abet conduce rebound contribute countenance endorse sanction

abridgment syncopation (also, shifting the accent) abstemious abstentious acclivity ascent incline acerbity acrimony irascible petulant testy touchy rancor acquiescence badger nag heckle bait chiv(v)y hector binge blowout

boor lout clod churl dolt crass curmudgeon niggard brandish caustic tart mordant mordacious acrimonious scathing poignant pungent trenchant compunction qualm scruple misgiving contrition penitence attrition penance conflagration denigrate deprecate disparage decry descry expostulate

remonstrate dote (over-care) tend (care for) pamper dandle coddle cosset fondle frugal chary penury (privation, scantiness) penurious (poor, stingy) garrulous loquacious voluble prolix prating prattling gibbering snivel weep whimper (to make a low whining plaintive or broken sound; to complain or protest as if with whimper) grovel cringe fawn over toady truckle blandish adulate

(to flatter or admire excessively or slavishly) sycophancy ingratiate gush spurt spew surge gust flurry (gust; bustle, commotion) dispatch hackneyed trivial trite banal mundane quotidian heart-rending inure wont jocular jocose (witty) jocund blithe (merry) facetious gleeful waggish droll

largess muffle stifle smother garrote throttle (thong, tether) nosegay posy corsage obfuscate muddle addlepated stupefy opulent sumptuous luxurious lush pandemic rife replete pariah tramp derelict hobo vagrant penchant proclivity peripatetic picayune paltry niggling proscribe

rend cleave hew lacerate gash rive haggle ( to bargain, dicker; to argue) rotund corpulent pudgy stout tubby stocky portly burly burly bluff (good-natured) blunt brusque curt crusty gruff (hoarse, husky, maybe due to shyness) (abrupt and unceremonious in speech and nature) sagacity perspicacity acuity acumen astuteness

sated cloyed surfeited glutted wanton lewd bawdy salacious licentious lubricious lecherous scabbard (a holster for a sword) sheath rind husk cortex hull scintilla whit mote mite (arachnid) simian splurge go whole hog hog glutton stolid imperturbable impassive stoic tenable

vernacular tyro greenhorn neophyte proselyte catechumen pine (v) crave yearn berate chide admonish reprove upbraid extol tout vaunt ballyhoo travesty spoof sham lampoon pasquinade invective vituperative vitriolic scurrilous captious carping caviling truculent philippic (a discourse or declamation full of acrimonious invective)

tirade screed (lengthy discourse ; informal piece of writing) moot sally pillage jaunt

ramble saunter amble wog lope

torpid indolent listless languorous languid laggard (slowpoke)

onerous galling exigent defenestration evanescent transient deciduous (falling off (as at the end of a growing period or stage of development; ephemeral) dour

dismal doleful obdurate restive recalcitrant inexorable (implacable) obstinate (unduly persistent) mulish contumacious headstrong refractory (immune, insusceptible; unruly) pertinacious (of annoying or irksome persistence) reprobate depraved miscreant profligate unregenerate iniquitous (vicious, wicked) vitiate corrupt obsequious cringing deferential obeisant servile reify mercurial fickle crotchety (crabby) cross dyspeptic (also, having indigestion) splenetic rampart (bulwark, breastwork) corollary

hirsute hispid shaggy (unkempt) bristly (fleecy, unshorn) mangle maim slash hoax ruse ploy stratagem subterfuge portentous ominous baleful (deadly, pernicious) (ominous, sinister) circumlocution verbiage periphrasis effusion emanation exhalation furtive stealthy surreptitious shifty slink (slunk) (to move furtively, steal; the young of an animal brought forth prematurely) lurk (to lie in ambush) skulk (with cowardice) (slink, sneak) parry

rapt (enraptured, engrossed) lackluster drab pallid sallow lusterless livid (also, black-and-blue) wan (dark, gloomy, dusky, esp. water) lurid catatonic cataleptic stint (task; instrument driven up the urethra) straiten (narrow, restrict) perk bilk gyp con gull entreat importune slumber repose placidity egregious flagrant ignominious despicable impecunious penniless

interlope intermeddle lien (right to dispose of property) appurtenance adjunct (un)canny prevarication shuffling pandemonium tumult melee fracas imbroglio rumpus sliver snippet dab daub smidgen dab pat (strike or touch lightly) scintillate glint shimmer pare decorticate arboretum apiary decanter

carafe phial cruet tumbler chalice goblet coagulate congeal curdle clabber

astringent astrictive styptic pucker crease furrow mettlesome spunky dauntless high-spirited tenuous attenuated rancid rank putrescent pungent addle (rotten (of an egg; confused, muddled) miscible ebullient effervescent brook

