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Sen's Fortress When you defeat Quelaag and ring the second bell, you'll be treated to a scene of a giant

raising a portcullis. You can find the freshly-raised portcullis at the end of the forest path that leads out of the room with the bonfire, upstairs from the blacksmith in Undead Parish. As you enter the area, keep your shield raised and start forward through the room. Ahead of you, there's an arrow trap, so keep your shield up to deflect its three shots. There are pillars lining either side of the wide center path, and a staircase ahead of you. Positioned at the top of the staircase, behind pillars, are two of the area's guards. They are difficult to see, but you're bound to notice them when they rush you with their hooked swords. They resemble men with snake heads, so we'll call them snake knights. If you're lucky, you can use pyromancy to hurl a Great Chaos Fireball at them and perhaps take them both out at once. If you don't have that ability or are weaker, you'll have a longer fight of it but can still rely on fire. When the monsters are about to attack, they lean back before delivering a stamina-crushing blow, so you'll have time to roll around and possibly backstab them. Note that very rarely, these fellows will drop the Man-serpent Greatsword. Investigate the area at the top of the stairs to find a corpse along the right side. You can check it out to obtain the Soul of a Brave Warrior. Then you should keep climbing the stairs through another archway. In the next chamber, you'll notice some swinging pendulums ahead of you. They're sharp and dangerous. Predictably, they swing back and forth across a stone trail that you'll have to follow across a chasm. On the far side of that stone bridge, there's another of the snake creatures. On a ledge above, there's yet another one. The one on the high road will hurl lightning at you as you proceed, so you need to keep your shield raised and you need to move quickly forward while avoiding the swinging blades. Get within range of the snake knight on the path and take him out with fire, then rush forward and hide behind the stone wall for protection. Here, you can head left to find some stairs. When you climb those, keep an eye to the left where the snake knight is positioned on higher ground. It will likely continue to throw lightning shots your way. Climb to the top of the stairs and look around the wall. There's a path that leads forward to where the monster is waiting, but you'll have to pass through some more of the huge swinging blades. Keep your shield up and run past the enemy, through the opening beyond and then quickly veer left. If you did it right, a trap in that room will fire several arrows at your foe as he turns around to chase after you. He'll be killed. In the room you just reached, there's a treasure chest. When the path is clear (after the trap has sprung), open it to find two of the Large Titanite Shard. Head right from the chest and up a short set of stairs to find yourself on another walkway. This one proceeds forward toward an opening, and ahead of that opening there are some stairs that descend to the lower left before wrapping around to the right where a snake knight is waiting. From your vantage point, you can toss firebombs or other fire-element attacks at the knight and kill it before it can even get close to you. Then proceed toward the opening you saw. You'll likely attract the attention of another snake knight who is patrolling just beyond that opening. Kill him and start for the opening, but be careful not to pass entirely through it. Just beyond the opening, there's a hard-packed dirt path. That path is a trough. If you look to the right, there's a drop-off. To the left, the trough continues for some length to the base of a flight of

