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2nd Annual Energy Technology Venture Forum

“Financing and Launching Emerging Energy Technology Companies”

Rice Alliance - Houston Technology Center

Jones School, Rice University Friday, September 17, 2004

com Savage Design Shell Technology Ventures The Padgett Group Thompson & Knight Winstead Sechrest & Minick EVENT SPONSOR: MEDIA SPONSOR: .GOLD / SILVER UNDERWRITERS: Andrews Kurth LLP Administaff Baker Botts LLP Bracewell & Patterson LLP British Consulate-General Houston ChevronTexaco Ernst & Young ESX Engineering Fulbright & Jaworski LLP Haynes & Boone LLP Hewlett-Packard Company Locke Liddell & Sapp LLP McCoy Workplace Solutions Pannell Kerr Forster of Texas RENTthesite.

Stuart Schaaf Lunch & Networking Welcoming Remarks .1:00 PM 1:00 . Murphree Venture Partners George King.10:00 AM 10:00 .Dr.3DGeo Development New Venture Presentation .3:25 PM 3:25 . Michael Economides Company Updates 10:30 .10:45 AM 10:45 . Howard Schmidt “Emerging Sea-Going Natural Gas Transport” . September 17.Clipper Windpower Networking Break New Venture Presentation .10:10 AM Registration Welcoming Remarks and Introduction Technology Briefings . ConocoPhillips Dan Gleitman.Rice Alliance .6:30 PM Feedback Panel Networking Reception & Company Showcase . Vice President and Chief Technology Officer ChevronTexaco Corporation 1:55 . Steve Catha TerraVici Drilling Solutions.3:10 PM 3:10 .11:42 AM 11:42 . Eastman Ventures 4:25 .Network International Investor Panel: “Financing Energy Technology Start-Up” 3:55 .Dr.11:56 AM Noon .1:10 PM 1:10 .Dr.Beta Batt New Venture Presentation .4:25 PM Elliot Bouillion.11: 00 AM 11:00 . Halliburton Energy Services Group Joel Serface. Paul.2:40 PM 2:40 .11:49 AM 11:49 .HTC Keynote Presentation: “Building the Energy Future: Technology Strategy and the Role of New Ventures” 1:25 .1:55 PM Dr. Donald L.2:10 PM 2:10 .3:40 PM 3:40 .Houston Technology Center 2nd Annual Energy Technology Venture Forum "Financing and Launching Emerging Energy Technology Companies" Friday. HTC Davidson Instruments.3:55 PM New Venture Presentation .Emergent Maritime Technology New Venture Presentation .11:35 AM 11:35 .2:25 PM 2:25 . Walter Chapman “SWNT Quantum Wire: Nanostructured Carbon Conductors” .5:15 PM 5:15 . BP America Mike Albosta.1:20 PM Intro: Bob Schwartz. Rick Lopushansky SmartPipe.“Research Innovations in Energy” 10:15 .10:30 AM “Nanostructured Ceramic Membranes: Possible Fuel Cell Applications” .Dr.11: 15 AM 11:30 . 2004 9:00 . Mark Wiesner “Gas Hydrates: Fire in the Ice” .Rice Alliance Welcoming Remarks .Micro Seismic New Venture Presentation .

A. and CIO Magazine.Sc. Rice Alliance for Technology and Entrepreneurship scc@rice.A. Los Angeles Times. presenting numerous advantages over traditional sol-gel Bio: Mr. Ph. and Leadership in Medicine. he founded and managed the local office of Viant Corporation. Psychology. Prior to Viant.D.Energy Technology Venture Forum Friday. and web technology implementation. Wall Street Journal. Mark R. a pre- mier internet consulting firm. He also serves on the Boards of BioHouston. and Statistics Founding Director. Wiesner Professor. Currall earned a Ph. Brad was a Principal with CSC Index. Houston Technology Center. a M. and a B. Abstract: Metal oxanes are attractive precursors for ceramic membranes. and Chemical Engineering. and negotiation. Dr. In particular. creative design. from Cornell University.D. The Economist (UK). Burke is Managing Director of the Rice Alliance. the management consulting division of Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC). Wiesner's research pioneered the application of membrane processes to environmental separations and water Bio: Dr. William and Stephanie Sick Professor of Entrepreneurship Associate Professor of Management. from the London School of Economics (where he was a Rotary Scholar). Brad held management positions with Exxon Corporation. September 17. 10:15 AM "Nanostructured Ceramic Membranes: Possible Fuel Cell Applications" Prof. and consulting experience in the areas of corporate governance. Inc. Wiesner is a Professor in the Departments of Civil and Environmental Engineering. Rice Alliance for Technology and Entrepreneurship bburke@rice. while able to operate at higher temperatures. Currall has research. He has been quoted in the New York Times. from Northwestern University's Kellogg Graduate School of Management and his B. 2004 10:00 AM Welcoming Remarks and Agenda Steven C. Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Chemical Engineering Rice University wiesner@rice. from Vanderbilt University. delivering internet strategy. The Rice Alliance and the Houston Technology Center appreciate the gracious support of today’s underwriter: . teaching. emerging technology companies. Most recently. cum laude from Baylor University.B. Before Bio: Dr. Brad Burke Managing Director. Viant went public through an IPO in 1999. Currall. He received his M. we have fabricated iron-based ceramics from ferroxane nanoparticles with proton transfer properties rivaling those of Nafion membranes. He serves on the editorial review board of the Journal of Organizational Behavior and the Academy of Management Executives.S. Business Week magazine. Mark R.

