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UNIVERSITY OF PITTSBURGH AY 42.0 M8/18JI Darlington .Alemorial JLibrary THE Montreal almanack,^ cap LOWER CANADA i REGISTER, 183& BEING FIRST AFTER LEAF YEAR. V.V:| m • MONTREAL: PRINTED BY ROBERT ARMOUR, ! PRINTER TO TUB ZINOS HOST EXCELLENT MAJESTT TOR TBS TISTRIC OF XCXTKEAL, AND SOLD BY THE BOOK Stem' 1828. < LIBRAIRIE FRAN^AISE. < I T, DUPORT, ' | \Rue St. Frangois Xavier^ MONTREAL. | VVWW**VVVN •X. THE MONTREAL ALMANACK, 1829. THE MONTREAL ALMANACK/ LOWER CANADA REGISTER, 1829. BEING FIRST AFTER LEAP YEAR, MONTREAL: PRINTED BY ROBERT ARMOUR, FRINTSR TO THE SINGES MOST EXCELLENT MAJESTY FOR THE DISTRICT OF MONTREAL, AND PUBLISHED BY H. H. CUNNINGHAM. 1828. Lib m PREFACE. In the present publication, the Proprietors have spared no pains nor expense to ensure trivial errors its correctness, and though some small or may be found throughout the body of the Almanack, more so yet such are incidental to a to the first work of this nature, and still edition of a publication similar to the present. To made obtain with to the more certainty the various lists, application was all different Departments, who have very liberally furnished the information within their power, and the Editor takes this opportunity of returning to the individuals who have assisted him in the undertaking his most sincere thanks. has classed With a view all to superior arrangements, the Editor the information usually found in Almanacks, under distinct it heads, and as he hopes will be found an improvement upon the in Canada. Almanacks which have been heretofore published To the attention of D. Dal v, Esq. Provincial Secretary, the Editor was indebted for permission to copy from the Registers of his office the dates of almost all the Commissions now held in the Province granted since the year 1792, which having never hitherto been given, the Editor trusts, will be found not only interesting, but also useful for reference on various occasions. Changes and alterations have occured during the printing of the Almanack, all of which, as far as they have come to the knowv ledge of the Editor will be found at length at the end of the work In conclusion, it may be necessary to say that the arrangement of the different officers or public bodies in this publication, though as perfect as circumstances will permit, cannot in any wise affect any precedence, entitled. to which either of them respectively may be Should sufficient encouragement offer, the Almanack for the statistical tables the succeeding year will be enriched with several and returns in general, relative to the Province, highly late period at useful to the public which from the whieh the present undersufficient taking was commenced could not be prepared with this accuracy for that of year. Montreal Gazette Office, 20th November, 1823. 7 CONTENTS. PiGR Pilots and their Rates, . Post Office, Prohibited Goods, Public Officers, Religious Communities, Religious Societies, . Schools and School Societies, Scientific Societies, . 45—50 58—63 41 4 80 1S5, 135, 141 148, Societies in Stages, Great Britain, Surveyors, 145 ISO 125 146 10 51 Tow Boat Rates, Trinity House, 44 APPENDIX. Annals of Lower Canada Governors of the Province, Birth Days of Royal Family, Present Ministry of Great Britain, Population of Lower Canada, Imports and Exports of Lower Canada . 147—162 ib. Upper Canada Lists, Nova Scotia Lists, 163 164 165 166 169 170 ib. New Brunswick Lists, * Prince Edward's Island Lists, Newfoundland Lists, T )b. Alterations while Printing. ALMANACK, 1829. CALCULATED FOR THE MERIDIAN OF MONTREAL. 45° 73 ° 22 West Longitude. 30' North Latitude. EPOCHS AND COMMON NOTES. EPOCHS. Of the Julian Period Of the Mundane JEra Of the vulgar 6542. 58S2. Since the birth of Christ, according to Chronologeis...l8S8. 1829. Christian Mia §37. Since the Discovery of America 221. Since the Foundation of Quebec by ( h.unp.ain Since the Conquest of Canada in 175; Since the Division of the Provinces in 1791 Of the Reign of His Majesty George IV 70. 38. 10. CHRONJL G'CAL CYCLER. Dominical Letter... Golden Number Epact Soar Cycle 18 Roman indiction 2 1>AYS. March June 11. 10. 13. 12 September...^. 18. 10 December... 16. 18. 19, MOVEABLE FEASTS. Septuagesima Sunday, Feb. 15 Mar. 1 Quinquagesima do Low Sunday Rogation Sunday Ascension Day Whit Sunday Trinity Sunday April 26 Ash Wednesday Midlent Sunday March 4 March 29 April 12 April ]9 May 24 May 28 June 7 June 14 Nov. 29 Palm Sunday Easter day Advent Sunday FETES D'OBLIGATION IN THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH. All Sundays; Circumcision day, Jan. Annunciation of B. V. Mary, Mar. 25 cension day, ; May 28 ; Pentecost, June 1st; Epiphany, Jan. 6 Easter, April 19 ; As7 ; Trinity, June 14 ; St, 1 Fete Dieu or Corpus Christi day, June 18 ; St. Peter and Paul, June 29 ; Dedication, July 18 ; All Saints day, Nov. Conception of B. V. Mary, Dec. 8 ; Christmas, Dec. 25. SIGNS OF THE ZODIAC. cp Aries, head, y Taurus, neck. Gemini, arms. breast. O £5 Cancer, £l Leo, heart, Virgo, belly. £5: Libra, reins. Scorpio, secrets. 171 frj} / ]jf >«. Sagittarius, thighs. Capricornus, knees, Aquarius, legs. Pisces, feet. ){ RISING AND SETTING. At four days old till,, it sets at, and about 10 at night. 17 at | after 8 about about 5 11 18 10 about about 12 19 6 11 about 20 12 7 at near 1 in the morning. 1 5, at full, it rises about 6 in the evening. N. B. This table is sufficiently accurate for the purpose it wanted that of ascertaining moonlight evenings. shines — — — — — — — — — / — — i^ COMMENCEMENT OF SPRING. Spring. Summer. Autumn. enters — Sun " " Winter. « cp the 20th March, at Sh. 43ni. P. at lh. 14m. P. 23 the 21st June, Sept. =Cb the 23d at 3b. 23m. A. at 8h. 25m. P. VF tlie21st Dec- M. M. M. M. DURATION OF THE SEASONS. Spring 92 days, 22 hours, 93 days, 13 hours, 89 days, 15 hours, 2 hours, 89 days, Summer Autumn Winter 51 minutes. 7 minutes. 50 minutes. 2 minutes. OF THE CHANGES OF THE MOON. Many persons, understanding that the mean time between one new Moon and another is 29 days, 12 hours, 44 minutes and a fraction, imagine that, to find the full or quarters of the Moon, they have only to add a half or fourth part of that time ; and when they do not find the changes marked in the Calendar to correspond with this method, they impute it to mistake in the calculation of those changes. It is therefore, necessary to put them in mind, that the great inequality of the Moon's motions renders the above rule extremely inaccurate, so that nineteen times in twenty, it must fail in giving the true conjunction or change. ECLIPSES OF THE SUN AND MOON FOH 1829. Of Four be visible at I. eclipses which will take place this year, one only will Montreal. 20th March. The Moon will be eclipsed, but to us invisible. Sd April. The Sun will be eclipsed but also invisible. III. 12th September. An eclipse of the Moon, visible at Montreal, beginning at Oh. Sim. the middle at lh. 43m. and the end at 55m. the whole duration 2h. 24m. Digits eclipsed 6*°» 2h. 5' on the Moon's southern limb. IV. Sept. 27th The Sun eclipsed but to us invisible. II. — — — — — A TIDE TABLE FOR THE HARBOUR OF QUEBEC Age of the TIMES OF HIGH WATER, ON THE DAYS OF NEW AND FTJLL MOON, AT DIFFERENT PLACES OF THE RIVER ST. LAWRENCE. At Seven Isles At Caouy Manicouagan Betsiamites I h. If 1^ PortNeuf. Tadoussac 2 2| «..2| Pot a l'eau de vie Malbaie Baie St. Paul Cap Tourmente .S|1l 4 4$ 5J Quebec 6J EXPLANATION OF THE CALENDAR. column contains the days of the Month, the second, the days of the "Week, the third, the Holidays, Feasts, Festival* and Memorable days, and the fourth, the rising and setting of th« first The Sua XU1 JANUARY. FIRST MONTH— COMMENCING ON THURSDAY. THIRTY-ONE DAYS. New Moon First Quarter Full Moon Last Quarter 5th day, lOh. 5m- Morning. 12th day, 2h. 24m. Morning. ISth day, 7h. 23m. Evening. day, Ob. 27m. Morning. The © enters « the 20th, at ft. £0 m. A. M. THE SON rises sets CALENDAR B 1 G Of Feasts, ( Festivals and Memorable Days. . . Th ircumcision — Fete d'Obligation after Christmas . 2 Fr 8 Sa 4 Su Second Sunday 5 . . M 6 7 Tu Epiphany W M — Fete d'Obligation . . . 8 Th Lucian Battle of New 9 Fr 10 Sa Stamp Act passed 1765 11 — 17 IS 18 19 IS 20 21 Orleans, 1815 Su Tu Hilary 14 Peace ratified, 1784 15 Th 16 Fr 17 Sa 18 Su Second Sunday after Epiphany 19 20 Tu St. Fabian 21 Agnes— Louis XVIII. beheaded, 1793 22 Th Battle of Frenchtown, 1813 . . 12 13 First Sunday alter Epiphany Amnesty at Paris, 1816 . . . . W M S7 36 35 34 S3 22 22 23 24 25 26 27 4 28 S2 31 31 30 29 W . 23 Fr 2* Sa 25 Su Third Sunday after Epiphany 26 Conversion of St. Paul 27 Tu Duke of Sussex born, 1773 23 Henry VIII. died, 1547 29 Th King George IV. accession, 1620 20 Fr King Charles I. Martyr, 1649 SI Sa Kiug George IV. proclaimed, 1620 M .... . . . . . W . 2S 27 25 25 24 23 22 20 19 18 16 15 4 4 4 4 4 29 29 30 31 22 5 33 4 34 4 35 4 36 4 37 4 38 4 4 4 . 4 4 FEBRUARY. SECOND MONTH— COMMENCING ON SUNDAY. TWENTY-EIGHT DAYS. New Moon First Quarter 3d day, 9h, 7m. Full Moon East Quarter 10th day, 2h. 29m. 18th day, 2h. 21m. 26th day, 3h, 26m. Evening. Evening. Evening Evening. The enters }{ the 1S*A, at SA. ZOm. P. M ^ MARCH. THIRD MONTH— COMMENCING ON SUNDAY. THIRTY-ONE DAYS. New Moon First Quarter Full Moon 5th day, 7h. 48m. 12th day, 4h. 55m. 20th day, Sh. 57m. Last Quarter 2Sth day, 2h. 25m. Morning. Morning. Morning. Morning. The @ enters cp the 20th, at U. 4S«b. P. M. THE SUN CALENDAR Of Feasts, Festivals and Memorable days. rises 31 sets. Quinquagesima Sunday. Chadwick Shrove Tuesday Ash Wednesday Battle of Barossa, 1S11 Perpetua 1st Sunday . . . — St. David 10 39 30 2S 27 25 23 6 32 33 35 37 38 22 21 ID 5 in Lent 39 41 5 5 10 11 Tu W 18 17 16 14 12 10 42 12 Th Gregory Martyr IS Fr 14 Sa French defeated by Admiral Hotham, 1795 15 Su 2d Sunday in Lent 16 17 Tu St. Patrick 43 44 46 5 48 5 5 M 18 19 W Edward, King of West Saxons 2 Th 50 52 54 56 58 20 Fr Moon eclipsed, invisible 21 Sa Benedict 22 Su Sd Sunday in Lent 23 24 Tu Queen Elizabeth died, 1601 . Annunciation, Fete d'Obligation 25 26 Th 27 Fr Charles I. reigns 23 Sa 29 Su 4th Sunday in Lent .... . . M W . . 59 51 56 55 52 51 50 4 5. 7 9 Id It 13 14 16 SO 31 M .... Tu 49 47 46 44 APRIL. FOURTH MONTH— COMMENCING ON WEDNESDAY THIRTY DAYS. New Moon First Quarter Full Moom Last Quarter 3d day, 5h. 57m. 10th day, 9h 13m. 19th day, In. 2;m. 2bth day, lOh. lm. Evening. Evening. Morning. Morning. The © enters y the 20th, at Ah. 12m. A. M. fe £ ivn MAY. FIFTH MONTH— COMMENCING ON THIRTY-ONE DAYS. FRIDAY. New Moon First Quarter Full Moon Last Quarter Ed day, 3h. Sm. Morning. ICthday, 2h. 42m. Evening. lSthday, 2h. 54m. Evening. 2oth day, Sh. 25m. Evening. The Renters n the 21st, at Mi. 27m. A. M. a £ JUNE. SIXTH MONTH— COMMENCING ON MONDAY. THIRTY DAYS. New Moon First Quarter Full Moon East Quarter New Moon The 1st day, Oh. 35m. Evening. 9th day, Sh. 29m. Morning. ,17th day, Ih, 2lm. Morning. 23d day, Sh. 3m. Evening. 30th day, llh. 51m. Evening. © enters the 21st atih.Um. P. M, S3 ill JULY. SEVENTH MONTH— COMMENCING ON WEDNESDAY. THIRTY-ONE DAYS. First Quarter Full Moon Moon. East Quarter New Sth day, lh. 87m. Morning. 16th day, 9h. 48m. Morning. 23d day, lh. 20m. Morning, SOth day, Oh. 45ni. Evening. The § £ © enters , Geo. IV. c. 80. William S. Sewell, Robert Christie and Claude Denechaud, Esquires, 20th October 1827. Co7nmissio7iers of Internal Communications, appointed wider the Act of the 57 Geo. III. c. 13, for the Counties after named. Bedford Leon Lalanne and William Yule, 81st May 1817. Buckinghamshire For that part dependant on the District of Quebec, the same Commissioners as those for the County of Dorchester. For that part in the District of Three Rivers, Joseph Badeaux, F. G. Heriot, Hon. W. B. Felton, 14th May 1S17 — — — Alexander Fraser, Pierre 31st May 1817. — Jos. Couillard Despres, N. G. Boisseau, Simon Fraser, 24th May 181 T. Taschereau, John Davidson, Hon. C. Dorchester — Hon. Cornivallis Sirois, Devon 7. J. E. Delery, Louis Legendre, William Hall, 26th April 1817. Effingham— Hon. lAoderickM'Kenzie, C. Roy, 16th May 1S17 Gaspe Henry O'Hara, Robert Sherrar, Edward J. Mann, 1st November 1 2 Hampshire For that part dependant on the District of Three . — — Rivers, the Maurice. same Commissioners as those for the County of St. For that pail dependant on the District of Quebec, Geo. W. Hertford — Claude Denechaud, Joseph Fraser, 81st May Huntingdon — James M'Cummings, 16th May 1817, Allsopp, Edward Hale, J. Lanouette, 81st May 1817. 1817. Louis Girardin, 22d June 1818. Kent— Honbles. Charles W. Grant, L. R. C. Delery and Chs. de Salaberry, 16th May 1817. Leinster—B. Beaupre, B. Panet, J. E. Faribault, 16th Mav 1817. Montreal— Louis Guy, J, M. Mondelet, 31st May 1S27. Northumberland 26th June 1819, E. 7, Charles Huot, Lagueux, loth November 181P. Quebec— Felix Tetu, Charles Smith, 2d June 1820. Richelieu Jean Dessauiles, Pierre Guerout, Samuel Willard, — Louis Belair, 31st May 181 C. 31st St. May — Maurice — Francois Boucher, Sueton Grant, 14th May 1S17, 1817. Etienne Mayrand, 12th January 1818, Warwick Hon. James Cuthbert, Jacques Deligny, 14th May 1817, Joseph D. Bondy, 1st October 1818, George R. D'Armi- — nault. 21th York— E. N. L Dumont, May 1817. Joseph Papineau, Philemon Wright, Commissioners for hearing and determining the Claims to certain Lands within the Inferior District of Gaspe. Hon. J. T. Taschereau, M. L. J. Duchesnay, G. W. Allsopp, 4 th April 1822. Registrar and Clerk 27th April 1820. to Commissioners, Robert Christie, Esq. Commissioners for making repairs and alterations on the Legislative Council Chamber in the Bishop's Palace, Quebec. Hon. Jonathan Sewell, Hon. John Caldwell, Hon. Edward Bowen, Andrew Stuart and, Michel Clouet, Esqrs. 23d May 1823. a 5 10 Commissioner for the Sale and Management of the Crown Lands within the Province of Lower Canada Hon. W. B. Felton, 13th November 1826. Commissioners appointed for the purpose of determining who are the persons entitled to the indemnifications granted by an Act of the 55th Geo. III. cap. 10. Frs. Vassal de Monviel, Charles Et. De Lery, Jacques Voyer, Esquires, 24th May 1815. Arbitrator on the part of Lower Canada, under the Act of the Imperial Parliament 8, Geo. IV. c. 119, § 17. Hon. John Richardson, 23th June 1825. SWORN SURVEYORS WITHIN THE PROVINCE, WITH THEIR PLACED OF RESIDENCE. H. le M. St. Germain s ...St. Eustache Nicolas Dec. 81, 1790. Joseph Bouchette, Jean Bte. Demers c. .Quebec St. March 25, 1791. Maich23, 1792. AmableDezery Francois Legendre Jean Bte. Larue Montreal Gentilly May May July Aug. Oct. Benjamin Ecuyer Modeste Pratte Joseph Whitman Joel Ackly William Saxe Joseph Fraser Ignace Plamondon J. Bte. Quebec Quebec Three Rivers Odell Town Laprairie Quebec St. St. Anne Regis Courval Fortune Joseph Martel Jos. Nicolet Argenteuil Feb. Feb. Feb, Feb. Feb. Feb. May June Henry O'Hara Quebec Gaspe 12, 1792. 21, 1792. 10, 1792. 27, 1795. 2, 1795. 5, 1796. 5, 1796. 5, 1796. 18, 1796. 20, 1796. 24, 1796. 4, 1796. 7, 1796. May 17,1797. Pierre Lambert St. Antoine Henri Roi Desjardin ....Kamouraska Francois Fournier St. Jean Port Joli Point Fortune Theodore Davis Lachenaie Charles Laurier Lotbiniere Louis Legendre Boucherville Peter Weilbrenner Joseph Senet St. Jacques Ancienne Lorette Pierre Dery Jean Ant. Bouthillier ....Beauport Robert Smith Nicolet Oct. 17, 1797. March 24, 1798. Jan. 23, 1799. June 11, 1799. March 10, 1800. June 16, 1800. March 24, 1801. June SO, 1S02 August 21, 1802. May 12, 1S04. John Dwyer John Sullivan Hyacinthe Three Rivers St. Charles Fournier St. Charles H. B. de la Durantaye... Kamouraska David Thompson Jean Bte. Legendre Charles Archambault Terrebonne Gentilly ... .Chateauguay July 18, 1805 July 18, 1805. May 81, 1809. May 14, 1812. Feb. 4, 1814. Feb. 9, 1814. April 1, 1816. June 26, 1816. IX John Harrison R. D'Estimauville John Adams Frederick Weiss Robert Moorhead Emere Fere John Barbeau Patrick Smith Jean Bte. Duberger Alexander Stevenson J- Bouchette Jun. d. s. John W. Quin D. T. Jones Charles Manuel 1816. 1817. June 12, 1817. March 4, 1818. Riviere Ouelle March 10, 181S. Quebec March 18, 1818. St. Eustache March 18, 1818. Chambly March 25, 181S. Yamaska April 27, 1818. Murray Bay October 9, 1818. Chambly Feb. 16, 1819 c.Quebec" St. Marie N. Beaucc.June 18, 1819. Sept. 21, 1819. Saint Thomas Oct. 25, 1819. Beauharnois Sorel 1, August Quebec Quebec May 9, William Taylor Sorel Ste. Nov 1820. Oct. S, 1S20. Ste. Marie de Monnoir.. Nov. 18, 1820. Dec. 26, 1820. Hull March 17, 1821. Yamaska July 25, 1821. Em. C. Despres Saint Hyacinthe Aug. 27, 1821. John M'Naughton Sept. 24, 1821. Angus Cattanach Wm. M'Donald Sept. 21, 1821. Frampton Sept. 26, 1821. William Ware Saint Jean Baptiste ...Nov. 2S, 1821. Francois Tetu Jan. 23, 1822. Philippe Verrault Cap St. Ignace Jan. 23, 1S22. Joseph Hamel Cap St. Ignace April 29, 1822. Jas. Pierre Bureau Ste Anne la Parade Hinchinbrooke May 23, 1822. Leon G. Lalanne Aug. 21, 1822. A. Casaubon Dostaller ...Lachine St Denis - James Gray John P. Proulx Thomas Horan Hamilton Leslie David Bourdages Donald Livingston John Burroughs J. O. Arcand 6, 1819 Nov. 9, 1819. Marie N. Beauce...July 24, 1820. Sept. 6, 1820. Sept. 7, Quebec Sept. 3, 1822. Gaspe Alex. M'Neil Chateau Richer March 27, 1823. Nicolas Lefrancois Duncan S. Ballantyne ...Riviere du Loup, Q.... May 19, 1S2B. October 6, 1823. Joseph Gamache St. Thomas Amable Bochette St. Anne la Parade Oct. 25, 1823. L'Assomption Nov. 14, 1823. Laurent Dorval Riviere duLoup, M.... March 3, 1824. Thomas Allstone James Dignan Berthier May 3, 1825. Charles F. Fournier July 25, 1826. St. Jean Port Joli L'Islet July 11, 1827. H. A. Ballantyne Alphonso Wells Oct. 19, 1827. St. Cesaire William Teasdale Dec. 3, 1827. St. Andrews Joseph Pennoyer June 25, 1S28. Elie Belanger Sept. 1, 1826. LEGAL REGISTER. 6 ^{oiinli' ° fthe \ Hon Jonathan SewelI 22d Au S- 1808 ' - > James Stuart, 81st January 1825. Solicitor General— Charles R. Ogden, Esq. 25th Nov. 1824. Advocate General George Vanfelson, Esq. 2Sth Jan. 1819. Attorney General —Hon. — AcUn David n F General, Montreal, l § ^Z^j Ross, Esq. K. C. 8th August 181 & » * 8. King's Counsel, David Ross, Esq Sd Sept. 1811. Pierre Vezina, Esq 14th July 1&24. J. R.Vallieres de St. Real, Esq. 29th Oct 1827 Stephen Sewell, Esq 26th July 18 27. 11th Sept. 1828. Hon. A. W. Cochrane, PROVINCIAL COURT OF APPEALS. Established by the S4th Geo. III. c. 6, § 23, for the hearing of all Appeals from the Courts of King's Bench of Superior Jurisdiction in the Province. The Governor, Lieutenant Governor or Administrator of the Province for the time being. The Chief Justice of the Province for the time being. The Chief Justice of the District of Montreal for the time being. The Members of the Honorable Executive Council of the Province for the time being. Or any five of them, save and except such as may have been Judges of the Court of the District wherein the judgment appealed from, was rendered. Clerk of the Court— Louis Montizambert, Esq. 1st May 1816. COURT OF KING'S BENCH. Established by the 84 Geo. III. c 6, § 2, as a Court of original jurisdiction, in all matters over £10 sterling, or relating to any fee of office, duty, rent, revenue, or other sum payable to His Majesty, titles to lands and tenements, annual rents or such like matters and things, where the rights in future may be bound, excepting An inferior tribunal of the those purely of Admiralty jurisdiction. same Court is also held for the trial of all cases where the subject of contest is ^10 sterling and under. The Court of King's Bench has also cognisance of all Criminal pleas. 13 District of Quebec. Chief Justice, Hon. Jonathan Sewell, 22d August 1S03. Puisne Judges, Hon. James Kerr, 1st July 1808. Hon. Edward Bowen, 2Sd May 1812. Hon. Jean T. Taschereau, 2°tli March i 827. Sherif, William S. Sewell, Esq. 7th May 1827. Coroner, Bernard A. Panet, Esq. 2 th April 1827. Clerk of the Crown, William Green, Esq. 1st June 1821. Prothonotaries, J. F. X. Perrault, Esq. 22d July 1826. Edward Burroughs, Esq. 22d July 1826. French Transtnt^l ThQmaslwi i6th October and Interpreter, 3 Crier, Michel Landry.— Gaoler, George Henderson. High Constable, Thomas Aylwin. District of Montreal. 1832. Chief Justice, Hon. James Reid, 31st January 1825. Puisne Judges, Hon. Louis Chailes Foucher, iOth Dec. Si Hon. George Pyke, 1st May 1820. Hon. Norman F. Uniacke, 1st Feb. 1825. Sheriff, Hon. Louis Gugy, 2d March 1827. Coronet, Jean M. Mondelet, Esqr. 27th August 1812. Clerk of the Crown, John Delisle, Esq. 1st June 1821. Prothonotaries, Samuel W. Monk, Esq. 12th May 182:. Robert L. Morrogh, Esq. 12th May 182-;. French Translator ? Frederick Goedike , lst June 1821. I 2. and Interpreter, 3 Assistant Crier, Peter Devins Crier, George Stanley. Gaoler, Edward Holland. High Constable, Adolphe Delisle. — District of Three Rivers. Justice of the Province, or the Chief Justice of the District of Montreal must preside in the Court when Criminal offences are under consideration, and must be assisted by two other Judges. The several Judges of the Court of King's Bench for the Districts of Quebec and Montreal sit in this Court and take precedence according to the dates of their commissions as Judges. The Provincial Judge of the District also sits in the Court, always sitting as the The Chief Any two of the Judges havJunior on the Bench. ing a right to sit in this Court can hold the same for the dispatch of Civil business. Sheriff, Isaac G. Ogden, Esq. 3d March 1827. Coroner, J. G. de Tonnancour, Esq. 13th May 1826. Clerk of the Crown, W. C. H. Coffin, Esq. 11th Nov. 1826. Prothonotary, W. C. H. Coffin, Esq. 11th Nov. 1826. French Translator I fith Decenlber 1826 jQhn c Fe . and Interpreter, 3 Gaoler, William Kent. Crier, Pierre Portugais. High Constable f Philip Burns. 14 PROVINCIAL COURT OF THREE RIVERS Established by 34 Geo. III. c. ?, for the trial of all matters amounting to £10 sterling or under, in which the Provincial Judge sits alone and gives final judgment from which there is no appeal. Provincial Judge, Hon. John Fletcher, 6th June 182d. Clerk of Court, W. C. H. Coffin, Esq. llth November 1826. All the other officers the same as in the Court of King's Bench for the District. PROVINCIAL COURT FOR THE INFERIOR DISTRICT OF GASPE. This Court established by §4 Geo. III. c. 6, § 14, and its powers extended by subsequent enactments, has cognisance of all matters of £ 00 currency and under, with an appeal to the Court of King's Bench, Quebec, in all matters above £20. At New Carlisle an Inferior Court for sums under £20 sterling is held, and a Superior Court for the sums above £20. Provincial Judge, John G. Thompson, Esq 28th Apr. 1827. Sheriffs, Thomas Mann, Esq. 23d November 1825. Ferguson Winter, Esq. 23d November 1825. Coroner, Robert Sherrar, Esq. 22d November 1821. Prothonotary, Amasa Bebee, Esq. 6th November 1813. 1 PROVINCIAL COURT FOR THE INFERIOR DISTRICT OF ST. FRANCIS. Established by the 3 Geo. IV. c. 17, has cognisance of all matters amounting to £20 and under, with appeal to the Courts of King's Bench, Montreal or Three Rivers, according to the situation in the Superior District, of the place of action. , Provincial Judge, Sheriff, Charles Whitcher, Esq. 29th Nov. 1828. Prothonot&ry, C. Bridgman Felton, Esq. 22d August 1823. High Constable, J. H. Terrill Crier, C. M. C. Hindman. COURT OF VICE ADMIRALTY. Judge, Hon. James Kerr, Esq. 19th August 1797. Deputy Receiver of Droits and Perquisites, James H. Kerr, Esq. 8th Feb. 1818. Registrar, William Power, Esq. 2Sth June 1827. Marshal, Joseph Fenwick, Esq. 21th May 1824. COURT OF GENERAL QUARTER SESSIONS OF THE PEACE. District of Quebec. President, Robert Christie, Esq. 29th March 1827. Clerks of the Peace, Wm. Green, Esq. 1st April 1815. F. X. Perrault, Esq. Jst April 1815 French Translator, and > lg2$ Interpreter, 3 High Constable, Thomas Aylwin. Crier, Michel Landry. — ^^ mh ^^ IS District of Montreal. President, David Ross, Esq. K. C. 15th March 1823. Clerk of the Peace, John Delisie, Esq. 12th Sept. 1814. French Translator 1 -r. j ,. T ^ nC n> T , J. Frederick Goedicke, 1st June and Interpreter, \ Crier, John G. Dagen. High Constable, Adolphe Deiisie. • , , , 1 . ' District of Three Rivers. President, Hon. Thomas Coffin, 16th Feb. 1818. Clerk of the Peace, David Chisholme, Esq. lith Nov. 182b'. French Translator! T tc v C. learon, 5th December 1c2j. r and Interpreter, $ Crier, Louis Eefebre. High Constable, Philip Burns. i. i , . . ' District of Ga sre. President, James Crawford, Esq. 7th November 1827. Clerk of the Peace, Amasa Bebee, Esq. 6th Nov. lb IS. Inferior District of St. Francis. Clerk of the Peace, C. Bridgman Felton, Esq. 21st May i 24. COURT OF ESCHEATS AND FORFEITURES OF LAND. Commissioner, Hon. A. W. Cochrane, 5th July 1823. Clerk, TannattH. Thompson, Esq. 13th August 1823. PREROGATIVE COURT. Clerk, Hon. A. W. Cochrane, — till COMMISSIONERS FOR THE SUMMARY TRIAL OF SMALL CAUSES. Under the Provincial Act of Geo. IV. c— in force 1st May I82!> Jurisdiction limited to Seignories. Jonas Abbott, St. Armand, Amable Archambault, St. Hyacinthe, Thomas Barron, Argenteuil, J. M. Belanger, St. Jean Port Jo!i, Charles Benedict, Joseph Benoit, Joseph Bistodeau, Argenteuil, St. Charles, St. May 27, 1826. April 11, 1827. July 18, 1826 Mar. 13, 1S23: Dec 26, 1826. Nov. 30, 1827. Feb. 14, 1827. Feb. 14, 1827. August 10, 1826. July 18, 1826. May 27, 1826. July 18, 1826Mar. IS, 1823. August 30, 1826. Nov. 30, 1827. August 30, 1826. Dec. 26, 1826. Feb. 14, 1827. Z Thomas Bouthillier, Lawrence G. Brown, Philip Byrne, Louis Chevallier, J. B. Constantin, Hon. J. Cuthbert, Hyacinthe, St. Hyacinthe, Beauharnois, Rouville, St. Paul, Isle Jesus, Berthier, E. N. L. Dumont, Louis C. Duvert, J. E. Faribault, William Fraser, Pierre Grise, Mille St. Isles, Charles, St. Sulpice, Mount Murray, St. Denis, John Hettrick, 17 Rene de Ed. la Bruere, Bouchervilie, Sorel, W. Carter, K. C. Chandler, A. A. Nicoiet, Dame, Riviere du Loup, Amable Dionne, Jacques Dorion, Louis A. Duchesnay, C. E. Gagnon, Francois Gauvreau, Edward Hale, Samuel Hatt, Kamouraska, St. Ours, July Aug. July Feb. Jan. Aug. IS, 182'. 