIRECTOR Andrew Ahn A day at the mall leads to an unsettling moment of paranoia and possibility. and rehearse for some hot first dates. Viewer diSCreTion AdViSed (TApe 96) USA | 11 MINS | 2011 DIRECTOR Mitsuyo Miyazaki In postwar Japan. DIRECTOR Drew Stephens Date night turns dramatic. Henry approaches a former teacher and receives some unexpected insight. 7:30pm i’m in The mood for LoVe CANADA | 7 MINS | 2010 The BuS pASS USA | 3 MINS | 2010 DIRECTOR Jason karman A heartbroken young man spies his ex at a hot pot restaurant and gets Glee-ful. greATer SAn diego BuSineSS ASSoCiATion – The gAy And LeSBiAn ChAmBer of CommerCe. uCSd LgBT reSourCe CenTer DIRECTOR Charles kim A crazed serial killer stalks the life of a gay bible study leader. Tsuyako. LunChTime USA | 7 MINS | 2011 DIRECTOR Chris Tipton-king Nerves abound. guyS LiKe uS. Long yAng CLuB of Sd. firST uu ChurCh rAinBow ouTreACh. keith and Marion primp. Andy USA | 6 MINS | 2010 DIRECTOR keo Woolford Bullied and desperate. Co-preSenTed By: fAmiLy heALTh CenTerS of SAn diego. 100 the 12th annual san diego asian film festival . shave. a factory worker. mASALA mAmA SINGAPORE | 8 MINS | 2010 When fate collides with drama. must decide between duty and love.

the 12th annual san diego asian film festival 101 .

in part over their love for underground rock in the Philippines. 7:35pm Thursday Oct. and along the way they pick up a firecracker of a drummer and a former punk rocker who is now a barista. No strangers to the underground music scene. a tribute to waning innocence and the music that gives the film its title.Saturday Oct. Hapipkas. Odie (Jason Abalos) and Irene (Glaiza de Castro) form a close bond. Audience Award Winner. energetic big-screen ode to youth. – Eric Lallana direCTor Quark Henares CAST Jason Abalos. 27. STATe fArm AgenT 102 the 12th annual san diego asian film festival . The two agree to form their own band. ketchup Eusebio Director Quark Henares is scheduled to attend Oct. as Odie’s growing feelings for Irene conflict with her ongoing crush for another band’s airheaded lead singer. Despite a rough start. 22 screening. friends flirt with love in Quark Henares’ peppy. The road ahead is far from smooth. 22. though. 9:30pm PHILIPPINES | TAGALOG WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES | 110 MINS | vIDEO | 2011 RaKenRol To the beat of some good ol’ rock and roll. their band. grows in popularity in the local club scene. director Quark Henares and co-writer Diego Castillo translate their past musical experiences into this loving. Glaiza de Castro. 2011 LA Asian Pacific Film Festival SponSored By: ThereSA nguyen-muTh. crowd-pleasing comedy RAkENROL.

EvERyTHING FROM HOW-TO WATCH A FILM TO HOW-TO MAkE A LOG LINE (OR TWO) TO FILMING AND EDITING WAS NEW TO ME. GOING IN WITH NO BACkGROUND IN FILM.. This intense.Reel Voices Since 2005. 12-week summer internship helps students become socially-conscious storytellers.AN ExCERPT FROM A SDAFF BLOG POST By MARISSA DODDS. Reel voices presents the work of ten students whose works touch on issues ranging from identity. “. I COULDN’T HAvE DREAMED UP A BETTER FIRST ExPERIENCE!” . REEL vOICES CLASS OF ‘11 the 12th annual san diego asian film festival 103 . learn Final Cut Pro editing. and experience all stages of production and post-production. This year. the San Diego Asian Film Foundation has empowered local high school students to learn the art of documentary filmmaking through the Reel voices Program.. family. to just having fun.

An aspiring artist pursues his dream. he shows that two different cultures can bond together into one. technology-reliant society. LoVe Life. FREE POST-SCREENING RECEPTION SPONSORED By CHIPOTLE AND POPEyE’S. ConneCTing The doTS 7 MINS DIRECTOR Tony Anglin Jr.FREE! Saturday Oct. LiVe your dreAm 5 MINS DIRECTOR Marygian Rebullar The SCPA Music Department collaborates and grows stronger together with a local theatre group. asking the question “What does it take to succeed in the race for higher education?” SiTz To STAge 7 MINS DIRECTOR Asha Zephira Maren A young San Diego musician discloses his struggles and hardships about his night job. from the first group rehearsal to the final piece on stage on a musically and technically difficult 3-hour long show titled Ragtime. struggles to move to LA in order to pursue a professional dance career. the eager boys comically discover the gravity. doorS 5 MINS DIRECTOR Jose Romero A young adolescent expresses her struggles from constantly moving due to her father’s military deployment. Amidst youthful America’s fast paced. SponSored By: DIRECTOR Michelle Mixay A young woman struggles with family pressures of growing up when she chooses to attend the San Diego Comic-Con. 104 the 12th annual san diego asian film festival . prepArATion of A generATion 5 MINS DIRECTOR Jesus Olvera A culturally assimilated teen overcomes his insecurities and struggles through dance. KenNy 6 MINS DIRECTOR Alexander Powell Through the eyes of a high school student and an educator. In the process. noon Reel voiCes 90 MINS whAT i wAnT 9 MINS i Am An ASiACAn 9 MINS Discover the compelling new voices of 10 local high school filmmakers in this collection of short documentaries. while trying to inspire others to do the same. DIRECTOR kaylor Myers Unplugged documents an entertaining two weeks in the lives of two young friends as they brave a challenge to refrain from using electronics for a full 14 days. a 17-year-old boy. 23. the issues surrounding the competition into colleges is examined. fuLL ouT 9 MINS DIRECTOR Camille Wilson Maddy Miller. unpLugged: A 14 dAy ChALLenge 10 MINS DIRECTOR Marissa Dodds A biracial teenager reflects on her experiences growing up with two cultures.

the 12th annual san diego asian film festival 105 .