Scientific and commercial impact of the research at Rice will be discussed. and in industrial applications.Energy Technology Venture Forum Bio: Professor Chapman received his B. Ph. Cullen College of Engineering University of Houston mje@uh. He has received both graduate and undergraduate teaching awards at Rice. 2003. September 17. Abstract: Natural Gas hydrates are self-assembled nano-crystalline materials in which water forms cagelike structures that trap natural gas components. Economides Professor. Abstract: Single-Wall Carbon Nanotubes (SWNT) have remarkable mechanical. and the CTO of the Texas Energy Center." He is responsible for financial matters and contract execution for projects within CNL. Walter was also named an Outstanding Young Alumni at Clemson University. in global climate Bio: Michael J. He The Rice Alliance and the Houston Technology Center appreciate the gracious support of today’s underwriter: . Walter has been a visiting Professor at the Technical University of Berlin and at the Technical University of Denmark. Professor of Chemical Engineering Rice University wgchap@rice. 10:45 AM "SWNT Quantum Wire: Nanostructured Carbon Conductors" Howard K. Vast amounts of hydrates occur naturally in the permafrost and below the seafloor. He also leads the Laboratory's marketing efforts. and contributes to technical work and project management. thermal and electrical properties. Prior to joining the Rice faculty.D.S. through spacebased electrical power transmission components. Among many potential applications. with up to ten-fold greater conductivity and six-fold less weight.D. including major retainers by national oil companies and by Fortune 500 companies. Schmidt joined the Carbon Nanotechnology Laboratory at Rice University as Executive Director in September. structural. CNL maintains a focuse on developing advanced electrical conductors comprised of quasi-crystalline arrays of metallic SWNT fibers. Howard K. Schmidt. Executive Director Carbon Nanotechnology Laboratory Rice University Bio: Dr. There is a rapidly growing awareness of the major importance and wide ranging scope of these hydrates as a potential fuel supply. Key applications span micro-electronic inter-connect. Such 'quantum wires' could well replace copper. Ph. 2004 10:30 AM "Gas Hydrates: Fire in the Ice" Professor Walter G. Economides does a wide range of industrial consulting. Economides is an engineering professor at University of Houston. in Chemical Engineering from Clemson University and his PhD from Cornell University. 11:00 AM “Emerging Sea-Going Natural Gas Transport” Michael J. he was a Research Engineer with Shell. Publications include 11 books and 200 journal papers and articles. Chapman. with the charter of growing the CNL program and staff "to make Buckytubes be all they can be.

VP and Director of Energy at the Houston Technology Center. is a leading supplier of fiber optic sensor solutions for industrial applications. ConocoPhillips and FMC Technologies in both upstream and downstream functions. Davidson’s President and CEO. and managed other successful businesses including a “green field” business that generated $60 million in revenue for the manufacture of high quality torpedo warhead systems for the U. and actual gas-transport projects are analyzed. Mr. He is a partner in Encore Energy LLC. and natural gas-to-liquid (GTL) conversion.. Duke Energy.S. headquartered in Houston. Bob has worked for Exxon/Mobil. and a construction services business that served the telecommunications industry. September 17. has twenty-eight (28) years of experience in the development of technologybased businesses serving government and industry and has a strong background in engineering. and the Edison Welding Institute. upstream oil and gas production and aerospace. Technical. These functions are then integrated into a model. Abstract: Four sea-going natural gas transport technologies are discussed: liquefied natural gas (LNG). 11:35 AM Davidson Instruments Richard Lopushansky President and CEO Davidson Instruments rlopushansky@davidson-instruments. Davidson’s early products were developed for the Navy and the Department of Energy. He has consulted for companies in the energy and chemical industries as well as consulting in the public sector. McDermott International. Navy. Bio: Richard L. 11:30 AM Company Updates: Introduction Bob Schwartz Vice President and Director of Energy Houston Technology Center bschwartz@houstontech. He has started.Energy Technology Venture Forum Friday. Texas and founded in 1995. He holds a degree in chemical engineering (Tau Beta Pi) from the University of Oklahoma and an MBA from the Harvard Business School. Company Description: Davidson Instruments. refining and chemical processing. has an extensive background in the Energy industry spanning 40 years. Inc. and marketing. sub sea pipelines (PNG). Southwest Research Institute. the Company is now deploying commercial sensor systems to monitor The Rice Alliance and the Houston Technology Center appreciate the gracious support of today’s underwriter: . Prior to joining the HTC Bob spent 10 years as the Director of the Entrepreneurship Concentration at The University of Texas at Austin McCombs Graduate School of Business. Lopushansky. Lopushansky has had significant management experience as an employee and consultant working for The Babcock & Wilcox Company. Shell Oil Company. manufacturing. conceptual. which is used to determine the economic constraints of a number of developments that cover a range of gas rates and shipping Bio: Bob Schwartz. compressed natural gas (CNG). a technical services business that served the oil and gas industry. 2004 has had professional activities in over 70 countries. The Company has developed a family of fiber optic based instruments suitable for use in demanding applications such as power generation.