(endure, tolerate; creek) epistemology gall effrontery temerity chutzpa brazeness cheek discomfit (thwart, overcome; embarass, disconcert) inculcate hatchet adz cleaver foundry rue seethe ret steep (soak) seethe (boil) simmer forbearance chevron caisson abhor execrate lewd bawdy salacious

squelch emulate imprecate fulminate hie dawdle dally roister flout incandescent effulgent resplendent incantation abscess pustule canker chancre molar (tooth for grinding) prestidigitation legerdemain dank sordid lichen mildew epiphany (appearance or manifestation, esp. of divine being) tut

exfoliate desquamate denude scurf covering kudos accolades acclaim orifice (mouth) aperture (opening in a solid wall or surface) interstice (interval, esp. between two close things) occlude sorb (by absorption) obstruct to shut in or out supererogatory gratuitous superfluous papilionaceous leguminous (resembling a butterfly) pullet (young hen) bequeath dower (pass on) fortuitously inadvertently stickle demur hesitate oblation

libation offering vintner (wine merchant) viridian (chrome green) vest appertain belong lugubrious bleak mournful ruminant ruminate cogitate muse ponder wile contrivance ruse trickery equanimity lackadaisical perfunctory nonchalant pococurante insouciant indifferent entrails viscera intestines blot blotch

smear smudge stain expunge efface obliterate irredentism* credence assent faith bask revel loll luxuriate heave lift or throw

pant yearn or throb inscrutable vexing unfathomable imbibe ingurgitate partake absorb imbue inculcate permeate vertiginous reeling dizzying plangent

buffeting resounding reverberating peal (resound; to utter or give forth loudly; kolokl'n. perezvon) daub smear varnish spread senile old writ edict befuddled besotted inebriated intoxicated squiffed groggy (weak and unsteady in action) prodigy paragon gaggle bevy group

garb style

prescient clairvoyant patter

(treskotnja) smatter piffle (trivial nonsense, ineptitude) twaddle drivel jabber gabble trough furrow groove manger (jasli) waddle trudge plod barge shamble venial vindicatory excusable proffer tender offer verdigris incrustation oxidation tamp carbine (uzi (israeli)) excruciate harry torment effeminate

prissy defile besmirch debase corrupt contrive concoct devise dross cinder (waste prod. of burning) offal refuse scoria slag trash frenetic frantic fad craze vagary whim caprice consort companion snigger chortle cackle titter giggle twitter hilt crank haft handle imputation

censure turpitude depravity vileness corruption anodyne nepenthe anesthetic lenitive sedative pudenda gonads (primary sex gland: ovary, testis) genitals stubble (facial hair) lob toss lanky gangly spindly rangy thin emaciated scrawny gaunt haggard starved spatula (flat thin implement used for spreading sof substances) spatter (splash or defame) filigree tracery lacework

provenance (origin, source) lard douse baste (moisten while baking) succulent (juicy) luscious (delicious) delectable (delightful) cupidity rapacity avarice bibulous (inlcined to drink) girth (waist measure) rivulet estuary creek cassock (apron) distend dilate expand transmogrify bleary fuzzy apprise acquaint instruct

retch gag supine recumbent lying ply (layer or proclivity) inebriate lush sot tippler drunkard knead (squeeze and press) pummel pommel thwack trounce baste lambaste thrash cudgel bludgeon effigy garnish (2) fray altercation brawl fisticuffs affray specious ostensible sophistical plausible colorable

allay assuage impunity (exemption from punishment, harm, or loss) derogatory detracting, degrading disparaging humidor (a case for storing cigars in which the air is humidified) sacristy vestry (a room in a church where sacred utensils and vestments are kept) expurgate expunge bowdlerize censor tenet taxonomy miscegenation (marriage between a white and a member of another race) blanch (from boilig) etiolate (plants from lack of light) blench (to grow pale, whiten) dissipate (squander, scatter) strew (scatter; disseminate) inundate (overflow) encumber (burden, hinder) amenable

malleable ductile pliant pliable limp pliant supple lithe resilient engender (cause, produce) quiescence hibernation disabuse (to free from error) feign sham pretend dissemble guile chicanery

fib quibble nit-picking cavil (to raise trivial or frivolous objections) propitiate placate atone expiate obviate (anticipate and prevent, make unnecessary) latent (present but hidden) inchoate incipient

probity rectitude abscond (to depart secretly) decimate (wipe out) unfettered unencumbered obstreperous clamorous unruly rambunctious vociferous impetuous rash moribund abacus guzzle quaff swig ingest gobble pique (irritate, provoke) rankle fester putrify rot suppurate (to form or discharge puss) jester

buffoon mawkish maudlin mushy soppy cloy surfeit satiate jejune (dull, puerile, insipid) wishy-washy (weak) infraction transgression breach thud thump clamber (to climb awkwardly) glutinous viscous viscid (glue-like) crochet purl feckless fustian worthless squalid sordid (morally debased) (dirty) dingy grubby fuliginous

sooty (dirty) obscure, murky ramshackle rickety (appearing to collapse) hovel tabernacle hut flit scurry scuttle (also, a lid in a roof, or ship's deck) scud scamper skitter slither (to move like a snake) scoot dart festoon lei wreath swivel prop fulcrum support (about which a lever turns) huddle throng cluster impugn (assail, resist) gainsay (deny) palpable (tangible)