Jeff Mizushima. fantasy collides with misinformation. has the innocence and giddy openness of the 1960s New Wave. As they do in the techno-comic stories of Tao Lin. yet for all of its contemporary contemplations. As the stories bleed into each other. The three narratives in SALAD DAyS are about as connected as friends of friends. An out-of-work misfit ponders life. 5:20pm USA | ENGLISH | 81 MINS | vIDEO | 2011 salad daYs A bespeckled vlogger ventures into online dating. In this universe. SALAD DAyS.Saturday Oct. characters talk like they’re shooting instant messages and make proclamations like they’re giving snarky status updates (i. Dave Horwitz. SALAD DAyS doesn’t shy away but rather embraces our inner weirdos and wonders what the hell we’re all doing here. As in Etienne! (SDAFF ’09) by co-director Jeff Mizushima. but a beating heart for a world where icons have replaced faces. and creepiness circles infatuation until they dizzily become one.e. The past isn’t a source of nostalgia. and make-out sessions. as with Etienne!. – Brian Hu direCTorS Hiram Chan. 106 the 12th annual san diego asian film festival . there is no bad acting and bad dialogue. Emily yoshida CAST Emily yoshida. This is a 21st century comedy about 21st century musings. 22. everything is both horribly banal and completely unbelievable). A curiously dopey wanderer treks about town in search of internet access so he can make a virtual girlfriend a physical one. awkward line deliveries are syncopated to the level of art. only cuddly failure. redemption. If the virtual world is one where everyone’s a creep. Anthony kuan North American Premiere Filmmakers and cast are scheduled to attend.

featuring shoplifters. 7:40pm A celebration of local talent. and stoners. 20. the 12th annual san diego asian film festival 107 . DIRECTOR Grant Gelvin An anger management session takes an unexpected turn. SeTh And mAriA USA | 4 MINS | 2011 DIRECTOR Rommel Andaya A woman tries to get to the root of her dental woes – and bites off more than she can chew. lightsabers. The CASe USA | 8 MINS | 2011 DIRECTOR kevin Sean Michaels An eight-year-old’s Holocaust survival tale is told through the brush of 11-year-old Perry BloCK PaRtY 95 MINS Thursday Oct. one wAy TiCKeT USA | 7 MINS | 2011 DIRECTOR Jeff Gardiner Josh tries to figure out how to impress Autumn while battling to discover himself. TooTh LiST USA | 8 MINS | 2010 DIRECTOR George yé A former badminton star makes a life decision to end all life decisions. werewolves. Le reTour USA | 6 MINS | 2011 DIRECTOR Timothy Tau Detective Jack Law gets an offer he ought to refuse… DIRECTOR kane Diep A mother seeks to reconnect with a son she abandoned years ago. TherApydome USA | 6 MINS | 2011 DIRECTORS Mark Anthony Gadia and Phillip Lorenzo Competition gets fierce at a talent agency. eAST of mAin STreeT: wiLLy SAnToS USA | 7 MINS | 2011 DIRECTORS Mark Anthony Gadia and Julie Zhan A quirky girl embarks on a quirky search for companionship. ingrid piTT: Beyond The foreST USA | 6 MINS | 2011 DIRECTOR Sam Chen Seth and Maria are addicted to marijuana and they will stop at nothing to keep getting high. one miSTAKe USA | 11 MINS | 2011 DIRECTOR Jonathan yi Local Filipino American gains national fame as a top skateboarder. And Then She SmiLed USA | 6 MINS | 2011 DIRECTOR Fernando Huerto and Shaun Finney Comic-Con attendees battle it out videogame-style in a parking lot. Co-preSenTed By: SAn diego pATCh ShoeS AKA KidS TheSe dAyS USA | 9 MINS | 2011 ComiC Con BrAwL USA | 8 MINS | 2010 LoVe in The Time of fLAnneL USA | 13 MINS | 2011 DIRECTOR Joseph Mangat The prowl for shoes reveals the secret life of a teenage girl.

