NEF. U-1D By Cristina Rodríguez

What is a defining relative clause?
Relative Clauses are formed by joining 2 sentences: • It is a subordinate clause introduced by a relative pronoun: WHO WHERE


DEFINING RELATIVE CLAUSES They give essential information about a person, thing or place:
“That´s the flat where Anne lives.”

1. WHO: for people
2. WHICH: for things/animals

3. WHERE: for places.

Some examples
- “Peter is the student”+ “He comes from Glasgow”: “Peter is the student WHO comes from Glasgow”.
- “The books are on the table” + “They are mine”: “The books WHICH are on the table are mine”.


DEFINING RELATIVE CLAUSES You can use “that” instead of “who” or “which”, especially when speaking: “She is the woman WHO/THAT works
with me.” “That is the car WHICH/THAT travels 200 km per hour.”

Rewrite the sentences using a relative pronoun


1. The book is on the table. It has a blue cover.

The book which is on the table has a blue cover. 2. We saw the palace. Louis XIV lived there.
We saw the place where Louis XIV lived. 3. I know the girl. She is going out with my cousin. I know the girl who is going out with my cousin. 4. David bought a camera. It was made in Japan David bought a camera which was made in Japan.
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5. The woman was very funny. I met her at the party last night.
The woman who I met at the party last night was very funny.

The restaurant where we ate dinner yesterday evening was expensive.

6. The restaurant was expensive. We ate dinner there yesterday evening.

7. A cemetery is a place. People are burried there.
A cemetery is a place where people are burried.
A shoplifter is a person who steals from shops.

8. A shoplifter is a person. He steals from shops.

The relative pronouns “who, which, that” can be omitted if they function as object in the relative sentence: “That is the house (which/that) I like.”
“where” can´t be omitted


Let´s practice! Is the relative pronoun necessary?
• A calendar is something which tells you the date. Necessary • Strikers are football players who try to score goals for their team. Necessary

• Jane is a person who everybody likes. Not Necessary
11/2/2011 9

• A stamp is something which you put on a letter if you want to send it.
Not Necessary • The Thames is a river which runs through London. Necessary • Cheese is food which mice like eating. Not Necessary • Socks are things which you wear on your feet. Not Necessary
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Complete the sentences with the correct relative pronoun. Put them between brackets ( ) if they can be omitted: 1. The fish _____ you like is served. (That / which) 2. I am a teacher _____ understands your problems. Who 3. The house _____ is in the park is Paul´s. That / which 4. I like students _____ have a good sense of humour. Who/that 5. This is the country _____ I live. Where
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6. Those books _____ are on the table, are mine.
Which / that

7. The car _____ was in the garage, was red.
Which / that

8. The school _____ I studied has been demolished.

9. I read comics _____ are funny.
Which / that


I teach people _____ want to learn English.

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