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This article reviews the advance researches on person-job fit and personorganization fit, the two very important parts of employee selection. In these topics various researches are conducted and articles are written to understand the concept of person-job and fit and person-organization fit. And also has some suggestion for future hiring and researches. For personjob fit and person-organization fit first we have to look at person– environment fit

Person–Environment fit
First we look at the person-environment fit so we can identify in which environment a person feels better and how can an environment affect a person behavior, skills and mostly his job. Person–environment fit can be defined as the compatibility that occurs when individual and work environment characteristics are well matched. Person– environment (PE) fit have always been a prominent theme in the field of industrial and organizational psychology. The concept that people are differentially compatible in particular works environments. There has been a long discussion about the importance of the person versus the Situation in determining human behavior. One group of

researchers have argued that it is the situation which is primarily responsible for individual behaviors while another group of researchers believe that the personal characteristics are primarily responsible for behavior.

The main difference between the supplementary and complementary model is in the definition of environment. The second area is the needssupplies versus demands-abilities distinction. skills. In short. knowledge. In the complementary model. The first area is the supplementary and complementary distinction. The third area is the perceived (subjective) versus actual (objective) distinction. an environment may demand contributions from us in terms of time. On the other hand. needs-supplies fit occur when an environment satisfies our needs. With complementary person. Perceived or subjective fit is describes as the judgment that a person fits well in the environment. and wants. People perceive themselves as fitting in because they are alike or similar to other people controlling these characteristics. several different areas open to conceptualize P-E fit have come up. Supplementary fit occurs when a person interests skills. needs-supplies fit is achieved. the environment is defined as a part from its inhabitants. personal growth opportunities that are demanded by us. An environment gives us financial. effort. Demands-abilities fit are achieved when our contribution (supply) meets environmental demands. desires. the basis for a good fit is the mutually offsetting pattern of relevant characteristics between the person and the environment.environment fit. and abilities. When such resources from the environment meet our needs.Traditionally P-E fit has very complicated and vast concept. or control characteristics which are similar to other individuals in an environment. As a result. The environment in the supplementary model is described according to the people who inhabit it. physical. and psychological resources as well as task-related. actual or objective fit is the comparison between separately related persons and . commitment. On the other hand.

Organizations are one situation that people are attracted to. . Perceived fit is typically measured by clearly asking people to what degree they believe a fit exists. Relationship among different conceptualizations of P-E fit Person envoirnment fit Supplementary Fit Complementary Fit Percieve or Actual fit Needs-Supplies Fit DemandsAbilities Fit PERSON-ORGANIZATION FIT Person-organization fit can be defined as the compatibility between people and organizations.environmental factors. Researchers and practitioners accepted that P-O fit is the key to maintaining the flexible and motivated workforce that is necessary in a competitive business environment and in dynamic labor market. In employee selection research. P-Organization fit can be describes as the match between an applicant and broader organizational attributes.

and remain with if they are a good fit with the organization. Advantages of Person-Organization fit: High level of Person-Job fit has a number of positive out-comes such as job . Advantages of Person-Organization fit: Results have shown that a high level of P-O fit is related to a number of positive outcomes and P-O fit was found to be correlated with work attitudes like job satisfaction and organizational commitment to their goals. and required skills. selfreported teamwork and contextual performance. knowledge. and abilities to perform the job tasks. or leave if they are not a good fit with the organization. The primary concern in employee selection has been with finding those applicants who have the skills and abilities necessary to do the job. ). some researchers have pointed out that there may be negative organizational outcomes of the high level of P-O fit. which identifies the essential job tasks that an incumbent performs.selected to be a part of it. PERSON-JOB FIT The concept of person-job fit is the base of employee selection. Person-Job fit is assessed by determining the demand of the job through a job analysis. Although a high level of P-O fit also may have positive organizational level outcomes. Traditionally. They have also fewer intentions to quit and they also show committed behaviors such as organizational citizen-ship behaviors.

adjustment. Therefore. it is correlated with improved job satisfaction. Person-O FIT AND P-J FIT IN EMPLOYEE SELECTION Research on employee selection can be divided into two different approaches: prescriptive approach and a descriptive approach. . the prescriptive approach focuses primarily on criterion-related validity of the main concept as the predictor domain. as well as reduced intentions to quit. When Person-Job fit is assessed as the match between what an employee wants and receives from performing job. the descriptive approach focuses on how the main concept plays out in actual selection processes. and retention. motivation. and organizational commitment. the descriptive approach is used when researchers are interested in what managers actually do in employee selection practices. Therefore. attendance.satisfaction. The prescriptive approach is aimed at establishing arguments about what managers should do in order to select the right job candidate. low job stress. This is all that I have read in this article and from reading this article I come to know that there are many types of environment fit and from those how important are person job fit and person organization fit and these are not only important for an organization but also for a person who is looking for job or doing job. performance. On the other hand.

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