Friday Oct. 21, 7:45pm

senioR YeaR

SENIOR yEAR opens on Henry in his late twenties, on his way to his tenyear high school reunion. Once the class valedictorian, he now nervously grips the steering wheel, reflecting on that final year at St. Frederick’s, when he and his fellow Class of 2000 walked down that final gateway to adulthood and independence. Outside of the protective walls of school, how has everybody changed? Henry starts to calm down when he fondly recalls his favorite teacher Miss Joan (Che Ramos) and fellow classmate Sofia (Rossanne de Boda). Before long we’re back in the hallways in those final months of senior year, and career, college, family, and love swirl up with all of the bliss and emotion we remember so fondly about high school. Director Jerrold Tarog, who also wrote the script, successfully interweaves the film’s multiple stories – as diverse as high school itself – without any of them losing force or importance. But above all are the performances by the teenagers, played by real students, many of them non-professionals. – Eric Lallana

direCTor Jerrold Tarog CAST Aaron Balana, Che Ramos, Daniel Medrana, RJ Ledesma North American Premiere Co-preSenTed By: fiLipino AmeriCAn ChAmBer of CommerCe SponSored By: ThereSA nguyen-muTh, STATe fArm AgenT


the 12th annual san diego asian film festival


Saturday Oct. 22, 7:00pm Wednesday Oct. 26, 8:30pm

direCTor Benny Chan CAST Andy Lau, Nicholas Tse, Jackie Chan CONTAINS STRONG vIOLENCE Co-preSenTed By: SAn diego ChineSe hiSToriCAL muSeum SponSored By:

In a young Republic of China, where greedy warloards fuel a period of war and strife, Hou Jie played by Andy Lau (Warlords and House of Flying Daggers) arrogantly shows no mercy to his enemies seeking refuge with the benign and compassionate Shaolin monks. After unscrupulously killing a wounded enemy, Hou Jie pays a terrible price for his actions and is forced to seek refuge in the same Shaolin Monastery he blatantly disrespected. Hou Jie’s traitorous second-in-command Cao Man played by Nicholas Tse continues where the once-warlord left off, betraying his country and his own people. Hou Jie must adapt to Shaolin principles to stop the monster he created. Director Benny Chan (City Under Siege) delivers a powerful production with an all-star cast. The solid drama, epic adventure and masterful action choreography all combine for a thrilling film. And watch for a special appearance by iconic actor Jackie Chan as the monastery’s cook Wudao, who gives the earnest drama a light-hearted lift. – Cecilia Lai, Asian Film Festival of Dallas

the 12th annual san diego asian film festival


Sunday Oct. 23, 8:00pm Thursday Oct. 27, 9:40pm

the stool Pigeon

Dante Lam’s been on a roll since the explosive kidnap thriller Beast Stalker (SDAFF ’09) finally paid off on the promise he displayed as co-director of the modern classic Beast Cops ten years prior. And with THE STOOL PIGEON, which reunites Lam with the writer and actors of Beast Stalker, the bang-‘em-up-in-style director claims the title as contemporary Hong kong action’s brightest light outside of the Milkyway Studio. This time out, Nick Cheung plays a cop with a knack for manipulating his police informants at whatever cost. Thing is, he’s also a romantic – the kind of guy who takes dance lessons and whose conscience keeps him from endangering sad-sack ex-cons like Ghost Jr. (Nicholar Tse), who wants nothing more than to get himself and his prostitute sister out of the underworld. Conscience may be a powerful thing, but in the end, is it more powerful than the cold lawlessness of the Hong kong streets? THE STOOL PIGEON has everything you want from a Chinese crime film: crushing action, lonely moles, mean-looking men, robberies, distraught girlfriends, and of course, bawdy sentimentalism. This is a classic “trapped between good and evil” Hong kong action film, the sort that John Woo used to excel in and which Infernal Affairs resurrected. But Lam has a style all his own, a kind of mean, no-nonsense cool that leaves the audience as bruised and battered as the characters. – Brian Hu

direCTor Dante Lam CAST Nicholas Tse, Nick Cheung, kwai Lun-mei Official Selection, Forum, Berlin International Film Festival, 2011 CONTAINS STRONG vIOLENCE AND MATURE CONTENT SponSored By:


the 12th annual san diego asian film festival

Despite that much of the film is about the hardships of living a primitive lifestyle. one may wonder why the couple hasn’t left already. Beautiful and poignant SUMMER PASTURE captures a dying way of life in the highest. Nelson Walker and Tsering Perlo find the family at a pivotal period of uncertainty as rigid government policies and the allure of modern life in the city threaten to reshape their existence. ASiAn CuLTurAL feSTiVAL of SAn diego Gorgeously filmed on the high plains of eastern Tibet over the course of one summer. but with all the dangers and stresses they’ve already endured. The film suggests that like many other nomadic families.summeR PastuRe Friday Oct. and long hours each day making butter and collecting yak dung for fuel. Filmmaking trio Lynn True. As nomads. chronic illnesses difficult to treat. poorest and most remote county in Sichuan Province. 27. coldest. 7:30pm TIBET | TIBETAN WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES | 85 MINS | vIDEO | 2010 direCTorS Lynn True. China. Locho and yama intimately reveal their love story and how their family came to be. runaway yaks. SUMMER PASTURE is enthralling filmmaking and provides a thickening plot full of twists and surprises. Its sometimes heart-breaking story makes the couple irresistibly relatable even though their lives are so completely foreign. yet this way of living proves endlessly challenging: severe weather changes.000 years. – Mye Hoang the 12th annual san diego asian film festival 111 . 21. Tsering Perlo Nominee. yama the mother and their chubby 5-month old baby girl who happily nestles in a fur-lined box through the entire film. Locho and yama might succumb to the encroaching Chinese development forcing them to leave the austere land. 2010 Independent Spirit Awards Co-preSenTed By: SAn diego muSeum of phoTogrAphiC ArTS (mOpA). Locho and yama pursue a way of life that has changed little over 4. SUMMER PASTURE intimately follows a Tibetan yak herding family: Locho the father. Nelson Walker. 5:35pm Thursday Oct.