betrothed affianced saturnine (sullen, sulky, sluggish) finicky punctilious painstaking fastidious meticulous rescind exonerate exculpate absolve vindicate (above; also avenge, assert, justify, maintain) prognostication clairvoyance divination riposte confutation retort rejoinder pernicious baneful venomous envenomed deleterious peroration (highly rhetorical speech or a concluding part) grime soot smut dirt

twinge (prick, to affect with sharp local pain) briar scrub (unimportant, also a bush) scour (rub off) sag decline slump taut (high-strung, tense) snout rostrum prow nozzle tetanus (infectious disease charact. by spasm of voluntary muscles, esp. jaw) renal nephritic (relating to kidneys) perch (a bar or a peg, also, to place on a precarious spot) brindled (having obscure dark streaks) fleck speckle mote streak tawny sienna (brownish yellow) haunch

hindquarter side draught dosage wart bunion excrescence protuberance nodule gibbousness tumescence swelling mesh thresh jamb anthropophagous Thyestean cannibalistic latrine escarpment (a steep slope in front of a fortification) barbican (an outer defense work: a tower at a gate or a bridge) clout (to cover, patch; clap) effluvium fetor stench drench sodden douse soak

rudder rufescent rubicund vim verve vitality levity giddiness (excessive frivolity) larceny pilferage theft stilts stilted (pompous, lofty) (formal, stiff) stigma opprobrium blemish numinous ethereal spiritual reredos (wall or screen behind an altar, or fireplace) brocade (a fabric with raised designs) warbler plangent resounding culverin

(an early firearm) garish tawdry meretricious ostentatious gaudy specious prurient (craving restlessly and/or lascivious in thought or desire) corybant (someone known for orgiastic processions or rites) bier (a stand on which a corpse or a coffin is placed) flail posse (militia, esp. a group for searching a lost child) capsize (upset, overturn) cavort caper prance frisk frolic romp wend (to proceed on (one's way)) budge (to move or pompous, solemn) plod trudge (to walk heavily) plod

drudge (toil) foment ferment enkindle evoke filament (thread or net) incubus (male evil spirit) succubus (female evil spirit) imp urchin fiend contretemps (pers.) gaffe (soc.) (faux pas, mishap) peremptory (authoritative) adamantine (unyielding, firm) burrow lair (den (of animal) or a place for hiding) rendition (surrender or performance) shoal (shallow place, sandbank) glisten glitter

glitch blemish (defect, imperfection)

asphyxiate (to suspend animation due to deficiency of oxygen and excess of CO2 in blood) strangle descry find rasp abrade excoriate grate scrape pusillanimous diffident stammer falter stutter stumble gewgaw bauble periapt fetish charm amulet ravine chasm gorge arroyo gulch cleft pelt (whack, throw (esp. in succession), skin)

mitt(en) (glove, leaving fingers, esp. thumb, uncovered) mendacious (lying) spurious (false, forged, bastard) incarnadine (of flesh color, bloodred) flounder (to struggle to move or obtain footing; to proceed clumsily) preen (n: pin, brooch; v: to trim or dress with the bill, to dress or smooth (oneself) up [primp], to pride or congratulate (oneself with achievement) parturition (the act of giving birth to an offspring) recondite (mysterious) abstruse profound catamite (a boy kept for purposes of sexual perversion) buggery sodomy prodigal profuse spendthrift torpor indolence sluggishness apathy slumber lethargy quaint (unusual, old-fashioned) philistine

babbitt carapace chitin barrage salvo ochre (impure iron ore and its color - ohra) stertorous (characterized by harsh snoring or gasping sound) crampon grapple (also, wrestle) cuticle pellicle skin defalcate embezzle bedraggle (to wet thoroughly) bedraggled dilapidated squall squawk yawp yell girdle (something that encircles, include. women's underwear) cinch (to grip tightly, to assure) shrivel wither parch (to toast or shrivel under dry heat; to shrivel/dry with cold; to become dry or scorched)

dishevel tousle rumple muss ruffle disorder flaccid limp flabby maggot grub larva serendipitous (contradictory or having the gift of finding valuable and agreeable things not sought for) waft (drift, float) waft whiff (faint odor) unguent (ointment) demulcent emollient (soothing) salve liniment (thinner than ointment) cerate unction (also, a religious or spiritual fervor or expression of such fervor; exaggerated, assumed, or superficial earnestness of language or manner: unctuousness) shale marl alluvium (sedimentary rocks) scree (pebble, stone or a heap of stones: talus)

maw craw gullet (stomach, crop) jugular (relating to neck) macerate (to cause to become soft and separate, esp. as a result of wetting or steeping) vixen trifler hoyden vamp coquette crone dowager (of imposing appearance) (old woman) slough fen quagmire bog morass pellucid (very lucid) limpid jowl (side of the face) janissary (a member of subservient or loyal troops or supporters) despondent forlorn tourniquet (device used to arrest bleeding)

aseptic (preventing infection; lacking vitality, detached, objective, cleansing, purifying) derringer (short-barreled pocket pistol) spurn condemn (reject, despise, scorn) winsome (cheerful, charming) preponderate (to exceed in weight, numbers or power and significance) querulous captious (always complaining, also fretful, whining) peevish disgorge vomit regurgitate (to throw or pour back or out) venial excusable nudge (touch or push gently) jab stab pout sulk billet (quarter, lodge, house) gnarl snarl