80, 1826. 18, 1826. 8, 1827. Aug. Feb. 8, 1827. Kamouraska, Jan. 2, 1828. Cap Sante, Feb. 8, 1827. Chambly, July 18, L82«. St. Anne La Pocatiere, Nov. -SO, 1827. Isaac Hudon, Sorel, Robert Jones. Aug. 80, 1826. River Quelle, Francois Letellier, Feb. S, 1827. O. L. F. Lagorgendiere,Deschambault, Feb. 8, 1827. Wm, Nelson, Sorel, Aug. 80, 1826. St. Anne La Pocatiere Remi Puize, Nov. 80, 1827. Hon. C. de Salaberry, Cliambly, Nov. 80, 1826. Francois St. Onge, St. Ours, Aug. 80, 1826. Pierre G. Vallee, Vercheres, July 18, 1826. Joseph Vigneau, Boucher ville, July 18, 1826. Peter Weilbrenner, Bouchervilie, July 18, 1826. . Maskinonge, Riviere du Loup, 2, 1828. SO, 1826. §0, 1 -2 Protestant Parishes. Solomon Bingham, Jsaac H. Filer, L. H. Gauvin, James Philips, Leonard Thomas, Samuel Robertson, July July Longeuil, Nov. St. Thomas, July St. George, July 7 Great Mecatina Point, f ,, St. George, St. Thomas, 18, 1826. IS, 1826. 80, 1827. 18, 1826. 18, 1826. <-,_ . J Gaspe, 1C£V '|May2/,]fc2b. TERMS OF THE COURTS OF St. JUSTICEQuebec. v. Frs. Qaspe. Qr. Sess . 3 Rivers. Montreal. fl 2 /V__ _M Prov. Court, A , & J3J § 3 S Cd Xfl 5» a c n eS&3o£ g> 3& 3 Hi is £'c 2 o 3 a « : : . « O m I I n rj a- i> 3.1 §.- -4 o a I I I I I ' ' I ' I ' I I I I OO II Ojm ' ' I CO O I * I u I • o I I 1 • I I b3 en — O I N • I I ' i I 19 ADVOCATES, ATTORNIES, SOLICITORS, PROCTOR^, COUNSEL AND BARRISTERS, thev reside. Within the Province of Lower Canada, with the District Montreal F Hamelin* Stephen Sewell, K. C. ...Montreal David Ross, K. C Montreal Montreal Joseph Bedard Pierre Vezina, K. C Three Rivers Hon. John Caldwell* Quebec Charles . . in which . . December 16, 1791. December. 7, 1792. IS, 1796. arch 10, 1798. June 20, 1798/ January 17, 1799. March 9, 1799. July 18, 1800. March 23, 1800. July IS, 1801. October 29, 1801. June 27, 180S. October 1, 1802. May 14, 1801. April 25, 1805. 16, 1805. May 22, 1806. July 9, 1806. June 5, 1807. October 5, 1807. November 5, 1807. March 8, 1808June 19, 1809. November 8, 1S09. December 2, 1809. April 9, 1810. May 19, 1810. October S, 1810. ! . June . Amable Berthelct Quebec . . . Denis B. Viger Montreal Joseph L. Borgia Quebec Hon. James Stuart, At. G.Quebec Janvier Lacroh. Montreal B. Beaubien Montreal Ross Cuthbert* Quebec Francois X. Bender Montreal Ant. L. Levesque* Montreal George Vanfelson, Ad. G.Quebec Bernard A. Panet Quebec Jean R. Rolland Montreal Hon. P. D. Debartzch*... Montreal Louis M. Yiger Montreal F. A. Quesnel Montreal Andrew Stuart ...Quebec Samuel Gale Montreal Jacques Leblond Quebec William Green Quebec P. J. G. De Tonnancour... Three Rive John Boston Montreal L. J. Papiueau* Montreal Robert Chi istie Quebec Geo. Barth. Faribault Quebec M. O'Sullivan Montreal Philippe A. De Gaspe Quebec Hugues Heney* Montreal Chas. R. Ogden, Sol. G... Montreal Alexis Bourrett Montreal J. R. Vallieres, K. C Quebec Paul Valle Quebec James C. Grant Montreal D. B. Rollin Montreal F. W. Desrivieres* Montreal Samuel W. Monk* Montreal Toussaint Peltier Montreal Francois Roy Montreal Charles Lafresnaye Three Rivers Jos. F. X. Perrault* Quebec . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . December . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15^ 1810. April 6, 1811. August 15, 1811 December 19, 1811. February 21, 1812. April 15, 1812. May SO, 1812. August 27, 1813. January 14, 1814. March 1, 1814. September 2, 1814. November 7, 1814. . . . . . August 23, 1816. September 20, 1816. February 27, 1817. April 5, . . . . 1817. * Those marked thus do not practice. 20 Philippe Pan et Alex. Quebec April 21, 1817 M'Millan Hon. A. J. W. Montreal Cochrane, K.C.Quebec .... May 5, 1817. 16, June 11, 1817 Louis Lagueux Quebec December 1817. M«Gill Desrivieres*... Montreal J. Bte. Bacquet Quebec Montreal Geo. S. Henshaw Andre 11. Ham el Quebec Quebec H. L. H. Tremain Peter N. Rossiter Montreal William Walker Montreal .... .... January 6, 1818. January 20, 1818. February 5, 1818. April 20, 1818. .... August 1, 131P. .... December 12, 1818. .... April 6, 1819. . . James Haliowell Alex. Buchanan..... A. D. Bostwick C. C. S. Saint Francis April 20, 1819. DeBleury P. H. D. Beaubien Montreal .... May 7, 1819. October 10, 1819. Three Rivers. Montreal .... November 17, 1819. February 10, 1820. Absent . Henry Black F. X.Simon John S. Saunders D. Mondeiet P. B. Dumoulin Quebec Quebec Quebec Montreal Montreal March 20, 1820. March 27, 1820. June 23, 1S20. .... . . August 18, 1820. July 21, 1821. August 3, 1821. September 4, lb21. September 29, lb21. October 20, lb2L January 2, 1822. January 3, 1822. January 4, 1822. January 15, 1822. April 9, 1822. April 29, 1822. May 4, 1£22. May 7, lb22. June 25, 1822. June 26, 1822. August 7, 1822. August 7, 1822. August 15, lb22. August 28, 1822. November 15, 1822. November 23, 1822. December SO, 1822. February 3, 1823. February 13, 1823. March 6, 1823. March 21, 1823. Three Rivers JohnM'Donell .... . . W. C. H. Coffin* Three Rivers Philippe Bruneau ...Montreal .... Charles De Tonnancour... St. Francis . . . Edward Burroughs* .Louis Fisette Pierre Le Droit Quebec Quebec Quebec Robert L. Morrogh* Montreal Hyp. St. George Dupre... Montreal P. Philippe Chaloux Quebec J.N. Anuot Quebee Charles Panet Quebec F. P. Bruneau Montreal Laurent Viger Montreal B. A. Gugy Pierre Cresse Francois Romain C. S. Cherrier James Mitchell Hon. F. W. Piiiurose C. J. E. Mondeiet Ed. Thibaudeau P. L. Panet Hypolite Guy Edward A. Clark .... .... C Quebec St. Francis . . . Quebec Montreal .... Quebec Quebec Three Rivers Gaspe Three Rivers Montreal Montreal Montreal Montreal Absent Montreal . . . . George Weekes J. S. M'Cord II. Pierre Bedard Henry Driscoll .... .... .... May 5, lb 23. .... May 19, 1823. May 20, 1823. .... May 21, 1S23. J. F. J. Duval Quebec July 21, 1823. 21 Louis Deschambaiht Josias Montreal .... Hoffman Quebec Montreal Montreal Montreal Montreal Joseph Bourrett Pierre Bibaud Charles T. Greece Nathaniel Charles Thomas W. Wil Ian William Badgley Louis F. Dufresne P. L. Letourneau Robt. S. M. Sewell 0. E. Casgrain E. O. Desbarats 5, 1823. 11, 182-3. 11, 1823. Quebec November 11, 1823. Montreal .... November 20, 1828. Quebec "January 2, 1824. Montreal .... April 2, 1824-. Quebec April SO, 1824. .... .... November .... November .... November August 25, 1-23. September 2, L-2*. September 27, 1 23. Quebec Quebec .... St. May 7, It 24. May SI, . George Kimball Elzear Hedard Gaspard Drolet William Ryan C. P. Elkins Francis . . July 5, 1824. Quebec Quebec Montreal St. .... . . . Francis August 17, l!-24. September 27, 1821. September 30, 1824 October 5, 1824 Aaron E. Hart Thomas Judah Fred. Griffin J. T. Braseau Louis C. Cresse John Stanley Quebec Three Rivers November 29, 1824. December IS, 1824 Montreal .... December 23, 1824. Montreal .... December 29, 1824. February 1, U25. Three Rivers . . . . Montreal .... . . . G.A.Young H. Johnson Bruneau Daniel Salmon Horatio H. Forrest J. J. C. Quebec . Montreal Montreal Montreal .... .... .... Maich February 1, 1825. February 5, 1825. February 25, 1825. February 26, 1825, Charles Deguise Hector S. Huot Frederick Andrews Charles Aubry Robert Allsopp John Bleakley James G. Scott Joseph Lagueux Samuel Bouchette Rene Ed. Caron R. S. M. Bouchette J. F. Quebec Quebec Quebec Quebec Three Rivers Quebec Montreal Montreal March 14, 1825 2-, 1825. April 2, 1825. . . May 2, May 4, May 9, .... .... Deblois William Smith Daniel M'Calium Francis P. Terrous William Power Quebec Quebec Quebec Quebec ... Quebec Quebec Quebec Montreal . .... .... .... . . . Quebec Montreal Montreal Duncan Fisher Campbell Sweeny Ldward Short Aiex. S. Scott Pierre L. Fortier Edward T. Jones Quebec Quebec Three Rivers Montreal . 1825. 1825. 1825. July 20, 1825. August 23, 1825. August 27, 1825. October22, 1825. December 20, 1825. January 7, 1826. March 15, 1626. April 1, lb26. April 25, 1826. May 1, 1826. June 1, 1826. June 8, 1S26. September 22, 1626. September 23, 1826. October 12, 1826. December 11, 1826. . . December 13, 1826 .... January 25, 1627, 22 James A. Thompson Ebenezer Peck C. M. J. Duchesnay C. H. N. Drolet D. Day E. E. Rodier C. Three Rivers Montreal Quebec Quebec . March March . January 27, 1827. 20, 1827. 27, 1827. April 23, 1827. Montreal Montreal May 28, 1827. T. W. JLloyd Quebec . Arthur Ross E. C. Cruttenden Levi Adams T. C. Aylwin Montreal Quebec Quebec Quebec Quebec Quebec Quebec . August 6, 1827. August 29, 1S27. September 25, 1827. Octobers, 1827. Montreal . Thomas Nye Samuel Ussher Win. Vondenvelden P. E. Taschereau •Jos. A. Taschereau P. H. Panet O. J. E. Perrault Montreal . November 5, 1827. December 12, 1827. December 14, 1827. January 4, 1823. February IS, 182S. February 15, 1828. February 15, 1823. March 26, 1828. April 21, 1828. . . . Montreal John Goudie J. A. Quebec Quebec . . Lacroix James Smith Edward Barnard Aucustin N. Morin Montreal Montreal Montreal Montreal May 8, 1823. May 9, 1823. May 20, 1823. JulyS, 1823. July 7, 1823. JUSTICES OF THE PEACE IN AND FOR THE DISTRICT OF QUEBEC. The Honorable the Members of the Legislative and Executive Councils, the Judges of His Ma jesty's Courts in the different Districts in the Province, ex officio. Robert Christie, p. Q. s. 0.. Quebec Samuel Gale, Montreal David Ross, p. q.. s. M. do James Crawford, p. Q. s. g. Gaspe Paschal Tasche, Kamouraska Thomas Wilson, Quebec Claude Denechaud, do Benjamin Tremain, do Jean Baptiste Duchesnay, do John Davidson, do Jacques Voyer, Francois Vassal de Monviel, William Holmes, Thomas Fargues, John Macnider, Noah Freer, Phillips, William Francis T. Thomas, William Price, Daniel Sutherland, George W. Allsopp, do do do do do do do do do do Cap Sante 23 Louis Belair, Pierre Casgrain, Senr. Jean Baptiste Tremblay, St. Paul's Bay River Ouelie St. Paul's St. Daniel M'Pherson, John M'Pherson, Joseph Fraser, St. St. Bay Thomas Thomas Marie Noitvelle Beauce Gervais Francis John Walsh, St. St. Abraham Turgeon, Germain de Gagne, Edward Hale, Michel L. J. Duchesnay Jean Baptiste Tasche, Robert Harrower, Amable Dionne, Olivier de Lagorgendiere, Malbay Port Xeuf Quebec Kamouraska St. Jean Port Joli Kamouraska Deschambault Pointe aux Trembles Lotbiniere St. Francois Xavier Larue, Louis Legendre, Antoine G. Couillard, Ignace G. Boisseau. John Racey, William Fraser, Quebec Thomas Quebec Murray Bay Remi Puize, Pierre Gagnon, Louis Ruel, Francois Letellier, Joseph Ouellet, Alexander Fraser, Pierre Canac dit Marquis, Charles Chapais, Jun. Amable Morin, Joseph C. Despres Jacques Oliva, Francois X. Pare, Etienne F. Roy, Charles Fournier, Antoine C. Taschereau, Jean Bte. Bonneville, Francois Lehouillier, George Pozer, Newman Bainbridge, St. Anne Lapocatieix Gervais Island of Orleans St. River Ouelie Trois Pistoles Lake Temiscouata St. Andre River Ouelie St St. St. Roch Roch Thomas du Sud St. Pierre Riv. Beaumont St Charles St. Marie Nouvelle Beauce do do Quebec St. Nicolas Louis Montizambert, William Lindsay, Narcisse Duchesnay, Quebec do do Chateau Richer St. Paul's St. St. Paul's Henry Lemoine, George Chaperon, Augustin Caron, Bonaventure Dufour, Bay Bay Joachim Michel P. Laterriere, James M'Kenzie, Louis Bertrand, Philip F. Calbeck, do Quebec Green Island Magdalen Islands 24- Thomas Casault, 25 John C. Fisher, John G. Clapham, Charles Casgrain, William Pozer, Charles Robertson, Quebec. do. River Ouelle. Aubert Gallion. Fief Villeray. George Hamilton, New Liverpool. JUSTICES OF THE PEACE IN AND FOR THE DISTRICT OF MONTREAL. Province, ex The Honorable the Members tive Councils, the Judges different of the Legislative and Execuof His Majesty's Courts in the officio. Districts in the * Samuel Gale, 26 Lawrence Kidd, Pierre De Boucherville, Laprairie Montreal. St. Johns. Lachenaie. St. William Macrae, Bonaventure Panet, Jacques Archambault, Paul T. Pinsonault, Andre D. Pambrun, Joseph Porlier, Hyacinthe St. Germain, Roch. St. Philip. Vaudreuil. St. Hyacinthe. St. Eustache. John Yule, Chambly. Paul Whitney, Dunham. Stanb ridge. St. Aaron Martindale, Joseph Senet, Louis Raymond, Jacques. L'Assomption. Stanstead. William Elisha Gusthi, Robertson, Archibald M'Millan, Francois St. Onge, William Bovvron, Seguin, Francois Montreal. Chatham. St. Ours. H Dominique Ducharme, Jean B. Fournier, Ignace G. Gamelin, Godmanchester. Terrebonne. Lake of Two Mountain*. Rigaud. Soulanges. aux Nouc. Boucherville. Isle aux Noix. Isle Hon. Henry D. Byng, Joseph Vigneau, Henry B. Brewster, John Kent Welles, Henry Crebassa, Alexander Brown, Sorel. do. Dunham. Montreal. do. do. do. do. George Garden, John Gray, Pierre De Rocheblave, Thomas A. Turner, James Millar, John Finlay, George Burke, Joseph Cartier, Lachine. St. Argenteuil. Antoine. Ephraim Birch, William Blanchard, E. Martel De Vienne, Chatham Argenteuil. St. Hugues L. De Martigny, Conrad Derrick, Jean B. Lorimier, Jun. William Grannis, Lachenaie. Hyacinthe. Caldwell's Manor. St Regis. Hatley. Samuel Hatt, Chambly. Lacole. De L6ry. Argenteuil. Montreal. Robert Hoyle, Thomas Jobson, Adam C. Muir, Russel, Stuart, Jun. William Pardy, Thomas Norman Noyan. St. Constant. 27 Robert Vincent, 28 Charles Sheriff, Chats. do. St. Cesaire. Robert Sheriff, Charles Tetu, William H. Kirtland, John Grant, 'Gibbon, John M Caldwell's Manor. St Regis. do. John Hunter, Lawrence G. Brown, Anthony Von Iffland, Louis Barbeau, Eustache L. De Bellefeui lie, Godmanchester. Beauharnois. Sorel. Laprairie. Mille Isles. Richard Froste, Jacob Barcelo, William Coffin Gilman, Granby. St. Benoit. Potton. do. David Blanchard, Jun. Joseph Dubuc, George Simpson, J. J. Leclaire, Longueuil. Governor Hudson's Bay Company. St. Therese. Montreal. St. Therese. Lochaber. * Duncan C. Napier, John Hettrick, James Campbell, William U. Chaffers, Roderick M'Kenzie, Theodore Davis, John A. Mathieson, Arthur McDonald, Alexis Sauvageau, Alexander Fisher, St. Cesaire. Rawdon. Rigaud. Vaudreuil. Chateauguay. do. Lake of Two Mountains. Beauchamp Colclough, Charles Morrison, Samuel Bull, Dorvillier. Berthier. Dorvillier. *John Davidson, Eugene F. Globensky, Quebec. St. Eustache. JUSTICES OF THE PEACE FOR THE DISTRICT OF THREE RIVERS. The Honorable the Members of the Legislative and Executive Councils, the Judges of His Majesty's Courts in the different Districts in this Province, ex officio. Samuel Gale, 29 * Benedict P Wagner, * Michel Caron, Three Rivers. Machiche. Batiscan. * Jean Guillet, Sen. *Sueton Grant, * Samuel Brooks, Sen. * Pierre B. Pelissier, * Charles F. H, Goodhue, River du Loup, Stanstead. Yamaska. Sherbrooke. * Daniel Thomas, * Frederick G. Heriot, Melbourne. Drummondville. *George Carter, *William Seaton, Three Rivers, Oxford. Peter Labere, * Christopher Menut, Eaton. Durham. St. *Hugh Heney, Guy C. Colclough, Francis Cottrell, Charles Whitcher, Francis. Edward Hale, *Kenelm C. Chandler, * James H. Kerr, Rufus Laberee, Frederick Rolette, Edmund Antrobus, Augustin Trudelle, Joseph Dury, * Joseph Dionne, Benjamin Heath, Charles De Montenac, * Joseph Ployard, Anthony G. Douglas, Sherbrooke. Baye St. Antoine. Sherbrooke. Portneuf. Nicolet. Three Rivers. Eaton. Nicolet. Ste. Quebec. Anne. do. St. Pierre. Montreal. Grantham. Aston. James Millar, Joseph Bouchette, Sen. James Cuthbert, Jun. William Grut Sheppard, Josias Wurtele, George Simpson, Pierre Louis Panet, Francis H. Hughes, Francois Louis Dumoulin. David Grant, David Bellhouse, Drummondville. Quebec. Lanoraye. River du Loup. Fief Deguise. Governor Hudson's Bay Company Three Rivers. do. Nicolet. Three Rivers. do. Henry Macaulay, John Davidson, William Henry, Henry James Martin, Forges St. Maurice. Quebec. Sherbrooke. do. b3 30 JUSTICES OF THE PEACE FOR THE INFERIOR DISTRICT OF ST. FRANCIS. The Honorable the Members of the Legislative and Executive Councils, the Judges of His Majesty's Courts in the different Districts in this Province, ex officio. Charles Whitcher, 31 Aug. 2, 1793. Feb. 17, 1794. Sept. 24, 1794. Quebec, Q. July 23, 1795. Felix Tetu, William Henry, M. Aug. 20, 1795. Henry Crebassa, L'Assomption, M. Louis Raymond, Dec. 28, 1795. Quebec, Q. Jacques Voyer, Feb. 5, 1798. Quebec, Q. Pierre Laforce, Feb. 12, 1798. Three Rivers, T. R. Jos. Badeaux, h. m. n Oct. 1, 1798. Nov. 27, 1798. Francis M. Petrimoulx, St. Philippe, Quebec, Q. Michel Sauvageau, March 1, 1799. St. Anne Laperade, T.R.March 6, 1799. Augustin Trudel, Leon Lalanne, St. Armand, M. May 9, 1799. Baie St. Paul, Q. May 22, 1799. Francois Sasseville, Vercheres, M. Pierre G. Valte, Aug. 23, 1799. Montreal, M. Thomas Barron, Nov. 9, 1799. Francois L. Duraoulin, Nicolet, T. R. Nov. 6, 1800. Louis Demers, Chateauguay, M. Aug. 10, 1801. Montreal, M. Charles Prevost, Aug. 19, 1801. Montreal, M. Louis Guy, h. m. n. Aug. 81, 1801. Francois L. Bellefeuille,St. Eustache, M. Dec. 28, 1801. Montreal, M. May 31, 1801. Francois X. Dezery, Pierre Ant. Gauthier, St. Antoine, M. March 8, 1803. John Walsh, St. Marie, N. Beauce, Q.June 16, 1803. Jean C. Letourneau, St. Thomas, Q. July 18, 1803. Chambly, M. Kene Boileau, Oct. 27, 1803. Simon Fraser, St. Jean, Port Joli, Q. Jan. 7, 1804. Montreal, M. Nicolas B. Doucet, March 17, 1804. Lotbiniere, Q. A. De la Chavrotiere, May 12, 1804. St. Vallier, Q. Augustin Larue, Tune 27, 1804. Montreal, M. Louis H. Latour, July 31, 1804. Nov. 5, 1804. M. Gamelin Gaucher, Belceil, M. Jacques Boucher, St. Henry, Q. Nov. 22, 1804. Laprairie, M. Louis Barbeau, Dec. 11, 1804. St. Gervais, Q. Abraham Turgeon, Dec. 15, 1804. St. Cuthbert, M. Jean F. Mercure, Jan. 3, 1805. St. Denis, M. Louis Bourdages, Jan 8, 1805. Quebec, Q, Thomas Lee, Feb. 21, 1805. St. Vincent de Paul, M. June 1, 1805. J. Bte. Constantin, Louis Brunelle, St. Hyacinthe, M. July 1, 1805. Francois G. Lepailleur, Chateauguay, M. Sept. 10, 1805. Baie du Febvre, T. R. Oct. 24, 1805. Antoine Robin, Nicolet, T. R. Jos. M. C. Duvernay, Oct. 30, 1805. Louis Sarault, Beauharnois, M. Dec. 23, 1805. Isidore Levesque, Eboulemens, Q April 23, 1806". Soulanges, M. Ant. Alexis Dubois, June 26, 1806. Nicolas Manteiht, St. Rose, M. March 9, 1807. Louis Decoigne, Blairfindie, M. April 28, 1807. Joseph Brunelle, Mascouche, M. May 19, 1807. Louis Bernier, Chateau Richer, Q. Oct. 23, 1807. Joseph B. Mailloux, Soulanges, M. March 8, 1808. Roger Lelievre, Henry, Jean M. Mondelet, Quebec, Q. Ldme M. Montreal, M. Laprairie, M 64 m .Laurent Genest, Pierre J. Chevrefils, Gentilly, T. R. Yamaska, T. R. Thomas Bedard, G. R. D'Arminault, Ignace Raizenne, L'Assomption, M. Berthier, M. St. Benoit, M. St. Antoine, Q. March 24, 1803 April 25, 1S0S April 29, 1808. June 8, 1808. Sept. 14, 1808 Sept. 28, 180S. Remi Puise, Francois H. Seguin, Charles Huot, Louis Guillet, Louis Jos. Soupras, Pierre Bazin, Pierre Besse, Louis C. Duvert, Charles Chinoquy, Paschal Tasche, Oct. 16, 1809. Blairfindie, M. Pierre Lanctot, Oct. SO, 1809. Augustin Dumouchelle, St. Scholastique, M. Nov. 1, 1809. Joseph Cote, St. Antoine, Q. May 10, 1810. Dominique Lefrancois, Lorette, Q. July 8, 1810. John Eml. Dumoulin, Three Rivers, T. R. Aug. 23, 1810. Quebec, Q. Louis T. Besserer, Barth. Jolliette, St. Paul de la Valtrie, M.Oct. 8, 1810. Jan. 5, 1811. Joseph Am. Berthelet, St. Eustache, M. March 18, 1811 Alexis C. L. Duplessis,. Contrecceur, M. May 18, 1811. Francois X. Lefebre, St. Henry, Q. June 29, 1811. Riviere Ouelle, Q Francois Letellier, Francois Verrault, St. Francois N. Beauceq..July 6, 1811. Aug. 6, 1811. Terrebonne, M. Tous6aint Limoges, Aug. 20, 1811. St. Esprit, M. J. Bte. S. Chailand, Kamouraska, Q. Aug. 2b", 1811, J. Bte. Tasche, Quebec, Q. Sept. 8, 1811. Wm. Fisher Scott, Pointeaux Trembles, Q Oct. 8, 1311. Francois X. Larue, Portneuf, Q. June 6, 1812. PaulBegue, June 6, 1812. Arch. Campbell, n. M.N.Quebec, Q. Montreal, M. Aug. 1, 1312. Thomas Bedouin, Montreal, M. Sept. 1, 1312. Henry Griffin, Riviere Ouelle, Q. Sept. 15, 1312. Pierre Garon, Kamouraska, Q. Sept. 15, 1S12. Thomas Casault, March 19, 1818. Cap St. Ignace, Q. Abraham Larue, Montreal, M. Sept. 21, IS 13. Andre Jobin, Chambly, M. Feb. 4, 1814. Joseph Demers, May 9, 1814. St. Gregoire, T. R. Louis B. Delagrave,. St. Joseph N. Beauce, Q, Sept. 1, 1314. Michel D. Dortie, Quebec, Q. Sept. 28, 1814. Pierre Gagnon, Sept. 24, 1814. St. Croix, Q. Julien Demers, Nov 3, 1814. Quebec, Q. Ant. A. Parent, Dec. 17, 1814. Island of Orleans, Q. Alexis Cote, May 24, 1S15. Charles H. Gauvreau, Malbaie, Q. June 80, 181 5. St. Thomas, Q. Ignace G. Boisseau, June 80, 1815. St. Roch, M. Francois Allard, July 18, 1815. St. Roch, Q. Amable Moiin, Terrebonne, M. Oct. 15, 1808. Quebec, Q. Oct. 29, 1808. Batiscan, T. R. Feb. 6, 1809. April 1, 1809. St. Mathias, M. Riviere du Loup, T. R. April 1, 1809. April 10, 1809. St. Johns, M. Aug. 4, 1809. St. Charles, M. Sept. 9, 1809. Eboulemens, Q. Kamouraska, Q. Sept. 19, 1809 33 Pierre Gamelin, Jos. Casimir Laprairie, St. St. M. Aug. 25, 1816'. Dury, Eug. F. Globensky, Edouard Glackmeyer, Louis Ranvoyze, Joseph Ouellet, L. T. M'Pherson, J. J. Girouard, Anne Laparade,T. R.Sept. 16, 1815. Nov. 29, 1815. Eustache, M. Dec. 18, 1815. Jan. 15, 1816. Feb. 7, 1S16. April 28, 1816. June 18, 1816. July 22, 1816. Feb. 22, 1817, Feb. 26, 1817. March 1, 1817. Quebec, Q. St. Anne du Nord, Q. Trois Pistoles, Q. Quebec, Q. St. Benoit, M. Charles Dugal, Charles P. Huot, Alexis Paiiet, Ignace Bernier, Francois M. Kirouac, Germain A. Ven-eau, Jean Francis Tetu, Augustin Noel Blais, Charles Deseve, F. Quebec, Q. Baie St. Paul, Q. Varennes, M. St. Andre, Q. St. Pierre, Q. L'Islet, Q. St. Hyacinthe, M. St Pierre, Q. Montreal, M. Quebec, Q. March 2, IS 17. April 7, 1S17. April 9, 1817. Feb. 28, J SIS. June 16, 1818. X. Vaillancourt, Oct. 28, 1818. Dec 11, 1818. Dec. 12, 1818. Montreal, M. April 6, 1819. Daniel Thomas, Melbourne, T. R. May 3, 1819. Francois X. Blais, St. Michel, Q. May 7, 1819. J. Bte. Archambault, St. Roch, M. Sept. 21, 1819. Francois X. Lacombe, St Gervais, Q. Sept. 28, 181! Daniase Larue, St. Antoine, Q. Oct. 22, 1819. J. Bte. Bonneville, St. Marie N. Beauce, Oct. 30, 1819. Louis Panet, Quebec, Q. Joseph Remy, St. Marie N. Beauce, Q. Feb. 1, 1820. Louis Duclos, Feb. 10, IS20. St. Clair, Q. March 3, 1S20. Francois Brunelle, Maskinonge, T. R. April IS, 1S20. Laurent Archambault, Blairfindie, M. June 10, 1820. Michel Tessier, Quebec, Q. July 4, IS 20. Pierre Paradis, St. Henry, Q. J. Bte. Morin, Sept. 14, 1S20. St Francois, Q. Nov. 16, IS 20. Theophile Lemay, Monnoir, M. Stephen Mackay, March 1, 1S2L St. Eustache, M. Pierre Ritchot, March 1, 1821. Montreal, M. March 19. 1821. Louis Lacoste, Boucherville, M. L. M. Cresse, April 18, 1S21. Nicolet, T. R. Charles Ed. Gagnon, River du Loup, T. R. Nov. 12, 1821. Nov. 24, 1821. J. Bte. G. Peltier, St. Genevieve, M. Ovide Leblanc, Feb. 14, 1S22. Beauharnois, M. Joseph E. Mignault, March 2, 1822. St. Denis, M. William Ritchie, District of St. Francis, July 13, 1822. J. B. De Labroquerie, Boucherville, M. July 9, 1822. Charles M. Defoy, Nov. IS, 1822. Quebec, Q. Pierre Gauvreau, Dec. 5, 1822 Rimouski, Q. Errol B. Lindsay, Jan. 13, 1823. Quebec, Q. Ant. Z. Leblanc, Jan. 27, 1823. Three Rivers, T. R. St Gervais, Q. Berthier, M. Charles Tetu, Louis Ruel, Jean Bte. Chalut, Peter Lukin, St Charles, M. Aug. 15, ISIS. Sept. 4, 18 IS. Q 34 Feb. 18, 1823. March 8, 1823. Michel Charest, Mascouche, M. March 13, 1823. J- J. Leclair, St. Therese, M. May 22, 1823. F. X. Cadet, St. Elizabeth, M. Nov. 6, 1S23. Joseph Bourret, River du Loup, T. R. Dec. 1, 1823. Moyse Moiin, River du Loup, Q. Dec. 4, 1823. Richard O'Keefe, Montreal, M. Jan. 15, lb 24. J. M. Badeaux, Three Rivers, T. R. Feb 21, 1824. P. P. Demaray, St. John's, M. April 17, 1824. P. A. Boudreault, St. Pierre, T. R. May 18, 1824. J. O. Leblanc, Lavaltrie, M. May 18, 1824. W. C. Delery, Quebec, Q. Aug. 5, 1824. Charles Bazin, St. Ours, M. Sept. 27, 1824. Ed. Gideon Coursolles, Belceil, M. Sept. 30, 1824. Charles D. Plante, Quebec, Q. Oct. 9, 1824. Paul Bertrand, St. Mathias, M. Nov. 5, 1824. T. L. L. Dessureau, St. Hyacinthe, M. Jan. 19, 1825. Francois Laroche, Pointe aux Trembles, Q. Feb 5, 1825. Felix Hector Leblanc, St. Constant, M. Feb. 10, 1825. Martin Sheppard, Gaspe, Feb. 11, 1825. Valere Guillet, Machiche, T. R. March 3, 1825. Jean B. Bornais, Quebec, Q March 25, 1825. Jean B. Dupuy, Laprairie, M. June 8, 1825. P. E. L- Lafrenaye, Montreal, M. July 5, 1825. Joseph Gosselin, St. Charles, Q. July 20, 1825. Godfroy Chagnon, L'Assomption, M. Aug 10, 1825. Benjamin Therien, Yamaska, T. R. Sept. 6, 1825. Firmin Perrin, Boucherville, M. Sept. 16, 1825. Jean Bte. Lukin, Napierville, M. Sept. 27, 1825. Charles Ed. Reny, Sept. 30, 1825. St. Claire, Q. Jos. I. Boudreault, Monnoir, M. Oct. 15, 1825. Ant. T. Kimber, Oct. 23, 1825. Montreal, M. Narcisse Bergeron, Nov. 22, 1825. St. Esprit, M. M. G. Delaronde, Nov. 28, 1825 St. Andrews, M. Selm Proulx, Pointe aux Trembles, Q- Dec. 17, 1825. Edouard Michaud, Dec. 23, 1825. Kamouraska, Q. Timothee Brodeur, Chibouete, M. Jan. 11, 1826. A. A. Minier, Jan. 26, 1826. St. Jacques, M. Jos. Amable Charlebois, St. Polycarpe, M. Feb. 1, 1826. Pierre Blondin, Three Rivers, T. R. Feb. 24, 1826. Louis Ed. Globensky, Vaudreuil, M. March 16, 1826. Zephirin Pepin, March 25, 1826'. St. Scholastique, M. April 1, 1826. Charles Ainslie, Quebec, Q. Martin G. Baret, St- Vincent de Paul, M. April 23, 1826. May 5, 1S26. J. B. F. M. Chenevert, Yamaska, T. Henryville, M. May 9, 1826. Jos. Ed. Faribault, Contrecoeur, M. May 22, 1826. C. B. L. Duplessis, May 24, 1826. Cap Sant6, Q. Joseph Bernard, St. Anne Laparade, T.R, May 24, 1826. Louis Dury, May 27, 1826. Louis St. Antoiue, St. Cuthbert, M. Pitt, J. B. Couillard, William Francois, T. R. Point Levi, Q. St. R 35 Francois Rouleau, Joseph A. Labadie, Wm. N. Crawford, J. Bte. L. Prevost, St. Cuthbert, M. David Bigue, Joachim Gosselin, Laurent Craig, Hubert Turgeon, Chas. A. Richardson, Jean Bte. Vincent, Louis Marteau, George D. Arnoldi, Ambroise Brunelle, Joseph Rousseau, Joseph O. Bastien, Pierre Louis Charland, Francois Renaud, Francois X. Gamelin, Narcisse Boisseau, Montreal, M. Montreal, M. Terrebonne, M. Cap Sante, Q. St. Henry, Q. Three Rivers, T. R. St. Charles, Q. Quebec, Q. Quebec, Q. Montreal, M, Montreal, M. St. Hyacinthe, M. Baie du Febre, T. R. Vaudreuil, M. Soulanges, M. St. Jacques, M. June 8, 1826. June 26, 1826. June §0, 1826. 