TALES OF THE WARIA is a moving piece of documentary work. SAn diego gAy And LeSBiAn TimeS 112 the 12th annual san diego asian film festival . Filmmaker kathy Huang first read about the warias in 2005 and couldn’t shake the curiosity off. 3:30pm INDONESIA/USA | INDONESIAN WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES | 60 MINS | vIDEO | 2011 tales of the WaRia Home to the world’s largest Muslim population. Often humorous and sometimes heartbreaking. Her latest film TALES OF THE WARIA follows four characters in present day Indonesia and weaves multi-layered stories about their search for romance and companionship. With poignancy and sensitivity. 2011 Asian American International Film Festival (New York) Director Kathy Huang will be in attendance. She even took several language courses and traveled to Indonesia to learn firsthand about this little-known community which originally started before Islam came to South Sulawesi in the 17th century when warias were historically meant to serve the king.Sunday Oct. – Mye Hoang direCTor kathy Huang produCer kathy Huang Audience Choice Award. And although the warias are able to live amongst the Muslim world. Huang uncovers the beauty and complicated lives of her subjects.” men who live openly as women. Indonesia is also home to a community of transgender individuals known as “warias.and the dictates of Islam. they are still often ostracized in their villages for dressing as women . 23. the film reveals our universal capacity as human beings to search for love. which they abide by. do not allow them to undergo any sex-change operations. Co-preSenTed By: indoneSiAn ArT CenTer. Each tale is unique and each waria equally fabulous. With a hauntingly beautiful score and rarely seen images of Indonesia.

Chan In the near future. a heap of hardware unlocks family secrets. so do the changes in a relationship between a father and son. 23. and that ain’t good for dating. you can’t escape family. room #11 USA | 8 MINS | 2011 DIRECTOR ManSee kong Based on true events. 4:50pm Whether through fate or a freak accident of siamese twindom. DIRECTOR Soham Mehta Indian legend meets the Texas heat during an unforgettable family reunion.P. BLood TieS USA AND JAPAN | 7 MINS | 2011 SiAmeSe dAd USA | 6 MINS | 2011 DIRECTOR ken Ochiai A bus accident forces an emergency room doctor to make an impossible choice. porTrAiT of Leonore SOUTH kOREA AND USA | 20 MINS | 2011 DIRECTOR J. A SCene AT The SeA SOUTH kOREA AND USA | 22 MINS | 2010 DIRECTOR Jaehee Lee As the tides rise and fall. fATAKrA USA | 19 MINS | 2011 DIRECTOR Peter Jin A young artist fantasizes about the sister he wishes was around for him. immigrant tenants in New york’s Chinatown defy evacuation. Andy USA | 6 MINS | 2010 DIRECTOR Randall Park A hapless scientist is accidentally conjoined with his father.ties that Bind 103 MINS Sunday Oct. the 12th annual san diego asian film festival 113 . digiTAL AnTiQuiTieS USA | 15 MINS | 2011 DIRECTOR Andrew Ahn A day at the mall leads to an unsettling moment of paranoia and possibility.

We honor the pioneering and ever-breathtaking Hollywood superstar with a special free screening of Brian Jamieson’s intimate feature-length documentary about Nancy kwan. 4:00pm USA | ENGLISH | 104 MINS | vIDEO | 2010 Celebrating 50 years in entertainment is the legendary Nancy kwan. TO WHOM IT MAy CONCERN: kA SHEN’S JOURNEy. and mother. Dean of Arts and Humanities Director and Nancy Kwan scheduled to attend. whose careers are unimaginable today without the path that kwan paved decades earlier. From kwan’s upbringing as a mixed-race outsider in Hong kong. – Brian Hu direCTor Brian Jamieson Introduced by Dr. Between watching a new Broadway revival of The Flower Drum Song and breathing the eternal air of Angkor Wat. SDAFF’s lifetime achievement award winner of 2011.y. And of course we get to see rare home and newsreel footage of Nancy kwan’s early years and clips from her greatest roles on film and Tv. kwan reflects on a youth transformed by war and stardom. Lee who witnessed kwan’s rapid ascent to marquees around the world. wife. Along the way we hear commentary from contemporaries like France Nuyen and C. and an adulthood dedicated to a son who contracts Whom it maY ConCeRn: Ka shen’s JouRneY FREE! Monday Oct. 114 the 12th annual san diego asian film festival . UCSD. 24. to her fortuitous breakthrough as the title character of Paramount’s The World of Suzie Wong and finally to her life as icon. as well as later stars like Joan Chen and vivian Wu. Seth Lerer. Jamieson captures kwan beyond the cheongsam’d glamour and seductive glances.

