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1st/ 2nd/3rd CLASS NEWS November 1, 2011

There is no spelling this week. Because of the Magic Mountain trip on Friday our Math test will be on Thursday. Next week we will have Spelling Test 6 and Math Test 8 on Thursday. Plan accordingly for spelling to be a day early :) No school next Friday because of Veteran's Day.

Math 2: thousands place, addition with carrying, measuring to the inch and half inch. 1/4, quarters, and quarter past the hour. We have started a new Math challenge for this math group. They have to complete 100 addition problems (beginning with +1) in 5 minutes with 100% and no backwards numbers and then they get to move on to +2. When they finish +2 with the same (5 min., 100%, etc...) they go on to +3...and so on. As they finish each one they hang it on the back board so you can see their progress at any time. When you see these sheets in their homework files because they are not 100%, or they didnt finish in time, do not be concerned. They DO NOT affect their Math grade. It is just a fun way to improve their Math facts. The more they do flash cards the faster they will be. Math 1 : measuring things with inches, ordering numbers, bar graphs, missing numbers, combining coins, counting by 5s and 10s, nickels Daily Speed Drills, Math Test on Thursday this week.

Soccer Sam: Lily Voorheis Baseball Bandit: Grant Lipscomb Basketball Benji: Jacey Loewen

READING CONGRATULATIONS to all of our students who

completed the 300 minute goal for the month of October! I am so very excited that so many students took this challenge and made their goal! Well Done!

We are beginning our November Reading Contest today! The minutes have been raised!!!! I have COMPLETE FAITH that they can do it!!! Each student has a goal of 350 minutes for the month of November! We also have a class goal of 5000 minutes again this month for a Donut Party! Your students were sent home with a yellow sheet of paper with sight words on them last week. They will be tested over these words each Wednesday. If they can complete them with less than 2 seconds between words they will go on to the next color. If they are still struggling they will repeat the same list the following week. Please review their list with them daily to help them succeed.

Cursive Writing
We are learning a and o this week. Keep practicing e, i, l, and u.

List 6 next week on THURSDAY! No spelling this week. Use the extra time to study for next weeks list

Health/Science: Wednesday we will have Megans dad, Brandon Hewston, come in as a firefighter and talk about fire safety with them. History: *Review our first 19 states . *Squanto* *Thanksgiving Project*

Books of the Bible Genesis-Esther

NEXT WEEK: Job-Hosea