you'll find another of the snake knights. You need to be careful here. If you step onto the platform as it pauses in front of you. From there. Head left over the archway to another similar room. Start down those to reach a small. square room. A huge boulder regularly drops. Do not open the chest. head around it and through an opening. some gears turn and then a log extends from the far wall and knocks the ball like a pinball so that it rolls down through the trough. The way this room works is that there's a pedestal at the center. There's a door to the right. One is positioned just to the side from the opening that you used to enter the room. then take him out comfortably. there's an opening. then you'll need to immediately run uphill to the right and keep going until you reach a wide room where you can roll to the side just before a boulder crushes you. it's time to explore. Then when it reaches the base of the shaft. Now that the boulder won't be bothering you. Interacting with this will push it in the direction that you are facing. quickly roll off to the side. Instead. Watch the area ahead of you for a moment and you'll see a huge boulder go rolling past. You'll come to a 'T' in the path where . There's a door here along one edge with a lift that goes up and down. Ahead. unless you want to defeat the mimic and receive the Lightning Spear that it will drop. There are openings on each side of the chamber. it'll carry you up to a spiked ceiling. you can wait for another boulder to drop. you should notice some steps leading up to the right. Wait for one to pass you. then run partway up the stairs and drop off onto the right side to find a weapon known as the Shotel.stairs. As you start downhill. If you try to start through it. The other is in the direction that the wooden pole extending from the platform should now be facing if you've followed the above directions. but in this case some stairs descend toward the left. preventing it from being a serious threat to you as you explore the dungeon in the short term (though eventually the positioning will reset). Start with the latter option. but you can't open it from this side. You can head around the platform to the opening on the opposite end of the room (the one below the wooden pole that sends the ball rolling) to find a wooden pole protruding from the platform. Now pass along that corridor and keep to the side to avoid stepping on a floor plate that will spring a trap behind you and cause you to get hit by several darts. you'll find a small chamber with statues along the sides. Climb those steps to arrive at an archway. Push it around three times and let a boulder fall and roll each time (to produce a new opening near the beginning of the stage). it comes closer to the wall than you might think). rolls down the stairs and then along the length of the trough. In the room that you find at the bottom of that shaft. There are two main directions worth following. This positioning causes the boulder to roll through an opening and fall into an abyss overlooking a bridge. You'll need to wait for a boulder to roll past you (don't step out too far or you'll be clipped by the boulder. Then head quickly left to find a doorway shrouded in mist. so that if you look at the pedestal from the direction where you first entered the room. This is part of the same trough that you negotiated earlier. there's a treasure chest. Head through the next room and start up some stairs. then immediately run forward and up the stairs to the first landing. You can also proceed uphill to find an enemy that you can defeat to get your chance at a treasure chest that holds the Ring of Steel Protection (quite useful). Lure him to you. A boulder drops onto the pedestal. Once you pass through that opening. turning the platform a quarter of a turn and impacting the direction in which the boulder will roll. So watch for it to come down and drop onto it as it descends. the wooden pole that you pushed extends from the pedestal's right side. but stop short of passing through the opening. Or you can just proceed through the mist-shrouded door directly. which is a trap.

You should just barely beat the series of pendulums as you reach the far side of the ledge. This ledge is extremely dangerous. At the top. but your shield can block any darts that issue forth from the holes. Along this path. Defeat the monster that waits there and you can receive the Demon Titanite. Their placement can be difficult to track and they're placed closely together. continue forward and then left through another room. There's a magic-wielding knight at the top of the stairs. you'll find that it has reached a 'T' of sorts. There is . You can check it to obtain the Covetous Gold Serpent Ring. you can head forward to attack another giant. The corpse is guarded by another snake knight. From there. When you venture into the next room. The best way through is to perform two consecutive rolls as the first one finishes gliding in front of you. as well. it's time to return to the room with the pedestal. There is a recess to the right where one of the snake knights is positioned (he'll likely come out to attack you as you arrive) and to the left there is a lower path and a staircase. drop down to a ledge and explore it to find the Slumbering Dragoncrest Ring on a corpse. Then you can explore the adjoining rooms to find another corpse where you can obtain the Black Sorcerer Hat. Check the room it was guarding for a Soul of a Brave Warrior and for the Scythe weapon. Quickly veer left if another boulder is following you (quite possible. you'll want to head through the room to the side of the chute for the boulders. Along the side of the area. For starters. This time when you arrive in the room where the boulders drop onto the pedestal. Get there by whatever route works best for you (trying to run uphill probably isn't it).you can head left to the top of a ladder or into a hole in the wall that has been produced because of the turning you did on the pedestal in the room at the top of the hill. Walk along that wall with your shield facing it. You can roam around this low area and kill another of the large monsters. head left and up more stairs. or hit him from a distance with arrows to gradually kill him. the Black Sorcerer Gauntlets. In the other opposite direction from where you dropped down. You'll trip a trap. ignore the ladder and walk into the opening. Then you can drop down along the bars that run along the side of the chamber to gradually descend to the lowest point of the area. Take out the magic user with magic or projectiles of your own. From where you appear. begin with the lower route and you'll find two of the Large Titanite Shard on a corpse in that direction. You'll soon come to a narrow ledge that leads across a wide gap. Proceed in that direction and you'll find traps along the left wall. though. Instead. Pendulum scythes swing back and forth across it and they're capable of easily knocking you off the ledge and to your death. Keep climbing from there while battling any more snake knights that may be chasing you and you'll emerge on the rooftop. Next. there's a detour for the especially brave player. regardless of where you left the pedestal's positioning in the upper room) and let any boulder roll past you. Then check the corpse hanging from a window along the right wall. or by quickly rushing him. look left. You can also find a door that you can open from this side to create a shortcut from the other side. you'll also find a high ladder that you can climb to a ledge where you can pillage a corpse for the Large Soul of a Proud Knight. Then you can return and start up the stairs. You can head through an opening in the wall. Don't start along it just yet. the Black Sorcerer Boots and Hush sorcery. He drops the Titanite Chunk when defeated. the Black Sorcerer Cloak. Once you start left. of course. From the top of the staircase. you can also drop off to the side where you see a ledge with some scaffolding and an enemy to find the Large Soul of a Proud Soldier. but you can attack from a distance with fire and probably do fairly well for yourself as long as you avoid any of the other snake knights. look out to see another of the narrow ledges with pendulums. They're dangerous.