filch purloin pilfer (to steal furtively) saprophytic (obtaining food by absorbing dissolved organic material, esp. products of decay) squiggle scrawl scribble quisling (a traitor who collaborates with the invaders of his country, esp. by serving in a puppet govt) hubris arrogance overweening arrogant lurch (prowl, loiter furtively; steal) (to roll or tip abruptly, pitch, stagger, also) totter (sway, stagger, wobble) lint dirt collodion (glue for wounds or photofilms) divagate (wander about, diverge) ragamuffin waif tatterdemalion (ragged, orphaned child) wistful (full of unfulfilled longing or desire: yearning)

shackle manacle fetter gyve cascarilla (shrub for making incense and tonic) mullet (a fish) pang (brief, piercing pain) smite (smote, smitten) (to strike sharply or heavily, esp. with hand) swat sylph (air) (a slender graceful woman or girl) undine (water) dryad (wood) salamander (fire) caracole (a turning or capering movement) thrush (a bird or a fungal disease) pallet (a straw filled tick or mattress, temp. bed) trill (twirl, revolve; trickle; warble) purfle (ornament) yowl (wail, howl) ululate

bellow bawl (intensivnee i gromche, chem vyshe) swarthy swart (of dark complexion) grit (sand, gravel) (fortitude) (to cause to grind or grate, e.g. teeth) elan ardor dash effusive gushing (also, talkative, unrestrained) wade (to move or proceeding with difficulty/labor, or attack with vigor) muff (fail to catch) bungle botch myrmidon (loyal, subordinate follower) ogle leer gape gawk (stupidly) (stare w/ an open mouth) ogre monster loam (soil consisting of sand, clay, and slit)

integument (something that covers or encloses) fleece (a coat of wool covering sheep or similar animals) pellicle (a thin skin or film) requite (repay, avenge) ratchet (disk circuljarn. pily (vdol'), shesternja) propound propose broach (to make open for discussion for the first time) cesspit cesspool (for disposal of sewage and waste) convivial merry striate streak strake (mark with narrow lines) egregious flagrant skimpy exiguous scanty flounce (flounder, struggle; move in jerks or with sudden determination) bout (an athletic match (as in boxing), outbreak, attack) immolate (to offer in sacrifice; kill, destroy)

doldrums (a spell of listlessness or despondency; a part of the ocean near equator) quaver (tremble, shake; trill) wrangle bicker wangle (to obtain by arguing) coruscate (flash, sparkle) shimmer (glimmer) cursory (hasty, spuerficial) vertiginous (dizzy; giddy, inconstant; rotary) vertigo dizziness pate ((the crown of one's) head) imputation (ascription, accusation, insinuation) yank tug pull puce (brownish purple) mauve (pale purple) surmise conjecture (a thought or idea based on scanty evidence) cognizant

aware hone (sharpen, smooth with a bone) pantile (curved roofing tile) nuzzle (to work with or as if with a nose; to lie close or snug) snug (compfortable or concealed) susurration (whispering, murmur) susurrous rustling (full of whispering sounds) tumescent tumid swollen tumid turgid flatulent inflated bombastic plaintive melancholy doleful skein tangle (loosely coiled lenght of yarn or thread) banter jest (to speak in a teasing or witty manner) gibe

scoff internecine (marked by slaughter, esp. mutually destructive; relating to a conflict within a group) dole (to give or distribute as charity) adept expert proficient drawl (to speak slowly with vowels greatly prolonged) jerry-built (built cheaply and unsubstantially, carelessly, hastily) eremite hermit recluse (esp. religious) scruffy (shabby, contemptible) scabby mangy (both rel. to skin diseases) shoddy (cheaply imitative; vulgarly pretentious) astigmatic (showing incapacity for observation or discrimination) suborn (instigate, bribe, to induce to commit perjury) gerrymander (to divide (an area) into political units to give special advantages to one group) palter (equivocate, lie) purport

(meaning conveyed, implied, or professed: import; also, substance, gist) placeman (a political appointee to a public office, esp. in 18th century Britain) stunt (to hinder the normal growth: dwarf, check; also, trjuk) countermand (to revoke by contrary order) hallow (to make holy; venerate) praxis (an exercise or practice of an art, science, skill; customary practice) sesquipedalian crosier (a staff with a pointed foot carried by bishops nad abbots as symbol of office; a plant structure with a coiled end) splutter (to make noise as if spitting; speak hastily and confusedly: stammer) obsecrate supplicate (to make a humble entreaty) suppliant supplicant verisimilar probable antithetical opposite pastiche pasticcio (an artistic, lit. or mus. work that imitates the style of the previous work) potpourri (mus. or lit. composition made up of selections from different works)

