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Om Sri Sai Ram

108 Divine Sai Sayings to be practiced in daily life.

1. Arise and awake to establish the Divine Attributes (Saisamrajya) based on the
foundation of Truth, Right conduct, Peace and Love.
2. All is one; be alike to everyone. The world is one; be good to everyone.
3. Be good, see good and do good. That is the way to God.
4. Our life becomes one of fulfillment when we live in morality.
5. Money comes and goes; but morality comes and grows!
6. Time consumes everyone…so do not waste time. Time wasted is life wasted.
7. The past is beyond recovery. We are not sure of the future. The given moment is the
right time. Do not delay; do right action.
8. Silence is the only language of the realized. It is only in the depth of silence that the voice
of God can be heard. Silence stills the waves of one's heart.
9. Life is lost in dreaming and being is lost in becoming.
10. Do not be misled by this illusory world. Realize the permanent Divine Spirit - the
ultimate and absolute Reality, unchanged and eternal, without end or beginning.
11. One who understands the Supreme Being or God will himself/herself becomes the
Supreme Being.
12. A person is born not to go in quest of material prosperity. He is born to go in quest of
their Divinity.
13. Man without God is not a man. God without man is always God.
14. Realize that the Divine is present in every living thing as the indwelling Divine Spirit.
15. There is bliss and happiness in realizing the unity inherent in diversity.
16. All religions are roads leading to the one and the only goal that is God. So regard them
all with equal respect (All religions teach that you should purify your mind, know
your own self and develop Love).
17. The truth is only yourself, what you see during the day is a daydream, what you see
during sleep is a night dream.
18. God is present in your own heart and functions as the witnessing consciousness all
through. So we cannot hide anything thinking God is elsewhere.
19. Since God is the indwelling Divine Spirit of all living beings, doing service or good to a
person is in reality worshiping God. Similarly talking ill or doing anything bad to a
person is in reality doing bad to God Himself or talking ill of Him.
20. Good and bad, peace and agony, pain and pleasure, all these originate within man and
not outside him.
21. Turn your mind inwards to your innate Divinity and enjoy peace and equanimity. Be
immersed in that bliss.
22. Good and bad, happiness and sorrow, which appear to be different and opposite, are in
reality two faces of the same coin.
23. The mind is the sole cause for happiness as well as for misery, for bondage or for
24. If there are no two periods of pain there will be no experience of pleasure, for pleasure
is only an interval between two pains.
25. We must try to do good to others and keep the loss or suffering if any to ourselves. Then
only do we deserve to assert that God is with us.
26. True spiritual life is that which teaches unity or oneness and makes us selfless and full
of love.
27. Philosophy is the butter churned out of the milk of knowledge. Divine Knowledge is the
higher knowledge, by knowing which we know everything and the ultimate reality.
28. Every action of ours and every thought of ours cause a reflection and a reaction and a
29. All that we do, either good or bad, knowingly or unknowingly produces a result always
and so it is necessary for us to do good, so that the consequences will also be good.
30. Life is not a one-way traffic. We should be prepared to give and take.
31. Love lives by giving and forgiving. Self lives by getting and forgetting.
32. The thought that comes from your mind should be pure; the words you utter should be
true and sweet and the work you do should be sacred.
33. The Good life is a journey from the position of 'I' to the position of ‘We’.
34. When you wear the glasses of Divine Love, you will see everywhere Prema and can
realize the God within you.
35. Whatever you may do, if you do it with the feeling that you are doing the same thing to
yourself, you will never do anything bad.
36. Without first becoming a servant, you cannot become a leader.
37. Recognizing one's error is the beginning of Wisdom.
38. When you point one finger at others note the three fingers that point towards you. That
is, when you point out one fault in others, you must examine thrice whether there is
any fault in you.
39. Practice before you preach, do not yourself do the mistake, which you find in others.
40. If anyone points out any fault in you, you must thank him, because by yourself you will
not be able to find out your own fault. As your eyes are directed outwards, you can
find the faults only in others.
41. Association with good company is important; it helps to cultivate good qualities.
42. God gives you a garland made of all the good and bad that you have done in previous
lives. You have been born with that garland round your neck.
43. A bad act cannot give you good results; a good act cannot give you evil results. You
plant the seed; it grows into the tree the seed contains.
44. We are born not to be reborn again. We have to go back to the place from which we
have come, that is God. Attaining that source is our ultimate goal of life.
45. God is not something which is external or outside you. It is present in you and is in your
own self. Realize this.
46. It does not matter if you live in this world, but do not let the world live in you.
47. Install God in your heart and offer Him the fruits of your good feelings, the tears of joy
on the leaf of your sacrificed body.
48. Worship the Lord in mind and offer Him something that is yours, which is clean and
fragrant, with the perfume of virtues and innocence, and washed in the tears of
49. Implicit faith in the Divine is the road to spiritual success.
50. The Lord loves not the Devotee, but their devotion - remember this.
51. Surrender - Leaving everything to God's will is the highest form of devotion. Whether
we lose or gain, have pain or pleasure, our faith must be unshaken. Whatever
happens, accept it as His gift.
52. God is an ocean of mercy. – Devotion is the easiest way to win His Grace. God's Grace is
like sunshine, available to all.
53. Faith and Devotion are the two oars with which you can row the boat of life across the
sea of our spiritual journey.
54. It is not possible for us to enter God's abode without sense control and mind control.
55. We can attain liberation even while performing worldly duties, if our mind always
remains immersed in Divinity. Whatever work we may do, do it as offering to God.
56. Having got this sacred chance of life as a human being (which is very difficult to get) if
we conduct ourselves like animals, we will be wasting our lives and not justifying this
gift of God.