manufacturer of high-pressure flexible Bio: Steve was the founder of Pipeliners.Concluded Series A Financing in the amount of $5. manufacturing system . Smart Pipe® is a high strength reinforced thermoplastic pipe (RTP) that: . -several contracts with established companies in Power Generation.. 11:42 AM SmartPipe Stephen C.25 million. S. mostly with Armco Steel/ National Supply. Stuart previously worked with Schlumberger Oilfield Services for 12 years in various operational.Wellstream.Obtained $200. Stuart holds 8 patents in this field. engineering and management roles.Completed the assembly of our "launch team" . the first U. developer of the U Liner trenchless rehabilitation system. Oil & Gas and Chemical Refinery. site based.000 of "Angel" financing under an agreement requiring us to immediately prepare and launch a private placement offering . Catha Chief Executive Officer Smart Pipe Company. September 17. LP is the developer of the Smart Pipe® liner system for low cost restoration of aging high pressure urban pipe lines. Before founding Flexpipe Steve spent almost fifteen years in the steel pipe industry.Provides the operator of the pipeline with continuous monitoring and inspection capabilities.Finalized the design and launched the fabrication of our portable factory .a. After leaving Schlumberger.k. renews the projected service life of the subject pipeline . where necessary. These roles included responsibility for the development of advanced drilling systems including rotary steerable systems. Milestones Since September 2003: .Is manufactured and installed as a tight fit liner in an underground pipeline using a portable. Prior to Pipeliners Steve founded Flexpipe a. Milestones since September 2003: . Company Description: Smart Pipe Company. Inc.schaaf@terravici. TerraVici The Rice Alliance and the Houston Technology Center appreciate the gracious support of today’s underwriter: .Housed our company at HTC . sccatha@aol.Successfully completed our private placement offering ($4 million raised in eight months) . refinery and chemical plant processes and down hole oil and gas well parameters. 2004 gas turbines.Maintained close contact with our primary customer targets 11:49 AM TerraVici Drilling Solutions Stuart Schaaf President TerraVici Drilling Solutions stuart. modified or enhanced our basic liner design .com Bio: Stuart is the founder of TerraVici Drilling Solutions. Stuart created InterSyn Technologies and developed an engineering methodology for identifying cross-industry technology transfer opportunities. Inc.P.Completely reviewed and.Restores the subject pipeline to its full pressure handling service rating.Energy Technology Venture Forum Friday. L.

Energy Technology Venture Forum Friday. TerraVici will continue to develop technologies for the Oil and Gas Industry including other low cost CVT based technology applications. VP and Director of Energy at the Houston Technology Center. Stuart has 10 years of entrepreneurial experience having developed three business ventures. Through implementation of proven CVT technologies.E.E. In addition to his technical knowledge.Attracted industry player as minority investor and potential licensee Noon Networking and Boxed Lunches Anderson Family Commons 1:00 PM Welcoming Remarks and Agenda Steven C.Provided proof of concept for CVT to act as control mechanism in Rotary Steerable System Completed concept design. TerraVici will introduce the rotary steerable system into market through licensing agreements.E. He has consulted for companies in the energy and chemical industries as well as consulting in the public sector. Stuart holds two degrees including M. ConocoPhillips and FMC Technologies in both upstream and downstream functions. Rice Alliance for Technology and Entrepreneurship scc@rice. Prior to joining the HTC Bob spent 10 years as the Director of the Entrepreneurship The Rice Alliance and the Houston Technology Center appreciate the gracious support of today’s underwriter: . and B. (Marquette University). high performance drilling solutions to the Oil and Gas Industry.S. 2004 was spun out of InterSyn to focus on the development of next generation oilfield technologies. TerraVici has been able to develop a low cost rotary steerable system design that will outperform available rotary steerable systems on drilling performance for a fraction of the price. Psychology. Stuart joined TerraVici as president and 1:10 PM Welcoming Remarks and Agenda Bob Schwartz Vice President and Director of Energy Houston Technology Center bschwartz@houstontech. Ph. (University of Wisconsin).000 in private funding Secured worldwide field of use license for CVT design . initiated final detailed design . William and Stephanie Sick Professor of Entrepreneurship Associate Professor of Management. has an extensive background in the Energy industry spanning 40 years.Raised $750. Milestones Since September 2003: .edu Brad Burke Managing Director Rice Alliance for Technology and Entrepreneurship bburke@rice. September 17. Bob has worked for Exxon/Mobil. and Statistics Founding Director. Company Description: TerraVici provides low cost. In Bio: Bob Schwartz.E.S.D. Currall.