18, 1826. 29, 1826. 3, 1826. 7, 1826. 21, 1826. 16, 1826. Nov. 22, 1826. Jan. 4, 1827. Jan. 8, 1827. Jan. 8, 1827. Jan. 31, 1827. Feb. 26, 1827. March 27, 1827. March 31, 1827. April 23, 1827. May 10, 1827. May 12, 1827. July 21, 1327. Aug. 30, 1827. Oct. 3, 1827. Oct. 5, 1827. Oct. 8, 1827. Oct. 21, 1827. Oct. 27,1827. Nov. 17, 1827. Nov. 30, 1827. Dec. 12, 1827. Dec. 17, 1827. Jan. 7, 1823. Jan. 29, 1823. Feb. 2, 1823. Feb. 22, 182-3. June 20, 1823. June 30, 182S. July 9, 1823. July 31, 1823. Aug. 16, 1823. July July Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Montreal, M. St. Thomas, Q. Walter Dubord, St. Thomas, Q. Augustus Mackay, St. Eustache, Chs. Adrien Berthelot, St. Genevieve, M. Montreal, M. Joseph Guy, Olivier Gregoire, Pointe aux Trembles, Blairfindie, M. Louis M. Decoignc, L. Adolphe Robitaille, Varennes, M. Thomas L. Duberger, Malbaie, Q. Godfroy Landry, Maskinonge, T. R. Prudent Bernier, Rene Geo. Belleau, Boucherville, M. Augustin Delisle, Montreal, M. James Prest, Berthier, M. Charles A. Forneret, Thomas P. Anderson, M Q A. P. De Courval, Three Rivers, T. R. Richard Dickinson, Lazare Lefebre, Jos. Clovis Belanger, A. B. Sirois Duplessis, Joseph Filteau, St. Charles, M. COMMERCIAL REGISTER. OFFICERS OF HIS MAJESTY'S CUSTOMS WITHIN THE PROVINCE OF LOWER CANADA. Quebec* Collector. Comptroller , Hon. M. H. Perceval. Geo. Addenbrooke Gore, Esq. Surveyor Herbert Cornewall, Esq. Waiters $$ Searchers.. William Wilson, Esq. Clerks Grey Stewart, Esq. Aug. 25, 1S02. John Fletcher, Esq. John Bruce, James Prendergast, Charles Secretan, John Cunningham. Chs. stTlTvlssfis } Clerk to Surveyor Warehouse-keeper chs Grey stewart > - *** Slst Jn] y lb05 ~ Locker Tide Surveyor Tidesmen Messenger John Meara. William Stringer. Richard Cross. John Fife, Nov. 18, 1626. Hugh Macdonnel, Sept. 8, 1804. Alex. Patterson. William Woodington. Montreal. Henry Jessopp, Esq. Surveyor Waiter and Searcher.. William Hall, Esq. May 11, 1812. William Burland. Tide Surveyor St. Johns. Collector Comptroller Guager Landwaiters William Macrae, Esq. June 25, 1822. Win. D. Lindsay, Esq. June 25, 1822. George Scott, Esq. Oct. 16, 1823. John Edward Eeodel. John Gray. Collectors. July 12, 1822. John Simpson, Esq Coteau du Lac May 7, 1822. W. Hamilton, Esq Sherbrooke Nouvelle Beauce....A C. Taschereau, Esq... May 7, 1822. Deputy Gaspe J. Collectors. New Carlisle Magdalen D. M'Connell, Esq. Henry O'Hara, Esq. Island... P. F. Colbec, Esq. 37 Chambly Hemjningford William Henry Preventive Officers. James Black Jan. 3, lfcSSSept. 17, 1S22. Edward Cowan A. Van Iffland Caldwell's Manor...Ja.mes Brown Isle aux Noix........ James Mitchell Stanstead E. F. G. Studdert Godmanchester Chmtenuguay .Samuel Kingston 29, lb28. 5, lb22. Sept. 17, 1S22. Oct. I, 1834. Feb. 21, 1825. Oct Nov. Lacolle — March. C. Landwa iters. Compton Sherbrooke Stanstead. Hindman. J. Colclough. J. Farnsworth. Stanstead — Lewis. Inspector of Scows and Rafts at Chateauguay. Arthur M'Donald, Esq. April 1, 1826. Measurer of Rafts at Chateauguay. Louis Demers. Inspector of Merchandize at Coteau du Lac. John Simpson, July 12, 1822. TABLE OF DUTIES. PAYABLE AT THE PORT OF Q.UEEEC Wine. — In Wood, from the United Kingd.£ Wines, do. Stg. s. Crcy. d. j>. <£ s. d. Madeira, per tun, French, do. All other 10 10 7 g. 9 6 6 And —In bottles further on all Wines (1) per cent. if bottled in the United — 10 Kingdom, the same duty in wood. as Wine — But not bottled in the United King— — dom an additional duty (2) per. And for every dozen of bottles tun. 7 7 (2) In wood from Gibraltar or Malta, the same duty as Wine in wood from the 10 United Kingdom. the same duty as Wine from place of growth. From place of growth, in Wood. Madeira, per tun, In bottles bottles — in 7 All other Wines, do. And further (1) per cent. In bottles, a further duty (2) per tun, And for every dozen of bottles (2) Geneva, 39 Alabaster, Anchovies. Argo, Anniseed, Amber, Almonds, Brimstone, Botargo, Box-wood, Currants, Capers, Cascasoo, Cantharides, Coral, Cumminseed, Cork, Cinnabar, Dates, Essence der, of Bergamote, Lemon, Laven- Roses, Citron, Oranges, Fruit, Stone, preserved in Sugar, wet, preserved in Brandy, Flax, dry, Rosemary, — Emery — Gun Arabic, Abastic, Myrrh, Si- Ammoniac, Hemp, Honey, cily, Jalup, Juniper Berries, Iron in bars, Pig Iron, Incense of Frankinscence, Lava and Malta Lentils, stone for building, n f> 7 10 Uakrle, rough and worked, Mosaic work, Medals, Musk, Macaroni, Nuts of all kinds, Oil of Olives, of Almonds, Opium, Root, Ostrich Feathers, Ochre, Orange Buds and Peel, Orris Olives, Pitch, Pickles in jars and bottles, Pozzolana, Paintings, Punk, Parmesan Cheese, Pickles, Paints, Precious Stones Pearls, (eicept Diamonds), Quicksilver, Raisins, Rhubarb, Sausages, Senna, Scammony,Sarsaparilla, Saffron, Safflower,SpoDge6, Tar, Tow, Turpentine, Vermillion, Vermacelli, Whet Stones, Manufactures, Linen. SO Clocks and "Watches, Leather Wires Musical Instruments, of all sorts, Books and Papers, Silk Manufactures, Glass and Manufactures Soap, of Glass, j Sugar Candy, Refined Sugar, Tobacco, manufactured, 20 Cotton Manufactures, } 40 Goods, (being Wares foreign) or Merchandize"^ ^ - not otherwise I charged with duty, by 6 Geo. f IV. Cap. 114. Q Q J Ships Foreign (7) These several duties are payable under the Acts of the Imperial 6 Geo. III. cap. Parliament of 4 Geo. III. cap. 15, sec. 1 52, sec. 4—14 Geo. III. cap. 88, sec. 1—3 Geo. IV. cap. 119, sec. S— 6 Geo. IV. cap 114, sec. 9—7 Geo. IV. cap. 4S, sec. 44 and 7 and 8 Geo. IV. cap. 56, sec. 29 and under the Acts of the Provincial .Legislature of S3 Geo. III. cap. 8 35 Geo. 41 Geo. III. cap. 14 53 Geo. HI. cap. 11, amended IIT. cap. 9 by 55 Geo. III. cap. 2, and 55 Geo. III. cap. 3, rendered permanent by 3 Geo. IV. cap. 119, sec. (1) This further duty is only charged when its amount, if any, shall exceed the amount of the previous duties, in which case the excess is payable, 15 Geo IV. cap. 114, sec. 11, but this is — — — — — — not likely to occur except with very high priced articles, it may therefore be considered as merely nominal. (2) This further duty will in every case exceed the previous duty, the excess will therefore be charged, the amount payable cannot however be shewn by Table as it will vary in every case according to the value of the article. (3) Molasses if imported in a vessel not belonging to the United Kingdom or to Quebec, the duty will be 7d. sterling instead of 4d. (4) This duty is drawn back if the salt be shipped for the use the fisheries in the lower parts of the Province. (5) See the exceptions in the " Table of Free Goods." (6) Upon such of these goods as are liable to the Provincial duty of 2f per cent, that duty is payable under the Provincial law, but Its amount is deducted from the payment made under of the 6 Geo. IV. cap. 114. (7) A Tonnage duty of 4s. sterling per tun upon the ship*, and 10 per cent, upon the amount of duties on the goods imported, is chargeable by order in Council, under certain conditions which at present only apply to the ships of the United States. TABLE OF FREE GOODS. ',.' Provincial Acts, 53 Geo. III. cap. 11, sec. 5 and S 59 Geo. III. cap. 17, sec. 1 Geo. III. cap. 2, sec. 4 Live Stock, (1) Apparel, for private use. Oats, Beef, salted, (1) (1) Oil, (Fish Oil) (2) Butter, (1) Pork, Salted, (1) Barley, (1) Peas, (L) Beans, (1) Pitch, (1) Cattle, (1) Potatoes, (1) Cheese, (1) Fish, Salted, (2) Packages containing dutiall< Fish Oil, g»ods (2) By flax, (I) Rice, (1) 41 Flour, (1) Furs, (1) Grain of all kinds, (1) Horses, (1) Rye, (1) Rosin, (1) Seeds, (1) Skins, (1) Hogs, (1) Honey, (1) Tar, (1) Turpentine, (1) Hemp, (1) Wheat, (I) Indian Corn, (1) Household goods and necessaries of all kinds which any per&cii or persons coming nto this Province for the purpose of actually settling therein, shall import or bring with them for their own use, and for the use of their families. By Imperial Act, foreign production.) 6 Geo. IV. cap. 114, (the goods being of Hay and Straw, (1) Coin and Bullion, Diamonds, (1) Fruit and Vegetables, fresh, (3) Cotton Wool, (3) Goods the produce of places within the limits of the East faidm Company's Charter, (3) the Rice, "} The produce of any British possession on Indian Corn, VWest Coast of Africa, and imported direct from Lumber, (3) J thence. Any sort of craft, food, and victuals, except spirits, and any sort of clothing and implements, or materials fit and necessary for the British Fisheries in America, imported into the place at oc from whence such Fishery is carried on, in British Ships, (3 (1)—If Foreign— will pay the Foreign duty- See " Table of Duties"— Sterling. (2) (8) If — Foreign — prohibited. — Liable to the Provincial Duties. TABLE OF PROHIBITIONS cap. By Imperial Acts, 6 Geo. IV. 56> sec. 31— (from Aims, Ammunition or Utensils of War, Books (1) for sale. 114—7 and 8 Geo. I\ cap. Foreign Countries. Base or Counterfeit Coin, . Fish, dried or salted, Tea (2) — Gunpowder. Train Oil and Oil of all sorts, Blubber, Fins, or Skins, the produce of Fish or creatures living in the sea (3). (1)— First composed or written and printed or reprinted in anyother country imported for sale, except books not printed in the United Kingdom within twenty years ; or being parts of collecwritten tions, the greater parts of which had been composed or abroad. (2)— Except by the East India Company, or with their licence. (8) — Unless taken by British Ships. 42 MEMORANDA ON THE LAWS AND ORDERS COUNCIL. IN REGELATING "THE TRADE OF THE BRITISH POSSESSIONS ABROAD," IN RELATION TO THE IMPORT AND EXPORT TRADE AT THE PORT OF Q.UEBEC. With the United Kingdom. Goods imported, from such, must appear on Cocket, 6 Geo. cap. 114, sec. 24. IV. to being the produce of the Canadas. Corn, Grain, Meal or Elour, a declaration of origin required, 7 and 8 Geo. IV. cap. 57, sec. 6. (expired 1st May 1828 ) Tobacco, to be on a separate manifest, shewing the nett weight and tare of each package, 6 Geo IV. cap. 107, sec. 3. Tobacco, to be in a ship of 120 tons burthen or upwards, and in packages containing not less than 450 lbs. nett, 6 Geo. IV. cap. 107, sec. 5% Blubber, Train Oil, Spermaceti Oil, Head Matter or hale Fins, to be certified as being of British Fishery, 6 Geo. IV. cap. 107, Goods exported — W sec. 43. Masts, Timber, Ashes, Staves, Wood Hoops, Shingles, Lathwood and Cord Wood for Fuel, imported by land or inland navigation into Canada, deemed the produce of Canada, 7 Geo, IV. cap. 48, sec. 45, 7 and 8 cap. 56, sec. 82. All other goods, the produce of the Canadas, appear to be without restriction, except that they must appear on the certificate of Clearance, 6 Geo. IV. cap. 107, sec. 34. Returned goods may be re-imported into the United Kingdom, provided the property in such goods continue in the person by whom or on whose account they were reported except goods for which any bounty or drawback of Excise had been received on exportation, unless by special permission of the Commissioners of H. M. Customs, and on repiyment of such bounty or such drawback, or small remnants of British goods upon proof that the same are British, and had not been sold, 6 Geo. IV. cap. 107, sec. 31. Imported goods when re-exported, viz. Coffee, Cocoa Nuts, Sugar, Molasses and Rum, although of the British possessions, deemed Foreign on importation into the United Kingdom (from Canada,) unless exported direct from the King's Warehouse, 6 Geo. IV. cap. 114, sec. 8. And accompanied by a certificate of production, 6 Geo. IV. cap. 114, sec. 27, cap. 107, sec. 35, — — With other British Goods imported from appear on Cocket or Clearance, 6 Geo. IV. cap. 114, sec. 24. Sugar, Coffee, Cocoa Nuts and Spirits of the British possessions, to be accompanied by a certificate of Production without such certificate forfeited, 6 Geo. — must Possessio?i?. — IV. cap. 114, sec. 26. Mahogany of the British possessions, to be accompanied by a certificate of Production without such certificate deemed Foreign, 6 Geo. IV. cap. 114, sec. 26 and 27. — 43 to the produce of the Canadas, appear to be without restriction, except that they must appear on the certificate of Clearance, 6 Geo. IV. cap. 114, sec. 24. Flour (of Wheat) exported direct from the King's Warehouse, to any of the British possessions, in the West Indies or in South America, will, on importation there, be liable only to a duty of Is. instead of 5s. per barrel, 7 Geo. IV. cap. 48, sec. 46. Wood of all sorts exported direct from the King's Warehouse, to any of the British possessions in America (or the West Indies,) will on importation there be subject only to one-fourth part of such duty as would otherwise be charged thereon, 7 and 8 Geo. IV. cap. B6, sec. §2. Sugar, Coffee, Cocoa Nuts, Spirits, or Mahogany of the British possessions, when re-exported, to be accompanied by a certificate of Production, 6 Geo. IV. cap. 114, sec. 27. Note. All imported goods when re-exported, the date of importation and the name of the importing ship to be given, and if liable to duty on importation, the payment of the duty to be stated. Goods exported — — British Ships not port goods to the said Foreign possessions. With Foreign Countries or States. may import from any Foreign possession, any goods included in the " Table of Prohibitions,'' and they may ei- Foreign ships, no goods shall be imported into any British possession in America in any Foreign ships, unless they be ships of the country of which such goods are the produce, and from which the goods are imported, 6 Geo. IV. cap. 109, sec. II. No ship shall be admitted to be a ship of any particular country, unless she be of the build of such country, or have been forfeited to such country under any law of the same, made for the prevention of the Slave Trade, and condemned as such prize or forfeiture, by a competent Court of such country, or be British built, (not having been a prize of war from British subjects to any other foreign country,) nor unless she be navigated by a Master who is a subject of such foreign country, and by a crew of whom three-fourths at least are subjects of such country usually residing therein, or under the dominion thereof ; Provided always, that the country of every ship shall be deemed to include all places which are under the same dominion as the place to which such ship belongs, 6 Geo. IV. cap. 109, sec. 15. The permission granted to Foreign ships to import and export good* is made subject to certain conditions, 6 Geo. IV cap. 114, sec. 4. And these conditions are by an order of His Majesty in Council dated 16th July, 1S27, (which enumerates and confirms certain previous orders in Council,) declared to be that French ships may import from the Dominions of His Most Christian Majesty, the following goods, such goods being the produce of those Dominions, that is to say, Wheat, Flour, Biscuit, Bread, Meal, Pease, Beans, Rye, Calavances, Oats, Barley, Indian Corn, Rice, Shingles, Red Oak Staves or Headings, White Oak Staves or Headings, Wood, Lumber, Wood Hoops, 44 Live Stock, Hay and Straw, Coin and Bullion, Diamonds, Salt, Fruit and Vegetables Fresh, Cotton, Wool, and all articles subject on importation to an ad valorem, on which articles the amount of such duty should not at the time of importation exceed M7 10s. for every £100 of the value of the same, (but the importation of Wine and Brandy in French ships is not permitted,) and may export goods to any foreign country whatever. Shijjs of the Dominions of Majesty the King of Prussia, Majesty the Emperor of all the Russias, Majesty as King of Hanover, Majesty the King of Sweden and Norway, Serene Highness the Duke of Oldenburgh, The Republics of Lubeck, Bremen and Hamburgh, The United States of America, The State of Columbia, The United Provinces of Rio-de-la-Plata, and The United States of Mexico, may respectively import from such the Dominions to which they respectively belong, goods the produce of such Dominions respectively, except those mentioned in the "Table of Prohibitions," and may export goods to be earned to any foreign country whatever. All manufactured goods are deemed to be the produce of the country of which they are the manufacture, 6 Geo. IV. cap. 109. His His His His His sec. 5 British Coals are prohibited to be exported to any foreign place, 6 Geo. IV. cap. 114, sec. 85. ——«• TRINITY HOUSE OF QUEBEC. This Corporation is established by the Act 45 Geo. III. c. J2. Master.... The Honble. John Stewart, 26th Aug. 1824. Deputy Master.. William Walker, Esquire, 18th April, 1827. Warden... Robert Paterson, b.sq. 21st Oct. 1H24. " Henry Le Mesurier, Esq. 19th April, 1827. " John Lambly, Esq. H, M. " Robert Young, Esq. S. P. " John Leather, Esq. 23d May, 1823. Harbour Master.. ..John Lambly, Esq. 30th May, IS 11. Charles Brocklesby, 7th May, 182S. Assista?it ditto William Lindsay, Esq. 6th Dec. 1805 Registrar William Lindsay, Esq. 1 6th Sept. 1S0S. Treasurer Jacques Langlois, 12th May, 1815 Water Bailiff. Super intendant of Pilots.... Robert Young, 26th Oct. 1822. " of the Cul de Sac,... Charles Brocklesby. Messenger Jean Fluet. Branch at Montreal. Warden...... Francis Desrivieres, Esq. 6th May, 1805. " Thomas Andrew Turner, Esq. 5th May, lb 15. « Robert Armour, Esq. 5th May, 1815. 45 L. Macnider, Esq. I4th Sept. 1822. Peter M'Gill, Esq. ISth Oct. 1S27. John Delisle, Esq. 21st May, 1806. Clerk Harbour Master..,. Jesse D. Armstrong, 23th June, 132/ Water Baihj^....Ade\phe Delisle, 28th June, 1&27. ... Warden, « Adam BRANCH PILOTS FOR AND EELOV THE HARBOUR OF QJJEBEC, According to seniority ; with the number prefixed to each, which they are obliged, by Law, to have painted on the Fore and Main Sails, and on the Bow aud Stern of their respective Boats, under a Penalty of Ten Pounds currencyNo. 46 No. 47 No 48 Alexis Marchand, 49 Rates of Pilot Water and Poundage on Pilot Money are payable at the Naval Office, by Masters and Commanders of vessels, viz : For every vessels are foot of water for which masters or commanders of bound to pay their pilots, from Bic to Quebec, and to Bic, 2s. 6d. from Quebec For vessels going to Three Rivers currency per foot. or Montreal, 100 to 150 tons inclusive, £% currency, do. 1 51 to 200 tons inclusive, £2 do. 201 to 250 tons inclusive, £4 do. £5 251 tons and upwards, On settling with pilots, masters or commanders of vessels, or the consignees of such vessels, are to deduct Is. in the pound for the amount of the sums to be paid for Pilotage, which will be exacted by the Naval Officer at clearing out, the same being funded by law, under the direction of the Trinity House, for the relief of decayed pilots, their widows and children. of of of of REGULATIONS TOR THE PAYMENT OF PILOTAGE ABOVE BIC TO Q.UEBEC. At or above the Anchorage 7 Two thirds of the present rate for of the Brandy Pots, 3 a full Pilotage. Above the Point of St. Roc fd do. Above the Point aux Pins, on the Isle aux Grues 7 lf ^ j Q * tn and below Patrick's Hole, $ At and above Patrick's Hole, £l 3 4 For shifting a vessel from one Wharf to another, ~) between Brehaut's Wharf and Pointe a Cards, ., L, ( or from or to the stream from or to any of the above Wharfs, j For shifting a vessel from the stream or from ei-"| ther of the above Wharfs to St. Patrick's Hole | last or to the basin of Montmorency, or to the balground, the basin of the (haudiere, Wolfe's ^£1 3 4 Cove and as far as the river Cap Rouge, RATES ABOVE THE HARBOUR OF Q.UEBEC. From Quebec TFor Vessels of Register "J To Quebec to Port Neuf, < Measurement, not £4 Cunency. ^ceeding 200 Tons £ ^5 , ex- J-From Port Neuf, J £2 £4> -j 10s. Currency. £6 To Three ers, or C If above 200 and not ex- 7 c „ _ _ £2 10s> Iceeding 250 Tons, $ If do ' above 250 Tons, do. Riv- C (^ From Riv- abovej For Vessels not exceed- ( ers, and above Port Neuf, £ 61 ing 200 Tons, (Port Neuf, U Currency, *7 ' £If above 200 and not 7 £i 1C 10 *' i exceeding 250 Tons, $ , J Currency. c 50 £8 To Montreal, If above 250 Tons, £5 10s. T and above j For Vessels Three Rivers, i ing 200 Tons, "jFrom Montreal, not exceed- (and above Three (Rivers, - £7 10s. £11 Currency. (_ J Currency. If ^ 1B £16 ,,,„ C le X ceeding250 If above 200 and not/ Co , Curre " c >£8 los n Tons, $ above 250 Tons, £10 15s. Currency. Pilots are at liberty to leave Vessels forty-eight hours after they arrive at the place of their destination. LIGHT-HOUSE ON GREEN ISLAND, IN THE RIVER ST. LAWRENCE. of the Light-House on Green Island shows a Light every Evening, from Sun Set to Sun Rise the next Morning, from the Fifteenth day of April to the Tenth day of December, inclusive ; and the following are the Bearings of it, by Compass, from The Lantern the respective places, hereunder mentioned, viz Red Island E. S. E. £ S. White Island E. N. E. £ E. Brandy Pots N. E. by E. | E. : W. S. W. Apple Island Basque Island W. S. W. § W. The Shoal at the N. E. end of Green Island, S. W. £ S. the West end of Green Island, N. E. § E. The Shoal at QUEBEC COMMITTEE OF TRADE. [instituted 1809.] William Finlay, Chairman. John Leather, Robert Paterson, William Walker, Henry Lemesurier. William Price, John S. Campbell, Win. Budden, John Spence, Jeremiah Leaycraft, Geo. Pemberton. Andrew Moir, Charles F. Aylwin, Secretary <$> Treasurer. MONTREAL COMMITTEE OF TRADE. [instituted 1822.] George Auldjo, Chairman. George Moffatt, Joseph Shuter, j Peter M'Gill, J. T. Barrett, Benjamin Hart, Horatio Gates, Thomas B. Anderson, John Macdonell, Joseph Masson, John Fisher, Andrew Shaw. John Fleming, Secretary. 51 < 52 The Downward Towing is one half of the Upward Rate. Any vessel taking the Boat at any intermediate distance between Quebec and the Church at Batiscan, pays the full towage, as if towed from Quebec. If taken in tow between Batiscan Church, and the wharf at Three Rivers, pays three-fourths of the full towage. If taken in tow between the wharf at Three Rivers and Sorel, pays two-thirds of the full towage. If taken in tow between Sorel and the Church at Pointe aux Trembles, pays onehalf the full towage, and from the Church at Pointe aux Trembles, or any intermediate place above said Pointe, to Montreal, pays one-third the full towage. All vessels under 9 feet draft pay at the rate of 80s. per foot. Schooners are taken in tow on reasonable terms, according to their tonnage, and the cargo they have on board, by applying to the Masters. The Proprietors do not hold themselves liable for any damage that may be done to vessels while in tow of either of the Boats. AGENTS TO THE HERCULES. John Torrance, Montreal, Thomas Cringan & Co., Quebec. H. F. Hughes, Three Rivers. David See, Sorel. I | AGENTS TO THE JOHN MOLSON. John Molson & H. F. Hughes, Sons, Montreal. I Three Rivers. | Robert Shaw, Quebec. Robert Ritchie, Sorel. RATES OF COMMISSIONS, STORAGE, &c. RECOMMENDED FOR GENERAL ADOPTION, AND ALLOWED BY THE MONTREAL COMMITTEE OF TRADE, WHEN NO AGREEMENT SUBSISTS TO THE CONTRARY. Established at a Meeting of the said Committee, Feb. 25, 1823. COMMISSIONS AND AGENCY. For from Ports or places 1 , P er ccnt out of the Canadas, without guarantee, For selling Consignments, from Ports or places ; ^i per cen -J 2 in the Canadas, without guarantee, For delcredere or guarantee of Debts, 2j per cent. For purchasing, shipping and forwarding Mer- 1 s chandise, to Ports or places out of the Canadas, 3 selling Consignments, y - * For purchasing, shipping and forwarding Mer-7~ ' r chandise, to Ports or places in the Canadas, - 5 For purchasing Bills of Exchange, Stocks or) Specie, with funds in hand, j For purchasing Bills of Exchange, Stocks or' or-J Specie, taking reimbursement by Bills or 2 ^ ^ en j rj J»1.4 percent. cent. Drafts, - - - - For endorsing Bills of Exchange, - - - - - 2| p«r For collecting uncontested Debts, and remitting 1 ^ x the .proceeds, without endorseinent of Bills, 3 * H 53 For collecting contested Debts, and remitting the "> ner _ ent proceeds, without endorsement of Bills, - -3 For receiving and remitting Bank Dividends, - I per cent. For selling or purchasing Vessels, - - - - - 2| per cent. For collecting or procuring Freight, and on Ships 7 r <- Disbursements, For eS'ecting Insurance against loss by fire, on the 5 r t ^ amount of Premiums, For adjusting losses occasioned by fire and remit-? r 2 e nt ting the amount recovered from the Insurers, 3 z For receiving and paying Monies, from which no 7 . P _ . _ _ y other Commission is derived, For receiving and forwardiug Goods ~) from abroad, according; to the I c ~ _ ~ 6d a 2s 6d P er Packa ^ C bulk of each Package and the \ attending it, - - - - ) trouble And on the amount of the responsibilities incurred 7 e>L " 2 by such Agency, N. B. The above Commissions to be exclusive of Storage, Brokerage, and every other charge actually incurred, or dis' _----____£ __--___£ n * ent . , , - ' « ' _-__-_. --3 bursed. The risk of loss by fire, unless Insurance be ordered, and of robbery, theft, and other unavoidable occurrences, if the usual care be taken to secure the property, is in all cases to be borne by the Proprietor of the Goods. On Consignments reshipped or withdrawn, half Commission tm be charged. storage, &c. f First Month, Id. per Minot ; succeeding On Wheat, p n ConT' Barley, + Months ±d. per Minot. deceiving and delivering, .4d. Cnbbhng each time ^d. per A J Passin § wheat > &c through each time |d. per Minot. Turning to prevent heating, 6d. per 100 Minots. L ' - per Minot Minot. a Screen, each time J to the same charges as Grain except cribbling: each time l|d. per Minot. {First Month, including receiving and delivering, 4d. per Barrel ; succeeding Months 3d. per Barrel. Pork, Beef, Butter, C First Month, including receiving and delivering, 6d. per Barrel ; succeeding and Lard in Bar-< Months, 4d. per Barrel. rels (_ Hhds. Muscv. Sugar, C First Month, including receiving and delivering, 8s. 6d. ; succeeding Months, Tobacco, & similar< Is. 6d. per Package. heavy Goods (_ First Month > including receiving, deliverPuncheons and Pines f j runcneons npes 1 succeeding and 3s . 