As no stranger to comedy. – Brandon Coyle direCTorS Geeta Malik CAST Pranidhi varshney. 23. Malik (who made the viral hit Aunty Gs) inserts a healthy dose of humor into a heartfelt story about running away in order to find out what home really means.tRouBlemaKeR USA | ENGLISH | 92 MINS | vIDEO | 2011 Sunday Oct.” and Omar is her reluctant yet compassionate ex-boyfriend who accompanies her up the West Coast. Two best friends set off on the open road for an adventure fraught with unlikely and often ridiculous trials and tribulations. 2:40pm We all know the buddy road trip film. the 12th annual san diego asian film festival 115 . As can be expected. which twists and turns around the concepts of what relationships can and do mean in our lives. But what if the two “buddies” are unemployed exes with anger management issues? What if their ultimate destination is to search out a derelict father who has been missing for over a decade? Rehka is a struggling writer and the titular “troublemaker. Peter Pasco. things don’t go perfectly. Ajay Mehta Director Geeta Malik scheduled to attend. Director Geeta Malik makes a remarkable debut with TROUBLEMAkER. but car troubles and wrong directions are minor bumps compared to the emotional journey that Rehka and Omar take as they attempt to repair their shattered relationship while Rehka struggles with abandonment issues in time to confront the man who created them.

rhythmic sentiment that Bollywood does so well. 7:30pm INDIA | HINDI WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES | 134 MINS | vIDEO | 2010 udaan Rohan is expelled from boarding school after getting caught playing hooky at a movie theater. uncompromising and crowd-pleasing. 23. Rohan finds the hope to stand up to his father and make a change. Star Screen Awards. UDAAN uplifts. And through the figure of a six-year-old half-brother he’d never known existed.Sunday Oct.” and forcing Rohan into a strenuous workout regimen. Filmfare Awards. 2011 Best Film. – Brian Hu direCTor vikramaditya Motwane CAST Rajat Barmecha. Sweeping the Indian film awards is no small task. Though he’s forced to study engineering. and through writing finds an expression of his own identity. 2011 Best Narrative Feature. Rohan finds himself in a new kind of boarding school. Aayan Boradia Official Selection. and with UDAAN Motwane has secured himself a place as a filmmaker to watch. young director vikramaitya Motwane has created a pitch-perfect fusion of gritty industrial life and the soaring. requiring “sirs” after every “yes. Cannes Film Festival. Sent home to the factory town of Jamshedpur. Ronit Roy. Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles. Un Certain Regard. The result is a comingof-age tale that is both realistic and idealistic. Rohan wants to be a poet. 2010 Best Film (critics). Like Rohan’s poetry. But there’s a fire burning in Rohan that lifts him out of his father’s rigid grip. 2011 116 the 12th annual san diego asian film festival . His father treats parenting like boot camp. least of all for a first-time filmmaker.

Tu & eu USA | 14 MINS | 2011 mASALA mAmA SINGAPORE | 8 MINS | 2010 DIRECTOR Michael kam A Chinese boy in Singapore develops a protective bond with an Indian storekeeper. SynC CANADA AND CHINA | 14 MINS | 2011 DIRECTOR Edward Shieh Told in a single digital breath. rememBer o goddeSS SOUTH kOREA | 25 MINS | 2010 DIRECTOR yoon Jung Lee A man wants to file a missing persons report…on his own behalf. 4:00pm 88 MINS FREE! Collection of short films that offer a window to the world. Co-preSenTed By: SdSu AmeriCAn LAnguAge CenTer A Tree fALLS in The foreST USA | 8 MINS | 2011 DIRECTOR Bao Nguyen A document of New york Chinatown’s recovery and transformation post-9/11. and orientation. 23.28. DIRECTOR Mina Son Two korean Americans reveal their experiences at the California School for the Deaf. 1:15pm Friday Oct. relationships come apart in every combination of ethnicity. language. mAKing noiSe in SiLenCe USA | 19 MINS | 2011 DIRECTOR Jeremy Ball A train station worker battles in a race…in an unexpected direction.We aRe the WoRld Sunday Oct. the 12th annual san diego asian film festival 117 .

Helmed by SDAFF veteran kimi Takesue (Best Narrative Short. at the same time that it has a playful self-awareness that acknowledges the filmmakers’ and international audiences’ foreignness to the world being captured. from the streets to a beauty parlor to a mill to a wedding. It examines the vibrant and diverse aspects of life and culture in Uganda. bringing a universal sense of the beauty experienced by humanity simply living life. ENGLISH AND LUGANDA WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES | 72 MINS | vIDEO | 2010 WHERE ARE yOU TAkING ME? is an observational documentary in the truest sense. with minimal commentary aside from the fascination with the subjects going about their everyday lives. WHERE ARE yOU TAkING ME? resonates conceptually with the city symphony and the observational work of Frederic Wiseman. It simultaneously tells the story of no one and everyone. 2010 International Film Festival Rotterdam Co-preSenTed By: ALLiAnCe for AfriCAn ASSiSTAnCe SponSored By: 118 the 12th annual san diego asian film festival . 21. The result is a glimpse into the soul of a country – one bruised by war but too infused with the joy of living to let the weight of hate crush its people. 4:00pm USA AND UGANDA | ACHOLI.WheRe aRe You taKing me? FREE! Friday Oct. 2005). Official Selection. – Brandon Coyle direCTor kimi Takesue Director Kimi Takesue is scheduled to attend.