House of Representatives (Energy and The Rice Alliance and the Houston Technology Center appreciate the gracious support of today’s underwriter: . In this role. Donald L. In his career. 2004 Concentration at The University of Texas at Austin McCombs Graduate School of Business. (Don) Paul is vice president and chief technology officer of ChevronTexaco Corp. the Canadian oil and gas exploration and production subsidiary of Chevron.S. Information Technology and Technology Ventures. September 17. Paul joined the company in 1975 as a research geophysicist with Chevron Oil Field Research Co. He is a partner in Encore Energy LLC. He is a member of the Society of Exploration Geophysicists. Paul is a member of the National Research Council of the U. safety and environmental compliance function. Global Issues Committee. Paul also was the corporate officer for Chevron's worldwide health. a position he assumed in 1996.D. A native of Los Angeles. He holds a degree in chemical engineering (Tau Beta Pi) from the University of Oklahoma and an MBA from the Harvard Business School. Paul testified before the U. He is a member of the external advisory board for the Department of Earth. in geophysics. He is the corporate officer responsible for ChevronTexaco's three technology companies: Energy Technology. In this role. California. with a bachelor's degree in applied mathematics. a master's degree in geology and geophysics and a Ph. and professional technical societies. He has served as past chairman of the Advisory Board for the School of Earth Sciences at Stanford. and Management Committee. 1:25 PM Keynote Address: Building the Energy Future: Technology Strategy and the Role of New Ventures Dr. Paul has held a variety of management positions of increasing responsibility in both the upstream business and technology. government. universities. Atmosphere. On June 6. Paul served as vice president of technology and environmental affairs for Chevron Corp. and president of Chevron Canada Resources Ltd. and Planetary Sciences of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the School of Engineering at the University of Southern California. including president of Chevron Petroleum Technology Co. Paul Vice President and Chief Technology Officer ChevronTexaco Corporation Bio: Donald L. the American Association of Petroleum Geologists and the Society of Petroleum Engineers. Previously. Paul is a member of the Strategy and Planning Committee. (COFRC) in La Habra. which is responsible for managing Chevron's environmental remediation efforts at sites throughout the United States. he coordinates their work to accelerate the development and integrated application of technology throughout the company's worldwide business activities. California. National Academy of Science and served on the 1997 Presidential Panel on Federal Energy R&D. 2002. (CEMC).Energy Technology Venture Forum Friday. that includes Chevron Environmental Management Co.. Human Resources Committee.. Paul is extensively involved in external research and technology management roles with partners.S. he is a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology..

China. Inc. suitable for medical. Bio: Larry Gadeken. Scotland. Bio: Christopher Neale is Vice President. space. production-related processes occurring within the Laura Capper Vice President. holds a Ph. larrygad@betabatt. Busines Development MicroSeismic. cneale@microseismicinc. Ph. Its products will be commercialized via sponsored manufacturing and licensing arrangements. he spent two years as the Director of Energy Business Development for the Houston Technology Center and as Director of Business Development for Cogos Software. Indonesia and Australia. Inc. Neale spent 18 years with Texaco working and living in Saudi Summary: MicroSeismic.D. in experimental nuclear physics from the University of The Rice Alliance and the Houston Technology Center appreciate the gracious support of today’s underwriter: . Inc. BetaBatt's President and Chief Scientific Officer. is a service company that provides 3-D images of the earth utilizing passive or naturally occurring acoustic energy as a source.Energy Technology Venture Forum Friday. 2:10 PM New Venture Presentation #2: Beta Batt. subsea. solar cells. Inc. and the other that delineates dynamic. Larry Gadeken. based on its patented 3D micro-architecture combining porous silicon and p-n Summary: BetaBatt makes highly efficient energy capture and electrical power conversion devices. sub-terrain and military applications. and subsequently moving into engineering and operations management. in May 2003. Prior to joining MicroSeismic. and microelectronics. Our passive monitoring is achieved using surface based detection. lcapper@cap-res. September 17. initially as a reservoir engineer. where he is responsible for the adoption of the company's new technologies into the market. Inc. President BetaBatt. Business Development BetaBatt. including fuel cell technology and is an advisory board member of the FreedomCAR and Fuel Program of the Department of Energy. with a minimum impact on field operations and the environment. 2004 Commerce Committee) on the future of advanced energy technologies. Neale has an undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering from Texas A&M University and an MBA from Rice University. BetaBatt's novel 3D diode also has unique photovoltaic conversion properties for use in photon detectors. The first product is an emission-free nuclear battery with a 20-year lifespan. We have two product lines: one that maps the static structure of the subsurface as with conventional 3-D seismic. Inc.. Business Development for MicroSeismic. Inc.D. 1:55 PM New Venture Presentation #1: Micro Seismic Christopher Neale Vice President. Inc. He is a past Chairman of the Saudi Arabia Section of the Society of Petroleum Engineers.