8d 0f U0rs Months, Is. per Rwkagc. {Subject — ^ 1 g^^g . . c3 54 {First Month, including receiving, delivering and guaging, 2s. 2d. succeeding Months, 8d. per Hhd. {First Month, including receiving, deliver; Tierces „• of o ' Teas i ing and guaging, Is. Id. ; succeeding Months, 4d. per Qr. Cask. First °nth, including receiving and Suear f delivering, 2s 2d. succeeding Months, i (_ fcd. per Tierce. I First Month, including receiving and < delivering, 4d. per chest; succeeding Months, 2d. per Chest. (_ {First Month, including receiving and delivering, 5s. per Ton ; succeeding M ; Months, Is. 6d. per Ton. Month, including receiving, weighIron and Copper ing and delivering, 7s. 6d. per Ton succeeding Months, 2s. 6d. per Ton. (_ Month, including receiving and i First delivering, 2d. per Minot ; succeeding ~ ) al i Months, id. per Minot. (_For the use of Bags, 4s. 2d. per 100 Minots. {First Month, including receiving, weighing and delivering, 6d. per Quintal succeeding Months, 2d. per Quintal. Bales, Cases, Crates, C To be charged in proportion to Casks of &c \ their respective dimensions. {Ground Rent First Month, Is. 6d. per Chaldron succeeding Months, 6d. per C First < ; . ; ; ; Chaldron. Every Package stored, though it may not remain 24, hours will be liable to one Month's Storage. On Packages transferred, Storage will be charged to the new N. B. Proprietor for one Month at the rate established for first Month afterwards as succeeding Months. Storage and Disbursements are to be paid before removal of the Property. ; INSPECTORS OF BEEF AND PORK. Eouis Lamontagne, Montreal, Anthony Anderson, Quebec, John Charles Turner,... Montreal, do Francois Tison, do Hirarn Gilbert, do Joseph Lamontagne, .. do William Moore, do Campbell Sweeny, . Oct. 29, 1804. Oct. 29, 1804. Feb. 7, 1812. Norman Lamont, James Murray, .„.. do. do. Feb. 7, 1812. Oct. 7, 1818. June 10, 1820. Nov. 1, 1820. Aug. 25, 1821. Oct. 8, 1824. Oct. 10, 183i. 55 INSPECTORS OF FLOUR AND MEAL. George Hobbs, William Philips, Ephraim Sandford, Nahuiu Hall, Joseph Car mel, Jacob Dorge, William atson, William Miller, Montreal, Quebec, Montreal, do do Jan. 22, 1807. Aug. 15, 1808. July 11, 1818. July IS, 1818. W r June 23, 1822 William Henry, Jan. 17, 1824. Montreal, May 5, 1827. do May 5, 1827. the appointment of persons for of Flour and Meal under the Provincial Board of Examiners for the Inspection Act of 5S Geo. III. John Davidson, Edward Hale, Joseph Roy and Richard Lilliott, 17th June 1818. Montreal,... Horatio Gates, Thomas A. Turner, J. C. Bush and Quebec, Thomas Busby, 17th June, 1818. Three Rivers... Hon. Lewis Gugy, Joseph Badeaux, and B. P. Wagner, 17th June, 1818. INSPECTORS OF POT AND PEARL ASHES. Inspector, John Bouthillier... Montreal... 5th May, 1823. Assistant Inspectors.... George J.Holt, John Jones, Campbell Sweeny, Louis Lamontagne, Edward M. Leprohon. Board of Examiners for the appointment of Inspectors of Pot and J3 ear I Ashes in Montreal. Thomas Blackwood, John Forsyth, Henry Mackenzie, George Auldjo, Horatio Gates, George Moffatt, James Leslie, Francis A. Larocque and Thomas Porteous, Esquires, 17th March, 1824. INSPECTORS OF FISH AND OIL. Pierre Doucet, Alexander Morrison, Nicolas Brunet, Peter Merckell, Quebec,... do do Montreal, April SO, 1823. April SO, 182S. June 12, 1823. June SO, 1828. BANK OF MONTREAL. incorporated march 17, 1821 capital £250,000 John Molson, President. directors. Horatio Gates, Hon. John Forsyth, John Try, James Leslie, William Lunn, Charles Brooke, Peter M'Gill, George Moflatt, Win, Blackwood, Joseph Masson, John Torrance, John FlemiDg, V. P. Benjamin Holmes, Cashier f4 56 H. Dupuis, Book-keeper, Wm. , Hallowell, 1 . Wm. Law. Radenhurst, First Teller, Henry Jackson, \ Clerks, Castle, Jas. Finlay, Second Teller, 7 Messenger 1V1 J>Uir Alexu MOJ » Discount Clerk, Jawrf Porter. Henry Griffin, Notary Public. Sewell and Griffin, Solicitors. Days of Discount Tuesday and Friday. — Quebec Branch — Montreal Bank. Hon. John Stewart, President. Directors. Peter Burnet, Hon. Mathew Bell, Wm. Finlay, Andrew Paterson, Andrew Moir, George Symes, Alex. Simpson, Cashier. Wm. James Ross, Walker, Wm. B Agent Lindsay, Teller. Jas. Bolton, to the Accomptant. L. T. M'Pherson, Notary Public. Will. Martin, Messenger. Montreal Bank at Kingston, Upper Canada F. A. Harper. QUEBEC BANK. W. G. Sheppard, President. Charles Smith, Vice-President. DIRECTORS James Black, Joseph Le Blond, Jeremiah Leaycraft, Charles A. Holt, Louis Massue, J. S. Campbell, John Jones, Junr. John Fraser, James Hunt, Joseph Jones, William Budden, A. Campbell, Noah Freer, Cashier, Thos. B. Barwis, Book-keeper, Charles Gethings, First Teller, J. J. Wilson, Second Teller, Notary Public, David Germain, Messenger, Flavien Lefevre, Porter, Days of Discount — Monday and Thursday 4, P. QUEBEC FIRE ASSURANCE COMPANY. OFFICE ON SECOND FLOOR OF QUEBEC FIRE OFFICJ Preside?it, Open from 10, A. M. to Hon. Matthew Bell, M. Vice-President, Louis Lagueux, Junr. Treasurer,* Charles Smith, Secretary,* William Henderson, Junr. Deputy Secretary, L. G. Berthelot, Messenger, Thomas Hall, Counsellor, J. R. Vallieres de St. Real, Notary, Archibald Campbell, French Translator, Francois Remain, Seur. * Members of Committee of Orginization in 18Jb. 5? DIRECTORS. In the rotation they retire from Office. To retire in May, 1829. Hon. A. W. Cochrane, 5 Hon. John Stewart, 5 James Hunt, 5 Ls. Lagueux, V. P. 6 Chas. A. Holt, 2 J. O. Brunet, 5 To retire in May, 1831. Hon. M. Bell, President, 6 Alexander Simpson, 2 J. L. Marett, Noah May, 1830. Freer, 6 1 To retire in John Anderson, Charles Smith, Treasurer, 11 Amable Berthelot, 2 Dr. Morrin, 3 L. T. M'Pherson, 3 *£* The figure following the years each Director has served. names denotes the number of AGENT AT MONTREAL. George Davies. Office, corner of St. Paul's Street and St. Dizier's Lane. PHCENIX FIRE ASSURANCE COMPANY OF LONDON. Agents at Montreal, George Moffatt. John Jamieson. Robert Gillespie, Jun ALLIANCE BRITISH AND FOREIGN LIFE AND FIRE ASSURANCE COMPANY OF LONDON. Mackenzie, Bethune & Co. Agents at Montreal Henry George Forsyth. Quebec Three River s..H. F. Hughes. FARMERS' FIRE INSURANCE AND LOAN COMPANY OF NEW YORK. Agent a4 Montreal, Robert Armour, 25, Notre Dame Street. .ETNA FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY OF HARTFORD, CONNECTICUT. Agent at Montreal... Abijah Bigelow. Quebec D. R. Stewart. PROTECTION INSURANCE COMPANY OF HARTFORD. Agent at Montreal, Francis Leonard. EAGLE LIFE ASSURANCE ASSOCIATION OF LONDON, Agents at Quebec Thomas Stott & Co. Montreal,,, Duncan C. Napier, 58 QUEBEC EXCHANGE COMMITTED. Charles F. Aylwin, President. Jonathan Wurtele, William Walker, I H. Leraesurier, J Andrew Moir, ) J Jerh. Leaycraft, D. Burnet, Jonathan Wurtele, Treasurer and Secretary. Henry Thompson, Superintendant. 240 Subscribers for the year ending 1st May, 1829. Committee of Management for the erection of Ihe change Building. Charles Felix Aylwin, New Ex- William Pemberton, William Walker, John Leather, Jeremiah Leaycraft, Joseph Stovve Shaw, James Bell Fersyth, MONTREAL NEWS ROOM. J. Joseph Shuter, President. T. Barrett, Benjamin Hart, John Frothingham, Turton Fenn. Alexander Miller, John Jamieson, Treasurer. Henry Hillock, Superintendant. 100 Subscribers for the year ending 1st April 1829. POST OFFICES AND POST MASTERS IN UPPER AND LOWER CANADA. Thomas Allen Stayner, Esq. Deputy Post Master General of British North America. Upper Canada. POST OFFICES. Alexandria, Ancaster, POST MASTERS. A. M'Donald. Amherstburgh, Adolphustown, Bastard, Bath, Brockville, Burford, Bellville, Brantford, John BurwelL John Wilson. Thomas Dorland. Joseph K. Hartwell. R. W. Wharffe. Henry Jones. G. W. Whitehead. Thomas Parker. William Richardson. J. A. Keeler. Cramahe, Cornwall, Cobourg, Chippawa, Dun das, Delaware, Darlington, G. C. Wood. G. Bethune. R. Kirkpatrick. E. Leslie & Sons. Roswell Mount. Robert Fairburn. J. 59 Tore Eriey Fredericksburgh,, William Smith. Gananoque, Grimsby, Gait, Henry Thorpe. J. & C. M'Donald. William Crooks. A. Shade. G. A. Clarke. A. R. Smith. Thomas Means. John Macaulay. William Macintosh. Guelph, Hillier, Hamilton, Hawkesbury, Kingston, Lancaster, Lanark, London, Lochiel, L'Orignal, — A. J. A. Murdoch. Schofield. James Benton. R. P. Hotham. Martintown, M 'Martin. March, Maitland, Matilda, Thomas Read. Samuel Thomas. George Brouse. C. Biggar. Murray, Niagara, John Crooks. A. M'Pherson. W. B. Robinson. William Chisholm. C. Ingersoll. Napanee, New Market, Nelson, Oxford, Perth, Prescott, Port Talbot, Port Hope, Picton, Josiah Taylor. A. Jones. M. Burwell. David Smart. J. S. Heermans. Queenston, Raleigh, River Trent, A. Hamilton. S. William M'Crae. Hawley. Richmond, Sandwich, Stoney Creek, St. St. G. T. Burke. William Hands. J. Thomas, Catherines, Williamson. L. Bigelow. Thorold, Trafalgar, Vittoria, William Merritt. Jacob Keefer. A. Proudfoot. Daniel Ross. A. Bates. J. J. H Wellington Square, Whitby, Williamsburgh, Waterford, York, B- Warren. John J. S. W Chrystler. Powell. Howard. Lower Canada. Bolton, Boucherville, Berthier, Jesse Bullock. Aug. Delisle. H. Olivier. 60 Coteau du Lac, Chambly, Contrecoeur, Cap Sante, William Irvine. James Ryan. J. Marion. G. W. Allsopp, Dunham, Druraraondvilley Edward Baker. Eaton, Frelighsburgh, Georgeville, Grenville, — J. Millar. Foss. Andrew Hawley. C. Bullock. A. M'Millan. R. Froste. Granby, Hatley, Henryville, Hull, Isle-aux»Noix, R. Vincent. J. H. Roe. R. Wright T. M< Vey. Tache Kamouraska, L'Assomption, J. B. La Baie, Laprairie, Montreal, Nicolet, Philipsburgh, Petite Nation, Port Neuf, L. G. Nolin. R. M'Kenzie. Lawrence Kidd. Andrew — Porteous. Cresse. J. A. Manson, D. B. Papineau A. Gaudrie. J. Bignell. Quebec, Richmond, River du Loup, River Ouelle, Johns, Sherbrooke, St. St. — Chalon. Andre Boucher. L. Marchand. C. Whitcher. Andrews, Eustache, Shefford, St. G. Richards. Daniel Wood. S. Fournier. Child. Stanstead, St. Cesaire, St. Hilaire, St. Denis, St. Charles, St. St. M. William Chaffers, H. De Rouville. J. T. Mignault. L. C. Duveit. C. Dorion. Bazil Rattee. J. Bistodeau. Joli, Mathias, St. Anne, Thomas, Ours, St. St. St. Jean Port Roc, R. Harrower. P. Donelly. Terrebonne, Three Rivers, Vercheres, Varennes, William Henry, John M'Kenzie. David Chisholme P. Chagnon. Yamaska, E. Duchesnois. E. L. Hayden. John Loughry. S. Vamaska Mountain, Bullock. 61 POST OFFICE REGULATIONS. Letters for the United States must be Post paid to the Line,, and those intended to go that way for Europe, must be Post paid to the Port from which they will depart. Letters for Europe intended to go by the way of Quebec, must be Post paid to that place, and those meant to go by the Halifax Route, must be Post paid to Halifax. Letters for St. Roc, St. Thomas, St. Jean Port Joli, River Ouelle, Kamouraska, Cap Sante and Port Neuf, must be Post paid to those places. Unless attention is into the Offices, will paid to the above Notices, any letters put remain there and be lost to all concerned. arrivals and departures of the different Mails are subject such frequent alterations, that it is deemed unnecessary to attempt giving in this place tables of departures and arrivals. They may be obtained at the Post Offices, where notice is regularly given of every change. to The GENERAL POST M An Act OFFICE. of Parliament, intituled, to the London, 11th June, 1S27. By an Act passed in the present Session to amend the Laws relating age inGreat Britain and Ireland." Duties of Post- All Letters conveyed by the Post from Great Britain to Ireland, and from Ireland to Great Britain, are chargeable with the like Rates, according to the distances such Letters are conveyed, at would be payable if they were conveyed the whole distance in Great Britain, in addition to the separate Rates of Packet Postage, and the several Rates payable under the Acts for building the Menai and Conway Bridges, respectively. Parliamentary Proceedings sent to the Colonies by Packets. Printed Votes and Proceedings in Parliament from Great Britain and Ireland to any of His Majesty's Colonies, are to be charged with a rate of one penny half-penny per ounce, and so in proportion, in lieu of any sum payable under any former Act, to be paid on putting the said Votes and Proceedings into the • Post Office. 62 Colonial Legislative Proceedings brought into the United Kingdom by Packets. Every Vote, Proceeding, or other Public Paper, printed by Order, or under the Authority of the Legislative Assemblies of any of His Majesty's Colonies is to be charged with a rate of one penny half-penny per ounce* and so in proportion to be paid on delivery thereof to the person or persons to whom the same shall be addressed. Newspapers brought by Merchants' Ships from Abroad. within His Majesty's Colonies, brought into the United Kingdom by any Ship, other than a Packet, and delivered by the Commander at any Post Office, with the Ship's Letters, is to be charged with a rate of three pence, to be paid on the delivery thereof, by the person or persons to whom the same shall be addressed. Every Newspaper printed Pamphlets, $c. conveyed to the Colonies. Every Pamphlet, Magazine, Review, or other Periodical Publication, put into the Post Office at Falmouth, not exceeding six ounces in weight, to be charged one Shilling, and the further sum of three pence for every additional ounce. any Post let, Pamphlets, $c. under this Section cannot be received at Office except Falmouth. If such printed Vote, Proceeding, Newspaper, PamphN. B Magazine, &c. be not sent without a Cover, or in a Cover open at the sides, or if any writing be thereon, other than the — Superscription, or any other Paper or thing, be enclosed therein, the Packet will be liable to the full Rates of Postage, as a Letter. The above enactments commence ond take after the 5th July, 1827. effect from and The following come into immediate operation. Newspapers for His Majesty's Colonies, and Places beyond Seas. Every such Newspaper or other printed Paper liable to the Stamp Duty, and for the conveyance of which any duty of Postage is chargeable, to be put into the Post Office of the Town or place in Great Britain or Ireland, in or at which such Newspaper shall be published on any day, within seven days, next after the day on which the same shall be published, the day of publication to be ascertained by the date of sucli Paper, and in case any such Paper be put into any Post Office, after the expiration of ftuch seven days, such Paper to be charged as a single Letter. N. B. This Clause alters the regulation according to which Newspapers to the Colonies, &c. were required to be put into the Poh on the day of Publication. — 63 Merchants' Accounts, fyc. All Merchants' Accounts, Bills of Exchange, Stamped Receipts. Invoices, Bills of Lading and Proceedings at Law, written on one and the same piece of Paper with a Letter, to be charged as a single Letter only ; and any sheet of Paper on which Letters to several and distinct persons be written shall not be chargeable with any higher rate of Postage, in Great Britain or Ireland, than if one Letter only were written upon such sheet of Paper. Letters addressed to Officers of the Army, Navy, $c. Letters addressed to any Commissioned Officer of the Army, Navy, or Ordnance, at any place where such Officer shall have been employed on actual service^ and who, before the deliver* thereof, shall have removed from such Place, in the execution of his Duty, not to be charged with any additional postage over and above the rate of Postage that would be payable, if delivered at the place to which they were originally directed. By Command, F. FREELING, Secretary. A TABLE OF DISTANCES IN THE BRITISH PRO. YINCES OF NORTH AMERICA, TO WHICH LETTERS MAY BE CONVEYED THROUGH THE POST OFFICE ; WITH THE RATES OF POSTAGE FOR A SINGLE LETTER IN HALIFAX CURRENCY. The postage for any distance under, and not exceeding 60 4|d. Miles, is 7d. Ditto above 60 and not over 100 . 9d. Ditto above 100 and not over 200 . . . . 64. Miles. Halifax to Adolphustown, Hallowell, Murray, Belville, Cramahe, Cobourg, Port Hope, York, Nelson, Dundas, Grimsby, St. Catherines, Niagara, Queenston, Burford, Oxford, Delaware, Amherstburgh, Sandwich, Vittoria, Quebec Port Talbot, Raleigh, to Montreal, St. Eustache, St. Andrews, Grenville, Hull, Richmond, Quebec to Chambly, St. Isle John's, aux Noix, Quebec to Philipsburgh, Three Rivers, La Baye, Drummondville, Richmond, Sherbrooke, Hatley, Stanstead, Quebec to Brockville, Bastard, Perth, Richmond, in order to find the distance from any place, in the foregoing Table and List, to another, deduct the smaller from the larger thus, do number of miles, and the product gives the distance : you want to know how far it is from York to Coteau du Lac, by the main road ; deduct 781 from 1253, and there remain 822 65 miles, the true distance to or, if it be a Cross Road, and you want ; say to from York to another place named Raleigh ; see how far York is from Halifax (by the List that is deduct 1258 from given) and how far Raleigh is from Halifax 1427 and the result is 174- miles, the true distance from York to Raleigh. As these Tables and Lists are taken from those used in the Post Office, it must be presumed they are as correct as the present state of the country will admit of. know how far it is — — FOREIGN COINS Crusade, Portugal, Dollar, Spanish, IN BRITISH VALUE. s. d. 2 .....4 3 6 3 Ducat, Flanders, Holland, Bavaria, Ditto, Prussia, Austria and Saxony, Ditto, Denmark, Ditto, Spain, Florin, Prussia, Poland, Ditto, Flanders, Ditto, German, Guilder, Dutch, Ditto, German, Livre, French, Sweden,... » 9 8 6 I 1 4 8 9 2 9 9 2 i 2 20 27 1 4 10 Louis d'or, ditto, Moidore, Portugal, Marc Banco, Hamburgh, Pagoda, Asia, Piastre, Arab, Ditto, Spanish, Pistole, Spanish, Barbary, Ditto, Italy, Ditto, Sicily Re y Portugal, .' 8 9 ...S 5 3 16 15 15 5 6 7 9 6 4 1 A Mill Re, 7| 5 3 6 Rial, Spanish, Ditto, Bellow, Rix Dollar, German, Ditto, Dutch, Ditto, Hamburgh, Denmark, Ditto, Sweden, Rouble, Russian, Rupee, Silver, Asia, Ditto, Gold, ditto, Tale, China, 3 4 , 4 4j 6 S 4 4 6 6 5 2 35 , ~«~7 66 WEIGHT AND VALUE OF GOLD AND SILVER COINS CURRENT IN THE PROVINCE. IN Cl'RRENCi', AND LIVRES AND SOLS, GOLD COINS. ENGLISH, PORTUGUESE AND AMERICAN. Weight. )( urrency. Old Currency. A. Guinea.... dws. grs. 5 6 £ i s. d. Liv. Sols. A Half do..., 2 1 A Third do.., A Johannes 15 18 4 3 11 7 23 14 9 18 ! 96 4 A A Half do.. A Moidore An Eagle Half do 9 6 2 18 6 8 11 ! 10 2 10 1 1 5 15 5 S6 GO SO SPANISH AND FRENCH. A Doubloon 67 CULLERS AND MEASURERS OF TIMRER, PLANK, STAVES, MASTS, UNDER THE STATUTE J. kc. 3 GEO. IV. Bte Dorval, 68 Michel M'Naughton, Hypolite Suzor, Roger William Teedon, William M'Cutcheon, Timotiiy Donohue, Jean Couture, Patrick Fleming, Pierre Huot, William Bradford, James M'Kie, Robert M'Millan, Sasseville, August 2, 1828. August 26, 1823. September 15, 1823. February, 2, 1824. February 5, 1824. May 4, 1824. do. do. do. do. do. do. Christopher Wilson, Francois Bornais, Philip Bums, Jean Bte. Jarnac, Hedwich Sincire, Joseph Coffey, Allan R. M'Donell, Jean Larochelle, Martin O'Brien, Baptiste Vachon, John G. Hooper, July 5, 1824. Julv 22, 1824. July 30, 1824. August 10, 1824. October 1, 1S24. October 18, 1824. May 14, lb25. May 27, 1825. June 1, 1825. do. do. do. James Scott, Pierre Prevereau, Joseph Eockwell, William Cochrane, Robert Hunter, William Allen, June 9, 1825. June 13, lb25. June IS, 1825. June 22, 1825. July 18, 1825. August 22, 1825. April 23, 1826. Mayl, I856. Duncan Downs, George Harrison, James E. Campbell, Pierre Moreau, Thomas Conolly, May 24, 1^26. do. Etienne Laroche, Daniel Maceshein, do. do. William Bee, Owen M'Gowen, William Bright, May 25, 1826. do. James B. Edie, Azariah Pritchard, November 4, 1826. to be Board for Examining Persons applying City of Quebec Licensed «« — Peter Burnet, — Cullers. William Meiklejohn, Patterson, J. S. Campbell, Olivier Petci Corbin, and Jean Garneau, May 6, 1823. City of Montreal Shuter, and James Millar, David Handyside, Joseph James Carsuel, May 15, 1823. Town of Three Rivers B. P. Wagner, H. Hughes, and David — Grant, May 7, 1823. MEDICAL REGISTER. PHYSICIANS Henry Eeodle, Daniel Arnoldi, AND SURGEONS Montreal, Montreal, Montreal, Montreal, Quinzechien, AV1THIN VINCE OF Henry Munro, J. LOWER CANADA. THE PRO. H. Ferris, Henry A. A. Porter, George Carter, Three Rivers, River du Loup, Montreal, Boucherville, Nov. 24, 17S8. June 22, 1795. Aug. 17, 1795, , 1804. June 17, 1805. Sept. 5, 1805. Dame, March 24, 1 80S, Jacques Labrie, Stephen C. Blyth, Joseph Painchaud, Wolfred Nelson, Calvin Aug. 12, 1S0S. Aug. 4, IB 09. Jan. 9, 1811. Feb. IS, 1811. Feb. 27, 1811. May 17, 1811. June 12, 1811. June 12, 1811. Julv 10, 1811. July 22, 1811. March 18, 1812. April 23, 1812. Sept. 7, 1812. Oct. 10, 1812. Jan. 7, 1818. Jan. 18, 1818. March 31, ISIS. March 31, 1818. Jan. 11, 1814. April 15, 1S14. July 23, 1814. May 10, 1815. Julv 13, 1815. July 15, 1815. May 15, 1316. Oct. 5, 1816. Quebec, Denis, Missisquoi Bay, St. May, Henry V. Rogers, Quebec, Ant. G. Couillard, Jean Bte. Lebourdais, Montreal, William D. Selby, M. D. Montreal, Three Rivers, Rene Kimbcrt, Francois C. Duvert, M.. P. S. Laternere, L M. R. Barbier, St. Charles, Eboulemens, Berthier, Samuel Newcomb, Thomas Horsman, John Morley, Francois Fortier, J. F. B. Lionais, Lachine, Kamouraska, Boucherville, Thomas Fargues, m. d. Quebec, Chambly, Quebec, Montreal, Hatley, Montreal, St. Croix, Robert Nelson, John Weston, William Robeitson, William Thurber, Joseph Morrin, A. F. Holmes, m. d. Patrick Donnelly* Quebec, Montreal, St. Roch, Q. Thomas Bouthillier, St Hyapcinthe, William Caldwell, M. D. Montreal, William Fraser, Malbaie, Neil M'Kernan, Bazile Charlebois, June 4, 1817. June 25, 1817. Julv July July Aug. 2, 1817. Vaudreuil, Laprairie, George Gillies, Asa T. Alexander, E. J. C. Caseneuve, C. N. Perrault, m. d. A. Von Iffland, m. d. L'Assomption, Quebee, Montreal, 1817. 1817. 1817. 1817. July 8, 1818. July 24, 1818. July 25, 1818. 14, 26, 15, Oct. 21, 70 Henry Mount, C. Alexander, J. Pointe Claire, Nicolet, Aug. 8, 1818. Sept. 4, 1818. Leduc, S. R. Bourdages, Fortier, Vaudreuil, St. Hyacinthe, Gentilly, Thomas JGrnst Munchel, Aubert Gallion, St. St. JCtienne P. Tasche, Thomas, George Larue, John Rowley, Stephen Hicks, E. W. Carter, Pierre Mackay, Andre, Quebec, Sorel, Alexander Lusignan, Hugh Caldwell, Michel, Montreal, Quebec, St. Simon Z. Henry, John Gray, J. G. Gaucher, Jean Blanchet, E. P. Lamoureux, Joseph Parent, H. P. Barsalow, John Clark, Robert Hall, John Stephenson, m. Barnabe Gosselin, Timoleon Quesnel, C. Quesnel, Laprairie, St. Giles, Cap Sante, Quebec, Chateau Richer, Quebec, St. Roch, Orleans, Johns, Montreal, Montreal, L'Acadie, Becancour, Isle St. d, Joseph Hensley, James O'Leary, William Larue, Francois H. Seguin, L. Rousseau, James Dorion, Alexander Gillon, John B. C. Tresler, George Roberts, Dugald 'Donald, Rouville, River Ouelle, Quebec, Quebec, Yamaska, St. St. Ours, Jacques, M St. Anne, Quebec, 29, 1819. 18, 1819. 19, 1819. June 14,1819. Oct 5, 1819. Nov. 1, 1819. Nov. 22, 1819. Dec. 4, 1819. Feb. 12, 1S20. April 3, 1820. May 8, 1820. June 12, 1820. July 24, 1820. Aug. 1, 1820. Aug. 29, 1820. Oct. 20, 1820. July 12. 1821. Aug. 31, 1S21. Oct. 19, 1821. April 11, 1822. May 6, 1822. June 11, 1822. June 21, 1822. Aug. 9, 1822. Sept. 2, 1822. Sept. 18, 1822. Oct. 5, 1822. Oct. 30, 1822. Dec. 6, 1822. Dec. 20, 1822. March 29, 1823. Oct. Oct. Oct. Jan. 9, 1818. IS, 1818. 13, 1818. March May La St. St. Baie du Febre, Francis, May 14, 1823 July 15, 1823. Sept. 6, 1S23. Sept. 11, 1823. Sept. 15, 1823. Dec. 15, 1823. Dec. 31, 1823. Jan. 17, 1824. Anselm M. Fraser, Michael Macculloch, John Hill Roe, William Reece, Richard A. Fortier, Benj. Berthelet, m. d. Therese, Henryville, Quebec, Nouvelle Beauce, Montreal, St. St. Archibald Rae, Brown Chamberlain, Alexis Andrews, Armand, March 1,1824. Demers, James Campbell, George C. Rankin, William J. Vallee, Rodolph Steiger, Joseph Nichols, Montreal, Montreal, Hull, Montreal, Longeuil, Nicolet, May 24, 1824. Junel, 1824. July 10, 1824 Aug. 5, 1824. April 12, 1825. April 27, 1825. 71 R. C. Weilbrenner, 72 Jacob Glen, Joseph Haller, Chambly, Laurent, Montreal, Quebec, St. Edouard Moreau, Thomas G. Keegan, Johu Dormer, May May May May 10, 182S. 10, 1828. 15, 182S. 17, 1823. Thomas Alfred Panet, Henry Stubinger, J. Bte. St. St. Thomas, Hyacinthe, June 4, 1828. June 4, 1828. June 14, 182S. July 8, 1823. July 16, 1826. Aug. 6, 1823. Sept. .3, 1825. Oct. 1, 182% Oct. 8, 1828. 1 Noel, Quebec, Belle Riviere, John Barr, Gabriel Aimong, Samuel Waller, Leonard Browu, Alfred Digby, Chateauguay, Three Rivers, Montreal, X. Bender of Montreal, were two of the Commissioners originally appointed to examine Candidates for Li Drs. Geo. Selby and F. cences, and therefore do not hold licences themselves. PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS The dates of whose licences have not been obtained. Berthier. Gustave Iserhoff, Joseph Karsh, Lavaltrie. Peter Leodel, Edouard Martineau, Isle Orleans Varennes. Perkins Nichols, W. Holmes, m. d. Quebec. Francois Blanchet, do. "William Lyons, i d. do. William Hall, do. M. Mabbey, Montreal. Abner Rice, St. Andrews. Simon Fraser, Terrebonne Aug. Globensky, St. Eustache. Moses Nichols, — Macguire, to be A Schiller, St. Sherbrooke. Rose. Board of Examiners of persons applying Physicians and SurgeoJis. Licenced as Quebec. William Holmes, M. D. June Thomas 1S16, Fargues, M. D. May 21, 1824, Joseph Morrin, C. N. Perrault, M. D. June 4, 1824. Montreal. William Robertson, William Caldwell, M. D. John Stephenson, M. D. A. F. Holmes, M. D. February 22, 182S. — — — ECCLESIASTICAL REGISTER. CLERGY OF THE CHURCH OF ENGLAND PROVINCE OF LOWER CANADA. IN THE The Honorable and Right Reverend Charles James Stewart, Lord Bishop of Quebec. The Venerable the Archdeacon of Quebec, Rev. Geo. J. Mountain, D. D. Secretary and Domestic Chaplain to the Lord Bishop, Rev. Examining Chaplain~~.