Anna University Disaster ManagementImp ortant Questions


1. Define disaster 2. Define disaster management3. Describe mangrove.4. Describe conservation benefits of mangroves5. List out the mangrove

What is mean by blizzards?8. Describe tsunami14. Define . What is a limnic eruption?16. Define tornadoes11. Describe wild fire17. Describe storms13. Describe hurricanes12.9. Define famine.6. Describe earthquake15.products. Describe flood18. What is cyclone?7. Describe epidemics10.

. How to determine snow pack is safe28. Define cold wave20.30. Define mudslide21. Describe civil disorder 23. List out three parts of avalanches27. Describe global warming22.drought19. Who is a perpetrator of terrorism?25.29. Describe oil fire. Define terrorism24. Describe mining. Define avalanche26.

What is IED?33. What is mean by flash flood?32.Describe underground mining31.34. Describe natural disaster and list out the natural disaster 3.2. List out the uses of IED. Explain the phases of disaster management. . Define bomb threat PART-B 1. Describe manmade (anthropogenic disaster) disaster and list out the natural disaster 4.

Define mining and explain methods of extraction. Explain crisis in power sector.9.8. Explain techniques for reducing oil fire.7.Describe terrorism and write down the typology of terrorism. Describe avalanche.5.6. Explain natural disasters and its mitigation strategies. . and its three parts.

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