Prior to founding CAP Resources. thus increasing potential margins by 400-700%. She brings twenty years of marketing. 2004 Iowa. specializing in increasing shareholder value for over 150 start-up and high-growth companies. wind energy is the only renewable energy competitive with natural gas fired generation. Gadeken has been awarded 17 patents and has published in a number of professional venues. investor recruitment and financial management. This patented technology is expected to reduce the cost of wind-generated electricity by over 17%.Energy Technology Venture Forum Friday. BetaBatt's Vice President of Business Development. She was founder and Director of ERealty. He is a member of the American Physical Society. is Chairman of the MIT Enterprise Forum. Gadeken founded BetaBatt for the purpose of developing a commercially viable nuclear battery based on 3D porous silicon diodes. the company has been awarded over $10 million in grants The Rice Alliance and the Houston Technology Center appreciate the gracious support of today’s underwriter: . operations. early stage operations. a Houston-based consulting firm established in 1994. Laura served as a senior manager in marketing. Dr. She is also President and Founder of CAP Resources. the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers and the Society of Professional Well Log Analysts as well as the Rice Alliance for Technology and Entrepreneurship. This machine. and operations roles with Advanced Micro Devices and Landmark Graphics (now a Halliburton company). and business development expertise with technology companies. planned for production in 2005. experienced wind industry participant. providing a formidable competitive advantage. 2:25 PM New Venture Presentation #3: Clipper Windpower Stuart Valentine Clipper Windpower Summary: Wind energy is the fastest growing sector of the global electric power generation business. is a Director of Wallis State Bank. Dr. with annual growth averaging 28% for the past twelve years and exceeding $8. In recognition of the merits of this advanced technology and for Clipper's highly experienced management and engineering team. the American Nuclear Society. is a BSEE from Rice University with a minor in computer science and bioengineering. He spent nearly a quarter century performing research on nuclear techniques for the oil well logging industry where he developed commercial services that generated millions of dollars in revenue. Bio: Laura Capper. Laura has expertise in channel development. September 17. and is an Advisory Board Member to the Houston Technology Center and the Rice Alliance for Technology and Entrepreneurship.5 billion in sales in 2003.5 megawatts (MW) of generating capacity with a 93-meter (305 foot) rotor span. active in the development of wind power projects and advancing wind power technology for the next generation of wind turbines. sales. using radioisotopes that emit no external radiation. is designed for 2. market Clipper believes it can produce substantial profits and shareholder value through its new patented technology incorporated into the Clipper C-93 "Liberty" wind turbine. In terms of cost of energy (COE) of new generating capacity. He has also guided and directed research teams in the course of accomplishing specific goals while maintaining budgetary requirements. Clipper is a credible. serves on the Center for Houston's Future Advisory Board.

2004 from the U. ConocoPhillips. Inc.D. he and his partner Hal Masover founded Crown Futures Corp. Shell. The existing seismic processing market is estimated at $2 billion. September 17. To date 3DGeo has been entirely financed from cash flow and within five years it plans to reach revenues of $72 million. PetroChina. Stuart's academic background includes an undergraduate degree in Renewable Energy Engineering and Energy Policy Studies from the Evergreen State College in 1982 and an MBA degree with particular focus on the market implications of the deregulation of the Natural Gas industry from the Maharishi University of Management in 1986. IPAM also is involved in exploiting the investment opportunities in corn based Ethanol.4 million C-93 development program. Inc. Petroleos de Venezuela SA. Fugro. A key 3DGeo product and service is the wave-equation migration imaging and velocity model suite of applications.Energy Technology Venture Forum Friday.S. Landfill Methane Gas and utility scale Wind Power. In year 2000. 3DGeo's customers include Apache Corporation. mihai@3DGeo. 3DGeo has developed a portfolio of proprietary seismic data processing applications and collaborative enterprise infrastructure software. BP. The Rice Alliance and the Houston Technology Center appreciate the gracious support of today’s underwriter: . Department of Energy ("DOE") and the California Energy Commission ("CEC") for the $18. Since 1987 Stuart has been in the role of Financial Advisor and broker in the trading of Crude and Natural Gas futures and options contracts. 3DGeo pioneered this technology which offers an order of magnitude increase in accuracy and resolution over industry-standard methods. Alexander Mihai Popovici CEO 3DGeo Development. Unocal. Since its founding in 1994 by a Stanford faculty member and two Stanford Ph. and runs 60 times faster than the competing technology. PGS. Kerr McGee. Summary: 3DGeo is a leading software. data processing and infrastructure provider for the upstream oil and gas industry. Spinnaker Exploration. Ivanhoe Energy. graduates. These include the broad array of domestic and global equity investments with particular focus on domestic Natural Gas and Crude Oil drilling partnerships. the first to be provided on an economically feasible. In 1991. commercial basis in the industry. Occidental Petroleum. 2:40 PM Networking Break 3:10 PM New Venture Presentation #4: 3DGeo Development. ChevronTexaco. Bio: Stuart Valentine has been involved at the front line of the energy markets both in energy policy formation and investment for 22 years. Stuart expanded the investment opportunities available to his clients by creating Iowa Progressive Asset Management (IPAM). BHP-Billiton. ENI-Agip. Southwestern Energy. IPAM is a securities firm particularly focused on investment strategies in the domestic energy markets. Total.