~R.zy. G. J. Mountain, D. D. Visiting Missionary ,, George Archbold. Quebec ,, G. J. Mountain, D. D. Rector ,, J. L. Mills, D. J}. Even. Lecturer. ,, C „ E. W. Sevvell, Minister of th? " Chapel of the Holy Trinity. \ C ,, A. Norman, Acting Assista?it \ Montreal Three Rivers Point Levi River du Loup, &c Drbmmondvillf, &c Minister. J. Bethune, Rector. ,, C,, B. B. Stevens, A. M. Evening Lecturer. I {,, A. F. Atkinson, Assistant to the Rector. ,, S. S. Wood, A. M. ,, B. B. Burrage, ,, J. C. Driscoll, A. B. ,, ,, William Henry Yamaska, &c Chambly, &c St. John's G. M. Ross. J. Jackson, Rector. J. ,, ,, Abbott. Caldwell Manor, St. St. &c... „ W. D. Baldwyn, A. M. ,, M. Townsend, Rector. James Reid. R. Whitwell. ,, ,, ,, ,, ,, Rector. Armand, Armand, east, &c... ,, west, &c... Dunham Shefford, &c Rawdon, &c St. Andrew's, &c, Hull, &c Ascot, &c „ ,, C. C. Cotton, A. B. Rector. G. Salmon. J. E. Burton, A. B. W. Abbott, Rector. A. Ansley. C. F. Lefevre. J. Taylor. Eaton Hatley, &c Lennoxville, &c Gaspe, &c Chaleurs Bay The ,, ,, ,, ,, ,, T. Johnson, Rector. A. H. Burwell. W. Arnold. can addition of &c. signifies a subordinate charge, as occasion be taken, of any unprovided places in the neighbourhood. D 74 Chaplains to the Forces. J. Quebec Montreal Bev. ,, L. Mills, D. D. A. B. B. Stevens, M. IN CLERGY OF THE CHURCH OF SCOTLAND PROVINCE OF LOWER CANADA. Montreal, St. THE St. Qusbec Gabriel Street, Rev. J. Somerville. " IJ. Esson. " Edward Black. " Alex. Mathieson. Peter Street. " James Harkness, D. D. CLERGY OF THE CHURCH OF ROME IN THE PROVINCE OF LOWER CANADA. Eisir.jps. Monseigneur Eernard Claude Panet Bishop of Quebec. Bishop ofTehnesse Jean Jacques Lartigue ,, Joseph Signay, Coadjutor.. ..... .Bishop of Fussala.. „ VICARS GENERAL. Rev. J. A. H. Roux, Rev. F. Jos. Deguise, Jerome Dealers, F. X. Noiseux, ,, ,, Jacques Roque, Pierre Viau. ,, ,, „ Jos. C. Deschenaux, Rev. N. C. Fortier, Secretary to the Diocese. CHAPLAINS. Quebec. General Hospital XJrsuline Convent..... St. Hotel Dieu Roch's Church ,, Rev. L. T. Bedard. ,, J. D. Dau!e. ,, L. J. Desjardins, ,, ,, A. Mailloux. P. Villeneuve. Congregation Montreal. ,, N. J. C. Fortier. Church of > > St. James Three Rivers. ,, Bourget J. C. Prince. Vrsuline Convent ,, C. Berthelot. CURATES AND MISSIONARIES. District of Quebec. Quebec, do. do. do. ... ... ... , . . The Bish >p of Fussala, Rev. II. Paisley, Vicar, G. S Derome. Vicar, C Dion, Vicar. L. Gingras. b St Pierre, \ \ St Laurent, St. Jean Baptistc, 3 2\ . J. M. Forth). 75 Saint Famille, Frznfois, 4 Grondine?, . La St. Rev. J. Gagnon. C. Loranger. C. Hot. Deschambiult, . Cap Sante, do. . D. Denechaud. F. Gatien F. Lajus, Vicar. Gabouri. J. C. P. iourval. Ecureuils, St. Francois, 5 . — . St. St. Augmtin, 7 A. Lefrarifois. J. C. Catherine, $ Lorette-, . Ancien do. St. J. Deschenaux, V. G. Naud, Vicar. Foy, Notre Dame, St. Ambroise, Charlesbourg, Beauport, UAnge Gardien, } Chateau Richer, £ St. St. P. T. T. A. Auger. Bedaid. Cooke. Bedard. C. Begin. C. F. Baillargeon. Anne, 6 Joachim, n, Ferreol, 7 St. y F. J. Ranvoyze. St. St. Pierre., Baye Paul, . Petite Riviere, Louis Lelievre. L. Poulin, Vicar. Beaupre, Eboulemens, Isle — Destroismaisons. P. Clement aux Coudres, . J. Asselin. Malbay, P. Duguay. J. B. Lotbiniere, St. Croix, St. Antoine, 8 St. Nicolas, St. DaveluL P. Gagnon. L. Raby. Giles, '} M. Dufresne. Beaurivage, Point Levy, St. M. Mass6. J. Lacasse. J. Henry, do. B. Bernier, Vicar. Villade. St. Marie, do. St. St. Joseph, Francois, 9 . St. Claire, St. A. Montminy, Vicar. B. Decoigne. V. Papineau. J. Lefrancois. A. L. B. T. St. St. Gervais, Protais, Anselme, 1 _) R. Paquet P. Roy, Vicar. J. B. St. Charles, 10 . Perns. Beaumont, St. St. Michel, Vallier, T. Letang. A. Gosselin. U. OifroL d2 76 St. Frarifois, 11 ) Bellechasse, $ St. Pierre, 12 . Rev. C J. Primeau, J. Cecile. St. Thomas, Cap St. Ignace, } L. Beaubien. A. Parent. J. Panet. F. Boissonnault. Crane Island, L'Islet, St. . $ Jean Port Jolt, Roch, 13 St. Anne, 14 River Ouelle, 7 St. . do. St. \ . Louis, Kamouraska, St. Brodeur. Painchaud. P. Viau, V. G. N. Trudelle, Vicar. J. Varin. H. Hamel, Vicar. Li. C. F. Andre, . F. Leclerc. ) River du Loup, Kakouna, Green Island, Trois Pistoles, . . J. B. Mad ran. § P. Belaud. P. Bourget. * Rimouski, Matane, \ M. Ringuette. District of Three Rivers. Three Rivers, } Cap Magdelen, \ Maskinonge, River du Loup, St. Leon, Yamachiche, . Rev. L. Cadieux, G. Belcourt, Vicar. L. Marcoux. J. Lebourdais. L. Delaunais. S N. Dumoulin. O. Larue, Vicar. do. Point du Lac, Champlain, 1 . P. Joyer. Batiscan, 3 St. Genevieve, 157 St. G. Rivard. F. X. J. Stanislas, tote. $ St. Anne, 16 do M. Morin. Jos. Moll. Drummondville, Yarnaska, Baie du Febre. Nicolet, St. M. Power. A. Leclerc. V. Fournier. J. Rainbault F. Deniers. F. Lejamtel. C. B. Courtain. Gregoire, Becancour, Gent illy, St. Jean, . \ J . St. Pierre, 17 T. Pepin. . District of Montreal. Montreal, Rev. J. A. H. Roux, V. G 77 Montreal, do. do. do. Rev. M. J. C. Lesaulnier Roque, V. G. A. Malard do. F. Humbert A. L. Hubert J. do. do. do. M. Sauvage A. Satin do. do. do. N. Dufresne J. Richards J. Conte C. J. Fay do. do. do. do. do. St. B. St. Pierre F. Bonin P. Phelan F. Durocher Laurent, IB St Genevieve, 19 Jm chine, R. Larre M. Lefebvre M. Chauvin A. Duranseau S. J. Pointe Claire, > St. Anne, 20 $ Pointe mix Trembles, Longue Pointe Sault aux Recollet, Riviere des Prairies, Isle Perrot, St. Martin, 2 St. Rose, St. Vincent, Berthier, St. St. St. B. Fortin. A. Durocher G. Arsenault, Vicar L. Aubry X.. Boissonnault J. Caron M. Brunet F. Belair T. Lagarde Xi. Xaniothe Cuthbert, 1 . Barthelemi, S Elizabeth, do. . A. Fisette, Vicar F. Marcoux P. Lefrance, Vicar. J. B. Keller E. Labelle J. F. La 7io rate, Lavaltrie, St. Paul, . J. Gagnon M. Belanger St. Sulpice, X. N. Jacques Repentigny, L St. Asso?nption, M. A. Amiot H. Hudon J. St. Jacques, Roch, 22 do. St. Esprit, Mascouche, Lachesnaie, Terrebonne, St- Anne, 23 Therese, St, Benoit* St. R. Pare Raizenne A. Tessier, Vicar T. Caron X. Parent J. J. A. J. B. Xamothe St. Germain J. Poirier C. J. Ducharme M. Felix 78 St. St. Benoitj Scholastique, . Rev. — Girouard, J. T icav P. J. Delamot'ie St. Eustache, Vaudreuil, } Paquin P. P. Rigaud, Argenteuil, 3" Soulanges, St. Polycarpe, Ste. . Martine, 2t Chatecuguay, F. N. B^nchet M. Brassard P. Mercure P. Gienier Beauhamois, St. 1 Tim o thee, Philippe, Constant, do. F. Labelle F. Pigeon O. Chevrefils 3 St. St. M. Brien 0. Giroux St. St. Athanase, Luc, M. Blanchet J. B. Dorchester. Blairfindie, do. R.Gaulin Paquin Cyprien, 7 Valentin, 3 Laprairie, St. St. L. Marcotte, Vicar F. Morrisset F. X. Brunet J. B. Boucher Lor.gueuil, Boucherville, Varennes, do. . Vercheres, do. i haboillez A. Tabau F. J. Deguise, V. G. F. P. Porlier, Vicar T. Kim be it A. Contrecwur, St. Antoine, 25 Belceil, St. ) 3" R. O. Bruneau A. Manseau B. Alinotte 1. Hillaire, . B. Belanger Chambly, Monnoir, do. St. St. P. M. Mignault H. Lajus Vicar C. Btouillet, Mathias, Jean Baptiste, St Charles, 27 { P. Consigny L. Gagne P. Robitaille J. B. St. St. Marc, \ Denis, St. Ours, . Sore I, ) Isle du Pads, ) St. Hyacinthe, St. St. J. F. J. Bedard Kebert Kelly B F. Belleau, } Vicar Pie, S . St. St. St. Jude, Hugucs, Da?nase, Cesaire, A. Girouard P. D. Ricard, Vicar M. (usson A. Bmis M. Quintal J. C. D- Delisle La Presentation, Aubry 79 District of Gaspe. Ristigouche, Carle ton, ~) V J ~) . Rev. E. Faucher "New Richmond, Paspebiac, Perce, > ) to A. Boisvert the Indian Villages. Douglastown, Regis, . Missionaries St. Rev. J. Vallee . Ccghnawaga, Lake of Two Mountains, do. do. St. . . . . J. Marcoui J. B. Roupe Bellefeuille C. De Francis, . . Claude Leonard N. L. Amiot the Parishes in following addid'Orleans. tional titles of some parishes. 5, de ] , 2, ?., 4, Isle Neuville. t>, de la Presentation. 7, of St. Paul's Bay. 8, de Tilly. 10, River Boyer. 11, 9, d' Assise, Nouvelle Beauce. IS, des Au!nets. 14, de la grand e Anse. 12, River du Sud. la Parade. 16, de 17, les Bequets. 18, 19, 15, de Batiscan. Island of Montreal. 21, Isle Jesus. 20, Bout de l'Isle. 22, L'achigan. 23, des Plaines. 21-, de Chateauguay. 25, de Chanide Rouville. bly. 26, *** The similarity of names among many of Lower Canada, renders it necessary to add the WESLEYAN MINISTERS Quebec Montreal St. Armand.. Shefford Odelltowit IN LOWER CANADA. THE PROVINCE OF John Hick William Squire Thomas Turner HI at hew Rev. Richard Pope Stanstead Lang Knowian Barnston Shipton Wm. M'Bonald Wm. Faulkner MINISTERS OF THE GOSPEL IN LOWER St. CANADA, NOT IN CONNECTION WITH ANY CF THE PRECEDING CLERGY. Independent, Quebec Rev G. Bourne, — Brunton, A. Henderson, J. S. Christmas, Scotch Dissenter, do Amer. Presby. Therese Andrew's Montreal St. CORPORATION FOR MANAGING THE CLERGY RESERVES IN LOWER CANADA. Members Clergy within the Province. Principal The Lord Bishop. — The — Lord liishop of Quebec, and all the beneficed x>4 80 Directors. The Rev. G. J. J. Mountain fhe Rev. J. C. Driscoll, Bethune, J. Jackson, S. S. R. R. Bun-age, G. Archbold. Wood, Secretary —T. H. Thomson, Esq RELIGIOUS COMMUNITIES. SEMINARS OF Q.UEBEC. Rev. Jerome Demers, V. G. The Bishop of Fussala, Rev. Pierre F. Turgeon Superior. Cure d' Office* Agent. SEMINARY OF MONTREAL. Rev. H. A. Roux, V. G.... Superior. Cur6 d' Office. M. C. Eesaulnier J. J. M. Sauvage J. Conte Bursar. Agent. HOTEL DIEU NUNNERY AT Q.UEBEC (Founded in Sister St. Antoine 1637, for the sick Poor.) Superior, 1825 URSULINE NUNNERY AT QUEBEC. (Founded in 1609, for the instruction of Sister St. Monique: Young Females.) Superior, 1827. Q.UEBEC. GENERAL HOSPITAL NUNNERY AT (Founded in 1693, Sister St. Agnes for the Infirm Poor.) Superior, 1S25. HOTEL DIEU NUNNERY AT MONTREAL. (Founded Sister Devoisy in 1644, for the Sick Poor.) Superior, 1821. (Founded CONGREGATION NUNNERY AT MONTREAL. in 1650, for the Instruction of Young Females.) Superior, 1822. Sister Lacroix. GENERAL HOSPITAL NUNNERY AT MONTREAL. (Founded in 1752, for the Infirm and Invalid Poor.) Sister Marie Marguerite Lemaire, Superior, lb2i. URSULINE NUNNERY AT THREE RIVERS. (Founded in 1677, for the instruction of Youth, and for the Sick Poor.) Sister St. Olivier.... ..Superior, 1820. MILITIA REGISTER. STAFF OF THE MILITIA OF THE PROVINCE OF LOWER CANADA. HIS Captain General and Commander in Chief, EXCELLENCY SIR JAMES KEMPT, K. C. B.. Lt. Col. J. B. C. Duchesnay, March Heriot, April 1, 1821. F. Vassal de Monviel. Lt. Col. L. Juchereau Duchesnay, Provincial Aides de Camp, Lt. Col. F. G. 23, 1S21 Adjutant General, Lt. Col. Deputy Adjutant General, ; March 23, 1827. Assistant Adjt. Genl. Lt. Col. E. A. L. de Bellefeuille, April 2, 1823. Hep. Asst Adjt. Genl. Capt. Henry R. M. Cowan, June SO, 182s. Quarter Master General, Lt. Col. Hon. C. C. Delerv, June 30, 1823. Pay?naster General, Lt. Col. Hon. John Stewart, June S, 1824. Judge Advocate General, Lt. Col. Robert Christie, Feb. 1, 182-. Svperintendant General of Hospitals, Francois Blanchet, M. D. May 22, 1812 Surgeon General, Marc De Sales Laterriere, M. D. Dec. 1, 1812. Commissary of Transport for the District of Quebec, Lt. Col. William Kemble, Oct. 29, 1825. Commissary of Transport for the District of Montreal, Lt, Col. J. P. Leprohon, Oct. J 4, 1813. Chaplains to the Militia, Rev. Poulin de Courval, June 25, 1812 ; Rev. Francois Robitaille, Dec. 23, 1812. General Staff of the Province, Lt. Col. J. F. Perrault, Jan. 24,1810; Lt. Col. P. de Boucherville, Sept. 14, 1811; Lt. Col. Hon. M. H. Perceval, Sept. 15, 1811 ; Lt. Col. Pierre Guerout, Jan. 9, 1812 ; Lt. Col. Joseph Bouchette, March 26, 1813 ; Lt. Col. D. Sutherland, April 25, 1815 ; Lt. Col. William Kemble, Oct. 29, 1825 ; Lt. Col. D. C. Napier, Oct. SO, 1825 ; Lt. Col. Hon. William Smith, May 20, 1827 ; Lt. Col. Edmund W. R. Antrobus, April 21, 1825 ; Lt. to!. Au<_. Germain, Aug. 30, 182? ; Maj. P. de Rocheblave, Sept. 1, 1S14 ; Maj Alexander M'Kenzie, Sept. 1, 1814; Maj. Hypolite St. George Dupre, April 12, 1827. VOLUNTEER CORPS WITHIN THE PROVINCE. QUEBEC VOLUNTEERS. Lieutenant Colonel. Hon. Mathew Bell, Major*. B. A. C. Gugy, cav May May 30, 23 rif Price, art May 31, do Captains. P. Burnett, art Mar, 1, 24 29, 28 H. Go wen, cav Nov. 29, 26 d 5 W. W. W alker, r 82 Lieutenants. Ross, art July 3, D. Daly, rif Dec. 19,2! H. Taylor, art July 4, Mar. 2, 2! Cornet. G. Pemberton, art Mar. 3, do Ft. Gillespie, cav Nov. 6, A. Cringan, art Nov. 30, 2 Paymaster. J. M'Lean, rij Feb. 9, 27 D. Handyside, /£ cav May 19, A. W. Young, rif Adjutants. Feb. 10, do May 19, J. Kerr, cav Sep. 16, do C. Penner, /f cav T. Hetherington, Sep. 15, Cornet. D. Burnet, raw Sep. 16, do J. Stephenson, m. n. c Sep. 20, Paymaster. W. Henderson, capf c Sep. 1 5, do ^w/ Major. W. M'Culloch, ca^J June IS, Aid Major. F. Bell, c«s May 1, 2 CAVALRY TROOP. T. Cringan, art A 22 do 27 2t do 27 G Ur 25 23 MONTREAL VOLUNTEERS. Lieutenant Colonel. Part of and attached told Battalion York. Hon. John Forsyth, Majors. G. Gregory, cav N. Bethune, rif D. Ross, «r£ Captains. J. June 18. 2 Ca r t. D, Lt. S. Cole, 5, J. M< Arthur, June 18, 2: Cor. G. Barnes, July 11, do Adjt. W. Teasdale, May 24 Lt. S.M'Cord, ma/ cav April 5, 25 Dec. 5, do Dec. 6, do Nov. 10, 27 Dec. 7, 25 CAVALRY TROOP. C. M'Eean, Dec. P. M'Gill, art July 1, John Boston, art July 2, Lieutenants. J. C. Grant, rif J. Scott, J. rif Smith, rijf Forsyth, cav John Try, art May May W. 23 Part of and attachei to 5th Battado lion Richelieu. do Capt. J. Wood, Nov. 4, 25 Lt. Erastus Lee, Oct. SO, do Cor. J. Pick ham, Nov. 4, do 13, 21 CAVALRY TROOP. 14, do Part of and attached to 4th Batta2, W. Nov. 14, 2 lion Bedford. July 1, 2 Lt. Ep. Hungerford, Nov. 3, 25 Edmondstone, ari July 2, do Lt. Orrill Kempt, Aug. 16, 27 BEDFORD. FIRST BATTALION. Lieutenant Colonel. Eus. Soupras, Frs. Papineau, May Mar. Jan. Oct. Jan. Jan. Jan. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. 14, 1, 22 2i do A. Brouillet, 1, 22, 25 4, HonC. de Salaberry,c.BApril Majors Alph. M. Dumont, Nov. Jan. U. Chaffers, Aid Majors. Nov. M. Dechene, capt. Oct. P. Bertrand, It. J. 12 Em. Vadenais, And 23, 9, Pratt, Fl. Bouthillier, W. 2i, 27 29, do 30, do 9, do 10, do 1 1 , Em. Senet, Et. Bertrand, 14 4, 5, Prudent Malo, C. It. Oct. Captains. M. Sancere, G. T. L'heureux, L. Blanchard, Jos. Lacasse, Frs. Authier, April 13 April 22, Aug. Cartier, J. B. Blanchard, Aug. Pigeon, J. B Beaudrie, J. B. Demers, Jun. Jos Blanchard, J. do do 12, do 13, June 30, 2i Nov. 25, 14 April 29, 15 May 11, 21 May Oct 25, 9, 7, Lieutenants. Lareau, Tim. Franchere, Jos. May May May M. Tetieau, Demers, Beique, 12, P. 15, Frs. May 13, do 83 J. Vigeant, Hon. Lareau, Cle. Gosselin, July 22, do July 23, 2i SECOND BATTALION. Lie: tenant Colonel. May 8, 22 27 P. Chicoine, F. Papineau, Thomas M 21, doL " Oct. e ube" CU ^ ing April 8 22l* 1 Feb. May 7, do ,John totten ' Thomas Ryan Feb. Oct. 15, 25 Dun. Dewar, April Mar. 12,27 Rtu. Taylor, April Mar. 12, do Jos. Bower, Oct. Mar. 14, do Fred. Derrick, Nov. Mar. 15, do Nov. as M'Gillivray Mar! 16,' do P Nov. F * rs°> ' 20 7, 22 8, do 9, do 12, do 1, 5, 27 O. Vandendaigue, J. B. Lafleur, Jos. Cartier, J. M. Gibou'oux, F. Dufresue, J. jjMoise Glirard, r*„. n Oct. 9, do Ensigns. Oct. 10, do Oct. li, do| Jacob Derrick, Oct. 12, do Seth B. Wardner, Oct. IS, do'Geo. Jones, Oct do Geo. Gunn, Oct. -5, do Sol. Lanoux, Oct 16, do Gil. Bush, Oct. 17, do Peter Hawley, Oct. 18, do Wm. Derrick, June 30, 2 Jos. Mette, Ju y 1, do David Car r, ::, i Oct 8, do*?™- Nov. do do 8, do 9, do 6, B J. La marine Geo. Ashby, Louis Mongeon, Et. B. Oct. 9, Jan. 12, Jan. 14, Sept. SO, Oct. 1, 20 25 do 27 do Renaud, Et. Lalanne, M. Larocque, J. M. Ostigny, L. J. Soupras, Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb, Feb. 8, 2S 9, do 10, do 11, do 12, do Quarter Master. Adjutant. Jan. 20, 21|i ra Flagg, It. Jan. 9, 25 Surgem. Quarter Master. Jos. Hensley, Jan. 1, do Mat. Conroy, ens. Nov. 7, 27 Chaplain. Chaplain. . I Rev. P. Consigny, Jan. 20, do Rev. M. Townsend, Oct. ], 27 84< THIRD BATTALION. 85 Captains. Alex. Debled, 86 Captains. J. B. P. Courval, Etienne Cote, Joac. Charpentier, Chs. J. Dumoulhi, De Sept. Dec. Sept. Louis Gouin, Joseph Manseau, Joseph Proulx, F. Cottrell, Jos. Prince, Mar. Mar. Mar. Mar. Mar. Mar Mar. Mar. Ls. Robitaille, Pierre Hebert, Majors. * Feb. 25, 20 07 Jac. R. Baby, Aug. 1. 28 1, 12 Joseph Dionne, 8,17 Aid Majors. r, 27 J. Bcusseau, cap. May 14,12 10, do J. B. Legendre, cap. Mar. 20, 27 Feb. 19,22 12, do Mich. Lamothe, It. Mar. 29, 27 14, do F. F. Legendre, It. 15, do Captains. 17, do Joseph Turcotte, Sept. 12,07 if-, do Ant. Leblanc, Jan. 5, 12 19, do Fu.-tache Malhiot, Jan. e, 12 6, Aug. 12,2 J. B. Decormier, Nov. 16, 14 Aug. IS, do Michel Malhiot, Nov. 20, do Aug. 14, do Alexis Biaux, Jan. B, IB Lieutenants. Lcuis Landry, Feb. 22, 22 Mar. 13,2 Pierre Dubois, Pierre Brassard, Mar. 2'', 27 Mar. 14, do J. B. Paneton, Jean Cress e, Mar. 22, do Jos. Trudel, Mar. 15, do Benj. .Moras, Aug. 1, 2, Mar. 16, do Jean Demaree, Ado). Lauzeau, Aug. 2, do Mar. 17, do Jean Turcot, J. B. Mauseau, Aug. 5, do Mar. I , do L. Manceau, Lieutenants. Mar. 19, do Ant.' Robin, Jos. Bellefeuilie, Jan. 1, 18 Mar. 20, do Rod. M'Kenzie, Bon. B. Beaubien, Jan. 4, 21 Mar. 22, d C. A. Richard, Baz. Lupien, Jan. 5, do Mar. 23, do M. Lamothe, Joseph St. Cyr, Jan. 6, do Aug. 1, do R. (oughtree, David Prince, Mar. 25, 27 Aug. 2. do Vict. Brassard, Joseph lieaudet, Mar. 2c, do Paul Heon, Aug. 4, do Mag. Gingras, Mar. 27, do Ensigns. Pierre Michel, Mar. 28, do Jan. 15, if Robert Smith, Aug. 5, 23 Mar. 1, 27 Fustache Moras, Ls Bui. Fortier, Olivier Malhiot, Aug. 6, do Mar. 16, do P. M. Trudel, Louis Demaree, Aug 7, do Mar. 17, do Gab. Manseau, Aug. 8, do Mar. J 8, do J. B. Beaudet, Ant. Lauseau, Aug. 2.5, do Mar. 19, do Samuel B. Plait, Jos. Chartrain, Ensigns. Mar. 20, do J. B. Leclair, Mar. 22, do Frs. Gen est, Jan. 2, IS Alexis Gouin, Mar. 2o,,do Frs. B. Beauchenc, Jan. 7, 24 Pierre Pratt, Jan. A 25 Mar. 24, do Jacques ( hartier, Michel Hebert, Mar. 27, 27 Aug. 1,2 Louis Leb arc, Fran. Brassard, Aug. 2, do A. R. Lavoigne, Mar. 31, do Fabian Trudelle, Aug. 5, 2S Aug. 3, do Aug. Malhiot, Joseph N. Pacaud, Aug. C, do Aug. 16, do Lupin Rousseau, J. Bte. Hogue, Adjutan Aug. 7, do Gaspard Moras, Mar. 25, 27 Jean Dumas, L. M. Cressc, Aug F, do Quarter Master Pascal Pepin, Aug. 9, do Ls. Brassard, Jun. May 13,27 G. Decormier, Aug. 11, do Joseph Bourque, Joseph L Heon, Antoine Pinard, , Fay master .BATTALION. Joaeh. Go&selin, Aug. 1, 28 Lieutenant Colonel. Adjutar.t. Francois Baby, June 27, 26 Laurent Gen est, caj>t. Sept. 1, 12 THIRD Qua tier Master. 88 Samuel Daniel, Mar. 11, 2S J. Bte. Ouellette, Mar. 12, do Ant. Roy, Clement Hudon, Surgeon. cor. Enoch Baker, Jan. 11, 27 Jan. 12, do Jan. 14 > do Moses Nichol, SIXTH BATTALION. Lieutenant Colonel. F. G. Heriot, C. B. April 1, 21 Ive Rossignol, Ab. Martin, Chs. E. Casgrain > Nov, 10, do Nov. lido Nov 13, do Sept. 4, 2:-) Sept. 4, do Jan. 13, 27 Tan. 16, do Lieutenants. Major. And. Boucher, Alex. John Ployard, Captains. Chris. April 8, 21 Gagnon, Jos. Ouellette, Menut, Mar. 17, 14 Frs. Beaulieu, 18, 22 Apr. 18, 2-3 Win. Menut, Jan. 4, 2± Chs. Montenach, Lieutenants. April 6, 21 George Norton, Geo. Alexander, May Ed. Marquis, II. B. Ladurantaye, Ed. Michaud, L. Ouellet, Frs. Miville, 2b G. F. Raimond, Honure Roy, Jun. Ensigns. Oct. 8, 25 J. Bte. Martin, Thomas Busby, Aug. 2d, 2: Benj. Sirois, James Robertson, Aug. 27, do Aug. Martineau, Wm. Trenholm, Ant. Blondeau, Adjutant. April 4, 2i Joseph Bouchard, James Millar, Henry Menut, May 1, Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. 17, do 18, do 19, clo 20, do ,21, do 22, do 21, 22, 24, 25, 26, 27, 2:>, CORNWAELIS. FIRST BATTALION. Honore Peltier, C. M. Dechene, Raphael Michaud, Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. July do do do do do do do 21, 2d Ans. Ouellette. July 22, do Lieutenant Colonel. Ensigns, April 26, 11 Paschal Tasche, B. Besaucon, May 22, 13 Majors. Sept. 5, 17 Feb. 13, IS F. Gauvreau, P. Casgrain, Jan 24, 18 Tetu, Dec. 25, 26 P. Tasche, Jun. Jan. 26, 22 Dec. 29, do P. Beaulieu, J. B. Tasche P. Bouchard, Sept. 3, 23 Aid Majors. Jan. 2, 27 J. Hudon, Sept. 5, do H. Beaulieu, capt. Jan. 20, 27 M. C. Hilaire, capt. Nov. 12, do A. Beaulieu, Captains. Jan. 21, do A Gagne, April 8, 07 J. Richard, Nic. Bouchard, Jan. 26, do Amab. Dionne, Feb 17, 1 F. Chamberland, Nov. 22, do Feb. 21, do L. Bouchard, F. X. Boucher, Nov! 23, do Jan. 15, 14 F. Tremble, P. T. Casgrain, Nov. 24, do Nov. 19, do M. Frechette, Thos. Casault, Nov 25, do Nov. 11, 21 P. Sergerie, Chs. Chapais, Nov. 26, do Mar. 1, 24 P. D. St. Pierre, Fred. Wyss. Nov. 27, do Jan. 3, 27 O. E. Casgrain, F. Letellier, Nov. 2 s, do Jan. 4, do G. Tetu, Jos. Bouchard, Nov. 29, do Jan. 5, do M. Boucher, Ciriac Mareau, Nov. 30, do Jan 6, dc V. Boucher, P. C. Dupuis, Dec. 1, do Jan. 7, do C Dube, Vincent Dube, Dec. f, do Jan. h , do J. Casse, P. Beaulieu, Dec. 3, do Jan. 9, do H. Dechene, J. Delaurier, Dec. 4, do Jan. J 0, do'G. Peltier, Cyprien Lebel, Dec. 5, do C c 89 A. Roy, Jun. T. Sirois, July 21, 2i T. Johnson, July 22, do P. Rioux, Jun L April 21,28 July 22, do Paymaster. T. Peltier, Ensigns. July 21, 23 A. Cote, J. Siroi, Adjutant. V. Martin, ens. July 21, 23 P. Fraser, Quarter Master. Cyp. Labelle, July 21, 25 E. Michaud, E. Michaud, Jun. Surgeo?i. T- Horseman, July 21, 23 H. Sirois, Mar. 16, 13 Mar. 17, do Nov. 27, Jan. 2:., 27 April 2 April 9, do 1 > , J. Fournier, Chaplain. Rev. J. Varin, July 21, 2: J. Chamberland, SECOND BATTALION. Lieutenant Colonel. P. Maclure, H. Rioux, L. Belanger, J. St. Luurent, ('. H. Caldwell, Majors. A. Morin, P. Roux, P. Gauvreau, Captai?is, July 22, 2 Mar. April July P. Sirois, J. Peneau, Mar. Mar. lb, IS 1 5, do Rouleau, 16, do 17, do 3 , 27 D. M'Millan, Adjutant. 2 4 July 22, 2 22, 2 A. Fraser, Jun. ens. Quarter Master. -!, 94 April IK, T. Donohue, ens. ! April April April April April April April April 10, d li, do 12, do IS, do 14, do , P Cote, A. Souci, J. B. Rioux, J. Ouellettc, Nov Surgeon. 25, Ih G. Larue, July 22, 2 Nov. 23, do July IS, 21 July 12, 27 JuK U\ do July 14, do J. July 15, do July 16, do'j. July 17, doS. April 7, 2 f. DEVON. FIRST BATTALION. Lieutenant Colonel. Mar. 25, 21 b. C. Duchesnay, Majors. P. Canac, G. M. Dechene, M. Morin, P. Dunmis, C Despres, Fraser, Fournier, L. Bertrand, J. Miville, July 16, 12 Mar. 26, 14 July J. D. Fraser, Bemier, April 8, do Aid Majors Jan. 23, 27 Inlv 21, do July 91 rlJ A. Morin, Copt. .luiy >J, 28 Morin, caft. I.L. M. Lieutenants 27 Jan. t B. Dionne, ;, ISE. Eschenback, It. Feb. Nov. 2 J. Sirois, Captaii May 1 5, 07 P. Mercier, July 24, 21 F. Mortin, Dec. 2, 12 A. R. Lauzier, Jan. 25, 27 J. B. C. Despres, April 26, )5 H. Michaud, April IS, 23 J. F. Carou, June 4, 21 E. < hamberland, Despres, April IJ,doP. C A. L. Fraser, G. Hodgson, P. Cote, Jun. M. Cote, A. Leclerc, B. Rioux, E, Rioux, O. Pineau, P. (ote, April 15, do J. M. Deschene, April 16, do' J. B. Grenier, April 17, do J. M. Belanger, April 18, do R* Harrower, April 19, doF. M. Soulard, April 20, do A. Verrau t, April 21, do J. Gamache, April 22, do L. Besse, April 2£, do F. Peltier, Jun. 1 Sept. Sept. -1, 5, 1 , 21 do 27 G Jan, Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. July July 19, do 20, 21, 22, 2", do do do 2 1 28, do 90 C. Fouruier, 91 A. Labadie, Jun. J. Clouthier, 93 M.C ND BATTALION. 94. Aid Majors. J. Sherar, July 14, 22 J. F. Winter, A. Doyle, It. Oct 4, 25 July (»", 2. Ensigns. F. A. Johnston, ens. Captains. S. Clarke, June I, 21 July 1,2 F. Dugas, G. Boyle. June 8, do July 2, dc J. Day, Jun. G. Annett, June 4, do July 8, do w. T. Hunt, ss, June 5, do Ju.y A, do J, Queissi, I. Deehene, Mar 1, 24 May 4, 2 k. Landrv, J. Tuzeau, May SO, 27 P. Poiner, Coffin, Lieutenants. A. M'Kay, July 1, 2 M. Tower, T. D. Johnston, Oct 18, 25 Ju.y 2, d< S. Ray, Adjutant. July 8, dc R. Sherar, P. Langlois, Mar 1, 24 July 6, dc Surgeon. H. Johnston, April 1, 23 July 7, di G. Douglas, T. Monarty, Chaplain. Ensigns, April 1, do July I, 2. Rev. W. Arnold, W.Johnston, W. Aseah, July 2, do HAMPSHIRE. July 8, do B. Coffin, FIRST BATTALION. July 4, do I. Kennedy, Lieutenant Colonel. July 5, do W. Baker, July 7, do L. H. Lagorgendiere, April 10, 12 H. O'Hara, Adjutant. Majors. July 5, 21 F.X.Larue, L. P. Johnston, It April 12 1 R 11, SECOND BATTALION. Lieutenant Colonel. J. L. O. Lagorgendiere, Sept 2, do Aid Major. B. Larue, ens. Captains. Mar July IS, 27 9, Crawford, Majors. Jan. IP, 2: E. J. J. Mann, Captains, Day, June June J, L. J Proulx, 2: J. B. Marcotte, do L. Gaiiepy, B. Dusauit, 06 2, 1, 8, Mar T. Bustead, F. M'Rae, W. Fruing, V. Laviolette, G. Ahier, A. Pritchard, C. Arbour, J. J. June June June 2 A Garneau, 25, 13 Sept 12, 20 April 26, 23 do P. Morisette, 4, do P. Begue, J. Marcotte, Feb IP, 27 Feb 20, do Aug 11, 28 09 11 14 Chisholm, M'lracken, Jan 18, 1, 2; Lieutenants. June F. Loubert, J. 21 Adams, D. Mac ray, June June 2, do 4, 21 Lieutenants. Mar 25, A. Jackson, Feb 10, C. Perrault, F. Germain, Jan 9, H. Denis, Sept 9, May 14, F. Auger, May 15, L. Tapin, N. Perrault, May 17, Mar 9, M. Morisette, S. Stewart, Mar M. Landry, R. Pritchard, J. Gilbert, 2, 24 J. Mercure, A. Gaudry, 20 23 do do 27 Mar 10, do Mar 11, do Ensigns. J. B. Dcrome, Jan 9, 14 G. Arseneau, A. Gerirain, Feb. 10, do J. Larue, Oct 25, 14' J. Roy, 96 J. Blais, Lieutenants. Feb 17, 14 R. Rousseau, L. J. Prevost, Oct 23 J. B. Blouin, 7, L. Turgeon, Oct 8, do J. P. Pare, I. Ruel, Oct 9, do J. O. Fraser, J. Audet, Feb 7, 27 J. B. Blais, E. Rouillard, Feb 8, do P. Baudoin, I,. Chabot, J. April 8, 15 April ] 3, do Feb 14, 27 Feb 15, do Feb 16, do Nov 10, do July 12, 23 Ensigns. July 11, 15 Roy, P. Belanger, P. Audet, J. Couture, G. Audet, Bacquet, Ensigns. A. Carriere, I. Ruel, Feb 9, do July 11, 23 A. July 12, do N. July 14-, do A. Feb 15, do P. July 16, do P. G. Oct Oct Picard, Larue, Pare, Martineau, Boissonnault, A. Neaud, G. Gosselin, J. B. Lavalle, D. St. Pierre, G. Pouilliotte, F. Goulet, A. Godbou, P Goulet, P. Leclerc, J. Bernier, 14, do July 12, 28 Pay Master. Feb 13, 27 X. Morin, July 12, 23 Adjutant. Feb 16, do Feb 13, 27 N. Fraser, It. July 11,23 Quarter Master. July 12, do July 12, 27 July 13, do J. B. Morin, Chaplain. July 14, do Rev. C. A. Primeau, July 12, 2 3 July 15, do July 16, do HUNTINGDON. July 17, do Blais, 12, 28 J. Morin, Feb 7, 27 Feb 10, do Feb 18, do Feb 19, do Nov 13, do Nov 13,23 D. Blouin, Pay C. Fournier, Master. FIRST BATTALION, Lieutenant Colonel. July 11, 23 Adjutant. May 15, 12 Hon. C. W, Grant, July 11, do J. B. Bacquet, It. Majon Quarter Master. May 1, 21 M. O 'Sullivan, July 11, do L. Moreau, Mar 1, 27 L. Demers, Surgeon. Aid Majors. July 11, do J. Gray, M. Neven, It. THIRD J. Fraser, BATTALION. P. Boursier, ens. J. Piatt, ens. Mar Mar Mar 1, 8, 28 27 25, do Lieutenant Colonel. June 21, Major. Captains. 