From the bonfire. there's a giant standing next to a pile of explosive balls. Note that besides talking to the merchant. It's worth heading to the roof first. Climb the stairs to find two Large Titanite Shard on another corpse.a ledge there with windows along it. Walk through the first group and then stop short of the second group as they cross your path. which you can put to use elsewhere in this dungeon. so take care of it with projectile weapons or magic. which would make crossing the platform difficult. You'll be able to continue along the high stone ledge and then to the left. Walk through that second group also. If you make the jump in one piece. He also has some powerful rings. It will try to pelt you with magic if you let it. Here you need to be on your guard. and to the far side of the room where stairs ascend to your right to reach a mist-shrouded gate. Defeat him in the usual manner. You'll find yourself on a ledge where you can drop down and onto a staircase. if you have the souls necessary. you should head to the right. however. if he's spotted you). there's a wide gap you can leap across. you can also descend some stairs and at the base of the tower (it's a long descent). or you can follow it toward the right on the current level. Then you can more safely creep carefully across the ledge. you can either climb higher onto the roof. descend the stairs and continue forward through the stone area. Then you should backtrack to the top of the tower. Look toward the right and you'll notice a low point along the wall. Proceed beyond that to find the Large Soul of a Brave Warrior on a corpse ahead of some stairs. so even then your exploration isn't a total loss. Head forward and climb some stairs that lead to your left. Head there (not at a run) and carefully look down over the edge of the wall. Ahead of you. When the time comes to pass through the next set of four pendulums. There's a ledge below you that you can jump down to in order to find the area's bonfire point. Step through the gate and you'll find yourself on the area rooftop. As you proceed to the right. At this point. which are expensive but great defensively. then check the corpse behind him to obtain the Cage Key. as one of the caped knights most common in the Undead Parish area will try to kill you on the stairs. . you'll land in a courtyard area below where you can grab the Sniper Crossbow and Sniper Bolt from a corpse. you can find a magic-wielding snake knight. Defeat him. He's not an enemy. you should look ahead and notice a gap between your current location and a grated area. where you were avoiding explosive boulders a moment ago. Continue climbing until you're higher on the rooftop. where the explosive boulders tend to land. Beyond a gap in some high columns. Now return to the rooftop. Then look left. Climb it again and this time when you reach the rooftop. so talk to him and he'll offer to sell you gear. It's the one you climbed a short time previously in order to first reach the rooftop. the path turns right and you'll have to battle another caped knight before you can claim the Flame Stoneplate Ring from a treasure chest. there's no reason not to use it. Unless you don't want to save your progress up to this point. you'll eventually start down some steps toward a lower portion of the outside area. If you fall. your best bet is to take them two at a time. There. near where you dropped down to light the bonfire. and a magic user standing in one of the windows. He carries pieces of the Catarina armor. you'll find a man in soldier gear. head through the nearby opening. He'll pick them up and chuck them at you as long as you're not behind shelter (and even once you take shelter.

