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Embedded system, the exact definition is the system designed usingmicro

processor or micro controller may be both combined to perform .

thespecifie d task. Here we are using the micro controller .

to perform the action that iscontinuou sly monitors the .

specified area whether there is any fire andautoma tically it .

goes near to the flame and extinguish the fire. We are using photo diode .

of the TIL series are sensitive to linearpolari zed light in the wavelength .

area of 400nm – 950nm. If there is anypresenc e of flame .

the forward current increases and confirm the fire bychecking the .

temperatur e sensors output and then it gives buzzer andextingui .

which detects the sudden drastic change in the temperature and smoke. if so it tries to sprinkle the water to turn off the fire and also sends SMS to authorized the fire by moving towards it. SYNOPSIS: INTELLIGENT FIRE FIGHTING ROBOT OBJECTIVE: The objective of this project is to develop a automated fire fighting robot. FUNCTIONAL BLOCK DIAGRAM BASE STATION: Temperature & smoke sensors MC 89c51 GSM Modem RF Transmitter buzzer .


And other part of the project is ROBOT which is constructed by using geared DC motors controlled by the microcontroller. the out put of the sensors comparator goes high. otherwise output will be always low. Once the robot receives any signal from the base station. If the there is a sudden change in temperature. And also RF Rx and interrupt detectors are interfaced to it. if there is a change in the out put of the comparator. then it will be decoded to find out the location of fire.RF Receiver MC 89c2051 Buzzer DC motor drive Interrupt And motors detector FUNCTIONAL DISCRIPTION: There are two sections in the project. then controller starts running the motor to reach . then the micro controller detects the change and also it detects the thick smoke and at the same time it will inform to the security and others by sending the SMS. and also it sends particular signal to the ROBOT through RF Tx. GSM(global system for mobile applications) modem and a buzzer. one is base station in which all temperature and smoke sensors are interfaced to the microcontroller along with ASK type RF transmitter.

and will be indicated by the buzzer. which will be detected by the interrupt detector.that location. SPECIFICATIONS: Controller -----.89c51 DC geared motors +12 dc GSM Modem : Sim COM ASK type RF TX and Rx Interrupt detector: IR sensor TSOP 1738 Power supply: +5v /+12v 1 amp OTHER Semiconductors PCB and accessories: . and on the move if it detects any obstacle. APPLICATIONS AND ADVANTAGES: • • It can be used for any R&D labs and industries. Informs about the fire to the security and others in the form of SMS.