and fears. – Brandon Coyle direCTorS Mohammad Rasoulof CAST Hassan Pourshirazi. and is part of the Global Lens 2011 film series. visit www. 2009 San Sebastian International Film Festival Co-preSenTed By: perSiAn CuLTurAL CenTer. younes Ghazali. His illustrious career that began with The Twilight (2002) has recently culminated with a Cannes screening of his new feature Good Bye (2011). a reluctant bride. 6:50pm IRAN | FARSI WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES | 92 MINS | vIDEO | 2009 To call THE WHITE MEADOWS startlingly unique does not quite serve it justice. a persecuted painter. 25. a man who ventures on his boat through a silent sea to collect the tears of island inhabitants by hearing their woes. Mohammad Rabbani AsiaAfrica Special Jury Prize. and a castaway that all contribute to his mysterious profession. The film follows the journey of Rahmat. whose work has previously landed him in prison for his critique of the Iranian government and society. heartaches. dreams. 2009 Dubai International Film Festival Golden Seashell Award. Rasoulof is no stranger on the international film festival scene. Blending concepts and influences from Homer’s The Odyssey and Gibran’s The Prophet. Along the way he encounters a refugee. For more information. THE WHITE MEADOWS delivers the same artistic heights and then some in an ethereal piece on power and restraint. THE WHITE MEADOWS is a stirringly beautiful film that comes from revolutionary and incendiary director Mohammad Rasoulof. the 12th annual san diego asian film festival 119 .the White meadoWs Tuesday Oct.globalfilm. As with so many of the great filmmakers from

AwAKening – The riVer of forgeTfuLneSS TAIWAN | 8 MINS | 2010 V SomeThing USA | 12 MINS | 2010 DIRECTOR kitty Lin Between life and death is a shimmering. Barbara kawakami chased her academic passion and unearthed treasures of Hawaiian history. SAVASAnA USA | 18 MINS | 2011 DIRECTOR Gerry Curtis Two women start a home business with consequences for their new customers. 2:20pm 85 MINS WondeR Women In these shorts. ring LAiLA USA AND INDIA | 25 MINS | 2011 DIRECTOR Asako Ushio Two women develop a competitive bond while ascending a difficult boulder. Co-preSenTed By: Audrey mAgAzine. LAdy rAzorBACKS USA | 4 MINS | 2011 DIRECTOR Anuradha Rana Women boxers from India dare to dream beyond expectations. CSuSm women’S CenTer. 22. SAn diego ArThouSe moVieS. DIRECTOR Laura Green young women in a tough town find release in sport. strange world. 120 the 12th annual san diego asian film festival . women capture our hearts through strength and perseverance.Saturday Oct. women’S inTernATionAL CenTer BArBArA KAwAKAmi: A TexTured Life USA | 18 MINS | 2010 DIRECTOR Akira Boch At 53.

mediA ArTS CenTer SAn diego. So if you think you can handle tough gangster action. then yAkUZA WEAPON is the only solution to curb your appetite for vengeance! From the guys who brought us classics like Battlefield Baseball. who is getting by working as a mercenary in South America after leaving the life of a yakuza. and a rocket launcher for his left leg! Basically. Shingo Tsurumi CONTAINS ExTREME vIOLENCE Co-preSenTed By: fiLm SChooL ConfidenTiAL. who had the nerve to double-cross kenzo and take out most of the Iwaki family. Shozo’s true nature. Shozo is so mad that he would give his arm and leg for revenge. Anime Conji DIRECTOR Rob Middleton the 12th annual san diego asian film festival 121 .. and Be a Man! Samurai School. naked Japanese women who are actually deadly weapons. and HE DOES! Shozo is so filled with rage that he clings to life and some crazy doctor rehabilitates him by packing a M61 vulcan for a right arm. Cromartie High School. Shozo realizes he must journey back home to rediscover his true nature. and more blood on screen than a Wes Craven and Dario Argento movie combined.. Akaji Maro. A LoVe STory MALAySIA AND HONG kONG | 4 MINS | 2010 direCTorS Tak Sakaguchi CAST Tak Sakaguchi. After the untimely assassination of Shozo’s father kenzo. 10:00pm JAPAN | JAPANESE WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES | 105 MINS | vIDEO | 2010 SDAFF ExTREME yAkUZA WEAPON reveals a side of the famed yakuza crime family that is not well known. 22. CinemA junKie. cybernetic penis implants. This is the touching story of Shozo Iwaki. yAkUZA WEAPON is ready to kick your teeth in! – Phillip Lorenzo Preceded by: Timmy The poSSeSSed SiAmeSe Twin SoCK puppeT wiTh ToureTTe’S.YaKuZa WeaPon Saturday that he kICkS ASS! Shozo gets back to Japan ready to reap vengeance on some idiot named kurawaki. all that he needs to bring the smackdown on the chumps that killed his pappy.

Make Yourself at Home. From September 1 to December 31 of this year. Punching at the Sun. watch previous SDAFF award winners like Children of Invention. Shanghai Kiss. And Thereafter.dramafever. SDAFF’s collaboration with streaming video site DramaFever. Whatever it Takes. American Pastime. rate them and share your thoughts with other DramaFever users. With one click of the mouse. Red Doors. but what happens to these films after they’re screened? What about audiences in cities and towns that don’t have access to the Asian American film festival circuit? DIGIFEST. 14 narrative features and nine documentaries from previous SDAFF festivals will be presented for free to audiences throughout North America. Finding Face.a Virtual Film Festival Film festivals thrive on the here and now: the power of the local community. the presence of filmmakers. and The Cats of Mirikitani. the chance to be the first to see important films from around the world. Children of Invention. White on Rice. But what about the elsewhere and the future? We at SDAFF take pride in discovering and presenting the best in Asian American cinema at our annual festival. changes all that. Macho Like Me. White on Rice. Shades of Ray. and keep supporting Asian American cinema! Check it out at www. Some of these films are unavailable anywhere else – on DvD or otherwise – so watch them at your convenience. and more! 122 the 12th annual san diego asian film festival . Owl and the Highlights include: Cats of Mirikitani.


