Technology Support Committee Recommendation 2012 Culver Academies 1:1 Laptop Rollout Transformative Education The Technology Support Committee

is passionate about seeing Culver students grow in 21st Century skills, especially those of creativity, innovation, critical thinking, problem solving, communication and collaboration. In researching the tools needed to empower our students with these skills, we looked for technology that had powerful collaboration features alongside creative media tools for effective communication through all types of media. We are also well aware of the challenges we’ve faced in our 1 to 1 laptop program: durability in student machines, short battery life (students have to carry power adapter), and under utilization due to faculty frustrations in monitoring appropriate use, to name a few. These can be significant blocks in fully experiencing the transformative power of a 1 to 1 program. We believe that Culver students will best be served by the adoption of 11” MacBook Air computers, and that faculty should have the option to choose between a Fujitsu T-731 tablet computer or a MacBook Air (11” or 13” model). Educational value In recommending the following devices (see Platform below), we felt the 11” MacBook Air would fulfill the above needs for the students for these reasons: Supervision of responsible use: Mac OS X provides the ability for faculty and staff to manage student machines remotely using Apple Remote Desktop (ARD). This could be transformational during CQ within ESH, the barracks and dormitories as well as within the classroom during the academic day. Collaboration: Easy drag and drop functionality for students and faculty to share work with one another using AirDrop. Apple Remote Desktop provides an easy method for faculty to distribute documents digitally to class members. Creativity and innovation: Macs provide a suite of integrated software products (iMovie, GarageBand, iTunes, iPhoto) that are easy for faculty and students to learn. The programs are integrated with one another through iTunes and offer easy solutions to edit video, compose music, documents and spreadsheets. Communication: The software included can be used to create podcasts, vodcasts, musical compositions, videos, and slideshows which not only enhance the classroom experience, but allow for creative ownership of learned concepts in the classroom. Durability and efficiency: The built-in Solid State Drive (SSD) provides for fast restarts and boot times; waking the machines from sleep is almost instantaneous. Aluminum frames within the MacBook make the machine very rigid.

Student learning support: Students studying a foreign language (especially ESL learners) and those with learning challenges such as dyslexia will benefit from the built-in text to speech capabilities of Voiceover, which currently supports over 22 languages. The Safari web browser easily eliminates online ads from news articles so students can focus on the content with limited distraction. Platforms Fujitsu T-731 MacBook Air (11” or 13” model)

Windows OS 7 Overview The Fujitsu T731 is a convertible tablet PC that offers that option of inking or rotating the screen around to be used as a traditional laptop. The inking option allows faculty to communicate with student using digital ink, create screencasts to explain challenging concepts, and draw pictures or equations for topics that are difficult to convey using a keyboard and touchpad. The digital ink also allows instructors to save notes for students and the class to reference later or use for review.

Mac OS 10.7 Overview MacBook Airs are lightweight, robust machines that will meet the needs expressed by faculty and students. The machines easily fit in book bags and have a small footprint, yet a full sized keyboard. Battery life is exceptional [5 hours for the 11” model and 7 hours for the 13” model]. Mac OS X 10.7 offers a robust suite of programs that can enhance a wide variety of courses on campus at Culver. Apple Remote Desktop is integrated within the operating system, and provides a solution for classroom management of machines. All MacBooks feature MagSafe power adapters, which disconnect from the machines when a force is applied, preventing the machines from being pulled off of tabletops and workstations. Unibody construction allows for a lightweight machine that is extremely rigid.

Change is good We appreciate the change this recommendation represents - especially to our faculty and IT staff, however we strongly believe that the above tools will enable: ● Our faculty to use more media rich lessons for increased effectiveness as learning aids ● Our students to be more powerful communicators using a wide variety of media in quality projects

Both students and faculty to collaborate frequently and effectively Both students and faculty to experience a higher level of satisfaction in their use of technology ● The seamless use of technology so users can focus on the task or project rather than the tool itself.
● ●