(1995) and M. etc.P Morgan Chase. He escaped from Romania in 1986. and creating new streams of revenue. disfiguring. Neck and Oral Cancer Rehabilitation specialist trained at M. General Motors. Since 9-11-2001. Robinson President/Inventor DrKeith@emergentmaritime. 3:25 PM New Venture Presentation #5: Emergent Maritime Technology Dr. crossed two borders at night and spent a year in a refugee camp in Austria.). 2004 3DGeo was recognized as one of the Top 100 Innovative Companies by InfoWorld (together with J. Romania. The application of his Bio-mechanical concepts to mechanical objects such as tankers and barges has allowed for new technologies to be designed and patented for the prevention of oil spills following hull breach of vessels through a pre-containment technology known as AquaSafe.Energy Technology Venture Forum Friday. His specialized use of biomechanics in the design and fabrication of facial. LP is a Houston-based. and licensing of intellectual property for oil spill prevention and homeland security of maritime vessels and port facilities. and debilitating surgery or facial trauma. United States Army. and somatoprostheses on patients who have had massive. Procter & Gamble. oral. development. creates a fertile background for functional engineering creativity. data- The Rice Alliance and the Houston Technology Center appreciate the gracious support of today’s underwriter: . Keith A. He is a co-founder and has been with 3DGeo since 1995. Romania. Yahoo. a state-of-the-art software.S. Bio: Dr.D. Robinson is one of approximately 200 health practitioners worldwide as a Head. 3:40 PM New Venture Presentation #6: Network International J. Dr. The Company uses its large network of buyers. Bio: Alexander Mihai Popovici is Chief Executive Officer of 3DGeo. reducing costs for clients. Keith Summary: Network International provides a convenient and secure way to buy and sell surplus oil and gas equipment through the Internet. Daimler Chrysler. Dr. streamlining business processes.Sc. Texas. Robinson has also been actively involved in development of technology for Homeland Security in the area of port counter-terrorism and in concepts to be used in safeguarding LNG tankers from terrorist attack. Fannie Mae. and a B. Boyd Heath III Chairman & CEO bheath@networkintl. (1985) in geophysical and geological engineering from University of Bucharest. Charles Schwab. (1991) degrees in geophysics from Stanford Summary: Emergent Maritime Technologies. Anderson Cancer Hospital and Tumor Institute in Houston. and EM acquisition and processing contracts with the University of Bucharest. maritime technology firm dedicated to the creation. data processing and infrastructure provider for the upstream oil and gas industry. He holds Ph.D. September 17. Popovici's industry experience includes work in the seismic processing research department for Halliburton Geophysical Services in Dallas and Houston. for putting its innovative seismic imaging solutions to creative use.

