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Rene Magritte


Representative Works
Early Years(1919-1925)


Donna (1923)

Portrait of Magritte by Lothar Wolleh, 1967

Surreal Paris Years(1926-1930) 1912


His mother committed suicide by drowning herself in the River Sambre. This is said to affact his painting style later in his works.
The Difficult Crossing(1926)

The Empty Mask(1928)


1919 1920 1922 1925 1926

Brussels Prewar and war years(1931-1942)

Magritte's exhibits his first Futurist-inspired paintings along with works by the painter Pierre Flouquet. Pure geometric abstraction seems too radical to Magritte who begins to search for a different pictorial language, finding it in Cubism and Futurism. Again meets Georgette Berger

On the Threshold of Liberty(1930) Time Transfixed(1938)

1922 1926

Magritte married Georgette Berger, who became his model in his paitings.

1929 1930 1931

Sunlit Period(1943-1947)

Completes The Last Jockey which was a critical milestone in his entry into Surrealism. The piece has a mysterious feeling, an anxiety without reason. The Last Jockey(1926) 1942 1943 1944

Companions of Fear(1942) The Taste of Tears(1946)

Vache Period(1947-1948)


Completes The Treachery of Images , the famous 'pipe' picture. But this is not a pipe since we can not smoke it. It is only a representation of one. The Treachery of Images(1929)

1947 1948
Prince Charming(1948)

The Staging Post(1948)

Mature Period(1948-1960) 1953


Mysteries of the Horizon(1955)


Delusions of Grandeur(1948)

Completes Golconda: small men in overcoats and bowler hats float weightlessly in a blue sky in front of facades of houses. This bowler-hatted figure becomes Magritte's emblem par excellence. He is present in many works after the 1950's.

Later Period(1960-1967)

Golconda (1953)


The Great War(1964)

Son of Man(1964)

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