TAQ Options U.S.

Essential tick and analytical data for all U.S. Options
What is it? TAQ Options U.S. is the record of Options trades and quotes from all main and regional options exchanges in the U.S. The files offer quotes at two different intervals and also include reference data. Who is it for? TAQ Options U.S. is essential for execution analysis, risk management, compliance, research, algo building and back testing. What does it provide? The data files cover regional options exchange quotes, options time & quotes, concomitant stock data, options time & sales, U.S. Options & Equity derivatives quotes at 1 minute and 15 minutes intervals with intraday and EOD calculations, as well as earnings, corporate actions, and dividend data.

NYSE Technologies has brought U.S. Options data into its TAQ suite of historical trades and quotes data products. The TAQ suite of products has been the trusted source of U.S. historical data for nearly a decade.
Product Features
Wide Coverage & Back History TAQ Options U.S. includes options data from all regional exchanges in the U.S. dating back to 2004. Granularity Tick data is available at 1 minute and 15 minutes intervals. Reference Data Earnings, corporate actions, and dividend data are included for underlying instruments. Underlying Instruments The files include intraday trades and quotes at 1 minute and 15 minute intervals as well as end of day trades and quotes.

Benefits to Customers
Robust Data Set TAQ Options U.S. offers significantly more information and history compared to like offerings. Few other historical redistributors offer information on underlying securities, and reference data within the same data set. Integration of options data with underlying equity data is critical for valuing options and making trading decisions. Understanding this dataset is important for compliance, research, and the creation of trading strategies. Knowing the value of the underlying instruments is important for understanding the state of the market. Convenience TAQ Options U.S. offers clients a single source for all U.S. Options data since 2004. With all of the information provided in these files, customers no longer have to piece together information from various sources. This data is available for FTP download and can be purchased via

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