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Staff List foundATion And feSTiVAL STAff ExECUTIvE DIRECTOR Lee Ann kim MANAGING DIRECTOR Phillip Lorenzo ARTISTIC DIRECTOR Mye Hoang ASSOCIATE ARTISTIC DIRECTOR Brian Hu MARkETING PR DIRECTOR Daniel Matthews MEMBERSHIP DIRECTOR Lina Park MEMBERSHIP ASSOCIATE Wendy yamamoto ExECUTIvE ASSISTANT Elgin Aguilar PROGRAMMERS Michael Chen Sam Chen Brandon Coyle Gene Huh Eric Lallana Anderson Le Jimmy Lee Jason Low Wendy yamamoto GRAPHIC DESIGNER yen Tan GRAPHIC DESIGN TEAM John Im Marilyn Jones Christopher Lee Edson Muzada Art Tejada Lucy Troung Jennifer Wang Frances Zukowski COMMUNITy OUTREACH Jimmy Lee ONLINE CONTENT Ryan Wong WEBSITE ken Benavente Jim Song vOLUNTEER COORDINATORS Mark Gadia Megan Lam STREET TEAM COORDINATOR Olivia Ting MARkETING ASSOCIATES Irene Ancheta vivian Cao Leo Chau Davis Doan Marvin Gomez Grace kim Dami Lee Monica Lim Justin Phu Darlene Portades Josh vergera Sharon Wong PUBLIC RELATIONS ASSOCIATES Diana Chow Nikki Jimenez SPECIAL EvENTS Elgin Aguilar Dennis-Michael Broussard Richie Equid vince Equid Pamela Huynh Sheila kanoya Jasmin king kent Lee Trinh Le Terry Matsuoka PRODUCTION COORDINATOR Chris Paffendorf FACILITIES Anthony Noceda THEATER OPERATIONS Eunjae kim Carissa Serie Ashly Custer GUEST SERvICES Sana Sephari Lisa yadao Bryce killian WILL CALL Elaine Lallana yvonne Law CUSTOMER SERvICE Samantha Love 142 the 12th annual san diego asian film festival .

) Andy Hoang Dan Hom Sheila kanoya Dr. Treasurer Harlen Bayha Ranjit Dhindsa the 12th annual san diego asian film festival 143 . Instructor Jini Shim. Leeva Chung Paola Rodelas BOARD OF DIRECTORS Stephen Chin. Leeva Chung Jonathan Fohrman Robert Ito Ed Nesfield Dominic Tong Eddie Wang-Rodriguez PHOTOGRAPHERS Archie Acosta Jose Bucud Michael Domingo Reggie Regala Allan Regala Edward Sebastian. Jr. Secretary Steven Hong.Staff List PROJECTIONISTS Ralph Delauro Brook Falkenstein Staci Gaines Jimmy Lee Jason Low Jon Miller Chris Paffendorf Sophia verbiscar (CONT. vice Chair Amethyst Griffith. Coordinator Jason Low. Assistant yOUTH DAy Dr. vIDEO TEAM Alelie Adriano Rommel Andaya Austin Chen Alexa Evans Noelle Green ken Honjo Angelo Leal Mindy Lee vince Leyung Letecia Ng Christopher Nguyen Johnathan Nguyen Anthony Pang Jini Shim ACCOUNTING Lee Forrester LEGAL REPRESENTATION Mintz Levin FESTIvAL TRAILER Mike Watson. editor David Helpling. composer OPERATIONS ASSOCIATES Ashly Custer Eunjae kim Mindy kim REEL vOICES Mike Watson. Jeff krebs Benjamin Lee Joe Mendoza Steve Peace Arturo Rivera Louis Song Gary Wong ADvISORy BOARD Brian Blake Dr. Chairman Lani Lutar.