Morgan) Global Energy Group.Energy Technology Venture Forum Friday. where he received a B.C. Heath worked for Koch Industries where he focused on acquisitions in the Bio: Elliott Bouillion is a General Partner at Murphree Venture Partners.B. where he structured senior and subordinated debt offerings. a manufacturer of advanced interactive high-resolution raster display controllers. Prior to that.A. Prior to EnCap. Mr. where he was CEO of this leading machine vision supplier for the plastics industry. telecommunications. both public and private. Mr. Bouillon also founded Phoenix Computer Graphics. he was involved in the structuring and management of numerous investments in both public and private companies. Inc.S. petrochemical. Bouillion was a founding member of the Landmark Graphics Corporation management team. from Avalon Imaging.P. He currently serves on the board of directors of Object Reservoir and Anark Corporation and previously served on the boards of FRx Software. making direct equity investments into emerging entrepreneurial enterprises. a leading venture capital firm focused primarily in the south and southwestern U. life sciences.. Murphree Venture Partners invests in high-tech- The Rice Alliance and the Houston Technology Center appreciate the gracious support of today’s underwriter: . Mr. During his tenure at EnCap. as well as a technology and business advisor providing consultation to early stage growth companies and venture capitalists. he managed various technology and service divisions in Houston and London. 3:55 PM Investor Panel: "Financing Energy Technology Startups" Elliot Bouillon General Partner Murphree Venture Partners ebouillon@murphreeventurepartners.S. Bouillion received a Bachelor's of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Southwestern Louisiana in 1979. regions. optical/semiconductor devices and energy technologies. Mr. Murphree invests in technology enterprises such as internet infrastructure and application software. As a General Partner. experienced revenue growth of more than $190 million and was later acquired in 1996 by Halliburton. Bouillion joined Murphree Venture Partners in 2000. 2004 base of transaction information and proprietary technology to help its clients achieve maximum returns on their surplus capital equipment. Inc. During his 12-year tenure as corporate Vice President and General Manager. a leading supplier of interactive computer-aided exploration systems. Heath graduated from The University of Texas. an institutional funds management firm focused on private equity investments in the oil and gas sector. and advised clients on acquisition and divestiture opportunities. Company Description: Murphree Venture Partners is a seed and early-stage venture capital firm. and power sectors. and Ischemia Technologies. Inc. Bio: Prior to joining Network International. Heath began his career as a member of Chase Manhattan Bank's (now J. primarily in the south and southwestern U. September 17. Landmark completed an IPO in 1988. Heath was a Vice President of EnCap Investments L. regions. Bouillion serves as an investor.

He holds the title of Distinguished Advisor. Technical accomplishments include 3 patents. Eng. innovation issues. Refining and Marketing. Albosta Manager. reservoir management and exploitation. and Gas.Energy Technology Venture Forum Friday. 51 technical papers. Michael A. Did a few more tours in Business Development where I worked M&A and was Conoco's lead Engineering Recruiter to UT Bio: George King has worked 33 years with the BP organization since joining Amoco in 1971. September 17. ConocoPhillips is the The Rice Alliance and the Houston Technology Center appreciate the gracious support of today’s underwriter: . North and South America.fuels technology. Company Description: ConocoPhillips is an international. also in NGP. optical/semiconductor devices. a book on completions and workovers. He has been involved with nearly all phases of well completions. problem well analysis. telecommunications. Emerging Technology ConocoPhillips michael. Next. and MS in Pet. intervention designs and general consulting. In addition. he went to Engineering and Business Development. workover processes and operations applications. Business Development. high-grade petroleum coke upgrading and sulfur removal. Distinguished Lecturer for the SPE during Bio: Michael Albosta began his career in Natural Gas Processing on the Management Development Program with ConocoPhillips in Oklahoma. Company Description: BP is a responsible energy company of 103. the company is investing in several emerging businesses . 3-D seismic technology. Degrees include BS in Chemistry. Petrochemicals. progressive and green in everything we do and say. life sciences. Power and Renewables. field reviews. Headquarter in Houston. Murphree Venture Partners invests in selected low-tech and non-tech endeavors. teaching.000 people working in over 100 countries with well established businesses in Europe. Then worked on the COP merger and after that moved over to Emerging Technology. power generation and emerging technologies . lecturer in the SPE Short Course series in 1999. George King Distinguished Advisor BP America kingge@bp. Then went to the Natural Gas Liquids Commercial group where I did logistics and then Trading. Current activities include mentoring.albosta@conocophillips. and Technical Chairman for the SPE Annual meeting in 1992.a. BS in Chem Eng. Australia and Africa. gas-toliquids. the Amoco Chairman's Award for technology from Amoco in 1997. stimulations.that provide current and potential future growth opportunities. 2004 nology enterprises such as Internet infrastructure and application software. BP believes in being performance driven. In addition to these focus areas. innovative. and worked as District Engineer for Conoco's Louisiana Gas plants. BP is divided into four main segments: Exploration and Production. Then moved to International Crude Oil Trading where I purchased cargo crudes for Refining and also marketed same for Production. and energy technologies. integrated energy company known worldwide for its technological expertise in deepwater exploration and production.