14 L. Blais, J; Fraser, ens. April 5, 15 Aid Majors. Sept 6, 20 Captains. A. Pare, J. Morin, F. X. Pare A. Talbot, L. Blais, April 18, 12 do 15 do A. Boucher do J. Couillard, Feb 1, 27 P. Heroux, 11. Fraser, May 16, do J. Trudeau, N. Faribault, J. B. Bessette, Lieutenants. July 17, Feb 10, April 5, July 15, B. Bonneault, A. Sauvageau, J. B. Bruguiere, E. Eneau, C. Archambault, A. Hubert, W. Dalton, L. Julien, L. Caron, Sept 2, 12 Sept 16, do Sept IS, do Oct 1, do April 18, 12 J. Perigo, Mar Mar Mar Mar Mar Mar Mar Mar Mar Mar 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, 27 do do do do do do do do do 97 N. M'Leod, T. Lawless, P. J. M 'Arthur, Ogilvie, Wright, R. H. Norval, Li. G. Brown, Mar Mar Mar Mar Mar Mar Mai- 12, J. McDonald, IS, 14, 15, 17, 1, 2, s, W. F. Hebert, Mar A. Couillard, Mar Lieutenants. J. L. Caron, Mar P. Bro, MaiJ. Touchette, 45 A. Russiage, J. B. Biuere, L. T. Deniers, C. Allard, Mar Mar Mai- V. Dumouchelle, G. Larichetiere, P. Demers, P. Dandurand, G. Beach, D. Finlayson, J. Ainslie, Mar Mar Mar Mar Mar Mar Mar Mar Mar Mai- J. Seaver, N. Morrison, A. Logan, R. Lindsay, O. Leblanc, J. Roi, F. Valle, J. Manseau, Ensigns. F. J. R. Provancier. Mar Mar Mar Mar Mar Mar Mar Mar M. Neven, Junr. M. Lepailleur, P. Mercier, P. Boursier, J. B. Gatien, J. B. Bro, C. Bodain, C. Barrette, J. J. B. Garand, Labarge, G. W. Baker, D. M'Gillivray, J. Robinson, G. Toynton, EL Wright, H. Craig, L. Bourdon, Mar Mar Mar Mar Mar Mar Mar Mar Mar Mar Mar Mar Mar Mar Mar Mar Mar 98 F. Lanctot, Lieutenants. Mar. 25, 13 R. Gagne, V. Feb. 14, 14 C. St. Pierre, P. Porcheron, Apr. 15, 15 L. R. Beauzet, A. Trudeau, P. Boucher, M. Board man, A. Robert, J. Robert, Jan. Oct. 7, lb W. Merry, i,2a J. Bourrassa, P. Bourassa, Feb. 26, do Feb. 27, do Feb. 2i, do May L8, do May 1 9, do May 20, do May 21, do do do Feb 10, do A. Hebert, Feb. 11, do N. Buteau, Feb. 12, do J. B. Dupius, THIRD BATTALION. Feb. IS, do Langevin, Lieutenant Colonel. Feb. 14, do E. Leonard, May IS, 15 Feb. 15, do Hon. T. Pothier, J. B. Cardinal, Majors Feb. 16, do J. Liret, Oct. 2, 20 Feb. 17, do L: Marchand, J. B. E. Lanctot, Mar. 2. 27 Feb. 19, do P. T. Pinsonnault, J. Pinsonneau, Mar 3, do Feb. 20, do F. Languedoc, C. Jougas, Aid Majors. Feb. 21, do A Dumontel, Mar. 18, 27 capt. Feb. 22, do J. Bertrand, A. Roy, Mar. 22, 27 It. Feb 23, do 'J. B. E. Dupre ins. F. Senecal, f^nrtin Captains, Feb. 21, do J. B. Lefebvre, Mar. 22, 98 C. Cartier, Feb. 25, do J. B. Lavoie, Feb. 2-3, 14 M. Bissonet, Feb. 26, do A. Robert, Feb. 25, do May 5, do O. Hebert, J. Dupuis, Feb. 26, tk P. D. Leblanc, Ensigns. Feb. 15, 16 J. Brun, Apr. 27, 23 L. Dupuis, May 12, 14 R. Woods, Sept. 10, do A. Siniard, Oct. 7, 2 J. Woolsey, Sept. 1 1, do L. Eanone, Oct. 8, do J. Blodget, Sept. 12, do E. Hebert, Feb. 8, 2 C. Ames, Sept. 13, do F. Surprenant, Feb. 9, do P. D, Leblanc, Sept. 14, do F. Schoultz, Feb. 10, do T. Jobson, Sept. 16, do L. Couture, Feb. 11, do R H. Macginnis, A. Marie, Sept 17, do Feb. 12, do J. Pinsonneau, L. Robert, Sept. 18, do Feb. IS, do J. B. Dozois, F. Gagne, Sept. ] 9, do Feb. 14, do L. Odell, C. Gordon, Sept 20, do Feb. 15, do T. Boyd, T. Beaudin, Sept. 2), do Feb. 16, do W. Wallace J. Goyet, Sept. 22, do Feb. 17, do J. Whitman, C. Harel, Sept. 23, do Feb. IF, do U. Eraser, L. Riendeau, Lieutenants. Feb. 19, do Mar. 6, 04, A. Deniers, Feb. 20, do J. Guerin, Mar 7, do L. R. Beauzet, Feb. 2!, do T. Bechard, Feb. 21, 14 C. Maillous, Feb. 22, do J. B. Grange, Feb. 26, do' F. Senecal, Feb. 23, do ('. Fortin, A Roy, Lalaille, Feb 24, do Feb. 15, It J. Robert, Feb 25, do J. Faneuf, 8, 9, M'Killip, A. Leclere, A. Cassone, D Feb. Feb. Feb. 7,2 W. Adjutant. Macdonell, cap. May 4, 23 Quarter Master. Mar. 1, 2* J. B. Levesque, It. Assistant Quarter Master.^ Mar. 2, 2 i T. Williams, ens. M | . F i. 99 G. Lay, 100 C C. B. Demuv Nov Jan Feb IS, 5, 12N. Vfgneau May 10, 12, 2S do D. Decefles F- Prefontaine S. Prefontaine A F F. F. May Sept Sept Trudeau Demers P. Weilbrenner, Jun. Feb Lieutenants. C. Racine Desautel C. Feb Feb 14 B. Vigueau May 9, do A. Larocque May 14 L. Papiueau 11, May 20 Lieutenants. 16, "2'6 J. Manie Sept 5, July 3, 27 J. B. Moreau J. B. Lareau July 9, 14 A. Leduc Jan 12, do J. White Jan B. Bernard F. 11, do 12, do 8, 11 19, 20 20, do 20, 25 21, do J. Roussel J. Maringo E. Bertie A. Blais J. B. A. Gendreau Deneau Sept IS, 20 May 5, 21 Sept 6, 23 Sept 7, do Sept 8, do Sept 9, do Pepin J. B. Bresse A. A. J. Eamoureux A. Uugas A. Eavoie Mar Mar Ensigns. B. Dufresne J. Charland 10,27 L. Robert 1 1 , do N, .Lareau J. M'Cutcheon Mar 12, Mar IS, Mar 14, Mar 15, Mar 23, May 20, May 21, May 22, Dec 27 do do do 2S do do do C. Trudeau Marcille Feb J. B. B. Viger May May 10, 14 Ensigns. 11, do J. B. Courtemanche 10, F Senecal A. Achini F. F. Prefontaine J. Vincent N. Roy F. Languedoc Sept 7, Sept 8, do C. Piedaieu Sept 9, do A. Cartier Sept 10, do J. Lavoie 2 i J. Duquet 28 M. Lamoureux 1, 14 Sept 28, 20 Sept 29 do Sept SO, do Mar Mar Paymaster. Jan L. Lacoste, capt. Adjutant. J. M'Ginnis F.X Montmarquet ens Mar 17, 27 N. Breux Quarter Master. Paymaster. P. Viger, ens. 12, 2 J. Letourneau 20, do A. Poirier A. Gauthier 11, 27 N. Lavoie Mar 18, 27 Mar 21, do Mar SO, 23 Mar Si, do May 14, do May 15, do May 1 6, do Mar 18, 27 A. Lynch, ens. May Mar 19, 2i Surgeon. Adjutant. R. C. Weilbrenner Mar 19, 27 J. Fortier, It. 17, 27 SECOND BATTALION. Lieutenant Colonel. LE1NSTER. FIRST BATTALION. 8, 27 9, G. Marchand Major. D. David C. A. Nov Nov 27 Aid Majors. Salaberry It May 17, 2o Samuel Hatt, Jun. It May 18, do Captains. May 23, S J Ferriere xVlay 19, 20 Holmes B. May 20, do J. Vincelet Feb 4, 27 L. Cazeau De Lieutenant Colonel. E. Faribault Jan 14, 12 Majors. Sept S, 18 Leroux Sept 15, 21 DeSt. Ours Jan S, 27 Aid Majors Dec 31, Chagoon, capt. E. Faribault, capt. Jan 1, 27 Eacombe, capt. Jan 2, do Pievost Captains. F. Daragon F. Feb 6, do Piquet Feb Marchand Mar 20, 28 Beaupii Dec 13, 99 26, 07 101 J. Mireau A. Archambault M. Bruguiere J. Senet J. Desmarais Dec Dec May Mar Jan 10 do 23, do 25, 14 7, J. Leblanc 21 , P. Villeneuve F. Gaudet C. Leblanc J. J. Lesanche 7, 25 Tuigeon J. L. Martel L. Brien L. Dorval B. Beaupre B. Pepin J. Poirier J. Dugas P. Richard M. Prevost J. Dupuis 23, do Adjutant. Dec' 30, 26 29, do L. G. Nolin, rapt. Jan 4, 27 Quarter Master. Jan 5, do J. Laurent, It. Feb 6, 27 Jan 6, do Surgeon. July 4, 23 L. J. C. Cazeneuve Jan S, 27 July 5, do' July 7, do second battalion. July 7, do Lieutenant Colonel. B. Rocher Dec Dec Dec 27, 26 C. Martin July July July July July July July 5, 23 do 7, 7, do 8, 9, do do 8, do 9, do Lieutenajits Sept 15, 15 M. Chaput J. Guyou H. Ritchot F. Prouk J. Marion A. Laporte P. Pare J. A Faribault P. Perrault J. Forais May 24, Jan Jan J an Jan Jan Jan 23 21 Major. Tan 13, 25 p. D. D'Orsonnens 27 24, do ;Ai R oc her, R ^ /*. April ], 23 M„y 0/ .. Sept 4, 24 2/, do F Arch anibault 22 d 0j 31, do. g» f Captains. p> ch t l l Feb Feb July July U y !" e ^°|J. B. J' do 3, 4, do J. Lacroix G F L. Chagnon L. Turgeon C. 4, 4, 2S do Vezina Faucag Courteau Feb 24, 14 June 13, 15 July 6, 22 Jan 7, 27 Feb 5, 27 July 8, 23 July 9, F. Rainault do Landry Lieutenants. L Brien A. A. Minie Z. Cloutier L. Poirier *I J 6, L. Marion JSttrigns. July July July July 6, 7, 7, J°|P. d0 N do C. do J. do A. do Archambault Archambault May May Jan 25, 21 26, do 7, 7, Courteau Villeneuve Etier L. Guillon b, do Nov. 12, do Feb Feb 25 27 B. Pic he J. B. Peltier P. May 22, Jan Jan Jan Jan Jan lc, 23 C. D. Archambault Chaput July 9, 2? July 10, do B. J. J. J. L. L. F. Bourdon L. Marsolet B. Laporte L. Grant Piquet T Lespe ranee Dupuis X. Deropie U. Brugiere F. Dugas G. Dupuis 25 Ensigns. 27, do J. B. Labeau 29, 27 G. Gariepy 30, do B. L. Marsolet 31, do j, Guillon Feb 1, do j. Rhet Feb 3, do p Bourg Feb 8, do z. Archambault May S, 2: Adjutant. July 4, doR. Armour, Jun. It Sttrgeon. July 4, do Julv 5, do H. P. Barcelo * June Jan 1 3, 1 5 6, 9, Feb Nov Nov 25 27 16, do 17, do July 10, 2S July 11, do July 11, 23 Nov 1, 27 »3 102 Captains. BATTALION. W. Hallowell Oct 12, 12 Lieutenant Colonel. May 1, 23 S. Sewell Oct 13, do W. Porteous Shuter Major. J. Mar 25, 13 Mar 18, 27 A. Cuvillier J. Bourgeois Mar 25, do Aid Majors. T. Blackwood May 2, 21 THIRD J. Mar 16, 23 W. Blackwood Pangman, cap. E. M. Vienne, capt. July 12, 23 B. Hart V. E. St. Germain, ft. Feb 3, 27 J. Millar Mar 25, 2d S. S. Bridge C. Vienne, ens. L. C. Beaumont, ens. Mar 25, do A. L. Macnider Captains. Jan 7, 24 Jan 11, 25 Oct 29, 25 May 2, 23 May 3, do J. M. Matthieu P. Delfausse J. Brunelle J. Ii. Vienne E. Deschamps Lieutenants. April 15, 12 J. Jamieson May 7, April 15, 141 w. Stephens May 8, April 18, do j# M'Kenzie May 9, April 29, do j. porteous May 12, Mar 19, 21 W. Wilson Jan 8, 21 do do do A. Payette J. B. Pauze P. Jan Mount Mar Mar 3, 27 T. B. Anderson 17, 28 W. Peddie 18, do P. N. Rossiter S. Spragg 12 R. Cowie Lieutenants. July 14, Sept 14, J. Perrault Sept 15, P. Renaud Jan 30, A. E. Deschamps Mar 21, J. Pauze July 14, C Matthieu July 15, J. Romril N. V. Caron 24 Jan 18, 25 Jan 19, do Oct 26, do Dec 1, 26 Dec 2, do 14 C. do J. B. Stewart Forsyth 27 2 P. Hoofstetter J. Stansfield Dec Dec Dec 3, 4, 5, do do do Ensigns. D. Charbonneau L. Eecour P. Juneau J. Beaupre J, T. July 14, April 17, May Mar Mar 12, Jan 23, do R. Watkins do Ensigns. J. G. Scott 12 G Proctor 14 T. Phillips 21 A. Buchanan 27 W. Badgley . May May Dec Dec Dec Dec 3, 28 4, do 9, 26 10, do 12, do 13, do 3, May 28 do 27, 2 J. Badgley May 4, 29, do W. Boston May 5, July 12, do Adjutant. E. Matthien July 12, do H. Griffiu, capt. Oct 28, F. Pauze Quarter Master. July 14, do F. F, Gariepy Brown, ens. July 31, C. J. Pay-Master Roc P. Viau da 27 23 P. Mount, capt. July 12, 28 Sturgeon. D. Dubois, Quarter-Master. July ens. G. Selby L6, Feb 28, 11 2: Surgeon. R. Summers Feb 1, 28 L. SECOND BATTALION. Lieutenant Colonel. Guy Majors. May Jan July 7, 12" MONTREAL. FIRST F. Desrivieres BATTALION. B. Lieutenant Colonel. W. 1, Beaubien Metchler 19, 14 3, 21 May May Major. F. Badgley J , Aid Majors. FW, Desrivieres, cap Sept 26, 25 21 L. T. Bouthillier, cap. Sept 28, do 21 103 Baby, It. T. Kimber, ens. Captains. Sept 4, 20 A. Larocque Mar 25, 13 Roy B. Rollin R. Roiland Leprohon C. Dubois Perrauit Sept 2D, 1 Jan 21, 14 Quesnel R. Duplessis July 21, 15 Sept 25, 25iS Gale Dec 1, 2 II. Pierre Bourret Lai'ramboise Peltier, Jun. Perrauit Jan 20, 14 Mar 8, 21 Sept 23, 25 Sept 27, do Dec Dec 2, 26 4, do April 1, April 2, April 3, A., ('artier April 4, Partenais Lieutenants. Racine July 27, S. Reeves July 23, D. Bernard Sept 27, F. Lamontagne 28 do do do - Roy April 5, 23 April 6, do Lieutenants. July 31 21 Bibaud Sept 27, 25 Beaudri Tulloch Fere Oct 21 do 25 2, do 7, 3, Guy Guy Desrivieres Sept 23, do Sept 30, do Auger Frechette Bruneau Berthelet Dillon A. Delisle L. Dupuy Desautels B. Franchere Ensigns. Dec Dec April April April April April 23 Roy Bruneau . 1 Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 26 do do do do 8, do 4, 28'W Reeves Deseve Barron T. Montigny Dubois H. Frechette Oct Oct Oct do P. L. Letourneau Ensigns. do 7, do C. Fremont 8, do A Barron G. R. de Beaujeu 3, 25 E. R. Fabre 4, do B. Perrauit 6, April 9, 23 April 10, do April 12, do Dec Dec Oct 18, 26 19, 7, do 27 7, do P. Beaudri, Jun. Adjutant. April 5, 2 3 C. C. S. de Bleury, It Sept 29, 25 Quarter Master. April 6, do April 11, 2S J. Perrauit, It. Adjutant. Surgeon. Lukin, It. April 25, 14 Dec. 2a, 26 C. A. Lusignan Quarter Master. April 5, 25 S. Rodier, It. FOURTH B ATT ALIO*. Surgeon. Guy Dec Dec Dec 14, 26 P. Lacorabe 15, do 16, do H.Guy April 7, 28 April 8, do April 9, do April 10, do April 11, do Bruneau Donegany Arnoldi Jan 29, 14 R. Lieutenant Colonel. Griffin May Major. 2, 21 4, THIRD BATTALION. Lieutenant Colonels. Bouthillier S. Gerrard May Captains. 21 Oct 15, 13 Hervieux Mar Major. J. Sanford 22, 14!"* Jan Armour July D. Lacroix Aid Majors. Dec Panet, ens. Captains. 4, 7, if 21 [*' Porteous A. Turner 26 Leslie Busby April 14, April 17 H. Latour R. Duplessis 12 G. Auldjo do[W Molson 1CH G. Moftatt 101 S.David Basinet P. Dubreuil F. M. Armand Dec Dec Dec Dec Feb Jan Jan 5, S, 9, 26 L. Harvey do A. Reverin do B. Dufour Aug 11, 12 July 14, 15 June 28, 16 Sep 10, 17 July 6, 22 Sep S, 23 Nov 9, do Dec 22, 26 Dec 23, do Lieutenants. F. Tartie J. Prevost P. Cote J. B. Goyer J. 10, do J. B. Dupere F. Bouillian 20, SS C. Dufour 14, 14 A. Fortier 5, 18 E. Degagne Nov 23, 20 L. Tremblay Feb Jan Jan Jan 22 E. Gagne 21 H. Tremblay B, 25 P. M'Nicol 4, do J. B. Tremblay Dec 25, 23 B. Lapointe 4, 1.5, J. Brochu David T. Giroux F. Racicot J. B. Cadieux F. Janot Dec 24, do Dec 2.5, do do Dec 2 Dec 2^, do Dec 29, do : , Lieutenants. M. C. Lepine Ensigns A. L. Desautel Dec 27 Dec 2 F. Savard Z. Perron A. Bouchard L. Crevier T. Lepage P. Vantr B. David T. David J. May 2, 06 B. Leblanc June 14, Jan 14, Feb 7, Feb 1J, Jan S, Sept 20, Dec 27, Dec 28, Gauthier 14 W. Rousseau . c lSjp. Dufour 22 j. F Gagnon do! Ai Otisse Feb 5, OS June 18, 16 Sep 10, 17 Juiy2!, 2L July 10, 22 Sep 14, 23 Nov Jan 7, ?, L. Verdon C. Basinet T. Gervais J. Monarque Boudreau Paymaster It. J. Dec Dec 29, SO, A. Gray, May Dec j 25 U. Tremblay dol j Lapointe 26 E j. Tremblay do Et. Tremblay do M. Tremblay do V. Tremblay J B. Duberger 38 m. Chaperon Ensigns. T. Chaperon Jan Jan Jan Jan Jan April April 4, 5, 6, 7, fc, 1, 2, 23 do Adjutant, R. L. Morrogh, #. 2D, 21 Aug Sep Sep Sep Sep Sep Jan Jan Jan Jan Jan Jan Jan Jan Jan 6, 12 H. Tremblay T. Harvey J. B. Tremblay Lieutenant Colonel. Nov 1, 2"|E. Bouchard J. B. Tremblay ij. Tremblay Majors. Dec 26, 2o!h. Sauvard E. Belair Dec 27, do B Gauthier G. Chaperon Dec 28, do D. Tremblay J. Levesque J. Larouche Aid Majors. Tremblay C. H. Gauvreau, cop^.Dec 6, 17 E. W; Fraser, cap. Oct 11, 20 J. B. Boivin C. P. Huot, capt. Dec 27, 26 H. Simon Sep 14, 23 E- Tremblay F. Gagnon, It. Nov 8, 25 A. Rivenn, Jun. G. Degagne, ens. first battalion Captains. I NORTHUMBERL AN D M. Degagne 11, 17 12, 20 17, lb, 20, 6, 7, b, 9, 10, 11, do do 12, do 12, do 14, do 1, April 28 Adjutant. M. Gagnon July 11, 97! J. Perron capt. July 11,25 106 SECOND BATTALION. Lieutenant Colonel. J. F. Captains. Guerard W. Woolsey Majors. June June 2, 2, 2 C. J. Maranda Piante Aug Nov Oct Feb Feb Oct 14, 30, 1, 3, L. Cazeau L. Lagueux ,4 id Mar Majors. 9, 9, 2 C. Maranda 2 N. Turcot A, Cantin 02 20 25 27 do do 4, 6, L. Lemoine, c<7p£. A. Caron, capt. E. Caron, capt. L. Ranvoyze, /£. F. Rancourt Mar Mar Mar 2 P. Blouin Aug Lieutenants. 4, 23 tL Lemoine L. F. Racine Laberge L. Cloutier G. Guerin F. W. Drouin Dec 27, do M. Turcot J. M. Donpierre Jan 30, 25 N. Dumas 10, do II, do E Jan 15, 13 Sept 29, 25 Sept 30, do Oct 1, do Sept 21-, 27 June June 1, 2, do P. Farlalid do J. Blouin Dec Dec Jan 30, 26 J. Laliberte 31, do Ensigns. 27 A. Canat 1, 4, 5, Aug Aug 4, 5, 23 do Dec Lieutenants. P. Filion C. Guimond M. Belanger J. F. Gagnon Huot June June 25 do M. Edmond J. Gendreau do F; Gourdeau Paymaster. P. 7, 20 Oct 11, 25 Oct 12, do Sept2rf, 27 Dec 30, J. F. Michel J. J. J. Jan 9, 2 Jan 10, do Jan 11, do 5, Gagnon, It. Feb 17, 27 Ensigns. S Gravelle June Gravelle Giguere L. Poulin J. Gariepy S. Pare June 6, June 14, June 15, Maiv 9, Mar^lO, J. W Paymaster. Marrett, ens. Mar 11, Adjutant. J. Woolsey, It. Mar 11, Quarter Master. Captains. N. Lefrancois, ens. June 9, 25 J B. Larue C. Quarter Master. Feb 21, 27 J. B. Cazeau, ens. Surgeon. Feb 2, 27 25 W. Clark do QUEBEC. do FIRST BATTALION. do Lieutenant Colonel. 27 Aug 31, 23 do J. P. X. Perrault Aid Majors. Dec 2, 25 27 H. Germain, ens. Dec |3, do G. Desbarats, f«s. Dec 4, do 27 T. Lee, ens. Huot Dorion E. P. Lamoureux ^Isi i ito « t June Surge o n 1, 2' T, tJ. J. Parent May 13, 2i L. J. Lemoine Massue Leblond Belanger Mar Mar Dec May Oct 25, 12 25, do 13, do 11, 22 4, 23 ORLEANS. Lieutenant Colonel. J. 2. Fluet Mar F. 21, 2G April 10, 26 April 11, do 8, 5, Voyer Mq/ors. April 5, 12 Valle N. Vallaire P. Lieutenants. W J. Aug April 22 13 Finlay George Aid Major. April 2, 2 April 3, do A. Vexler L. Poulin, cap. P. Leach, It. H. S. Huot Feb 2, 27 F. X. Simon Nov 29, do G. Drolet April 7, 15 April 15, 21 April 16, do May 1, 2i io? G. D. Balzaretti 108 W. Hunter M. M'Kenzie Dec 14, Lieutenants. April 14, F. Bedard J. A. J. Wolff Huet Varennes J. L. Marett J. Neilson W. B. Lindsay W. J. Sewell C. W. Ross R. Paterson Dec Sept 2 2, J, E. D. P. J. Dery Valin Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Sept Sept 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 1, 26 do do do do Sheppard J. S. Campbell A. Campbell J. W. Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb 2S M, Ham el 2, do Lieutenants. J. Robitaille Aug 29, 12 M. Girard 18, 19, C. J. May Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Sept Ensigns. 10, 23 Dec Dec Trudel Falardeau 19, 26 20, do Graddon R. S. M. Sewell E. H. Bovven Ensigns. J. Fraser G. B. Symes G. W. Smith J. Sept 25, Sept 27, Sept 29, P. Drolet J, Dery Plamondon G. D. Varennes A. Varrette C. S. Jan 9, Jan 10, J. I. Hoffman A. E. Hart J. Dec Dec Dec 18, M. Robitaille Dery 22, 23, 24, 25, 27, 23, 29, W. S. Hows G. F. Bovven T. C. Aylwin J. 19, 21, Sept 27, Sept 2S, R. Fielders D. Lefrancois J. do do do do do do do 30, do 31, do B. Audy 1,23 Sept 29, J. Dyke Nov 15, 17, G J. J. J. Philips May Adjutant. Doyle W. Usborne Pageot June 26,26 Paymaster. A. Simpson, capt. Dec 26, T. Cary, &. M'Donald J. Robitaille M. Juneau Dec Surgeon. 23, 6, J. Vezina W. J. Beaumont Hall /£. Nov Quarter Master. N. Savard J. F. Coulson, Jan M. Noreau Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec 8, Chaplain. Rev. E. Sewell April 2, P. Moisan do do do do do do do do 30, do Dec 31, do 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 23, 29, FOURTH BATTALION Lieutenant Co/one/. L. J. Adjutant. E. A. Duchesnay Dec 26, 26 Quarter Master. J. Anderson Surgeon May 13,23 Aug 1, Duchesnay Major, July If "W. Larue 23 C. Panet Oct Aid Majors. capt. 31, 14, F. Dufiesne, J. Deiisle, i. May Sept Sept FIFTH BATTALION. Lieutenant Colonel. N. J. It. April 80, 2, 5, Duchesnay Majors. June 3, 25 D. Plante, It. W. Power, It. . G. Vanfelson T. A. Plante, ens. O. Perrault, ens. B May Dec Young Aid Major. Oct June 2, 1, 20 25 11 h SO. CM. Duchesnay, A. Gravelle A. Anderson Captains. J. L'hero P. Drolet May capt. June 25, Captains. 25 18 May 1, April 85, Feb 22, 22 109 J. B. C. Renaud Dec June Sept Sept Sept 22, 22 A. Amiot • W. H. Anderson Smith 2 Dec 22, 2 4, 4, 5, M. Borne F P. P. Patterson P. Rinville J. 2 Dery Lieutenant, 6, do J. do J. P. Delagrave Sheppard Prendergast Jones Rochette F. Laberge A. Deguise Mar June June Jan Jan 4, 1, Smith L. R. Smith J. 6, 1, 12 A. Stuart 25 T. Ayhvin do J. Mitchell Dec 3, 26 Dec 4, do Mar 21,23 Mar 22, do Mar 23, do Aug 2, do Aug 3, do Aug 4, do Aug 5, do Aug 6, do 7, P. Langlois C. J. S. Deguise Jones C. Bedard M'Callum Ensigns. Aug Aug Aug Aug Aug 2 A. Patterson Lieutenants. do J. G. Irvine Feb 5,2 Hon. A. W. Cochrane May d 2, 6, do 7, do J. Cannon Saxe 8, do W. A. M. Parent D. M'Callum Dec 16, 12 P. Moir Voyer May May May May 11,26 Dec 1, 2, 9, 24 4, do 5, do 6, do 8, do W. Smith E Anderson A. Derouselle P. Rinville T„ Anderson Jan 27, 25 G. Bouthilliei June ] 2, 25 J. B. Bacquet June 2, 27 N". Boissonnaulfc June 4, do P. Boisseau July July F. Bilodeau 3, do 4, do S. Lelievre P. Dasilva 5, 2 F. Buteau* 6, do 7, D. M'Callum R. Richardson P. Giroux J. B. Bedard Ensigns. H. Voyer April 1, F. A. Lenioine April 2, Adjutant. April 3, E.H.J. Duchesnay, ft. Mar 5,2 R. Johnstone April 4, Larue A. Quarter Master. July 5, A. Parent, It. Dec 19, 12 P. Miville Aug 1, W. H. Bovven Assistant Quarter Master. Aug 2, F- Romain, ft. June 3, 25 C. Poston B. P. Lachance Sept 1, Surgeon. Sept 2, F. Seguin Jan 2, 2b B. Bennett Sept 3, W. Stevenson Sept 4, P. Dorion SIXTH BATTALION. Sept 5, Lieutenant Colonel. F. Beleau Sept 6, 0. Denechaud Sept. 1, 2; R. Malhiot Sept 6, J. Legare Majors. Aug Aug Aug Aug Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec 3, 4, 12, 15, 16, 17, do do do do do do do do do 8, do 28 do do do do do do do do do do do do do P J. Panet Brewer, capt. Aug Aid Majors. 1, 2i Adjutant. J. C. Fisher, capt. Aug Aug Sept W. 1, K. M'Cord, ft. Feb 1, 28 23 Paymaster. 2, do 5, Quarter Master. 2c J. Prior, ens. Aug Captains. Surgeon. F. Belanger Aug April 11, 26 J. Morrin J. Huot Dec 1, do Assistant Surgeon. E. Larue Dec 2, 28 C. Pellisson Aug ens. H. Black, ft. G. R. Belleau, R. Symes Aug 1, 2S 28 April 11, 28 1, 1, 28 1,28 110 RICHELIEU. FIRST BATTALION. Colonel. Jos. Amelot Feb IS, 27 A. Lamoureux Feb 14, do Adjutant. Ours April 18, 02 John M. Carter, capt. April 4, 25 Quarter Master. Lieutenant Colonel. Feb 9, 27 Robert Jones Feb 8, 25 George Dorge, It. Surgeon. Major. R.F. De St. Ours Feb I, 27 Feb 11, 25 J. Dorion Aid Majors. J. Crebassa, ens. SECOND BATTALION. Oct 22, 24 Hon. C. De St. J. Bistodeau, eras. E. L. Hayden, ens. Feb Feb 11, Aaron J. Allen, eras. May Captains ^ a iL Atna. Frechette May Frs. Benouais Aid Majors. April 18, 06 Frs. Lamoureux Aug 18, 23 Jan 10, 18 Hubert Lapare, It. J. B. Lincourt May 27, 27 Jan 12, do D. Bourdages, ens. Lieutenant Colonel. Pierre Grise April 19, 15 Majors. 18, 23 Louis Guerout April 2, 2-3 L. C. Duvert May 1, 26 S, 04 27 12, do Joseph Comeau J. B. St. Martin Frs. Ouellet June 6, 1, M. Chapdelain Ant. Moussette J. B. Courtemanche May May May Oct 8, April 29, April 80, 1, Louis Bedard Jacob Dorge 7, 8, May Captains. 17 18 Ant. Benouais 22 J. B. Fenise 23 J. B. Cadieux do Jos. Gariepy 23 Aug. Marchesseau do Jos. Archambault L. Durocher 2 27, 98 April 20, 03 Sept 4, 11 May Feb 8, 14 April 7, 15 April 8, do Jos. Janotte Lieutenants. Chs. Renaud Louis Valentin May 8, 04 Etienne Mignaud Chs. Valerien Jan 10, 18 Olivier June 20, 15 May 16, 22 Sept 9, 1, 2, 23 Jos. J. B. Coumoyer Germain Louis Millet H. Chapdelain N. Godbue J. B. Godbue Alphrey Nelson Aug. Cardin A. Cournoyer Em. C. P. Pichette J. B. Archambault Oct 18, do Oliv. Durocher Oct 15, do Pierre Cheval Oct 16, do Francis Mount Feb 11, 27 May May May May Chamard Jan 12, do Pierre Bruneau June 6, 17 Jos. May May 26 do Raymond 1, 18 Christ. Lussier 5, 22 Louis Brodeur 19, 23 20, do Aug 18,23 Aug 19, do Aug 20, do Aug 21, do Lieutenants. April 12, 15 June 20, do Sept 15,23 H. Cournoyer Ensigns. May June 16, 23 Francois Jalbert 6, Francois Cote Ant. Dufeau D. Mandeville J. B. Lincour Andre Paillant J. B. Lamoureux Abraham Caron Louis Gatineau Pierre Cardin J. B. Cournoyer May 1, May 7, May 8, 22 Ant. Gazaille May 18, 23 C. Marchesseau May 19, do Ensigns. Oct 20, do: Louis Cheval Oct 23, do Pierre Cazavant Oct 24, do|M. Archambault Joseph Renaud 17 J. B. Guiyon 18 Joseph Auger do J. B. Lussier May May May Aug Aug Aug 1, 26 do 2, do 8, Aug. 19,23 20, do 21, do 22, do April 13, 15 June 20, do Sept 20, 23 Ill Joseph Benoit 112 FOURTH BATTALION. 113 Charles Lecieur May 16, 21 A. Coulombe Mar M. L. de Tonnancour May Leandre Fortier L. Cresse A. Z. Leblanc A. L. P. de Courval Joseph Gauthier Paul St. Louis David Bellhouse William M'Tavish Leandre Soulard 9, April 6, 22 Edouard Gagnon 2? Leandre Auge Oct 22, 25 Frs. Caron Oct 23, do Ant. Rivard Oct 21, do J. B Lefreniere Mar 1,27 L. J. Duchesnay Mar 2, do L. B. Lafresniere John Slicer L. Daveluy Oct 18, do Ign Caron Ensigns Oct 19, do Oct 20, do P. Ringuette Feb 1, 23 Frs. Decicard Desjarlais Feb 3, do Elie Toussaint Picotte 2, Adjutant. June Philip Burns, capt. 21 Joseph Dupuis Etienne Belmare Quarter Master. Oct 11, 25 M. Ant. Harnois Edward Greive, It. Surgeon. Joseph Giguere May 18, 21 Jos. Bruneau George Carter A. B. Lajoie SECOND BATTALION. Henry Coulombe Lieutenant Colonel. Ant. Lotinville Fis. Boucher July 1,22 Ovide Peltier Majors. Eugene Trudeau Oct 21, 2B David Sicard J. B. L. Auge Mar 1, 27 Eloi Lavergne E. May rand Louis A. Duchesnay July 14, 23 Antoine Rivard Aid Major. Albert Leblanc Mar 5,27 A. L. Auge, It. E. S. Carufel Captains, Paymaster. Sep Emanuel Desmarais Nov 19, 27 H' ?' Isaac Pheneas, It. Michel Doucet Jan *» 16 Adjutant. J. L. Chalon Sep 2o, do c E Gagnon, ens. July & Feb 20, 221 Francois Car on Surgeon. Benjamin Rivard Feb 21, do p. X. O. Boucher Charles Dunn \ Joachim Tellier, Pierre Fortier 114Oliv. Trudel 115 J. B. Chenevert 116 Autoine Danis Jean M. Paquin Mar 19, July 21, Lieutenants. Charles Perrault Dec 25, Eustache James Thomas James L. Globensky Mar Dec Jan Jan Jan Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Duncan M'Nabb Pierre Guerrier Pierre Laviolette Eus. Cheval Joseph Rochon David Evans Henry Lloyd David Beattie Luc. Thecle Charles Dolbec Etienne Rastouche Stan. Cloutier George Philips Benj. Globensky C. L. Guindon Eeon Cyre J. B. Riche, Jun. Jul. Choquet Jos, Sabourin Wm, Macfarlane And. Binette N. Devoyeau Js. Paquin Mar Mar Mar Mar Mar Mar Mar Mar Mar Mar Mar Apri Apri July 117 W. M. Johnson Peter Grant. Ensigns, Nov 11, 27 8. 