MySPACE Dan Cornthwaite. SDIHF Chol kim. yong J. yu-yu Magazine karin Chien. Don kikkawa Nancy kwan Hana kwon Cecilia Lai. Zion Market Jeff Iwami. Risen Nino Camilo. AFFD Cristina Chacon Alicia Chang. Hodous. UltraStar Janice Jann. RIP Susan Lew Grant Lewis Alex Li karen Lim. Harrah’s Rincon Tom & Loretta Hom Bob Hoffman Productions Tracie Hong. Leeva Chung. Audrey Magazine Hua Jin. SDSU Hospitality & Tourism Mgmt Heather Bohn. Cox Communications Brian Blake. Spirit Graphics and Printing Mike Avila. Anheuser-Busch kara Forrest Fritz Friedman. SDAFF Member Debbie Gonzalez. Sony Pictures Sue George. visual Communications Anna Fleming. County Supervisor Crystal Decker. Paramount Pictures Laura kim Myung Soon kim Dr. City College George Lin (RIP) Frank Lin Phillip Lin Tricia Lin Nancy Liu the 12th annual san diego asian film festival . GIG Anderson Le. Sony Electronics Beth Accomando. HIFF Chong Lee. Well Go USA James Dierker. Allegiance Matt Goldman. SDGLN kathryn Hammelman Sandra Hawkins. TECO-LA Daniel Hwang. ELT Insurance Dae Lee. kashi Christine kwon. ILOvEMUSUBI Steve Carlton. SD Polo Club Dr. TECO-LA Graham Leggat. verizon Abe Ferrer. DramaFever Derek Hsu. North County Times Robert Bennett. Macy’s 144 Special Thanks Epoch Times Julius Estanislao. MOPA Wendy Gillespie. Bank of America Amethyst Griffith Rey S. Magnolia Pictures Stephen Baker. SDAFF Member Arianne Ayers. Mike Relm Amy Berry. AFFD Dr. San Diego Symphony Heali’i’s Polynesian Revue Paola Hernandez. SDSU Associated Students Greg Cox. CSUSM Carlton Floyd. Bam Communications Theresa Battle. Film School Confidential Thomas Ackerman. USD Marie Foley. koreAm Jay kim. Qualcomm Ed Lee. Guerrero. kyocera kevin Iwashina Jan Jackson. SDSU Allan Camaisa. UCSD Julie Ha. kCCLA Heather & Lindsey Chronert. Price Charities Dan Bennett. Groovy Like A Movie Mike Abary. Confucius Institute Sheau-Ching Chiang-Nicholas. Coke Bottling Co Gene kim Geney kim. kNSD NBC-Universal Anahid Brakke Aaron Bruce. dGenerate Films Jeewon Choi. Lily Cheng. yogurtland Timothy Hwang. CAAM kent Lee Tk Lee. SDCAA Matt Jumper. San Diego Symphony Beck Bamberger. CSUSM Parissa Jafari. AFFD Eric Lallana Toan Lam. SD U-T David Hou. Stella Artois Olivia Eng. koreAm Johnathan Hale. Focuscom Andy Hoang Christin D. USD Roslynn Cobarrubias. kim Dr.Brent Altomare.

SDAFF Member Theresa Nguyen-Muth. Miramar College Doris Pfardrescher. Randy Jones Sports Grill kristen Osborne. Southwest Airlines yasmin Massis-McIntyre. Eleven Arts Regina Morishige. CAPE Susan Santos William Saung. SWC Tracie Ugamoto Marissa Upchurch. ABS-CBN Mark Oliver. UCSD the 12th annual san diego asian film festival 145 . Chroniclr Stefan Nguyen.ME Jimmy Rippy. SOAR Ron Roberts. ACCEF Ingram Losner. JACL Joyce Teague. UltraStar Robert Sanchez. Hyphen Magazine Shawn Park. County Supervisor Jackie Smith. Chipotle Jennifer Meyers. Chroniclr Music Watson Michaela Watson Rebecca Webb. Asia Pacific Arts Fred Tsui. Smart Water keesa Ocampo. PROvEN Inc Samantha Love Ric Manalo. Stella Artois Michael Rozzen. JSSDT Felix Tuyay. Barona Daniel Schreiber Woo-Jin Shim. State Farm Tk Nguyen. visual Communications.AM. Gilead Steve Norwood. Cherple Jennifer Sanderson. Wells Fargo Marnie McGranahan. JAHSSD Dr. yelp Ditas yamane Shinae yoon. Holland America Line Pam Slater-Price. Sony Electronics Tatiana Roven Carlene Rowe. Risen Magazine Jeff Roberto. FUNimation Hyung J. Craig Reid Joe Richter. Triniti Management George Uy. karin E Thomas Emily Ting Greg Toya. 48HFP San Diego Ada Tseng. victory Entertainment van Anh Nguyen. Pilet Inc. UCSD Duane Trammel. Proven Inc. UltraStar Theaters Michele Predko. variance Films Scott Marks Lidia Martinez. ArtPower UCSD Well Go USA Alan Wong Gary Wong. Westfield Summer Polacek. AFFD Priscilla Nunez. County of SD Patricia Sinay. Jack in the Box ko Mori. Song kay Song Louis Song.) Mitchell & Miyo Reff Allan Regala Reggie Regala Dr. Well Go USA Cecil Pratt. CSUSM Joanna Train Patricia Tran. Funimation victoria Rodriguez. San Diego Symphony Rebecca Niebla George Ng. voice of San Diego Joseph Ramirez. I. SDSU Associated Students Judy Patacsil. Wawanesa Dana Sass. AngryAsianMan Su-Mei yu. County Supervisor Frank Robinson. Damon Rubio. Mira Costa College Mario Rodriguez. UltraStar Theaters Justin Rimon. Media Asia Ron Tuatagaloa Dave Tuites. CAAM Greg Nolan. Focuscom kim Rohr. Union Bank Aubrey kuan Roderick. LG Electronics Ryan Suda.Special Thanks (CONT. variance Films Hoa Quach Andrew Pai. Drama Fever Jennifer Parker. L&L. UCSD CCC Ebonie Rayford. Mo’olelo Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in LA (TECO-LA) karen Tani. Phil yu. Sansai Suk Park. kPBS Anders Wright Daniel Wurst. Samuel Song Weston Song Sadie Stern. Union Bank Natasha Wong Sally Wong-Avery Nancy Worlie. vNTv Masashi Niwano. Blacklava Seema Sueko. AREAA Dylan Marchetti. Saffron Rick Zeiler Jing Zeng.

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