fulminate (to utter or send out with denunciation) explode foible (a minor flaw or shortcoming in personal character or behavior) slosh slush strop (a leather band for sharpening razor) splice bile spleen rumple (wrinkle, crumple) (tousle, to make unkempt) somnolent slumberous somnifacient hypnotic somniferous soporiphic soporiferous cubit (18 inches) scrip (a short writing: certificate, list schedule, token, card, temp. currency) shod (wearing shoes; equiped with tires) fealty (fidelity, faithfulness, allegiance)

liege (also, can mean suzeraine) troth (loyal or pledged faithfulness: fidelity) shingle sorcery necromancy (use of power gained from control of or assistance from evil spirits) warlock sorcerer conjurer necromancer smattering (superficial knowledge) spurt (a sudden gush, jet) squirt (thin) spout (also, to talk readily, volubly and at length) variegate (to diversify in external appearance, esp with colors: dapple) (to enliven by variety) vie (strive for superiority) whorled verticillate (in circle of similar parts, e.g. leaves) blurt out (to utter abruptly and impulsively) chirr (strekot) Stygian Hadean hellish

palatable savory, tasty acceptable mucilaginous sticky prod (poke, stir) quandary (dilemma, predicament) straggle (rove, stray) straddle (sit, stand, walk with legs wide apart; sprawl; to seek favor of opposite sides, to be noncommittal) strands wisps tresses (long locks of hair, esp. unbound hair of a woman) megalith (one of the huge undressed stones used in various prehistoric monuments) expatiate wander descant (write lengthily) descant (sing in a spec. manner) effloresce (bloom; to form or become covered with powdery crust due to loss of water of crystallization) singe (to burn superficially or lightly; to remove the hair or fuzz by passing rapidly over the fire) insidious (treacherous, seductive, subtle)

devious (remote; roundabout; errant; erring; tricky; crooked) wile (a trick or stratagem that is intended to ensnare or deceive; trickery, guile) cully (trick, cheat, deceive) ensnare snare entrap tremulous tremulant timorous (trembling, timid) grope (to feel about blindly or uncertainly in search) grabble (with a hand) glotto(language, e.g. glottology) seraph cherub angel treble soprano

treble ternate threefold concussion (shaking, agitation; a smart or hard blow or collision or it aftereffect) concupiscent (ardent, esp. sexual desire) concupiscible (moved by above)

chamfer (to cut a furrow in: groove) (bevel, slant) bevel oblique slanting inclined adduce (to offer as example, reason, or proof in discussion or analysis) avian (relating to birds) virulent malignant noxious pathogenic marquis (scrubby underbush) (French guerilla) bandy (toss/bat to and fro; exchange (esp. words) argumentatively; to discuss lightly or banteringly) bandy (about legs) bowed bowlegged curettage (surgical scraping or cleaning be means of a curette - a scoop, loop, or ring used for that purpose) lath (a narrow strip of wood) joist stud slate

(rocky material used for roofing) dainty (delicious; choice, pleasing) (chary, fastidious) succor (relief; aid, help) alacrity alertness diddle (dawdle, fool; to waste time; hoax, swindle) tarry (linger; sojourn; stay) evzone (a member of the select Greek infantry unit) tassel truss (bind; support) hessian (mercenary) burlap (a coarse heavy fabric usu. of jute for bagging and wrapping) impart (grant; transmit; communicate) divulge (proclaim, reveal) coprolite (petrified remains) scour (to move about quickly esp. in search; to examine minutely or rapidly)

scour (rub hard to cleanse; purge) scour (diarrhea, dysentery) buff (to polish with leather) burnish (also, luster, gloss) pumice (a volcanic glass full of cavities and very light used esp. in powder form for smoothing and polishing) forage rummage, grub (search) ravage, raid scrounge cadge (beg, sponge) wheedle inveigle ransack (search thoroughly; plunder) gobbet (a piece or portion, usu. of meat; lump, mass) globule (tiny globe, ball) dottle (unburnt and partially burnt tobacco caked in the bowl of a pipe) malversation (misbehavior and esp. corruption in an office, trust, or commission; corrupt administration) paroxysm (convulsion; a sudden violent emotion or action) sternutation (the act, fact, or noise of sneezing) demure modest

staid (serious) sedate (keeping a quite steady attitude or pace: unfuffled) prim priggish (unduly formal, stiff) skittish (capricious, fluctuating, coy, bashful) interject (to throw in between or among other things: interpolate) farrago mixture risible (capable of or disposed to laugh; funny) promulgate (proclaim, declare) cranny nook crevice (a small break or slit) Parthian (of or related to a shot fired while in a real or feigned retreat) pert saucy impudent jaunty (trim and chic) haversack backpack sonorous (producing sound (as when struck)) resonant stump (remaining part: stub)

stump trim, lop (reduce to a stub) (perplex, confound) (to walk heavily or noisily) rile roil irritate strow (strowed, strown) scatter sophomoric (conceited and overconfident of knowledge but poorly informed and immature) sopite (to put to sleep: lull) (to put to an end: settle) strafe (to punish; to shell or bombard fiercely) seethe (boil, incl. peren.; soak) (n) ebullition impel (force; propel) ruffle (roughen, abrade; shuffle) ruffle (a state or cause of irritation; commotion, brawl) ripple desultory (random, aimless, erratic) cockerel (a young male domestic fowl) runnel rivulet