57. When the mind is turned inwards, it looks only at the Divine Spirit and enjoys the bliss.
Therefore you will not notice any difference between pleasure and pain, bad or good.
You will only realize the oneness of everything and become one with God. This is real
bliss, meaning equanimity.
58. With the fear of sin, love for God, we must try to lead our lives in a disciplined way in
order to get real happiness.
59. Whatever strength we have, if we do not have the strength of Righteousness, all is futile.
Real Righteousness comes from God and from right conduct.
60. Speak the truth.
61. Where Righteousness is, God is, there is victory. Without God's Grace, it is impossible
to gain success.
62. When God's Grace is there, no other influence can do us harm. Try to earn that grace
by sincere prayer and devotion with Love.
63. Just as the Mother comes running as soon as she hears her baby cry, similarly, if a
person cries to the Lord from the depth of their heart, He will help his devotee
wherever they are.
64. God never does things, which do not have good reasons behind them. He never utters
words, which have no meaning. Whatever He does, sees and says, carries with it an
inner deeper spiritual meaning.
65. You may worship a picture as God, but not God as picture. You can elevate everything
to the level of God, but you should not bring God down to the level of a picture.
66. Only God's name can win Him, and only by sincere Love and Devotion one can get
round God - not by money or otherwise.
67. To seek peace and happiness from outside us is a great mistake. We should look within
ourselves for peace and we can enjoy real happiness if we do so with a clean mind.
68. Watch - your Words, Action, Thoughts, Character and Heart. The mind is mad monkey.
You should not surrender to it. You should watch it carefully as above and should
have control over it.
69. Ignorance is false identification of self with one's own body. No one is isolated from the
full stream of life. Each one is a part and parcel of society.
70. Friendship should not be based on consideration of fear and favor. The only friend who
will continue to be with you for all time is the Divine friend - God.
71. Live close and sit close by God. The benefit of both is that the Highest Bliss of God will
then flow to us.
72. As close as you are to God, so close is God to you. One who realizes that God is
omnipresent will recognize that God as closest to him and that he is nothing but God
73. Unless God's Grace and human efforts come together the desired result cannot be
achieved. So try to win God's Grace by your Faith and Devotion.
74. Pour out all the water of desire from the vessel of you heart and fill it with the oil of
God. Take the wick of your higher self and dry it in the sunshine of detachment. Then
the immortal light of wisdom, will burn straight and bright.
75. Laziness is equivalent to 'Dust' and 'Rust' whereas selfless active work is like 'Rest' and
76. Haste makes waste. Waste makes worry. So do not be in a hurry. 'Slow and steady'
wins the race.
77. One's anger is one's greatest enemy and one's calmness is one's strongest armor. One's
Joy is one's best heaven and one's sorrow is one's worst hell.
78. Even the Divine Forms subjects Himself to discipline for elders, and leaders must first
practice discipline and then only preach to others. God does not violate the
regulations and the principles that He has laid down.
79. Realize the brotherhood of man and the fatherhood of God. By your selfless service and
Love, serve all, and try to realize the unity in all.
80. It is possible we may commit some wrong; but we must not commit it after knowing it is
81. In your words, thoughts and deeds, there should be unity.
82. The real marks in school and college and in life we should aim at are not getting any
83. Regard your country as the Mother. We should serve this Divine Mother. Follow our
own sacred culture that the Mother has preserved for us. Imitation is weakness.
84. Those eager to rectify the world and put it on the proper path have first to rectify
themselves and their own conduct by controlling their senses and desires.
85. Truth is God. To attain Truth, we have to hold on to Truth.
86. All rivers merge with the ocean. Similarly all creation and all streams of life merge with
the Source, namely God. Aspire for that happy consummation.
87. We come into the world with a cry but we should not end our life with a cry. We should
end our life with a smile.
88. Life is granted to us by God to enable us to seek and attain God.
89. Eyes are given to us in order to help us to see the Supreme One, the Omnipotent
90. Legs are provided for us in order to visit the temple of God.
91. Hands are given to us so that we may perform good acts and offer worship for the Lord.
92. Intelligence is granted to us so that we may realize that all that we see in the world is
temporary and that God ALONE is the permanent reality.
93. The tongue is given to us so that we might sing the glory of the Lord and do recite the
names of God.
94. Ears are given to us so that we may listen to songs praising the glory of the Lord.
95. We have been given this body so that with its help, we may do good to other beings.
96. The basis for the entire world is the Love of the Lord. However intelligent and
scholarly a person may be, if that person does not have love in his heart, he is a useless
97. God is love - Live in love. Start the day with love. Fill the day with love. End the day
with love. That is the way to God.
98. Love and regard your mother and father as God and serve them - then God's Grace will
fall on you unasked.
99. There is no use filling your head with mere information and knowledge; instead fill
your heart with Love. Learning derived from the scriptures is of no avail if it does not
help you to reach the feet of the Lord.
100. The essence of all scriptures is: Do good to others and keep away from doing harm to
others. Doing harm to others is great sin.
101. If you are not able to do good to others, at least do not harm others and hurt their
102. Do not forget God and do not fear death. Wait for the happy moment of union with
God. That is immortality.
103. Knowledge is enriched by discipline and humility. Be humble and noble.
104. If we do not gather information, it is not possible to achieve transformation.
105. The guideposts or books will only tell you the road or the direction for the destination.
You must make the journey and experience the joy and the victory.
106. Wisdom is acquired by experience - Try to spread the joy you have experienced to
others and make them also happy.
107. Only through acting according to His guidance, you can have the vital presence of the
spiritual teacher deep in your heart. Then He will be living presence within you.
108. Install 'SAI' in your Heart and be 'HAl'. That is to say, install God, 'SAI', in your
heart and be happy and peaceful forever.