Our role as the venture capital arm is to act as a conduit between Eastman and emerging technology opportunities in the venture September 17. Company Description: Eastman Ventures was formed in 1999 to provide a new avenue for growth and innovation at Eastman Chemical Company. performing mechanical and systems engineering on MWD (measurement-while-drilling) and directional drilling systems. He progressed through engineering and program management. 2004 third largest integrated energy company in the U. 4:25 PM Feedback Panel Discussion 5:15 PM Networking Reception & Technology Company Showcase Anderson Family Commons 6:30 PM Forum Adjourns The Rice Alliance and the Houston Technology Center appreciate the gracious support of today’s underwriter: . and information technologies. Based in Palo Alto. Such ventures have included license-in of key technologies. Joel Serface Eastman Ventures Bio: Dan Gleitman is Director. founded in 1919. California. Dan Gleitman Director.gleitman@halliburton. environmental. He started with Halliburton's Sperry-Sun Drilling Services unit 21 years ago. The company serves its customers with a broad range of products and services through its Energy Services Group and Engineering and Construction Group business segments. Technology Ventures. Joel provides Eastman Chemical Company with a strong interface with the venture community. major research universities. energy. Dan holds a BS Engineering degree from Cornell University. intellectual property.S.Energy Technology Venture Forum Friday. co-developments. technical and business diligence. and other corporations to source new investment opportunities. Serface invests into the convergence of life sciences. for Halliburton Energy Services Group. and acquisitions. and stewarding. and for the past 9 years has been focused upon technology ventures. transaction structuring. co-marketing Bio: Mr. Technology Ventures Halliburton Energy Services Group dan. and the largest refiner in the country.halliburton. including ventures strategy. is one of the world's largest providers of products to the petroleum and energy industries. He is one of the founding sponsors of Houston Technology Center's Energy Program. negotiation. Company Description: Halliburton. The company's World Wide Web site can be accessed at www.

and international offices in Europe. offices centered in Texas. with a particular emphasis on energy finance and business transactions. Thompson & Knight consistently makes a positive impact on the people we serve. Our families and friends. we impact our clients. Thompson & Knight makes an impact. And our communities. with over 380 attorneys.S. the Firm prides itself on the depth of our experience in the energy industry and our ability to successfully resolve our clients' controversies in or out of court. North Africa. We foster growth. and South America. September 17. We influence opinions. and our ability and willingness to adapt. the Firm has U. our high ethics. our team approach. Mexico.Energy Technology Venture Forum Friday. In addition to providing a wide range of traditional legal services to clients in many industries. We exemplify good citizenship. What we do has mattered at Thompson & Knight LLP for over 117 years. We are one of the world's premier energy Success is built in increments. In short. and our dedication to serve.tklaw. 2004 Event Sponsor Organization: Thompson & Knight LLP Contact Information: Dallas Parker Partner 713-951-5800 www. our resilience. Our colleagues. Through our collective knowledge. Throughout the Firm's history. The Rice Alliance and the Houston Technology Center appreciate the gracious support of today’s underwriter: . have fueled our success. our relationships. What we all do every day matters. Our governments. Today. Our dedication to clients defines us well.

2004 Host Organization: Rice Alliance for Technology & Entrepreneurship The Rice Alliance for Technology and Entrepreneurship is Rice University's flagship initiative devoted to the support of technology entrepreneurship. September 17.000 individuals.houstontech. Life Sciences. Information Technology. Over advising and consulting on strategic business matters. HTC assists emerging technology entrepreneurs by providing in-depth business guidance. including setting operational goals. the Rice Alliance has conducted over 60 programs attended by over 11. It provides entrepreneurs access to the human and financial capital needed for success. serving as a coach for the entrepreneur. Since its inception in late-1999. education. Rice Alliance companies have raised more than $70 million in early stage funding. Nanotechnology and NASA technologies (www. the Rice Alliance has assisted in the launch over 145 new technology companies. The Rice Alliance provides entrepreneurs will a collaborative network and forum for support.000 individuals subscribe to the Rice Alliance Digest email newsletter. The mission of the Rice Alliance is to support the creation of technologybased companies and the commercialization of new technologies in the Houston and Southwest Region.Energy Technology Venture Forum Friday. Over the past 4 years. The Rice Alliance and the Houston Technology Center appreciate the gracious support of today’s underwriter: . and by facilitating access to capital sources and professional services. The Rice Alliance provides entrepreneurs will a collaborative network and access to the human and financial capital needed for success. Host Organization: Houston Technology Center Houston Technology Center (HTC) is a business accelerator that assists Houston-based emerging technology companies within several key sectors: Energy. and exchange of ideas.

It covers news and technology. to best perform their jobs. upstream to downstream. delivering critical information to subscribers from the oil patch to the executive boardroom. for over 100 years. Editorial Mission Statement "To assure subscribers that they receive all the information they need.Energy Technology Venture Forum Friday. best read and only weekly journal. in the depth and detail that they need it. 2004 Media Sponsor: Oil & Gas Journal The Oil & Gas Journal has been the industry authority for news and technology for over 100 years! Industry leaders and analysts have looked to the Oil & Gas Journal as the authority for accurate and helpful information in the petroleum industry. OGJ is the oil and gas industry's best know." The Rice Alliance and the Houston Technology Center appreciate the gracious support of today’s underwriter: . September 17.