streamlet pounce (the claw of a bird of pery) (to make an abrupt assault or approach) (fine powder to prevent ink from spreading) halcyon (calm, peaceful; happy, golden; prosperous, affluent) octogenarian (a person in his eighties) pelagic thalassic oceanic wrest (skruchivat') (wrench; extort; distort) tidbit (titbit) (a choice morsel of food; a choice or pleasing bit (as of news)) cordite (smokeless powder; vzryvchatka) ineffable inexpressible transcend (exceed, surpass) carnage bloodbath flotsam (floating wreckage of a ship or its cargo; vagrant impoverished people; unimportant miscellaneous material) turret vacillation (irresolution, changeableness) epicene

(common to both sexes, genders; having characteristics of, or adopted to, both sexes; sexless) crump crunch demotic (of or pertaining to the people; popular) muleteer (one who drives mules) docile (disposed to be taught; tractable, gentle) reprieve (to delay, postpone, esp. smth evil or punishment; to give relief for a time) apposite (highly pertinent or appropriate) picaresque (rel. to rogues or rascals or Spa. fiction with one as a hero) ghoul (evil being who robes graves and feeds upon corpses) fell (cut, beat, knock down) fell (cruel, fierce; ferocious) percolate (to filter; to ooze through porous substance; to permeate) seep pervade (to become diffused through every part of) transpire (to cause (a fluid) to pass through a tissue or substance or its pores; to give off vaporous material; to become known or apparent; occur, happen)

flinch (to draw back as from pain, wince; shrink) sepulchral (of or pertaining to burial; gloomy, funereal) attenuate (to make thin or slender; less viscid or dense; weaken) obsequy(~ies) (funeral rites, burial ceremony) welter (to tumble about; wallow; writhe, toss; to be in turmoil) writhe tot (anything small; child) forceps (a pair of pincers or tongs; pintset, zazhim) asphodel (flower: daffodil, narcissus) fulguration (flashing like lightning) fulgent fulgurous fulgurant meed (that which is bestowed for merit; recompense, award) dispense (distribute; administer; exempt, excuse, absolve) turbid riley angry spiffy

(fine looking; smart) cicatrix (a scar after a wound) dint (force, power: by dint of) dent fob (short chain for a watch; small pocket in men's trousers) dowel lee (protecting shelter; the side that is sheltered from the wind) beckon (summon or signal by gesture; to appear inviting) sough (moan, sigh) deracinate uproot raptor (a bird of prey) aft abaft sternward rearward hibernate (to pass the winter in a torpid or resting state) blight (disease, injury; withering, death; frustration, impairment) promontory headland erstwhile

(formerly) wilt (droop, become flaccid; languish, to grow weak or faint) panegyric paean encomium (a eulogistic oration or writing; praise) harridan (witch) gorgon beldam (old woman; hag) biddy (also, hen; chicken; a girl hired for cleaning) revel roister carouse (celebrate wildly) feline (rel. to cats; sly) veneer (protective or ornatmental layer) recant abjure repudiate revoke disavow renounce approbate (approve, sanction) sequacious (inclined to follow a leader; slavishly compliant, esp. in opinion; having or observing logical sequence) abnegate (surrender, relinquish) (deny, renounce) perforce (adv)

(by force of circumstances or necessity) willy-nilly peregrine (having a tendency to wander) pail bucket tisane bonkers, balmy insane wicker (withe, small pliant twig) wickerwork eponym (the person for whom something is named or supposedly named; one whose name is so prominently connected with something as to be a figurative designation for it) equestrian (rel. to horseback riding) rapport (relation marked by harmony, conformity, accord, and affinity) rapprochement (establ. or state of such relations) palsy (paralysis, a condition marked by uncontrolled tremor of a body part) desist stop seam suture hem (a border of a cloth article doubled back and stitched down; to confine, border, edge) helve haft

(a handle of a tool or a weapon) undulate fluctuate cadence (rhythm, beat) harrow (plow; vex, torment) harry (pillage, raid; to force to move along; to torment by as if a constant attack, worry) avid (greedy; eager) placid unruffled apperception (self-consciousness; the process of understanding something perceived in terms of previous experience) spittle (saliva, spit) corrugate (furrow, to form or shape into wrinkles or folds or ridges and grooves) popple yolk recriminate (to make a retaliatory charge against the accuser; to retort bitterly) recrudesce (to break out and become active again) yodel (to sing or call abruptly changing octaves) wisp tuft clump, cluster

wad (a roll of smth, e.g. paper money, also, a considerable amount of smth) pertinacious (perversely persistent, obstinate; tenacious; dogged) penitentiary penitential (reel. to confinement in a prison) nib neb (bill, beak; sharp point) sere withered threadbare (iznoshenn.) bovine (rel. to cows) capacious ample, copious scrotum (the external pouch in most animals that contains the testes) till (cultivate) (a drawer) ingle (fire, blaze; fireplace) redolent (aromatic, scented; evocative, reminiscent) conflate (blend, fuse) fallow (land left unplanted (pod parom); dormant, inactive) bole (the trunk of a tree)