the first major ledge with the swinging pendulums. Mostly. There's still some exploring to do in the . Always knowing where to expect danger from means the battle is half won. One final note: if you have powerful fire magic and enough of it. though. you can enter a chamber where you will see a mist-shrouded doorway. When you get near his feet. He's ridiculously weak against that element. Near the mist-shrouded door that leads to the boss. That door leads to the boss area. You can continue past it to reach the back side of an outdoor area. That frees you up to hack away at his head for a bit. jump back over to the main portion of the high stone ledge and run along it toward the far side. Make sure that you don't roll off the roof and fall to your death. but you shouldn't go there just yet. However. That's convenient. so the giant is actually easy to defeat and when you win you'll obtain a Titanite Chunk as a reward. You can ascend it to reach the area where the giant who throws rocks is positioned. you have to dodge daggers that are being tossed toward you by enemies on the higher wall. you'll have better luck if you move in close to the golem. You definitely want him out of business. Past them. but even then there's the problem of dealing with his fists. Dance back and after he sends out a shockwave with his tantrum. It's possible to travel between the two areas at will now. As you ascend through this area. you can win this fight entirely by circling your foe and pelting him with fire magic. Open one of them with the key that you just obtained and step inside. you can chip away at him just like any foe as long as you can keep out of the way of his fearsome attacks. but for now you should go ahead and return to the room where you activated the shortcut. he's likely to notice you and will try to stomp you. You'll find a split in the path where you can head either left or right. Keep it in mind if you're having trouble winning through other means. You'll create a shortcut that leads back to one of the earliest points of the dungeon. You can retreat a few steps down the stairs to stay safe (for the most part). Then you should let the process repeat. Before you head in that direction. you'll find that the Iron Golem has ridiculous range. It's surprisingly easy to do so in this battle. If you are in front of him at the wrong moment. To win the fight. Now you're ready to descend and enter the doorway to face the boss. If you try to fight at a distance. then move in close and finish things off by dancing around his feet. and you'd better hope you do or you'll take a lot of damage. you should make sure that you always know where your foe is (through targeting) so that you can see his attacks coming and avoiding them. he'll collapse for a moment. you may want to instead start back the way you came. you'll see the base of a spiral staircase. He attacks with an ax that might as well be a projectile weapon. he'll grab you in his massive hand and crush most of the life out of you before tossing you to a short distance. every bit as durable as his name suggests. by way of gargoyle. you'll receive the Core of an Iron Golem and a ring of light appears on the ground. Reach the stairs. The easiest way to get through is to just walk along the ledge with your shield up. Anor Londo. Go right first to find a room with some hanging cages.Still on the highest point of the rooftops. If you want. You can investigate it to travel to a new area. Iron Golem The Iron Golem is a heavily-armored foe. Once you defeat the boss. Roll through them and try to keep up an attack from behind so that you're less likely to be grabbed. though. You can dodge out of the way. climb them and then take out any enemies. you can circle and pelt him with fire attacks to drain some of his life.

If you have powerful fire magic. You can descend it to find a pathway that leads to the side of a tower. He can be tough. There's a hole in the wall. Make sure that you let boulders descend in all directions so that they break through a wall or two. Otherwise.local area. but he'll go down quickly if you keep your distance and pelt him with fire attacks. you'll find a man named Logan. Use the Cage Key to free him and he'll promise to reward you when you meet him back in Firelink Shrine. where the boulders fall onto the pedestal (you likely remember it well). you'll find the top of a ladder. you'll be able to follow a lengthy walkway until finally you're able to head down some steps and along a pathway where a heavily-armored enemy (one with a body-high metal shield like the one you fought in the Undead Chapel) waits. Pass through it and you'll find hanging cages like the ones that you activated elsewhere to trigger a shortcut. You can open them to find the Divine Blessing and the Rare Ring of Sacrifice. Now you're done exploring and should resume your adventure. Past that enemy. Then descend along one of the paths and you'll find yourself in one of the first rooms in the dungeon. you can back away and pelt him with it from a distance to eliminate the enemy. you'll be attacked by an armored enemy. you'll find two treasure chests. If you keep to the lower route instead of heading up more stairs when you came this way previously. you'll find a corpse that you can investigate to obtain the Soul of a Hero. Head back down to the lowest area. you'll want to try to get around behind his shield and hit his exposed flanks. He will drop Ricard's Rapier when defeated and then you can climb the tower that he was guarding. . In another cage. Now you're almost done in the area. As you start up the tower. In one of the cages. Retrace your steps to reach the place where you found the two titanite shards on the corpse. though. up a few sets of stairs from where you can drop down to reach the bonfire. At the top.

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