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New Find Show Navigator Save Switch Responsibility Print Close Form (Screen) Cut Copy Paste Clear Record Delete Record Edit Field Translation Attachment Folder Tools Help Button Function Expands (shows) the selected item Collapses (hides) the selected item Expands all levels and sublevels of the selected item Expands all levels and sublevels of items listed on the left side of the Navigator window Collapses all levels and sublevels of items in the navigation list Opens the currently selected item


Using the List of Values simplifies data entry. There are multiple ways to search through a List of Values. Type the first character(s) of a value to reduce the list. Enter search criteria; then click [Find]. Scroll through the list and select the value.

Date format: DD-MON-YYYY.

(N) = Navigator (M) = Menu (T) = Tab (B) = Button (I)= Icon (H) = Hyperlink (ST) = Sub Tab (Drop Down) = DropDown List

Example: (N) People > Enter and Maintain (M) View > Query By Example > Enter

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2007 XXXX Proprietary


<F11> <Ctrl><F11> <F4> <F12> <Ctrl><S> <Ctrl><L> <Shift><F5> Enter Query Execute Query (Refresh screen) Cancel Query Count Query Save (Commit) List of Values Duplicate Field from Above Duplicate Record from Above Clear Field Clear Record Clear Block Clear Form Delete Record Insert Record Update Record Display Error Edit Go to Previous Field


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Wild Card Two Wild Cards Use a percent symbol (%) at the beginning, end, or beginning and end of a word. The % character represents a number of character. Use an underscore (_) at the beginning, end, or beginning and end of a word. The underscore represents a single character.

Query Mode Menu bar, <F11> Existing Window Wildcards Query Count Find Mode Menu bar, Toolbar Find Window List of Values No Find Count

Field Color White White with green text Yellow (*) Blue with green text Blue with black text Blue Description Allow data entry Indicate drill-down capability Require Data entry Indicate drill-down capability Are display only Indicate fields to use in Query Enter mode

Query Mode Searches the database Set search parameters for the query in the existing window to narrow the search. When using wildcards, use any query operators to narrow the search. Check to see how many records match the criteria before retrieving the matching data.

<Shift><F6> <F5> <F6> <F7> <F8> <Ctrl><Up> <Ctrl><Down> <Ctrl><U> <Shift><Ctrl><E> <Ctrl><E> <Shift><Tab>

Find Mode Searches List of Values Set search parameters in the Find window. A List of Values is available for many fields in Find mode. Note: The Query Count feature is not available in Find mode.