frilly (ornate, elaborate) balk (or baulk) (block; refuse abruptly; frustrate) bilk (also, to cheat out of what is due; elude) terse (polished, refined; succinct) disputatious (inclined to dispute; controversial) contentious (likely to cuase a dispute) captious (calculated to confuse or entrap; marked by an inclination to stress faults or raise objections) sedulous assiduous unremitting (constant) craven (defeated, vanquished; cowardly) ponderous (heavy) fluster (to make tipsy; to put into a state of agitated confusion) discompose dearth paucity eclectic (selecting what appears to be best in various doctrines, methods, styles; composed of elements drawn from various sources) incursion raid reparation (also, repair)

atonement (also, reconciliation) expiation amends quittance aver (to verify/prove to be true; to assert) avow strew (to spread by scattering; disseminate) flange (a rib or a rim for strength, for guiding, or for attachment to another object) tare (a weed; undesirable element) tortuous sinuous (winding; marked by strong lithe movements; intricate, complex) sinuate (having the margin wavy with strong indentations) sinter (a deposit former by evaporation of lake or spring water) (to cause to become coherent nonporous mass by heating without melting) reticulate (to divide, mark, or construct so as to form a network; to distribute by a network) mortar (a vessel in which substances are pounded or rubbed with a pestle; a muzzle-loading cannon having a tube short in relation to its caliber that is used to throw projectiles with low muzzle velocities at high angles) mortar (a plastic building material that hardens and is used in masonry or plastering) grout (thin plaster) lees (the settlings of liquor during aging and fermentation; dregs) pestle (device for pounding, stamping or printing) lustrous (shinning; illustrious)

corral pen (smaller) (an enclosure for animals) coop (norm. for poultry; jail) hutch (a chest or compartment for storage; pen, coop; shack, shanty) carrel (enclosure for studying in a library) cubicle (also, a sleeping compartment) nook (a secluded or shelter place; rectangular corner; an interior angle former by two meeting walls: recess) quoin (solid exterior angle of a building) berth (sufficient distance for maneuvering a ship or place where it lies when anchored or at a wharf; a place to sit or sleep, esp. when on a ship or vehicle; a billet on a ship; job, position) die (any of various tools or devices for imparting a desired shape, form, or finish to a material or for impressing an object or material) graft (to cause (a scion) to unite with the stock; to unite closely; to implant (living tissue) surgically; to take money or other gain in dishonest or questionable ways) scion gargoyle (a spout in the form of a grotesque human or animal figure projecting frm a roof gutter to throw rainwater clear of a building; a grotesquely carved figure; a person with an ugly face) nozzle (a projecting vent of something; a small spout (as of pipe); slang: nose) deride taunt ridicule floccinaucinihilipilification (estimation of smth as valueless) incendiary (rel. to deliber. burning of property; tending to excite or inflame) renegade

apostate recreant (also, coward) runagate (fugitive, vagabond) tergiversator (one who uses subterfuges or equivocates) pun (the humorous use of a word in such a way as to suggest different meanings of applications or of words having the same or nearly the same sound but different meanings) reticent (uncommunicative) discreet curtsy (reverans) impute (charge; attribute) ascribe middling (average; mediocre) shrew termagant jade harridan (a scolding woman) jaded (weary, tired) lug (grag; pull; introduce in a forcible manner, as a story ito a conversation) prong, tine (a slender pointed or projected part; a fang of a tooth; a point of an antler) antler (the solid deciduous horn of an animal of the deer family or a branch of that horn) to smart (to cause or be the cause or seat of a sharp poignant pain; to feel or have such pain; to feel acutely remorseful) frisson (n)

(shudder, thrill) rehash (to present or use again in another form without substantial change or improvement) hash (to chop into small pieces; confuse, muddle) gallimaufry medley jumble adamant (unyielding; inflexible) wench hussy slattern trollop (a loose woman) sloven (habitually negligent of neatness or cleanliness, esp.. in dress or peron; uncultivated, undeveloped) quibble (equivocate; cavil, carp; bicker) bicker (to quarrel petulantly: altercate; to move quickly and unsteadily with a rapidly repeated noise; quiver, flicker) swound (arch.) swoon (to faint; to become enraptured; float, fade) fain (arch.) (pleased; inclined; obliged) shrift (arch.) confession shrive (to minister the scrament of penitence to; pardon, purge; to confess to a priest)

gad (a chisel or pointed iron bar for loosening ore or rock; rod, stick) gad (to be on the go to little purpose) gadabout (a person who flits about in social activity) ire (wrath; anger) apothegm (aphorism) adage (a saying embodying common observation, often in metaphorical form) cull (to select from a group: choose; bring together) cull (something rejected for inferiority or worthlessness) mattock (a digging and grubbing implement with features of an adz, ax, and pick) gamut (the whole series of recognized musical notes; an entire range or series) ensign (flag, emblem, sign) insignia (a badge of authority or honor: emblem) sunder (to break apart or int two; sever in violence) flagellate scourge (whip, flog; to punish severely; devastate; to subject to harsh criticism) flagitious infamous vial seer