2S Mar David Moore James Prendergast Stephen Burvvash Win. Johnson. John Douglas William Bond A. M'Carter Clarke Davis Mat. Burwash John M'Phie 'Gibbon Peter Nov 12, do John Bailers George Stephenson Mar 16, 2- Francis Armstrong James Anderson Laur. Bigelow Paymaster Mar 9, 25 Neil Campbell Moses Davis, It. Adjutant. M. Beaudri D. M'Naughton, ens. Jan 16, 27 A. Burrows M Baxter Bowman Sept 24, 20 Samuel Dawson Jan 20, 25 Louis A. Couillard Nov 4, 27 Dan. Baldwin, Junr. Ensigns. Nov 5, do Jan Nov 6, do John Campbell Jan Nov 7, do'A. Chamberlain Mar Nov S, do|taleb Brooks Mar Nov 9, do^homas Duuill Mar Nov 1, do Jacob L. Morrison Mar Mar Mar Mar Mar Mar 1 5, 28 16, do 17, do IS, do 19, do 20, do 12, 14, 17, IS, 27 do do do do do do do Mar Mar Mar Mar Mar Mar Mar 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 2S 24, do 2J, 28 8, Quarter Master. Benj. Wales Paymaster. Jan 16, 12 Surgeon. W. M'Leau, capt. It. 25 29 Adjutant. Archibald Rae Chaplain. Nov Jan 1, 27 H. M.Fulford, Mar Mar 1C, Quarter Master 2, 25 Charles Rev. W. Abbot Symes Surgeon C. 11, 10, 1, 28 THIRD BATTALION. Lieutenant Colonel. George Rankine Chaplain. May Feb 2c 28 Thomas Rains Majors. May Mar June It. 2,2- Rev. A. Ansley 8, 21, Donald Tiberius C. W M'Lean right FOURTH BATTALION. Lieutenant Colonel. July 26, 28 do Aid Majors. Edward Pridham, D. Cameron, ens. John Simpson July 1,2 Majors 1 7,2: Stephen M'Kay, Jan A. T. Captains Arch. Campbell Ruggles Wright Thomas Bingham Jas. F. Taylor Dec 27, 28 Mar 16, 27 Pambrun Dec 16,26 R. U, Harwood Mar 17, do Dec 17, do Aid Major. Dec 18, do A. A. Filion, capt. July 25, 28 Heraldus Estabrook Moore Walter Radford Win, Dunning James Campbell D. Benj. Papineau Job. Dec Mar Mar Mar Mar 19, do Captains. 9, 2 A. M. Leduc 10, do Joseph Montpetit 11, cherrier 12, do!j B F ourn i er April£6, 02 doW^^ Dec 2 1 , Mar Mar 3, 08 do 4, do William M ar \*> Bissoimette 15, do Dom> Parant Dec 22, do Lieutenants. Wm Scneider Solomon Morris John Wyman Joseph Badham Moses Edy 8, 27 jL. P. Coutee Thomas Buck Mar Mar Mar 12, doP. Monpetit, Junr 12, 23 Pierre Marcoux 13, do John M'Cuaig 14, rfo'J. B. Legault Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec 2, 7, 8, 9, 11, 12, 12 do do do do 12 118 Ensigns. P. A 119 __. _ _ of Quebec 1 „, . MaJ' „ Gen Stnrtt. 5" Garrison.. Lieut. Governor Lieut. Gen. L. M'Lean Town Major ...Quebec James Frost, ens. Montreal.... B. Rooth, capt. Fort Adjt., Isle aux Noix. .H. Brewster, capt. - Governor W G - . Coteau du Lac. A. Nicoll, ens. Commandant at Quebec Col. Nicoll, 66th. Montreal... Col. N. Douglas, 7Sth. Isle aux Noix... Capt. J. D. Brown, 79th. St.Helens Capt. G. C. Coffin, b. m. R A. BRIGADE MAJORS. Majors of Brigade...Major Geo. A. Elliot, Quebec Major R. R. Loring, Montreal. Clerks W. W. Wright, Quebec. Moore, Montreal. ORDNANCE DEPARTMENT. Ordnance Storekeepers... Richard Penn, Quebec. Francis Sisson, Montreal. Deputy Storekeepers Clerks Manly Gore, Quebec. John Coward, Isle aux 'Noix. M. Heathfield, Quebec A. T. Thomas, do. W. Plunk ett, do. J. M. Holwell, Montreal. W. Assistant Clerks Holwell, do. R. Woods, Isle mix Noix. .....Wm. Skakel, Montreal. Donald Grant, Quebec. Quebec Montreal Daniel Grant, B. M. Chambly, St, Johns' i „ A , _ __ and Blairfindie... J P Murta > B Isle aux Noix Thomas Jobson, B. M. Three River; Thos. Whithead, B. M. William Henry J.K.Welles, B M. Coteau du Lac Henry Evatt, in charge. Laprairie W. McDonald, in charge. Montreal. James Forster, Clerk. . BARRACK DEPARTMENT. Thomas Trigge, B. M. ' ' M * Assistant Engineer Clerks of Works ROYAL ENGINEER DEPARTMENT. H. Weatherstone, Quebec. Geo. Morrison, do. do. H. M. Blacklock, M. Hays, Montreal. Joseph Clarke, do. J. M. M« Namara, Isle aux Noix. 120 Assistant Clerks of Works. M. D'Estimauville. Quebec. Clerks of Stores do. Charles Clarke, do. J. Sedley. R. Johnson, Montreal. J. Pugh, Isle aux Noix Overseers James Thompson, Quebec. do. William Morrison, do. R. Goldsworthy, William Shand, Montreal. >...,J. Jenkins, Quebec. J. Gordon, Isle aux Noix. do. J, M'Callum, J. Masson, Quebec. District Overseer Master Smiths Master Masons Master Carpenters Wm. Morrison, do. F. Wright, Isle aux Noix. Hospitals 3 Physician to the Forces... Arthur Stewart, M. D.. .Quebec. Apothecary to the Forces... John F. Pink... Quebec, Montreal. Assistant Staff Surgeons.... William Pardy, M. D.... James S. Huston, M. T>...Grenville. John Kinnis, M. D.... Quebec. E. W. Carter... William Henry. Medical Attendant MEDICAL DEPARTMENT. Deputy Inspector oft .,jamesM «Dougall,M. D.Quebec. p Commissary General, Depy. Commy. Genl By. Asst. Com.Genls COMMISSARY DEPARTMENT. Randolph I. Routh,... Quebec. Montreal. Chas. J. Forbes, Quebec. Robert Allsopp, TannattH. Thomson... do. Thomas Hill do. William Green William A. Thompson. William Bailey John Ashworth William Ross John Mason Montreal. Wm. Henry. Quebec. Montreal Quebec do. Thomas Charles Scobell do. Samuel Tubby Montreal. Quebec. Morgan Kenneth Cameron Willliam Howe Thomas Stickney Montreal. Isle aux No ix. Quebec. Gre?iville. Amos Lister Treasury Clerks George Adams Thomas E. Tie w Charles Seymour Alex. Oct. Saunders Fredk. Thos. Mylrea... William Montresor Quebec. do. do. do. do. do. 121 COMMISSARY OF ACCOUNTS DEPARTMENT. J. H. Adams, Deputy Commy. Genl Quebec, Asst. Commy. Genl W. H. Snelling, do. Depy. Asst. Commy. Genl.W. Coates, do 3. Lane, Junr. T. Rea, C. Tidmarsh, do. do. do. INDIAN DEPARTMENT OF LOWER CANADA. Chief Superintendent Superintendant ReSid nt d Se Maj. Gen. H. C. Darling, Quebec. L. J. Duchesnay, Quebec District. creLT Residents ™ '} B C Na P ier ' Monir * aL - C. Duchesnay, Quebec. James Hughes, Montreal. J. B. Lorimier, St. Regis. Clerk Interpreters ...W. M'Culloch, Montreal. G. Macomber, Caghnawaga. B. St Germain, Montreal. D.Ducharme, Lake of 2 Mountains. J. Niverville, Three Rivers. Schoolmaster Missionaries Vincent Ferrier, Lorette. Rev. L. Amiot, St. Francois. " J. Valle, St. Regis. " J. Marcoux, Caghnawaga. " Thos. Cooke, Lorette. " E. Faucher, Ristigouche. OFFICERS OF THE ARMY NOW STATIONED LOWER CANADA. ROYAL ARTILLERY. J. \ IN Lieut. Colonel 1st Captains 24 Captains 1st m. do. G. C. Coffin, b. m. St. Helen's. Quebec. R. A. Speer, b. P. Cockburn, A. C.Mercer, Quebec. Lieuts do. | W. C. Anderson, J. Trotter, St. Helen's. Chas. B. Symonds, Quebec. do. E. W. Wilford, John Matson, St. Helen's, J. H. Cockburn, Quebec. 24 Assistant Surgeon do Asst. S. Chisholm, St. Helen's. Wm. Robinson, M. D. Quebec. Wm. Kelly, St. Helen's. ROYAL ENGINEERS. E. Colonel Lieut. Colonel W. Durnford, Quebec. Figg> Montreal. Edward % Waterloo. 122 1st Captain do 2d 1st Lieuts Robert S. Piper, Montreal, Pennel Cole, Quebec. T. S. Euxmore, do. T. H. Baddeley, do. H. P. Wulff, do. 15th (York East Riding) Regiment. *' Martinique," " Guadaloupe." Colonel—f Sir IVL Disney, K. C. B. Lt. GenL Lt. Coloixl —A. F. Macintosh. Majors. | W. Grierson, John Eden. Captains. Ths. Bonnor. f Gerrard Quill, m, Henry Temple. t G. D. Colman. T. A. Fred. Hope. Hudson Gage, f Alfred Davis. j Drought. John Humphrys. f Ths. f W. R. B. Smith. Lieutenants. Oblman. Ths. Moore, f H. B. Barn ham. R. E. Battersby. \ John Blair. R. A. Cuthbert. L. Tollemache. Hen. Rudyeid. Fred. E. Ingall. Chs. Cooke, f James Barry, f T. H. Western. Ensign?. f E. S. N. Campbell, J. R. Norton, Chas. f f j W. Hird. Thos. Wright. Thomas Rose. James Hay, adjt. Paymaster Adjutant Quarter Master.... Surgeon Assistant Surgeons , George Pinder. Thomas Cronyn Thomas O'Grady. .C. .J. .J. , Walker, capt. Hay, ens. W. Dewson. .J. ..f M. Bartlev, W. Bain, M. D. M. D. Christ. Collis. 66th (Berkshire) Regiment. ; ' alavera," " Albuera," " Nivelle," " Nive," " Orthes," "'Peninsula.' Colonel—\ O. Lt. Colonel Nicolls, Genl. — Charles Nicol, at the Depot. \ Col. Majors. James Baird, f Absent on leave or f S. Patricksoo. Waterloo. 123 Captains. P. Duncan. Kingsmill. f Win. Bristow. John Clarke, f T. H. Baylie. Wm. H. Kirwan, John Daniell. f T. H. Johnston. J. L. WingBeld. Pereg. Warren. f A. | Lieutenants. John Ussher. f W. H. Wardell. Philip Ditmas. Thos. Bainsford. f f f J. Brannan. Herb. C. Jenner, Chas. Herbert. William Glasscott. T. Leigh Goldie. Henry Nixon. Chas. F. Gibson. $ Bob. H. Bunbury. J. Crompton. f J. Li. Nunn. Ensigns. f B. T. Healey. f W. f T. Coltman. B. Steele, adjt. Wm. L. Dames. John Johnston. f N. D Lane. .K. T. Boss, It. .B. Steele, ens. .John Stephens. T. G. Armstrong. Paymaster Adjutant Quarter Master... Surgeon Assistant Surgeon .W. Henry, .f W. Linton. P. Anglin, M. D. 79th (Cameron Highlanders.) Begiment. " Egmont-op-zee," "Egypt," " Fuentes d'onor," "Salamanca,' "Pyrenees, " Nivelle," "Nive," "Toulouse," "Peninsula," 1 " Waterloo." Colonel. — f- Sir R. C Ferguson, K. C. B. Li Genl. Lieut. Col.—t Neil Douglas, Col. C. B. Majors. t A. Brown, Lt. Col. C. B. Captains. ft W. Marshall. J. Barvvick. f $ A. Forbes. K. Cameron. J. C. Young. | Jas. A. Beach. f t f J. Marshall. W. Fraser. James D. Brown. f A. Macdonnell. D. Mathiesou. D. L. D 4 Dougall, adjt. Cartan. Thos. L. Butler. Wm M'L. Cameron. Geo. Mathias. Fox Maule. Lieutenants. T. C. Cameron. Thos. Crombie. Bob. Fulton, f C. B. Newhouse. f James M'Donell. f Geo. Johnston. f t And. Brown. f Absent on leave or at the Depot. % Waterloo, 124 Ensigns. M. f P. Fitzgerald, John t J. S. Mackenzie. W. H. Lance. f Rob. Manners. f Thos. Smith. Isham. W. L. Scobell. Cockburn. Paymaster Adjutant Quarter Master Surgeon Assistant Surgeons } f R. Bateman, capt. D. M'Dougall, It. A. Cameron. J. Short, M. D. J. H. Divir, f M. D. D. M'Lachlan. ROYAL STAFF CORPS. Major Captains Is? H. Duvernet. W. Jas. King. Lieutenants \ G. D. Hall. John Q. Pardey. 2nd Lieutenant. E. J. Cleather. R. Hayne R. L. Phipps. G- B. Cumberland. NAVAL REGISTER. NAVAL ESTABLISHMENT Commissioner IN , LOWER CANADA. B Capt. Robert Barrie, C. Commandant at Isle aux Noix. . Capt Hon. H. D. Byng. Lieut. J. Naval Storekeeper Montreal. Quarterman Isle aux Noix — — B Clarke. . Champlain, 32 guns, f Absent on leave William Lunn. Robert Adam. Lake Champlain. . or at the Depot. | Waterloo. MISCELLANEOUS REGISTER, SOCIETIES IN GREAT BRITAIN CONNECTED WITH CANADA. CANADA LAND COMPANY. (incorporated in 1S25 by act of parliament.) Chairman Deputy Chairman. Robert Biddulph, Richard Blanshard, Robert Downie, John Easthope, Charles Bosanquet, Esq. . . William Williams, Esq. M. P, Directors. Edward Ellis, John Fullarton, Charles David Gordon, William Hibbert, Jun. John Hodgson, John Hullett, Hart Logan, Simon M'Gillivray, James W. Killop, John Masterman, Martin Tucker Smith, Henry Usburne. Auditors. Thomas Starling Benson, Thomas Poynder, Jun. Accountant John Gait. I Thomas Wilson, M. P. John Woolley. John Perry. Canada. Superintendant. Officers in ........... . Dunlop. Thomas Smith Wm. Messrs. Hart Logan & Co. John Davidson P. A. . . Harper Warden of the Forests. Cashier and Accountant. Agents at Montreal. do. Quebec. do. Kingston. THE GLASGOW SOCIETY, FOR PROMOTING THE RELIGIOUS INTERESTS OF SCOTTISH SETTLERS IN BRITISH NORTH AMERICA. (in connection with the established church of Scotland) Patron, The Earl of Dalhousie. Kirkman Fmlay, Esq President. Mathew Montgomerie, Esq. .Treasurer. Rev. Dr. Dr. Scott -) Burns David Walsh [.Secreiaric*. g3 J 126 EDINBURGH AUXILIARY SOCIETY Geo. Ross, Esq P. Tennant, Esq. W. S William Young, W. S President, Vice President. Secretary. Treasurer. THE LONDON SOCIETY FOR PROMOTING EDUCATION AND INDUSTRY IN CANADA. Vice Patron, The Duke of Sussex. President. of Bedford Treasurer. John Scott, Esq Rev. T. Mortimer, A. M. 7 The Duke M Thomas Pellatt, Esq....' ^crctaric*. PUBLIC & CHARITABLE INSTITUTIONS OF LOWER CANADA. OFFICERS OF THE PROVINCIAL GRAND LODGE FOR THE DISTRICT OF QUEBEC AND THREE RIVERS. R. R. R. R. V. V. V. V. V. W. Claude Denechau W. Henry Le Mesurier W. William Phillips W. W. Grand Registrar. W. Andrew Stuart W. John Phillips Grand Treasurer. Grand Secretary. W. H. N. Patton Depty. Grand Secretary. W. J. V. Boswell Grand Arch <$> Sup. of Workt. W. C. J. R. Ardouin..... W. T. W. Satterthwaite....... Grand Director of Ceremoniet. Grand Senior Deacon. W. C. M'Callum Grand Junior Deacon. Grand Sword Bearer. G. Taylor Grand Poursuivant. Grand Tyler. P. Bradie Past Grand Officers. Past Depty. Grand Master. W. F. Coulson W. W. H. Snelling Past Depty. Grand Master. Past Depty. Grand Master. W. J. F. X. Perrault Past Depty. Grand Master. W. W. A. Thompson Past Depty. Grand Master. W. T. C. Oliva Past Grand Senior Warden. W. F. G. Western Past Grand Junior Wat den. W. A. M«Gill Periston Past Grand Treasurer. W. A. E. Hart Provl. Grand Master. Depty. Provl. Grand Matter. Senior Grand Warden. George Keys Junior Grand Warden. Rev. Dr. Jas. Harkness ..Grand Chaplain. W. W. W. W. J. C. Nixon. R. R. R. R. R. V. V. V. V. R W. N. Duchesnay Past Gr. Dir. of Ceremoniet 127 OFFICERS OF THE PROVINC IAL GRAND LODGE FOR THE DISTRICT OF MONTREAL AND BOROUGH OF WILLIAM HENRY. Provincial Grand Master. W. John Molson W. The Rev. John Bethune, Deputy Prov. Grand Master. V. W. Turton Penn Senior Grand Warden. V. W. John S. M'Cord Junior Grand Warden. V. W. The Rev. J. Somerville.. Grand Chaplain. V. W. Horatio Gates Grand Treasurer. V. W. Henry M'Kenzie Grand Registrar. V. W. James G. Scott Grand Secretary. W. Joseph Shuter Senior Grand Deacon. W. Peter M'Gill Junior Grand Deacon. Grand Sup. of Works. W. J. E. Campbell Grand Director of Ceremoniet. W. William Badgley Grand Sword Bearer W. Moses I. Hayes Grand Organist. Grand Standard Bearer. Standard Bearer of „ ( Grand „ ... T R. R. , . Brother Joshua Peiton J G;W " Norman Bethune ^^ i " ct < 4 Stanley Bagg " W. Blackwood " H. M'Kay t J. \Grand J ) < Stewards. «,/ri;M'Colstm j Tylers. r [-Grand -r•* i 5 OFFICERS OF LODGE 77, MERCHANTS, (FRERES DU CANADA,) OF QUEBEC. Brother H. Lemesurier MEETS THE SECOND WEDNKSDAV iN EACH MONTH. W. Master. . . " *< " ii William Phillips George Keys .... . . Senioi Warden. Junior Warden. ** '< Andrew Stuart Narcisse Duchesnay R. Peniston . . . . Treasurer. Senior Deacon. Junior Deacon. Secretary. Sword Bearer. Tyler. " " H. N. Patton A. E. Hart P. Bradie .... OFFICERS OF LODGE Brother Turton Penn " Peter M'Gill ii James G. Scott No. 6, MONTREAL. MasUr. Senior Warden. Junior Warden. Treasurer. Secretary. " " ** Moses J. Hays Joshua Pclton Peter Deihl E. B. O'Callaghan " u " ** Norman Bethune Frederick Griffin Senior Deacon. Junior Deacon. Inner Guard. Director of Ceremo a fs. Hugh M«Kay Ty Ur. 128 LIST OF PRIVATE LODGES FOR THE DISTRICT OF MONTREAL AND WILLIAM HENRY Designation. Prevost Lodge Saint Paul's Lodge. . Nelson's Lodge, . UNDER THE JURISDICTION OF THE PROVINCIAL GRAND LUDGB. Prov. No. 2 3 4 5 6 Place of Meeting. Saint Arniand. . . Montreal. Caldwell's Manor. 8 9 St." Andrew's Lodge Sai»t Andrews. StansteacL Golden Rule Lodge. Hull. Columbia Lodge. . . . . 10 Odell Town. Odell Lodge Prince Edward's Lodge Hatley. THE ROYAL INSTITUTION FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF LEARNING WITHIN THE PROVINCE. Principal. The Hon. and Re/. C. J. Stewart, D. D. Lord Bishop of Quebec, ISth June, 1826. Trustees. Principal ; The Lieutenant Governor of Upper Canada the Chief Justice of the Province; the Chief Justice of Montreal the Chief Justice of Upper Canada ; the Speakers of the Legislative Council and House of Assembly of Lower Canada, for the time being, 3d Oct. 1818 ; the Hon. Sir Francis N. Burton, Lieutenant Governor of Lower Canada, 20th July, 1822; the Hon. John Richardson, 3d Oet. 1818 ; the Hon. and Rev. John Strachan, D. D. 3d Oct. 1818 ; the Rev. G. J. Mountain, D. D. Archdeacon of Quebec, l£th Dec. 1819; the Hon. Charles De St. Ours, 13th Dec 1819 ; the Hon. John Caldwell, ISth Dec. 1819; the Hon. H. W. Ryland, lath Dec. 1819 the Hon. J. Stewart, 17th March, 1621; the Hon. J. T. Taschereau, 14th March, 1822; the Hon. A. W. Cochrane, 17th June, 1823 ; Daniel Sutherland, Esq. 17th Nov. 1824; Louis Montizambert, Esq. 17th Nov. 1821; J. R. Vallieres De St. Real, Esq. J 7th Nov. It 24 ; Thomas A. Young, Esq. 17th Nov. 1824 Secretary The Rev. J. L. Mills, D. D. 13th Dec. 1S19. Messenger Mr. Thomas Paine, ISth Dec. 1819. The : M'GILL COLLEGE, MONTREAL. [Founded and endowed by the Will of the late Hon. James M'Gill of Montreal, and established by Royal Charter, 31st March, 18*21-] Governors. The Governor in Chief ; the Lieutenant Governors of Lower and Upper Canada the Lord Bishop of Quebec the Chief Justice of Upper Canada the Chief Justice of Montreal, for ; ; ; the time being. 129 Principal. The Rev. G. Divinity J. Mountain, D. D. Professors. Rev. G. J Mountain, T5.D.C amb. / Moral Philosophy and Learned Languages. History and Civil losophy Law J „ T T Rev J L ' " ' -,_. MilIs > _ Tx _ D D °* " *- Rev. J. Strachan, D. D. Aherd. > -„ Mathematics and Natural PhiMedicine Rev J - J- T-.Tr-! »* W ^on, A. M. . ^ Oxon. Thomas Fargues, M. D. Edin. In consequence of the bequest having been contested, the College is not yet in actual operation. Judgment has been delivered by the Lords of the Privy Council in favor of the Institution on the appeal, relative to the Estate of Burnside. The case relatittr to the money, is still in dependance before that tribunal. COLLEGE OF QUEBEC. Principal, Rev. Antoine Parant* Professors. Theology Mathematics and Physics Theology Rhetoric Rev. G. H. Besserer. " Jean Holmes. " Joseph Aubry. " Etienne Chattier. Rev. Joseph Laberge* " Joseph Paquet. " Zephirin Levesque. Regents of the Humanity Classes. Rev. David Tetu. " Edouard Quertier. j | COLLEGE OF MONTREAL. Principal. Rev. Joseph Quiblier. Professors. Rev. G. J. P. Lery. Theology "Alex. Boyle. Rhetoric Philosophy,Mathematics & Greek " Jean Larkin. " Patrick Burke Regent of 1st Latin Class " Angus M'Doneli. of 2d Latin Class do. " Pierre Mercier. of gd Latin Class do. " Alex. F. Trudeau. of 4th Latin Class do. do. of Belles Lettres f« J. Bte. Labelle. Tutors " Timothy O'Meara. " Jacques Arrand. v .. French Teacher English Teacher 4< Michel Lavoie. Mahony. ISO COLLEGE OF NICOLET. Trustees. ; the Coadjutor ; the Grand Vicar of the District of Three Rivers ; the Curate of Nicolet and the Senior Curate of the District, 10th Dec. 1821. The Roman Catholic Bishop ; Superior Principal.. Rev. J. Professor of Mathematics " " J. O. J. Raimbault. Leprohon. B. Ferland. Regents of the Humanity Classes. Rev. D. Deziel. Rev. E. Marcoux. " F. Gauvreau. " J. Desrochers. " C. Harper. " J. Milligan. " L. Desilets. COLLEGE OF Principal ST. HYACINTHE. " « ii Rev Agent Professor of Mathematics J. Macguire. E. Crevier. P. Pou'.iot. Professor of Rhetoric L. Proulx. Regents of the Humanity Classes Rev. J, B. Boucher. " B. Marie. I Rev. S. Raimond. " J. Archambault. " L. Brien, " Leon Birss. MONTREAL MEDICAL Lecturers. INSTITUTION. • Chemistry and Materia Medica... A. F. Holmes, M. D. Practice of Physic W. Caldwell, M. D. Anatomy,Physiology and Surgery, J. Stephenson, M. D. Midwifery and Diseases of ) t, j c W. Robertson. Women and rru Children } w w , . The and Certificates given by this School, are admitted at Edinburgh Paris. LITERARY AND HISTORICAL SOCIETY OF QUEBEC. the Earl of Dalhousie. Governor President. ., The Hon. Chief Justice Sewell, 7 _, rr v Vice Presidents. • t u Ar n a o* t> tt r J. R. Valheresde St. Real, Esq. 3 Patron —The Right Hon. Sir Francis Burton, Lieut. . - . . i William Green, Esq J C. Fisher, L L. D. . . . ^ responding Secy Recording Secy 2 Treasurer and 131 NATURAL HISTORY SOCIETY OF MONTREAL, Patron—The Right Hon. the Earl of Dalhousie, K C. B. Chief Justice Reid... President. "^ Dr. W. Robertson, Vice Presidents. Rev. Henry Esson, JAlex. Skakel, Esq. J Corresponding Secretary. A. F. Holmes, M. Recordi?;g Secretary. John S. M'Cord, Esq Treasurer. Henry Corse, Esq . „ , S Librarian and Cabinet T„ H. H. Cunningham, Esq Keeper. J Council. Dr. Stephenson, Dr. J. Campbell, The other office bearers, D. C. Napier, Esq. ex officio. Mr. R. Armour, Jun. The Hon. D „ „ Mr. J. M. Cairns, QUEBEC SOCIETY FOR THE ENCOURAGEMENT OF ARTS AND SCIENCES IN CANADA. Andrew Stuart, Esq Presides t. Vice Presidents ~) Joseph Buuchette, Esq. William Henderson, Esq. / Louis Lagueux, Esq. ( C. N. Perrault, M. D. J Jonathan "Wurtele, Esq Mr. Etienne Parant Archibald Campbell, Esq ^ Secretaries. Assistant do. Treasurer. QUEBEC MEDICAL SOCIETY. Dr. Dr. Dr. J. V. S. Morrin N. Perrault W. H. Leslie —» President. Vice President. Secretary. MONTREAL HORTICULTURAL Patron— The SOCIETY. C. Right Hon. the Earl of Dalhousie, K. Hon. J. Richardson President. H. Corse Vice President. A. M'Kenzie R. Cleghorn A. M'Gillivray, B, Treasurer. Secretary. ) G.M'Kermcher, * Stewards. „, QUEBEC LIBRARY. [instituted 1779.] Trustees. Rev. D. Wiikie, W. Finlay, Esq. j Alexander Simpson, Esq Mr. Thomas Christie Jon. Wurtele, Esq. Andrew Moir, Esq. Treasurer.. Librarian. 132 QUEBEC GARRISON LIBRARY. Patron Col. — The Right Hon. the Earl of Dalhousie. , . . . Durnford, R. E. J. President. . . Rev. L. Mills, D. D. . . Vice President. Librarian. MONTREAL LIBRARY. Directors. A. F. Holmes, M. D. John Try, Charles Tait, Samuel Gerrard, Fred. Griffin, Win. Lunn, Turton Penn. John Try A. F. Holmes, Treasurer M. D Secretary. Henry Hillock Librarian. ADVOCATES' LIBRARY, MONTREAL. [Instituted Patron — Hon. Chief Justice Reid. February 1828. J President. Vice President. Secretary. Treasurer. Stephen Sewell, Esq. K. C Joseph Bedard, Esq Alex. Buchanan, Esq Frederick Griffin, Esq The Solicitor General, Alex. Buchanan, Esq. ~\ K. Managing Committee. Librarian. John S. M j .. Mrs. Stevens Mrs. Grant Miss Sewell Mrs. Richardson " Ross, " Robertson, *' Annesley, < * Parker, " Skakel, Corse, T. B. Anderson, B. Hall, Misses Jones, Miss M'Gillivray, Mr. J. C. Scott £ Secretary 8? Treasurer. Mrs. Clarke, " Gerrard, " Moffatt, " " " Miss Ermatinger, 1 ' Kurczyn, Mrs. Stanley, u Dorwin, < 4 Garrett, Misses Ross, Mrs. Ravenhill, Miss Clarke. Master of the Boys' School. Mistress of the Female School. Miss Meredith —«o— 1 5" BRITISH AND CANADIAN SCHOOL QUEBEC. SOCIETY, J. F. Perrault Daniel Sutherland A. Ferguson Benj. Tremain Philip President. .Vice President*. Treasurer. Committee. Van Cortlandt, Town Major Froste, J. C. Fisher, J. Arch. Campbell, Dr. Joseph Morrin, Thomas Froste, Thomas Cary, Robt. Moorhead, Peter Lauglois, Geo. Henderson, Laugh. Campbell, Alex. Haddan, Robert Haddan, Musson, J. Macnider, William Budden, John Eraser, Henry Black, Joseph Cary, Thomas Lee, Secretary. BRITISH AND CANADIAN SCHOOL SOCIETY, MONTREAL. Patron— The Right Hon. Horatio Gates, L. J. Papineau, Peter M'Gill, F. A. Larocque, A. Ferguson "William .... P. the Earl of Dalhousie. President. Vice Preside?its. De Rocheblave, Leslie. James Lunn Treasurer. Secretary. 137 Committee. O. Berthelot, John Torrance, Michael Scott, J. Frothingham, John Mackenzie, Joseph Masson, D. B. Viger, T. Bouthillier, J. A. Car tier, John Try, J. T. Barrett, John Simson, J. Andrew Shaw, R. J. J. HendersoD, J. Kimber, Robert Simpson, C. Plenderleath. C. D. Day. Charles Tait, D. Bernard, Macdonell, FEMALE DEPARTMENT. Right Hon. the Countess of Dalhousie, Patroness. President. Mrs. Limn Secretary. Miss Day Committee. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Miss Miss Miss Bancroft, Frothingham, N. Jones, John Torrance, A. Ferguson, John Mackenzie, J. Hall, Watkins, Bancroft, M'Cord, Solomon, Miss Miss Miss Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Miss Mrs. Miss Miss Hedge, Gates, Smith, Christmas, Cheney, James Fisher, J. Harwood, Try, Millar, Buchanan, S. Day. QUEBEC AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY. John Neilson John Macnider Hon. Mathew Bell Thomas Wilson William Sheppard F. X. Vaillancourt President. 1 $" .Vice Presidents. Treasurer. Secretary. Assistant do. Members of the Committee. Rev. Mr. Demers, Rev. Mr. Parant, Hammond Gowen, John Fraser, John Anderson, Robert Dalkin, Michel Berthelot, Louis Massue, Jer. Leaycraft, Andrew Patterson, Amable Berthelot, Anthony Anderson, Jacques Leblond, Joseph Roy, Thomas Stott, James Hunt. h 3 138 Honorary Members of the Committee. Robert Symes, James George, Jon. Wurtele, Charles Smith, William Green, William Saxe. MONTREAL AGRICULTURAL George Gregory Joseph Perrault 1 Charles Penner $ SOCIETY. President. „. p PresidenU • , . Thomas Porteous, James Leslie, Austin Cuvillier, Hugh Brodie, William Evans, F. A. Larocque, Archibald Ogilvie, ' John Molson, James Somerville, Henry Griffin, The President of each of the Auxiliary County Societies, ex officio. Robert Drummond, Henry Griffin Secretary and Treasurer. AUXILIARY COUNTY SOCIETIES. COUNTY OF YORK. James Brown, Jun. Secretary. James Brown, President. COUNTY OF HUNTINGDON. Western Division L. G. Brown, President. R. H. Norval, Secretary. Edmund Henry, President. Eastern Division COUNTY OF EFFINGHAM. John Hettrick, Secretary. Arthur Webster, President. George Cook, President. COUNTY OF BEDFORD. Ralph Taylor, Secretary. WARDENS OF THE HOUSE OF INDUSTRY, MONTREAL. (incorporated by 58 geo. hi.) Francis J. P. S. Desrivieres | President. Beaujeu, Samuel Gerrard, De Rene Kimber, Henry M'Kenzie, James Millar. Secretary and Treasurer. Jean Bouthillier, Horatio Gates, Frederick Goedicke i .... — «» SOCIETY FOR THE SUPPORT OF AN HOUSE OF INDUSTRY . . . IN MONTREAL. ' Patron The Chairman The Rev. John Bethune. ' of the Quarter Senium ' * Alex? Mathieson.' John Hick. . . . i-Vic > Vicc Resident,. 139 Committee. C. Pienderleath, Dr. J. Campbell, "Wagner, Henry Mackenzie, C Hugh John . Brodie, Try, James Scott, John Try James Scott . William Lunn. . . Treas7irer. . . . Secretary. QUEBEC FIRE SOCIETY. Antoine Parant Jacques Leblond .... . . . President. John Graddon F. X. Vaillancourt Vice Presidents. Secretary. Treasurer. Joseph Roy Directors. Louis Lagueux, H. S. Huot, D. Plante, Joseph Cary, Robert Symes, C. Elzear Bedard, Edward Caron, Jos. Lagueux, G. D. Balzaretti, Jos. Defoi, Pierre Dorion, Robert Murray, G. Arnold, F. X. Corneau, Francois Parent, Vital Tetu, Samuel Neilson, J. B. Grenier, Joseph Provost, Pierre Miville, Pierre Peltier, Francois Poncy, Eouis Jacob, G. C. Aird, Fraser, F. X. Simon, Aug. Gauthier, Frs. X. Paradis, B. Lesperance, Martin Moffat, Andrew Joseph Mermette, Andre Belanger, Louis Carrier, Joachim Mondor, Jeremi Dore, Michel Gravel, Christ. Hoffman, J. B. Bureau. ST. LAWRENCE AND ALLIANCE FIRE CLUB OF MONTREAL. Joseph R. Bronsdon John Riddle . Captain. 1st Lieutenant. . Charles Wand . John C. Turner John C. Gundlack Archibald Currie 2d Lieutenant. 2d Lieutenant. Secretary. Treasurer 140 MONTREAL FIRE John M. K. Lennox John Piatt Pierre . . CLUB. . • Moreau E. E. Rodier Amable Simard L. Adams John Piatt .... _ Captain. 