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RESEARCHERS: Borjal, Jenelyn David, Cynthia Rebadulla, Demi mae

Degree Program: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Operation Management

Name of Institution: Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Muntinlupa

Academic Year: AY 2011-2012

Chapter 1 This study deals with the effect of management strategies in motivating employees performance. Management style and management process are the major determinants of the organizations internal environment. Together they determine how an organization operates and influence the performance of each employee. This also affects the structure of the information style needed by the organization that will help them to motivate employees to do their jobs well.

Chapter 3 Descriptive method of research is a type of investigation which is concern with the behavior of individual characteristics, and events in the environment. The Descriptive method that the researchers used was the Correlational Survey to determine the relationship of two Variables. The researchers used the Purposive Sampling Technique to look its respondents. Purposive sampling is a sampling method in which elements are chosen based on purpose of the study. It may involve studying the entire population of some limited group or a subset of a population. As with other non-probability sampling methods, it does not produce a sample that is representative of a larger population. The primary research instrument used in the survey was the questionnaires which the

researcher designed to provide reliable information to answer the question in determination of The Effect of Management Strategies and Employees performance of Mang Inasal at Poblacion Muntinlupa City.

Findings In terms of motivational factors that affect most of employees in relation to their performance was rewards with a 3.99 weighted mean, and descriptive interpretation of agree, salary with a 3.84 weighted mean were interpreted agree. Lastly by working condition with a 3.80 weighted mean were interpreted agree. This revealed that the majority of the respondents agree that salary, and Rewards were the most effective factors to increase their job performance. The extent of motivational factors that affects the level of employees performance Mang Inasal Poblacion Muntinlupa. It revealed that the extent of motivational factors were all given a descriptive interpretation of agree, effeciency with 4.18 weighted mean were ranked third. Productivity with a 4.14 weighted mean was ranked second, and lastly Effectiveness with a 4.18 weighted mean was ranked first. It implied that productivity was the most improved extent of motivational factors that affects the job performance of employees. Conclusion

The employees in the Mang Inasal Poblacion Muntinlupa City are affected by the three Motivational Strategies. The most eminent motivational strategies are salary and Rewards. The Employees iof Mang Inasal Poblacion Muntinlupa City are satisfied in terms of employees performance most especially when it comes to Effectiveness. The relationship between the independent and the dependent variables mostly have a significant relationship with each other that will prove that Motivational strategies and Employees Performance have a significant relationship with each other.

Recommendation the management should know their responsibilities to their employees to avoid problems or conflicts that may affect the employees job performance. The management should strive harder to improve some strategies that mere found unsatisfactory in order to enhance and improve the employees performance and they should improve the motivational factors that being implanted by the management. Management should look into the possibility of giving across the board incentives or reward to all their employees, not only to those who are high performers. This will motivate those who are low performers to exert efforts and excel in their field of work.