vaticinator (prophet) dirge threnody elegy (mournful song) scrimmage (skirmish; football practice) chute (fall; a quick descent: rapid (as in river); downward slope through which things may pass: slide; parachute) obloquy calumny feckless (ineffectual, weak; worthless, irresponsible) fustian (a strong cotton and linen fabric; pretentious writing or speech: bombast) claimant (clamorous, blatant; demanding attention: urgent) inimical (hostile; adverse) daunt intimidate repudiate (disown; reject) repugn oppose repellent repugnant abhorrent (actively repugnant) distasteful obnoxious invidious (cannot be used without creating ill will, odium, or envy)

impassive (unemotional) sedate (serenely deliberate, composed, and dignified) impetuous (rash) grizzled (grey) pandemonium (wild disorder) android (human-like robot) tenebrous lugubrious approbation (approval) hulking (massive; clumsy) ungainly uncouth maladroit inept (also, not apt; foolish) eclectic (selecting, employing or made up of various elements from different sources) eclat (great brilliance, as of performance or achievement; conspicuous success) littoral (off or on a shore) galvanize (to stimulate, shock with el. current; to incite, spur)

venal sordid (also, filthy) (mercenary, bribable) purulent (containing, discharging, or causing the production of pus) fester rankle (to become sore infected) ramification (development, consequence) insufflate (to blow or breathe into or on) spurious adulterate (fake) adulterate (to make impure by adding extraneous, improper, or inferior ingredients) imp urchin (mischievous child) puckish impish jaunty (having a buoyant or self-confident air; brisk) grit (also, coarse stone) pluck (indomitable spirit, courage) dredge (a machine with scooping or suction devices used to deepen harbors and waterways) rhinal (rel. to nose) castrate

emasculate (masc.: geld; fem.: spay) casuistry (subtle but specious reasoning intended to rationalize or mislead) victual (food fit for human consumtion) cassock (long garment worn by clergy) elicit educe (to draw out; to arrive at by logic) elide (to omit or slur over in pronunciation; abridge) juggernaut (something which elicits blind devotion or sacrifice; an overwhelming, destructive force) impinge infringe veritable (real; genuine) barrage (a heavy curtain/discharge of artillery fire; an overwhelming outpouring of words) germinate (to begin to sprout/grow; to come into existence) numinous (supernatural) don cameo (a gem or shell carved in relief; a brief vivid portrayal) stash (store in a secret place) hoard

stow (also, pack compactly) reprieve (postpone or cancel punishment) founder (to sink; collapse; stumble) flounder (to move clumsily, in confusion) congruous congruent (appropriate; coinciding) retrogress relapse feckless (feeble, ineffective; careless, irresponsible) bedizen (to dress or ornament in a showy or gaudy manner) divulge impart (also, bestow) (disclose) undergird (to support or strengthen from beneath) cadence (balanced, rhythmic flow; the measure or beat of movement) gobble devour cackle gurgle (to flow in irregular broken current with a bubbling sound) gabble (jabber) gaggle (a flock of geese; group) portend augur (foretell; to serve as an omen of, betoken)

cabal (conspiratorial group; secret scheme) canard (deliberately misleading story; duck) refract deflect boulder crag (steeply projecting mass of rock forming a cliff) hummock mound, knoll ward (guard, protect) (turn aside, parry, deflect) (prevent, avert) fortuitous (happening by a (fortunate) accident or chance) repine fret languish sulk mope overhaul (renovate; catch up with, overtake) beatitude bliss wanderlust (strong desire to travel) cogent (valid, appealing to the intellect) recast (to mold again; to present ideas in different arrangement)

eschew shun sybarite hedonist chasm (abyss, gorge) gash browbeat (depress or abash with stern manner or arrogant speech) virulence acrimony imbroglio melee rumpus fracas fray affront insult waft adjudication diurnal mane bequest cavern hue transfix lapel wile

stag opulent etching contraption reliquary collusive swoon diptych scuttlebutt stut preempt dun vet (to subject to thorough or veterinary examination/evaluation) proxy (delegate, agent; authority to represent; an authorization for representation) pent (penned or shut up; closely confined) pen (an enclosure for animals) arraignment tatter expound skewer

ombudsman dirigiste emolument innocuous fester spawn sire (to father; beget) gainsay interdict (forbid) scurrilous (foul-mouthed; expressed in coarse, abusive language) bowdlerize wassail flummery obtuse caudal ziggurat caducity pelf turpitude cathexis (investment of emotional energy in a person, object, or idea)

chiaroscuro (arrangement of bright and light elements) bibulous maverick pertinacious sapid noctambulist (sleep-walker) felicitous xenophile schism caveat factitious fiduciary panoply demurrage choplogic demimonde hebdomadal malapert ignis fatuous (a deceptive goal or hope) callow jejune immature incommodious

gorgonize jussive hamartia yegg visceral (internal) plumage

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