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Name Erased For Privacy



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page 48. Any form or sexual perversion of the natural or moral order should be for our Nation" 2. Paul condemns the doctrinal and moral error of sodomy (Romans 1:27)3. 2 "Furthermore. Your Letter 1. and receiving in themselves the recompense which was due to their error. Both are contrary VIews and cannot be held together at the same time. will in good conscience and docility join the Church. in like manner."! Dear (Name Erased For Privacy) I am Br. leaving the natural use of the women. "Pray Our Public Response We have never been a "Christian" nation. To be Christian one needs to be in submission to the Roman Pontiff as declared by Pope Boniface VIII In his papal bull. 4." 4 excommunicates ipso facto. Sodomy should be encouraged at any age young or old. men with men working that which is filthy.1 It is clearly expressed in the stone inscription of the Masonic Grand Orient and Supreme Council of France: "The fight taking place between Catholicism and Freemasonry is a fight to the very death. the men also. We especially pray for the conversion of America to the Catholic faith. 1892 and in memorandum of the Supreme Council No. "by the very fact" . the Papal Secretary to His Holiness Pope Michael. We desire all to pray for this nation and the scandals it has created throughout the world. we define that it is absolutely necessary for salvation that every human creature be subject to the Roman Pontiff." 3 "And. That souls. also anathamatizes" any person who obstinately believes in their heart or declares publicly: 1. sex marriage 1 Bulletin of the Grand Orient of France P. Unam Sanctarn. of same As St. According to the unammous infallible OpInIOn of the Fathers." This nation was founded on Masonic principles and not Catholic principles. Any woman can marry another woman. "Condemn the legalization . Raphael. The Holy Father. ceaseless and merciless. Pope Michael. We have hope one day that this prayer will be heard by God fully. ". we proclaim. 3. have burned in their lusts one towards another. the whole world will be converted one day to the Catholic faith. 183. rejoicing in the Catholic truth. Any man can marry another man. I am going to be addressing your points from the letter that you have written us. 2. we declare. 85.

True they are not apostates in the strict sense of the word. rationalism. As St. the Internationa the Roman Catholic Church before Vatican Congress of Freemasons imposed it as a du~ II. in any format are workers of Satan. That particular Church is the One. 6.:" It IS doctrinal error that must be addressed before the moral error. can be defined as "the abandonment of all truth both doctrinally and morally. dialectical materialism. This Church was founded upon St. Catholic. which is the mother of them all. Peter over 2. Q. Gnotics. II-II. Those who oppose the Church. Pope Pius XII writes. Thomas Aquinas writes. and Freemasonry. neither living nor lifeless faith remains in a heretic who disbelieves one article of faith. Theosophists and other secret societies are not in favor of this trend which we all believe will end up sinking America into the abyss of Perdition!!" 4. especially the Roman Pontiff. illuminism." America is already in the abyss of perdition. Athesists are apostates according to the natural law. 1869. "the roots of modern apostasy lay in scientific atheism. Holy. Without the light of the Catholic faith in the hearts 99. People need to abandon the masonic principles to stop Satan from ruling the world. Noone can correct themselves morally if they hold false doctrine.2 tolerated.000 years ago. Rosicrucians." on all its members to do all in their power to wipe out Catholicity from the 5 6 7 May 23. 5. or encouraged. "I answer that."? Apostasy. and that all the thought of their heart was bent upon evil at all times. "The Freemasons. Those who occupy positions In the State should allow sodomy to go unpunished. Satan is ruling the world through the doctrine of Freemasonry. "And God seeing that the wickedness of men was great on the earth. 3. laicism. 5." For example.99% of all Americans. Those who live in sodomy can adopt children to raise a family. 1958AD. how can they listen to the voice of God and promptly obey it? Jesus Christ founded only one Church. Since the establishment of this Church the work of Satan is every evident. taught. Summa Theologica. A 3 Genesis 6:5 . and Apostolic Church."? Point 5: "We also believe in the traditions of "On December 8th. "Satan is ruling the world at this time.

Every familiarity should be avoided. "everyone should avoid familiarity or friendship with anyone suspected of belonging to masonry OI o affiliated groups.:" You men seek to reconcile Christ and Belial. 106 Custodi Di Quella Fede. respect for all religions and the craving to reconcile the maxims of the Gospel with those of the revolution. not only with those impious libertines IWho openly promote the character of the sect Ibut also with those who hide under the mask 0 universal tolerance. Raphael Papal Secretary To His Holiness.3 cannot be a freemason and a Catholic at the same time. Praying For Your Conversion Br." 9 Si Deus Pro Nobis. 8 December 1892. Quis Contra Nos? "If God is with us. p. ~he Church of God and the state without God. On Freemasonry. Pope Leo XIII writes. Catholic Morality. Encyclical of Pope Leo XIII. . These ~ace of the earth. ~ ou are either with the Church or with the Masons. who can prevail against us?" And Your Families Conversion. Know them by their fruits and avoid them. Sent From Exile Pope Michael 8 9 Fr. John Laux.