1st Lieutenant. 2c? Lieutenant. 2d Lieutenant. 4th Lieutenant. Secreta P.B DeMoatignyJ 3 ^ s_ Treasurer. PHOENIX VOLUNTEER FIRE CLUB. John Boston Alexander Dewar J. Bte. Franehere Alex. Delisle . . Captain. 1st Lieutenant. 2d Lieutenant, . "id Lieutenant. Edward Griffin John Henderson Secretary. Treasurer. MONTREAL SAVINGS BANK. Samuel Gerrard ~) Thos. Porteous Jno. Frothingham C President. Vice Presidents. F. A. Larocque ) Directors. Thos. Thain, John Molson, Chas. Bancroft, J. T. Barrett, The Hon. Jean J. Richardson, Bouthillier, Griffin, J. A. Cartier, Henry And. White, Thos. Phillips, Jas. Leslie, Henry M'Kenzie, Rev. John Bethune ) Rev. Henry Esson J L. Castle. T. A. Turner, A. L. M'Nider, Jas. Millar, Jul. Quesnel. _ _ ~, ^^ . Secretary and Treasure*. QUEBEC SAVINGS BANK. Noah Freer Hon. M. Bell Francis Quirouet President. Andrew Patterson. } Vice President*. Directors. Jean O. Brunet, James Black, John Cannon, M. Chinic, Wm. Wm. Finlay, Henderson, Alfred Hawkins, Francis Hunter, Amable Berthelot, Andrew Moir, Win. Meiklejohn, Wm. Pemberton, 141 Charles W. Ross, Charles Smith, Charles Turgeon, Thomas Wilson, Louis Lagueux, William G. Sheppard, George Symes, Michel Clouet, J. Musson, Philippe Pauet, Jonathan Wurtelc, Louis Massue. MONTREAL AUXILIARY BIBLE Patron SOCIETY. G. C. B. —The Right Hon. the Earl I of Dalhousie, President. Horatio Gates. Vice Presidents. Peter M J- lreasurers. urgesses, in all 50 members. The session occupied principally in framing rules and regulations. 1793 The second session opened by Lord Dorchester. The Judicature Bill, 34 Geo. III. cap. passed the Legislature. , The assertion of the privileges of members in relation to freedom of arrest, asserted in a case of Mr. Young of Quebec. 1795. In consequence of the failure of the crops, the Governor in Council proclaimed an embargo, prohibiting the export of wheat, &c. A Bill of indemnity for the act was passed in Parliament. Acts were passed for the making the Lachine turnpike, and the cutting the Lachine Canal. 1779. The second Parliament met in January, and was opened by General Robert Prescott Mr. Panet re-elected Speaker. French emissaries employed by the French revolutionary government to disseminate orally its principles among the unlettered peo. pie of Canada, were denounced by Proclamation. 1798. Great excitement in the country from the abuses attendant on the Land Granting Department, the members of the Board of which had granted to themselves, immense tracts of territory, to the injury and distress of thousands of settlers, and to the discouragement of emigration. Governor Prescott came to an open quarrel with Chief Justice Osgoode, on this occasion. 1799. The Legislature during the session pass bills for the erection of Court Houses, and Houses of Correction, and for other important measures. 1800. The Legislature opened by Sir Robert S. Milnes, Lieutenant Governor. C. B. Bouc, Esq. expelled the House by vote, having been found guilty and convicted of a conspiracy to defraud. Jean Casot, the last of the Jesuits died this year. 1801. A new Parliament meets, when Mr. Panet is a second time re-elected. C. B. Bouc ap,ain expelled the House by vote. Bills passed for the establishment of the Royal Institution for the advancement of learning, and for removing the Fortifications of — — — — — — — — — — — — Montreal 159 IS02. The annual annoyance of Mr. Bouc's re-election, led to a Bill disqualifying him from ever sitting or voting in the House of Assembly. 1803. The Chief Justice of Montreal rendered a decision that as the Criminal Law of England and the Habias Corpus Act were in force in Canada, no right of property in slaves could exist in Lower Canada, and the few slaves still existing in Canada were thus manumitted. In consequence of the declaration of war between France and England, the Parliament were suddenly convoked and Bills passed for the exigencies of the case. 1805. The fourth House of Assembly was opened by Sir R. S. Milnes. Mr. Panet was again elected Speaker. 1806. The House voted Isaac Todd, Esq. the President of a public dinner at Montreal, who gave, and Edward Edwards, Esq. the proprietor of the Montreal Gazette, who published certain toasts reflecting on the conduct of the House of Assembly, in i elation to the Montreal Gaol, were voted guilty of a breach of privileges, but no proceedings had thereon. 1807. The trade of Canada was this year considerably increased in consequence of the Milan and Berlin decrees. In consequence of the appearance of approaching difficulties with the United States of America, for the affair of the Leopard and the Chesapeake, Sir James H. Craig, a distinguished officer, was appointed Governor General. 1808. In consequence of the embargo laid on all American vessels by President Jefferson, an extensive contraband trade with the United States was carried on, and the exports from Canada this year were double their accustomed value. Ezekiel Hart, Esq. expelled the House for professing the Jewish religion. 1809. Fifth Parliament met, and Mr. Panet again elected Ezekiel Hart, Esq. again expelled by vote. Speaker. Serious difficulties arose during the session between His Excellency and the Parliament, and the House was in consequence dissolved by — — — — — — — proclamation. 1810. The arrangement made with the American Government by Mr. JD. Erskine, being disapproved of by the British ministry, the prospect of peace was considered exceedingly doubtful. The sixth Parliament met, in the month of January, and Mr. Panet re-elected Speaker. The subjects which came under consideration were the exclusion of the Judges from the House of Assembly, and other matters which had a tendency to excite On the 7th of February, the House pledged itself angry feelings. to vote the necessary sums to defray the civil expenses of the Government a pledge which Sir James H. Craig considered unprecedented as the Legislative Council had never been consulted and His Majesty had not made any formal demand for such an aid, The Bill passed the House of Assembly for the exclusion of Judges and some amendments made by the Council thereon, in which the House could not concur, and the latter then proceeded to the expulsion of Judge Debonne by vote, which was carried. His Excellency not wishing, as he stated, to make himself partaker — — in 160 the violation of an Act of the Imperial Parliament, dissolved this, short and turbulent Parliament by Proclamation. The Canadian newspaper, which directed its whole energies against the Exe- upon whose conduct it commented with unusual severity, was destroyed by the authority of the Executive, the press conveyed to the Court House, and the Printer sent to prison. Six individuals were also taken into custody, who never were tried. These and other similar harsh proceedings on the part of the Executive caused this period to be familiarly disignated as the " Reign cutive, of Terror." 1811. The seventh Parliament composed of nearly the old members, re-elected Mr. Panet, for the severth time their SpeaThe most of the old members were found to be component ker. parts of the new Assembly, and the appeal to the sense of the people, was any thing but favorable to the views of the Executive. The session, however, passed over in greater quiet than might otherwise have been expected from recent proceedings, and it preOn the 21st March, sented all the appearances of a busy session. Sir James H. Craig delivered his faiewell speech to the Legislature, On the and on the 19th June was succeeded by President Dunn. 14th September, Sir George Prevost assumed the reins of Government as Governor General. 1812. The United States of America took the opportunity when Britain was engaged in a war in Europe, to declare war against that power, at a time, also, when from various circumstances, Canada was supposed to be in such a state as to be unable The whole force then in to resist a powerful invading army. Canada, scarcely exceeded 4000 men, and in consequence the Legislature was assembled to decide on the best measures to be pursued on the occasion. Government paper bearing interest was issued, battalions ordered home were detained, the militia drafted for active service, the garrisons placed in a state of defence, and in less than a month after the news of the declaration was made known, the Lower Province was prepared to meet the assailant. The first movement of the enemy, was the army under General Hull crossing into Upper Canada, in July, with his retreat to Detroit in August, after hearing of some reverses at Amherstburgh and Michilimackinac. General Brock, the Lieutenant Governor of Upper Canada, however attacked Hull on the 16th August, and his whole force were marched captive into Montreal, within twomonths after the breaking out of the war. The enemy by November collected a large additional force on the Niagara frontier. They crossed into Upper Canada at Queenston, where they were again defeated by General Brock, whose death followed the wounds he received in the engagement. In November, the Americans under General Smyth, invaded the country near Fort Erie, the British naval force made an attack on Sacket's harbour, but neither were attended with any important resultIn January the American General Winchester was. 181 3. taken at Detroit by General Proctor, with 500 other prisoners. An attack on Ogdensburgh by the British forces failed of success,. — — — lai On the 27th April, the Americans landed at York, and burnt, and destroyed the whole town, and afterwards proceeded to Nia» gara. Towards the close of May the whole Niagara frontier was General Proctor captured about this time an in their possession. At Burlington additional 500 Americans on the Miami River. Heights, the Americans were on the 6th June defeated by Lieut. Col. Harvey, and driven back to Fort George, and the Niagara An attack upon Frontier again restored to the British troops. Sacket's harbour by Sir George Prevost, completely failed of success, and became one of the charges against the military conduct On the Sd June, 2 vessels were captured at of that General. Isle aux Noix by Lieut. Col. Taylor, and in July, Black Rock, and the barracks at Plattsburgh were destroyed by the British troops. On the 10th September, Commodore Perry captured the whole British force on Lake Erie under Captain Barclay, which was followed by the partial defeat of General Proctor on the 5th October near Detroit. These disasters compelled the British Commander to fall back on Burlington heights. In October, the people of Lower Canada were called out to repel the American army then threatening to invade Montreal in two directions. General Hampton with an army of 7000 men entered the Province by the Chateauguay, on the banks of which, his advance was met by the Canadian Militia, under Lieut. Col. De Salaberry, and defeated, and Hampton obliged to retire to Plattsburgh. General Wilkinson commenced his descent in November, on the 11th of which month, Colonel Morrison with about 800 men, attacked General Boyd at Chrystler's Farm, and drove them to their boats. The whole army retreated by the Salmon river to Plattsburgh and Sacket's harbour Before the close of this season, the Americans had deserted the American frontier, and burnt Newark, the British took Niagara, and General Riall destroyed Black Rock and Buftalo. 1814. In March, the American army under Wilkinson again entered Lower Canada, was defeated at Lacolle by Major Handcock, and retired to the States. General Brown crossed in July into Upper Canada, and captured Fort Erie. The Niagara frontier during the months of July and August was the scene of several engagements between the American troops under General Brown, with detachments under Generals Drummond and Riall, and success seemed rather to favor the American arms. Reinforcements were however added to the British army at the close of the latter mouth. Sir George Prevost in September, with an army of 11,000 men, entered the United States, attacked Plattsburgh, defended by 1500 regulars and some militia on the 11th, and retreated with considerable loss on the ISth. At the same time the British flotilla on Lake Champlain was defeated by Commodore Macdonough. The conduct of Sir George Prevost was loudly censured and became one of the serious charges with which he stood accused. In November, the Americans had evacuated every military post they possessed in Canada, and when several of their forts and stations had been captured, the command of the Lakes — ; u 162 secured, and large reinforcements added to the strength of the inhabitants, a treaty of peace between the two powers was signed at Ghent on the 24th December, 1814— a termination and particularly to inglorious to both nations, Great Britain. has often been remarked with great truth, that History deficient in interest during times of peace, and that the annalist finds ample materials for comment, in the sanguinary details of war. Since the termination of the last American war, few circumstances have occurred that merit particular notice, it will suffice merely to mention the proclamation of peace, the commencement of hostilities between the rival fur trading Hudson's Bay and North West Companies, and the impeachments of Chief Justice Sevvell and Monk by the House of Assembly in 1815 ; the admin inistration of the Government by Sir Gordon Drummond, It becomes John Wilson and Sir John Coape Sherbrooke in 1816; the impeachment of Judge Foucher by the House of Assembly in 1817 ; the arrival of the Duke of Richmond as the Governor in Chief, the payment of the Civil List by the Province, and the commencement of those financial difficulties which have since uufortunately too much disturbed the tranquillity of the country in 1818 ; the unfortunate termination of the Duke of Richmond's career on the Ottawa, in 1819 the assumption of the reins of Government by the Earl of Dalhousie in 1820 the discussion of the Union of the Provinces as proposed to the Imperial Parliament in 1822 the administration of the Government by Sir Francis Burton, in the absence of Lord Dalhousie, the launch of the mammoth vessel, the Columbus, in 182i the unsatisfactory nature of the financial arrangements by the Legislature, and the return of Lord Dalhousie to Canada in 1825 ; the dissolution of the House of Assembly, the elections of the new members, and the prorogation of the Legislature in consequence of the difficulties which had arisen in relation to the appointment of Mr. Papineau as Speaker of the Lower House in 182-7 the reference oi the affairs of Canada to a Committee of the House of Commons, the departure of Lord Dalhousie from the Province, and the assumption of the Government by Su James Kempt as Administrator in 1823. ; ; ; ; ; GOVERNORS AND ADMINISTRATORS OF THE GOVERNMENT OF CANADA, SINCE THE ERECTION OF THE ROYAL de Mesy de Couicelies de Frontenac de Bane Marquis de Nonvillc de Frontenac Chevalier de Callieres The Marquis de Vaudreuil.. Sieur Sieur Sieur Sieur Sieur Sieur Sieur GOVERNMENT IN 1663. , 1663. Sept. 23, 1665. Sept. 12, 1672. 1, May 1682. Aug. 3, 1685. Nov. 23, 1689. Sept. 14, 1699. Sept. 17, 1703. Oct. 9, 16S The Marquis de Beauharnois Sieur Comte de la Galissioniere Sept. 2, 1725, Sept. 25, 1749. Sieurdela Jonquiere The Marquis du Quesne de Menneville Sieur de Vaudreuil de Cavagnal James Murray Aug. Aug. July Nov. 16, 1749. 7, 1753. Paulus Emilius Irving, President Guv Carleton, Lt. Gov. £? Commander in Chief. .Sept. Carleton Hector T. Cramahe, President Guy Carleton 10, 1755. 21, 1765. June §0, 1766. Guy 24-, 1766. Oct. 26, 1774. Aug 9,. 1770. Oct. 11, 1774. Frederick Haldimand Henry Hamilton, Lt. Gov. <§> Conunanderiu Ch . Henry Hope, Lt. Gov. £? Commandet in Chief.. Lord Dorchester, Governor General Alured Clarke, Lt. Gov. <§> Commander in Chief. Lord Dorchester Sept. 24, Robert Prescott Robert S. Mines, Bart. Lieut. Governor July SI, Hon. Thomas Dunn, President July 31, Sir J. H. Craig, K. B. Governor General Oct. 24, Hon. Thomas Dunn, President June 19, Sir George Prevost, Bart. Governor General Sept. 14, SirG. Drummond, G. C. B. Admin, in Chief.... April 4, John Wilson, Administrator May 22, Sir J. C. Sherbrooke, G. C. B. Gov. General,... July 12, Duke of Richmond, K. C. B. Gov. General July SO, Hon James Monk, President Sept 20, Sir Peregrine Maitland Earl of Dalhousie, G. C. B. Governor General... June 18, Sir Frs. Nath. Burton, Lt. Governor June 7, Earl of Dalhousie, G. C. B. Governor General... Sept. 23, Sir James Kempt, G. C. B. Administrator Sept. 8, Sir 1778. 1774. 1775. 1776. 1791. 1793, 1796. 1799. lfcOS. 1807. 1811. 1811. 1815. 1817. 1816. 1818. 1S19. 1820. 1820. 1824. 1825. 1823. BIRTH DAYS OF THE PRESENT ROYAL FAMILY OF GREAT King George IV BRITAIN. Aug. 12, 1762. Aug. 21, 1765. Sept. 29, 1766. Nov. 8, 1768. May 22, 1770. June 5, 1771. May 27, 1819. Jan. 27, 1773. Feb. 24, 1774. Mar. 26, 1819. t Juiy i William Henry, Duke of Clarence Queen Dowager of Wirtemburg Princess Augusta Sophia...., Princess KJizabeth of Hesse Homberg Ernest Augustus, Duke of Cumberland His son George Fred. Alex. Char. Ern. Aug Augustus Fred. Duke of Sussex.. Adolphus Fred. Duke of Cambridge His son George Will. Fred. Charles His daughter Augusta Caroline Charlotte ~) EJiz. Mary Sophia Louisa 5 i o i coo 1U> ib ^ Duchess of Gloucester Priacess Sophia April 25, 1776. Not. 3, 1777. 164 William Fred. Duke of Gloucester Princess Sophia Matilda of Gloucester Leopold, Prince of Saxe Cobourg. Frederick, Prince of Hesse Homberg Adelaide, Duchess of Clarence Victoria, Duchess of Kent Her daughter Alexandrina Victoria Frederica, Duchess of Cumberland Augusta, Duchess of Cambridge Jan. 15, 1776. May 29, 1773. Dec 16, 1790. 1769. Aug. 13, 1796. Aug. 17, 1766. May 2+, 1819. Mar. 2, 177S. July 25, 1797. THE PRESENT MINISTRY OF GREAT The Cabinet. — President ; BRITAIN. Bathurst ; of the Council, Earl ; Lord High Chancellor, Lord Lyndhurst Lord Privy Seal, First Lord of the Treasury and Prime MinisChancellor of the Exchequer, Rt ter, Duke of Wellington ; Hon. Master General of the Ordnance, Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Viscount Beresford Earl of Aberdeen; Secretary of State for the Ho?ne DepartSecretary of State for the Coloment, Rt. Hon. Robert Peel President of the Board of nies, Rt. Hon. Sir George Murray President of the Board of Control, Lord Ellenborough Trade and Treasurer of the Navy, Rt. Hon. W. V. Fitzgerald Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, Rt. Hon. Charles Arbuthnot Master of the Mint, Rt. Hon. J. C. Herries Secretary at War, Sir Henry Hardinge. Not of the Cabinet. Lords of the Admiralty, Lord Melville, Sir George Cockburn, Sir Henry Hotham, Sir George Commander of the Forces, Clerk, and the Earl of Brecknock Lord Hill Judge Advocate General, Rt. Hon. Sir John Commissioners of Woods and Forests, Viscount Beckett Lowther, Wm. D. Adams, Esq. and Henry Dawkins, Esq. Vice President of the Board of Trade, Rt. Hon. T. P. Courtenay; Paymaster General, Rt. Hon. John Calcraft; Under Secretaries—Home, W. Y. Peel, S. M. Philips Colonial, R. W. Hay, Horace Twiss Foreign, John Backhouse, Lord Dunglas Secretaries of the Treasury, Joseph Planta, Geo. R. Dawson Secretary of the Board of Control, George Bankes Henry Goulburn ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; — ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; Attorney General, Sir Charles Wetherall; Solicitor General, Sir N. C. Tindal ; Master of the Rolls, Sir John Leach ; Vice Chancellor, Sir Launcelot Shadwell ; Junior Lords of the Treasury, Lord Grenville, Lord C. H. Somerset, Earl of MountCharles, Lord Eliott, E. A. M'Naghten, Esq. ; Co?nmissio tiers for Managing the Affairs of India, Right Honorable Lord Ellenborough, Robert Peel, Lord Aberdeen, Sir Geo. Murray, Duke of Wellington, Henry Goulburn, Lord Wallace, John Sullivan, Lord Ashley, Marquis Graham, Laurence Peel and T. P. Courtenay. 165 RETURN OF THE POPULATION OF THE PROVINCE OF LOWER CANADA. LAID BEFORE THE HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY, IN VIRTUE OF THE PROVINCIAL ACT, 5 GEO. IV. C. 7. 166 of 14 and under 45 years, 89,518 single, ; and 52,854 married ; of 45 years and upwards 6682 single, and 1860 married. By the evidence taken before the Committee of the House, to whom these returns were referred, it would appear that the grand total given above, is much less than the reality, as many persons, probably fearing that the census was for a capitation tax, concealed from the Commissioners the true number of years of age, 68,781 their families. TABLE OF THE PRINCIPAL ARTICLES OF IMPORT AND EXPORT AT QUEBEC AND ST. JOHN'S, FROM THE YEAR 1821 TO 1827 INCLUSIVE. ARTICLES. 167 TABLE OF IMPORTS AND EXPORTS— CONTINUED. ARTICLES. 168 TABLE OF IMPORTS AND EXPORTS.— CONTINUED. ARTICLES. PROVINCIAL LISTS, UPPER CANADA. andlJVaterloo, fyc. J. Leeds, (ahChief, Sir John '.sent), J. Anderson, curate; St. Colborne, K. C. B. ; Chairman \Cath<>.rines, E. Paikin ; Chipof the Executive Council, Therpawa, fyc. W. Leeming; St. Chief Justice ; Speaker of the] Thomas, $c. A. Macintosh Legislative Council, The Chief Woo dho use, fyc. F. Evans; Lieutenant Governor Commander in Justice Speaker of the House 'Amherstburgh, fyc. R. Rolph ; of Assembly, not yet elected ^Sandwich, E. J. Boswell ChatAttorney General, John B. RoJham, §c. T. Morley ; Cobourg, Solicitor General, Jijfyc. A. N. Bethune ; Cavan, binson Provincial Secre-J$c. J. Thomson Peterborough, J. Boulton tary and Registrar, Hon. D.'^c. S. Armour Kingston, G. Cameron; Deputy Register, S.!o. Stuart, L. L. D. T. HandSurveyor General, cock, A. B. evening lecturer; P. Jarvis Hon. Thomas Ridout ReceiverYBath, fyc. J. Stoughton ; AdolGeneral, Hon. J. H. Dunn ;\phustown, §c. J. Deacon ; BelJudges of the King's Bench^ville, $c. T. Campbell; CarHon. W. Campbell, Chief Jus- ry in g Place, fyc. J. Grier; tice, L. P. Sherwood, C. A.\Hallowell, W.Macaulay ; Perth, Surveyor General S^c. M. Harris, A. M. ; RichHagerman of Woods, Hon. P. Robinson ;\mond, R. Short; Brockville, Commissioner for Sale o/j^c. J. Wenham Beverley, $c. Crown Lands, Hon. P. Robin- R. Elms ; Prescott, $$c. Roson Auditor of Land Pate7its,bert Blakey ; Matilda, <$>c. F. Grant Powell Agent in Lon- Meyers, David Robertson, assistant ; don, W. D. Adams. Williamsburgh, ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; J. G. Weagant Cornwall, Clergy of the Church of En- S. J. Mountain, A. B. Archdeacon of York, gland. Chaplain to the Forces,York, The Honorable & Reverend John Rev. J. Hudson, A. M. ; Kings, Strachan, D. D. ; Archdeacon ton, R. W. Tunney Chaplain of Kingston, Rev. G. O. Stuart, to the Dockyard, Kingston, York, $c. Hon. and L. L. D. Rev. W. R. Payne. Rev. J. Stracham, D.D. Rev. E. A. T. Philips, D. D. Macaulay, curate ; Toronto, Clergy of the Church of Ancaster, $c. R. Scotland. J. Magrath Rev. John M'KenGrand River, R. zie, A. M. Williamstown John Leeming Lugger, missionary; Niagara, M'Laurin, Lochiel; Hugh UrR. Addison, A. M. T. Green, quhart, Cornwall ; Archibald assistant ; Grimsby, fyc. G. Connel, A. M. Martintown Grout Yonge Street, A. Ma- John Machar, Kingston eaulay Queenston, T. Creen ; George Shced, Ancaster. ; — ; ; ; ; — ; ; ; ," ; 170 Asst. \Storekeeper, John R. Glover ; Staff of the Army. Qr. Mr. General, Lieut. Col. \Master Attendant, M. Spratt ; Ordnance Master Shipwright, Robert Lightfoot, C. B. ; Surgeon, Smith Moore ; Assistant B. Storekeeper, J. Kingston ; Asst. Commissary James M'Nicoll ; Chaplain,Tlzr. — Genl. John Hare ; Dep. Asst Com. Genl. W. Stanton, Amherstburgh ; Michael Bailey, W. R. Payne. Island ; Willian John Strachan, I). D. PresiFort George ; Thomas dent ; The Lord Bishop of QueArnold, Kingston ; Francis T bec, Visitor. Billings, Kingston ; Colin MilThe Chancellor Council ler, Bytown ; Isaac Blackburn The President; The Hon. W. York ; Treasury Clerks, Wil- Campbell, Chief Justice ; Tha liam Nicolls, York ; Thomas Hon. T. Ridout The Ven. G. Wilson, Drummond Islc7id Okill Stuart, D. D. ; The Rev. Mil- T. Phillips. D. D. Staff Surgeon, James D. John B. ; lar, Kingston ; Assistant ditto, Robinson, Atty. Genl. ; Henry John Munro, Drummond Is- J. Boulton, Solr. Genl. ; Grant land; James Geddes, Kings- Powell. ton ; Hospital Assistant, Jackson, Anther stburgh ; Town PERIODICALS. Major, Kingston, JLieut. P. Corbett ; Fort Adjutant, Drum- Upper Canada Gazette, York. do. mond Island, James Keating. The Loyalist, do. Indian Department of Up- Canadian Freeman, do. per Canada. James Givens, Colonial Advocate, J. Gieig, Drvmmond York. College, King's Amherstburgh ; John Leggatt Sir John Colborne, K. C. B. Kingston ; James Wickens, Chancellor ; Hon. and Rev. — — ; ; — Senior Officer and Superintendant William M'Kay, George Ironside, Superintendants ; Robert Richardson, David Mitchell, Surgeons. ; Commandant of Royal ArRoberts J.R. Wright, Kingston; Lt. Col.John By, Rideau Canal. tillery, Major W. Royal Engineers, Lt. Col. Naval Commissr. Kingston. Robt. Barrie, C. B. ; at Establishment Capt Naval do. Observer, Kingston Chronicle, Kingston. do. Upper Canada Herald, do. Kingston Gazette, Niagara Gleaner, Niagara. do. Niagara Herald. Gore Gazette, Ancaster. Hallowell Gazette, (proposed) Hallowell. Brockville Gazette, Brockville. do. Brockville Recorder. Bathurst Independent Examiner, Perth. Farmer's Journal.^*. Catherine*. The NOVA SCOTIA Governor and of the Council, Hon. S. S. Commander in Chief His Ex- Blowers Speaker of the House cellency Sir Peregrine Maitland, of Assembly, S. G. W. ArchiChancellor, The bald ; Attorney General, Hon. K. C. B. Solicitor C«Lieutenant Governor : President JR.. J. Uniacke Lieutenant ; ; ; m G. W. Archibald; Com. Genls. James Sladc, OliProvincial Secretary, Sir R. ver Goldsmith, Wm, Low, Cba*. D. George Surveyor General, Williams, G. F. Haversaat Hon. C. Morris, Receiver Gene- Barrack Master, J. Blair ral, Hon. H. N. Binney; Pro- Town Major, Halifax, Lieut vincial Treasurer, Hon. M. M

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