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November 1, 2011 The Honorable Councilman Scott Griggs Dallas City Hall 1500 Marilla St.

Dallas, Texas 75201 Dear Councilman Griggs, The Old Oak Cliff Conservation League requests this letter accompany the Minority Report to Washington DC regarding the Redistricting Process for the 2010 Census and Single Member Council Districts in the City of Dallas. • The citizens of Dallas were asked to provide input in what we were assured would be an open and transparent process. Taking this invitation at face value, we attended public forums and expressed our thoughts regarding redistricting. The repeated preference of citizens was for compact districts that unite communities of interest. Now that the process has run its course, we are presented with a fait accompli in the form of a redistricting map that not only ignores citizen input but also that of the Redistricting Commission. The Mayors private bargaining out of the public eye and immune from public input has resulted in a map that fails to meet either the needs of the citizens of the City of Dallas or the requirements of the United States Department of Justice. With community assets being separated from their residents, the entire fabric of Oak Cliff’s communities is being decimated. An egregious example occurs in the heart of Oak Cliff where, in the Wynnewood area, neighborhoods are districted apart both from each other and from their shopping center. Virtually across the street from Wynnewood Village, Kiestwood neighborhoods are split away from Kiest Park and joined instead with the VA Hospital. This deplorable indifference to considering and respecting our communities of interest occurs throughout District 3, as far north as Pinnacle Park and as far south as Mountain Creek. The Voting Rights Act should be applied citywide, and not exclusively to southern Dallas where we are perpetually being saddled with all of Dallas’ not-inmy-backyard challenges. Recent examples are Oak Cliff fire trucks being allocated elsewhere and the DHA attempt to front load Permanent Supportive Housing applicants into Cliff Manor. Why isn’t North Dallas’s District 10 that contains Hamilton Park and a sizeable Black voting age population, redistricted into a winnable Black seat? Why isn’t Northwest Dallas that contains a substantial Hispanic voting age population, redistricted to contain a winnable Hispanic seat? Dallas’s diversity is citywide and redistricting should reflect that reality. The DOJ has filed suit challenging the redistricting map cobbled together by the State legislature. The Dallas City Council has approved a redistricting map that

Visually comparing the map from this decade to the one from the last shows that districts north of the Trinity are largely unchanged. This all occurred to a late night largely empty council chamber devoid of the throngs of people who had shown such interest all summer long by coming down to City Hall and to Kiest Park Recreation Center to voice their wishes. a fact that speaks volumes to the process and proves that Dallas is no where near ready to be released from federally mandated Justice Department review. Former Oak Cliff council members . devoid only because they had no idea the vote was occurring or the extent to which their wishes were being ignored. In closing. whose ambition it is to enforce the Voting Rights Act on 15 historically inequitable states in our nation. The future of that development and those resident’s stake in it has now been taken from them with this map as well as the Kiestwood neighborhood’s stake in Kiest Park and the Wynnewood Heights neighborhood’s stake in Wynnewood shopping center. Michael Amonett President. OOCCL not only participated in this process but we advocated resident participation only to have that participation discarded for a map some council members only saw 5 minutes before they were supposed to vote on it. Such an exercise not only breeds apathy in the process but also it teaches the lesson of. Elba Garcia and Ed Oakley worked hard to create the Pinnacle Park commercial development for the city and their nearby involved constituents.includes such substantial defects that there is no reason to think it will be immune from DOJ challenge. Communities of interest were split right in two. adopting that map in the face of the above-mentioned defects will potentially cost the City of Dallas massive legal fees to defend it at a time when the City is cash-strapped. has unintentionally left its wounds south of the Trinity once again on yet another minority group by not accurately reflecting the Hispanic population of the City of Dallas. Old Oak Cliff Conservation League www.ooccl. the wounds created by this exercise wash away eventually and that everyone can work together for a better city with more equitable solutions for all of our citizenry. In addition to shattering public trust in the redistricting process.” One can’t argue with this mentality considering the appointed Redistricting committee’s map that reflected hours of work by countless individuals was substantially disregarded. it appears sadly ironic that this decade’s episode of redistricting. “why bother because what we say doesn’t matter anyway. Sincerely. It is our hope that moving forward. South Dallas was divided and conquered once again.